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iiti PROTEST ~
5F.as&iqgton, Oct. 19.?Seizure (
tiy j?rahflbiii>n enforcement officials
ihas week of the Canadian
adbBBRcr Emerald off the New Jersey
lias been made1 ground for
farms! protest by the British govmrmwnt
tto ^nnfontinn beine* that!
the vessel was outside American
jttrlsfiBtiton. Pending1 d(etailed official
arfrices from the officers who
fife seizure, comment as to
Sie probable attiude of the Washajitra
government was not available
T3rv atsly report received at pres-.aart
tit Emerald had been taken
said the Emerald had been taken
alkgeri liquor smuggling while in
aaBBHoication with shore from a
pozaft ieyond the three mile limit,
lit asessage did not say specifically
"i is raderstood that the Emerald's)
awsn boats were plying between,
afcajE sad shore. It was assumed at''
Ml Qe prohibition enforcement bur- '
*ra tfai such was the case however .
and 66a? the ship therefore fell
in Ite recent government priing as
te apatfoas beyond American ter
ajinssaB waters.
13ke Jfritish' protest which was pre '
SBotai to the state derpartment, is
fcoJwd "lb assert that the Emer- :
Hfc ^4tats were not in touch ]
yEBtAmn- and that there was, there 1
Jdm^ n warrant under the announ \
|wjr eel fBcy of the American govern- <
W wxA ftsdf for interference with
ftefiaaifian crafts. There was noth ]
OS to vmficate that the statement 1
.a m. m. n - u : j i
U223& Ufe CxiUCriUU W<15 &C1ZUU I
?3b ?ff the coast would be disput-' <
$1,000 f
Can be g<
by beginning
ber Series n<
Larger and
in proportioi
Office at PLAN
1 _r
I ltruiti i
Safeguard the health of yo
We always warm and cosy
nu i i
Gives' even steady heat day i
b? hofc? fire 36 'Hours, end wi
, I Remember, this is the Crigi
guaranteed to save one-thin
! j many imitations, but
|| j Original Hot Blast.
J j I Come in today u),
f'? f is comp1
.. W. A. Calv
| W. D. Barksdale bought from Joe t<
F.vans this morning one hundred and ti
twenty-four pounds of beans at one d
clip. Ordinarily that would be called e
pretty good pickings for one day. J3
: v
Mike McDowell Breaks Leg:.
Mike McDowell had the misfor- a
tune to fall at the High school building
yesterday during the recess hour ?
and broke his leg. He was taken to
the hospital and given attention.
ed and the diplomatic correspond- e
ence apparently turns upon the
suestion as to whether the schooner
was in touch with >snore through her j,
own boats. y(
The case is the first of its kind to hi
arise under the administration pol- e<
icy recently announced of confin- m
ing prohibition enforcement opera- b(
tions strictly to the three mile limit _
of territorial waters except in the
one circumstance of^A vessel beyond
that limit but sending contraband k
shipments ashor^in her own boats.
The American^ position in that re.
crard is help to rest on internation- iU
al precedent.
JEh^tthe British authorities are
convinced the Emerald case does
not fall within the rule was made
plain by the promptness with which ^
a protest was lodged with the state
Framing of the American reply ^
neccessaraly awaits an official report
from the treasury setting out
the facts of the seizure. Should that
sustain the belief here that the ship .
was using her own boats to shore ,
when settled presumably the diplomatic
phase of the incident would
the?n be closed and the case be al- ,
lowed by the ^British to go to legal g
.. ea
' 1
or $800 5
>tten from the ?
I with the Octoow
forming. . ^
smaller amounts
n. s
A nnxrv*!
f\ i njrN
'OIF, Secretary Ja
! by
1 rm
? off
>my |
ur family?keep your 1S|
witk be
E'S ' s
sJAL vo
? 4-w
and night. Guaranteed ^
ill burn any fuel. |co
j si^
mel Hot Blast heater? ; n
d your fuel. There are I 'sit
only one Cole's - ?
?* ??J)
ert & Sons |
Quiet in Donalds.
