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rriULi LilUUl
Spartanburg Woman Says She No
Longer Needs Hired Gir!?Explains
Though it had been necessary, be- 1
cause of her ill health, to have a
r.u^e to assist in caring f jc the baby
and help with the housework, Mrs. 1
C l*. Cannon, of 375 Vernon St., '
Spartanburg, S. C., who took a dozen '
bottles of Tanlac, declared that "The 1
'fanise made me feel so well and '
strong, and really I am stronger and '
healthier than I have been in years." 1
Discussing her bad health, Mrs. 1
Cannon said: "I have suffered from *
general weakness. I felt badly a lot 1
of the time and never was able to '
do my housework. I had to keep a
nurse, as I could not lift the baby
much, and also I had to have help to > 1
I Read these li
menfs. Call
I ment to shou
church and Pinkney stre
ONE 3-4 ACRE LOT right ne
gine and mill outfit com
depot in town of Lownd<
next to Mr. P. A. Cheath
ONE NICE LOT right near
Home of Mr. Curtis Aye
1110 ACK?.d liOOa xana 1 unit
Parker & Reese. One hat
Tenant house and other
Price, per acre
75 ACRES?Two miles from
five acres in cultivation
wood and water. Four
per acre,
250 ACRES?Two and one-h
iI road, RJF.D., etc. 150 a<
tare; 50 acres in woodlan
4-room tenant houses; 2 1
237 ACRES of good land, sev
acres in cultivation; 25 a
land, and a good bit of
level land. Three tenant
Price, per atfre,
165 ACRES just two miles fn
tion; 40 acres in pasture
houses and barn; plenty <
fH 82 1-2 ACRES of good land
ville, 60 acres in cultiva
woodland, one tenant hoi
place lies well. 1 miles j
128 ACRES of good land, 2 m
tivation, 10 acres pastur
timber, plenty of water,
acres practically level. I
do my housework. I always have FI!
been weak and frail. Before I be?an
taking Tanlac, I had been almost
completely broken down, had lost my
appetite and was somewhat subject *?
to indigestion. I suffered a lot with
my back, which ached and pained me.
"I had heard so much about Tanlac j0j
[ finally began taking it, and I have f0,
taken a dozen bottles. The Tanlac in- nQ.
creased my strength a great deal and ^ei
built up my system. It was surprising
the way I gained strength and me
jnergy, and my appetite was restor- wo
?d. I have not been troubled with
my back since I took Tanlac, and I ca]
am able to do my work and care for as
the baby without the help of a hired sir
*irl. I am glad to recommend Tan- ,
lac, for it did so much for me." dei
Engraved cards and wedding invitations
at Press and Banner Co. am
stings carefully.
on, 'phone or wr
) you any in whic
. (
IUILDING LOTS on the corner of
ets. Price $3,500
sar depot in town of Iva. Price <$400
BUILDINGS, with 12-horse gas enlected.
This property is right near
;sville. It is an anusaal bargain.
ILDING LOT, on North Main street,
.am's, 100x250 eet. Price,-$1,200.00
iepot in Lowndesville at $t5.00
$1,200. (SOLD)
ACRES OF LAND, near Ice Plant,
rs. Price, $3,000.00
i of Watts Station. Joining lands of
F in cultivation other half in woods,
necessary out-buildings.
? , $35.00
Abbeville on Verdery road. Sixty;
10 acres In pasture. Plenty of
room dwelling, barn, etc.__Price,
alf miles from Abbeville on Public
ures in cultivation; 25 acres in pasd
(good bit of saw timber). Three
>arns. All buildings in good shape.
