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“O'votiafl Trrnnmdk‘ Uxul }'»
. 'Tin the drum. Calls sloud I
In the fl*ms l beard it cell,
Abui tMse and quitted all,
'V«i i turned a deafened ear
To what heart and hope held dear,
Nor a backward glance allowed—
For the drum —
For the drum it called so loud!
Tears have dimmed my mother’s eyes,
And my father vainly sigh*;
Father, mother, cease to plead—
But one sound my ears now heed,
And I burn to join the crowd
With the drum tliatfclls so loud!
Oh! the drum it cnlls so loud!
At the hearthstone—ip the sea
Where I used my love to greet!
Pale she aita and cries with woe,
“Must thou, wilt thou from me go!”
Sweet to thee my heart wus vowed,
But the drum, —
Oh! the drum it cnlls so loud!
Oh! the drum it calls so loud!
From mv comrades lu the light
Come*'to me a last good night;
And I know death’s greeting well,
Bursting from the dory shell,
While in dust my ear is bowed,
Though the drum,—
Though the drum still beats so loud.
Obi the drum It calls so loud!
Rarth has not a louder sound
Than the drum on battle-ground,
And it* voice is Honor’s breath,
Though It calls in blood and death,
And a soldier’s gory shroud!
For the drum, —
Oh! the drum it calls so loudl
A Picture ok Napoleon the Great.—
Ho was everything. He was complete. He
had in his brain the cube of human facul
ties. Ho made codes like Justinian; tie
dictated like Oaetar; bis conversation join,
ed the lightuiug of Pascal to the thunder*
boldt of Tacitus; ho made history and he
wrote it, hih bulletins are Iliads; he com
bined the figures of Newton with the meta*
phors of Mohammed; he left behind him in
tho Orient words as grand as the Pyramids
of Tilsit; ho taught majesty to Emperors;
at the Academy of Sciences he replied to
Laplace; in the Council of State be held his
ground with Merlin; he gave a soul to the
geometry of those and trickery of these; he
with the attorneys and siderenl
with the astronomers; like Cromwell blow,
ing out one candle when two were lighted,
ho went to tho Temple to cheapen a cur
tain; he saw everything, he knew every
thing, which did not prevent him from
laughing a good man’s laugh by the cradle
of his little child; and, all at once, startled
Europe listened, armies set themselves in
march, paiks of artillery rolled along,
bridges of boats stretched ovor the rivers,
clouds of cavalry galloped in the hurricane,
cries, trumpets, a trembling of thrones ev
ery where, the frontiers of the kingdom os-
Ciliated upon the map, the sound of a su
perhuman blade was heard leaping from
Ha sheath; man saw him standing erect in
the horizon, with a flame in his bands and
a resplendence in his eyes, unfolding in the
thuoder his two wings, (he Grand Army
and the Old Guard, and he was the Arch
angel of War.—[Victor Hugo’s “Les Mis
The Pope and the Nobles.—A London
paper coutains the following extract of a
letter from Rome, giving a reason why
many of the Roman nobles desire the
continuance of the temporal rule of the
It appears that many of tjjo Roman no
bles are bound to the present order of
things by rather a singular tie. Their lands
weretgranted to them in the days of Papal
nepotism by the Popes, to whom they bad
the honor to be related, the said lands hav
ing been wrongfully and violently taken
from their rightful possessors. Tho de
scendants of the original owners, in many
cases still survive, and what is more re
markable, they have for these two, three,
or more centuries persisted in putting in a
legal claim to their lost lauds, and holding
out a threat of disputing the transfer.
This has happened in the family of the
Rorghese, who usurped tho territories of
the celebrated house of Cenci, a junior
branch of which family actually commenc
ed a suit for the restoration of their enor
mous property during the revolution of
1848, and would probably have gained it
but for the return of tho Pope. Mauy oth
er princely and noble houses being situat
ed like the Borghese, it is manifest that
tho Pope, who upholds the grants of pre|
ceeding Popes, has no smdli lien on their
There is a rebellion among the English
Quakers. The youthful fair of tho sect
have banded together in opposition to the
poke bonuet and scant skirt. Crinoline of
moderate periphery now surrounds their
frames, and flowers and ribbons are invad
ing the preoincts of the drab. The ciders
are moved to lamentations, and through
their organ, the British Friend, urge plain
tive remonstrances. The young men among
them are also exciting consternation by
joining riflo corps.
