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.Notable Meeting of Presbyterians
of South Carolina to he Held
Next Month.
I Chester, Sept. 21.?The synod of
the Presbyterian church of Sovjh
Carolina will convene at Purity Pres(
byterian church in Chester Tuesday,
& October 3, and will remain in session
through Friday, October 6.
This promises to be a notable
meeting of the Presbyterian ministers
and elders of South Carolina
:":d frVa 200 to 225 are expected.
A number of matters of interest to
the church will be discussed and!
. , I
^cted upon.
The fiev. W. 21 Hudson, D. D.,
one of the Southern Presbyterian
church's most distinguished missionaries
to China, who has been in America
for over a year and was honored
by being: made moderator at]
Greenville, last October when the J
?:ynod convened in that city, hast
jjst returned to his field in China to,
resume his activities. He had hoped j
to preside at the synod in Chester,:
but the urgency of the call was so,
imperative to return to the great ac-j
tivities that he has underway in j
China that he felt he would have to j
forego the pleasure and honor of j
. presiding at the synod and return, j
which he did a few days ago, leaving
his family at Columbia, where sever.al
of the children will attend school.
In Dr. Hudson's absence the Rev.
James B. Green, D. D., of the chair
.rtf tVionlnonr of t.Tip fJolumbLa semi
nary of Columbia will deliver the
^opening sermon at the synod.
Of striking interest at this synod j
-will be the attention that will be
^iven to the discussions of popular
meetings for home and foreign missions.
One of the outstanding speeches
t.o be delivered at the synod will be
that of Dr. Egbert W. Smith, one
of the most eloquent men in the
.Southern Presbyterian church, who
will deliver an address on the Afri,*an
mission field, from which he has
just returned from an extended visit.
The Rev. Thomas H. Law, D. D.,
of Spartanburg, stated clerk and
. 'easurer of the synod, recently underwent
a serious operation. However,
he has sufficiently recovered
and his many friends will be glad to
know he will be able to attend the
synod in his official capacity.
The permanent clerk is the Rev.
H. Waddell Pratt, D. D., of Colum
bia. The members of Purity church
are looking forward with much
pleasure to entertaining the synod
and is making elaborate preparations
for making the visit of the synod
to Chester one of the best it has
ever held. Homes have been provided
for all the delegates.
Drinks Whiskey Only When Suffering
An Attack
Greenwood, Sept. 23.?Using as a
nlea in his defense that the pint of
liquor found in a bureau drawer in
*Tis place of residence was kept only
for use during attacks of asthma, W.
3. Williams, a white man, appeared
m his own behalf in County Court
here, when arraigned for violation
of the prohibition laws. A jury of
his peers promptly returned a ver
diet of not guilty, after having been
allowed to smell the pint bottle of
evidence. Six other pints of liquor
were found in the old man's potato
patch and produced in court, but
::~?erted that he knew nothing of
their origin. He explained the presence
of fruit jars smelling of liquor
rr>d found in his residence by saying
that he found them by the roadside
and brought them home, intending
to can beans in them. Since the verdict
of not guilty, prohibition officers
declare that they are fearful of
other outbreaks of asthma.
Fiie which is supposed to have
caught from the furnace, destroyed
the laundry at the De la Howe State
School last Friday night Nearly all
of a lie S"> children in this school
suffered the loss of some cloth'ng
>n the fire, some losing practically
all of their clothing. When the fire
at its heighth the boiler exploded
and went high into the air, comng
to the ground some distance away.
No one was injured, and none
acJ the nearby buildings were in
great danger.?McCormick Messen
!v\v\.\vv\vv\.'\ \ %
The Lowndesville High Scho
opened Monday with most favorat
[prospects for a succcssful yea:
[work. A large number of patro
land friends met in the auditoriu:
where devotional exercises were co
j ducted by the principal, Mr. R.
[Iluckabee and Rev. N. G. Balleng
Interesting talks were made by I
[J. B. Moseley, Prof. J. T. Harp*
I Rev. M. Ballenger and Prof. Hue!
!bee. The personnel of the teacht
[for the present year is as follows:
Prof. R. H. Huckabee, princip;
Mrs. J. G. Huckabee and Mrs. J.
Huckabee intermediate grades; M
Elizabeth Nickles and Mrs. H.
Bone, primary grades.
