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The Abbeville Press and Banner.!]
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What ."M" Sees and Hearx on Hli
Round** in Country and In Town.
Abbeville, S. C\, May 4tb, 1904.
Mrs. J. S. Cochran left last Monday tovlsl
friends In Charlotte and Rockingham, N. C.
Miss Anule Moore after a pleasant visit t(
relatives in Abbeville left last Sunday for hei
home In Augusta, Ga.
Mr. R. S. Link has just returned from a de
llghtful trip to WaKnlngtOD, D. C., where h<
took in tbe White Houce, met his excellency
President Koosevelt and other disttnguisnei
gentry, and upon whom be made a most fa
vorable Impression by bis flae personel an<J
affable and courteous manner. He was mos
cordially and courteously received aud wor
tbe esteem and good will of all It was bit
pleasure to meet. During bis stay in tbe city
he was tbe honored guest of his friend Hon
Wyatt Aiken, who extended to him every
courtesy ol the city.
Miss Josie Lyon, tbe pretty and popular
clerk In ibe city post office, attended tbe ora
torlcal contest at Ureeuwood where she speni
a most delightful evening, returning nexl
morning without sleep, but ready for business,and
looking as fresh asa full blown rose
Mr. Eddie KocOe leu an aioue, aeiu uuwu
the post office in first class style. Eddie lc
quick, reliable and attentive to bis business
and is quite popular with tbe patrons of tht
city office.
Many friends of Mr. George W. Lomax are
glad to see him able to be at bis place of business
again, if only to look around and be with
bis friends.
Mrs. Thomas F. Frost, of Charleston Is visiting
relatives in the city, and will also be tbe
guest of ber nephew. Mr. EdwlD Parkeranu
family in their pretty country borne in the
Rev. and Mrs. John O. Wilson, of Greenwoed,
were welcome and honored guests
within our olty gates past few days. Dr. Wil
son preached a fine sermon in tbe Methodist
cbnrcb Sunday night, and held quarterly conference
at Bethel church on Monday. Dr.
and Mrs. Wilson hold a warm place In the
hearts of tbe people of Abbeville, In wbost
homes they always have a cordial and hearty
MaJ. and Mrs. F. W. R. Nance, of Lowndesvllie,
were among tbe welcome visitors to oui
city last Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. Brltt, of Bellevue, were visitors
to tbe city last Monday.
" - D 4 i?nt r.nrtimnnf.. nrtrvim nan led
by bis nephew, Mr. Harper Boyd of Latimer,
were guests of the city last Monday.
Messrs. T. E. and Billy Frltb, of Mount Car'
mel, were among the crowd in tbe city Salesday.
Hon. I. H. McCalla and daughter, Mrs. Leila
McCblla Llnder, of Hartwell, Ga., were tbe
guests a few days of last week of Mrs. P. B.
Miss Doutbit, of Pendleton, S. C., was tbe
charming guest of Mrs. P. B. Speed EeveraJ
days of tbts week.
Mrs. Smith, of Batesburg, S. C., and MIee
Mattle Caldwell, of Clover, S. C.. were tbe
guests of Mrs. J. M. Gambrell last week.
Mr. Lewis Blount bas gone to Augusta to
aocept a good position.
Mr. Frank Jones Is a high stepper, bat last
week be stepped too bigb and unfortunately
came in contact with tbe car wheels, wblcb
resulted In a painful injury, so that amputa
tlon ot part of one foot was neoessary. Frank
is not stepping so hlgb now, but will soon be
all right,%t least bis many friends sincerely
hope so. _
Mr. F. B. Brogdon, one or tne popular cod
doctors on tbe Seaboard, is now visiting
homefolks at Sewanee, Ga.
Abbeville Is certainly on a building boom
Jast cow as elRbt or ten splendid dwellings
are going up, and wben finished will add
muob to tbe appearance of tbe localities lt>
which they are built.