- - - ft
Decline Rknovination. —John P. Veree,
of Pennsylvania; John J. Crittemlon. of
Kentucky; and Thomas D. Elliot, of Mas
sachusetts, decline reuominutions to Con
■ f ~
Rice Growino. —The California Farmer
urges tho cultivation of rice on the over
flowed lands of the State, and says it will
Gy four times aa much as wheat or bar
/* *

Cor. of Pine and Waihington Sts.,
(Rear of the Court Houss,)
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings,
Dressed Lumber Constantly on Hand,
done; at short notice.
lot of J. B. VAN HAGAN, on Broad
Atreet, next below and adjoining the resi
dence of Mr. Tisdale. —
Also, the dwelling house and lot ofl. I .van
lying between F-ast and Went Broad streets.
Also, the brick store of I. P. Van Hagan, on
street, now occupied by S. Marx as a furniture store
For particulars enquire of p HAWLEY
Nevada, May 10, 1802.—tf.
Having purchasedoftiie for
MF.R owner, the above named Saloon, I would
_ l _ _ .1 A* I /In ..«. 1 4 . I t I 111
say to ita former patrons and friends, and to the
suy Him ---- ------
public at large, that the Bar will be kept well sup
plied with
The Finest Liquors, Cigars, &c.,
Persons wishing to indulge in a “light summer
Irink” or hike something “straight,” can be aecom
aiyduted by culling at the
May 20,1802.— tf. DAVID McCARTY.
Broad Street, Nevada,
L fact that I have on hand a Urge assortment ofthe
irst quality ofLiquors, consisting of
Also, a few gallons of Wine manufactured from the
Iraprtby myself, in this city. None but the
Best of Liquors Offered for Sale.
J. A. LANCASTER, Proprietor.
.his friends and the public mmUfl that
* lie has added extensively to his already
large and Elegant Establishment of Horses
Saddles, Harness, Ac., and is now prepared
> furnish as fine turnouts as can bo found in the
Well trained, fleet and easy Saddle Horses, well
•nipped for Ladies or Gentlemen, will be ready at
ft times.
Particular Attention Paid to Horses o.v Live rt .
Carriages always in readiness, with careftil drivers,
ir the use of Balls, Parties, Ac.
The quality of my Stock will permit me to say that
mse seeking pleasure, or engaged in business, would
o well to give mea call.
Arrival and Departure of the Mklli.
I.KAVK Nrvada City Ibr Sacramento, San Francisco
Nevada Territory, and Overland— daily, at two
o’clock, a. m. Arrivr daily aj 8 o’clock, p. M,
I.ravk Nevada City for Grass Valley. Rough k Ready,
Timhuctoo, Marysville, and Northern California,
daily (Sundays excepted) at 7 a. m. Arrivk daily
(Sundays excepted,) at 5 o’clock, P. M.
Lkavb Nevada City for North San Juan, Forest City,
and Downieville daily (Sundays excepted,) at 7 a. m.
Arrivk ilaily (Sundays excepted,) at5o’clock p.m.
Leavk Nevada City for Auburn fSunday8 excepted,)
daily at 2 a. m. Arrive (Sundaysexcepted,) daily
at 8 o’clock, p. M.
Leave Nevada City for Moore’s, Orleans, and Wolsey’s
E’lats, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 7
o’clock A. m. Arrive Tuesdays, Thursdays, and
Saturdays at 12 o’clock, m.
Leave Nevada City for Alpha, Omega, Mountain Wells
and Washington, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri
day*, at 7*4 a. w. Arrive Tuesdays, Thursdays,
and Saturdays at 2 o’clock, P. m.
Leave Nevada’City for Red Dog daily, at 7 ©’clock A.
m. Arrive daily at 4 p. M. K. E\ BF.AN, P. M.
[Ordinance No. Of.]
An ordinance amending an or
dinance to regulate the assessment of pro
The Trustees of the City of Nevada ordain as follows:
Sec. 1. Section 1st of Ordinance 27, passed Sept.
17th. 1857, is hereby amended so as tonutke the time
for the Assessor to commence Assessing property and
complete the same, between the Hist day of Septem
ber and the fifteenth day of October, each year.
