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Have Von (<ot It?
i'lttsburg uuronicie-ieiegrapu.
If you're sore }
To the core,
With aching bones,
And husky tones .
When you speak
And you're weak ^
Iu the knees, x,
And you sneeze,
And often cough
Your head oft",
And you note P
That your throat P
Feels quite raw, p
And your jaw
Feels as if
You'd got a biff,
And dull pains c
Vex your brains, >
Then you've caught it,
You have got it? a
It's the grip. b
If yon feel
The heat steal
O'er your frame u
Like a flame
Till you burn *'
And you yearn g
For chunks of ice
At any price, ,
Then like a flash
The shivers dash
From head to feet,
A chill complete,
And you shake,
And you quake.
And there's desire
For a fire. \
And something hot
Right on the spot
To quickly drink,
Ana you think
Right there and then
You'll ne'er be warm again,
Then you've caught it,
You have got itIt's
the grip.
It's in the air,
It's everywhere;
The microbe of the grip ;
It's on another trip,
And up and down,
Through all the town,
By night and day
It seeks its prey. ,
And it's the fad,
ir you are sau, ,
Or even mad,
Or if you sneeze,
Or cough or wheeze,
Or feel too warm,
Or chills alarm i
To wear a look of grim dismay I
And hoarsely say :
"I've caught it,
I've got it? C
It's the grip!"
Where, Oh! Where!?At J. W. Mc- Kee's,
Jr. >J
See his windows. They tell tbe atory.
Sample harps, 25o kind for 19c; 60 and 75c
kind for 8So. p
Sample pipes, 50 and 75o kind for 38o; 25o
kind for 19c.
Wrlet bags, 25c kind, 19c; 50o kind 38c; 71.00
kind 75c, etc. A few 95.00 and $6.00 bags at
nail price. n
A big sample line of holiday goods Just 0
marked and the prices are about halt the us- g
ual price.
* II kin/ii. of nnnuii onii nnnlrol hnnka At _
McKee's. tl
McKee's the place for toys. t>
All kinds of dolls, albums, toilet oases and j,,
post card albums. 50c post card album now 4
25c- $1.00 post card album now 75c; 82.00 and 0I
$250 post card album now 98o and $1.25. 8]
All kinds of toy wagons, traios and horns A
Tbe biggest born at 10:.; red, wblte and blue.
All kinds dry goods, shoes and grooerles,
wagons, buggies and harness.
Men's and boys clothing and pants.
A big assortment of men's shirts at 50o.
Men's and women's underwear at all prices.
Come to see me before baylcg and 1 will j<
save yoa money. q
m m
Trial Catarrh treatment* are being mailed
out free, on request, by Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis.
These tests are proving to tbe people?
without a penny's cost?the great value of
this scientific prescription known to druggists
everywhere as Dr.Sboop's Catarrh Remedy.
Sold by C. A. Mllford.
McMurray's Locals.
Don't look for cheap post cardp. Try to get
the best as to coloring. Cheap things are not
pleasing. McMurray has some of the nicest
we have seen.
Not on speolal days, bnt every day, yoa can
get hot drinks at McMurray's. The very best.
^Tryour hot chocolate with whipped cream
HUlUiUK uouci at auj pnvc. lauiuuimj o
price 1b 5 cents.
This bad weather has given yon a cold ; get
relief by taking Enreka Laxative Cough r- t
up at McMurray's only.
Klverls talcum for baby's toilet You
knew why.
Millions of bottles of Foley's Honey and J
Tar have been sold without any person ever fC
having experienced any other than beneficial 01
results from its use for ooughs, colds and lung
troubles. This Is because ibe genuine Foley's u
Honey and Tar in the yellow package contains
no opiates or other barmrul drugs.
Guard your health by refusing any but tde
genuine. P. B. Speed.
m m m ft]
Our experience aa a business man nas been P<
that you can't please everybody with one cigar.
For this reason we carry all the time 'r
lorty different brands of cigars to please our ?
trade, such as Rolgs, Lord Casper, Clncos.
Blaok and White, Cuba Roma, besides a fine
line of 10c and 15c cigars. Mllford's Drug and
Cigar Store.
