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, he Press and Banner.
Published every Wednesday at two dollars a
a year In advance.
Wednesday, Dec, 11, 1907.
Morse's Local*.
Pare freeh mountain buckwheat and big
Mluce meat In 5 pound palls and also by the
Blngle pound, the finest ever.
Try apple butter, only 10c tbe pound,and
better than borne mude je.ly or preserves.
All binds of nuts and fruits for your Christ- i
mas fruit cuke.
They tell me musk rats, minks and all sucb
varmints, are mighty bad this year. Come
aud set one, or a dozen game trap6 and gel
rich aelllrg tbe hides. I
A nice lot of cucumbers in brine for pick- I
ling. Amos U. Morse. ,
Mc.tfnrrny's Locals.
Seal your Xmas presents with a kiss, and a <
Xmas seal. McMurray sells the seals.
Display your ChrlstmaR spirit by sending s 1
Xmas card to your friend". The McMurra> |
Drug Co.
we are corr, p'neu iu huujii iuat *>c ua.r
the prettiest Xmas cards in town. McMurray I
Drug Co. I
Cigars for Xmas presents are 0 K, If you gel
them ot The McMurray Drag Co . (
Winter Goods. i
You shou'd fee the many bargains In win- |
ter goods now offered by Tne K. M. HaddoL
Company. I
Wanted?Abbeville school bonds. Apply tr
the National Bank, Abbeville.
Marshall Bigli; lu Town.
Mr. Marshall Blgby, one of Uonea P-ttbV /
enterprlt-ing citizens, was In town last wee*
calling on his irlend Lawton It. Robertson.
Mr. William MrNell was In town Saturday '
Mr. McNeil Is a man who brushes auid> 1
troubles and rises in spite of them. He 1st ]
big-hearted good citizen.
I. A. Kellar, President of the AbbevIIU ,
County C<>ltou Association was in town Saturday.
He talked interestingly of the cottot |
Mr. S F Cromer says that a fewofth< |
farmers may get twilve-and a-haif cents foi
their ootton.
Mr. R. Wlstor Bigby of Honea Path was It 1
town lasl Monday. I
See us for saddles, lap robes, \
trunks, blankets, shoes, hats and
underwear. S. J. Link.
Report of the Condition of
Tie National Baal of AMli
at Abbeville, Id the State of South Carolinr
at tbe close of business, December 3rd, 1907
Loans and discounts S18S 52> 7i
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured... 13.19S
U.S. Bonds to secure circulation ... 18.750 w .
Bonds, securities, et<* 500 no I
Banking bouse, furniture and fix* ,
tures 5,000 0<
Other real estate owned 2,783 & I
Daelrom National Hanks (not Re- (
BerveAgents) 20.47121
Due from State BauKs and Bankers.. 6.787 42 I
Due from approved reserve ageuts... 10,682 74
Checks aud oilier cash Items l,39u 1<Notee
of other National Banks 9.160 lit
Fractional paper currency, nickels,
and cents 361 IS
Lawful Money Reserve in Bank, viz:
Specie 810,919 00
Legal-tender notes 13 62J 00? 24,539 DC
Redemption fund with U. 8. Treas'r
(5 per cent, of circulation) 937 5t
Total $303 090 27
Capital stock paid In S 75.000 &
Surplus fund 15,000 ( I
Undivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid 71
National Bhdk Dotes outstanding..... 18.750 0
Individual deposits subject to check 123.342 W
Demand certificates of deposit 34 139 57
Bills payable, including certificates
of deposit for money borrowed... 25,000 0"
Total ?303.090 27
State of South Carolina, I _ ? .
County of Abbeville. J *
I, H. G. Smith, Cashier of the abovc-namec'
bank, do solemnly swear that the aboV'
statement Is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. JR. G. Smith, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9ll<
day of December, 1907.
Julius H. DuPre.
Notary Public.
J. R. GLENN, > Directors.
"Skat" is the best hand soap
made. Makes grease fly.
Dargan's 5 and 10c Store
/ m*
rruA ni Trmnio I
Candy Works.
From Today on Will Sell
Fruits and Candies by
200 Bunches Bananas,
received weekly.
100 Barrels Apples,
lOO Boxes Oranges,
Also received fresh every week.
