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NS. ~ % - . . .
Tlift Ptass and Banner.
d *$-Pabllshed every Wednesdp at. ?2 a
year In advance.
Wednesday, May 4,1904.
Deatb Invadesonr Ranks.
During the last week Abbeville has lost two
of her best citizens, and the Jcareer of two
merchants has been closed.
William Shllllto Penney was called hence
TOhllA T70* at thfi oortr throchnM nt llfo. Hflnri
some in person, prepossessing In manner, and
having an active mind and willing bands, he
entered upon the duties and responsibilities
of life, nothing doubtfng that good fortune
would smile upon him all the way along a
useful and happy life.
William Shlllito Penney was bound to earth
by all the beauty, all the hope and all the inviting
prospects that could allure the young
to a glorious future. Blessed In the love of an
affectionate young wife, and having before
bim the most plealng prospects, the world
to bim was beautiful and lovely indeed, but
on May 2, 1904, he died, surrounded by loving
He had less than a year ago, married Miss
Alma Spearman of Anderson, and it seemed
that his cup of happiness was filled to the
brim. But that was not all. Tbe business
world opened up bright for him. Ahd he
was, only a lew months ago, put at tbe bead
of tbe Penney Clothing Company, and all
i seemed well with bim in both his married
life and bis business venture.
But this beautiful picture is broken. His
store is closed. Jtiis oriue is a wiuow, ana tue
manly form which only a few days gave
splendid promise of the pleasures, the honors
and the realities of life, is no more.
While we are all sorry on his own account
for the premature taking off, yet a great multitude
of friends are not forgetful of the aged
parents whose unspeakable grief for the loss
of their Benjamin, must be all that they can
He wbb the younger son of Dr. W. T. Penney
of this city. He was a brother :of Mr.
* George Penney, and one sister is .Mrs. J. L.
Perrln, the other Mrs. Fred Hill.
1^0' '
The funeral services were held in the Methodist
Church and William Penney now sleeps
with his father at Long Cane.
Active Pall Bearers?W. F. Perrln, Dr. John
Dixon, Henry Sign, W. B. Lawson, Roberi
HU1, Jo Hnghes.
Honorary Pall Bearers?W. E. Owens, W.
D. Wilson, Lewis Perrln, James Hill.
Arohlhalfi flnnaloGB ttqb hnrn npnr
the town of Abbeville, October 31, 1887, and
died at bis borne In this city April 27, 1904.
Suffering for months be died after long
years of.honorable and ceaseless toll and anx
ety. He fell aBleep as one who was weary,
and who was ready for that rest which awaits
the true and the faithful.
fev In early manhood he was graduated from
the South Carolina College, and for several
years alter graduation he taught school In
Abbeville. At the breaking out of tbe war be
_ volunteered with the "Minute Men," under
command of Capt. James M. Perrln. After
serving for several months on Sullivan's
Islftnd, the oompany was disbanded. On bis
return from Sullivan's Island Mr. Douglass
assisted Capt. Leroy J.Johnson In raising a
cavalry company, which became part Of
Black's regiment. Mr. Douglass remained in
the service until the surrender at Appomat?
Yv oue on ruriougti in 1863 be married Miss
Ellzabetli WllBon, sister of Mr. Harvey Wilson.
The surviving sonB are: George C. Douglass,
now In the Philippine Islands, Wade H.
Douglass, Harvey A. Douglass.
The surviving daughters are: Mrs. Susie
Evans, wife of John T. Evans of this county ;
. .Mrs. Estella Hutto, wife of J. F. Hutto, of
Livingston, S. C., and >llss Mary L. Douglass,
who Is now living In Livingston, with her sis* i
ter, Mrs. Hutto.
The second marriage of Mr. Douglass was
with Miss Margaret E. Lyon, daughter of
Captain John Lyon who lived on theSavan.
nah side of the county. She survives.
In 1872 Mr. Douglass formed a partnership
with Jacob Miller, and ever since then he has
been In the general mercantile business.
Mr. Douglass was noted for kindness of
heart, as well as for evenness of temper.
While he never aspired to be the leader of
men, yet he waB never the follower of anybody.
