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M. Li JouhlmiKii is our agent in this city. He
will dvliver the Dmtociur to subscriber*, and is authorlied
to rsceirs subscriptions, adrortisements, fcc., and collect
and receipt for the same.
P. Turney is our agent for Patterson and vicin
ity. He is authorised to receive subscription*, advertise
■snts, fee., and collect and receipt for the same.
Hoogs 4t Co. are our authorised agents for San Fran
cisco, to receive advertisements, and collect for the same.
A. Bedlam, Jr., is our authorised agent in Sacra
mento City.
Democratic Nominations.
of Pennsylvania.
of Kentucky.
State Nominations.
For Presidential Electors.
For Congress,
CHARLES L. SCOTT, of Tuolumne,
JOSEPH C. McKIBBEN, of Sierra.
For Clerk of the Supreme Court,
For Superintendent of Public Instruction,
County Nominations*
For State Senator.
For Assembly,
W. C. Wood, I’iukku II. Pierce,
E. M. Davidson, Piiii. Moore,
For Sheriff
For County Clerk.
For District Attorney,
For County Treasurer.
For Assessor,
For Public Administrator,
For County Sunevo.
For Coroner.
For Rup’t. Public School*,
For Su|H»rvi«ora,
WM. SCOTT, 1st Pihirict,
8. I*. FRENCH, ?A District,
HENRY EVERETT, .'Id District.
Township Nominal Iona.
Justice* of the Peace—J. P. VAN HAGEN,
.1. M. CI.ARK.
For Constable*—C. 8. GREGORY.
Mil.TON 8. LATHAM and TII08. J. HKNLY will address
the people of California a* follow* :
Forest city, Sierra county Oc,t 22
Pownieville, Sierra county Oct 23
Goodrear's Bar, Sierra county Oct 24
New York Flat., Yuba county Oct 25
Orovillo, Butte county Oct 27
The Hon. W. I. FERGUSON and W. 8. LONG, Esq., will
address their fellow cltiaene at the fullowiug places:
Rough At Ready, Nevada county Oct. 22
San Juan, Nevada county Oct. 2.3
Orleans Flat, Nevada county Oct. 24
DownieviUe, Sierra county Oct. 25
Rabbit Cmik, Sierra county Oct. 27
Forest City, Sierra county Oct. 28
Demonstration of the Nevuda Democracy.
Yesterday afternoon those eloquent Demo
cratic champions, lions. J. C. McKibbcn. M. S. 1
Latham and T. J. Henley were escorted into
town by a cavalcade of horsemen numbering
about one hundred. A number of carriages, and
vehicles of every description were ie the line,
decorated with flags. A bund of music in a four
horse wagon sending forth patriotic strains,
while the old cannon repeated its thunder tones
along the hills. The whole city is alive with
the democracy who have gathered in from the
surrounding country. As w ■ go to press an im
mense concourse is assembled in front of the
American Exchange w here the meeting is to lie
held. A torch light procession is moving
through the streets and the greatest enthusiasm
prevails amongst the multitude who have gath
ered In. The procession is three quarters of a
mile in lengbt.
New Dnt’O Stohk.— One of t > mor.t elegant
ly furnished stores that we have seen for many
a day, has recently been lilted up at No. 14
Commercial street, for a drug store, by Frank
Thayer, late of San Francisco. By reference
to his advertisement it will be seen that Mr.
Thayer is in receipt of a large and well selected
stock of drugs and medicines, and being an ex
perienced druggist, we trust he will receive that,
share of patronage which his efforts to please so
justly merit.
Keep Dry.—If you wnut an excellent article
of rubber clothing for the u[ pleaching ruiny
season, call on Messrs. Block & Co. Corner of
Pine aud Commercial streets.
Lancastkk's Linear Stabi-e.— Our friend
Lancaster, proprietor of the old Metropolis
stables, has put up a splendid establishment on
Maiu street, nearly opposite the old stand. A
country friend who came iuto Urvn the other
day on legal business, walked iutoit, mistaking
it from its appearance for the new court house.
Tuanks.—J. W. Sullivan, of the News Depot,
6an Francisco, will accept our Blanks for a
liberal supply of papers, among which are the
London Illustrated News, B*!!ou's Pictorial,
Cit sen, Irish News, Ac.
J. E. llumlin, of Broad Street Book Store,
has also placid us under obligations for late
Atlantic and California papers.
The Cotillon I’abty at Moisey's Flat comes
off to-morrow (Thursday) evening. Prepara
tions for the event have been made on the most
liberal scale, and we doubt not it will prove a
handsome affair. A number of gentlemen from
this place we learn arc going up to exercise the
light fantastic.
Five of the whig Uniicd States Senators, now
in Congress, viz: Messrs. Benjamin of Louisiana,
Jones of Tennessee, Geyer of Missouri, and Pratt
and Pearce of Maryland, have already in the
most public manner, avowed their intention to
support the democratic presidential candidates.
Messrs. Andcson, Caldwell and others will
address the Democracy at Washington on Fri
day evening next, and at Omega on Saturday j
evening. I
Southern A(greulon.
Nothing has contributed to much to strcngth
en the band* of the Black dis-uoiouists of the
Garrison and Ghidings school, as the charge
now to assiduously made of the aggressive spir
it of the South. A more base and dangerous
falsehood has never been perpetrated in the an
nals of time. It has been the cause of all the
ill feeling now engendered in the minds of the
people of ibe two sections of the country, and
its capacity for evil is commensurate with the
value of the great Republic, whose power is now
felt in every corner of the Union, and which, pre
served, is fruitful of blessing to us and our chil
dren. This charge has been grounded upon the
disposition made of our territorial acquisitions,
yet so far from sustaining the charge, the truth
of history presents the South as always act
ing with an eye single to the harmony of the
Union, and willing to sacrifice everything con
sistent with honor, to insure its preservation.
