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VOL. 1
'ffice on Bo mi street, opposite tho i’lacer
?or ono year, in advance. £9,01
Si* month] f 6.U0
Three months 3
One manlli, 1 09
Single oopi s 15 cts.
O- No subscriptions received for less lime
D' a one niouilt.
Persons in the immediate neighborhood \v,-h*
in * to become subscribers lor the Journal cm
hive their papers lelt wherever required, by
is vnig their mimes with the carrier, or at the
office o( publication.
.!>- ADVERTISEMENT:' inserted on the
a at reasonable terms. Deductions made to
arly advertisers.
Attached to the Printing Office of the
Journal, is a
FULL ait turn’ll TL
Furnished with material Tor every d-tcr pßon
ol Cook, Job and Fanny Printing. We
are prepared to execute orders lor
Posi rs ) Hum! b ll’,
thrculars. liill-liPn.ls.
Certificates of Stock,
ami UnakWork
of every description, iu tho s : ;. ic. and at
prices as low as the tamo dcsciiption of
work can bo obtained in any part ol
Thomas Beatty—Grass Valley.
L. B. Austin—Grass Valley.
Mr. West—Boilon llav.nc.
K. W. Koberis—Kouiilwind Heady
Octavian Ilonas—Sun Francisco
\V» Hammond—Cold Flat
S«n Francisco Vdvrriliements.
4.V KR A.VC IS CO At i I’.\( I V Or r.vvi.w
Hooos is the Agent for th. 4 p iper for Ran
Francisco, and is autboiued to receive money,
sign receipts for the same, and transact o her
business relating to new ■■;> iper und job print
ing as the representative of
San Francises Advertisements.
Tiio Patrons ol the 4 .Vn vnA Jorr.vA'.,"
will find a box at Mur . di's F.xeli im;e. earner
t-f Sunsmue f*:'d California fUr-eis—ami uiu
also at Hoanesloll ,vr Williams’ /fjnk an t 4Ma
lionary Rlore. on C'lav, near Ke.irimy street—
and one at t..e Despatch I’riiint: Ofliee, on
M . nery >tr vor M< rs. Drexel, Sa-
Uier and Church, wtieie ml aiiverli«em 4, iits in
ton led tor that paper may be leli, and will be
promptly forwarded.
TTAN IiAMMK f Ft UQI 1 toiosab
V and retail dealers in blasting and sport
ing powder, shot, caps. lire ..nns, m; eating
aecCssorie ■', etc,, Sansonic street, e M e door
above Fine street tin
«*rKSTKIiN HOI'LL, tw< i
V V Broadway mid \ -il 1 --. 4 Ms. s in Ft.in
eisou—designed o) iuliy ■ tie- a voinm-a la
tion ot miiee;s, c ins ■.* to i. ■ : ion ner
landings and lo the busi.ie mpn . - nt > IfV.
A runner will be in attendance tli -
tlii.u-.uiiv.il. Accommodations e u.C.aable.
Terms.—Honrd and lot ing '.;loper week.—
Meals 5U cents.
j0.i... 11 H. MsNrAv, Priprietor.
■jyr o 11 vl\, to i’.i
•:mu;its - i lie nndei •
... . signed, having eoinph-i 1 tbrii 4 arrange
ments, are prepared tn bn ward passengers io
all parts yl l ie world, in ves els. who i in
point of speed, comfort and e ip.n’iiy, and as
legalds moderation in the price of passage,
have 4 no equals.
The undersigned also avail thcmselvc of
this method lo info t who are in the
mines and river towns ot t aiifornia, ai
wlio intend visiting their u.itii 4 plan s this
winter, that the best elm i a - are now o.lered
them. .Ippl.vto COIN & KLLIS.
Passenger Agents,
oct22in Long AVl.an, ts.m 1 i.uu i.-eo.
\( JON i 'll AV & C for I 4
g.T 5. and mess pore, tn hbis un.J 1 i:t b.'is,
liK.ss and prime ueef, 4 . molos.-e;-. p.ek
le», inanila, China end .M 4 4| vudo
preen and black leim. in v.nmiis ; l. 'gs..
ground spires, wllu -' sue rS i:l 1 .<l. •- ml*
pague. port, Madeira and .dairy wines, in
Wood and glass, vn imi c-. 4 ■■ y a
whiskey, in glass b 4
tire aid heavy eh'! dad i.• . .. i
white drills, colored il inn t ’■ h 4 4 ■ ■'■ 4 • * -
phor i runks, hot 41
Manila cigars and cheroot- 4 , cm a. ••.... .
wooden ware, brooms, sialiomuy. . i
spikes. ■* *i '•
V.. 7 EOltS.—UlMudies. M.’.i :•••■. I I
Proprietors, Raslean t"l imy r an-! A .
can; gin, Holland, tseheidaiu and Amir.-
can; whiskey, liisb Scotch, Bourni o an 1
Monongahcla; cherry brandy, in en- ■ an I
kegs ; rum, Jamaica and Now Knghi. .. pu. .
sherry, Madeira and e/aret, in wood and
e Lis-; champagne, 1 4 -- * husk l i S _ :
lleidsciek; Osborn's old Queen's poll in eas
es; whiskey and brandy, in en- s; iioiiis
rhino, ahsynthe, annisetie an 1 i nr.no i.