Brown Bowie of Donalds was in
awn yesterday, and made applicaion
before Judge Miller for final
ischarge of administration of the
state of Mrs N. G. Agnew. Mr
lowie was accompaied to Abbeille
by his son Ernest Bowie, and
ley report things qu!et about DonIds.
Greenwood, Oct. 19.?J. P. Bus;y,
former Greenwood mart, pleadd
guilty in supreme court at Athns,
Ga., yesterday! to stealing seven
utomobiles, and was sentenced by
udge Blanton Fortson to serve one
jar, according to word received
?re today. No one appeared in
jun, to prosecute aeienaani.
lost; of the stolen machines have
2en restored to the ownera.
Court of Common Pleas
rs. Jennie M. Botts, individually
and as Executrix of the* estate of <
T. H. Botts, deceased and others, j
Plaintiff j,
against i
. D. Botts. Maude Botts and oth- !
ers, - Defendants.
By authority of a Decree of Sale
the Court of Common Pleas for
abeville County, in said State,
ade in the above stated case, I will
fer for sale at Public Outcry, at
sbeville C. H., S. C., on Salesday j
November, A. D. 1922, within the i
jal hours of sale the following desibed
land, to wit: All that tract or
antation of land situate, lying and
ing in Abbeville County, in the
ate .aforesaid, about three miles
st of the city of Abbeville on the
sbeville-Hodges public road, con-j
ining Two Hundred (200) . Acres,
are or less, and bounded by lands (
?w vi lvimciij vvivii&xug uu * (
>senberg and Company, Jno. W. jj
>tts, Mrs. Emma Haddon, Dixie'
md Company and J. A. Shands, J. i
Miller and others, and being:'
lown as the T. H. Botts home place.'J
TERMS OF SALE?Cash. Pur-ji
aser to pay for stamps and papers. I
:t. 19, 1922 Master A. C., S C
Court of Common Pleas j
iss Mary T. Hill, Executrix,
Plaintiff, j.
nie Rice, Jessie Rice and others, j
Defendants. j<
By authority of a Decree of Sale' ^
the Court of Common Pleas for
>beville County, in said, State, i
ide in the above stated case, I will 1
'er for sale, at Public Outcry, at
>beville C. H., S. C. on Salesdayj;
November, A. D., 1922, within the!
jal hours of sale the following],
scribed land, to wit: All that tract,!
parcel of land situate, lying and^
ing in Abbeville County, in the:,
ate aforesaid, containing Sixty- ]
x (66) Acres, more or less, and
unded by lands of Jim Prince, Joe
ince, J. H. Bell, Ed Smith,, the
tate of J. E Brownlee and others. ,
TERMS OF SALE?Cash. Puraser
to pay for stamps and papers. ;
;t. 19, 1922 Master A. C., S C
ate of South Carolina,
Notice is hereby jriven that the ,
meral Election for State and CounOfficerS
will be held at the voting
ecincts prescribed by law in said
unty, on Tuesday, November 7,
22, said day being Tuesday folwing
the first Monday in Novemr,
as prescribed by the State Contution.
The qualification for suffrage:
Managers of election require of
ery elector offering to vote at any
?ction, before allowing him to
te, the production of his registra>n
certificate and proof of the payent
of all taxes, including poll
x, assessed against him and col;tible
during the previous year. The
oduction of a certificate or of the
ceipt of the officer authorized to
llect such taxes, shall be conciu-r
re proctf of the payment thereof, j
Section 237, Code of 1912, as
lended by Act. No. 6, special ses)n
of 19i4.