He had a logical mind and was a logical
thinker. He always In his own way,
reaohed the conclusions which he maintained
as.^lght. In bis quietness and in his unobtruslveness,
be wielded an Influence upon the
mlndB of those who knew him. His stand
ards of thought and action were the highest.
Noman was ever more truthful or more honest
than Archie Douglass. And if any man
ever had a better heart within his breast we
have not been Informed of the fact.
The funeral service was conducted by his
pastor, the Rev. P. B. Wells, at the home of
tbe deceased. The body now rests in Upper
Long Cane.
Tbe Literary Club.
The Literary Club met last Friday night at
the home of Mr. Parker. Dr. F. E. Harrison
read a most entertaining paper, reviewing the
history of the club from its organization,
(twenty-six years ago,) down to the present
time. On motion Dr. Harrison was requested
to deposit tbe copy in the archives of tbe
"The Lighthouse Kobbery."
The above nlav was nut, on Tnpsdav
and Wednesday nights at the Opera
House, and received the highest praise
and commendation from the public at
large, and especially by those who had
an eye for the stage and its beauties.
Tuesday night, of course, drew the
largest audience, and every one spoke
in very flattering terms of our local
actors and actresses.
The scene of the rescue of the little
waif by Tom, the fisherman, was beyond
the expectation of the most critical,
and tbeplay was in every way a
brlliiant success, the actors and scenery
were both true to life and recieved repeated
? ? -
Letter to Gilliam Brut*.
Abbeville, S. C.
Dear sire: "Three-quarter paint" Is a good]
phrase for the best outside of Devoe.
la tha otunriorH mQflr it- 1(10 Tho
next-best?there are several not far apart?
are three-quarter paints; you may mark them
75 to Devoe's 100.
The bulk of tbe paints in market are 40 or 50
or 60; a few are better than 60 ; a lew are worse
tban 40.
How do they act? They cover from one to
'three quarters as much as Devoe; and tbey
ast from one to three-quarters as long as Devoe.
What are they worth ? The same rule don't
hold; it costs more to put-on some paints
than they are worth; they are not worth
anything; tbe "put on" oosts two or three
times as much as the paint.
Yours truly,
24 F. W. D evoe it Co.
P. S. P. B. Speed sells our paint.
To cold draughts of air, to keen and cutting
winds, sudden changes of temperature, scanty
clothing, undue exposure of tbe throat and
neck alter public speaking and singing, bring
on coughs and colds. Ballard's Horebound
Syrup is the best cure.
Airs. A. Barr, Houston, Texas, writes, Jau.31,
1902: "One boltleof Ballard's Horebound Syrup
cured me of a very bad cough. It is very
? feasant lo take." 2}c, 50c, ?l .00. Sold by C. A
mm CAlf ii IN y ui IMII, n >u i
Happening* and Inci?lcn(H of a Work
About the C'Ky.
May 3rd, 19"I.
Miss Susie Hill and Miss Lucy Henry went
to Greenwood last Friday to attend tlie Contest.
They were the guests of Miss Mary
I)onald while In that City.
Mrs. Garry Hall and Master Garry Hall
Jr. left Monday for Charlotte, X. C., where
they go to spend a month with relatives.
Miss ("aro and Miss Ouie Morse were
among those who were In Greeuwood last
Friday to attend Oratorical Contest. They
were the guests of Miss Fannie Aiken while
In Greenwood.
Mrs. W. D. Barksdalespent. Inst Thursday
in Greenwood with her mother, Mrs. J. K.
I) ii rut
Mr. John R. Butler of Athens, one of Blocks
etHciant travling rneu whs in the city last
Dr. J. Lowrie Wilson attended Presbytery
at Hodges several days last week.
Mrs. Charles D. Brown went to NVhitmire
Inst Thursday and was the guest of Mrs. A.
H. Day until Sunday.
Miss Josle Lyon went to Greenwood Friday
to attend tlie Contest
Mr. Sara Hill and Mr. David Hill spent
Saturday and Sunday here, the sruests of
their parents Mr.arid Mrs. John Hill. They
returned to Clemson College Sunday: Mr.
Sam Hill repretetited Cleinson at the Oratorical
Contest in Greenwood Friday and lie
spoke well and reflected great credit on his
Mrs. W. C. Sherard and Mr. and Mrs. E.
Hlngan Thomson went to Hodges ou Friday
to attend Preaby terry.
