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Established 1844. F
The Press and Banner Company
Published Tri-Weekly
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ! t
f.\ j1
Entered as second-class matter at J 5
post office in Abbeville, S. C. 11
?? r
Terms of Subscription: o
dr.* v*,,. $2.00 j V
Six Months $1.00j3
Three Months .50.1
Foreign Advertising Representative j ^
? t
. *
The cotton market has reached a; e
' }
point where caution is to be urged j
though the profit' possibilities of the j ^
staple have .not been-exhausted, non
?so far as we can see?have they J ^
reached their limit of expansion. ?ot-;1
ton undoubtedly will sell at 25 cents v
before the end of the year?before ^
December becomes the spot month, v
very likely. It is not improbable that v
30 cents will be reacnea Deiore we begin
figuring on the 1923 acreage v
or commence calculating the number
of boll weevil to the square. ^
Notwithstanding the pressure from
profit taking sales the market has s
shown strength and has rallied sharp- n
ly after each moderate setback. It ^
/ has been a good trading market for
those who have followed it closely 0
and have accepted our advices. As ^
the holders of contracts have liqui- s
dated and taken profits there has >
been somewhat of a falling off in ^
new purchasing, possibly because
. trade interests have shown a dispo- t
sition to take the staple before the a
reaction had proceeded far enough r
to satisfy the technical market ideas \ d
of the professional trader. A rise of r:
$20 a bale in less than a month appears
to demand a recession of more b
than $1.50 or $2 a bale, and the pro- r
fessional has waited?vainly?for h
, what he is pleased to term , "a fair- v
sized reaction." a
l V
The size of the crop is not yet ac- v
cUrately determinable, although esti- r
mates of Jess than 10,000,000 bales t
predominate. We do not believe that a
th%_forecasts that it will be about
9,000,000 will be borne out by the b
actual figures, but there undoubtedly v
will prove to be less than the 10,000,000
that was regarded as mini\
mum only a few weeks since.
Much has been made of the , ad- t
vances in the prices of cotton goods h
and the inability of mills to obtain d
sufficient cotton to last them through a
to the next crop. But it must be re- s
membered that the demands and con- r
sumption of cotton in recent months t
have been based on 20 to 23 cent si
cotton and that it is doubtful how
far the public demand will last if i'
cotton manufacturers move beyond b
' the 25-cent basis. This factor has not ft
been taken very much into consider- h
ation, but it is a big one. There is tl
always a level at which price checks
consumption. It depends not so much v
on the comparative price of the com- ii
_ -L JZ?T X ?. ?: ~ ~ ? a.1
moaiiy at uiuereub periuus, uut, uii n
the Tatio between the price of the
commodity and the general price lev- f
el. The general price level?the in- tl
dex number?has shown a rising tendency.
Somewhere between 25 cents t<
and 30 cents for cotton?judging b
from present conditions?a check, v
whether temporary or not is to be j,
seen later, will be administered to j g
the price of cotton. - ?
That is one reason we suggest cau- e
tion, even while confident that the v
nriee of cotton is coiner to ?0 -a
through 25 cents and may advance e,
to 3.0 cents. We suggest that advant- p
age be taken of recessions below 24 0
cents for the taking on of January a
to May contracts, but would advise
the taking of moderate profits with j
a view to repurchases. j
Nov. 2, 1922. Springs & Co. j
Clemson College?Pull the turnips
up about the middle of December. c
Cut the tops off near the turnips and r
also cut off the large roots. Place in *
.. banks containing 8 to 15 bushels *
each, and cover with 12 inches of x
soil. There is no necessity for put- t
tine straw of any kind around the t
turnips; let the soil come in direct r
contact with the turnips so as to e
keep them fresh and crisp through- il
out the winter. Turnips banked in (
this way will keep in good condition i
until early in March. a
(Charlotte Observer.)
In a ceremony characterized bj
>eauty and elegance Miss Heler
?entz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
>amuel Rothrock Lentz, and Mr Al
c?n Grady King were married lasl
vening at 7:30 o'clock at the home
f the bride's parents, in the Bland'
yood apartments. Rev Dr. A A
dcGeiachly, pastor of the Seconc
'resbvterian church, officiated.