? J
Notice to Our Customers.
We are pleased to aunounee that Foley's
Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung
troubles is not affected by the National Pure
Food and Drug law as it contains no opiates
or other harmful drags, and we recommend
It as a safe remedy for children and adults.
P. B. Speed.
Post cards are always to be found In pleasing
quantities at Dargan's 5 and lOo store.
Views of the olty always on band, and they
say that they have fifteen thousand views ol
Abbeville in beautiful colors on the road to
arrive in a few days.
Cremo Cigars.
Millions of dollars baok ibe New Cremo olgar.
The q jality must be tbe best.
Orlno Laxative Frnlt Syrup, tbe new Laxative,
stimulates, but does not Irritate. It 1b
tbe best Laxative. Guaranteed or your money
back. P. B. Speed.
This is the season of decay and
weakened vitality ; good health is hard
to retain. If you'd retain yours, fortify
your system with Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea, the surest way. 35c,
Tea or Tablets. C. A. Milford.
FORD 15 H. ]
Watch the F
W. N. TH0MS01
Hml 1 y Mixed Up.
Abraham Brown, of Winterton, N.
r., had a very remarkable experience;
e says : "Doctors got badly mixed up
ver me; one said heart disease; two
ailed it kidney trouble ; the fourth,
lood Doison. and the fifth stomach
nd liver trouble ; but none of them
elped me ; so my wife advised trying
electric Bitters, which are restoring
ae to perfect health. One bottle did
le mose good than all the five doctors
rescribed." Guaranteed for blood
oieon, weakneas and all stomach, livr
and kidney complaints, by P. B.
Ipeed, druggist, -50c.
Poliabofr'm IjOchIn.
We call your attention that we haveJust revived
150 men's overcoats. Good values from
5.00 to 810.50 each. We offer them from 81.98
o 83.48.
One lot of ladies Jackets In short and long,
11 colore, Irom 81.18 to 83.4S. Come and see
efore they are all gone.
For Indigestion and constipation take N. B
ibleta. For Bale at Milford's drug store,
For paint go to Mllford'i drug store. He
ails Mastic, Harrison's Town and Country
d Carter's white lead. You can't buy bettei
? ?? ^
Write at once and learn why we secure best
positions, and best salaries for our graduates.
Prtrrvp Awnmnw. PrAfl A
Kleen Klothes.
City Pressing Club
Will Clean and Press your Clothes
on short notice.
3?h.one 139.
Not a Patent Medicine.
Stands in a class of its own.
Raw German Grains.
No Drugs?No Dieting.
Jured every case?Indigestion, Constipation,
Insomnia?all Stomach
troubles. Write
"he State of South Carolina,
robate Court?Citation for Letters of Administration.
By J. F. Miller, Esq., Judge of Probate.
Whereas, P. L. McCelvy has made salt to
le, to grant him Letters of Administration
r tbe Estate and effects ot Thos. E Frith,
r., late of Abbeville County, deceased.
Tbese are therefore, to olte and admonish
11 and singular the kindred and creditors of
ie said Thos. E. Frith,8r., deceased, that they
e and appear before me. In the Court of Proate,
to be held at Abbeville o. H., on Tuesay,
December the lOlh, 1907, after publiitlon
hereof, at 11 o'clock In tbe forenoon, to
now cause If any they have, why the said
.dmlnlstratlon should Dot be granted.
Given under my band and seal of theConrt,
this 25th day of November, In tbe year
of our lord one thousand nine hundred
and seven and In tbe 182d year
of American Tndnnendnnrp.
Published on the 27tb day of November.
X)7,1d tbe Press and Banner and on the Court
Loose door for tbe time required by law.
Judge of Probate.
Abbeville-Green wo od
'roperty Insured, $1,500,000
January 8th, 1907.
HfTRITE TO OR CALL on the undersignec
"" or the Director of your Townshlj
ir any Information yon may deaire about
ar plan of Insurance.
We insure your property against destrnt
on by
FiK, mmtrn u uirams,
ad do bo cheaper than any Insurance Con
iny lu existence.