Perhaps a short sketch of ea
teacher would make interesting rea
ing for the patrons and friends
the school, hence the following r
Mi-. Ralph Haddon Huckabe
Cross Anchors, S. C., graduated Ui
vcrsity of Kentucky 1913. Eig
years experience as principal
schools in Horry, Clarendon a:
Spartanburg counties. Summ
school work at Clemson College, Ct
olina and Winthrop College. Can<
date of Emory University for D.
Mrs. Arrie Hiers Huckab*
Lowndesville, S. C., graduated 19C
Limestone College. Thirteen yei
experience teaching in Aiken a:
Anderson counties and Lowndesvil
Summer school work at Knoxvil
Mrs. Nena Rogers Huckab*
Lowndesville, S. C., graduated 19]
Liimesx-one college. iweive yeuis <
J perience teaching in Anderson coi
Ity and Lowndesville.
Miss Elizabeth Nickles, Hodges,
C., graduated 1918, Due West Wo
ans College. Three years experier
teaching in schools of Manning a
Orangeburg counties. Summer sch
work at Winthrop College.
Mrs. Marie Frith Bone, Lownd
ville, S. C., graduated 1907 Mt. C
mel High School. Five years exp<
ence in Abbeville county schools
As the list shows the school ha
corps of experienced teachers w
an enrollment of 135 pupils with
increased number later. Everyth
joints toward a good year's w<
land the patronage i3 optimistic o"
conditions in general.
The ginnery under the mana
mer.t of Mr. II. M. Schumpert 1
opened for the season. Due to 1
shortage of the cotton crop, the g
nl! run on Monday, Tuesday, Fric
nnd Saturday. The probability
tbat ginning operations shall be <
even more in a short time.
Engineer J. B. Humbert of Ab
ville, was in town this week look;
after the survey of the Lowndesv;
- iierokee highway, which is near
Miss Julia Bell has gone to Han
;vn where she will teach this wint
Mr. and Mrs. M. P. McCalla sp<
the week-end at their home. Mr. I\
j Calls hopes to complete his rc
'building at Due West by Decemb
j He has secured the contract 1
: building the Hester-McCorm
j highway.
Misses Gilland and Kugley of ]
spent last week with their cousi
the Misses Hardin.
AT ? T?
-ur. xvay ^iinKscaies, wno n&s oe
i working at Elborton for the pj
I year, has returned to the railro
with headquarters in Augusta.
Mrs. E. W. Harper, Sr., is in P.
derson this week the guest of 1
daughter, Mrs. Theron Allen.
Mrs. Dr. Morse of Washington,
and Mrs. St. Claire Baskin
Anderson, are visiting their paren
rapt. and Mrs. W. T. Cunninghan
Mrs. Annie Broadwell of Six M
. a business visitor in town.
Miss Louise Bell of Tuxedo. N.
is the guest of Mrs. J. B. Huckab
Miss Elcise Hardin is spendi
sometime in Anderson with i*elati^
Mrs Dr. Lawrence and her son, !
.I.eigh o? Pendleton have returned
their home after a pleasant visit w
Rev. and Mrs. White.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Huckabee a
family spent the week-end in Grc<
wood with her father, Rev. W.
Dr. Kirkpatrick has relumed fr<
1 a business trip to Hendersonville,
Mrs. Rossie Martin of Elbert
has been the guest of her broth
Prof. J. F. Harper.
Mr. Frank Clinkscales and M
Sara Sullivan of Riverview Faj
V 1
V Colored Farmer Tel!? How He Made
V , Cotton Under Boll Weevil
V ; Conditions.
(lc Robert Gillebeau, a negro farmer
, of the Wellington section is making
ns a cotton crop of from one bale to
: eight hundred pounds to the acre under
boll weevil conditions. He and
U : his wife and three little girls gather.1/4
o ornn nf thousand boll
,er-V.~ ? y.LV?.
jr weevils from May 18th to Sept. 1.
Jr | Following is a very interesting ar[
j tide written by him telling how he
>rs ':ls able to contro1 the pest that
thr?-itens the welfare of the world:
j J "In November 1921 I ripped up
D' -nv cotton stalks with a two horse
D. '
. plow. Then I raked them up with a
iss i
q mower rake and burned them up. In
December I turned the land with a
'two horse turn plow.
dJ It rained so much during the winofIter
months I didn't get to plow until
j March. Being so late I disc-harrowed
jit. Then laid it off deep with a middle-buster
and just before planting
ie' :irug the beds down with a drag
j harrow in order to resemble an old
J bed.
