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Red Cross Meml
For (
List of Members Secured During the
Christmas Membership Drive in
the City.
Committee No. 1?W. F. Nickles
and J. Allen Smith, Jr.
Dr. G. A. Neuffer
J. jAUen Smith, Jr.
W. F* Nickles
T-l >71 _1J|
Mrs. w. r . HiuMcs
W. F. Nickles, Jr.
Julius Nickles
Rena Nickles
Mrs. Angie H. Smith
Grace Smith
Annie Smith
C. Lamar Richey
J. G. Evans
J. I. Gilmer
J. F. Smith I
G. E. Mann
L. M. Pratt
J. R. Nickles
Mrs. J. R. Nickles
R. M. Hill
J. S. Stark
, Mrs. J. S. Stark
Miss Fannie Stark
J. D. Kerr
W. L. Power
S. A. McCuen
Annie L. Mulligan i
C. D. Brown, Jr.
E. B. Gary ?
W. A. Stevenson
W. A. Calvert
Mrs. W. A. Calvert
A. L. Gilliam
Mrs. A. L. Gilliam
~ ~ w "? i
F. n. warumw i
H. L. Allen }
E. F. Wilson
Paul Wardlaw
B. F. Swetenburg
C. D. Brown
L. F. Wilson " I";
James Buchanan
S. G. Thomson, Jr.
Dr. G. E. Calvert
Mrs. G. E. Calvert
M. B. Syfan
H. M. Bauknight
f D. B. Poore.
Committee No. 2.?D. H. Hill, and'
E. R. Thomson.
J; M. Nickles
D.H.Hill v
George Gambrell
W. C. Sherard v. !
D. Pnliakftff ' i-v
Link Evans
j" R. M. Burts
W. E. Johnson
J. fW. Mcllwain
J. F. Miller
George Vance
J. M. Anderson
T. G. Perrin
Gharlie Joinades
A. H. Bosdell
lR. A. Link
D. A. Wardlaw
E. R. Thomson ?
J. W. Mcllwain
j. nowara moore
Miss Louise Watson.
V * {
Committee No. 3.?C. H. McMurray
and W. H. Long.
W. H. Long
C. H. McMurray
John McMurray
J. A. Long
Mrs. J. A. Long
J. A. Long, Jr.
W. B. Long
Albert Henry
Mrs. C. B. Wilson
Mrs. George Penney
Miss Nannie Seal
John Lomax
Otto Bristow
R. C. Philson
Mrs. OU9 Bristow
J. C. Thomson
Jas. M. Cox
Frank P. McNeil
Miss Helen Edwards
Miss Nellie Harden
L. Levi
Mrs. L. Levi
J. A. Ramey
Eil Smith > j
S. K. Rosenberg
Mrs. S. II. Rosenberg
P .Rosenberg <
T. H. Watson
J. M. Wilkinson
Ollie Watson, Mt. Carmel.
J. R. Glenn
R. E. Ilenry
W. D. Wilson
Miss Mary Lawson Link
2ity of Abbeville
Miss Mary Roche
R. M. Haddon . 1
Miss Li'a McCaslan
Miss Lillian McCanty
Miss Lula Power
L. C. Parker
Miss Lucy White
Lowry Wilson
M. B. Reese
P. A. Cheatham
J. C. King
P. B. Speed
F. C. DuPre
L. M. Lomax j
Dr. W. D. Simpsor.
H. G. Smith
Bayard Swetenburg
Dr. George Penney
R. Kirkwood .
Mrs. R. Kirkwood
Lewis Perrin
Mrs. Lewis Perrin
W. M. Barnwell
Mrs. W. M. Barnwell
C. W. Ellis
Neal Swetenburg
Miss Essie Lee McCord
J. A. Smith, Sr.
. H. R. McAllister
Fred Cason
0. C. Smith
J. M. King
(I T. Tate
J. Robt. Wilson
W. H. White ' :
Miss Janie Lou Richey
Miss Daisy Maxwell
' J. H. Sherard
Robt. L. Cheatham
Mrs. D. A. Rogers N
Miss Carrie Cochran
Andrew Jackson
T. M. Martin '
Robt Dawson T?