Remember we are prepared to prove to yon
lat ours Is the safest and cheapest plan of
lsuranoe known.
J. R. BLAKE, Gen. Agent
Abbeville, S. 0.
Abbeville, S. C.
S. O. Majors, Greenwood
J.T. Mabry - Cokesbnry
W. B. Acker ....Donalds
M. B. C>lnkBoales Dae West
W. w. Li. Keller... Long Uane
I. A. Keller .Smllhvllle
W. A. Stevenson Cedar Spring
A. M. Reld_ -....Abbeville Town shir
W. W. Bradley .. Abbeville City.
Dr. J. A. Anderson Antrevllle
J. M. Hnckabee Lowndeevllle
A. O. Grant ... Magnolia
J. R. Tarrant Calhonn Mills
8. L>. Edmonds .....Bordeaux
H. L. Rasor.. Walnut Grove
W. C. Martin ..Hodgee
J. D. Coleman Coronaoa
D. 8. HatttwaDger Ninety-Six
J. Add. Calboan Klnards
J. Add. Calboun Fellowship
Joseph Lake ..Phoenix
Rev. J. B. Muse Verdery
J. H. Chiles, Jr Bradley
J. W. Lyon Troy
W. A. Cheatham Yeldell
G. E. Dom Calllson
G. E. Dom Kirkseys
J. Add Calhoun Brooks
Abbeville, 8 C? Jan. 6, 1907.
V BllUbrf...HL
P.9 4z Cylinder
ORD go by.
lYaddou's Locals.
Have yoo seen the new center piece an
drawn work shown by Tbe R. M. Haddon C<
Do you need a pair kid gloves In shortc
long, in all colors? Call at tbe R. M. Had
don Co.
A nice lot of band bags just received Id tb
very newest styles at Tbe R. M. Haddon Co.
Silks. Silks. Don't forget that we alwaj
keep the blue ribbon tefieta, the beet mone
can buy. The R. M. Haddon Co.
When In Abbeville call and see our blant
ets. We have the best N. C. blanket on lb
market. The R. M. Haddon Co.
(Danger In Asking Advice.
When you have a cough or cold do not ai
some one what is good for it, as there la dai
fer in taking some unkDown preparatloi
'oley's Honey and Tar cures coughs, cold
and prevent* pneumonia. The genuine is I
a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. P.]
Millions of dollars back th
New Cremo cigar. The qua]
ity must be the best.
Public Speaker Interrupted.
1 Public speakers are frequently Interrupt*
, by people coughing. This would not bapp<
if Foley's Honey and Tar were taken, as
oures cougns and colds and prevents pnei
monla and consumption. JThe genuine coi
tains no opiates and is In a yellow packag
P. B. Speed.
Itcb cured In 80 minutes by Woolford's 8a
itary Lotion. Never fails. Bold by P.
Speed, druggist. 6m
Passed Examination Successfully.
James Donahue, New Britain, Conn., writ)
"I tried several kidney remedies, and w
treated by our best physicians for dlabeti
but did not Improve until I took Foley's Kl
ney Cure. After the second bottle I show
Improvement, and Ave bottles oured me coi
pletely. I have sinoe passed a rigid exan
nation for life insurance. Foley'B Kldn
Cure oures back-ache and all forms of kldn
and bladder trouble P. B. Speed.
M.l... VlJ.tu. O-rl RIorfH.. ainhl
English Spavin Liniment removes Hai
Soft or CallouHed Lumps and Blemishes Ire
horses; al?o Blood Spavins, Curb*, 8plln
Sweeney, Ring Bone, Stifles, Sprains, Swoll
Throats, Coughs, eto. Save $50 by nee of o
bottle. A wonderful Blemlsb Core. Sold
P. B. Speed, druggist. 6m
I .
.%%%%%% %%% %%%%%*
Calvert & Hickle
? Headquarters for ?