The two parlors were throwns in
o one for the ceremony. Th? vow;
vere spoken in front of a mass oJ
lalras and white chrysanthemum:
hat extended the ceiling. Thre<
even-branched cathedra^ candle
ticks with burning tapers furnisb
id the only light. White pede?3tal:
lolding great clusters of pink Kil
arney roses and linked togethei
vith rtipes of smilax formed an aise
that extended through the two
ooms. On either side of the dporrays
were tall vases of pink Kilarney
roses. The chandeliers, dooi
vays and windows were draped
vith smilax and the manteds were
tanked in pink roses. The setting
pas one of exquisity beauty.
Messrs William Myers Jv>nets and
Ubert Clark were ushers.
? rr t. Tn.ii -n j
Wiien Jirs. neien roii oearu
ounded the notes of the wedding
(larch from "Ljohongrin" the trial
party entered from the hall.
Mrs. William Myers Jones, sister
f the bride, was darno of Honor,
Ihe was gowned in orchid tulle over
ilver cloth and carried ah immense
ouquet or pink Killarney roses and
'arma violets.
Miss Courteflay Marshall Jones
he beautiful little daughter of Mr.
nd Mrs. Peter W. 0 Jones was
ing bearer, She v.we a dainty
:ress of orchid organdie and caried
the ring in a white rose.
The bride was given in marriage
y her father, Mr. Samuel Rothock
Lentz. She was beautiful in
ier wedding gown?of brocaded siler
cloth, draped with white chiffon
nd orange blossoms. Her illusion
eil was worn with a bandeau of
eal lace and she carried an exquisic
shower of lilies of the valley and
The groom was attended by his
mother, Mr J. C. King, of Abbeille,
S. C.
'During' 'the impressive service
Ir3. Beard played "The Answer"'
Seventy-five or more guests atended
the wedding which was foljwed
by a charming reception. Tha
ining room table was covered with
Madeira and violet cloth. A masive
silver basket of pink Killarney
osea farmed the centerpiece of the
abley An elaborate supper was
/Mr and Mrs Lentz were assisted
a receiving by the members of the
ridal party and out-of-town guests
Irs. Lentz was gowned in black
ice and wore a corsage of lilies of
tie valley and orchids.
The young 'couple received many
redding presents, anpng them beig
a handsome chest of silver from
lie brides parents.
tMr and Mrs King left last night
or a trip to New York after which
(ley will oe at nome in vxastwn.ii.
The bride is the youngest daugher
of Mr. and Mrs Lentz She Was
orn and reared in Charlotte and
as educated at Elizabeth college
i this city and at Converse college
ipartanburg. She is a handsome
oung wj^man with dark hair and
yes and pretty coloring and is viacious
and attractive! and has a
/inning personality. She is admird
by a wide circle of friends and
rior tx> her marriage was the guest
f honor at numbers of luncheons
nd card parties.
Mr. King is a son of Mr and Mrs.
ames A, King of Abbeville, S. C
le was educated at Erskine college
)uo West, S. C. 'He entered the first
fncers training camp at Fort Oglehorpe,
Georgia, and was commisUfin,fo?
Q-nrl QCRlO*npH
luiicu 111. OU HCUb^liait^ uuu
o the 318th machine gun battalion
if thc< 81st division. Later he was
e-assigned as instructor to Camp
lancock. Since February Mr. King
las made his home in Charlotte,
vhere ho has been connected with
he Ford ft^>tor company as terriory
supervisor,' He resigned his
^srtion recently to bocome managtr
and treasure of the B. H. Parkei
Vlotor (tympany iri Gastonia and
Dherryville. He is a young man oi
nur-lrr^ Klicinpi*!: and is
ichieving success. sMr. King com
The different circles of the Methi
dist Church will meet this aftevnoc
at 4 o'clock at the following place;
Ciscle No. 1 will meet with Mrs. ]
1 J. Leach; Circle No. 2 with Mrs. ,
Dendy Miller; Circle No. 3 with Mr
*|M. B. Syfan and Circle No. 4/foil
: Mrs. J. L. McMillan.