For rtile’ by Bowman &. Co.
Pacific street wharf, bet ween Battery
4g.1u1 and Front street.
Kit UN. -Fresh Ctn.l 4 . in, jum u-emv .
per barque Geo. Washington, and mr sile
in lots tosun, by Uit.vNi: Co.
40-Jw. 6’ansomo gt.. near Jaek.-on.
5L AS 1 1N G I’OvV ULU.—Ac ........
ply Of blasting, imnii-.g und sporting poi»-
i; also, safety fuse and percumi .n c.v ..
iorsileby Huw.uto U. Farki:k,
en: fur the Hazard I’nwd. r ('eiupiny, huti
ne street, near i'acilie, Mu I’ ruin - ■ J.
Joseph Genella,
Montgomery street, near laekinn, has
P just moved into ins new brc-pronl store,
a opened the i:..g«it MMtt'Wit ul Crockt-
Glassuint Hjllow ware, f.u,. L ■ <.,iim
a.sos. chaodeheis, cl; 4 , tbit eon Be lound
the shores of the I'aoitic ;a m *i f4 Phdgcs
uself to sell goods of th# best qua.-ty at me
ost reasonable rsus.
P.irtieolai r»tJ)n 4 i»n pa*"* ‘o • •cetin; 44 «an s
r bot»l* iO -‘“
Sian Francisco Advertisements.
Sutter Iron Works,
Kincon Point, Sim Ifrnncisro.
OTEAM ENGINES an.l Killer*. mm-liln-
O cry lor crushing ami p*lvcri/.iiig quart/,
rock, castings in iron ami brass, wumglit
iron work, wafer wheel initials, ami all
kinds of machinery in ide to 01 Er.
Being largely engaged i i manufacturing
quartz rock machinery, am having an ex
tensive iissorimcnt of pattei io 01 liaml. ar.
prepared to receive and csdento order? wul
Parlies wishing farther information, or to
contract lor machinery, l y add.-c.voiig Geo.
K Glnyas, Supcrmtcndatt, as nhuve, or
Ja§. If lair, Esq., Agent, baa liancisco, will
l>e promptly attended to.
Aug. 30—-3iu*
suji l a.\d ai:\ehai'. ve«<;//.i.v
ijisi: jwooers
Long Wharf, cor Sausomciti, .''an Franclaco.
Messrs. W.eondraj- rm! Co.
Darling a«d Co.
" M liompsum Orillia r.:. d C
“ Mel and 1.. i uu'JB-(im
r'MOX * IJJiAS.S J'fJl \I)U Y ,
Corner 1* i*> I uni Mi-ion .11i; j y Valley,
.Min Franci.-co.
Quartz mining machinery made fo order,
nfior the moat npprov; i pl.t-. castings ol inn
or Lra.-o, smithing, be : !in!,!n.;. scaiuboui
icpairin . turning uni I'mishin,* executed w;tl
Ipspatch, ad every thing » imu-ctcd with i: ■
busanc-** protnp:l\ nDuidid to.
Burnham uml Mulh’s
M A n K E T.
r.icinc st, bet U.ittn v and I rant, n«»rtl» side.
.Nan Francisco.
Fresh and sail pmvisioas, uml vegeta'd s o
all ;i.i S', cjiiSUiilly on hand ami
pibvs suitin : tho limes, whole-.; c uni itlaii
mid Jra __
( his. Window iass, Tin.
fe. sul.-erlbci oilers lor s le a lull a-- u tno
cl size- of Lnglish and French window gla-.-
from K) i>v I'd to 3o by 33.
Al<o—Faints, i.il?, Spirits of Turpcntlns.
Varnish*-**, Fully. |>ni«hvs, etc. vi\ 1m imj
eiatt ful . »r pasi ihv »i from a generous pub
j I:.*, he would atiil sc/.'.cil a share of patronage.