White Hickory Wagon
Owensboro Wagons,
Rock Hill Buggies,
Summer Buggies,
Cheap Buggies,
Harness, Laprobes, etc
Calvert & Nickles
Feb. 24. ism tr
Stop That Colt
To check early eoldi er Grippe with " Proven tie
means sure defeat for Pneumonia. To stop a co
with Preventlcs is safer than to let it run and 1
obliged to cure it afterwards. To be sure. Pi
venues will cure even a deeply seated cold, b
taken early?at the sneeze stage?they break. <
bead off these early colds. That's surely bettc
That's why they are called Preventlcs.
Preventlcs are little Candy Cold Cures. No Qui
lne, no physic, nothing sickening. Nice for tl
children?and thoroughly safe too. If you f?
chilly, if you sneeze. If yon ache all ovar, think
Preventlcs. Promptness mar also saveTialf yo'
usual sickness. And don't forgot your child,
there is feverishness, night or day. Herein pro
ably lies Preventlcs' greatest efficiency. Sold
6c boxes for the pocket, also in 25c boxes of
Preventlcs. Insist on your druggists giving y<
n a mm pnpn
Office under tl
Is well equipped in bis line of bu
Caskets ranges from the cheapest to t
His funeral car is a fine one. Air tig
the old brick vault and which is muc
side casket. Drop couch caskets. C
The kind that lastsford's
Call on him for anything you wi
line. He has what you want, of the
See Us B(
C. A. II
State, County an
President: Vlce-1
Board of "Director
Vieanska, Jobn A. Harris, R. M. Ha<
J. F. Cliukscales, C. C. Gambrell.
We solid your business
it safely ant
We are in pcai-ion to make you
when placed in
Our Saving's
Speed's Loonlw.
j The girls are specially fond of Huyler's candy.
Do uot risk sending them anything else.
' SDeed's drDK store.
I Wars may race aDd storms may blow, c
To thwart the world's endeavor;
Facie may come and bobbles goes,
16 But Speed's clnco olgars never?Tennyson b
If yoa want good fresb bird seed with cuttle
rB bone and bemp seed combined go to Speed's
y drug store.
We are displaying tbe prettiest line of post r
cards we've ever had?local views, comic and c
16 fancy cards. Speed's drug store. o
Tom Dixon's latest book "The Traitor." J
and other new novels Just received at Speed's S
drugstore. ?
k The boys know a good thing when they see c
a- it, and stick to it after they find it. Speed's j
u. clnco cigars. 1
s. If you want one of (he best paints on tbe
u market, one with a genuine guarantee on It
3. and one that will be carried out to the letter,
get Devoe's lead and zinc paint from Speed's
drug store.
They are nice and sweet and yon can enjoy
? tbe true aroma of the tobacco when you buy
I olnco cigars from Speed, because they are al1
ways fresh, Just from toe factory, lie sells '
three thousand every ten days. t
? . ? j
Hammond's Locals. t
Get a gallon of our new syrup. 1
Try a few of those fine mackerel for your ]
a_ breakfast.
3- A box of fresh mixed nuts 20o per pound. ,
I?* A nice bowl and pltober ror wo. i
Tinware, crockery and shoes at cost as long *
as tbey last.
A good bucket for 30o.
A few nice tumblers for 20c per set- 1
Qet a cream pitcher for 2Qo.
Overalls, all sizes, at
;fr. J. Foster Hammond's.
as m ]
d- Glmn'M Locals. ,
ed 1
ij. Rnst proof seed oats, rye, and balry vetch,
il- at Glenn's.
ey Hog and cattle food, bran and shorts, and ]
ey ship stuff at Glenn's. '
Collar pad 25o collars 50c, 85o, St.25, ?2.00, at
E Bridles, saddles, wagon harness, at Glenn's. j
Vulcanite roofing S2.25 roll, 108 leet, at
Hog and poultry wire at Glenn's. 1
Guns, single and double, and loaded shells, 1
at Glenn's.
?? "KingBee" and Tuff-hide, all leather shoes,
en' at Glenn's. ,
ne Extra values sheeting, cheviots, outing acid
by flannel, at Glenn's. i
Money saved on crockery, tin and enamel 1
ware, at Glenn's.
%> Good lloe pants, overalls and underwear, at
A Glenn's.