Miss Mary Martin
W. T. Mundy
John Armor
S. J. Link
C T Tinlr
M. B. Cochran
Jno. T. Cheatham, Jr.
Mrs. Jno. T. Cheatham
R. L. Dargan
T. G. White
R. L. Mabry, Jr.
Joe L. Evans ,
t C. B. Wilson
Albert Wilson
S. D. Smith ' ' <
W. B. Hall
Lillian Richey "H;.* : ?.
C. B. Wilson " *?". }
Geo. Albert Levi
Irene Louise Levi
Dr. C. "C. Gambrell
Mrs. C. C. Gambrell v
Elizabeth Gambrell
Claude Gambrell
Helen Gambrell
Mrs. Mary Chase, Kinly, N. C.
Mrs. J. M. Anderson.
m t /
- a
: ..J
The Red. Cross rooms are open to
surgical dressing workers every
morning except Monday's, from 10
to 1 o'clock.
The following ladies will be in
charge of the rooihs for the month
of February:
Tuesday?Mrs. J. C. Ellis.
Wednesday?Mrs. C. C. Gambrell
Thursday?Mrs. C. H. McMurray.
Friday?Mrs. Ellen P. Norwood.
? a tut 1 _ T -1!
Saturday?iviiss iviaggie ljauiuer.
Anyone wishing to help^vith this
work whether they have taken the
course or not, will be able to makej
these dressings, under the supervision
of any of these ladies.
The cutting Committee for Febru-I
ary, is: j
Mrs. W. W. Bradley,
Mrs. J.. M. Sherard
Miss Bessie Lee Cheatham
Miss Fannie Stark
The following articles have been
premised for February:
1500 gauze compresses, 8x4.
500 Abdominal bandages.
200 T. bandages.
C:\pt. T\. B. .Choalhnm visited the
Red Cross work room while here,
and complimented the work that is
being done yeory highly, especially
the socks. He says that above all
things in the knitted articles, they
are what the soldiers need most.
Visitors are always gladly n
ceived in the Red Cross rooms.
The young ladies at Cold Spring
are still busy doing their bit fo
the soldiers. This week they ser
in 15 mufflers and 15 Bed Shirt:
j and it was beautifully done. Mis
Bessie Uldrick has charge of thi
unit and they deserve much credit.
The ladies of the Prosperity sec
tion, sent in fifteen bed shirts an
six dozen hospital handkerchief
this week- They are willing to d
j all they can and expect to keep i
up. Miss Margie Winn has charg
of that section.
?? *
| In the near future a mammot
service flag containing 500 name
will be raised in Aiken.
Strike while the iron is hot is ai
old saw; it would be well to mak
the iron hot instead of waiting fo
somebody else's hot iron. Ex.
Today is the tomorrow you wor
ried about yesterday.?'Anon.
Economy lies not in the price .pai<
for an article, but in the quality ant
service secured at a given price.?
If the potatoes don't volunteer
we'll have to draft theca.
The American Literary Society o
Bethlehem School elected the follow
ing new officers Friday for the las
half of the school year: "
President?Clyde Uldrick.
Vice Pres.?Marie Gordon.
Secretary?Dessie Strawhorn. ,
Treasurer?Katie Belle Hagan.
Chief Monitor?Edna Gordon.
The society is making splendii
progress and the weekly meeting
are always full of interest and en
couraging to both teacher and pu
\ '
\ ^
' Fairfield, Feb. 5.?Mr. E. C
Young went to McCormick Ftida;
on business.
Mr. D. A. Young spent one nigh
last week with the Messrs. Long.
Mr. J. A. Young dined with Mi
and Mrs. W. M. Redden on last Fri
Mr. J. C. Bowen, one of our sol
dier boys who in camp near Charles
ton, returned Saturday after spend
ing a few hours with home folks.
Mrs. J. W.. Long and Mrs. S. L
Lqng spent a few hours pleasantl;
with Mrs F. T. Young on last Thurs
Mr. John Brown from near Clat
worthy Cross Roads, was a busines
visitor to McCormick Friday. Mr
J.f C. Dansby also made a busines
trip there one day last week.
Miss Eva Young celebrated he
birthday the 29th of last month. Wt
wish for her many more happy one
Mrs. E. C. Young, Misses Aim;
and Claire Young called to see Mis
Mary Bowick Sabbath.