Big Bob fire bell sounded out Sunday afternoon,
but only a little closet fire was klnaled
In tbe little "Lawson" bouse on Church
street, wblcb was soon put out, wltb but little
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Greene, of Philadelphia,
wbo came on to witness the Thomas-Dudley
marriage, were the Quests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Win rarner luat r nun/.
Miss Jennie Thomas, of Rldgeway, S. C.,
was also tbe charming guest of ibe same
household at the same time.
MIbs Thomas came to tbe city on KuDdaj
where she was tbe gueBt of ber friend, MIbb
Lily Templeton.
Many invited guests along Route No. 3 witnessed
the Thomas-Dudley marriage at Watts
last week aud pronounced It a beautiful
oburoh marriage. An account of wblcb It
' beautifully written up for the Press and Banner
by a fair correspondent of tbe Flatwood*
who wields a graceful pen whose point is always
touched with wit and humor.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wilson, of Watts, wltb
their tbree Interesting little children, spent
last Sunday with relatives at Oralurldge.
Mrs. Mary W. Parker after an extended and
most pleasant visit to friends and relatives at
Watts Is home again.
Mr. 8. C. Link Is one of the "boss" truck
farmers of tbe opcountry, largely supplying
our home market already with garden vege
tables, such as onions, lettuce, radishes, cabbage,
salads, &o. He is early and late as a
farmer, lor you can always find something
lor your table at bis pretty and well kepi
Mr. Henry Hill of tbe firm of A. M. Hill &
Sons, is another larmer in Ibis line wbo has
many nice vegetables at his store, brought in
fresh from bis farm.
Miss Lily Link came In Monday to engage
with Mr. C. W. Kendall In bis mantua-mak
r lng department, which be bas just opened
upstairs over his store with a full force of la
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Penney, Mr. Sctiram and
Mr. J. H. Walker, of Sharon cburcb, attended
quarterly conference at Bethel last Monday.
Sbaron school will close another successful
session t< morrow (Thursday) and anticipate
having a basket picnic on tbe school bouse
grounds to which tbe public are oordlally Invited.
Let every one come and brine well
" filled baskets and enjoy a pleasant day's recreation.
Prof. Harmon and bl? assistant,
Miss Nannie Gilliam, deserve great creelt lot
the successful management of this fine school
during tbe past session, and we are sure they
have the hearty thanks and good will of their
patrons and the love, rtspect and esteem ol
all tbe pupils
Mr. I. 0. Curry, ol Spartanburg College,
' spent last Sunday at the home of Mr. David
Gilliam ol Sbaron, as the gueBt of Prof. Har
moD, Mr. Curry has many friends in tbe
Sbaron section who always accord him a cordial
and hearty welcome.
Mr. J. J. Edwards spent part of last week
with ber son, Mr. J. W.Edwards and family
of tbe Flatwoode.
Miss KeDa Kennedy, auss isaDeiie ?,vans,
Miss Hoti\Knox. Misses Belle and Ruckle McKenzle,
Misses Nannie and Ulara Lee Qllllam
with Prof. J. C. Harmon attended the oratorical
contest laBt Friday at Greenwood. Tbey
enjoyed their visit and were delightfully entertained.
The "Lighthouse Robbery" last week wai
greeted with a full bouse eaoh evening whc
were cbarmlDgly entertained wltb the beautl
ful dramatic play so splendidly rendered
Had our home talent been "away from home'
tbey would not have been taken for "ama
teuro," but for "stars" of the first magnitude
as the cast of characters were wfll chosen anc
each one carried out their part wltb persona
credit as well as to the grand successor thi
play. The scenery was grand, plcturesqut
and beautiful and everything went off In fini
shape and first class style.
The Abbeville Medium came off the prest
last week In fine style?a large brand new
type iresn ana ciear, au j up 10 aaie id an re
spects, and It gave us pleasure as we banded 1
out along Koute No. 3, to bear the many com
pllment* passed upon It In its next dress.