Sec. 2. All ordinances or parts of ordinances con
flicting with the foregoing section are hereby re
pealed. Passed August 12th, 1862.
C. W. YOUNG, President.
Jxo. Paitwon, Clerk. fault.
Corner Broad & Put* Sts* (Up Stairs.)
HAVING a large And well selected as
sortment of Printing Material, we are prepared
to execute every description of
Plain and Fancy Job Printing,
in a neat and workmanlike manner, at short uotiee
and on very reasonable terms; such as
Business Cards, 11111-Heads, (ilrrnlsr*,
Ball Tickets, Labels, Checks,
Programmes, Handbills, Posters.
—A 1.80— |
KeptConstantly on land.
J. D. DfcMAREST, M. D.,
Graduate of N. Y. Univeriity, 1848.
Professor of Theory and Practice of Medici aa de
monstrated in the Treatment and Cure of Special
Disease* in this State, daring the last Thirteen
arts an'i sciences, as well as the Medical Profes
sion, speciality has erer been recognized by men of
judicious reflection, as both progressive and instruc
tive for it is a perfectly well demonstrated fact tlmt
any individual, however astute he may be, attains
to an infinitely greater degree of perf ection by a
thorough and persevering continuity to one branch
of art, science, medicine, or mechanics, than if he
attempted to accomplish half a dozen—as in the lat
ter case he would be likely, nine times out often, to
obtain at most but a very superficial knowledge of
either. In the practice of medicine or surgery, it un
ravels, simplifies, and makes clear to the arduous
student, tlie mysterious complications (complicated
on account of the numerous causes which produce
them) which diseases of any kind take upon the hu
man system; operating, as they do frequently, both
on the mental and physical organs. It seeks to re
cuperate and restore the functions to their natural
and proper status, as well as to neutralize all antag
onistic influences to which the system ts continually
while the busy atfairs of
subject. Certain it is, that „
life seem to exhaust all our time and attention, tlie
incipiency and progress of disease, sometimes of dan
gerous and fatal character, appronch us almost un
noticed. Blow in its progress but insidious in its
course, a disease, or even the slmpledlsturbance of a
single function, frequently becomes an allair of im
rninent danger when least expected, lo this the at
tention of the physician of SperiaUtti* is always ear
liest given. With pn per perceptive powers, added
to ample experience, he is necessarily able to arrive
with unerring certainty to a correct conclusion as to
the charactee of the ailment and the proper appli
ances for its cure. This 1 have never found to fail.
A remedy properly administered, and at tlie proper
time. Is sure to accomplish the object of its mission,
provided it be directed by the hands of a skillful
physician, who knows his business. I need not re
iterate the old adage, that “Health is tlvp endorse
ment of Divinity,” sent to us for our own beuefit,
and that we should not for a moment disregard the
secret admonitions that tell us to beware lest we tall
imperceptibly into a layby rinth from which it will be
much more difficult to'escape than if we had given
proper attention toourselves before venturing so far.
Consult your physician before it is too late; confide
in him, and you will save yourself an intinity of suf
Below will be found a few of the testimonials re
ceived by Dr. Demurest previously to bis leaving
home for this country in '.840:
Nkw York, Jan. 14,1848.
This may certify that Dr. J. D. Demarest, by the
assiduity and attention which lie has given to his
studies, and his uniformly good conduct, justifies me
in believing that those among whom he may be
placed can repose conthlencc in his professional at
tainments. Vxi.kwti.nk Mott,
Prof, of Surgery, N. Y. University.
I concur in the Invorable expressions of my col
league. SjAHtJKt. Henry DK'KSO.N,
Prof. Theory A Practice of Medicine, N. Y. University.
Makty.n 1’ai.nk,
Prof, of Materia Medica, N. Y. University.
This tnay certify that Hr. J. D. Ternarest has been
l my office for some time past, and has attended a
umber ol my patients for me, with perlect satistac
ion both to them am’ myself I therefore take pleas
re in recommending him to any person or persons
squiring medical services. I can also speak highly
f his moral, as well as his professional character.
J. Weldon Fell, M. D.
New York, Dec. 5,1848.
I tak$ great pleasure in recommending to the no
ice of nil “whom it may concern,” Dr. Demarest, a
entleman of first rate attainments in his profession;
nd a man in every way qualified to be trusted with
he health and lives of any body of men lie may
boose to join. 1 have had his acquaintance fora
ring time, and ho lias tendi d my patients for me with
ntire satisfaction. N. Clark Leavings, M. D.