Two of our young boys were seei
wandering down the railroad nex
to McCormick Saturday afternoon
Must be some attraction boys as tha
wasn't the way to go home.
"" T TT n mQ rlO 1 I
Mr. J. n. JC. iUCVasxau &
short trip to McCormick last Satur
day. While there he purchased
fine young mule.
Mr. Joel Young called to see Mi
Furman McCaslan, Sabbath,
j Misses Lillian and . Francos air
little Harris Creswell i.pent Sabbat'
afternoon with Mrs. John McCaslar
I Miss May Belle Young spent Sal
urday nicht and Sabbath with Mis
Lindel Young.
i Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Creswell spen
i "
S-bb' Vh afternoon with Mr. and Mr
I Joe Young.
Little Claire Young1 celebrate
her fifth birthday the 27th of las
i month. We wish for this dear littl
' cne many more.
i Mrs. E. C. Young end childre
called to see Mrs. M. A. Bowen an
the Misses Creswell on last Satui
Born?To Mr. and Mrs. J. ]\!
Adam's, one day last week, a son.
j 1
A riflle league will be organize
j at Charleston.
. ItlllMIIIIIIIMMIMIItlllllllllHIIMIIIHMIItllMIUtlllMMHIIMMt IT Ml llllll I I It I I I n II II lllllll mu
is | *
*1 Oneof the most ess
s We are prepared 1
Printing us6d by tl
" I Bill heads 1
h f Letter heads 1
'l 'Envelopes ]
Statements !
I Business Cards ]
r Circulars ]
Milk bills !
Wedding forms 1
i Phone 10 ar
The elecl;ric range is about to
t swoop down upon the housewives of
Abbeville, according to Mr. E. M.
Anderson, superintendent of the
ni-.j?? - t n * *
Aiecuic .uejjuruiieiiu
foot content with given electric
light users one of the lowest rates
in the country for electric cooking
i service, he ha? arranged with an ex8
pert in .electric cookery, Mr. F. H.
- Lansdell of Atlanta, and Chicago,
- to spend three or four weeks instructing
the housewives in the use
of the range.
t Some weeks ago, by action of the
s city council, it was decided to grart
a rate of less thian three cents per
^ unit for current used for cookery
, According to Mr. Anderson, it
will actually be cheaper for people
^ to do their cooking with electricity,;
t than with coal or oil. As an average j
he estimates the bills for a family
of five as less than three dollars per
month. T
Coming at this time, he believes
that this step will be the means of
saving a great amount of oil, as the
r current used here is generated by
water power. v ' - =
Furthermore, it will mean the solu'*
tion to the servant problem, as many
^ housewives will see fit to dispense
" with their help, if they are relieved
of the drudgery of firing a coal
* stove and an unbearably hot kitchen
3 in the summer.
It is-'claimed that the use of an
s ronoro will not raise the tem
I CtCVUiv awi.qv
jperature of the kitchen one degree, jj
r In addition it is absolutely clean <1
e and free from dirt and ashes.
8 . After a thorough investigation of if
a electric ranges made in a trip to |
3 Atlanta, Mr. Anderson states that }
he will guarantee this device to be f
n cleaner, safer, more convenient, |
t} cooler in every respect than any ||
' I other cooking apparatus. In addi- |]
tjtion it will produce scientific results |L
in all cooking operations. ' ?a
Many prominent housewives in j
Abbeville have signified their inten-1
a tion of installing this twentieth
century cooking marvel in their
i kitchens. The ranges are being i
| shown at the Electric Light plant'sJ i
d j offices. i L*1
I |
hi Mr. Landsell, the expert from At-. He
I- lanta, will be available at all times J
1 vo'
> to answer questions and give infor-j me
slmation regarding the use of the; j
! , , . i th<
I electric range. I gr,
t| jcai
, * ? j i?v
I ye
Reports from State and local di- be
! |
directors of the Smilage campaign re-' '
it ceived in Washington. indicate that
e more of these coupon books will be cu
sold than have been printed. The
n; fuel order delayed all printing six( v
d days, but the books are being rush-'
- eu through and all purchasers who
have not received books will be sup- yo
[. plied Shortly. Smilnge books con- ^
tain coupons good for admission to to:
: the entertainments held in Libertvj ?