Roirr M aid it,
Jackson St, 8 (ioo’.s üb> .v .S nsmii'?,
40-3 m S m Franc Fen.
ffN FORMATION W A \ ii T>—Of WTn. A.i
?1 K. AMhn, late of f is'.on, lie w..sla-i
1. -iri fn in ;ft “.Minors’ i.» i," >me 3U aV .- J
up the Ssie.runi'v*?« l iver, a mi \ov mbet lust.
An\ ii’.'orn atioa • ’!. win. turnouts Widgruit- ■
i ly r»‘iieve h:s anxious friends at home, licusc |
address the hubsenber .
John Pnanv & Co, ‘
45-lm Montcomiry tin 1 >nn* st«.
“ DAVIS & C(
rinportors of FartlwaiT, \v v r*-
niltara! ;ssat! iv£*i:as2i« lisaipt^-
store on the corner of Smsonie
.nil (Mny San lia’misco. near
Ontrn.l W'iitrf, have on huiuJ
i lu r’ ; ■' .•tinenl of t!se ;!>ove named
articles, and w;!i . . t the lowest market
rate-, I»i : » -sri•. ' an i sporting powder aai
\\ moul ivile tl
tut.* stock, and request u call before pun Im>-
ing elsewhere. 48-1 in.
IFM’iJ. in- umler-’qn*
1 V would rr.>:*e. . fully ,*i snuma'v tint fi
new ami c ’umadioiis Hole., sjtniniut the
e-irncr of (.‘lay and Sanmeaa streets, is now
• >pPA for the n'*cpLi nof company. i‘ii •• lioa-<-
is located t 'if tile of the-uu i. >iN i-i-J
i •, in the very heart of flm env uud wh«:i;i ' |
f n the mnn of incvs or pleasure, ihcK ca
tioii is noi excelled by »*iy oilier in t.ia,,.
The parlors are spa -io.is an I ta.'tefuhy 1\ r :
ithed, v. idle the ticcpin-: rooms am* no.it, ■.i,-
and nil 1-ant . Tin. l luricr will amply -up
plied wiih every subslanti d and luxury w.dt.i;
: i.* market « >• *r«iand flu* chouvst, \. n .-
and 1 qu >r.s will •ilways In* found it- the li ir j
in short, t!w* undersigned plc.lor- 1 haiiilf It* if
miihing .-hall be wanting to i micrlho „V r. j
tic Hotel an agreiMhb; resort ior elti a* ih« |
traveller of bu iness or pk a^ure.
fi il. Hon::. Pioprlotnr.
.V. !» —T!io Mibscrilier respect!r.llj* in-!
•he public lli .t he ii is secure ! die sorvi c* u!
M . Clias. D ivonp 'i t. lor *y of t
chaiiL'e Collco House, Rostun, M i-«. 4!)-lin
K,li () Clu.i’c Ciiih, in h dvi s and <[ a ar
.fc 1 terq lor >n\ ■bv l aws A* (: ».
lOdV.v. suns r'nc »
aI I 11. IC. I' i , : ...» A kV V . . 4 . i li.U
-I ''A S in II- p,|
C o , tlmir in hdf ri. 1 ,
F-it , - <y. i . igli l. virong beer, in casks.
Havaur o, !S ;ii a rlor cjuality,
* s i. *i ry wine, in ca i.s,
I* !i vy clothing,
c n.lies, Rice, etc, i ■c. f> 1-1 ;n
np. v 008 H ELL, >1 STI I -0(
• ii on lli- Ihaza, next door mirth of
tin* C’a loniia Kxch n»gi*. 'i’cctfi o b i w :t.!i
purr j mI. and warranted f*>r ten years. ()p*
cr ions on terms the most reasonable lot
cash only. -i'j-.Jni
03^.— Kai Soy & Wiilies J, oil .Van
ul iclui\Ts Fine direct, licl vein sansoint
and uicry, have on hand and arc oon-dant*
ly mamil.icinriuir pure bicarlicd sperm Oii
well reco nmcnded for machinery; blenched
polar Oil, uml Winter strained Lard Oil. d
pad:ag sto suit purdiavrs, and the »iuaiii\
». rallied.
t n lian I 3000 gallons pur * sperm Oil
lo.Ot'O gallons Folar Oil; non) o,ds Lard
Oi', 10tto gals winter strained FolarOil.
4J Im Sim Fr im sen
A LI A FOi;.\|liiV— Market Ln
IX. facing Ibirteryst. iron and lu*n>scast
ings, yf { -very description. Quart/, pulver
i/,ing madiiiH rv. and machine work ia gen
oral promptly executed. Patterns made to
order. 4'J-lm U. M. Hi ttox
Bunker Hill llestam ant.
Monlgoincry sf. near (May, San I ran. Aco.
