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The Abbeville press and banner. (Abbeville, S.C.) 1869-1924, January 19, 1910, Image 8

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-X liniNHMinMnwHOi mmammmmm
P '
r< '
I' ^
I ' '
These f
. v> ? >>! f
Suits that we sold
44 44
?1 44 44 44
: 44 <4 44
I 44 , 44 <4
, 44 k' "
i t) it u u
| We have a fe\s
s low as the suits.
Come in
s ? ' *
% t -i ,i
?v ,.
B |H| BP"
ft in il Ren
i'ftlftR, CEILING,
V T*\ ^ #
In,fact anything that is needed to build a house
p]4pjt?n4.?gi)re with, you on your work. If w<
fclaju.will not cost you anything, and if we don'
will make the other man do it cheaper.
/ Get prices on material before buying elsewli
business and are tnakipg prices to get it. You wi
(jtte'jEureka ^otel?a few steps from the square.
Drop, Jn find s$e our stock?write 01
teller BtriMiiig & Rep
> !.. I , . =
New Firr
Having bought the stock of goods
Pe^rin Clothing Co. we will do business
of Pressly & Perrin.
We assure you that all kindnesse
shown you in the past will continue in t
Rfemember. we do business on the
you the true value of your money. If
right we will make them right.
Since Jan. ist, I have severed my
Parker & Reese and am now at home t
Pressly & Perrin.
Yours for business,
Having sold the stock of the Perrin
Messrs. Jack Pressly and W. B. Perrin,
my friends and customers for their patr
they will continue tReir business with tl
All persons indebted to the Perrin (
please call and settle at once.
^ i
Bead Rosenberg's ad and Se?li
b^y their goods. You will get Sa Saw 12 % I
and ?aye money. ffi
T?* *TT r ' No. 37doe 2.89 a,
^ f , No. 36 dae? 2.48 a
Rather than run t
Clothing, we have ms
the, prices will appeal
rare opportunity to bi
need , one at present,
and put it away unt
nra ana eol
the best ?
t t
i for $22.50 now 20.00
18.00 now - 16.50
15.00 now 12.50
now 10.00
now - - r
Heavy Overcoats that we wil
and look over the
n i troy. :
I I Mr. P. H. McCaslan of Cle
j spent last Tuesday in UreemV(
i | having additional improvement
| f * his line country home, and Mr
VV?| V | plumber from Greenwood is the
I ing new water works.
| Mr. and Mrs. Perrin Wells ha
| ed to their home in Augusta, al
_ _ j spent pleasantly among relative
T, \ FFTS. : vue.Trov and Dornville.' '
' i Again that ?high stepper"- th
T TlilT? Mr. Dunaway. from Lincoln,
Xil-ivXxjy coming in the Bellvue vicinity
fTRMTCiVT ' Mr. F.T. Young losfa bain la
^ ! fire, with a big supply of corni
feed stuffs. Origin of fire tho
. Let ua make your I incendiary as no One had been
, , * building in several days.
} do your work your Qn Thursday eve of this we
t net your work we cond attraction of the Lyceu
seen. "Wilfird the Wizard"
v ; magic hypnotism and ventrilyi
ere. We want your j entertain you in the school audii
ill find 110 inst belnw i Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Home and
ill nnu us just Delow Edith from Bethiah spent -se\
/ here among relatives last week.
I Mrs. Alice Bradley attended
. - i adding of her t nephew Mr.- ai
>v. uratuey ui /vuucvmu *nuu,
a P and while there was a pleasant i
' her friend Mrs. Fannie Haddon.
