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Established li>44.
The Press and Banner Company
Published Tri-Weekly
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Entered as second-class matter at
post office in Abbeville, S. C.
Terms of Subscription:
One Year $2.00
Six Months ?1.00
Three Months .50
Foreign Advertising Representative
Greemville, Oct. 12.?A Korean,
probably the only one of the nationality,
has broken into the great
American game of football and
promises to become- a sensational
star with the little Erskine college
team at Due West.
The little fellow, Chompeng Lee
never handled football before last
week, and yet it took the whole varsity
offense to stop him yesterday.
The dartc-skinned wamor says inai
he has always understood that football
is a rough game, but that he
fihds it tame enough compared with
athletic exercises he has known in
He is studying for the ministry.
y, J Charleston, Oct. 12.?At a conJ*
ference of ministers and laymen
here tonight, it was denided to invite
the Rev. William A. Sunday to
hold a revival in Charleston more
than a year hence. This matter has
been under consideration for a long
time. It is understood that an agent
of the evangelist visited Charleston
while he was holding a revival in
Spartanburg several months ago
The conference was called by che
Ministerial Union.
Hearing Postponed
Greenwood, Oct. 12.?The hearing
at Watts Mill vs. the Watts Mill
company, involving about $500,000
for alleged failure of the company
to redeem and pay preferred stock
outstanding April 21, 1921, has been
postponed indefinitely on account of
the illness of H. C. Tillman an at
torney for the plaintiffs.
Six Months for Embezzlement.
Aiken, Oct. 12.?A. E. Withelm,
former postmaster at Middledorf,
was given a sentence of six months
in the Florence county jail by Judge
Harry Smith in United State district
court here yesterday. Withelm plead
ed guilty to charges of- embezzling
$500 in government funds
Statement of the Ownership, Man
agement, Circulation, Etc., Required
by the Act of Congress
of August 24, 1912.
Of The Press and Banner, published
Tri-Weekly at Abbeville, South
Carolina, for October, 1922, and
State of South Carolina,
County of Abbeville.
Before me, a Notary Public, in
and for the State and County aforesaid,
personally appeared Wm. P
Greene, who, having been duly sworn
according to law, deposes and says
that he is the Editor of The Press
and Banner and that the following is
to the best of his knowledge and belief,
a true statement of the ownership,
management, of the aforesaic
publication for the date shown ir
the above caption, required by th<
Act of August 24, 1912, embodied ir
section 443, Postal laws and Regula
Publisher Press and Banner Co.
Abbeville, S. C.
Editor, Wm. P. Greene.
Business Manager: Wm. P. Greeni
2. That the owner is Wm. P
Greene, Abbeville, S. C.
5 Thnf thp known hnndhnlders
mortgagees, and other security hold
ers owning or holding 1 per cent o
more of total amount of bonds, mort
gages, or other securities are: Nont
Wm. P. Greene, Manager.
Sworn to and subscribed befor
me this 13th day of October, 1922
W. H. White,
M f/V
Fanners need to use more prir
ters* ink, Local advertisements, Ie1
terheads, handbills, livestock cats
logs, etc., are profitable investmen!
J-*L. *W 'aAxX y V : i' :l.
At Sharon, preaching at 11 o'clocl
Sunday school at 10:30. At Bethel
preaching 3:30, Sunday school at '
o'clock. At Grace, preaching 7:30.
Saturday1 at 3 o'clock the fourtl
jand final quarterly conference o:
the circuit will be held at Grac<
J. B. Kilgore, Pastor.
Prof. Feaster of the Connie Max
well Home will preach at the Cal
houn Falls Baptist Church Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock. Prof. Feaste
is a clear thinker, a forceful speak
er and a strong man. A treat is ii
store for all who may hear him tha
day. The public is cordially invited
J. C. Solomon, pastor.
Steve Parthemos is back fron
Charleston, and will go into busin
ess with Nick Kapatankos. Steve ha:
i decided Abbeville is the best placi
(in this country to live, and the peo
| pie here are glad to have him back
He will move his family soon.
Wrist watches are not a moderi
idea Queen Elizal>eth having beei
I presented with one as far back a
j 1571.