Let the candid man of the North, who is in
dependent enough to think for himself, and who
has sufficient courage to resist the appeals winch
are made to hia pride by designing demagogues,
take up the map of this extended country, and
with its history in his bands, examine this
charge, and to his sense of truth and justice,
rigid and inflexible, we alone appeal to undo
the damnable wrong, which had or misguided
men would induce him to commit in this hour
of duuger. for hereafter it may not lie in Ins pow
er to correct the deid of mischief which must
result from the triumph of sectionalism.
Such a calumny we cannot for a moment an
ticipate. The noble northern Democracy are
standing firm in their lines. Upon them will
fall the brant of the battle, and we look with
confidence upon their ability to achieve immor
tal honor, by continued fidelity to the sacred
compact of the constitution. Before the eyes
of the whole people there are facts spread out
which they are culled upon to see. These fuels
should be pondered well, for they will stimulate
the pride of the South too, if it ever come to be
the settled purpose of the North to degrade her
people to the condition of a mere dependency
upon the bounty of the stronger section.
Men of the North, of generous and patriotic
spirit, and of uli sections entered the Union; the
States co-equal In rights, the weak secure under
the constitution against the powerful. How
has the South conducted herself under it? We
leave it to farts to determine.
The following statistical history in regard l>
Territorial acquisition, was compiled from the
records by Hon. C. <J. Clay of Alabama, and
was recently introduced into a speech of Hon.
Horatio Seymour, made at Sringfleld Mass, on
the tth of July :
‘•At the conclusion of peace, 1783, the States
then north of Muson A Dixon’s line hud 1(14.081
square miles. The states then south of that
line had 647,292 square miles.
“Pending the Revolution, the north-western
territory excited, (as Mr. Mudiaou expressed it,)
“the lucrative desire” of the north-eastern peo
ple to a degree threatening the existence ol the
Confederacy. The territory belonged to Vir
ginia, by repeated royal grants, as well as by
conquest achieved at her sole expense anil by
her unaided arms. To satisfy those desires,
quiet the contest and secure harmony mul
peace, she surrendered it to the confederacy,
and the ordinance of’87 devoted it to FrecSoil.
That surrender reduced southern territory near
ly three-fold. Northern territory was thereby
swelled to 425,71)1 square miles. The territory
ot Louisiana, next acquired, in which slavery
was maintained by both French and Spanish
laws and guaranteed in tlio treaty of acquisition
was, by the Missouri restriction so divided that
the north took (exclusive of Oregon) 659,138
square-miles, and the south retained 225,456
square miles. By that settlement the south sur
rendered of slave-holding territory to the north,
about three-fourths and returned about one
fourth. Hut, including Oregon ns a part of the
Louisiana purchase, the north took 972,(105
square miles, anil the south retained 225,450
square miles. Thereby the south surrendered
more than tour-fifths, and retained but oue-fiftli
of that territory.
“The acquisition of Oregon, (if not included
in the Louisiana purchase,) Florida and Texas,
resulted in a divLiou, by which the north got
about 415,407 square miles, and the south re
tained ulxiut 271,208 square m.les. By that ar
rangement the north obtained about luree-fil'ths
of those territories.
“The Mexieun conquests, engrossed by the
North, added to her limits about 401.838 square
miles. The South has grown from 047,202 to
882,245 square miles, having add d hut 235,047
square miles to her area since 1783. l.i the
same time, the North from 104.081 has grown
to 1 903,204 squire miles; having added in the
same time 1,738.123 square miles to her limits.
The South lias increased less than fifty percent,
in territorial urea since the revolution. Tue
South commenced with four times the territory
of the North; the North has now near two amt
a half times the territory of the South. The
Federal Government never bad one foot of ter
ritory east of the Rocky Mountains, that was
free soil when acquin d. And, indeed, 1 ques
tion whether she ever held any west of them
that was free soil. The Northern States never
ceded one foot of territory to the United States;
and never yielded one foot of territory, that
was free soil when acquired, to the use of tiie
South, hut have retained it all.
“The South has ceded, of her own exclusive
territory. 251.671 square in lee, and has relin
quished of other slaveholding territory when
acquired, belonging in common to all the States
972.605 square tulles, and of slaveholding and
uon-sluveholding territory in all, not less than
1,738,123 square miles—an empire eleven fold
greater than the entire area of the Northern
States at the peace of '63, and more than doub
le the entire domain of the States of tiie Confed
The political power of the country has passed
into the control of the Free States, and that
power is increasing with startling rapidity.—
The preservation of the Union now depends up
ou the wisdom and patriotism of the North.
To CoiuiKHi-oMUc.vrs.—We have received from
a gentleman living at Alpha, and also from
another at Rough A Ready, long and able com
munications treating of the issues involved in
the grent national contest. Both are men of
northern birth and education, and holding fast
to the broad conservative spirit of the constitu
tion, they give the most conclusive reasons for
the truth which is in them. It would give us
more than pleasure to spread before ihe eyes
of the public the greet and liberal sentiments
which they avow were it possible for us to do
so, but the great length of their articles and
the crowded state of our columns renders it im
possible. One of them writes, “If you do not
publish, do not take the trouble to apologize.”