New York, Jan. 29th, 1848.
Being desirous, above all things, of rendering
niysulI'proficient in my profession, I nasnre my pa
tients and the public that 1 attend personally to all
cases that come before me, either by correspondence
or by personal visits. The strictest confidence, and
the utmost regard tor professional honor and secrecy
always observed.
Patients residing in any part of thisState can have
the remedies applicable to their several disorders for
wards,! to them, without riskofexposure. Beminute
in the details of your case, as regards the duration
of the complaint, symptoms, age, general habits of
living, and occupation.
All female complaints, of whatever name ornat ure
treated successfully. Those Indies whose complaints
naturally excite a hesitation in applying for advice,
may rest assured that in most instances a personal
interview is unnecessary, as remedies and general
instructions can be administered through correspon
dence. Address, . DR. J. It. DEMAREST.
San Francisco, Cal.
Office —S. E. corner Washington and Sansome
streets, over Ulhnan's Book Store, nearly opposite
the Post Office. je!7.
Steam Engines and
Boilers built to order.
Castings and Machin
ery of every descrip-;
Quartz Machinery constructed, fitted up or repair
ed. All kinds of Building Castings ; Saw. Grist, Malt
and Bark Mills ; Horse Power and Car Wheels. All
orders filled promptly, and at as LOW RATES as any
establishment in Sacramento or San Francisco, freight
added. WH. HEIIGH.
Nevada, Feb. 12th IRfiO.—tfD. THOM.
(Second Door above the Gas Works.)
Having purchased the above
establishment of S. R. Perry. I wouldinform the
citizens ol Nevada and vicinity that I intend to keep
on hand a stock of all kinds of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, &c.
Glazing and Carpenter Work done at short, notice
and on reasonable terms. B. E. HOAGI.AND.
Application fob sole trader.
—Notice is hereby given to all persons whom
it may concern, that f, Horora Adams, wife of P.
Adams and resident of Nevada City, Nevada County
and State of California; that It ts my intention to
make application to the District Court of the said
1802. at 10 o’clock, a. M., of said day (or at such
time thereafter as the Court may appoint) for an or
der of said court permitting me to carry on business
in my own name, aid on my own account, viz: the
business of Restaurant and Hotel-keepiag. and ac
commodating boarders and lodgers. In the City of
Nevada aforesaid, pursuant to an Act of the Ix>gifla
ture of the State of California entitled. “An Act
amendatory of and supplemental to an Act, entitled
an Ai‘t to authorize Married Women to transact
business in their uwl uuux-*, as sole traders, passed
April twelfth, eighteen hundred and fifty-two; ap
proved April 8th, 1862, HONORA ADAMS.
sep9. * ,
Dr. J. C. YOUNG,
late Professor of the University of Pennsylvania,
Private Medical Office and Hospital,
Oj posite tlie southwest corner of the Pima,
Where he can be consulted
privately, ami with the utmost confidence by
the afflicted, at all hours daily, from 9 a. m. to8r. ».
lilt. YOUNG addresses those who are suffering un
der the affliction of private disease, whether arising
from impure connection or the terrible vice of sell
abuse. Devoting Ills entire time to that particular
branch of the medicai profession, he feels warranted
of long standing or recently contracted, entirely re
moving the dregs of disease from'the'system, and
making a perfect and PERMANENT Cl HE.
He would call the attention of the afflicted to the
fact of his Jong stnnding and well earned reputation,
fin niching sufficient assurance ot ills skill and suc
wards of five thousand cases bare been dis
charged cured in the year ending July 1st, I860,
showing a record surpassing any hospital in the
United States
Coxitmnox, by letter or otherwise, Fn*B.
Caution to the Publlr.