Supply Ordinance
To Raise Supplies b or the uty u
Abbeville, S. C., For the
Year 1923.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayo
and Aldermen of the City of Abbe
ville, S. C., in Council assembled
and by authority of the same:
That a tax of twenty-one (21 i
mills is hereby levied upon all tax
able property in the City of Abbe
j ville, S. C., and shall be paid infc
the City Treasury as hereinafter se
forth for city purposes for the yea
beginning January 1, 1923.
Rates of taxation are as follows:
City Tax (ordinary purposes) 5 mill
Water Works Tax (sinking fund
and interest on bonds) __ 2 mill;
Sewerage Tax (sinking fund and
interest on bonds) 2 mil]
Electric Light Tax (sinking fund
and interest on bonds) __ 2 mill
Paving Tax (sinking fund and interest
on bonds) ? ? 10 mill
NOTICE is hereby given that th
office of the City Treasurer will b
open for the collection of taxes fo
the year 1923, from Wednesday
November"17'1922, until Saturdaj
December 30, 1922, inclusive, wit!
out penalty.
. That when the taxes and asses:
ments or any portion thereof charj
ed against the property or party o
the tax books of the city for th
year 1923 are not paid before th
1st day of January, 1923, the Cit
j Treasurer shall add a penalty c
;one per cent, and shall collect th
I - - J - C : j ? unn
J Scime, ttllU li. saiu WACO, a. in vii i
'and penalties are not paid before th
i 1st day of February, 1923, an ac
[ ditional penalty of one per cent sha
be added and collected by the Cit
j Treasurer, and if said taxes, assesi
^ents and penalties are. not paid b<
jfore the first day of March, 192!
an additional penalty of five per cer
j shall be added and collected by th
| City Treasurer, and if said taxes, a:
| sessments and penalties are not pai
Ion or before the 15th day of Marcl
1923, the City Treasurer shall issu
his Tax Execution for same again!
ithe property of the defaulting ta
payers according to law.
That all able-bodied male persoi
I in the City of Abbeville between tl
iarres of 18 and 55 inclusive, exce'
: those exempt by law, shall pay in1
^the City Treasury a commutatic
| road tax for the year beginning Jai
|uary 1, 1923, as follows: The sum <
Torn n^lla-rc (&9. 00% if T>nid OT1 I
'before March 31, 1923, the sum <
jTwo Dollars and Fifty Cents ($2.5(
*if not paid until or during tl
month of April, 1923, the sum *
j Three Dollars ($3.00) if not pa
?j until or during the month of Ma
- j 1923. In lieu of this tax six da
r work upon the highways and strec
of the city will be required und
the street overseer.
That all persons failing or refv
e ing to pay the commutation tax
to work the six full days shall, up<
conviction, be fined not more th;
thirty dollars ($30.00) or impriso
ed not more than thirty (30) days
Done and ratified in Council tl
- 121h day of September, 1922.
-| J. MOORE MARS, Mayi
s G. C. DOUGLAS, Clerk.
Shriners to Meet December 7.
Greenville, Oct. 10.?The annual'
fall ceremonial of the Shriners of
Hejez temple will be iield here December
7. it was announced today.
i*reparations will be made for the
I entertainment of two thousand
' j guests.
The State agricultural experiment I
stations in the Southwest, according!
to , oris to the United States De-!
partment of Agriculture, are giving |
. especial attention to such subjects j
nf rpo-innal importance to farmers;
j in that sectipn as the use and upr
building of the range, irrigation and
- j dry-farming methods. The developi
ar.ent of varieties of crop that will
t'succeed under semlard conditions,!
' . 1
1.1 and prevalent diseases of animals
j and plants.
L ?
License Ordinance
Section 1. , For the purpose of
meeting in part the current expenses'
of the city government of the City
of Abbeville, for the year begini
ning January 1, 1923, and to meet
i in part such other indebtedness of
3 said City as may become due in said
year, therefore, be it ordained by
. the City Council of Abbeville, S.