Oi''! EUSI , men ,co . i
of localion in the centre the li.i-.iii.;?
part •)*' the city. Its hill of fare conijirise
tl is from th
excellent market ol S: n I’ruicisco. Lodg
ing rusiiia lurmslie 1 wall nil the requisites
for comfort. Terras moderate.
San Fr.vi:*Uiro Advertisement#.
o .V I.inviinrr in. 1 In sdoiv—-li;j boU mack
IV ord. in ImUts anil qr*.
CO ) bb!s cl. ir un i i.k-> (ni:k, halves i.n 1 qrs.
VliO bi;T a prime Rio an.l f i RuaCoiK..
‘JO > Uhls crushed and I - lino 1 simnr.
JUJ boxes pure burnt un I ground codec, war
JO i boxes pure sperm and adamantine c'.ndk
-0 I bbls prime ham-.
5; bales (halls.
I‘.ickige.s sun Ires vi/. t i n-e lord, cbrr.se.
'•:u lines Dorr lie-u*r mn d, ‘Sin ,n i fig*,
W m bitters. I ni-.n mu! gin-p r syrup-.
/ji.iclUjony e.irdial, cherry bminec nn l hrnndv,
(Vjy. 'i;. ::i■ 1 1 hkn-k pepper. 1 >urtiiiiu musterd.
iCisph-nv vinegar, i xtrnct mound mint,
P.i.v nzc.i iur i.. • I;-'.--, tom »io c.Ubrp,
C i-c brm lv. .*h ny an I ,'f.; Icirn wine s,
Cr*»wn anchor champagne. Imn.l.'ii dock p e t.
Old lri**h and J/'».i »ti: le . i wl»;.-key, Inn- h
s *tuart's synip, sour krone Du-a.-i brown tduuA
llovd'a brown stout c! in nr. a true eider,
L- bstcis, cliiuis t .i lcod..sli, in tins, split pci'.
Kxtr.i< Ls lemon, tri tiger, ncach, cinnamon and
Celery, e.i.anj of vaC-,.-; - brands. Central
American bean-, 1 lib C...\>!ina nee, i:i piime
order, For #.»v i»v
in;.s.si:v. HON’D * n u.k.
node 7m s iciamento .mr : ll lll ♦ • **y.
C'lHlM FLOITR, California Potatoes, On
' ions, and other Prodne-n from tne Uom pa
disn ief. (»r the hr s t a a.I Hm-st ; .
1.i.U.l from ti.o Fa* Kapha?! Quarries ar
rlv r.i r regul; !y. DAMON i , lib - i’llll «S*l \>.
4s I u .Si m > ii • t. e i i* * \ nsY ig >i.
HTHRK M.ViiI.VKS- —Two very u < rior ol
W.- 1 Innncman’s c -Icbrnn d make, tith hose,
\ca, b ic
Ills- MV, L .V;) ,v HALT',
1 ' icry sts.
SJJ A\Kl.\«.; HO I .Si: of HouaniynciV (Y ,
5 0 (' mi» rof Wn-hington and .Montgomery
■>iree’s. I.x-.deinpc I'm - s iu* at sipl;t or on time, on
Paring ilr.’S. an i Co., London.
I loli’i-guer and Co. Paris.
Drake Hr...a. and (Jo. Havana.
Jno. L Tli-'vrr and Bros. L • ;«>n.
Mi reham ' fjdiui, ** stun,
lichee and Co. New York.
Merchants Hack, AVw York,
t linhh. Sell, jic! and Co. Washington city.
D A Uenoist and Co. St. f.otiD.
Manscl White and Co. A. Orleans.
O*M J »im purchased at the high -t
'hi» pe I and insured at the lone, • rates to tie
Atlantic ciiicsativl bank of laigland. ir! Jm
g COM Is & BROTH IC US—General Com
ta ji mls ion Merchants.
”E 7^ 11 UISLs Co,, (iencral AneC >ii and
li. Commia-ion M- ■1 mt —lr n \V'ar« house
ojiposite \m nded stores, D ittery street. no4Slm
BIIYA%T Co’s Asricultnral Warehouse
and Concral Hardware tStore, north west
corner of Ci.iy and >a*.. one streets. Van Fran
. l-co. —( nartantlv on hand, a «\-h t a-*ort
nient of A hiiiml ImpLmuds. Miniov
Tools, and Carden .Seeds. .»'• • a full and com
plete stock of ilardwaic andCntlery,
T 7" .FRY i!J Hi.V K ' I'.V, manubiclnn rs
B-i td Mid. .‘P - r.- Mo- :ne nod tpuir f 7. Pulv
< r.yjvig A/.a -leery, and I on • of evr-rv
d-.-cn; Fn-i ►t., ; • i w•« n Mm-ion and
il iw.i dj Van FranCsco, >i. ti of the Pacific
Iron Foundr*.. no IS 1m
p- *: V.yr |p‘TF.r., -Conv r P.m-mne and
'J C.i , . nra >•; .et-, V.; i r’r.mt: ro. The
nronrn-tor ot the above 1100 l legs to infor.n
'.is Ir ii.i- a• I r pnhlir oeu* inliy, tlirough
o-.t t e stilt , that II !S ;a v f c :npP fed jo fl’o
veiy i* . k t ijiaii:i‘ ( • ri-i V'.- addil nr: - niol i
ovalion> In liie s.-H-jc, aii-1 i.s now jirrjMied
■ umui'»da* diem in nioio supttior style
ll: -ti fornicriy.