Mr. George Gillam from Tur
is very attentive and can be
- among some of our dear girls r
dll Vvia IMC- . Messrs. King and Creswell 1
# the store of Mr. P. B. Grady, ant
- better than ever prepared to
with anything to satisfy hunger
ne The many friends of Capt. B
son will be sorry to hear of hi
I s illness at his home in McCormicl
' Mr. J. P. Creswell is makini
improvement on his dwelling
dition of a new front and severa
The death knell of the lien 1
, . , almost starvation to maiiy. ' I
haUnmnnf fr? f-h^ is nn a liicrh basis except It
uv^iuijenic w bnv w
, . stealing in a higher degree w
I Under the name order of the day. Some of oil)
are beginning to realize the fa
get no bacon and the poor subs
- . is being pushed on our peopl
S and Courtesies murder and they are turning tl
. . tion to big raising. We are res
he iuture. the emigration party and go wl
. . are no hogs without either "i
square?Riving bone."
. Mrs. Jennie Martin who ha
things are not Lincoln Co. Ga. for a month ci
? Saturday spending a night hew
cousin Mes. J. P. Creswell on li
Long Cane.
Troy telephone exchange 11
* long distance machine installed
SSly & Fernn. be of great benefit to all who wi
speak within 200 miles of Troy.
On Dec. 29th. at her home
, , 1 Mis. Kitty Cothran and Mr. J. A
connection with were happily married, llev. J
c , . ley tying the nuptial knot.
!0 my trienas at Mrs. L. W. Sheppard of Libe
in Jacksonville Fla. and Vienna
lier brothers, Mr. T. C. Taggart
ily and Mr. J. L. Taggart ai
leriry DuPre. A Wiiii jsuzzarti k??
brings dauber, suffering?oil
n^Viinrr C*?to thousands, who take col<
^lOtning L.O. lO aQ(l jagrippe?ibat terror o
I wish to thank ?ml Jls danger 8i|
! "slu fieri up nostrils', low<
onage, and trust j nose tore, chills and level
J back of bead, and a Ibroal
16 new nrm. ' cough. Wbtn Grip attack;:
"lntliina Cn will value *?"r li,e' dolJ,t dw e
.lotlling UO. Win |Kiug's New Discovery. "C
; cured me." writes A. L. Dun
Valley, Miss., "after lieing
three wteks with Grip."
t? Iungs, Hemorrhages, Cougl
v., r. i ernn. Whooping Cough, Bronchitis
_______lis supreme. 5Uc. $1.00. Gi
? by J'. B. Speed.
oard Schedule. [
"-?? r/idl i hfi 1/3
SbSiSt Buggies, harness ai
:?: SSSSSSSiiJgSSSlS: dlery that will mal
m. NortbboaDdnight tran horSG feel prOUd. Sold
Mil tin, lime ?l Mil
7 fi'* i *V7.. -y\Tr%- .X
v ''
he risk of carrying over
irked down the entire sto
i to you. If you need a s
ly one for less than its ri
it would pay you to buy
;il you will need it.
ling are new and
Clothing People i
SI 4.00 I
12.50 I The above
11.50 Suits carried
10.50 being shorter
9*50 *n '
o'cn We ^ave mai
6.50 These pi
1 sell equally as ' ?oods win 1
/' '
s line. We are al"
Schedule for I?uf> HcnI Railway. | / '
Morning irniri J>?>? Wfl ?t 10:30. i
nr 'Snrinir Kv^ninsj iraln leaven Due West at 4:40. Ttie*e I
, 'ri' irupiM meet. the morning and evening trains' .
i on the Southern at iMnnids. ' MSDV
made on PastenKerH can go out lrom Dn? yv?at on
. liaugh a ih? pv?-nlne t>*leht train wblen leaves Due
re install- Went hi two o'clock.