Section 237. There shall be three
narate and distinct ballots, as
ilows: One ballot for Representa es
in Congress; and one ballot for ,
>vernor, Lieutenant Governor, j
ate officers, Circuit Solicitors, <
embers of the House of Represen-I
tives, State Senator, county offic-|
r-., and one ballot for all Constitu>nal
amendments and special qucs-j
5ns, each of three said boxes f5 t>e;
appropriately labelled; which ballots
shall be of plain white paper and of
such width and length as to contain
the names of the officers and question
or questions to be voted for or
upon,, clear and even cut, without
ornament, designation, mutilation,
symbol or mark of any kind whatsoever,
except the name or names of
the person or persons voted for and
the office to which such person or
persons are intended to be chosen,
and all special questions which name
or names, office or offices, question
or questions shall be written or
printea or partly written or partly
printed thereon in black ink; and
such ballot be so folded as to conceal
the name or names, question or
questions thereon, and so folded, I
shall be deposited in a box to be
constructed,; kept and disposed of
as herein provided by law, and no
ballot of any other description
found in either of said boxes shall be^
On all special questions the ballot
shall state the question, or questions,
and shall .thereafter have the
words "Yes" and "No" inserted so
.liia vr rtf r\ '
lliaw Liie vuici" may iuo tuic
by striking out one or the other of
such words on said ballot, the word
nof so stricken out to be counted. '
Before the hour fixed for opening
the polls, Managers and Clerks must
take and subscribe the Constitutional
oath. The Chairman of the Board
of Managers can administer the
oath to the other members and to the
Clerk; a Notary Public must administer
the oath to the Chairman. The
Managers elect their Chairman and
Polls at each voting place must be
opened at 7 o'clock a. m. and closed
at 4 o'clock p. m. except in the City
of Charleston, where they shall be
opened at 7 a. m. and Closed at 6
p. m.
The Managers have the power to
fill a vacancy, and if none of the
Manageis attend, the citizens can appoint
from among the qualified votars,
the Managers, who, after <- being
sworn, can conduct the election.
At the close of the election, the
Managers and Clerk must proceed
publicly to open the ballot boxes and
count the ballots therein, and continue
without adjournment until
the same is completed, and make a
statement of the result for each office
and sign the same. Within three
days thereafter,- the Chairman of
the Board, or some one designated
by the Board, must deliver to the
rr?mmi??ir>n#?rs nf Election the noli
list, the boxes containing the ballots
and written statements of the results
of the election.
At the said election qualified
electors will vote upon the adoption
Dr rejection of amendments of the
State Constitution, as provided in
A Joint Resolution to Amend Article
X of the Constitution so as to
Authorize the Town of Greer to Assess
Abutting Property for Permanent
A Joint Resolution to Amend
Section 5 of Article XVII of the Constitution
Empowering the General
Assembly to Regulate the Printing
for the State.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
5, Article X, of the Constitution
Relating to the Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School Districts, by Adding
a Proviso Thereto as to the the Due
West School District No. 38, Abbeirille
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
7, of Article VIII and Section,
5, of Article X of the Constitution,
50 as to Exempt the City of Beaufort
From the Provisions Thereof.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Parigraph
5, Article X of the Constitution
Relating to Bonded Indebtedness
of Counties, Townships, School
Districts, Etc., by Adding a Proviso
is to the County of Beaufort.
A Joint Resolution to Propose an
Amendment to Article X of the Con1
*' A? .1-? A JJ: ~ Oas>
SLlLUXlOn uy nuuiug xueicbu ? uc\-bion
to be Known as Section 13-A,
Empowering County Authorities to
Assess Abutting Property for Permanent
Improvement of Highways;
The provisions of said Section shall
apply only to Beaufort County. ,
, _i
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
5 and 6, Article X, of the Constitution,
Relating to the Limit of
the Bonded Debt of Townships, by
Adding a Proviso Thereto as to the
Township of Christ Church Parish,
Charleston County, S. C., as now
Constituted Embracing in Area of
Said Township the Town of Mount
Pleasant, S. C.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
5, Article 10, of the Constitution
Relating to Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School Districts by Adding
a Proviso Thereto, as to School District
No. 10, Cherokee County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
5, Article X of the Constitution
Relating to the Limit of the Bonded
Debt of School Districts by Adding
a Proviso Thereto as to the School
District of the City of Florence in j
Florence County, South Carolina.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Sec-!
tion 7, Article VIII of the Constitution,
Relating to Municipal Bonded
Indebtedness, by Adding a . Proviso
Thereto as to the City of Georgetown.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
5 of Article XI of the Constitution
Relating to the Formation of
School Districts, Etc., by adding a
Proviso as to Certain School Districts
in Pickens County.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
VII of Article VIII, and Section
V of Article X of the Constitution
so as to Exempt the City of Spartanburg
from the Provisions Thereof.