Bananas carefully selected and
ripened from $1.00 to $1.50 per
Apples from $3.00 to $4.50 per
Florida Oranges $3.35 per box.
Fruits and Candies always on
hand and always fresh. Get your
frnits and candies now while you
can get them cheap.
N. D. Meros, Proprietor.
George McKay, Gen. Mgr.
If you want a bargain in a hat
or pair of shoes see S. J. Link.
Take notice of the many wagon
loads of furniture leaving our
store. It sells like circus tickets.
S. J. Link.
third Train That Baa Been Sent Out
by the National Association?Sooth
to Be Tanftht to Build Hlghwayi
A train of twelve cars, known as
the "Good Roads Special," left Washington
on the .Dues of the Southern
railway early In November to stop at
ten or twelve of the chief cities reached
by the system and aid In organizing
good roads associations and at the
same time give a practical liiustrauuu
of modern roadmaklng. The tour will
end Jan. 1.
The train carried a full equipment
of roadmaklng machinery and a party
of eighteen persons, all skilled In tho
manufacture of good dirt and macadam
roads. It Is the third such train
to be organized through the efforts of
the National Good Roads association,
une having been sent along the route
Df the Illinois Central from April to
July and a second having traversed the
jistrict between Chicago and Buffalo
along the routes of the Lake Shore
route and the New York Central. Everywhere
the meetings have been widely
attended and have produced permanent
organizations determined to
better the country roads of the section
Mr. Martin Dodge, director of the office
of public road inquiries in the agricultural
department, and M. O. Eldrldge,
his assistant, with Mr. W. H.
Moore, president of the National Good
Roads association, are in charge of the
"Good Roads Special" Under their direction
fourteen read experts, Mr. It
W. Richardson, secretary of the national
association, and several clerks
svlll undertake to organize In each of
the cities visited a permanent good
roads association. To this eud they
will confer with the mayor and city
stl+tr on/1 fho nffiPAWI of
JUUliUl Vi. rav.u vu; u^v* ?Mv v^
Its commercial organizations, arrange
?* ^^
that a suitable ball shall bo hired and
Dbtain the use of ten or twelve teams,
as many meu and a sufficient supply
of crushed stone to construct a length
of good road as a sample.
When the train arrives, the engineer!
will begin at once to build about a
mile of dirt road with the teams, men
and materials furnished by the locality.
They will then surface or macadamize
as much of that road as their
time will permit When the practicability
of the movement has been thus
manifested, the mayor and commercial
organizations will unite in a call for a
public meeting to organize an association.
President Moore of the National
Good Roads association says of the
"The south can have good roads If It
will, and the sooner the citizens get together
and work along some well organized
and practical line these results
will be reached the quicker. There Is
nothing that will do more to Increase
the value of virgin lands and advance
the development of the rural districts
than well constructed public roads.
The Improvement of the road system
will have a wonderful effect upon stimulating
the settlement of people on
farms, and as these settlements are being
made so will the value of the land
"Wherever a city or town Is found
possessing well made roadways leading
therefrom you will And the business
of that point Is In a prosperous
condition. Therefore the citizens of
every town In the south will be promoting
their owfi Interests If they glvs
this movement their moral and If necessary
financial support
"It Is hoped that every state, county,
city and town officer will give this subject
of better roads serious consideration
and then take the matter In hand
Immediately and show his constituents
that the movement for better roads
will receive bis utmost consideration
and utmost co-operation.
"It is universally decided that good
roads are what we want. In order to
secure them we must pull together,
working systematically and on practical
lines. This grand tour, planned by
the Southern Railway company, Is a
olo-nol tnv ni>Hnn Tf the KtateS visit
ed are not alive to this and do not avail
themselves of the opportunity to secure
Information rendered by the good roada
special train, no one will be at fault
except the citizens of the states <n
which the exhibits are made."
Grades of Roadi.
The grade Is the most important factor
to be considered In the location of
roads. The smoother the road surface
the less the grade should be. Whether
the road be constructed of earth, stona
or gravel, steep grades should alwaya
be avoided If possible. They become
covered at times with coatings of lea
or slippery soil, making them very difficult
to ascend with loaded vehicles, aa
well as dangerous to descend. They
allow water to rush down at such a
rate as to wash great gaps alongside
or to carry the surfacing material
away. As the grade Increases In steepness
either the load has to be diminished
in proportion or more horses 01
power anacneu.