Commissioner Nickels Is putting our roac
in first class sbape. If be only bad a rake t(
follow the scrape to clear out the rocks, rootf
&Dd trasb thrown up from tbe side dltcbei
aod left Id tbe middle o( tbe road, we tblnk 1
would be a great improvement. Sucb tblngi
are bad on buggy wheels aod borses feet ant
should always be removed, leaving tbe roac
clear aod smooth.
A substantial and neat wire fence witt
granite posts is being put around Lebanor
Carrier No. 2 is putting on airs and li
sailing over bis route In a brand new toj
huirsrv with a fine borse. On bis first drlv<
be was sailing so high be ran into a tree loj
and badly damaged tbe top of bis buggy, bu
be made bis round, and got tbere all tbi
Carrier No. 1 bas been feasting on -straw
berries and cream, and on sucb fine food li
feeling bis keeping.
Carrier No. 3 bas been feasting on "garder
truck"?basn't seen any strawberries yetdon't
tblDK tbey grow on Route No. 8.
Many of tbe stores of the city began clos
lng at six o'clock yesterday, and If all woulc
close tbe odds would be tbe same. Let tb<
clerks and sales-ladies bave tbe spring anc
gnmmer evenings, for tbey deserve It. In
deed, many of tbe proprietors would ge
tbrougb life wltb better bealtb If tbey woulc
take more "out-door" recreation and free
Mr. Frank C-DuPre 1b tbe "poultry mai
on Magazine Hill. He already has about !
9 young chicks, and tbat, too, wltb bens for I
Cotton Is popping np here and tbere, ai
with a good 6hower, splendid stands would
secured. Small grain needs rain.
1 Mr. George Penney, altera week's Illness,
. up again.
Miss Mary Hill, daughter of Mr. R. M. HI
Is now convalescing after a severe Illness.
Mr. Harry Mill 18 sick, oiu 11 its uupeu <
' will soon be all rlgbl and out amoung b
. friends.
Mrs. R. M. Haddoo has been absent fro
tbe store tbe past weeK ou account of sic
Mrs. Eliza Gambrell Cason, after sever
weeks illness, Is much better.
Little Hutb, tbedaughter of Mr. McLean,
now quite sick at the borne of her gran
mother, Mrs. David Gilliam.
Mr. G. A. Douglass, a well hnown and mo
, highly esteemed citizen, died at bis home 1
this city last Wednesday afternoon, April 2
1904, in his 67th year.
Tbe deceased bad been in declining heall
for some time, when Anally bis mission u
earth was ended and be entered upoD a ne
life beyond the grave. Mr. Douglass lived I
ibis community all his life, and bis r<cord
known to tbis people. Be was a man i
blgb Integrity?honest in the sight of Gc
and man. He was a man of tine intellect,
successful merchant for many years, and wt
In this line of business at the time of b
By bis death a fond husband, a loving an
i Indulgent father, and a good citizeD, has bee
removed from our our midst. He bas bee
useful In bis day and generation, serving h
oountry faithfully in war and In peace. H
was among tbe first who volunteered la tfa
war between tbe Stales, in which he was
true aud valiant soldier during tbeentii
four years of the rebellion.
In manner he was gentle and quiet, courti
ons to all, and no man bad a binder aud be
ter heart, for with outstretched hand be wt)
always ready and willing to help those 1
need. In summing up his eventful lite, I
may be truthfully said, be was a "good an
useful man," and spent the years of bis 111
In doing as much good and as little barm a
any man; and we hope as he bas laid dowi
bis earthly armour, be has through faith 1
Christ joined that great army beyond th
River, where he he will wear the vii-tor
crown, as one that bas come up through grea
tribulations and earthly trials.