r i‘ . lit ; one hi *‘V i::s >*:;«* 1 1:? f- tt.
•t*d «■•» C-ih «>r- a ti". an IC - :br.*e st.« ir< 1.
I *L i ilc-j* Pa:lop by - r ‘ : i-cl ■ .-i-.t 1;. f.t. -d
.... .•: v i cgard to com fort and coiivcm:-
aec. 'I lie Wi .mg Ro »:n . ey ‘>‘2. is the 1
'•si and nio-if roomy in l aesf.ifo. Tin* linti.liiiL*
• lat.iins M) *."*iiis furnished in a manner not
10 be sui j is-ed. with every attention ?.» care
m 1 hiNurv, and tin- term* for board low as
Jack s ami \\ o.Klntfr
Inform their Iricn ls mid t .* pul.Me
that they arc prepared to oficr
'A i' -'io- and lewohv «>. the best and mo-l
• a«:i o’iil.le *yl :• f file lowest rash price.-*.—
They romorise !i• e fe.nd*m levr s. .- r.- l * . e*-
eripnnenfs. ar.d lepim lr«*m tin- ma«.t oe’ebrA
**'d |cami e’lec’-o I'nrop . \l- , D enintil.
IV-a I Ruby, I me, aM, end i.mvcli v o
ibo ri-lie-t ami ni.nl -ol n-ud <{«;-e|i:»t-iii ••
wld he- of. :ed at o I per cent .e-s th m fo.-i..-
er p-ire-.
y-de.volrv mini fact need from C.ilib.-ai«;!■•! 1.
(in] i mi ’7 st.'p re c! and pdinej.
flironii.neu-.-s ret.- ! h . tr ills* t.
;/* Waleli r< p drill-* *-\> • ‘e I iv i'i rer. * ;rili
f\ !-i .d> • i .Co. J 7 I Monfgmn • v -t. i
H I i i an.l //irion . :o,lidin_-. 4;--hu.
Dt'ii’.oid Paint'*, OiKWitrh>\v
Cnlstvs. Sh s, At.
b, \ e on hml Wid ■ 1 ( •1. Lin -•• d O. 1 . raw
ii,d boiled. Spirt’s 'l'm■'-•ntine. Window <ii i -
issorted ' ZO-, Aiti-t Color*. Varnish. Putty,
V.v Uvisncs ot all descilj ti ’ns. Tin; trade
■ p died on the most libe.al terms.
Stores. Saitra er t.-two do rs below
.:i! : iia-ry ;... I P.ieibe a j?.i‘Vrv st..
. 4?-3ni.
Kb \ .t i ILCI.L Pirn.-, Tea; l/.i'i'yru
bi <iV st., Vm Frinci-eo. kept by Mrs.
\Vvts. iV on C - •d> , rs t > hoarden tl»**
■(eir.oits of I.oil and the eonven v S O fl
hotel. I.s Pi; aisled in pen foci Tn
be supplied with all the leorket a(|br<h. No
kept. 40-1 111
l^:r'D % o:v v orncr o' C'lnv
n nivl .‘-.mson: si-.lm-k loivcrcpoctiulit
o .itmoimoc lliat tlicy I. ivc now . ;i
IV.v.nc sales ]iimnt in tlicir sales
room,; 1. 1 aiv now roatlv to *H|ijiW the (ra<lo
.iron al.oitl t' o ronntrv '.vill. n- r< i.'.l assort
mc-ut ol l!oo|s. Shoes nml Itrooan Dry
: !oo;ls nr, i cilli ■: .it private saio,
or upon their ira I" -.'lcs at tin, .ion on s'j’i
ol etieli v*' it. .Me;, hams arriving
a town are r .|'";sleii to exn.nnic tI.o stock
’.ololv pt.n i... :ii ' e'si nl.ere. Importer v.ho
nav tiesire to larni'li samp'es ot the above
name.l poo l , to !«■ sohl lor tiieir re rontP
mav re!v upon jjtvat ntloniion In inp pniil to
hair interests. Wc pteiloe otnorlves to
rransaet a sirielly eon’inis>ion laisiness. Our
•epuiar s i|c day at Auction for tlrocerics
provisions and I.iqnois, vill kc iK'hl oi
no 4 9 m
From ihe St- Louis Republican,
t;ie p.riKr nir.an:)— \ i. :rr.s it.u-i
col. Di:\T('\.