Mrs. Joe Wilson went to Greenwood Friday
to attend the Contest.
Mr, Lewis Blount lelt Sunday for Augusta
where he goes to accept a position at Howells
Drug Store. Mr. Blount has been with C. A.
Millord for a number of seasons and has won
a host of friends by his courteous ways, who
will regret to know that be will leave town.
They hope for him every success iu his new
Mr. William Latimer speut Saturday and
Sunday here with his mother Mrs. J. H. Latimer.
Mrs. JamesS. Cochran left Monday for her
V n whprp she eoes
to spend some tlmo with her parents.
Mr. T. C- L,lddell of Lowndesvllle was in
town Saturdav on business
Mr. S. T. McCuller of Moseley, and Rev. I.
C. Wallace of Iva. were in tbe city Saturday
tbe guests of Mr. W. C. Sberard. They were
returning from Hodges where tbey bad been
to attend Presbytery.
Mr. Aaron Colien of Athens, was in town
last week the guest of Mr. James H. McMilllan.
Mr. Henry Dupree, Mr. Will DuPree, Jr.,
and Mr. Capers Turner, went to Greenwood
for the Contest Friday night.
Tbe Book club met Saturday afternoon
with Miss Rosa Maxwell. A skech of Sbakespear's
life was read by Mis* Annie Penney
and Mary Charles Lamds, "Hamlet" was read
by Mrs. W. T. Green. The club will read and
disoufs "Hamlet" and their npxt two meetings.
Those present were. Mrs. Frank B.
Gary, Mrs. P. B. Sellers, Mrs. G. A. Neufrer,
Mrs. W. P. Green. Miss Nettle Russell, Miss
Annie Penney, Miss Mae Robeatson, and Miss
Lily Templeton. Elaborate refreshments,
consisting of ices, strawberries and cake
were served.
Mr. A'bert Henry and Mr. Will White
attended tbe Contest and the dance at Greenwood
on Friday,
Mr. R S. Smith has been in Washington,
D. C.. for the past week.
Mr. John M. Harden attended the meeting
of Presbytery at Hodges last week. Mr.
Harden was elected delegate to the general
assembly that meets in Mobile, Ala, in the
j>irs. Alma voienmu diobhii. ui twuu.nvo
Ir here spending a while with her brother
M r. >1. T. Coleman.
Mn and Airs. Lewis W. Perrin went to
Greenwood Friday to attend the Contest.
Tb Literary Club bad a meeting Fat day
eveDing at tbe taomeof Hon. William Henry
Parker. Dr. F. K. Harlson, read an Interesting
Paper on "The History of ibe Club."
Tbe club has been In existance for over thirty
years and has a histouy that is well worth
looking Into. Not more than six of the
charter members are living. A Falad course
was served at tbe close of the evening.
Miss Kate Jackson Harris and Miss Lena
Worth Barbee went to Greenwood Friday to
attend theContest and the dance given afterwards.
Miss lone Smith returned Saturday from
Spartanburg where she went to attend tbe
Mr. Hugh Mcllwnln was In Spartanburg the
first o( last week staying with his mother Mrs
H. P. Mcliwaln.
Mr. Lewis Perrin has returned from Greenvine
where he went to attend the ClevelandFairchlld
wedding. Mr. Perrin went to
vjrreeuwuuu r nun> iuuiiciju iuc vuuis?. c.^v.
Miss PlevDa Seal and Stella Simpson went
to Spartanburg to attend the Musical. Both
of these young ladies are skilled musicians
and ere thoroughly in love with music.
Mr. J. C. Ellis has returned (rom a week's
stay in Washington where he was guest ol
Congressman Wyatt Akin.
Mrs. A. Brooks Cheatham wtts in Greenwood
several days last week.
Mrs. Clarence Lioder oi Hartwell, Ga, and
Miss Leona Doutbit of Calhouns were the
guestof Mre. P. B. Speed several days last
Miss. Mary Durst came over from Greenwood
last Wednesday and was the guest ol
her sisters Mrs. Barksdale and Mrs. Cheatbam
for several days. Miss Durst has retuned
to Limestone College where s'be is attending
Miss Mattle Caldwell of Clover South Car
ollna was In the city several days last week
the guest of Miss Elen Gambeil, MlssCladwell
is a very handsome young woman aud was
very much admired during her stay here.