? ? - - /TT TODATr
I Hi. DAY WE. W.utuimit,
I Armistice Day which falls on Sa
urday this year will be celebrat<
in Abbeville on Friday the 10th, tl
5 celebration consisting of a game <
f, football and a barbecue dinner, ?
?'of which will be in charge of tl
;j ladies of the Parent-Teacher Assot
- ation.
-J The football game will- be play<
5 on the new athletic field, the oppo
- ing team coming from Edgefiel
"The game will be called at 3 o'clo<
. end it will take the Swetenberge
i about two hours to clean up the tea
. from the Styx.
The barbecue dinner will be
pleasant feature of the day. The 'ct
| will be prepared by Mr. Gillia
j which guarantees the very best.
menue of hash, old fashioned pot
to salad, pickles, bread and coff<
will be served for 40 cents. Tl
hours for dinner will be from ]
to 2 and the stores of the city wi
bfe asked to close for the occasion
Everybody is invited to take pa.
in the day/ see the game and enjc
tfco rlirmpr.
j 5
jV more sensational than you
jV have ever seen before..
, V THRILLS of the Paris under|V
world and the jeweled ball,V
rooms of society.
'jV ROMANCE of a beautiful
l|V dancing girl and her struggle
^V to love and happiness.
> Added PATHE NEWS Reel &
v 15c.?Admission?35.c
luuvvu WW
The Long Cane Cemetery Sociel
' will meet at Mrs. M. H. Wilson
Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 8th at
o'clock. All members are urged 1
come and bring their dues. We wai
i to complete plans for a rally day i
the cemetery in the near future.
Mrs. W. D. Wilson, Pres
Mrs. J. L. Evans, Sec'ty.
There will be a regular commun
cation of Clinton Lodge No. 3 A. ]
M. Monday night, Nov. 6th at 7:3
o'clock. Work in the Third Degre
H. S. Howie, Secretary.
W. M. Langley, W. M.
i rv>ori/4c mnnv friends throuffhnut tl"
On account 'of illness Mr. King
parents were unable to attend tl
Out-of-town guests present wei
Mr and Mrs B. H. Parker jof Ga
tonia, Mr. J. C. King of Abbevill
S. Miss Elizabeth Terrell, '<
Chattannjxiga, Tenn., and Hr. Rai
j son Saunders of Smithfield.
Second Shipment of
Eckford Mixed at 10c oz.
Spencer Mired at 20c oz.
i Plant now for beautiful
blooms next Spring, don't
wait till after Christmas
i but plant now.
;! ....THE....
?j McMurray Drug Co
i .
0- It is a Beautiful Feature of Betty
?n Compion's "The Green
s* Temptation.'*
* The grand reception room of the
Duchess de CHazarin, for Betty Comsojn's
latest Paramount picture, "The
Green Temptation," which comes to
the Opera House next Thursday, was
the largest setting built at the Paramount
West Coast studio during the
;cj year. It was forty feet wide and
ie ninety feet long. The decorations
3f were of the Louis XV period. It was
tll modeled after one of the old manle
sions of Paris of the grand period of
.j_ architecture during the Imperial rule
This monster room furnished the set;(j
ting for one of the most colorful
s_ scenes of the picture. More than 200
d, extra people were used in the scene,
which depicted a reception given fcy
rs the "Duchess" to the notables of
m Paris. Betty Compson, as Coralyn, a
famous danseuse, does a dance called
a the "the death of an Amazort warie
rior," in the scene. For bizarre effect
m this scene strikes a high keynote in
A motion picture production. The clia.
max of the scene is the crashing to
2e the floor of a jeweled can^elier.
12 ESTATE OF H. W. BAKER, Dec'd.
Notice of Settlement and Application
for Final Discharge.