! I began planting the first of April.
;Had a distributor run just in front
?r i
_ i of the planter.
jj. | When the seeds began to sprout
j) i narrowed witn a ur<ig iwnuw.
The 15th of May I began to chop
The 18th of May I began to hunt
irs the boll weevils, finding them in the
n(j buds. By the 6th of June we had
je> found 6176 boll weevils with myself,
]e> my wife and three little girls huntling.
Each one was paid twenty cents
ge per hundred. By the 18th of June we
^'jhad found 7872 boll weevils, excus'
j ing what we had walked across in
the field and killed instant. I know
we didn't kill less than 300. We
dropped them into bottles of kerosene.
! As soon as I got through chopping
^ ^ ^ 1 i
cotton I began*to run my cultivator,
ooj dirting with small wings.
Center furrowing after each plowi
the second dirting I began
ar~ to bunch the cotton. Nothing scarce
jn"jly to do with the hoes. Plowing once
land twice a week.
s aj At this time the cotton began to
^ be too large to find the boll weevils
an easily.
inff The 8th of June I began to use
0I"k the calcium arsenate poison which 1
ver made a solution of one gallon ol
black molasses, one gallon of watei
?e" to three pounds of poison.
lias i would mop the cotton once a
the Week. The next day after the cotton
ins was mopped the poison would lool
lay white like it was put on in powdered
>s | orm. As soon as I would get ovei
cu^ mopping with poison I would pick up
.squares in baskets and sacks and
be- bury in a large mire.
ingj I continued to mop until the last
Hie of June. At this time the cotton had
'n?:so many large limbs until it was too
much trouble to mop, so I made me
up- isveral little sacks out of cheese
er. cloth which I attached to a forked
-nt stick. Then we began to dust soon
Ic- and late while the dew was on. lOA
iad we had to do was to shake the stick
er. uid the poison would fly.
for I stopped dusting about the loth
ick of July, and picked up squares and
bolls until the last of July.
tva I used about fourteen gallons of
ns, >nck molasses, about 60 pounds of
calcium arsenate and about 150 lbs.
sen fertilizer per acre, 8-3-3, no side
ast dressing at all.
>ad By the second day of September
( had picked one bale of cotton, and
Ln- by the 13th had picked three bales.
ier I am making from 800 pounds to
a hnlp fr> tVip anrc.
of Use Jackson Warehouses.
ts, Columbia, Sept. 23.?The state
a. highway department has just been
ile allotted by the war department for
temposary use three large wareC.
houses at Camp Jackson, where
ee. highway supplies will be stored,
ng The department has also allotted 2.
res^600 olive^ drab blankets and 300,000
j yards if canvass for chain gang
i use.
Crit'cism points out faults; nag
ii n: gin or merely reveals an irritablo dis2n"
i position.
were pleasant visitors in town durom
ing the week.
| Mrs. Bolt, Misses Maret and Hop;on|kins
all of Westminster were weeker,
end guests of Miss Alpha Barnes.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Price of Iva
'rs. were pleasant visitors during the
m, week.
? j >
II 1 \7^ I - i
we fiuve set
I for our Openir
and wish to take this
vicinity a very cordis
We are going to
pleasant one for you
your intention of buy
pretty seasonable go*
So when you are in t
sure our prices and q
Our Showing
All the Beauty of the
Couat Suits, Sweatei
H Over Blouses, and ha
Millinery, Trimming
don't forget the date.
Special Attention
Given to
Mail Orders.
located at Lowndesv'lle, S. C., at the
1 close of business September 15, 1922
Loans and Discounts __ $102,879.81
Overdrafts 2,669.05
Furniture and Fixtures 1,400.00
1 Banking House 1,850.00
1 Due from Banks and Bankers
Currency ? 2,579.0'J
| Gold 47.50
Silver and other Minor
Coin _ _ 486.15
I Checks and cash items _ 453.39
; TOTAL $119,590.08
Capital Stock Paid in __ $12,500.00
Surplus Fund 12,500.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 1,514.66
Individual deposits
subject to check. $23,362.15
Savings deposits 41,043.98
Time Certificates
a?in 371 45
{Cashier's checks _ 797.84
Bills Payable, including Certificates
for Money Bor.
rowed ? 17,500.00
TOTAL $119,590.08
State of South Carolina,
County of Abbeville.