Miss Ola Barron one of the teachers at the
Due West Female College was in the city for
a few hours Sunday.
Dr. Moffatt Kennedy, who has Just completed
bis course at the Dental College In
Atlanta, was in the city Sunday to see his
sister Miss Amelia Kennedy.
Miss Bessie Link of Wellington waR here
Sunday the guest of Mrs. John Leslie near the
Mrs. Fletcher Hodges of Ronoake. Ala., Is
toere on a visit to his sister Mrs. J. C. Ellis.
The Clark Allen Chapter will have its regu
lar meeting Monday afternoon May ytD, ai me
home of Miss Wlnton Taggart. A lull attendance
Is requested.
Mr. Fred Bull of Orangeburg who Is attending
College at Ciemson was In the city
several days last week the guest of Mr.DaTid
Mr. Granville Beal of Calhoun Falls was In
the city Sunday a guest at the Eureka.
Mrs. lallulah Pressley ofTroy Is In the city
the guest ol her daughter Mrs. \V. B. Bradley
Mrs. Chris Chalmers was the guest of Mrs.
John C. Bradley several days last week.
Miss Ellen Gambrell went to Greenwood
last week to attend the Contest.
Mrs. Eugene B- Gary and Mrs. J. C. Klugh
spent several days last, week with Mrs. J. E.
Bradley at Bradley.
Miss Margaret Klugh, who is attenldng
school at Due West spent Saturday and Sunday
here with her parents.
Miss Jennie P. Thomas of Ridgewoy, Is In
the city spending a lew days wltn Miss
Lily Templeton.
Mr J. R. McLaurn of Atlanta has been
the guest of his sister Mrs. P. B. Sellers for a
few dayB.
Mr. .lames Coleman nf Pnrnnam was in the
city to spend Sunday with his eon, Mr. M.
T. Coleman.
Dr. and Mrs. John O. Wilson were In the
city Sunday. Dr. Wiisou preached an able
and timely sermon Irom the Methodist pulpit
Sunday evening.
i There was no service in the Presbyterian
Church Sunday evening as Dr. J. L. Wilson
was not well.
Mr. Robert li. Hemphill, Jr.tiB at home from
Walton County Ga., where he has had
charged the Mt. Carmel School. He has
accepted a position with Mr. Minshall and
will work here.
Dr. W. E. Dink of Wlllington wns in the
city Saturday. He had been to Hodges to
attend Presbytery.
Miss Kosa Maxwell has been elected delegate
Irom the Book Club to the Federation
of Woman's Clubs that meets in Newberry In
Mr. Ci. A. Douglass died at his home in this
city last Wednesday evening after au ex
tended illness. Mr. Douglass has been in
falling beallh for a number <>t years and the
end was not unexpected. He was a member
of the Methodist church and wa? a regular
attendant upon the services until Ills health
lalled. He leaves a wife and children to
mourn his loss. The funeral services were
conducted Thursday at the home by Kev.
P.P. Wells and the interment ut Long Cane
Few Suit's?Good C'row?lN?Everybody
iu laOOtl Spirits.
Monday being the legal day of Kales, there
was a good crowd iu town, but the Hales were
in the minority.
There was but one Master's sale and a few
private sale. The Ma.ster sold one lot in the
city of Abbeville, consisting of one-half acre,
part of the Lee Kurtz lot, corner Walnut and
Church Streets. Sold to F. E. llarrlbon lor
, S-SO.
I Now is the time to see about your refrigera
| tor. Call and let us talk It over. We sell the
(jiurney. Kerr Furniture Co.
; Homicide?New Beef .Market?Mission
i?ry .Meelilit;? Personal.
i >011 a I<ls S. C. May 2,11)01.
A neuro man by name of \V. K. Foster was
shot and killed by a neuro hoj named Will
Hell near here yesterday. D seems that Foster
had been tensing Hell and lie sot mad arid
getting his lather's gun slipped up behind
| Foster and shot him. Foster died immediately
Donalds is to have a beef market. Mr. \V. 11.
i Dunn will open up one this week In thcbuiidI
Ing in wlii'h the barber shop Is at present
located. This will he a great convenience to
I our people for thry hav? to order all their
! beef, etc. (rom neighboring towns. Mr. Dunn
will probally liud this a proliiabai investment.