Why pay $60 for a sewing machine
when we will sell you i
beanty, fully guaranteed for tei
years for $30. S. J. Link,
101 pieces China dinner sete
at Dargan's 5 and 10c store ai
$17.50. These sets are im
ported and are bargains.
iw iw\
Our store is 3
and meri
the best,
ness met!
We have just gotten in 100 Cloaks
all the very latest styles and color
Prices $5.00 to $15.00. This lot o
Cloaks were closed out at a sacrl
flee so that we are in a position t
_ i? ? a. or t a,
save yuu auuut m per wui. ui
50 inch Black Panama 50c per yd
5G inch Repellants, all colore, 50
per yard.
44 inch Black and Blue Voile $1.0
per yard.
44 inch Cheviots, all colors, 50i
per yard.
We have just gotten in a nev
shipment Brown and Blue Dres;
Goods, all grades, 50c and up pe
A new line of Belts just in. A1
the latest styles in this lot.
Coat Suit Sets.
We have a big stock of Lace Col
lars and Cuffs bo much used thii
season for Coat Suits.
Blankets and Comfortt
We find that we have too manj
dawn Comforts, so have cut th<
nrio.fi down to about float to diSDOSi
I ? r
of them. Blankets from $1 to $10
3XT?mt T~w;
Grreat '
can "to? J
Blankets, Furs, Jack
Hosiery, Gloves, Ski
Fancy Silks, Winter ]
The lareest stool
Call i
The R. M.
Greatly Re
Account Christina;
Railway announced S{
'one and one-third first
J 2 s cents for the round
|the Ohio and Potomac
11sippi river, including
Tickets will be 01
25th, inclusive; Decer
. and January 1st, 1908,
1 destination not later
1 6th. iqo8.
/ y
Apply to the.neai
ern Railway, or addre
t Dv
l4, *.^3; ; |- tL's
rour store. It
t your patron;
and our price*
hods will per]
rsirrEss ane we wn
e best service pos
and the lowest p
Millinery Department
?, This department Is still up to th<
s usual standard. Always some
f thing new to show you and alwayi
I- I crloii tn do nr>.
o It is getting late in the season anc
a we have decided to reduce th<
prices from now until
January 1st,
I. to about cost so as to dispose o
c what we have on hand.
0 """~~
72 inch all Linen Damask 50c pei
72 inch Table Linen, beautiful patr
terns 75o to $1.25 per yard.
Doylies to match.
We handle the Cadet Hosiery foi
Boys and Girls, guaranteed to lasi
30 day?, 25 cts.
Ladies' lindervest 25 cts.
Ladies' Union Suits 50 cts.
? Children's Union Suits 25 cts.
j Children's Vest 10 to 25 cte.
? All wool vest for children, pants to
e matcD.&ucta.
Heavy Fleeced Vest 50 ct?.
on, H<
ro Weelis
found at
ets, Dress Goods, Shoes,
rts, Hand Bags, Velvets,
mi., t i
Li 1 Lit) UUttb gUUUB.
or send to
Haddon Co,
duced Rates
i Railway.
5 Holidays the Southerr
)ecial Excursion Rates o
-class one way fare, plui
[ trip to points south o
, and east of the Missis
Washington, D. C., anc
1 sale December 20th t(
aber 30th to 31st, 1907
, with limit good to leavi
than midnight Januar
rest Agent of the South
/ision Passenger Agent,
Charleston, S. C
i.V-3 -
is our business
age. Our mere
3 as low as coi
jL express our appp
isible, the best mee
rices that we can.
> 16 button, best quality Kid In
black, browD, wbite at $3.50.
3 12 button in black and wbite $3.00 *
Best quality short kid gloves $1.00
' SUES. "
36 inch black Taffeta $1.00.
S6 inch brown, blue, garnet, gray,
Taffeta, $1.00 yard.
We are agenta for the "Money
' Back" Silks. We have tbis brand
only in black. Your money back if
> not satisfactory as to wear.
8olid Gold Jewelry at
Here you can get many use
yonr friends at very low
of Jewelry in this sale
teed to be S<
Solid Gold Baby R:
Solid Gold Waist 3r
Solid Gold Hat 3?ir
Solid Gold Scarf 3?j
Solid Gold Cuff Bu
Bnry &
Panies His Eightieth Mile P*it 9
Along Life'* W?y. 1
"Cold December gave him birth,
Ttie moQlb of loe and snow and mirth."