The funeral services were conducted at hi
hnma r,n Thnrortnv Afternoon, where a gree
company of frleDds had nnsembled to men
feet their love and esteem for their departe
friend, as well as that of bis bereaved family
Interment took place at Upper Jxrng Can
cemetery. Many emblems and designs 1
beautiful floral offerings were placed upo
his grave as silent tokens of love and affei
tion. The bereaved ones have tbe slncer
sympathy of thlB entire community.
What an Interesting Writer Sees am
Heart* Abont tbe ClaHnlc City.
Due West S. C., May 2nd 1904.
Mr. R. E. Grler is home visiting hi
mother Mrs. N. M. Grler. He will leav
this week for CbeBter to continue business.
* ? ? ? UAn.
messrs raui ajch, nowij auu ucui
Young have returned from Nashville Teni
wbere they have been taking a course li
deDtistry In Vanderbllt University.
Mr. A. 8. Kennedy attended tbe meetln
of State Bankers Association In Spartenbur
l&Bt W6Pk?
Miss Margarett Klugh ?pent Sabbath 1
Abbeville with her parents Mr. and Mrs. *
C. Klugh.
Misses Mattle Williams and Effle Reasons
of the Female College attended the Oratoi
leal Contest at Greenwood Friday. Mis
Williams was tbe guest of Mrs. J. Ramse
Hon. William Hood of Bartow, Fla, spec
last Friday In Due west, he was tbe guest c
Mr R. S. Galloway.
Master Carlton Winn son of Mrs. Fanni
Winn Is quite 111 with pneumonia.
Mr.Josepb Nance hat- Just recently pui
chased a fine new horse to which be drive
to an elegant rubber tire buggy. He is lb
recipient of many oompllments on bi
stylish turnout.
Mr. J. F. Wlderaan spent a number of day
with friends last weetc In town.
Rev. Mr. Hanvlll of Tenn. Is visiting 1
Due West. He preached In the A. R. F
church Sabbath afternoon. In tbe absence c
tbe pastor, Rev. O. Y. Bonner, who preahce<
at Sunny Slope.
Dr. J.I. McCain spent Friday in Spartai
Mi68 Nell Stack, teacher of Expression I
the Female College, and two of her pupil
isses Edoa Kamsy and Jessie Boyce an
Mr. D. 8. Edwards, also, gave a recital s
Hooea Path Wednesday night. A goo
number were present and the entertali
merit was a success.
The Newberry base ball team plaved o
the Due West grounds Wednesday. Erskln
came ont victorious, the score being seven I
Mr. John Moflatt Kennedy is visiting i
towo. He graduated from the Atlanta Dei
tal College last weefe.
Miss Nell Stack and Mr. Si J. Todd attec
ded services at the Greenville churoh Sat
misr Ola Baron of the Female Cojlege, an
Mr. J. M. Kennedy visited mibs Amell:
Kennedy of Abbeville Sabbath.
inn a t j o n.
AV/V awco rmui JJUUU, O mm
from Abbeville and within 1-4 mile (
church and school. Good neighbo:
hood. 3 horse farm opened. Goo
frame tenant house. For particulai
address Box 127, Abbeville, S. C.
: *CX7
For Anything in
_ x
11 tar in Loo
ae | ^ ^ ^^ ^
? Early purchases permit of more delibe
e #
{j tions and the advantage of first choice
* broken assortment. See the value we c;
Before You Buy Your
"Drop in ?