^ Alarm docks 75c, watches 81.00 to 810.00, at
T Glenn's.
W Majestic flour, Caraja ooffee, hams and big
m hominy, at Glenn's.
4 Cigar*.
A New cremo cigars 5c. Two Orphan cigars
J wo for 5c. Tbe best that money can buy.
J New Cremo cigars 5 cents.
2 Two Orphan cigars two for 5
? cents. The best that money
J can buy.
^ for ehlldront *af0, aurm. No oplatm?
Promptness is our watchword. Try us and
we will convlnoe you. Mllford's drug store. 1
Phone 107.
Are You Sure Your Kidneys
are Well? <
Many rheumatic attacks are due to j
uric acid in the blood. But the duty <
of the kidneys is to remove all uric 1
acid from the blood. Its presence there
shows tbe kidneys are inactive. Don't f
} dally with "uric acid solvents." You |
' might go on till doomsday with them, ,
f but until you cure the kidneys you
>. will never get well. Doan's Kidney '
Pills not only remove uric acid, out .
- cure the kidneys and then all danger ,
from uric acid is ended.
Rubert B. Calvo, bookbinder, em- 1
I ployed at The State Publishing Co.,
official printers for the State of South
Carolina, living at 1010 Lumber St (
Columbia, S. C., says: "I thought I
had rheumatism and treated for it on
that belief. I used all kinds of liniid
ments. The pain was in my back and
in my hips clear to tbe shoulders. Tbe i
^ liniments did no good aud I took to 1
or blood medicines but they did not help 1
me. I took a long trip in hopes that i
_ the cbanee of climate might help me. I
ae I was away for three mouths but could <
*J see no change for the better. I heard
of Doan's Kidney Pills and determinil
ed to try them, and got a box at a drug i
jj- store. They completely removed the
jjjg pains out of my back and I have not i
>u felt a touch of the old trouble since I
used them."
For pale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
Foster-Mil burn Co, Buffalo, New
York, sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name?Doan's?and
take no other.
I Funeral Director.
'j ======
:lle, s. c.
ie Eureka Hotel.
. i
sinees. His complete stock of Coffins and
he finest. Burial Robes always on band. *
;ht water-proof steel vaults which replaces 1
:h more reliable. Metal lined cases for in- 1
'barges reasonable and service acceptable. (
W. 8IG3XT.
Just received at Mil- <
rug Store.
ant in the Paint, V?niieb, Btain and Oi
best quality.
T3 n tti n nc
- - - 107
.d City Depository.'
President: Cashier: ^
. SPEED. J. H. DuPRE. |
s : F. E. Harrison, P. B, Speed, G. A.
idon, LewisW. Parker, W. P. Greene,
and are prepared to handle f
1 conservatively.
loans, and to pay interest on deiosito,
$ Department.
Some extra values in overcoats !
A complete line of furnishings, shirts, ties,
ollars, Jto.
The swellest collection of shoes and hats to
e lound. s
In suits, the best values for the least money j
The finest Cofl'ee Substitute ever made, has
ecently been produced by Dr. SUoop ol Ralne,
Wis. You don't have to boil It twenty
ir thirty minutes. "Made in a minute" says
be doctor. "Health Coflee" is really the
ilosest CotTee Imitation ever yet produced.
Jot a grain of real Coffee in it either. Health
Joffee Imitation is made from pure toasted |
ereals or grains, with mall, nuts, etc. Iteaily .
t wouid fool an expert?were he lo unknow- '
ngly drink it for Coffee. L. T. Miller.
Nesboanl Hiclifdalc.
.*52 due 4.25 pm 38 due 1.05 pra
88 due 3.07 nm 41 due 4.05am
52 dne 12.40 pm .'3 due 3.83 pm
When the Stomach, Heart, or Kidney nerves
;et weak, then these organs always fall,
jon't drue the Stomach, nor stimulate the 1
Seart or Kidneys. That Is simply a makeiblft.
Get a prescription known to druggists .