On December 10, 1907. Mr. H. T. Tosten, of
Abbeville, h. C., celebrated bis eightieth
birthday. In mind and body be still enjoys
life, possessing a competency of ibis world's
goods. He has still with him tbaxrlfe of his
youth, whom be married more than fifty |
3 ears ago. In 18&J he married Miss Ann Davis,
and to them were born several children,
three of whom survive, namely : Mr. Walter
D. Tosten of New York; Mrs. Qary, wife of
Associate Justice Eugene B. Gary, and Mrs.
Bradley, wife of Mr. W. W. Bradley, one of
the owners of the Press and Banner.
Mr. Tusten's father, James Harrlman Tusten,
came from Gosben, New York, In 1820
and his people were ot the first settlers of the
State. His great-grandfather, Col. Ben Tus
ten, was a member of the Colonial Congress.
He also did servloe as a soldier, having had
charge at one time of all the Colonial foroes
from Albany to Jersey. Col. Ben Tusten, Jr.,
grandfather of Mr. H. T. Tosten. was a physician
and was the firs to Introduce vaccination
for smallpox In the United States. He
suffered many neavy fines for what was then
thought to be malpractice.
An Interesting story is related of the death
of Col. Ben Tosten, Jr. A noted Indian chief,
Brandt, whose father was a white man, stirred
up the Indians aboat Goshen to Insurrection.
The Indians in great numbers were devastating
the oountry about Gosben. The
white people organised for the purpose of
nrniAAiinn. And wise heads advised that they
were too few in numbers toadvanoeon the
Indians. Some hot beads advised immediate
purault, bat Col. Tosten urged tbe men to
wait until tbelr loroes could Be strengthened.
One oi tbe speakers made use of tbe expression,
"Let tbe cowards stay at borne."
Wben Col. Tuaten found that his people
would not follow bis advice, he aald, "If they
will not go with me I will go with them."
About forty miles from the settlement the little
party was aorrounded In a ravine and every
man waa pat to death exoept tbe Are
eaier who advised pursuit. Col. Ben Tusten
bad established a kind of hospital between
two large rocks In the field?and there, administering
to tbe wounded and dying be was
blmsell massacred. A beautiful marble shaft
waa erected to tbe memory of Col. Ben Tuaten
In tbe atreeta of Uosben.
Mr. Tuaten among kith and the people of
tbe town, reckoned by yeara la ths oldeat
man in the city of hia adoption. He waa
born near Lowndeavllle, but In early ohlldbood
be oame with hia parents to the olty
which baa known blm for tbree-tuartera of a
century. As a child be became one of ua, and
during all the changing years, and with all _
tbelr changing toenes, be has been identified
with tbe people in tbe home of his adoption. ,
Mr. Tuaten from bis youth up to this time J
baa been temperate in his bablte of living, 1
and until be gave up tbe business of sliver
smith he was ever an active and an untiring
worker, whose efforts were attended with varying
fortunes. Before tbe war be bad aoqulred
a nice property, which was swept
away by tbe reauiu or me war, ana since ?
1 tben be baa accumulated enough of this
f world's goods to keep tbe wolf from tbe door CI
and to provide for himself and bia wife all ,
tbe needed oomforu tbat old age and tbe Infirmities
of years might require. P?
2 Mr. Tusten has always been of a cheerful er
and sunsblney disposition. Discouraged at fl
f nothing, be always looked forward hopefully
and cheerfully. The darkness and tbe gloom sti
tbat at times overshadowed, were never so pi
dense that be did not see tbe silver lining or
- the sun beyond tbe clouds. Of Mr. Tusten it '
may be said that be never took life seriously, tta
ITbe fact that hla great-graudparenta, Adam nf
at-d Eve, contrary to Instructions, ate of the
choicest fruit of their well tended orobard, ac
never disturbed tbe equanimity of hlsperen- t?
nlal cheerfulness. His researches In Theology
never gave his face tbe appearanoe of that
-x solemnity which usually characterises tbe
J ultra pious.