C., and by authority of the same:
That no person, firm or corporaoholl
on era era in. Tvrosecute or
- WiVil V4ibv.0v ?I x |
carry on in the City of Abbeville
any trade, business, occupation or
profession hereinafter mentioned
r without having firat paid a special,
. license tax therefor as follows, to
Apple wagon, wholesale or retail,
y per day $ 1.00
_ Architect, civil engineer, surveyor j
or either, per year 5.00
0 Auctioneer ? ? ? 6.00
Automobiles, dealer in 5.00
r Automobiles, repairing _ 10.00
Bakery or agent for ? 5.00
Ball, when admission is charged,
r>ior>i+ $1.00 to 10.00
S 1'^ ??? t: -- ?
Banks, per year 50.00
. Banks, every person, firm or corporation
conducting private banks
[s lending money on real estate or
individual securities 25.00
[g Barbers, one chair $5.00; each additional
chair 1.00
[s Bicycles, dealer in, repairing, hire
ing or either 5.00
e Bill Poster 10.00
ir Blacksmith, one forge $5.00, each
j additional forge ? 1.00
jt Boarding house, public 5.00
j Bonding company ? 10.00
I Book agent, not local, per day 5.00
3_'Bootblacks, if not over 5c is
J charged for a shine per yr. 5.00
n i Bootblack, if over 5c is charged
e for a shine ? _ ? __ 25.00
e Boot and shoe shop, or either, mak
y | ing or repairing or both ? a.uu
,?! Bowling or ten pin alley, per
ej month 5.00
-31 Brick manufacturer, per yr. 15.00
e|Broker, pawn 25.00
j. Broker, stocks and bonds __ 10.00
]j Builders supplies, dealer in (same
v as merchant)
3_ Building and Loan Association,
a. other than local ? 25.00
Butcher and dealer in meat, or
it ; either ? 10.00
e Circus, per day $25 to 300.00
3_ Circus, side show, per day $10 to $25
d j Coal and wood, or either, dealer
hj in, per year ? 10.00
[e j Contractor, for not over $500 5.00
;t j Contractor, for over $500 _ 15.00
x j Dentist ? 10.00
I Dray (wagon) 1 horse 2.50
1S)Dray (wagon) 2 horse 5.00
ie|Dary (truck) Auto 10.00
jt I Drug store (same as merchant)
io j Drummer, street 25.00
,n j Exhibition, outside Opera House,
! per day $5.00 to 25.00
3f Express Company, for business done
or| within the state and not including
af i that done without the State or in
)) | terstaie cummerte ui mui. uuuc
ije ] for the government, per yer. 65.OC
of .Factor, cotton 100.0C
id Feather bed and mattress makers
,y, and renovators, other than loys
cal, per week ? 25.0(
,+c Fertilizers, aerent for or dealer in
er who is not a regular merchant anc
who does not pay the merchant
is- license, per year ? 25.0(
or Filling or gasoline station (excep
on those paying license for sale, sal<
an of parts or repairing of autoin
mobiles ? ? 5.01
?. Pish and oysters, or either, deallis
er in ? 6.CH
Flying Jenny, first week $lo, each
or. week thereafter 10.01
(Fruit trees, agent for, per yr. 5.0'
Furniture or other woodwork, re- ]
pair shop 5.00
Gasfitter and plumber, or either
Gin, cotton and press, up to 5 gins
$10.00, each additional gin over
5 2.00 J
Goods, agent retailing 100.00
Gun and locksmith, repair shop 1.00
Hack, coach, carriage, when fare
charged is .not over 25c in day
or 50c at night 5.00
Hack; automobile, taxicab, when fare
charged is not over 25c in daytime
or 50c at night 10.00
Hack; all kinds, when fare charged
is over 25c in day time or 50c
at night ___ 25.00
Harness, repair shop 5.00
Horses and mules, or either,
dealer in 25.00
Horses and mule3, or either, sold
at auction exclusively, per
head ? ? - 2.00
TI T> r>T* TTOQ T? 15.00
IlULCly pci
Ice Cream saloon 6.00
Ice, dealer and manufacturer 25.00
Insurance company, accident 10.00
Insurance company, fire 10.00
Insurance company, 'life 15.00
Jeweler (same as merchant)
Junk dealer 15.00
Laundry or agent for samel 5.00
Lawyer ? ? ? 10.00
Lawyer, lending money on real estate
for self or others, in "addition
? ? ? ? 5.00
Lightning rod agent 60.00
Loan, saving or investment company,
lending money on real estate
or otherwise 15.00
Lumber yard (same as merchant) ?