The Pr ‘-d.lent <■ lb ■ Pn -i!if Rail
road Company ii i- placed the followin':
letter from Col. Ilenloa in our hands
fui - publiea; iun :
Washington, July CO. 18ul
T» .U( <>t< 'riiomiK Allen. J • - 11. Lueas,
Jane* I' Vml-iio-!, //« *n I', liritlif
. . ' }ln i * 1 ilh fih
Is -i I of I: bettors of Ih-lPa i/ic Jlail
rold Cunrmim/.
STi.i.Mi.N ; I did ho! receive your
invitatiou j.rc-ent at the com
mencement ui v«i;r great work in time
la answer it lot- tlie day. To attend i
could not, oven if the time had boon
longer, a> reasons connected witii the
state of ..Vi-s. UentonV- health, and :m
nccujiatioa of my own. put it out of
my power to return to St. Louis before
I take great interest in the success
of the road of which yo.t make a be
ginning. Lis the central route, and
every national consideration requires
it to ho made, and with the aid ot the
.National (Jot eminent. Hi- Louis, San
Francisco, and Washington city are
on ;t line, and that line is through the
heart and centre of the I Lion, and
the eyes of the Federal (Joverninent
should be fixed upon it. ( ..happily,
they seem to be lixed upon a Southern
sectional route, hardly within the limits
of the United States. 1 send to the
address of the President and Directors
of your Company a dozen copies of a
document just —einted, being a report
of s< ven trilTemit veeonnoissances for
a Southern id Paso route to San
Fran isoo—being !he seven explored
within th • last year by as many dilli-r
--cut o dicers, and exclusive of those
previously made, and also exclusive
of the survey which llie Mexican
boundary commission is to make on
the (>ila river, as a continuation of
the El Paso route ; and of which the
amputation of El Paso from New
Mexico and giving it to Texas was
also an auxiliary measure, 'i ids do
cument should open the eves of tin
people of Missouri to the danger which
llie centra! rout has to encounter, and
the forced adoption of another ioa
detuned by every national consider
ation. It is true that a “ ktfuication”
(which I believe signifies a fork) of
tiii- Jd Pa-o route i- intended to be
conducted to St Louis, which, if done,
will I e a favor lust, as r.o man in Mis
souri would any more think of going
to Sail Urniteiseo by that route than
of coming to Washington city by way
of Fast Florida. The central route it
the only national e.uo, and the only
ol a acle i the i 1 ick ■ .’•! 1 attains, and
that is no obstacle at ail. as the country
rises gr.idnnlly and iiaj eiveptibly
1 ,*K)() to 8,000 feet before their base
is readied, and there arc then many
pa.-ses between the head of the del
•Vorte and South Pass—between ;!S
and Id degrei ve:y practicable, and
already marked out by the. buffalo
* i*ui s. In a speech which 1 made on
lliis route at the hist session of Lon- 1
gross I pointed out these animals a
the original and iuo-t tinerr ng of to
pogrttphii-al engineer-, tin l.rt find
of all good routes, and the >af t
guides to all roadiitakers; :;nd ■_ r, e
i istanees. L did not know then id ;l
Ihe great Ilnadiohlt bad previously
written the same thing, and i t f.trt
gi'en tin; same ins .me. s, I t.i have
- nee seen that he (Ii I ; and now add
what he wrote, fbr the ■: ke of con
vine eg those who vii 11 to authority
the conviction which they refuse to
reason, lie saws.
*■ It is worthy of remark that the j
American buffalo has exerted an in
lluenee in the progress of geography
in trackless inonntaiu regions.
Those animals wander in the win
ter in .search of a milder climate, in
herds of several latusand-', to the;
-outhot* the Arkansas river. In these
migrations their size and unwield i.e--
makc it dlliieult for them to pa - over ,
high mountains. When, therefore, a
wc I-lrodden huflalo path is met with, 1
it is advisable to follow it, as being j
-tire to conduct to the most convenient ;
path across (be mountains The he.-t 1
routes (hroneh the Cumberland Ab 11-
tains, in the southwest part of Virginia
tut! Kentucky, in the ALcdy Me in
tains, betwei-v the sources of llie V< 1
low Stone and llie Platte, and between
the soi tnem branch of the Columbia
and 1 lie* Uio Colorado of California,
wen; thus marked out beforehand by
bufliilo paths.”—.Aspects of Nature,
p. 62.