A sensible admonition, and worthy of a true
Fire Co.\iri.vr.—a meeting will be held at
the Uniou Hotel this evening, at seven o’clock,
to perfect arrangements for the organization of
a (ire company. All persons feeling au interest
in the object of the meeting arc invited to at
Buchanan and the Pacific Rail Road.
The following letter from our presidential
candidate, on the subject of the Pacific Railroad
received by the last steamer, speaks for itself.
It was not necessary for Mr. Buchanan to have
written this letter to give assurance of his fa
vorable regard for this great national work,
but in answer to communications addressed to
him, he has here given the most explicit expres
sion of his views. lie places the power to con
struct this vast work where it had already been
placed, by the present secretary of war, whose
able reports to Congress have been made famil
iar to the Americau mind. By the side of the
ambiguity of Mr. Fillmore in his receut letters,
and the school boy diction of Mr. Fremont on
the same subject, this letter from Mr. Buchanan
sounds like the language of the true statesman.
Wheatland, (uear Lancaster. Pa.,) |
17th September, 1806. j
To B. F. Washington, E.-q.. Chairman of the
Democratic State Central Committee of Cali
fornia :
Sik—I have received numerous communica
tions from sources in California entitled to high
regard, in reference to the proposed Pacific
Railroad. As it would lie impossible for me to
answer them all, I deem it most proper and re
spectful to address you a general answer in
your official capacity. In performing this duty
to the citizens of California, I act in perfect
consistency with the self-imposed restriction
contained m my letter accepting the nomina
tion lor the Presidency, not to answer interrog
atories raising new aud different issues from
those presented by the Cincinnati Convention;
because that Convention lias itself adopted a
resolution in favor of this great work. I. then,
desire to slate briefly, that, concurring with the
Convention, I urn decidedly favorable to the
construction of the Pacific Railroad; and, I de
rive the authority to do this from the constitu
tional power “to declare war” and the constitu
tional duty “to repel invasions.” In my judge
ment, Congress possesses the same power to
make appropriations for the construction of this
road, str.ctly for the purpose of national de
fence, that they have to erect fortifications at
the mouth of the harbor of Sun Francisco. In
deed. the necessity, with a view to repel for
eign invasion from California, is as great in the
one case as in the other. Neither will there be
danger from the precedent; for it is almost im
possible to conceive that any case, attended by
such extraordinary and unprecedented c reum
stuuces, can ever again occur in our history.
Yours very respectfully,
We have been requested to say to our friends
at Woolsey’s and Moore's Flats that the demo
cratic candidates who had engagements to speak
at their places on Tuesday evening were unable
to fulfil the appointments partly on account of
indisposition of one of the parties, and partly
because they could not obtain horses on that
day logo up. Everything in the shape of horse
flesh having been engaged two or three days
before, for the escort to the distinguished demo
cratic speakers from below.
Tin; K. N. Mketino.— The great Know Noth
ing demonstration of the season, came off on
Saturday evening, in front of the American Ex
change. The speakers, Messrs. Woods aud Pey
ton, were escorted into town by the Fillmore
ites of the county, on horseback, und in car
riages, headed by a baud of music. Iu the eve
ning, a procession was formed, numbering one
hundred and forty-one persons, which marched
up and down Ihoiul street, and finally brought
up ut the corner of Main and Cayote streets, to
listen to the great expounders of K. N. princi
ples. The procession w as a long one, which is
accounted for, from the fact that they marched
in single file, and kept ten feet apart. A large
crowd was attracted to the stand, hut long be
fore Mr. Peyton was through speaking, the
numlier was reduced to the originul “one hun
dred uiul forty-one.”
District Coi rt. —This Court has been engag
ed during the past week in the trial of George
Lewis, indicted for the murder of George H.
Jordon, and Samuel Hurtgraveu indicted for the
murder of P. Ellison at San Juan. The cuse of
Lewis was given to the jury on Thursday eve
ning, who immediately returned a verdict of ac
quittal. The result of this trial has caused con
siderable dissatisfaction, in this place. Some of
the most important witnesses were not exam
ined, and the belief is very general that the
ease was not half prosecuted, llartgraves was
convicted of murder in the second degree. lLs
sentence was postponed for a week. The pun
ishment for this otfeuce is imprisonment in the
penitentiary for not less than ten years.
Fatal Accident. —A man by the name of
Johnson was kilted on Monday last, near Bear
Valley, by the unexpected explosion of a blast
on the South Yulia ditch. Several blasts had
been ignited at the same time, all but one of
which went off. Supposing the other one had
gone out, they went back, and on arriving at
the spot, it exploded. Johnson, who w as stand
ing near, was struck by a large rock, which
broke his thigh iu two places and otherwise
injured him. lie died in about six hours. An
other man was slightly injured by the explo
Shot at.— George Kelliuherger, better known
as “Dutch George,” as he was going from Ne
vada to Saa Juan, on Friday evening last, was
wayla'd and shot at by some persons stationed
on both sid> s of the road. A pistol ball passed
through the lappel of his coat, lie cried out,
“Do you want to kill Dutch George.” One of
the viltiuns spoke, and asked him if he was hurt,
lie made no answer, hut fired his pistol in the
direction of one of the men. and putting spurs
to his horse run into Sail Juan. It was quite
dark at the time, aud the probability is that the
fellows were lying iu wait for some other person:
IIow it Stands. —Kentucky with 12 electoral
votes, North Carolina 10, Alabama 9. Missouri 9,
Arkansas 4, Texas 4, Iowa 4, Vermont 5, and
Maine 8, have defined their positions by recent
elections. The result is: Buchanan 48. Fre
mont 17. Fillmore 0. Elections have been held
in several other States, but the vote will not be
known here until after the great contest is de
cided. The State elections, so far as heard from,
must be very gratifying to Fillmore men.
