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V-? "*V?V*VX\VVV*W- S %
*. a. U. Presbyterian * V
"s. V
ritin Jiavev been quite comforla
fee fcLv last few mornings.
J-l>. I'. 1'ressiy is conducting
u aawacia^ this week in Spartanburg
fit*. 22s.'*. l<- L. Keea\
Bltfus McKeown of Washing
ts>^ ?. i'- spent several days in Due
Afeat faesv week.
ite. 51. Stevens6n is attending ;
iae Gaia.wba Presbyterial at Tirzah, |
& Cu |
^5st price of cottton has reached J
, iiets to the local market, i ne i>ue j
Weal taarxet has been well sustain- J
~<a t&
3tvs. 4)l~'s Hanna Brownloe is back
.Seac- *rc i)se West after several
iweatfes" lisit to her mother at Covington
WM~. is? gathering of the delefca
the meeting of Presbytery
bast. -came refreshing showers
-sf sss.li- Thus breaking the long
Sfcn. !?.. N. Kennedy filled the puljkc
it 'ilit A. R. P. church last SabwvLi-r-inrr
anH Rev. Paul PreSSlV I
iss:. Sa&CKith evening. The large
xbizkskv^ were favored with _ two
fee TiTWIOJtS..
is.- .x tompliraent to Dr. Carson
n& fc* l&v. W. B. Lindsay, they
-**rs? iarited to occupy the guest
dtafflBiber at the Woman's College in
Bdfesen Hall.. They were, the first
-accsjpasis of the fresk quarters.
Cfcj.tiii.- invitation of Dr. and Mrs.
'fc^Sassow ihe delegates to Presbytery
-at the noon hour on Saturday
S -nn?kui tfce Woman's College and
rj *cat tlirvugh Robinson Hall, the
bp*-.cb? handsome dormitory. ohey
rase all delighted with what" they
3fc&_ Dr. W. M. Hunter is spendbbEhbbbc
time with her son, Mr.. Wal
iirrMaj- Hunter at Jackson, Tenn.
;-te. Hwrter willed hfs extensive colterfani
of Mintues of Synod and
Cicr papers to the Museum of
Jfc Bothwell Alexander cashier
take Wales, Fla, Bank was
& ?fci?ate to Presbytery. This was
Sc.. Alexander's first trip to Due
i A Warm
! ] ' Dres
I ?No more cold tr
?No more dressir
... ft ?No more {ires t
-?No more big fu
j is absolutely air-tig
tight. That is \%>k
jj? to bold fire for
\ attention.
1 And remember,
Blast Heater is <
sume one-third !<
underdraft stove
| . TKis means mcne
| Let us tell you rr
? , markable heater.
W. A. Calv
j Chicago, Oct. 12.?J Armour meat
j packer and capitalist, declined today
for the present at least?to reveal
j to the foderal trade commission the
I extent of his speculation in' wheat
and com from July 19, 1920 to May!
! 31, 1922. He will appear again Frifday
after conferring with his atI
j torneys.
Admitting that he had been in the
market "occasionally' as a speculator
he declined to name his brokers or
reveal tho lump sum of his long or
short lines on any given day.
He defended speculations in grain*
and the marketing machinery which
makos it possible because the far- .
mer is afforded an opportunity to
sell his produce on any day in an
open market. The producer does not
always ge* the priqe he is entitled to
he admitted, but on the average, he (
said, the farmer does benefit by the .
West. His friends wero glade to see ]
him in Due West. He is a native of j
Jefferson County, Ga. - j
The ginneries of Due West touch- {
ed high Vater mark a few days ago 1
when 3,500 bales of cotton were i
marketed. This .year's ginning is es- (
timated at 800 to 900 bale<s. Five ?
hundred and fifty bales have been
ginned and the season is more than 1
half over. >1
Mrs. Julia Brown and Mr. James '
Brown, her son, Mra. Hooten of
Greenwood, a daughter and Miss
Julia Cheatham, a grand-daughter
worshipped with the A. R. Presbyter 1
ians last Sabbath. Mr. and Mrs.
BroWn are visiting in Greenwood.
Thoir friends in Dut? West were
pleased to have them as guests.