There will be a missionary rally at the Gilgal
Methodist Church on May "th. The meeting
will be addressed by Itev. J. \V. Woliing,
a returned Missionary from Brazil and others.
I Mr. W. Doty, the efficient" typhograpical
arilst "of the A. It. Presbyterian, was In
I Donalds last week purchasing furniture preI
I,,,nua Lruoninu In lino Vl'ntl
Donalds can fnrnlsh all prospective buyers.
The personal property of the late Mrs. Krnily
C. Donald will be sold at her late residence
The merchants of town began closing their
stores at C o'clock today.
The Hank closes at 3 o'clock now.
The many fileuds Mrs. I'ettle Prultt. will
regret to learn of her very bad health. Every
one hope that she will be restored to good
Our efficient County Supervisor G. X. Nickles
has tue road from here to Due West iu
fine shape. It is a pleasure to travel over If.
We cau almost hear wedding bells Hud
smell orange blossoms.
The Oil Mill has started up again after being
shut down a week.
Work ou the rail road from Darmores to
Wares Shoals is progrsslug nicely.
Jame* C. Hooker has been elected adelegate
to the Pythian Convention which meets in
(jreenvlile this month.
We hear that two of our young men have
gone iu the rabbit business. Hope they won't
have the same experience that tnis writer
Rev. J. P.Snipes, of the Sarnniarv at Due
West, tilled the pulpit at the Methodist
Church i esterday in the absence ol the pastor.
Miss Mary Maddox. who has been spending
some time In New York, is at home tor a
Mrs. Peter StokeR Is vlRting her parents at
Miss Lilla Martin is at home for the summer
her school having closed.
As h result of the use of puint the appearanc
of several cottages has been very much impro
veil. .
II. C. B.
Seest Ybou it Man Diligent in RustIlt'HN,
Sheriff Lyon is wide awakowhen there are
criminals about. And like William Trimble
Toe, he catches things and puts them in
Not so Ion? ag-> lie captured Frank Single
ton, alias l-'rank Klne. who was reported
drowned at Martlua Mill some nine years
ago. It Is certain that he disappeared at
completely as If the waters or the earth bad
swallowed him.
Chief of Police McMillan arrested him in
that town when Sheriff Lyon went down
and brought the game home. The missing
man has escaped his old position on the
chain gang.
John Lindsay colored, was loafing about
Duo West, and among other jobs served
seven years as cook or Janitor In one of the
buildings. Sheriff Lyon receives news by
telegraphy in some case*, but In some cases
he gets messageR over wires iu the- came old
way. He knew about Lindsay's presence at
Due West and his ears were open, and he
nut that l.imlfcHv toiik nrnhnhlv u'unttwl
in Lexington. In reply to request for Information
bv Sheriff Lyon to Sheriff of L?xingtou
notified him that Lindsay was want1
ed. In response to that information Sheriff
Lyon went to Due West yesterday, and the
population of that town bas been reduced
by one. Lindsay was charged with
complicity in a murder committed fourteen
years aao. He came home with our Slier
iff, and took lodging and board with him at
three o'clock.
The Sheriff of Lexington will come up today,
and accompany the eentleinan back to
Lexington, where he will fare his accusers.
We know he didn't kill any body because he
himself says he dind't, and nobody has a
better right to k now.
Will overcome Indigestion and dyspepsia;
reuulate the bowels and cure liver and kidney
complaints. It Ik the best blood enricber and
lnvigorator in the world. It is purely,vegetable.
perfectly harmless, and should you be
ft sunerer mini uisemse, you win use n 11 you
are wise.
R. N. Andrews. Editor and AJgr. Cocoa and
Uockledge News, Cocoa, Fla., writes: "I have
used your Hetblne Id iny family, and find It
most excellent medicine. Its effects upon,
myself bave been a marked benefit. I recom-1
roeud it unhesitatingly." 50o. Sold by C. A.
We are showing some beautiful
new goods in Madras,
Ginghams, Mercerized Ging-j
hams, White Dimity, Ging-j
hams in linen effects. Colored
Duck, Fancy Lawns, etc.