Election Precincts.— In our issue to-day will
be found a list of the various precincts of the
County as fixed by the Board of Supervisors, on
Monday last, together with the names of the In
spectors and Judges. Wherever the Board have
failed to designate Judges and Inspectors, or in
cm*e any of those appointed neglect or refuse to
serve, the voters present on the morning of the
election, have the right to supply the moaner.
Arrival of the Sierra Nevada.
The Nicaragua steamer Sierra Nevada arriv
ed at the Bay on Saturday night last, with dates
from New York to Sept 25th, and Nicaragua
dates to Oct. 6th.
From the State Journal Extra, of Sunday, we
copy the following:
We find in the memoranda of the Sierra Ne
vada the following information, winch places
the attain of Nicaragua in au entirely d.uereiit
aspect from that reported by the way ot 1'ana
ma: . . ..
President Walker's army is iu fine discipline
and spirits, and is continually receiving rein
forcements of men and arms. The country is
perfectly healthy, and the entire transit ui
rangcmciits iu perfect order.
The Texas brought 300 stand of Minnie t itles,
and four mountain howitzers, Itesides mortars,
shells, amunitiOU and meu, and no doubt need
exist among Ins friends but his next campaign
will be entirely successful, and probably li mu
riate the existing troubles iu that country.
Many females are already immigrating to Nic
aragua to become permanent settlers. 1 he
whole aspect of affairs iu that country is mate
rially brightening under the new reg.ine.
Tue following information appears under date
of New York, Sept. 34.
Tne report of the commissioner to Investigate
the I’unama riots lias been published. It is very
long and able. Mr. Corwin recommend- the
United Slates Government to occupy the Isth
mus temporarily for tile protect.on of Aim rican
lives and property. The Cabinet has been in
session a long time considering the ri port. No
decision yet made known. It is probable that
a vessel of w ar will be stationed at each end ol
the line, at any rate. Corwin’s able report lias
obtained him the Consulship at Panama Hard
is recalled. His removal was demanded in June
last by the Gramuliau Government.
An arrival from Havana reports that the Tar
tarus, British war steamer from Vera Cruz, had
arrived there looking for the stray vessels ol
the fleet which are to lie concentrated at Vera
Cruz to enforce the demands of the British Min
istry in behalf of the Mexican bond holders iu
An American vessel was taking in stores at
Kingston, Jamaica, for the British fleet at Grey
The West Indian mail steamer Fay. was lost
on the 30th Aug. at Lopez Island. Crew, pas
sengers, uiid mad hugs saved.
Tne New York Tribune is awfully chagrined
because the Know Nothings are running a tick
et iu Connecticut, Rhode island, Massucnu-i It-,
Vermont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ind.aua u.,d Illi
nois. ‘•Nobody, it says, “imagines thut one
of them can he elccti d: that tue f dlmore l.ckct
in any of the doubtful Slates, except New York,
and possibly New Jersey, can come out even
second best. The Only possible etlect of run
ning Fillmore tickets in these States is to draw
on' votes enough that would otherwise he east
for Fremont, to secure the electors for Bucba.i
au. This is the result for which Messrs. David
Paul Brown, Win. Halstead, Austin, Baldwin A
Co. are really working. How much more man
ly to come square out for Bucbamui at once,
like Rufus Choate, Fletcher Webster and Jos.
The American State Convention at Rochester
nominated Erastus Brooks for Governor, and
Lyman Odell for Lieut. Governor. The bolters
from the late North American Convention uni
ted with them.
The Democrats of New York city arc pro
ceeding with the Congressional nominations.
They were never more enthusiastic.
There is no important political news. The
Presidential election seems to lie the all absorb
ing question. Buchanan still has the lead, hut
the Fremont men are not disheartened.
Mr. Speaker Banks was to address the mer
chants of New York in Wall street, on the 25th.
Burlingame w as to speak iu Union Square the
night the steamer left.
Kansas Awaiks. From Kansas dates are lo
September 17th. There is a telegraphic cl is- 1
patch to the Tribune, dated St. Louis, Septemlier
20th, which announces (he entrance of 2,800
Missourians into the Territory, and their ad
vance upon Lawrence. They were disbanded
by Gov. Geary, after a collision w ith the ad
vanced guards of the free Slate force and the
loss of three men.
Three separate actions are reported bi tween
Col. Harvey, w ith his free State force and the
pro slavery party—the former victorious. No
reliance can be placed on any of Hit* above.
The last reliable reports are that every ting is
quiet, in consequence of which the Governor, of
Missouri will not call an extra sessiou of the
Legislature, as intemlid.
A committee, sent to Kan-as by the citizens
ot St. Louis, to report on the state of tilings in
that Territory, exonerates the M ssouriaus from
much of tin* blame heretofore imputed to them.
Gov. Price lias issued a proclamation forh ti
ding Missourians to interfere in the alfuirs of the
The Coroner’s Jury is still silting on the body
of the late victim of the brutal practice of prize
lighting, Andy Kelly.
Mouk Straws.—A vote was taken for Presi
dent at the Railroad Restaurant, Comimrcal
street, on last Wednesday evening, wh’eh re
sult* das follows: Buchanan, 26; Fillmore, 1;
Fremont, 0.
A vote taken at the Virginia House, on Mon
day, stood: For Buchanan, 25; Fillmore, 21;
Fremont, 4.