A Joint Resolution to Amend Section
7, Article VIII, anJ Section i>,
Article X, of the Constitution, so j
as to Exempt the City of Union from
Rosenberg I
' it :
Cortley Junior Clothi
These Constructs
Your Guarantee
1. Special tested woolens.
2 Woolens double shrunk.
3 Double elbow cloth.
4 All edges basted.
5 Guaranteed mohair lin- x
8 Super sleeve lining.
7 Special canvas fronts.
8 Pockets stayed and
bar tacked.
9 Lapel & collar padded.
10 Special ivory buttons.
11 Extra emergency buttons.
12 Super button thread.
13 Belt faced with same
^4 Felled collar stays close
to neck.
Extra Pants, Shirt
Shoes, Hosiery, Cap
kerchiefs, Sport Sli
pers, Rain Coats, O
Everything 1
Every <
"Boys He?
the Provisions Thereof.
The following Managers of Election
have been appointed to hold the
election at the various precincts in
the said County:
Abbeville?C. A. Botts, J. L.
Clark, F. B. Jones.
<rr?t.ton Mill?J. W. Faulkner, L. C
Martin, J. L. Burrell.
Gilliam's Gin House?J? S. Gibert
George Sherard, J. T. McDill.
Magnolia?John Poore, Dr. Joseph
Hicks, S. F. Sherard.
Lowndesville?L. B. Loftis, W. C.
Hall, R. E. Campbell, Jr.
Bryant's Cross Roads^?J. N. Pratt
J. D. Bryant, J. L. Busby.
Keowee?J. R. Pruitt, J. H. McMahan,
W. D Thomas.
Antreville?Eugene McOarter, J.
F. Gray, Claude Prince.
Due West?Edgar Long, J. R.
Caldwell, J. R. Winn.
Donalds?W. R. Dunn, Eugene
Martin, John Sadler.
Central?George Morrison, D. P.
Hannah, T. S. Palmer.
Rock Springs?W. R. Phillips, M.
J. Ashley, George Kay.
Hampton?W. E. Walker, R. C.
Branyon, R. L. Smith.
The Managers at each precinct
named above are requested to delegate
one of their number to secure
I boxes and blanks for the election on
and after November the 1st, from
the Clerk of Court.
Commissioners of State and Coun
jty Elections lor ADDevnie uouniy,
S. C., October 16, 1922. 3t.
Mercantile Co. I
lent Stores I
>nal Features Are
t of Satisfaction.
' '}\h
15 Cloth patch in fMifoV
for mending.
16 Extra belt of
17 Cortley Jr. nickel
le on belt. . i
18 Lined throughout /
\ "!* \ ^ \
19 Extra strength liflfttg*
20 Excelsior waist .jr
21 Doable stitched pnAets.
" " \
, . 4 . S1
22 Adjustable b ft
23 Belt loops.. /
24 Seams taped.and totti
ble stitched.
25 Seat seams sergeA
26 Outlet on' large diztit;
27 Non-ravel pocket facing.
28 Hip and Cash poeltalt.
i, Ties, Underwear,
I I Al 11 V*
s, flats, cottars name
ioes, Bed Room Slip- I
ver coats?' H
Tie Boy Needs I
Occasion I
idquarters. D
i tllt m
LOST?Thursday afternoon betweeHj
the Planters Bank and; Methodi^K
church, a boys brown cap. FindJM
please return to Eureka Hotel
Press and Banner office.
LOST?Between Greenwood ai^H
Abbeville Thursday^ 19th, orfln
Ford casing and tube on . ilH
pumped up. Finder suitably
warded by returning to Dr. G. <^D
Neuffer, Abbeville, S. C. Sfl
It is said that Pittsburg stands
ground once given in exchange
n violin. HD
and GLASSES Accurately Fitted^H
j DR. L. T. HILL, AbbevillS

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