Mr. John MeGee ended up his 25th
year as supretendant of the Due
West Baptist Sabbath School. A
number of nice speaches were made
in appreciation of Mr. McGee's long
and faithful services and a $5 gold
piece, coined in the mint was pres
ented him. It seemes the tears flowed
freely, beginning with the super- j
intendent, himself, who was taken
by surprise. The school executing a ^
well-ordered flank movement. r
Room To i
T '
rc K r*
u AX I
ips to tKe basement
\g in a cold room,
o build. el
Kt and will stay airy
it is guaranteed
36 hours without
every Cole's Hot
Juarenteed to con- |
555 fuel than an$
of the same size.
$ in ^our pocket.
;ore about this reert
8l Sons 5
Abbeville Hi took-in her friendly1
neighbors and kinsmen, the lads'
from Due West, and tucked them a-'
way safely in their padded arms1
yesterday afternoon on Rosenberg
field by a score of 19?6. Really, J
the score should have been 19 to 0
but Ray Sweetie fumbled in the last'
quarter on the 35 yard line and Due ]
West recovered making a touchdown!
by the streak of luck. Several times'
the Due West boys came dangerously
near scoring before the last quarter,
but the Abbeville boys held'
them for downs at the crucial mo- j
ment. Abbeville, too, had three oth-j
er opportunities to score when they
3id not, the Due West lads stiffenng
and holding for downs.
The visitors had it all over1 the
lome eleven when it came to passing,
Davis for Due West being the best'
sasser seen here lately ^on a high'
school team. Most of Abbeville's long
jams were made on end runs by:.
Brother Gambrell and Jimmie Har-!
is. Ray did splendid work in going
>ver tackle and Bill Bowie made
;ome nice gains through the line.
One touchdown each wal scored
>y Harris, Gambrell and Sweten>urg.
Sweetenburg got away with a
iretty drop kick after goal once, but
vent wild one time and was blocked
>y Kennedy the other time.
The line-up \yas:
W. Nickles RE Davis, W.
Hay ?RT Seawright
2ox RG Davis, L.
Bavknight C Kennedv
Starnes LG Ellis*
rate LT Davis,. J.
Barnwell LE McKee
Harris QB Davis, A.
[Jambrell LH Shaw
Bowie RH Pratt
Swetenburg FB Davis, C.
TT 1. J1 i _ 1 *
xiugn x>raaiey was suosutuiea iorj
Barnwell, Crawford for Gambrell.
Red McMillan was referee; Scogjins,
umpire, and Patrick, headlinesnan.
Time of Quarters: 12 inmates.
Receipts $58.
A subscription list is being circu-^
ated among the'fans to raise $125!
:q be used in defraying expenses of
:he local high team to Columbia Oc;ober
26 to see the Clemson-Caroina
game during Fair Week. This
;rip is promised the boys on condi;ion
that they defeat Greenwood
ligh in Greenwood next Friday. If
;he money is raised, and it will be,
>ver half being raised yesterday,
luring the Due West game, thej
)oys say that Greenwood will be
:asy picking next Friday. The teamj
s very appreciative of the offer be-ng
made them. Mr. Hafner and Neill '
Jwetenburg will chaperone the team'
o Columbia, if all conditions are|
, r
If you expect to grow cotton in
923 now is the time to begin makng
preparation for heading off Mr.
Veevil for he has already sung his;
< {
ittle song to the tune of "Bloody (
Var" which runs' like this:
Boll weevil says to the farmer,
"I'll bet you what I'll do,
I'll have you fellows on the bum
In the next year or two,
You'll have no home, you'll have
no home.
Boll weevil says to the lawyers,
"Its me you cannot sue,
With all your legal tact,
'Gainst me you'll find no clue,
You'll have no case, you'll have,
no case."
Boll weevil says to the banker,
"You know what panic is, ^
For when I get located right
I'll paralize your biz. I
You'll have no home, you'll have
no home. I
Boll weevil says to the merchant, i
"You'll find when debts are due. j
Thnt. T havp pat thpm out of crot) c
And out of credit too, . *
You'll have no homo, you'll have '*
no home. '
? 0. Lee Gowan, ! <
County A/rent. ^
Avoid chilly rooms in the morning
iy using Cole's Hot Blast Heaters. 1
*hey prevent colds and sickness.