If y
ve return- ' ' Sliou)'
'ter a week We want all our customers to come and sea They
;s at Belle- within the rext two wet ho ana pet ene of, reacti
our calendar?. We look out tor jou while annoy
iat brings you ure Bhl(eP- C. A. Mil ford & Cr. . way e
irnq ci>pn ' AYPRli(
Saturday For fihoeB that will fit well . Which
st week by ?lnd we^r we^ 8ee Rosen- bestc
and other berg Mercantile Co, fc,!
light to be ..... j on uit
near the . * I p,?st t
Kleli Non'it (iifth Are Poor 'tire s
ek these- beside thi*: "I want t? no on record.as J
in will be saying that I*regard Eleciric Bitter* as? tc,!nthi
inism Win ou?of the greatest gifts that God bus,. They
toriurn. niade to woman," writes Mr*. O. cover;
I little girl Rhinevault, of 'Ve^tHl Center, N. Y. less,
eral days "I can never foiget. whar it hus done, with <
for me." This glorious medicine gives
the crystal a woman buoyant spirits, vinor of , ^5??v
id Mrs. W. body and jubilant health. It quiekly !^e tai
ri.pctew!n,' cure- Nervousness, Sleeplessne.-s. Mel- i witho
' ancboly, Headache. Backache, Faint- nienc<
key Creek ing and I^izzy Spells; coon builds up norca
often seen the wenk, ailing and sickly. Try them. ing ar
icar Belle- 50c. at Speed's drusr store. I , JTe'
m / delica
^are^noNv Don't miss Rosenberg's ad-jf?The
serve you vertisement in this paper.* It {jjj *
ob Robin- means a saving to you. -The
s extreme _
gr quite an Making Life Surer..
by the ad- Everywhere life is being made more j
1 rooms. safe through tliawork Dr. Kmg's New j by W
>l^v .^?u^nS Constipation, Biliousness,' fails,
ibor Now Dyspepsia. Indigestion, Liver troubles,
ill be * the Kidney Diseases and Bowel D'soiders.
r fawners. They're easy, but sure, and perfectly R*
ct that we build up the health. 25c. at Speed's one
titute that drugstore.
e is simply
leii atten- ... PITt)
J..:.. I Thn WnnnnKDrir IWoi-oanrito I lillll
IUV IA? jv/m x at VWM VA?V | V W ?1
ib^rbeck Co. sell everything and their
S been in ?oods and P^ces are right. ,,ow
irae homo ?-. ? '
? with her
way to About Hyomei if>
ow has a Fro
arid will ? .
>iilil like to * 1 ?
A Bottle Costs Only 50 Cents- B<?<
near here , Dnn
Crcsweii a Complete Outnt Including
lI. F.Jlrad- * ? cures.
' Inhaler $1.00. Gra
'(]a. to'see When C. A. Milford <fc Co. will guar- Her
and fiim- antee Hynniei to cure catarrh or give >
id family, you your money back, wnai js your dersoi
? answer? Hgo I
Are you satisfied with j'our condi- pjjjs t
'"? lion, or do you want 10 rid yourself jllg t,
;en death forever of vile catarrh, with its bumil- them.
cls,c?.iigbs iatinj; symptoms, such as hawking, ney (j
f Winter .spitting, blowing and bad breath ? veiely
glials are Hyoniei is a simple, aniiceptic med- |Hy ,,'f
?r part ol icine, that you breathe through a my y
pain in small pocket inhakr over the parts timug
t-grippiu>! alfected. alKj ,
i, as you Hi* made of Australian eucalyptus
ettingDr. mixed with oilier gtrrn hilling and 7iey P
ine bottle membrane soothing antiseptic*. provei
ii, of 1'iue Get a complete outfit to-day. It ejse j
'laid up' only costs SI 00, and contains every- tj)en
For soie thing necessary cure any ordinary trouhl
ip, Colds, case of catarrh. Extra bottles, if
, Asthma, needed, 50c.
uaranteed Hyomei is ihe best remedy in the|eeil,pworld
for sore tlirout, coughs and | New
cold", croup and bronchitis. It gives | plates
wonderful relief m two minutes. For | _
id Sad- ?ale by diugnisis everywhere and by tu
ie any c- A- ^Iilford & Co- take L
tIie Read Eosenberg's advertise- ' Fo
- ^ v ; ' T&S : v
I '
a large stock of Winter
ck so low that we think'
uit this will give you a
sal value. If you do not
one at our reduced price
' I
L stylish and are
in America.