I At
d theatres and tents at the camps and1
j cantonments.
P rint
iential thing's in busines
to take your orders for
be business man, such <
Dance orders Show
Programmes Chur
Law forms Dodg
Sales slips Pamj
Rent bills Tickt
Folders , , Anne
Shipping Tags Law !
Labels Repo:
id representative \
? iravnn /ia ?i i
ANNbK 10., Abbe
* /IEconomy
Your .1
Diiwlir V AfllV
tuiiijf IUUI Jiain
. - j
Your Uncle Sam wants you to be as savii
of Food, but there is not a citizen of these
he wanst to go hungry.
In the matter of Conservation of food, rei
the longest way. You cannot economize by e
ducts obtainable. Highly nourishing food co
the cheapest in the long run.
Feed your family from our store. We a
out for the best from every viewpoint. If
and at the same time highly nourishing, we
way to economize. / '
W. D. Bar!
_ j
A Service Suited
to Your Needs
Everyone will find the STANDARD'S
very convenient, especially those who <
payments. But monthly payments are
and interest will be arranged to suit yo
Standard Building
Association of Abbe
W. H. WHITE, Pres. ' OTTO BR
Free Flower Seed ^
Hastings' Catalogue I
Telis You About Itv ?
\ ?
No matter whether you farm on a FOR SJ
ge scale or only plant vegetables on ^
flowors in a small way, you need
istings' 191S Seed Catalogue." It's the r
idy now and we kr.ve a copy for in a
11 absolutely free, if you write for it.
mtioning'the nrme of this paper. on "
[n addition to showing ynu about all 1-293
varieties c? vegetable's, farm
jss, clover and flower seeds, our FOR ]
talogue telis how ycu can g-dt free ^ .
e splendid varieties of easily grown,
t beautiful flowers, with which to to Mi
antify yonr homo surroundings. 2-1-4
CJcod seeds c2 almost ev:ry kind j
3 scarce tb*3 rer.rc.n. and you can't FOR R]
ord to ta!:a chances in your seed , di
pply. Hastings Seeds aret iier,iv.v..
j.3 z-eodr, the Kind you c?:: a!wn;"< of M
nand on having "coc-l lack" with. Phon
irou are going to garden or far:
!s spring. Why not insure s-ic.r.c:.'. TO RE
f:ir as possible by starting with tlu: stree'
:ht seed? Don't take chances that .
u do not havo to in seeds. ences
Write today for Hastings' 191S i p]y t
talogue. It's free and will both in e?t
and help you to succeed in 1913. | .
H.- G. HASTINGS CQ., Seedsmen, ' w^NTi
lanta, Ga.?Advt , | ily u
: -.7 .* . . . JiSi- *.T.' * .. t : '
.> s:1 .Vv-3
sis Printing.
-.1 . 1 c
an Kinas or |
r cards I
ch envelopes J
;ers ,I
jhlets I
mncements I
Briefs I
rts, etc. I
vill call I
vine, S. C. I
IT aiumuiu I I
lard I
lg as possible in the matter I
good old United States that
member this: The Best goerf
ising the cheapest food prp- ' I
mes' higher In price and ia
tp mriHtRnt.lv on thA.wat^k
it is pore and wholesome I
have it. 'Tis the very best H
ksdale I
plan of loaning money r-^H
desire to make monthly : H|
not required. Payment H|
>ur convenience.
s. v
and Loan 3
jville, S. C. I
ISTOW, Sec. and Treas.
^LE:?A very desirable home
orth Main street, in one of' HH
nost desirable neighborhoods HO
bbeville, also a nice house
'"ardlaw strep*. >
4t.. Robt. S. Link. ..
RENT:?Three farms?situnear
L. A. Jackson's. Apply ^H|
rs. E. F. AHen or J. R. Glenn. -HH
ENT:?A house on the street
rig to the Ice Plant, in front
[rs. Mattie Bowen's. Call
e 153. -5-lt.
NT:?Bungalow on Parker
t. Has all modern conveni-..^^H
i and garden. For terms ap- II
ED:?A good horse for famse?cheap.
A. S. Kennedy,
Due West, S. C.H
. m

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