North AmericanCircus. —TlnsspU ndid eques
trian establishment, (forimrly Lee A Marshall's)
will give their last performance for the sea-on
on Tuesday evening next, the 28th inst. This
company is so well known in this comity that
it is useless for us to say anything in its praise.
We doubt not the immense ampitheatcr will be
crowded to overflowing.
Senator Douglas at Home.— The little giant
arrived at Chicago from his labors at Washing
ton. on Monday evening, the 8th ult., and met
w ith a most enthusiastic reception from Ins con
stituents. Andrew Hurvie, Esq., greeted him
w armly in behalf of the Democracy of Chicago.
The Times says, that over 10.000 pi rsous crow
ded the streets, and carriage ways, the house
top* and balconies iu the vicinity of the stand,
to listen to the man who has been immortal.zeel
iu bis deeds pi rforined iu behalf of Illinois.
Backing Oct. —Thu UermauClub iu the fourth
ward of the city of New York, w hich bus been
supporting Fremont, has bucked out ot' the ne
gro-worshiping party, and gone over to Buchan
an. They do not l.ke a man who tries to stand
on two platforms, and who announces that "lie
suits his replies to get the votes of all sides.”
Decree against -Americans.— The feeling of
the government of Honduras against the people
of the United States appeal's to be no wav
friendly, as is evidenced by the fact that they
have Issued a decree forbidding all Americans
to laud at the ports of that country for the pur
pose of going into the interior. The U. S. Con
sul had ineffectually protested against the en
forcement of this decree.
Silver Mines in the Gadsden Purchase.—
Recent intelligence received at San Diego from
the* Gadsden l’urehuse, states that a Mr. Postern
representing a company of capitalists in New’
1 ork and Cincinnati, had arrived at Tuesou
with a party of men, aud was about immediately
to commence working the Tnhsc silver mines.
The National Intelligencer, the time-honored
organ of the late Whig party, has announced its
intention of taking no part in the Presidential
contest. Of Mr. Fillmore it says:
‘■We cannot forget that Mr. Fillmore was a
Whig when he la-fore conducted the government
with such signal ability; that he was surrounded
by Whig advisers and was guided in his admin
istration by Whig principles. Now, when he
has become the cand date, as he lumselt announ
ces, of‘-another parly,” and has disclaimed the
name and associations he but so recently main
tained, displacing them by a‘so called American
Order,' we cannot so clearly see that, w ith our
unchanged opinion? in favor of W big principles
and Whig men we are warranted in expecting
at his hands the same course under the maxims
he now espouses as under those which formerly
regulated his administration aud crowned it
with such brilliaut success. ’
The English National debt was increased dur
the year ending 31st of March, 1S;>0, nearly
iioiti ix i •9 Ci'iibitiiiu stuiH«-cii mtifin*""
Pacts cannot be questioned, when the jieopte of any country
bear testimony in mass, as in the ca-e of Dr. J. Hostetler’s
Moraach Hitters. Not only have we the individual evidence
of the laud, but almost every pajer in the Union is com
menting upon the great benefit derived from the use of
the e celebrated Hitters; besides various diplomas awarded
them, among which is one from the Ohio Mechanic’s Insti
tute, at their thirteenth Annual Exhibition, at Cincinnati,
where the Committee was conqsised chiefly of 1 liyoician.s
iu the city. 1 or i yspepsia, in any form, tnese Billers aie
a certain cure, when u.-ed a.*> per direction. Also lor has
oi Appetite, indigestion, Ceneral 1 ebility, and a sure i re
ventive of 1 ever and Ague, The>e Bitters are pleasant to
the ta»te, and a delightful beverage, i urchuners .should
be careful and take none but the ulvu.vk liurmcTrau s
stomach BiriEit-—and you aie sate.
tor sale by the principle Druggists aud lirst class £a loons.
1 AKlv A: VMilih,
role Agents for the I acitic coast, to whom all orders mould
oe authored, \\ amiugiou »t., opj/O.uie me 1 o*t oihce.
.tA.s £ k.aaCKA.u.
FRANK Lr.iggist,
and Agent at .Nevada.
J 0 li 11 DUllJL,
iJijjjhit, vi*w/ j*«j4a\ &l+ai*jity
.1*0.1 A iiiii/Awiiiitt
C' I-AI INK Kitucu vuue>, i oguuco, &c. The very beat
f »i«.uiu ooi.ee in u.e Lov.
* c .oiis woo rtiMi lo £ci u lair inleie*t for tbeir money
wiii uu will in ai .iia ollice.
*>• 1». cau aie one or two iiours in the afternoon, ami
will give leaaon.i lo ami i.eu.irnien in me k leucU
1 -‘“8 ua B ,; aii<l * emnaiiaiiip. icnii* iiHHieiule.
o-u -No. Krouii utiifi. Actinia.
\V. v*. vuii M. li.
7' 7/ F A 7 C 7 .7 A' A A' 77 ,S L Ji O 110 A ,
lender* his proleesioiml service* to the citizens o .Neva
da ami vicinity.
tiKKH F.—At frank Thayer’s I rue store, No. 14 hummer
rial ■»tn*et. [«>-tf
York Mnnufactories
k i li li i; is
HAYK just received from the New
MO White I it Coats with Capes (new article.)
100 Ul k “ “
200 White 1
200 I>1 k 1
100 “ 4
100 •• 4
GO pairs 4
25 pairs
“ hack*, ••
Jackets *• »•
1 ants “ “
Lying'S “ “
50 Cases Haywards T.nn# I R Boots,
10 ( ’a>es 4 * Knee 44 “
10 do/. Ixingl R <»lov(-«-50 do/. Hat Covers Silk and Cotton.