* prices are on this year's new g
oyer somewhat out of style on
than the present style, and the
These Suits sold for $12.50, $15
*ked them all down to rices
will he good> until Fe
?e charged at reduced price
/ .. .
- \
ways glad to show
niTiir oi
An I ILL l?i
Cathartics Tend to Cause Injury
to the Bowels. . We have quipped
.... ,. L . plant io the beat possil
ou are subject to constipation, you . ... . . ,
d avoid strpng drugs and cathartics. with the most modern
only give temporary relief and their machinery for crushinj
on is harmful and sometimes more ? . _ . .
ing than constipation. They in no . fertilizers of i
fleet a cure and their tendency is to grinding aj'd mixing?
m the already weak organs With iai'j\ is of much greali
they come in contact. ( a plant of thin cize reqi
hnnoefiv hpiifivn iliflt we 'have the it so for verv imi'ortali
onstipatiqn treatment ever devised tbi? is the mail, po nl
fiith in it is so strong that we sell it PI1BH wilh V(lll fHv
! positive guarantee that it shalknot ; f s. ,
lie user a cent if it does not give en- *erved capacity Wedoj
atisfaction and completely remedy fur ipaciiiuer.v to fUfu
pation. This preparation is called it will nof do e?>o<i
1 Orderlies. These are prompt, LOADED OR CJVER '
ing and most effective in action. ( HJNERY WJI.L ?
are made of a recent chemical dis- WORK Tnkn vimr
7- Their principal ingredient is odor- ^ iS'n(. U vm ,
tasteless and colorless. Combined . JJ.\ou
other well known ingredients, long |?? fast or oxer v.orb il
ished for their usefulness in the *'e reKUlt ? I^appe
aent of constipation.it forms a tablet lint, poor Mtiuplf, iov
is eaten just like candy. They may grind your corn too fa*
(en at any time, either day or night, -milt ? Ever\ bod-y ki
ut fear of-their causing any inconve- wj]j be poor if you ov<
3 whatever. They do not gripe, purge Tf iH lnsi th? wav
tuse nausea. They act without caus- !v^L ?
ly pain or excessive looseness of the in8 frriiiizerp. Tneref
s. They are ideal for children, weak, greatest importance 1J
nn/l O nrnA r?r*riT\!o QCTVOll Qfi I best machinery and of
LU pciauuoaiiu u.frK.y* I' V.. %?? e
most hearty person. / than we need. The ret
y come in two size packages, 12"tab- we can <Jo the b*-st qt
0 cents. 36 tablets 25 cents. Remem- possible Thegrindit
>u can obtain them only at our store. Roeb and ilB ,i)0roug
Bexall Store. C. A. Milford & Co. very etl8enlial jn mal
" ' nbate in the most
ITCH Cured
in 30 Minnie* A
onlford's Pauitarv Lotion. Never U V|(lf?| S0I1
Sold by P. B. Speed, Druggist. * ? ww"
;ad Rosenberg's ad. It is we have a lot of >[
ye OpeilCr. 16-69 per cent., but we i
Abbeville Citizen* Can Ft ml
ni|)lftn Freedom From Kid- ? ...
With a very warpa
in v Tronhl< n. - , ,
our ineuus nuu mc
-ou suffer from backache? same, we want to si
m urinary disorders? a continuance of yc
m any disease of the kidneys, to Jook well to youi
mred to stay cured. __.t
n's Kiduey Pills make lasting Olll' -M-d'CJ
division of the bug
leful people testify. jajr wju be i
e's one case of it:
,V. Tucker, painter, 54 F St., Au- COME AND
j, 8. (J., t-ays: "Stveral years
recommended Doan's Kidney ^
?nd at the present time am will- /"l G*
j couiirm all I then said about iiixit/v.