Every Intelligent and thinking i-ersnn must know
that remedies handed out for general use should
have their efficacy established by well tested expe
rience in the hands of a regularly educated physi
cian, whose preparatory study fits him tor all the
duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with
poor nostrums and cuie-alls. purporting to be Hie
best in the world, which are not only useless, but
always injurious. The unfortunate should be Rah
TtcrtsK in selecting his physician, as it is a lament
able yet incootroveitible fact that many syphilitic
patients are made miserable with ruined constitutions
hy mal treatment from inexperienced physicians in
general practice; for it is a point generally conceded
by the best svphilograpliers. that the study and man
agement oftliese complaints should engrossthe whole
time of those who would be competent and successful
in their treatment and cure. The inexperienced gen
eral practitioner, having neither opportunity nor
time to make himself sufficiently acquainted with
their pathology, comonly pursues one system of treat
ment, in most cases mskfng an indiscriminate use of
that antiquated Bnd dangerous weapon, mercury.
More caution, however, should be used bythesypli
illtic patient, in cousulting nominal physicians of
the advertising class, as nine-tenths of them are im
posters, who assume German, French, or oilier
names, and are without any claims to medical knowl
edge. These knavish rascals infest all large cities,
and, by means of their lying advertisements and pos
ters’, they induce the unwary to enter their Deter
Funk ••institutions,” ami unmercifully fleece them
and poison them with mercury. Dersons living at a
distance in the country are more apt to be duped by
the lying notices of quacks than citizens.
In view of the above facts, Dr. J. C. YOUNG
would say that he is the only regularly educated
physician in California now advertising, who de
votes his whole time to the treatment of venereal
diseases. Office, 761 Clay street, opposite the Plaza.
Hours from 9 a. M.. to 5 e. m.
DR. YOUNG will guarantee a perfect and perma
nent cureln the following cases, or hecharges noth
big for his services: Syphilis, Gonoerrhrea, Stricture
of the Urethra, Affection of the Prostrate Gland,
Weakness of the Genital Organs, Impotency, Sterili
tv, i'oth in the male and female, Spermatnria, or
SeirHnal Weakness. Noctural Emissions, Rheuma
tisni. Dyspepsia, indigestion. Fever and Ague, Incip
ient Consumption, and all Irregularities in Females,
together with all diseases of Women and Children;
also. Nervousness, Palpitation of the Heart, etc.
Persons afflicted with symptoms after beingtreat
ed should consult fir. Young at once, as no disease
is cured unless the patient teels perfectly well. If
there is a particle of disease left iu the system it will
brelik out some future time, when least expected, or
be handed down to an innocent offspring. Persons
who have been treated with mercury should be very
cautious in believing that they are well, tor it is a
scientific fact tliatt he mercury will mingle with *he
venereal, and form a disease a great deal worse than
the original. All those who havqpreason to think,
by bad feelings, that they have been treated thus,
should consult Dr. Young, and he will examine their
cases and tell them at once how they stand.
Nf.i.sox Ckkbk, Sept. 30, 1861.
Dr. J.C. YouHG, —You will remember what a
poor wretched crealure I was when 1 last saw you,
and tlie result lias astonished me as well as my
friends. Your invaluable prescription and excellent
advice have completely overcome ailments such as,
it seems to me, never afflicted mortal before. 1 nev
er wrote a letter with greater sati-faction than I pen
this. I shall remember yon with gratitude as long
as 1 live. That .yon may live long to alleviate the
sufferings of others as you have mine, is my earnest
prayer. Please accept my heartfelt thanks that you
have brought this almost hopeless case to so happy
a termination. Yours, truly.
This terrible disease is alarmingly on the increase
in this country, and should lie attended to in season
for there is no complaint more dangerous, and at
tended with more suffering than this fatal disease.
Any person who h*s been troubled with venereal,
seminal weakness, or any other private disease,
should watch very cffisely for this trouble. Its first
svmptoms is generally an unpleasant sensation in
the parts, sometimes of a tickling nature, an uneas
iness of the mind, an undefined dread of something
you know not what, and if not attended to the urine
becomes affected, and then follow all tlu.se dreadful
symptom* which so often result in a miserable and
disgusting death. But the suffering, before death
comes to relieve the patient, is dreadful; sometimes
plunging the sufferer into that living death—Insan
Dr. J. C. Yonng’s mode of treatment is a new dis
covery, made within a few rears by M. Ricord of the
French Venereal Hospital; and is sure, safe and
All afflicted should call on Dr. Young at once, and
they will be sure of a permanent cure without an
p. S.—Dr. J. C. Young's Medical Works give a
more detailed account of the above awful disease.
Dr. J. C. Young’s Office Is at No. 751 Clav street,
opposite the the Portsmouth House, San Francisco,
In consequence of the wide spread celebrity of Dr.