These goods come in five to
twenty yard pieces and are
great bargains.
A. M. Smith & Co.
= T
Rates Op
Account of
Tickets on sale June 10th, lltli
Final limit to leave Nashville,
An extension of the final limit
10th, may be secured by original p
positing ticket with Special Aseul
and 9:00 p. m., Juue 10th to 18th, i
of 50 cents.
Reunion at
Those who desirs to reserve sp
their station to Nashville without
at once with the undersigned as si
ness warrants it.
All information furnished by
Traveling Pus!
Xous from ilio Seven IIill (liy n?? Rr
luU'il l?y 1111<*res11iiir nrnrr. I
mpv 2,
MI<s Helen n>?rbcr went to Spartanburg C.
II. Monday, to attend Mm music festival,
which wns held in Converse College HhII,
lHKtti.tr f?r several days.
Dr. .1 I?. I'.rlit tind bin Interesting little boy,
of Handover, were here Tuesday. The llrst
whs her? professionally.
Ilev. W.S. Hatniter of Seneca, will occupy
the pulpit, in Providence Church, this place
next Sunday, eighth, at eleven A. M.
Mr. J. 15. LeRoy went to Hodges on Wednesday,
to at tend as a delegate Irom Providence
Church, to Presbytery, which was
lieid at that place last week.
Mrs. J. M. Giles of Anderson C. 11, spent
several days last week with the family of her
brother In law Mr. Wm. Moore.
Messrs.T.C. Llddell and II. H. Harris, went,
to Abbeville C. H. Friday morning by private
conveyance. The tirst returned to this place
the next day. the last went on to Greenwood
C. II. to be present at the Inter-Collegiate
Oratorical Contestenuaged In, Friday night.
Miss Bessie Jones, the efficient aud popular
assistant in the Mt. Carmel school came up
Friday and was the guest of Mr. Jas. T. Latimer
till today.
Rev. I. E. Wallace who has had charge of
Providence and New Hope Churches for
sometimes, a short while ago resigned the
pastorate thereof but has siuce been serving
as pastor. He preached his farewell sermou
i- ,i,o niinrrh hnr? vesterdav at 11 A. M.
and in the Methodist Church at 8 P. M. anil
will bid us adieu In a short while, and will go
to Arkansas where he proposes to make his
new home.
The two congregations above named have
secured the service of Mr. JaR. E. Ward, who
in a licentiate, and is in the Seminary in
Columbia. He will preach his first sermon In ,
this place, on the third Sunday, 15th lust, at
li A. M.
Mr. Tom Parks Heard and his sl?ter Miss
Kebecca Heard ot Elbert C?unty, Ua., catne
over Friday to visit their kinsman Mr. J. F*
llarper. The first returned to his Georgia
borne Saturday evening leaving his sister to
spend omn tine. J
Mr. J. F. Barnes of Elberton, came over |
Saturday and stayed till yesterday evening
with kinspeople.
Mr. J. Hart-Haskln of Watts came In Saturday
evening and was the guest of Dr. J. B.
Moselty till yesterday evening.
By appointment, quire a number of the
Lownesviile Township Democrats met In this
plane Saturday evening for the purpose of 1
attendiug to any business, that might be ?
brought up. Hon. I. H. McCalla called the f
club to order and Mr. J. J. Johnson was re- '
/.?o<iurt mad. us secretary. The election of
officer* fur tbe coming two years, being the
first buNjnoHR in order, was attended to witb J
tbe lollowintr r?-??uit. Hon. I. H. McCalia,
President. Mr. F. W. R. Nance, first Vice
Presldeut. Mr. S. S. Boles second Vice
President, Mr. Jas. W. Huckabee, Secretary.
Hon. I. H. MeCalla, Committeeman. The
cbalrnppoluted a committee of three, Dr. A. I
J. Speer, iMessrs. S. S. Boles and E. \V. Harper I
to nominate seven delegates to the coming i
County Democratic Convention and the fol- i
lowing wore nominated and elected by acclamation,8.
S. Bales, F. W. R Nance, George
tucker, Beuson Bonds, J. M. Huckabee,
Johu H. Bell'and Dr. J. D. Wilson. Some
other business of minor importance that
came up win attended to ana the club adjourned
to meet at the call of the President.