This is nil true, and 1 lie mountain
men can show these 1:1 is and passes
in as little time ns a horse enn travel
to them. There are, therefor ;, plenty
of goad passes for the. central route ;
and a* fur the snow, it i« dry, and but
little impediment to a locomotive : nnd
besides, where deepest it is in ravines
mid govg s where the road is r.iisi .1
ami tiie wind blows oft’ the dry .snow,
it is thus that tin. 1 railroad from .Moscow
to St. I’etersbnrgh h made—a raised
roa 1 and dry su w which | rest aits but
little obstaelo nnd which the wind
blows tf - iy. '1 here is no difficulty itr
finding a priictienbie pass in the lieeky
J/omilah. - about the latitude us nnd
it l : that i- t » av, on (ho straight line
between St. J.ouis and .San h raneisro
1 have no dgubt (he whole road will
b ; eventually made, because I believe
a great object which concur.; ■ the wad
tare of millions will in the end succeed
over till op; o-itlon. If not made by
the federal (!ovei ninent, as it should
he, it will by made piecemeal, by com
panics nnd communities, ’l ints, you
have begun three hundred miles of it
at one end ; the people of (. ali'briiin
propose beginning at the othi r in 1 ;
and the Mormons propose to make it
from the great Salt Lake to the .s’hvra
Nevada. Hut the Covermm til should
lake the whole upon itself, eompetua
titig companies for what they have
done, nnd make it a free load, save
the repairs. The public lands have
long been consult red a proper fund
for making national roads ; end now
that they are stjtnmdeied by the hun
dred millions of acres in bounties,
wbieh go to speculators, the only way
to save thorn from spoliation, and to
make them available, for present and
future public good, is to apply them in
mass to this (and other) great national
objects. 1 wish you success within
your State ; further than that you oo
not go. Ihe Government should be
pros ed without cessation, and fir t to
make a common road from the frontiers
of Mifsottri to California; which would
be a summer's work for a hundred
men, under a practical country road
maker, with some mountain men to
show the buffalo trails and passes.
The rations projects for getting the
public lands, pressed upon Congress
by individuals and companies, to make
a railway to the I’aeitic. are onlv
schemes of speculation to make aland
stock to be sold in market. The
honestest of them (a Heston eotrpanv)
openly propose to found a banking es
tablishment upon theirs, if they gel it.
Ail V. hitiiey’s projects are to him anil
ids “ assigns.” Strike out the assigns,
or put an amendment into his bill that
no member of Congress, nor anv one
related to a member within the Le
vilietil degi r s oFprohibited marriages,
.shall be an as.-ignee, and Ids project
would never be heard of again. A
circulating land stock, or a circulating
jobbing stock i- what they are after;
and the prospect of sharing in a hun
dred millions of acres of public-land
plunder conciliati s adherents for pro
jects as absurd as impudent, and winch
it would be as criminal for Congress
to grant as was the Yazoo fraud. Hut,
courage. The right prevails in the
end, hut not without persevering i
Very respectfully, gentlemen, your
obliged fellow-citizen,
Thomas 11. Havre::.
fsatnin .llo:i o! jlcssrs. rsc ait Mjtlim.'. !
This ease vvldcb lias enlisted so
mti'-b jitlc; lion, b ang of a duel ' -
t veen (j. M. Dibble alldTl. H. /.nndy,
in which .Dibble was killed, was
brought up for inv. stigation before 1
Justice Anderson on Sunday last.
On the part of the pro-caution, the
following wi nc ses clepo id.
S. S Craft, being duly sworn, rc
side; at la la-try Bar, in Nevada
lOinty. miner; was pre.enl at adu 1
yesterday morning, in wli.eli George
M. nibble and 1,. i>. i.undy, fought
with deadly weapons; Dibble was
killed bv the shot of bis antagonist
and died in about twenty minutes;
was shot through the body : Charles
Ik («. Morse and .1. C. MorehoaJ,
acted a- seconds, placed the nu n on
the ground, measured the di-lance,
and gave them the weapons; Mr.