J. O. Young, certain pretenders have palmed them
selves upon the unsuspecting, as being the veritable
Dr. Young. Persons wishing to avail themselves of
D. Y’s skill should be very careful and call at his of
fice. or send some known friend that will not deceive
them, as tha landlords of some disreputable hotels
have been in the habit of keeping loungers on at
their places, and when requested to call Dr. Y., have
palmed sncli persons upon the invalid as being Dr.
Yonng. The Doctor will always he ready to attend
on cases where the patient is not aide to call. His
medicines nannot be obtained at any other place in
Hie country, as be has no agents. Therefore, be
careful, anil not be deceived by any of the quacks
and imposters of the State.
J. C. YOUNG, M. D.
Offiee, *IM Clay street, opposite the "Portsmouth
House.” Office hours from ff a. m. *.
Feb. *, IS6C.—Jmj
Legal Notices.
ROLL of 1862. fot Neruda ('minty. having tan.,,
completed, and delivered into mv hands. thepropeitv
holders of the county are hereby nolilitr.1 that t|,;.
taxes on the same me now due."and the law for the
collection of the taxes will be atn«tlv enforced.
Notice la further given, that for the purpose of
reiving taxes, 1 shall be in the several Townships it
the places and times alated, to wit;
At my Office, in the City of Nevada, on Monday
October 18.1862. *’
Grass Valley Township, at A. Delano’s Hanking
House, Ora*s Valley, on Thursday, October hil*
Rough k Ready Township, at 'Walling's Hotel. i,u
Monday, October 20th, 1802.
Rridgeport Townsliip. at Pearson k Merwin's Hc>.
tel. ban Juan, Wedt e. day, Oct. 22d. 1862.
itloomlield Township, at Teylorbi Saloon, North
Bloomfield, Friday, Oct. 24th, 1862.
Kureka Township, Marks .V Co’s Hanking lions*
Moore’s Flat. M< luiuy, Jet. 27th, 1802
Washington Township, at Hind's Wore, Omega
Thursday. Oct. 80lh 1862.
1.1 He Vork Township, at Heydlauft's Store, Red
Dog City, on Monday, Nov. 3d. 1862.
J, N. TURNER. Collector.
’ Sept. 211, 1862.
A elected at the General Election of September 3d,
1862, are hereby notified to convene at (lie Cmut
House. Nevada City, on (lie flrst Monday of October,
next, for the purpose of electing two of their numbi f
as Associate Justices of the Court of Sessions.
Jly order of the Huh. David Ridden Count v Judge.
Attest;— H. H. KMtyl'illR,
bept. 2<1. 1862. County Clerk
County of Nevada, as., Township of Eureka, Jm
tice’s Court before btA bTAYl V. Justice of the Peace,
The people of the btate of California to Pktkk Mahon;
you are herein 1 summoned to appear before the un*
nersigned Justice of the Peace, at his office Ir. said
township, on bATCRPA V THE 27th DAY OF SEP.
TEMPER, a. i).. 1862, at 10 o’clock, am. to answer
to the complaint of Jokes & Barry who demand nf
you the sum of tvjentv seven li-lOO dollars alleged
to be due on book account for goods, wares and mer
chandise. sold and delivered as per copy of account*
on file in my office. On failure so to appear and an*
siver, judgment will he rendeied against yon for the
said sum of twenty-seven 6-100 dollars and costs of
suit. (;iven under mv hand this seventeenth day *f
September, A. D-, 1862. IRA STANLEY, J.P,
0. D. Babcock, Constable,
he plaintiff in the above suit and it appearing their
rom that a cause of action exists against said iie
endant, and it also appearing that the said defendant
ias departed from his usual place of abode, it is
Jierelore ordered that service of summons in said
ictlon be made by publication in the Nevada I'erau
:rat, a pa|s r printed and published in the county of
Nevada and most likely to give notice to the defend,
int for the space of one week from the date hereof,
liven under my baud this 17th day of beptemher, a.
i. 1862. IRA STANLY, J. 1’.
0. D. Babcock, Constable of Eureka Township.
Sept. 20,1861. —lw.