Lunch dealer _ 2.00
Marble yard, dealer or agt._ 10.00
Medicine vendor, per day __ 100.00
Mercnanx, per year, uu voa DH4VW
upon sworn return, $10.00 for
sales up to $5,000.00 and 50c for
each additional $1,000.00 of sales
or fractiontl part thereof.
I 4
Provided, that merchants who engage
or are engaged in business in
said City of Abbeville for a shorter
period than 12 months shall pay a
license fee of $1.00 to $250.00.
(Merchant, wholesale, per year, $25
for sales up to $50,000.00 and 50c
for each additional $5,000.00 ol
sales or fractional part thereof.
Mill, cotton seed oil, per yr. 50.0C
(Mill, grist _ 5.0C
Mill, saw ? ?' ? 5.0(
Oculist or optician, itinerant, per
day 100.0(
Oculist, optician, optometrist, lo-*
i cal, per year ? . B.0(
Oil company, kerosene and gasoline
j wholesale 25.0(
.Painter, contractor 5.0(
Pedler, street or dealer in produce
! for profit ? 25.0(
, Photographer ? - ? ? 5.0(
j Physician - ? ? ? 10.01
Physician, itinerant, faith curer or
other healer, per day $5 to 10.01
Pianos and organs, or either, agen
j for or dealer in, per yr.? 10.0(
Pianos and organs, or either, tuninj
or repairing, or both, per month
$3.00, per year 10.01
Pictures, agent enlarging, perday
, $1.00, per month 10.01
.Pressing club, per year 5.01
Printing office, job ? ? 15.01
! Printing office, newspaper __ 5.0<
| Railroad, for business done withii
the State, and not including tha
) done without the State or inter
j state commerce or that done for
the government 100.0!
Real estate agent ? 10.01
j Restaurant 20.01
mo^Viinoa ntrorif for 15.01
ucrrui? u??v>??..vwy v. _
Sewing machines, repair shop 3.0i
Shooting gallery, per month 5.01
Shows, 5 and 10 cents per
! week $5 to 25.0'
Skating rink, per week 5.01
Soda fountain, connected with busa
ness or alone, per year ? 5.0i
'I Soda-water, coca-cola, etc. (sof
j drinks) bottled, manufacturer o
11 agent for (same as wholesale mei
; Stable, feed ? ? ? __ 10.0
vStable, livery 15.0
| Stable, livery and feed 20.0
I Stable, sales ? 25.0
) | Stable, sales and feed 25.0
Stable, sales and livery 25.0
Stable, sales, livery and feed 30.0
) Stock yard, for horses, mules and
, j cattle, or either 10.0
11Stoves, itinerant dealer in __ 10.0
I Tailor, merchant or manufactur
) er 10.0
t Tailor, not merchant, making and
s repairing ? ? ? -- 5.0
Tannery ? _ 5.0
3. Telegraph comfla jy, for businei
done within the State, and not ii
3 eluding that done without tl
State or interstate commerce <
0 that done for the government
0 25.C
Telephone exchange ? 50.001 <
Tin or tinker shop ? 5.00 1
Undertaker- and embalmer, or i
either 10.00 '
j Veterinary Surgeon ? 5.00 I
j Warehouse ? ? 20.00 (
Weigher, cotton ? ? ? 5.00
Section 2. That to constitute a',
merchant doing business in the City L
of Abbeville, within the meaning of; j
I Section 1 of this ordinance it shall j,
be necessary for the person or per-1
sons so engaged to maintain and keep j
a place of business or office in the
said City.
Section 3. That no license shall
be issued for a less period than one'
year, unless otherwise specified, dated
from the first day of the month
in which same is issued and it shall
be the duty of the City Clerk to see
that licenses and fees are imposed
and paid, and to promptly report any!
oil casM that fail to Day.