I suffered for years from kid- _________________
routle and my hack ached so se- _
at titms that I was obliged to
F from work. I was told that 17" V A 1VII,7I?
llliction was rheumatism, but
h i doctored and used liniments ??
emedies, nothing diii me any ... , ,
I finally procured Duan's Kid- w1^ S'an"
ills and began using tinm. They the leather sole
I of more benefit thau anything , n(
had p-eviousiy taken and since and scratches Of
1 have been free from kidney It dries elastic
flalrp nr rnh off.
tale by all dealers Price 50 ~
Foster-Milbum Co, liuft'alo, '*5 made tc
York, sole agents for ibe (Iniied; anteed to wear
member the name?Doan'd?aud
10 other. Made in Clear ai
Qood for a
r> Jtli? best roofing see The
inberg Mercantile Co, Til0 McffiUT
' ?
v . ' j
HI! i
______ v
' . ; '.
' ?. V
/ .
H , " :
/ .. ?>, Vv';
t ' . 1
f ; a
\ '
made bjf
7W '
> . * ;
" VV
f , .
/ ' ' -
\ <
* .>
" . ' V 1
oods. We have 153 1
account of the coat
pants not cut as full
and MS. $5.00 '
\ '
s- - \ M
. " ; ,
' v
our goods. '
' 1 \
fl T??? I
U.1HU. I
- ^ i ,4
I our fertilizer Now, as acid Pboppbate is the "barib of *
ble manner and a" 0,,r fertilizers'it most be dry andln U
and un-to-date 8ood condition. Our drying e^ulp
j- > ??ent (or hot bins) which we installed
g, grinding and recently, cannot be excelled for 'the
ill grades. Our purpose. Now, as we stated above,
qui|>ment esrec- acid Pbcpphate is the bace of all our
er capacity than fertilizers and the bulk which we build
uirtp, We made on. We put it through an additional >
t reasons. Now second mixer of (he nooet-^approved
t we winh lo dis- type where we add tbe pbtash and am
Laving this re- monlates from a nu nicer or sourwo,
not have to pu*h combining MINERAL/ ANIMAL apd
aii extent that VEGETABLE ammonia In Vufcb pro- I
work. OVER portions that will give beat results
WORKED MA- throughout the reason. Wethen store
*'0T LO GOOD the completely made fertilizer in oor
cotton and corn stock house in bulks where all the inrin
your eatton gredients used in its manufacture can
ie gin what will thoroughly assimilate with each other
d coit>n. i-hort and permeate the entire mars. 'Now,
v pri?e. Jf you we don't b&g these goods until they
t what is the re- are shipped, (INSURING LONGER '
lows the meal BAG SERVICE.) When orders are
>rwork the mill, received we remove- ferliliM' from
in manufacture bulk and pass it through a smrtberine
o e it is of the and bagging machine whictr again
oat we have the mixes th? bulk the third tiilie and
greater capacity thoroughly pulverizes and pats this
suit is now, that material in the best mechanical condilality
of milling tion possible. Our equipment is com)g
of Phosphate piete iu every detail "and fertilizers "
h acidulation is [marie in the above mauner and with
ting acid Phos-|very close supervision will give the
available form, best results.
PItAcnhafa A Ail Co.
1 IIW|f IIU1V Wis w*
S, President. D. S. VANDIVEB, Manager,
>lendi<J 16 per ct. Acid. Clemson College analyzes it at
sell it for 16 per ceot. goods.
\m Appreciation I \
appreciation of the libera! patronage given us by
public, and thauking them most heartily for the
ly that being better equipped than ever we ask for
>ur trade, promising in the future, as in the past,
- interest as well as our own.
bandise, Coal and Weighing
iluess will be carefully looked after, and honest,
our constant effort in 1910 as heretofore.
' . * r
SEE US. ' ,
i 13, Morse Co.
cuffs, rubs and grinds of
and the scrapes, dents iCtQJtl^XI
the steel studded heel. H> [flQQR Q^l| \
: and will not peel, chip, H flSK U ' ^
> walk on. It's guar- H ^K?gSy |
and last and give satisM9
ad Seven Beautiful Colors*
U Interior Woodwork.
ray Drog Co., Abbeville, S. C.
* M ' _ ' . ? (

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