Tbe time of the year is upon us when reuoris
are good for, end are pretty frequeut,
of mad dogs being on tbe rampage. A fe
days ago one was running at large, a few
miles east of us, which bit several dogs and
otbcranimals. It passedondown tbecountry
doinu damage and causing excitement where
ever It weut. It In not known here what
became of It, just before tbat a pointer belonging
to Dr. Black at Mt. Carioel went mad .
and it in said, bit one of tbe doctor's children ,
and several olber persons before It was ,
killed. ]
Our planters are generally done planting ,
their cotton seed, some bave <orn yet to j
plant. They are farther advanced In thflr
rami work than they were at tblB date last
year, and ready to attack the gra^s when it
cotues with all of the force at their command.
Buy your cotton seed meal, potash and kal
nit fertilizers from W. D. Barksdale. He
sells tbe best brands.
Thats a nice cigar you are smoking, what 1s
it, Why its Speed'H Cinco, of course, there Is
nothing to equal It.
Is the one to use. "The Machinery People"
will he glad to send catalogue and name
price on application.
Engines, Boilers, Saw Mills, Cotton Ginning
Machinery, Etc.
The Gibbes Portable Shingle Machine.
A.RD r
XE, S. C.
n ?
jE, tenn. .
en to All.
i, 12th, loth and 14th, 1004.
June ISth, 1004.
t/-\ lifii'u VuQlnri'llo nu lcitn qc Tnlvr I
, vw ivu?^ x i i J ? iiiv ao iu iv M'J w u*j
urcbuser of ticket personally deli
in Nashville, between S:00 a. m.
inclusive, and ou payment of fee
;ets?Best?Safest lloute to the
ace in Pullman Car direct from
change will please communicate
eeping car will be operated if buswriting
the undersigned.
senger Agent,
.^ ;
i ^
Outstanding Assurance
New Assurance
Sale of
ititMlirs Factory
PURSUANT to a resolution adopted at n
meeting of the stockholders ol the Abbeville
Furniture Factory held tbisdHyatAb>evllle,
we the undersigned commission are
mthorlzed to sell at puollc auction to the
ilgheHt bidder on
Salesday, the 6th of June Next,
at Abbeville,
tor the purpose of liquidation of the corporaion
and the settlement or t>>n debts of the
'aid the Abbeville Furniture Factory and all
;he an?etH of said factory.
May 3rd, 1904. Commission.
Stockholder's Meeting.
\ MEETING of Stockholders of the Abbe>
vllle Furniture Factory will be held al
Abbeville on tbe 8RD DAY of JUNE, next, tc
ippolnt n committee to sell the Abbeville
Furniture Factory and all assets of the same
for the purpose .of paying the debts of said
W. D. Barksdale, Pres.
3?Trains Daily?3
rv a rn nn a /inATTXTm ATT
ViliUiI JuUVV ItAIJCiO AV/WU1X J. V?iState
Confederate Veterans.
See G. H. FULLER, Agt.
Abbeville, S. C..
For all information.
Estate of Dr. J. A. Gibert, Dec'c
Ndtice of Settlement and Application
for Final Discharge,
TAKE NOTICE that on the 3rd day o
May, 1904, I will render a final accoun
of my actings and doings as Executor of tbi
Estate of Dr. J. A. Gibert, deceased, In th<
office of Judge ot Probate for Abbeville Coun
ty at 10 o'clock a. m., and on the same da]
will apply for a final discharge from my trus
as such Executor.
All persons having demands against rail
estate will present them lor payment on o
before that day, proven and authenlcated o
be forever barred. Albert Gibert.
April 2,1904. Executor.
Why not Patronize Your Neighboi
and a Home Industry When the
Product is as Good, Certainly
and Probably Better, and
Price no Higher than
the Imported ?
Pea Vine Hay baled.
Crab Grass Hay baled.
Wheat Hay baled.
(Cut ip the dough and almost equal to gral
for feeding animals.)
45 acres of Corn Stover.
/A ufrontrpr fnrotyfi than hftV.\
3,000 Bundles Prime Fodder.
[The above was cut and cured In the gret
stage and before frost, nor did any rain
fall on It before being boused.
Bushels Mexican June Corn.
(The only corn which will surely mature or
wheat or oat stubble, or when planted
in June.)