Says Winter Will Be a Cold One,
Snow Likely to Fall:?Fro?t
Due This Month.
A cold winter with at least one
slow is the prediction of W. P. Hou
seal. Dutch weather prophet of Columbia.
Mr. Houseal discusses the
weathor at length in the following
from the Columbia State.
The prolonged drought has no
doubt brought an apprehension that
it would continue, throughout the
fall and winter, However, conditions
which prevailed September
23-29 indicated precipitation during
the winter to provide sufficient soil
moisture for the sowing and germinatting
of the grain crops. These indications
have already been apparent
in the abundant rain which has
broken .the drought.
The drought had some remarkable
features It prevailed over the
whole country and was broken by
rainfall simultaneously in the regions
of the lakes and gulf. The
change was apparent Thursday at
noon when the wind, which had
been from the east nearly three
Weeks moved to the south in the
upper atmosphere, yet it still continued
from the east in an exceedingly
low stratum barely above the
height of a three-story building.
There was never any doybt at sun
se<t Wednesday that this section
would foe visited within 72 hours
by rain. The principle in meteorology
which governs these conditions
is as old as the earth itsalf. The
last wind had deposited a tremendous
amount of moisture in the upper
atmosphere and as the high
pressure-changed to the lower form
it met a response in a like condition
coming from the Carrrbean sea and
the south wind gradually absorbed
the east wind by rising above it.
This was clearly indicated a week
before the direct change occurred
as oil the clouds which were observ
ed at all came from the gulf. Usually,
under normal conditions such an
east wind as prevailed during the
latter part ofSepteanber, would rain
within one-tenth of the time as was
the case during the recent drought.
It is ve<ry probable that about October
23 a disturbance of great in
tensity will prevail in the gulf and
its courso be northeastward and along
the south Atlantic coast.
In addition the same conditions
observed September 22-29, indicate
a colder winter than last year. Tho
next period for lowest of the season
will occur about October 15. This
will be the central date, and one
frncf -tirill fKroo /love
ahead or after this date. It will not
be a killing frost. Nature is a great
protector of its products and observation
of certain fanna show
that frost this early will prevent
their full growth and bloom. So for,
however as crops are concerned, the
drought has had the same effect as
killing frost would have produced
at this period of the year.
At least one heavy snow will occure
during the winter south and
east of the Blue Ridge, and indications
are such that Columbia will be
in its path While it is not easy to
forecast the date of a snow than 30
days ahead of time, it has been my
purpose to say that in this annual
forecast snow will occur about the
Jate of tho solistice, December, 20.
Columbia, Oct. 10.?A verdict
for the defense was returned at ?
o'clock Saturday night by a Richland
jury in the case of Williams
against the Standard Oil company,
in which the father of Madeline
Williams, little girl of Lexington
:ounty died because of injuries revived
by his daughter from the explosion
of a kerosene lamp. The jury
had the case from 1:30 Saturday
,o 8 o'clock. The suit was one for ac:ident,
in which damages were asked
:otaling $1,250,000.
Permission to Test New Law.
Washington, Oct. 10.?Massa:husetts
request for permission to
:est the constitutionality of the federal
maternity law was granted tolay
by supreme court and the pro:ess
ordered returned on January
>, 1923.
Are fence corners and tre. > suf"iciently
good winter-quarters for
farm machinery?
Patent Oxfords,
, ' Tips.
A Beautiful Oxi
. Kid, with M
Patent One Strai
Patent Strap Pur
and Junior ]
The New Brocac
| /
the very Ne1
A Plain Satin Sti
Buckle at va
very popula:
Oxfords and Str
Kid and Calf
all the
We will be
| iiil iwjh
1 (Complaint Served)
The State of South Carolina,
Court of Common Pleas.
; W. F. Nickles, - - Pla
Minnie L .Farrow, Lucy Ham
Theo Alias Frost Davis, L.