Tolro Mnti/ifl tViof nn t.Tie 6th dav of
December 1922 I will render a final
_ account of my accounts and doings
. as administratrix of the estate of
y M. W. Baker, deceased, in the office
of the judge of probate for Abbeville
County at 10 o'clock, A. M. and on
^ the same day will apply for a final
^ discharge from my trust as such adV
V All persons having demands a^
gainst said estate will present them
^ for payment on or before that day,
^ proven and authenticated or be for^
ever barred.
^ Carrie H. Baker, Administratrix
V Nov. 6, 1922. 3wks.
V > '
| STY^
; I 2ZL
1 CLOT h
SEi *
Special Prayer Service ,
Special prayer service will bo
held at the Methodist church Tues- c
day at 4 o'clock, at which a free r
will offering will he taken up.
There a lot of difference .between u
being upheld and held up.. c
JB mk Br
Miss Lkura Wcrno, widely-known
dramatic Interpreter and musician,
who gained such splendid popularity
with Lyceum audiences everywhere as
a member of the Killarney Girls company
and of the Rlch-Werno Entertainers,
now heads her own company,'
The Laura Werno Ladies Quartet.
Inspiration for the charming program
'of this company was found by Mies
Werno In a number of interesting
phases of American development.
The drees, manners and songs of
the Golonial period, of the Civil War
times, the early seventies and of the
Quakers are reproduced accurately
ana aeiigiuruuy id a series 01 musical i
and dramatic episodes. As an Intro-1
'dnction to each episode, Miss Werno
.presents an Interpretative sketch that!
!i ' 1
Single Admissions ..
Remaining/ 5 Numb*
Style ?Co:
mj Not just ail Ovei
mk v pick a good lool
men know real1 <
||fc Come in here so
show you Style*;
only good lookir
quality that the r
spf plus l^bel in evei
IW guarantee in the
you trouble in hi
? ment, it relieves;
llll wearing a poor o
|i jg| Style?certain 1 y; loo!
Bill collars that are also
llllH backs?Raglan sleev*
ifPW sleeves?cuffs or no
half belts or no belts
t }
ijif Good-looking, long v
If y with fancy plaid back
|p| p&if? Tailoring that keeps
>|g| : ppoud of your coat ah
Is Stick to the Style
sal?Piu, you are never go
Cloth# ?
' LU S ^?9C .
! E S ,?
Auxiliary Meeting.
The Auxiliary off the Methodist
(hurch 'will meet Thursday afterLoon
at 4 o'clock at the church.
In Japan a vegetable leather is
lade from the inner .bark tit a plant
ailed the mitsumata.
? " >
gj BPsHflk
V |P fl |?
^ }&? Gwf7
IB^fm:< I
J^fflBMKfefSiHIl&fi^M .-' 'irr-T^
BflRnHnDII ^
fcS v y
| '- JV i.
sets the stage, as It were, and creates
the atmosphere for the group ot songs
that follows. In this manner some of
the choicest melodies firom American,
song literature are featured In settings
historically correct and musically
artistic, the members of'the com
pany appearing In exquisite costume*
that accurately mirror the tUM0 -portrayed.
In another episode, modern American
songs, as exemplified In the works of
Cadman and other famous contempo
* a a tti?'
rary COmpoverD, aic picscuwu mn ui?.
culmination of the best in America's;
musical past.
Here Is a masterpiece In program-,
building presented by a thoroughly
picturesque and entertaining musical
75 Cents.
irs .. $2.50
mrort - - Wear irantee
coat?anybody can
ting coat but few
juality. ' : j
I .
me day and let us
klna "nnf
V4U V/ V/X WWV?J AAW ylg
but so good in I
nakers put the style- m'
f&P V",;
y one and a printed ^ 1
pot' :et?tl^at saves ?j
mting the right gar- jj
you of worry about B
ne. ?
k for yourself?stylish jjj|
real storm collars, yoke s
3S, kimono sleeves, plain jj
cuffs?belts all around, B
. Every coat room and jB
rearing, all-wool fabrics, gjj
:s or plain. ''Bthe
style and makes you B
>plus known label? , b
?ing to regret it. I
and $30 I I

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