Golden-Bronze Toms (Goblers) for breeding
2 Yoke of well broken and young oxen.
Canned Blackberries.
Canned Peaches and Apples.
Canned Tomatoes andOkra.
Canned Tomatoes and Okra Soup.
Canned Sausages (all pork.)
Squabs and Fresh Layed Eggs,
for the sick.
Honey In Sections, sealed and packed U
One of three milk cows for sale, flrst and
second calves.
One-hall blooded O. J. C. Chester Plus.
Full blooded O. I. C. Chester Pigs.
Sorghum SuRiirCane seed.
Good pasturage lor a few head of cattle at 51
cents per month.
40 acres, more or less, Flatwooas bottom, sec
ond bottoms and upland for rent forsmal
(sprlng( grain or corn and peas. No cotton.
? -r?mTT*iT? - -? a
Alt i ?1 u it rAiiKii ix.
Jan. 4, 1904. tf
Lumber! Lumber!
Call at Roller Mill when ii
need of Lumber, Car of Doors,
Window Sash, Blinds, Moulding
received today.
100,000 feet dressed lumber tc
arrive in lew days.
Can build you a house in foui
Yours for business,
Smooth runs the water where the brook
Sjjjv is the result of taking
L wi\ adequate Endowment in
HENRY B HYDE, founder
January ltli, 1904.
....$1'400,918, 742 Assurance Fund arc
...... 322,047,908 Surplus
73,718,351 Paid Policyholders
381,226,036 Dividends alone ov
oager, J. P. QUA!
Rock Hill, 8. C.
The G-URNEY Leads
The Perlecl KEFRK
Perfect Circ
If you value your health you should 1
practically all your food passes t
, "Gurue
In this day of sanitation, when you a
, and beating, and filtering your drinking
| daily the deadly germs and microbe, whj>
i tion?? The Gurney is a Refrigerator with
I ney is guaranteed to carry ice longer and
than any Refrigerator made. "Nuff said
. have them in enameled lined and zinc.
Why not buy the best
more. Come ai
Yours for Furnit
The Kerr Fn
Wholesalers ai
Phone 8. . , 1
Knows a good c
I here is tlie reas
many hoes and
Farm MacI
- - - -? i _
tlie Kind tnai
remember this
pleasure ? the j
serviceable and
I ???????????????????
' No one should purchase a 11
Hat until they have examine
) our Drummers Sample. They w
are going rapidly at about,1"
. half price, but we still have'p*
plenty left, both in Felt and;
Straw for men, boys and chil
dren. A. M. Smith fit fo. p,
A new lot of Pictures just in. Prices way
Uowu youder. Kerr Puralture Co.
. V'V'' "
i j's deep ^ . y1.
'V *
an^ .
. ihe%
*IX 11
HYDE. vc? ppcik
i . $ t
id all other liabilities...$307,871,898
,'. 73,354,138
In 1Q03... 34.949,672
er 5,600,000 j j
LLES, Special Agent.
Abbeville, 8. C.
AERATOR with a
lave a sanitary Refrigerator, as :;
hrough your Refrigerator.
>y-" "
,re using sanitary clothing, plumbing . .
water, and in other ways tlgDUOg
Dot look into the Refrigerator ques- .
i a scientific circulation. The Gur- <;
give a lower degree of temperature
call in and let us show you. Wer;v
Ice boxes also. v
when it costs you no if
ad see them.
ore, ^jlll
rnitnpft P,n
.1 111 till V VVf ;S
id Retailers.
>ne~and right
ion we sell so
cause you to
> store with
^ood, strong,
durable kind.
r Building Material Is What To"
Want Here In the Place to Get It.
Just received one ear of No. 1. Laths, which
e are selling at $2.75 per 1000.
30,000 feet ceiling at 811.00 per 1000, or 81.10
;r 100 feet,
25,000 feet ceiling: at 812.60 per 1000, or 81.25
sr 100 feet.
Bevel siding from 75c to 81.25 per 100 feet.
% Riding from 81.10 lo v*-10 per 100 feet.
Large stock of rough lumber.
Two cars of doors, sash and blinds at lowest
Cement, lime and plastering hair.
Abbeville Lumber Co.
f uonea a,? antr ? .

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