Richie, Charlott! Garlington,
Davis, Wallace Wright and
liam Davis, - - Defenc
To the Defendants above name*
You Are Hereby Summoned
required to answer the Complai
this action, of which a copy is
with served upon you, and to se:
copy of your answer to the
complaint on the subscriber at
office at Abbeville Court H
South Carolina, within twenty
after the service .hereof, exclusi'
the day of such service; and if
fail to answer the Complaint w
the time aforesaid, tfie plaintifl
this action will apply to the (
for the relief demanded in the <
Dated 22nd Feb. 1922.
D. H. HILL, Plaintiff's Atto:
To the Defendants above na
You and each of you will please
notice, especially, William D
that the complaint in the abov<
titled action, together with the
Wns, therein, of which the abo
a copy was duly filed in the offi<
J. L. Perrin, Clerk of the Com
Common Pleas for Abbeville C
ty, S. C. on the 22nd Feb. 1922.
ta rr uti t r>io;r,Hff'c Attm
U. IX. J..11JUU, X luilivtu U **vvv.
j 9, 25, 3wks ltw.
I /<Anv PHMunwC CflD DPI !
I oummun i uii
:Thc State of South Carolina,
Court of Common Pleas.
j Spencer Watt, - - - Plai
I Anne Watt and David Watt,
To the Defendants, Anne and E
You Are Hereby Summoned
| required to answer the Complaii
in3fj3pjr3n3w|NlP)[3Ig[g[j3fi3f^Fi3|i0lnflp'lNl(>i[iuitii|pilNliSt(>>lNlrid a
in I
Plain and Perforated I
YVIVI fvimmnrl wri+Vi CIvait I
V1U 111AA11VU. TT1W1 VJ1 VJ
ilitary Heel.
* * * ^ *
p with Sand Buck Trim/
nps in Low, Military and
Louis Heels. v
i "V*
t /
led Style shown here is
west. .
ap Pump with high class
imp and instep is proving
* t.
A ? / ' ' . y.
aps in Brown and Black
' V 4
will be found here in
? desired
glad to show you I
' K
1EF. this action, of which a copy is here-HH
with served upon you, and to ^erv^HB
a copy of your answer to the said^H
complaint on the subscriber ac hisH|
office at Abbeville Court House.
South Carolina, within twenty days|H
intiff, after the service hereof, exclusive ofH|
the day of such service; and if you^H
ilton, fail to answer the Complaint wrthin^H
A. the time aforesaid, the plaintiff inHfl
Jas. this action- will apply to the CourtHB
Wil- for the relief demanded in the com-MB
[ants-! plaint. 89B
i: D. H. HILL, Plaintiff's Attorney?!
and Feb. 10. 1922. SI
nt in To the absent defendant, David Watt^^|
here-; Take Notice: That the complaint^H
rve a j in the above entitled action, to-HH
said gether with the summons therein, oiBI
his which the above is,a copy, was dulj^H
ouse, filed in the office of J. L. PerrinHB
days Clerk of the Court, of Common Pleai^H
ve of for Abbeville County, S. C., on th^Hj
you 25th day of Sept. 1922.
ithin: D. H. HILL, Plaintiff's Attorney^?
F in J 9, 25, 3wks. ltw. ||q
Qom. I Fighting in Dublin. gMB
| ' Dublin, Oct. 14.?Numerous amHH
| bushes accompanied by heavy burst|^H
rney' I of firine occured in various parts o^HH
m J. w
the city during the night. The fightHm
ing continued until noon.No repoxt^^Rj
of the casualtiee were available thi^^H
\ enforenoon.
sum- SHH
ve is i H
mey. "hH
I next door to Turman's BarbeHHH
Shop. Apply Abbeville CandHH
Kitchen. iu-ia-atpa. jj^^B
Flowers for all occasions at W.
ntiff Harris', Agent for Fant's Creet^HSB
house, Anderson, S. C. High cla^^^H
funeral flowers a specialty. adSHI
?avid FOR SALE?Early Blue Stem
Wheat at $2.00 per bushel. Ca^HH|
and with order. ELLIS BROS.
jn Donalds, S. C. Route 2. 10-ll-4t^^BH
.w'_ . J7 : L__ ? -

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