Morse was l.undy’s second, and Mr
Morelicad was Dibble’.-second ; sar
,'dr Morehe d loading a | -toi in the,
morning; don’t know wlm.her it was
a pisti 1 used on the o o ition; the
persons named as seconds, were re
cogtlist'd ns the seconds by iho
around; Colt’s revolvers were used;
I saw Morelicad loading i ; the morn
ing what 1 .-apposed to be a revolver;
both seconds paced o‘V the ground two
or tli. ee limes: tint di.-tancu between
the parlies when they fire I was (ifieen
pacts; did not hear any word given;
I heard Mr Dibble ray on the tight
of the altercation, that he would “ hold
,1/r. Lundy responsible”; do no! know
of any written ■ebaderpt
NO. C 6
Cross examined l>y Mr. Ale reh
--AVlml led you to suppose that I
Horse were the second;. : Seeing *
!ind him noting as seconds, and cun I
rumor on the liar
1 >!cl vo i I:car of any enurr.vors
the part of .Mr. Moffo ami icy foil
reconcile matters? Yes, of sev<
At what time did the dill’cully ooc
I think it was on Tuesday or \\
ncsday night.
]to you I.now tint 1 refused to
the second of Mr. Dibble? I h»(
you ay you was opposi d to the wl
arrangement. Did not hear you
you would not act as second.
\\ ere you aware that at the
moment, on the night previous to
duel, I tried to reconcile the parti
I la aid yon say you had made all
dcavors fi prevent the duel.
D<> you hr. .V that Sir. J/orse m
the faa c ■ Hurls f 1 understood I
such was ilu; ea.-.e.
How far were you from the groin
About thirty paces.
How did the jirtol sound when i
charged? It made a faint report.
In vvhnf position did the suppo
second stand who gave the word ?
stood half way between the part
I lie word given by the supposed
cond might have i■ n-u heard by
parlii s, yet not by myself. at the i
tame 1 stood.
Diree examination resumed—J
iievo the pistol Lundy used was a
all carried by Sir. Abuse; Ido
linow vvhesi pistol Dibble used ; 1
mutual agreement to tight took ph
on i tie-day or Wedncsdny night; i
duel leak jla e about sunrise on i
tuid.iy morning; I saw Air Aloicla
loading the pistol just alter the bre
of day.
•I < Lconardsou, duly sworn—
sides in Nevada comity, miner; vi
pie, i lit at the duel ; the prineip
were J/essrs. Zdbble and I uady ; tli
fought with Colt’s revnlveis; A
Dibble was killed ; was shot throu
the body, by Air. Lundy ; Dibble t
not lire ; it was about thirty niinul
after the fire that Dibble died ; t
ball entered the right side and cat
out ol the left ; the. delendents we
present on the ground ; 1 look the
to be the seconds ; they stepped <
the ground lor the parlies; I sa
them tossing up for what I suppose
the word and position ; did not het
either of them give the wold to fire
Air Morse stood about half way he
tween the parties, out of tlie line c
■tlie (ire, ami Mr. Alorehead about fiv
paces fiom Air Dibble ; I was abou
thirty- yards off; there was abou
thirty or forty persons present ; Air
I 'ilddc left the giound before he died
he went about Jive or six rods before
he settled down.
Cross examined by Mr. Alorehead
—Was I present, at the time of tin
original diilienlly ? Aonw as not.
Vlas Air Alor.-e present ? Hr was
Lundy was about to strike Dibble
when Abuse interfered mid prevented
it; do not know that tbeic was r
wii:t m challenge ; from the language
used i supposed it meant a dial); nge
do not know the customs in tuck
If hat evidence have yon that I was
second i I heard you say that you
had got into a scrape, mi 1 wold 1 not
gel into such another; you was speak*
ing at tins time of the duel as tins
Do you not I:now that .horse and
I'IVSI l tried to settle the ifillieilllV ?
1 heard you see you !, I done a I yea
eouhl, and I think yon id
Do you know the laws on duelling?
Tdo not; i think Iho word should
have b( ell given veiy loud lor me to
hear it
What wav the language used wlicrq
iu vou supposed vva- a challenge?
heard l-uiidy say lie vv-< responsible
for any thing be ha ! said, and heard
Dibble sav he vveuld bold him rospon*
sible for it as soon as he could get a
Dr. II 11. Deals, being sworn— Re
sides in Nev ada city, surge' n ; I saw
tile hi dy of Dihtde, at lie 0 at, ab a t
live minutes a ter tin duel; the wound
Wish p slid shot wound; the ball I
should think eii!. r i !;i tween Iho fifth
aid sixth ii\ | u 1 downward aid
inward: I pe* my p" >i ■ in about two
inelu *; the .all eui out cm the op*
po.-idc side: no post mortem exami
uilion ; the d":it,i was oeea*ior.ed by
i!i- bail; Dibb’o wav alive when I
first saw him, and lived about ten or
fifteen minutes
Air Crafts lain icnlid. Tlio
duel occurred in Nevada county,• at
Industry liar.
The pro-centum here rested.
The defence called A A Sargent,
who, on being questioned, answered

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