$75.00 Per Acre
en miles on Mt. Carmei road. 12
icres in pasture; 75 acres in woodsaw
timber. 100 acres practically
houses, barns and plenty of water.
om Abbeville. One-half in cultiva;
30 acres in woodland; two tenant
>f water. Price, per acre,.-$42.50
in Monterey, II miles from Abbetion,
15 acres pasture, 10 acres
ise and one barn, plenty of water,
from good school and church.
iles from Verdery, 80 acres in cule,
45 acres woodand, some saw
one tenant house and barn, 40
'rice $30.00 Per Acre
"We C
ERT, Manager
Columbia, Ocot. 7.?A final effort
enroll as members of the South
rolina Cotton Association all of the
mere, merchants, bankers, and
Sessional men, who have not yet
ned, will be made during the next
lr weeks, according to an anuncement
made Monday from state
adquarters in this city.
In some sections of the state the
mbership campaign has been a
nderful success, says a statement
the association. In others the
npaign has not been as successful
the officers 01 tne association aeed.
J. Skottowe Wannamaker, presirat
of the association, has issued
s appeal to the people of the state:
"If you are satisfied to accept 15
d 20 cents a pound for your cotton
They contain
ite us and oui
h you might i
on almost any
List Yo
* T P
I us ror
163 ACRES of lad 1-4 mile fro
cultivation, 25 acres' in pas
timber. Well watered; one
ant houses. Land lies well.
97 ACRES of land 12 miles ol
2 miles of good consolidati
borders on two public rot
acres in pasture; 12 acres
Practically all level. One
ant house, barns and plen
300 ACRES, six miles from Ab
Andrews, Watson lands am
Good pasture; 100 acres ir
well watered; 100 acres pn
dwelling and three tenant 1
230 ACRES of good land locate
mile of good school and chi
acres in woodland and wil
000 feet of lumber; 25 ac
houses and one barn; we]
per acre,
550 ACRES of good lnad locat
on public road and R.F.D.
in pasture; 200 acres in w
timber. Plenty of water;
ant houses. 1 1-2 miles c
thirds of land practically 1<
)ut The Earth
'"' J. i ...
you need not join the South Carolina
, Cotton Association. If, however, you
feel that you are entitled to a living
profit from it and that if you are to
' educate your children and keep your
family provided with the comforts of
life it will be necessary for you to
get 40 or 45 cents a pound for it,
' let me urge you to join the associa
' tion.
"If the cotton farmer will organize
he can demand a fair price for
his cotton. The fruit growers organized
and they are getting a living
price for their product. The grain
growers organized and they are now
securing a living price for their product.
The cotton farmers can demand
a living price for their pro
duct if they will organize.
"The prosperity of the whole South
: is dependent upon the cotton farmers.
If cotton brings a good price
the South prospers. If the price is low
igs in
many splendid o
be interested. 1
of this property. '
ur Land
m Latimer Station, 100 acres in
ture and 25 in woods. Some saw
four-room dwelling and two tenPrica
155 00 P#r Acre
' Abbeville, in Antreville section,
id school, 1 mile of church, and
id3. 60 acres in cultivation; 10
i in woodland; some saw timber,
good six-room dwelling; two tenty
of water. Price. _ $75.00
beville bounded by lands of D. F.
1 others. One-half in cultivation,
i woodland and some saw timber;
ictically level land; one four-room
houses. Price $70.00 Per Acre
d seven miles from Abbeville; one
ireh. 50 acres in cultivation; 150
11 cut between 350,000 and 400,:res
of good bottoms; two tenant
II watered. Place lies well. Price
ed eight miles south of Abbeville
200 acres in cultivation; 50 acres
oodland; also 500,000 feet of saw
one 8-room dwelling and five ten>f
good school and church. Twosvel.
Price, per acre, $25.00
) COM!
To Suit Your
and the farmers hare no money the
South suffers. The banker, the merchant,
and the business men depend
upon tha farmer for their living.
That is why they should join the as
".Reports from over the belt indicate
that the other state of the cotton
belt ^reorganizing strongly. I
do hope South Carolina will keep
pace with them. I want to make ihis
final appeal to the people of my state
to join the association. The returns
will be great."
Chicago, Oct. 8.?Quiet prevailed
today throughout the Indiana zone of
the Chicago steel strike district with
federal and State troops in control of
the situation.