Which will Ihi olTemlat l\\J•ItECEDEXTED LOW
/Vi/CAVN—Wholesale & Retail.
3-if A. RIjOCK & CO.,
Cor. Commercial and l ine Sta.
J/ Citizens of Nevada and vicinity that he has just opened
Ills XKW l>RC<» STORK, No. 14 C<>iiiinurcial street. Nevada,
where lie will be happy to supply ai! wants in his line of
business. Having unequal**! lacilities for purchasing, he
is enabled to *s<*l! cheaper than any other establishment in
the place. All his drugs are of the last quality—are selec
ted in the east and Kuropc, by his brother, li. B. Thayer,
of San Francisco.
Plnsieians may rest assured to find the purest and choi
cent l.rugs and Medicines, as well as to have their prescrip
tions put up with rare and accuracy.
Families will find it to their interest to buv their medi
cines and supply their wants at this store.
The Ladies will ttnd a large assortment of French and
Fnglish articles of 1 orfumery, Krthcnces. KxtraetH. Colognes,
i'oinatum, Beauty Washes, Brushes, Combs, &<*.
Also, a very large aiwortrm nt of latent Medicines of
every variety, which he offers wholesale and retail, cbeajier
than any other house in the place, t all and give nun a
trial. [8-tf] FRANK THAVtH.
Klectlon Precinct*.
At it meeting of till’ Board of Supervisors fur Xevailu
County, In-Id <in Monday. Oeti Over’21st, 1S56.
It in ordered that Ilia lUlmving pieeiuets lie established
as the Flection pnvincts el'the county, mid tin- following
ja-rsons are appointed at the several precincts, as inspec
tors and Judges, a t the General Uectiou to he held on the
fourth day ot November He’d, to wit:
NKVAI-A TOWN.-llll*.
Aemda Eretiml —at Ainevii-ati F.xehunge.——inspector
I', lielden—Jnilgi Waldo M Allen, .1. C. Abbott.
JHeasant Elal 1‘nrimt —Inspector-—11. Montgomery
.Indites —Frank Heed, .1. t\ InilVi-v.
hltif i .'ill 1 / ’recinrt —at 111 i»- 1 1 nt I louse.—Inspector
Remington-Judges—,-oh Cushman, ,1. M. Foster.
Missouri liar /‘rrciwi —at John lew's store.— insjiector
Robert 1-aivieucc—Judges—J|. M. Ilullin. ister, II. lobar.
(•'"Ill Hill ami IVhUe Clun-I Pmiiwt —at White Cloud
House.—In-peetor—James IJndley—Judge—K Met jeu
Win. Boswell.
Maker's /‘redact— at Iliinerfandfs House.—Inspector—
Holliman—Judges—li. W Itiilley. Alexander
liras* Valley—nl the building adjoining Smith’s F'x
change.—Inspector-—!o-eph Woodworth—Judge.—William
McCnrmnek. Jeremiah st-ine.
Iltteiui Vida A’lDuJi—at Tat lor k Cloek’s Ilouae. In
s,lector—C. Barker—Judges—Bi n Taylor. M J\
Ilumufihs Jinnch mi lVi,l/Cie./.\— Inspector— A. F. I.mj.
win—Judges—John Smith. M. Rcatliley.
Allison's limn It —at l.uukiFs More.—Inspector
Bai-se—Judge—J. Uiriiner, T. Ilarlery.
/ iia 11ill —at llatliuway’s t amp.—Ins,lector —
Hathaway—.Judge- 1 >
liiiFt.il \ KFAl.y TOWNsHlF.
Rough if- Iieaily —at the 1 invnei llojie. —inspector W
1 avi —Judge—A. C. bean, F. W. Heberts.
r im House—at z inc House.—Inspector-—Robert Gordon
Judge—Win. Nattier, sheppard.
I Im arU l alley —at Jierkman's House.—Ins,lector- C.
Beckman—Judge — 1. li. hue, U bile-ell.
Se rbian —at Chardin’s store.—In-peetm— Wm. Hill
Judge —Jno. F. Collgleton, I zekiel Itobllins.
i Ju lian Sg, in — it Indian .-, rings Home.—Inspector
II. 1. I la! eii—i iidge —bin. Gilliam, Win. tiitssawuv.
Lomie.rs Itii. nt hue Hak Hon e,—lu.j eetot—.-vnlhony
Smill.—Judge —I lederiek t isik. 'I. II. Gardner.
/wholly Ha. —at Brown ,V Trail’s store.—Inspector-
Bi-own—judge —Win. GriUiu. Alctouald.
1.1 HI.F \(iHk TuW \ Jill'.
I. lnrl. —at uiiy lunl’s Sure.—Inspector—J. Gardner,
Judge ( oggins, Gaylord.
,, iieminijil.n Hill— m W. I. F isherV.—Inspector—John
Hu sty—.lodge —c. F. Macy, — Green,
I la rtirsk liaii.h —at J. I.illey’..—Inspector - |ar
isli—Judge Wheat, J. lallev.
/ Itms,I III I alley —at Weiss’.. More Inspector 1.. L.
Barit—Judge—John Weiss, .
lietl Ih.j —at Brooklyn Him e.—In-peclor—T. J. Bur
gess—.lodge —I r. Turney. J. c. tireen.
IVu/lou/ia —at .Vacanlei’s llo’el.—Inspector I.of
tin—Judge.—James Hanna. t ueuey.
W A lll.XGHI.X illW.X. |i||*.