6 Outl
i ?. .?
r Several projects are on loot in Eng- the cause of the
land for honoring the memory of the Nine times out of ten, then
'r late Charles H. Spurgeon, the great results in depression
"DanfSof / w,? Jr *u- the blues? Is caused by a l
is Baptist preacher. One of the most ,jje nver. jn faot( the cond
y interesting is the plan for buyinsr the above are usually the first t
large and beautiful estate of "West- a siuggisn liver. if the a
>f wood, and converting it into a home of i?*eel,"biue"'takeftydaic
rest for ministers and missionaries. You win be suprised to see t
e blues will vanish and bow
r- In 1885 there were only 16,000 to mak^tbe liver healthy and 1
* 17,o00 Jews in Jerusalem. Last They regulate the bowels i
e ?-- ?? ?uw thuiT nnmhorad at regular. Fifty tablets for 251
ig .yew wv tuvj liULMwviv** v*v ford
least 41,000. In all aboutone hundred ' ?
s and fifty thousand are actually living
in Palestine. l. w. white's stock of i
. Suits aDd Skirts was never 1
>f What the Japanese need now more tb|{?able than at preBenU
1 than anything else is large consignj.
ments of American mules. Our little We are sole agents for the o
friends of the Orient will find that a S3-0? hat. Every hat guarante
I war can not be satisfactorily prosecuted The p)ace to t wh?te
d without mules. Drug and Book Store.
d ?
' I Mastic Paint- t&e *
A Three Thousand Pounds of this famous bsand will be
IK week to be added to our already large stock.
>< 4 C. A. MILFORD,
a The Paint Man.
- Dry Goods, Milli]
[ Stock of these goods and at t
9 rm n j 1
' riiey nave just receivea a
all the latest shapes, so that ai
Every day they are recers
keep a complete and up-to-d:
To all they extend a cord
stnp.k nnd ffftt their rvrices he
L S O N , u /:
[ fell in Snappy
1 1 u
Made by Schloss 1
whose complete line we
js- I ??
is worth studying by those upwVin
incicf- nn wpll tailnred outin
m ?
wm Every garment is this class b
L label holds its shape and fit as
* heavier grades made by the sarr
The coats are all skeleton 1
light weight materials, such ;
Homespun or Cheviot.
They are as finely made as
sive tailoring, and are more dist
While our stock is complete
TT-ionf if- Jc fimA fr\r irnn tn nirb
^j lllVsAllj 1 c lo kiliiv_/ AVi. J VW WW J^/AVU
;rate selec- At ^ Lqw a
^ from un- *K j
in offer you Price as . . .
Spring ' Suit,
md let us talk it over." *
Stters to Particular People.
BLUES. I Brelhatan's Locals.
aental condition ' We have home-made candy, not to burn,
. W,,? ?/v an* anil It la flnfl Tmt onmo
i, deeponaeDcy? | """ 10 <"" < - *" ?
orpld action of For clean, fresh bread, call on Breihahn, b(
ltloDs described | can fix you up.
anifestatlons of| Material for cakes always on band, of th?
Hack continues, very fresbest quality.
)'s LWe^Tablets Brelbabn also sells so par, cigars, tobaccc
tow quickly the and a superior line of fruits and manufactur
right and cheer- e(* oandles.
i's Lives Tablets
keep it healthy.
ind keep them RHEUMATISM.'
oents. C. A. Mil* Rub tbe HWO]eDi painfUi joint or musol
with Elliot's Emulsified Oil Liniment. Re
lief will come in a few minutes and a perma
nent cure result if Its use Is persisted in. El
Jlack Oooda for lict's Emulsified Oil Liniment is very pene
arger nor more trutlng and soothing, it vuickly relieves in
Be sure to see flamatlon and disperses conJe6tion. It cure
lameness, stiffness soreness of Joints or mus
ole bruises, swellings, contusions and sprains
elebrated Hawes Full half pint bottles, '25 cents. G. A. Mllford
ed. j | a
iy Clothing Co. "
a want Speed's Take Mllford'8 3ar8&prilla for the blood.
Dr. S. G. Thomson,
Corner, Abbeville. B. 0.
^ Dr. S. F. Killlngsworth. Dr, C. 8. Latlme:
iK Killlnpworth & Latimer,
'inn (I*
oqi'c nj
/ii If you want your dental done at homi
p-p rjjy Bee or write to u?.