;ve-y where as Dr. Sboop's Restorative. Tbe
iiestoratlve is prepared expressly for these ,
ffeak Insld - nerves. Strengthen these nerves,
julld them up with Dr.Shoop'a Restoratlveablets
or liquid?and see how quickly he p
will come. Free sample test sent on requet-t
ay Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis. Your health is
mrely worth this simple lest. C. A.Mllford.
m ? m
Yon want to see that elegant line of decorated
crepe paper being shown at MllfortVa
Irug store.
Nunnally's and Lowney's fine candles fresh
very week at Mllford'6 drug store.
Rasor straps at all prices for sale at Milford's
drag store.
Keep your eyes on Mllford's cases for Xmas
Be up and doing and ready lor school on
10th Instant. Call at Mllford's drug store for
the BQpplles.
A tickling cough, from any cause, Is quickly
stopped by Dr. Sboop's Cough Cure. And
It Is so thoroughly barmlecs and sale, tnat
Dr. 8hoop lei's mothers everywhere to give It
without hesitation, even to very young babes.
The wbrlixome *reeu leaves and tender stems
Of a lung-heullng mountainous shrub, furnish
the curative properties to Dr Shoop's Cough
Cure. It calms tbe cough, aurt heals the sore
aui sensitive bronchial membranes. No
opium, no cUloroform, nothing barch used to
Injure or suppress. Simply n resinous plant
extract, that helps to heal aching lungs. Tbe
Spaniards call this shrub which tbe Doctor
uses, "Toe Sacred Herb." Always demand
Dr.Shoop's Cough Cure. C. A. Mllford.
Dargnii'B 5 and 10c Store Local*.
Clearing house certificates are good at this
Btore?81 00 worth of them will buy 51 05 worth
of goods here. Dargan's 5 and 10c store.
Buy the celebrated National ranges and En
terprlse stoves at Dargan's 5 and 10c store
with clearing house certificates and save 5o
on tbe dollar.
Big line of toys and dolls and all Christmas
goods are at Dargan's 5 and 10c store. C earing
house certlflrates ?re good here. SI 00 In
certificates will buy SI 05 worth of goods.
Weddings still going on and Dargan's 5 and
10c store Is loaded with lots of fine china, cut
glass and sterling silver. Clearing bouse certificates
buys anything here at a saving of 5c
on the 81.00.
Books and games In an endless variety are
being shown at Dargan's 5 a d 10c store.
Clearing house certificates will buy tbemalso,
and save you 5o on tbe dollar.
Colored post cards of tbe scenes In and
around Abbeville are to be found alibis store
HDU ino price JO UUl/ LYTU iui ou. uni^au a u
and 10c store.
A Real Wondprlnnd.
South Dakota, with its rich silver
mines, bonanza farms, wide rauges
and strange natural formations, is a
veritable wouderland. At Mound City,
in the home of Mrs. E. D. Clapp, a
wonderful case of healing has lately
occurred. Her eon seemed near death
with lung and throat trouble. "Exhausting
coughing spells occurred every
five minutep," writes Mrs. Clapp,
"when I begau giving Dr. King's New
Discovery, the great medicine, that
3aved his life and completely cured
him." Guaranteed for coughs and
30lds?, throat and lung troubles, by P.
B. Speed, druggist. 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottle free.
Notice to Liquor Dealers.
Office of County Dispensary Board for
Abbeville County.
Abbeville, S. C., Nov. 25, 1907.
Bids are hereby requested, in accordance
with the terms of the Dispensary
law now in force, for the following
kinds and qualities of liquors, beer
and other ariicles herein enumerated to
be furnished to the State of South Carolina
for use of the Couuty Dispensary
Board for Abbeville Couuty, to wit:
100 bbls. corn whiskey, give proof
and age.
30 bbls. rye whiskey, give proof and
15 bbls. gin, different grades.
5 bbls. malt whiskey.
2 bbls. rum.
2 bbls. grain alcohol.
200 bbls. beer.
Bids will also be received for about
200 cases case goods, including rye,
corn and Scotch whiskey, braudy, gin,
rum and wine. Also two cars glass.
Cork and tinfoil, and other articles
used for a county dispensary.