JJd h nog, n—at . o.itii tuba Hotel.—Inspector— J. N.
Ba lev—judges—Robert Isitta. Hi urv toung.
J. a—lu-peulo—muiel lassiv—JuiLe—h. Mang
dom. J. Wniie.
AI/ ha —at Wixom Hotel.— Inspector—W. W. Wixom—
Judge —1 all in Hall. J. ( odiiugton.
Omega —at Ism mg's store.—In-peetor—I r. J. Teenies
Judge.—I.. li. I rescott, J. V. Ijtu ing.
/•an I alley— at Uuttcrlield’s.—Inspector— Tlios. Butter
liehl—Judge. —A. Scott, l.i-man.
t.l'KFjv A 'HiW Nsllir.
Eureka /'mine;— at (lark’s Hou e._In jicclor—II. Hen
derson—Judge —Wm. Adams, s. scliutler.
Suulh thrk Hour Man's Creek/‘ret ilk at Meiris’Store—
In-is-el", Fr. Uusii-Judge—F. stewker. Allen George
Mrhau* t lot f'let.nu-au lark’s H»„-e —Inapeclor-A
K. Allen—.1 —A. J. bn>m, Win. io>h*
V,leans tlai l-ieiiwt-u t Oileans Hou e—
Crx-gan—Juvlge —Vndiew Jlunyea. s. B. iliekman.
Miser s yiai l'ruinil at Home’, llou-e.-luspvaitor-U
M. Misire—Judge hliike.dev, shaw
n, lay's Elat 1‘mitM —at Jox’s'ilouM-.—Inspector— An
d.e» Jlauna—Judge—J , Hubbard, Joan Harts
Humbug CUy / /hum—at Irwin’s House.—Jusnector—
W m. Jayliii—Judge—h. F. Wilcox, Jones
tlelkj t.itl f'rectnrf—at Franklin Jisld’s House—Insia
m. Bouban
Juf^jl^'^'J, ~ , > -l-; r i-«o r -M.«esF. Ho
c -
Hr viio l<,, | a" rrn,_ “* " 'sconsin Hotel Inspector—I)
Brvan-Judg,Caswell, p ur , u ." l Cl0r l> '
W,sM-l„d^Zl t J^ r -_ ll,,U --^l^tor-D.
Store at the m, u
THIS new anil extensive Equestrian Establishment, hav
ing refitted expressly for tile Full season, and before
going into Winter quarters, will give their last perfcrtu
uuce for the season, at Nevada
On Tuesday Evening, Oct. ‘48th 1856.
The Company consists in part, of the following distitr
guished Artists:
graceful and daring Equestrienne of the day,
MR. 1.. HIM KI EV, Master O BRIEN.
Making an array of talent never surpassed on this side
of the Pacific.
f t)- lit mrmlrr. for 0 -V E SIGHT O S L V. ,
Admission—Boxes—84 00 Pit—$1,00.
the l’artiiership heretofore existing between the irudur
signetl, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Both
parties are authorised to settle the partnership accounts,
and sign in liquidation.
October 15th, 1S3A.—3,'tw
Dr. Guysott’s Improved Extract
mud*; ns U cot tificr<! by the wonderful cures it has per
formed. Ketneinlier, this is the only true mid genuine Ar
ticle. This Medicine, when used according to directiou*,
Will (nie Without Fall
or King's Evil, Cancels, Tumors, Eruptions of
-kin. Kry-ipvkts, CTirontc .'ore Eyes, King
worm or Tetter. Scald Head, Kheunia
ti.-m, Fains in the Hones and Joints,
Old Fores and Ulcers, Swelling
of the (.lands, lyspepsia,
Salt Klienm, Itisease
of the kidneys, Loss of Appetite,
Disease arising from the Use of Mercury, l ain in the Side
and shoulders, General 1 ebility,
Jaundice and Costiveness.
Tlio Female lhimdy Known.
Tin* Yellow l ock and Sarsaparilla is peculiarly adapted
for females of delicate health, resulting from irregularity
of menstrual discharges, and cither disea>cs peculiar to
their sex, We assure the atllicted. that a bottle or two
S\l AKILLA will at mice regulate thof*e dilBculties and re
new the natural energies.
For sale by Druggists everywhere.
Sole Agents, ImportC!*,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers of all Genuine Latent Medi
cine-. Washington street, opposite the Post Office.
3-3m and Agent at Nevada.
C1«ronn*’» Sale.—Rv virtue of an Execution to me
j directed, issued out of the lion. District Court of the
Sixth Judicial District, in and for the County of Sacrmento
on a Judgment rendered therein on the 1 Stli day of Septem
ber. A. D. 1356. in favor of W. W. Wright, and again xt
Chittle A: Wardn«*r, S. S. Hulsey, and W M. Sheridan for
the sum of Seven Hundred and <‘ne Dollars and Forty tit
cents, with interest on the -slid sum of $701.46 at tin rate
of ten per c ut per iimim, from the ‘i-lth day of July 1365,
together with all costs of suit. I have levied upon Mid
e* iy.ed will expose to public sale in front of the Shci NC* Of
fice, in Nevada City, on Wednesday the lith day of Xovpiu
her. A. IV 1856, at 2 o'clock P. M. All the right title and
interest ot S. S. lliissti in and to a certain Prick Huilding.
and the lot upon which it stands, situated and being on
Main Street, in Nevada city and County, and known as
Hussey A Rogers [hul ling now occupied as a Hardware
Store. Also all the right title and interest of the said S. S.