Mr. TuRten's digestion was never disturbed
on account of anxiety about tbe religious cant
) tbat so often characterises tbe faoe of tbe solemn
ass who tries to raise the veil to peer into
? tbe seorets of the future life. But cheerful*
u ness, and thankfulness for tbe good tblngs In
this world enabled him to spread sunshine
not only into bis own heart, but gave blm in
" tbe pleasure of imparling tbe same to others, ki
Although tbe frosts of many winters have d<
whitened tbe locks of bis orown, yet be Is to- m
* day so good humored and so obeerful tbat It tt
would seem tbat tbe heart within was more p<
tbe heart of youth than tbe heart of blm who
bad lived tbe years of an octogenarian. fa
He frequently comes down town, and H in
would item tbat be baa yet in store many ol
more years of life. Only a day or two ago be it
was oompllmented on bis apparent good e?
health, when bis reply was something like
this: "Ob,yes; lam In fairly good bealtb,
but I have reoelved about all tbat 1> coming _
to me." f
Mr. Tasten does not pretend to do any work
1 now. He Is resting in the Indian summer of
' life, reading books or newspapers, and enjoy*
, .. - *.v>?
to please you
handise is of
isistent busi
Our stock of Shoes, we think, are
are the best you can buy anywhere
Every pair guaranteed to be as represented
or your money back.
Prices $1.25 to $3.50 for ladies.
75c to |2.50 for children. 1
Cotton Flannel 10c yard.
UDbleached Homespun 5c yard.
Bleached Homespun 5c yard.
Androscoggin 12}c yard.
36 inch Sea Island 8 l-3c yard.
Teazle dawn Outing lOo yard.
27 inch Outing 5c yard.
36 inch Cambric 10c yard.
36 inch Cannon Cloth 12 l-2c yd.
Bed Ticking 8c yard.
Dry Goods Prices.
>ful Christmas presents for
prices. Ivery piece
absolutely guaran>lid
Lngs 75c each,
'ins 50c pair.
IS $1.50 each. I
ns 75c each.
ttons $2.00 pair. %
i Co.
Christmas Presents
for those who have outgrown
Santa Claus are not easily selected,
but we are offering a
few suggestions to help you.
Steere's Candies
in all size boxes and all them
in special holiday boxes.
Fountain Pens
at any price you like
in exquisite cut glass bottles.
The McMurray
Drug Company
in Ordinance.
ty Council of the City of Abbeville, S. C.
Section 1. That It shall be nnlawfal for any
iroon to aboot, Are or explode any fire crack,
cannon-cracker, Roman candla or other
eworka upon tbe pnbllo *qoare, or any
reet, sidewalk, alleyway or otber public
ace within tbe City of Abbeville.
3ee. 2. Any peraon guilty of a violation of
la ordinance shall be pnnlsbed by a fine of
>t lets than one nor more than one hundred
tllarsorby Imprisonment for not less than
70 nor mora than thirty days.
Dodo and ratified la Council this Otb Deal
ber, 1907.
James Chalmers, Clerk.
Deo. 11,1907. 2t
g the society of bis friends. No man living '
sows tbe olty or the county as well as be
jes. His age and bis retentive memory
ake blm more familiar with tbe history of
te people and things hereabont than it Is i
Mfllble for others to be. f
Aside from bis cheerfulness, and bis love ]
r doing little deeds of kindness, or speak- <
ig cheery words, he Is noted tor tbe love t
' ois ODiiaren. mere never was & nour
lat be wai not watchful of their beat inter- _
u' . !
Ir. King's New Life Pills
The best to the world. 1
Z ? *
I- ' ' I
Now and Then.
All of Tib cammit mistakes.
Now and then;
Some of u> make serious breaks.
Now and then;
We are apt to set the pace
In the hustling worldly race
With more recklessness than cno*
Now and then.
We are fond of breaking out.
Now and then.
And we go too far, no doubt
Now and then; j \
Tes, Indeed, 'tis nothing new
To be sorry, through and through.
For the foolish things we do
Now and then.
* "s
Well, we only really live,
Now and then;
utnenr xauius wo oui lurgivo^
Now and then; ' v
At our own, then, let us wink;
Of life's sea we'd tire, I think.
If we didn't sort of sink
Now and then. ...
?Milwaukee 8 en tin eL
Any Soul to Any Body.*
Bo we must part, my body, $ou and X,
Who're spent so many pleasant yean
TIs sorry work to lose your company.