All goods shall be furnished in compliance
with and subject to the terms
and conditions of the Dispensary Law
of 1907, and bidders must observe the
following rules :
1. The bids shall be sealed and there
shall be no sign or mark upon the envelope
indicating the name of the bidder.
2. All bids must be sent by express
or registered mail to W. T. Bradley,
County Treasurer for Abbeville Couuty,
at Abbeville, S. C., on or before 12
o'clock of the 27th ('ay of December,
1907. The contract shall be awarded
to the low- st iespoDsible bidder on
each kind, the Board reserving the
right to reject auy and all bids and
any parts of bids. The board reserves
the right to increase or decrease me
above quantities at the same price as
therein submitted.
3. All goods to be delivered f. o. b.
Abbeville, S. C., freight prepaid.
Terms : To be paid for within 90 days
and subject to regauge at our warehouse.
Bids will be opened in the office
of the County Dispensary Board at
Abbeville, S. C.
County Dispensary Board for Abbayille
Df any case of Kidney or
Bladder disease that is not
Deyond the reach of medi:ine.
Take it at once. Do
lot risk having Bright's Disease
or Diabetes. There is
lothing gained by delay.
50c. and $1.00 Bottles.
KJA. j
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office over Phileon, Henry & Co.'s
Store. Loans negotiated on well im
proved real estate7
Real Estate Notice.
Parties wishing to buy or sell will
find it to their advantage to give me a
:all. Am prepared with terms to satisfy
every one. Have a number of
city lots to dispose of and can furnish
hundreds of acres in small or Targe lots
throughout the county.
M. E. Hollingsworth,
Miller Hotel Kitchen.
For a nice comb and brusb go to Milford's
J rug store.
Take Milford's sarsaparllla for the blood.
A>k your neighbor wbo bas taken It.
Books and school supplies In any quantity
at Milford's op-to-date drug store.
P ^ rtc \Ti
i avio Y
Every department oi
jewelry store is now
the most artistic, v
snown before.
The values Johi
ery one of his custom
selves. Not only a
variety is found in h
Out Glas
The Practi
General Scl
Speed's I
If You Are
Buy or ren
Or take om
If You Are Ovenn
Buy or rent
Then sit back and keep cool f<
bills, no batteries to buy, n<
but a button to push, we gi
Let us send you an El<
Come and see our line <
Water, Light
Unexcelled Dinning Car Ser
Through Pullman Sleepin
Convenient Sched
Arrival and Dep
No. of
110 Leaves at S:05 foi
111 Arrives 9:10 from
112 Leaves at 10:35 fo
113 Due from Colum
114 Leaves at 2:55 foi
115 from Columbia a
1 Hi Leaves at 7:00 foi
117 Arrives from Gr<
at 8:05.
For full information as to rates, ro
Bail way Tic
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent,
Atlanta, Ga.
My Compliments to the ^ 8
Citizens of Abbeville H
and County: M
? i? a nnA SB
j ne ran season uaa ujwucu cm*.
with it I am prepared to serve the
public in the best stock of goods that
I have ever shown. ^
Watches, Je welery,
Watch and Clock Repairing*
Prices to suit you.
Fountain Fens and
Suitable for gifts or personal use.
J. W. Rykari
adering! f.
[ Johnson's handsome
full and packed with
ip-to-date stock ever
ison is offering to ev*
V .v
triers speak for themlarge
stock but great - .
is stock of
Silver, etc.
cal Jeweler.
' ? ->
V '
nk |
100I Supplies.
)rug Store.
* ?*? PlA/tftiln i?on
0 on Trial.
forked ' t
??? 'A
an Electric Motor,
3r your work is done. No repair
o gasoline explosions, nothing
larantee the rest.
ictric Flat Iron on trial.
of Electric Fixtures.
i ? n_
ana rower uo.
g Cars on all Through Trains,
ules on all Local Trains*
arture of Trains.
r Columbia.
i Greenville,
r Columbia and Greenbia
and Greenville at
riives Abbeville at 4:00
* Columbia and Green;enville
and Columbia
utes, etc., consult nearest Southern
ket Agent, or
Division Pass. Agent,
Charleston, S. C,

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