I In si cy in and to a certain Hon-e. end the lot ii|s»n which
it stands, situated and being on the h 11 ha k of W ll'am on
k Rain's ( ottnge, on ‘An wtoerao Hill." m Nevada lity
and County. JOHN GRIMES, Corue»r.
Nevada Oct. 21st, 1356.—3-td
TX7HFRKAS the lirst section of the 10th Article of the
T ▼ ('oii-titulion of the State of California requires that
amendments <>f the <’oustiiution. after having t>een adopted
by the legislature, shall be published three months with
»iie mis and navs thereon, and referred to the next Legis
lature. and whereas the annexed pro|x»xed amendment to
the Constitution was adopted by the legislature at the
session of 185.'», and the same published and referred to the
Legislature of 1856, as required by 1 he Constitution, and
the said proposed amendment having been agreed to bv a
majority of all the members of e ach Houm :
Now. therefore. 1. J. Neely Johnson. Governor of the
State of California, do hereby direct that at the general
election to he holdcn throughout the State of California, on
the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. A. D.
being the 4th day of the monlii. said proposed amend -
m *nt 1h? submitted to the qualified electors voting at inch
election, in accordance with an Act entitled an Act agree
ing to the proposed amendments to the Constitution, and
providing for its submission to the people." Approved April
lu. 1856, and commend the same to the consideration of the
citizens ol the State of California.
f -j Witness my hand and the great seal of
• I.. S. \ at the city of Sacramento, this the 3d <
l tober, A. D. 1856.
the State,
day of Oc
Attest. David F. Dor glass.
Sec’y of State.
Proimwil Amendment* to lire Constitution
of tlie State of Unllforiiln.
Feet ion twi. ill Article ten. is nmended so ns to rcn.l ns
f llo« s ; Ami if. m any time, two-thirds of tlie Senate and
As-emhlv .'•h ill tlihik it necessary to revise and change this
entire (.institution, they shall recommend to the elector*,
at the next election for members of the legislature, to vote
for nr again'! a r.invention. and if it shall appear that a
majority ot the electors; voting at such election bare voted
ill favor III calling n < 'invention. the legislature shall, at its
next se.'ion, provide, bylaw, for tailing a f’onvention, to
be linidcn wItllin six months after the passage of such law ;
and such ( onvention shall consist of a number of members,
not less than that of both branches of the legislature. The
.on-til ution that may be agreed upon and adopted bv such
convention, si.all Is* submitted to the |>eople at a special
elect!.*., to bo provided for by law, for ll.oir ratification or
rejection; caoh voter shall oxpre-s l.is opinion by deposit
ing in Hie ballot-box a tioket, whereon shall be written or
pnnt.sl, the wools -For Hie new Constitution."'or "Against
tiic now ('institution. ' The retains of such election shall,
... sue], manner as the Convention shall direct. Ik- certified
to the Executive of the State, who shall call to his assist
ance the t ontrollor. Treasurer and Secretary of State, and
coni! are the vote so certified to him. If, bv such examina
tion it he ascertained that a majority of the whole number
i;l , 1 'C such election, be in favor of sucli new Con
stitution, the Executive of this Stale shall, bv l.is prorla
maiioii. declare «oc|i new Constitution to be the Constitu
tain of the State of California. 3_te
[No. If.,]
n Ordinance to regulate the Assessment of pr
The Trustees the City of Nevada do ordain as fo
1 I he f itv Assessor shall annually, hetwer
first day of November and -.he tenth dav .if Decemh
C.'.lain bv diligent inquiry and examination, the na
" rersoiH. corporations, associations, companies or
owning, claiming, or having the |*,ssession. charge r
trol of .my real estate, personal or mixed propert y .
or bo ng within the corporate limits of the city of' N
together with thcf.Ucaah value of all such real estn
‘ on a Daniel an r. rt - V ' ,mt b} ' hw ‘‘xempt fn!n,
d«d he shall list or assess all such real osta
-cromsl pntperiy to the per on fin... corporation ai
or wmrei n oMt ,,> , " lmvi »K l«ssessk.i,.
or CO, tri'i Ot t and | )e sluill demand from each
and firm, and f-„m tlie president, cashier treasurer
Ian or managing agent of each corpora.ii,n a«wia't
co m anv. a s a cment under oath, ol all the ™!
chhn“ b; r md ' ,,pr0pCr '- V * i,hin city lr
Ci.munv ‘ l , erMin ’ fll "). cor|Kiration, associat
de - l?e con „ f 'T ' ime possession ,
J'*"> r '<'n hIihII rofusp or n»*glvct to give under
oi TL 0t ' or ltrillion, aAKociatiun o,
• 1 c 1 ie s prv-i«len(. CH>hic*r, trea.surer sec
his fi!m*oJ*thc PUl ' * nd * U 'bf property which
which he is .? ,r I lor **bm. asssociation or comp
aging agent Iris "tlie c?' ”"' 1r * 1 * f, "' rr - weretarv or
qV,7 r/r »n y V r f T "' n ?' rT,^.dI ™ i n ”
nal'a Jnmch^r'"
powered ,J'ad^r i8l,ereb I r authorized an
- r m ' ':., rd " f Jl: u8t - ofK “ id ci 'y the tax list
wlrict, list sli ii k! ,rvd b? the first section ofthis ordii
»inch list shall be certified to by the assessor and
said Tri "‘V'"' January by’ the c
SK,' 4 n . "a'S* for l ,uhl ' ,: las,lection.
ofTn,st «‘" s hali on said fir
tbe city collector "*' a llH '*" , “ mPnt roU •<> »>• delivr
1PM * C - T. OVFRTON. Press!

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