If Heart-burn results from an aeld or eon:
/IV condition of tbe stomach. This acidity li
wr caused by Indigestion. The food is only part
/|\ >y digested, tbe Indigested portion ferments
W producing acid and gas, these broduce heart
/f\ hum and sour stomacb. Rydale's Stomaci
jlk Tablets speedily relieve these conditions
l|l They neutralize tbe acid and food, restorlm
normal conditions. Rydale'sStomach Tableti
/ft CURE all forms of stomach trouble. C. A
aery and Ladie
"l^'TTCSnn A T/"C 4Vk-?? +li ?Tr V? r? r>ll"4~
lUioiiiLivxi IUI iuc,y xici * vy put
lie very lowest prices.
nother big lot of Millinery w
lyone wishing1 to purchase a H
ring- New Goods, so that at
ate Stock of Dry Goods.
Lai invitation to come in and
fore making their purchases.
N~RY & C~
ImAD CI!#*
j handle.
shown in the picto-date
g suits.
earing the Schlosss
enduringly as the
le house.
ined and made of
is Wool Crashes,
the most expeninctively
; in every departout
your new suit.
; ^
Superior t
3 Ta - m t
! gl 11 is sold e?
; ||
is' and Chil(
in a complete
liich consists of
at can be suited,
all times they
look over their
A Son if of the Times.
Scrapin' out the gin-house,
Pickin' every seed
Out of every hole and crack,
Makin' all your speed : <||M
Sully's busted?never mind !
Up she's bound to go.
We're Dlantin' everv inch of crnrmrt ?a
In cotton this year, sho !
Burnin' off the briar patch,
Streaking off the stubble, ' 'fa
Listin' on a gully wash
Sods that promise trouble.
Planting notes for ''fertilize"?
Harvest In the Fall!
Watch e'm sprout and blossom while
Crops won't grow at all.
Cotton in the pasture lot,
Cotton on the brain, i ;
Hoe hands scarce as dunno what?
Plant, and plant again !
Who's a goiu' to work the stuff
When it starts to grow ? $8
Kaisin' grass an' mortgages
In every cotton row!
One of the longest fences in the l-,v, jfflj
north-west is being constructed, running
entirely around the Lower Judian ''ig
reservation, on the Missouri river, in
the central portion of South Dakota.
This remarkable fence will be sixty- ?J9
three miles in length.
Automobiles have one great advantage
over the horse. They don't have
to have their tails cut of!'. Neither can
the owners be prosecuted for cruelty to ',h9
their animals. The animals that get ' !
hurt are those in front of the machines. ' M
The boll wevil.it seems, is not an
unmixed evil. By eating up a third of < J|
the cotton crop it greatly enhanced the XJ9
price of the remainder.
Farmers will hardly favor the eight- > Jj
hour day movement. Their rule Is to
work from sunrise to sundown, or un- cjSl
til the job is completed.
" Bad roads in Korea Drevent the <#3
Japanese from attacking the Bus- :'4I
elans." That sounds familiar. If bad u'r|gH
roads will protect this oountry there is
little danger of the enemy getting at
us during the spring months at least.
I will be at Abbeville .on first Monday of 'Jffll
each month and two Weeks following tor the :"dP
purpose of treating Hemorrhoids (Piles.) * rgjk
Treatment consists in purely aseptic methods ?y
Is painless and without the use of chloroform
and the knife. Cure guaranteed. All parties j
interested will find me at the Glenn Ethel
Inn Hotel, Abbeville, 8. C., or Dr. B. A. Mattl- ?i'
son. McCormick, 8. C.
Office hours from 10 A. M. till 3 P. M. on M
above mentioned days.
IJno. B. Britt, M. D. '-EgM
The very best candles, Huylers, at Speeds.
kgetable Bj |j
oallothersB ' j
irerywhercf% d
CrO.,' I
iren's Shoes.
I n j
T Y .
: ' ' ' ' '***

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