Section 4. That for any business,
occupation or profession not enumerated
in Section 1 the license shall be
regulated and imposed by the City
Council at any meeting of the same.
Section 5. That the City Council
hereby reserves the right to refuse
or revoke any license^for any cause
which may to it seem just.
Section 6. That any person, firm
or corporation making any false or
fraudulent return, where a return
is necessary or required under this:
1 '
First Lyceui
mbIl. tJ
i fijC
nnnn jb
) ' HH^?^PnRH9fl8|
^ The musical talents of three glfte
sisters, the Misses Grosjean, form th
' nucleus of the Grosjean Marimba
u-i?i n? ?
Ajioynuue wui)iauj.
) Each one of these three sisters 1
a vocalist and Instrumentalist. Mis
) Floss Grosjean, feature artist of th
} company, Is, In addition to her musica
j accomplishments, a thoroughly amus
lng character Interpreter. Her delinea
^ tlorf of many varied characters ha
1 built for her an ever-growing popular
t . ity with audiences everywhere.
Completing the company ensembl
are Henry Jensen, baritone, and Che?
ter Painter, tenor. These young mei
9 are also accomplished Instrumentalist
? I School Children /
r I Special Rate of
0 i
0 ~~~
??1 DR. L. V
<\' Whose scientifically Fitted Gla
A .
* ^ ^ I
u 8 Aches. Artificial tye? mica.
alist in the County who ha3 p
^ Board, with lens edge grindinj
^ 'i; while you wait
ss Office H?ur?: Saturdays and
i" !; to 6*0 p, tn. Tuesdays, We<i
ie ; i; 3:00 to 6:00 p. m.
)r Eaamlnation and Maaafact'
- i
Drdinance, shall, upon conviction,
)e fined not les9 than five dollars
($5.00) "nor more than fifty dollars
($50.00), or be imprisoned mot less
:han five (5) days nor more tfem
thirty (30) days.
Section 7. That any person, firm
ar corporation carrying on or prosecuting
any trade, business, occupation
or profession, or running any
establishment in the City of Abbeville
named in this Ordinance, or
upon which a license may berCafter
be imposed by the City CouneD, without
having first taken out a Heense
therefor, shall, upon conviction, befitted
(except in cases where special
pehalties are imposed) not less than,
two dollars ($2.00) nor more than
one hundred dollars ($100.00), or '
be imprisoned not less than tiro (2)
days nor more than thirty (30) days
for each and every day sueb trade,
business, occupation, profession or H
establishment is carried on or run H
without such license. H
Section 8. That this Ordinance ffl
shall go into effect on the 1st day of B
November, 1922, and all persons, I
firms, corporations or professions not
conforming to its requirements shall 9
be liable to the penalties herein i?n- H
posed from and after said date. M
Done and ratified in Council this B
12th day of September, 1922. ?
,G. C. DOUGLASS, Clerk. fl
in Attraction 11
THE.... t I
Building I
XT. 20TH I
-xiTO. (BBrecBy -,? c v^H
jniHBflH^HSDl^^^B^^BBiHSifeR n
1 and their addition to the organization
e makes of it a vocal and orchestral
. novelty company of Interest to sverj B|
type of audience. |H
The Grosjean Company, la combin |H
ing the marlmbaphone and xylophone, BP
8 is capable of rendering every type of
e orchestral music from overtures to H|
1 popular songs^ind ballads. Saxophece,
- drums and piano contribute to a de- H|
L JlghtfuLprogram. Hg
s The entire personnel of the' Qroe-j^B
jean Compa q Is thoroughly experlenced
In the musical entertainment H[
e field. For the past two seasons the
i- company has captivated acdletices In Hj
i all parts of the country with their gfl
s unique and clever program. 29
:TS $4.00 ?1
11 1%** miran fK P .. MB!
Will UC gITVll Wii-V.
$2.00 for Season II
3S 3 will relieve Eye Strain Head- ;|^H8
The only exclusive eye sight spedassed
the South Carolina Optical
; machine for making your glasses
! Mondays?9 to 2:00 p. nu?2:00
Inesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,
ring Offic?t ever McMURRAY ; flfl
ftubiagton, St., Abbeville, S. C.

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