At Gary> Ind., where where Majoi
Real I
pportanities as u
will gladly mah
Ne can give tern
50 ACRES of land 7 1-2 miles on Dd
lands of Will Crawford, Ashley
vation and other half woods. ]
rom town, with 60 acres in ct
plenty of water and wood; sevi
houses and other necessary bail
176 ACRES of land seven miles fx
to Lowndesville. Three tenan
most four-horse farm open la
acres in woodland; some saw
toms; plenty of water. Two i
school. Price, per acre, t
164 ACRES of good land located 1'
ville section, on public road j
Good school. One-half mile t(
vation; 35 acres in pasture; 1<
plenty of water; one eight-room
barns, etc. 75 acres practical!
91 ACRES of good land located nil
public road in Antreville secti
schoo and church. One fouretc.
45 acres in cultivation; :
in woods; plenty of water. P
243 ACRES of land located 13 mi
road, R. P. D., etc., near Hodg
30 acres in pasture; 100 acres
One good five-room tenant hoi
* , 11-2 miles to school. Price
100 ACRES LAND 5 miles from L
of B. Mann and John McMaht
Nice pasture and plenty of wa
mile. Price,
115 ACRES LAND, one mile from
tenant house and other necesss
cultivation, 15 acres pasture, 2
water. Price,
150 ACRES of good land six miles i
Antreville; 2 1-2 miles of good
school. Two good tenant hous
ings. 76 acres in cultivation;
in woodland; 5 acres of saw tim
Plenty of water. Price, per ac
Abbeville, Soi
' !'?' rF - - Gen.
Leonard Wood. rgj^rninHinf 1,600
federal troopv, has established
"military control" government agents
seized a quantity of radical Hteratare
in several raids and a number of' persons
were brought before the military
authorities and questioned. They
were released later.
An effort by several hundred strike
sympathizers to hold a meeting in one
of the city parks at Gary this afternoon
was broken up by troops without
violence or arrests. The crewd
scattered upon being warned by officers
in command of the troops.
Several arrests were made during
I the day on charges of carrying con:
cealed weapons.
i Gen. Wood and Major Hodges is*
; sued statements at Gary attributing
recent disturbances there to '"red
>n ^
Jell as invest- A
' /' - > 4
s an appoint- A
- tfl
H .
is to suit you |
- ji
" 9
le West Road, and bounded bv I
?, ^
and others; one-half in culti- v
Price $60.00 P?r Acr?
79 ACRES jast three, miles
' -r."
iltivation; some pasture and
en room dwelling; two tenant
Idings. Prcie, $90.00 Per Act?
; M
om Abbeville, on public road
t homes and two barns; alnd;
15 acres in pasture; 20
timber; 25 acres of fine botmd
one-half miles from good
*35.00 , /
I miles of Abbeville in Antre.
ust 3 miles from Antreville.
' 5 Va
> church. 100 acres in culti- %
3i3 oi wooa ana saw timoer:
. '/ < j
t dwelling; two tenant houses;
y level. Price, $50 Per Acre
le miles of Abbeville on very
on, just one mile from good
room dwelling, barns, sheds,
15 acres in pasture; 80 acres
tice $3,800.00
lea of Greenwood on public
;es. 100 acres in cultivation;
in woodland; plenty of water.
use and other out buildings.
$20.00 Par Acre
owndesville, bounded by lands 19
m. 75 acres in cultivation. 9
ter. School and church one HR
$85.00 Par Acre. ffl
i Lowndesville, 5 room house, ffl
try outbuildings. 40 acres in H
0 acres woodland. Plenty of E
$4,500.00 H
from Iva and 2 1-2 miles from H
church and good consolidated M
les, barns and other outbuild10
acres in pasture; 20 acres fig
1 e a u?a1 bsj
Der; ou acres practically icvw.
re $27.80
r? SEE us
nth Carolina

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