]n the matter of the application of Mary Ann
■Ti.i.kr for permission to carry on business as a stile
rader. Notice is hereby given, that on Saturday,
lie 4th (lay of October, 1862, at the hour of 10
(’clock, a. m., of that day. I Mary Ann Ffiir.a,
vife of J. I*. Filikk, intend to apply to the 1
district Court of Nevada county, in the btate of Cal
fornia, for an order permitting me to carry on busl
ioss in my own name and on my own account in the
ownshin of Grass Valley, county- aforesaid, under
nd by vlitue of the statute of said btate, approved
ipril 8, 1862. and the various other statutes of which
his is amendatory; and that the business which 1
csign to cairy on and transact is that of Ranching;
v 11 8b * * 1 v ” * J
aising, buying and selling stock and poultry, to
ether with the dairy business in all its branches,
Witness;—Guo. S. Hm\
au"0 4w.
_J forma, County ol Nevada; John Cascki: vs.
ami’s McCambRIDOk. in County Court Notice is
erehy given to all persons holding or claiming liens
a that certain hotel and dwelling home lying and
sing in the County of Nevada, and State ot ('alitor
ia, viz; in the village of Omega, Townsliip ot Wash
igton. and bounded on the southeast bv lot of
anagan, and on the north-west by lot of Hinds,
untiiig on Main street forty-four leet more or less,
ad extending back from said Main stieet fifty feet
mii ( ,r less, to lie and and appear before the Hon.
avid Behleii, at the court-room of said Court, on
R1DAY THE 3rd DAY OF OCTOBER, a. n., 18C2.
nd then and there exhibit proof of Held liens.
Dated Sept. 8.1862. R. H. F’ARQUHAR,
Bv G. K. FARijrHAK, Deputy. Clerk.
.1.' I. CAl.PWF.Lt, HI IT’s Att’y. sep3-3m.
I C'otintv of Nevada. District Court of the 14th. In*
rial District of said State. The people of the state
California, to F. GlKAHUN, you are hereby snm
nn am
uinisriii*. * • v' —***.»—j J ' , .. g
med to appear and answer to the complaint ot
Fvxk. filed against you F. Hiilfr. Johk Dok and
harp Row. composing tlie Virginia Ranch Mining
mpanv, within ten days frim the service of this
■it if served on you ia this county, within twenty
ys if served on you in this district, and out of tins
unty and within forty days if served on youintho
ate and out of this district, in an action conv
enced on the 16th day of June, A. n. 1861, in said
urt whereupon plaintiff prays judgment against
u for the sum ol #7!'3.$t5 alleged to he due and
ring him from you defendants for lumber and m.v
rials used in and for the construction of certain
imes. sluices, telegraph and other Improvements
the mining claims described in plaintifl s c«it
»int, sold and delivered at your special instance
id request; and for the foreclosure of a certain lum
rmnn’s lien, taken bv plaintiff to secure the inv
ent of the said sum of $796.95; also, for the sum ot
',60 paid by plaintifl for the recording of said lien;
I ot which is iullv set lorth in complai t on file
■rein. And vou are hcieby notified that if you lad
answer said"complaint as herein directed, Pja'Dtm
II take judgment against you therefor bv default,
gether w ith all costs of suit, and also demand o
e Court such other relief as ia prayed for in said
In testimony whereof I. F. H. Fanjubar,
1 Clerk of the Dlstiict Court aforesaid. o<»
8l j hereunto set my hand and impress the sea
w- ot the said Court, at office, in the city o
th “ »•* *» "Ti: wl. ci«*.
Per G. K. Farqihak, Deputy.
By order of the Hon. David Bklpkk, County Ju'.ge.
A true copy, attest: R. H. FARQlHAR. Clerk.
W • Per G. K. FarcR BAR, Deputy
" S. Hrpp. Att’v for Pl’ff- au2fl-4w.
The co-partnership heretofore existing between
undersigned, in carrying on tl,. bafiaW |
dieting at Washington and Omega, Ion
['alifornia, was by mutual consent dissolve 1
’4th day of April", a. D. 1862. All persons are
Bed that from and since the date of sao
.the undersigned, Henry wit) ,
hereafter have no connection whatever
business. HKNRkb MAI-L,
ug. 26, 1862. JAMFS R- W1THINGT —
ttest; Jons Garber.
*1X0 FT*Y KII.TFI*--
or sale hv SPKNtT St tVlCKr..

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