Who clove to me so close, whate'er ths
Vrom winter unto winter, wet or dry.
But you have reached the limit of your
And I must journey on my way alone
And leave you quietly beneath a stona.
They say that you are altogether bad!
(Forgive me; 'tis not my experience)
And think me very wicked to be sad
At leaving you, a clod, a prison, whenos
To get quite free I should be very glad.
Perhaps I may be so some few days
hence, - . -i
But now, methlnks, 'twere graceless not
to spend
A tear or two on my departing friend.
Now our long partnership Is near com
And I look back upon Its history*
I greatly (ear I have not always treated
You with the honesty you showed to
me, / / ' / ^
And Z must own that you have oft defeated
Unworthy oefeemes by your sinoerlty'
And by a blush or stammering tongue
have tried
To make me think again before I lied.
Tie true you're not so handsome as. you
But that's not your fault, and Is partly
Too might have lasted longer with mora
And still looked something Ilka your
first design.
And even now, with all your wear and
'Tls pitiful to think I must resign
You to the friendless grave, the patient
prey \
Of all the hungry legions of decay.
But you must stay, dear body, and I go,
And I was once so very proud of you I
You made my mother's eyes to overflow
When first she saw you, wonderful and
And now, with all your faults; 'twere
hard to find
A slave more willing or a friend mora
Aye, even they who say the worst about
Can scarcely tell what Z shall do without
?Cosmo Monkhouse.
?1? I
Within tho Reach of Ail.
The gift of beauty lies within the reach
Of all who seek it You who scan la
Your candid mirrors, showing but how - ,
Are the reflected featuifes, Z beseech
To listen to the lesson I would teach.
The best cosmetics In the heart and
Their beauty bringing qualities obtain;
Laboratories wonderful are each.
A noble Impulse in the cause of right.
With finer fairness, dowers the humblest
Pur* thoughts and self forgetting love _
will light
The homeliest features with a heavenly
Lending a loveliness not age's night
Nor even Death himself shall quite ??
?Edward A. Church.
Plaint of the Plutoorat. / w
X have bought everything I can buy;
X have tried everything I can try;
Z have eaten each eatable.
Beaten each beatable;
X have eyed everything I can eya.
X have sold everything I can sell}
X have told everything I can tall;
X have seized all the sellable,
A M -11 W -
au IUV
Till they have shalled everything they
can shell.
X have rlddc2 each thing I can ride;
X have hidden each thing I can hid*;
I have Joked all the Jokable, !
Soaked all the soakable,
X have slid everything I could slldeu
X hav* walked everything I could walk;
Z have talked everything I could talk;
X have kissed all the klssabla
Hissed alt the hlssahle;
Z have balked everything Z can balk.
Z have crushed every one I could crush;
X have hushed every one Z could hush;
X hav* drunk everything drinkable.
Thought every thinkable;
Z have rushed everywhere Z could rush.
X have been everything Z could be.
And the scheme of things will not agree;
X have spent all that*s spendable;
Still It's not endable,
ind I mean It's a bother to me.
?Chicago Trtbunew v
A tittle cry of fear through which
Your heart Is won;
Two eyes with sudden wonder filled.
And life's begun.
Th* tears of childhood and the play
That soon is past;
The triumph (it the altar when
The bond la fast.
The striving after things whereby
Men measure worth;
The wrinkles and the thinning hair.
The growing girth.
The rounded shoulders and the -hope*
That one by one
Die off until the last goes out.
And life Is done. 3
Discoveries. .<4
little drops of knowledge
Little grains of sense,
Solve the mighty problem
Of the home expense.
Bad the little leakage
Earlier been checked,
Then the mighty vessel
Never had been wrecked.
. A
Thus the golden trifles >
Make the sum of llf*s?
vfftUng- home cm Eden
Or aa endless strife.
?Good Housekeeping.
10 cents goes a long way at
Dargan's store. Glassware,
crockery, tinware, etc. .
Tinware and enameled ware have ndvunced
it tbe factories, but at Dargan's S and lOo
itore yon will still be sold at tbe old cheap
prices, and If yon have clearing bonne certlfljates
use them at this store for anything we
lell and save 5c on the dollar.
Bnggy paint and household paint, varnlsh)8
and Btalos In any quantity at Mlliord's
Irng store.
Enterprise stoves and National
ranges. Dargan's. $
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