Before me came A. V. Barnes, vice
president of the above named bank,
who, being duly sworn, says that the
I above and foregoing statement is a
i true condition of ;>aid bank, as shown
i by the books of said bank.
! x- 1 Kn f n I
d WO 1 11 VO HI1U .luujkiiucu
me this 21st day of Sept. 1922.
Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
W. H. BONDS, Directors.
Rural mail carriers of Canada
are agitating for the abolition of
the contract system and the substi^tut'on
of a salary-paid system.
aside Wednesci
method of extending 1
il invitation to visit ou:
>xert every effort to m
and we insist on your
ing. We are anxious t
ods that are now read;
he market for anything
uality will make our s
Wednesday VI
season, consisting of ^
rs, Skirts in the newei
nd-made Waists, Fall (
s, Ribbons, Etc., will b
Come and lets all sp
located at Abbeville, S. C., at tl
close of business September 15, 19!
Loans and discounts ? $99,918.'
Overdrafts 4,891.1
Furniture and Fixtures. _ 7,098.!
Banking House 15,000.1
Due from Banks and Bankers
Currency ? ' ? 1,676.1
Gold 27.1
S'lver and other Minor
Coin 946.J
Checks and cash items _ 2,842.1
Interest paid in advance 864/
TOTAL $148,251.5
Capital Stock Paid In $2.3,000.(
Undivided Profits, less Current
Expenses and Taxes
Paid 718.J
Individual depouts
subject to check $44,405.54
Savings Deposits 3,584.68
Time certificates
of deposit 15,509.50
Cashier's checks 502.40
Notes and Bills Rediacounted
Bills Payable, including Certificates
for Money Bor
rowed 28,000.C
Due War Finance Corp. 8,500.0
Interest Earned but not
Collected - 530.5
TOTAL $148,251.2
State of South Carolina,
County of Abbeville.
Before me came R. E. Co:
Ca=hier of the above named ban]
who, being duly sworn, says that tr
above and foregoing statement is
true condition of said bank, r
shown by the oooks of said bank.
R. E. COX.
Sworn to and subscribed befos
me thl^ 21st day of Sept. 1922.
W. D. WILKINSON, N. P., S. (
Correct Attest:
D. H. HILL, Directors.
lay Sept 27th I j
lo every lady in this ? :M
r store on this date. 9- '
ake this day a most n I
coming regardless of IS 8
o show you the many 9 I
y for your inspection. M I
r in our line we feel ? |
ales for us.
fill Consist Of 9J
lew Dresses, Coats, I I
s\ plaids and stripes, g H
Dxfords and Hose. H
ie a show in itself?so ? M
lend a pleasant day. 11 H
Special Attention 11H
Given to if SB
1 Mail Orders. |1hE
12 FOR SALE?Pimentos, fifteen andflgB
twenty cents a dozen. Mrs. J. mHh
17 Wham. ltpd. M|
30 WW
36 JUST RECEIVED?About fifty rcHH
^ cent books just arrived at th^HH
Austin-Ferrm Drug (Jo. ltco^^^B
DO : rmj^MI
q SEWING?I am prepared to d^^HB
your winter sewing promptly an^HB
>rj at a reasonable price. Mrs. J.
^0 Banks, Phone 362 9, 22-tfc. uj^H
12 flH
_ MILK PURE?I have just had nflHI
,g cows tested by government expe^^^J
and find them free from any di^BH
ease. Anyone using milk from
' ? j. daiiy will know that it is pure.
W. H. Mundy, Dairyman.
>9 WANTED?A good gentle milk cJjHffl
giving between three and foHHH
gallons of milk a day. I. C. Bro'H^BBp
FOR RENT?One 4-room cottage
Richey street, water and ligb^H^H
0 Apply to H. R. McAllister.
FOR RENT?Five nice rooms
able for housekeeping. Possesa^H^H
Oct. 1st Use of garage, cbidflHSE
yard and garden if desired. See^HH|
>0 phone Miss Corrie Hamlin. 9,
i0 Hi
9 The most complete stocl^HH^
of Quality HARDWARE* !
in Western South Caro^H|H
K| lina. We buy right an^H^H
sell right?Complete lin^R^H
nlso full lino of parts.
Our mail order dept.
I order? promptly.
Gambrell Hardwar^^HS
Company BHfflj
| Greenwood, S. C.
-i . ? : flKH

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