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-4A V.
. A 6
Aai t~iI azudutt
. V,
3.r annum
aj~llan and
uwill be con i
at thp Cn of thu
Oust ent per kquare, Ioi
the 43 cents for each
cOWt stisements not having
ra marked on them,
4 ., ordered out, and
b rW ~ n 11-6t
'M DflFrY*-~
- ,sr.rsa ent
-- a e e
- deo
i o rOn who wi a
g ooer him into the cutody
P 86rifof Keihaw District.
Given at Columbia, the 24th
rbar, in the year of our
vdoe.thousadd eight hun
ed and tiiirty-ive. and in
the si61 year of the Inde
- a m ..ottlheUnited:States
V ti Webe last,
to istricts of
-taes; and, wereas -
04,0 the vote4eturnedi b ;the a n.
tbe electiop to the oce 6f thie
eClF?$h~te, that Waddy Thomp
eon jt a majerity of said votes;
Now, the , , George McDuffle,
Governori 4ti of South Carolina,
.4Iberdby~eclusai and prmelaim that the
_* V% Thompson has been duly ilect
4d~ano tative frwm this State, for the
its of gendleton and Greenville, to
te Congress of the U~r States.
.Given unders my hand and the
~Seal of S j , th'~ ~ of
V erd one usaude sgt h___
Bvd, and-1n e sixtietb yearf the I~depena
dance Q, J States of Ameriea.
r ~ ~ cDUF FIE.
s'~ cea yof State.
1bur' ,12
Or thee fefmature.
-2b annend the
. lcen 1e4,s a a
R. L * by the' Senate
and Of I ittives, now net
n e-cral Assembli iThht fro~m
.Or March ext. it shail
he-tair or The
of -ir -
oInliti, t ir i ilw
I .~ I *** u p
e~~o aiggie
ran r
1a t, ai g i
ed by ltec t
of wiuh he
sawe . -
nd ae, g-ve,
any spirituous liquors
a y ictnt be lined in a surn
aly P d llars, nor ore than two
ot ars, ecording to the discretion
ding Judge.
c . Be it further enated, That
~jPefatj heepni aips
of i the' ar of A ppeaCs, ioCarin
And ining l-,uinswchmybu
m new trias, and in Arrest of Judy
mnent, aind such. poi its of' Law mad Equity
as may bef1u6sitted to themnwith the ai
powers aoV-6iexeia by the ourt of Ap
peals; Provided, That not, let , thean
'ajoprity of the Chancellors *hall hold sid
Vi t .And Prsided also, That no Chan
w Judge, by or before whom a
aireldy s d or tried, all. exercise
apellate*,jt .thereupion in said
at - Courts ofCom
te, shr all
are yr arr,,
trbu-the fo Nwn
i V-a e several Courts
, W aeburgh, , a-e -
eufort, shal forim the a tei
he several Courts for the Districts
lie, Ed gild, Newbergand Let
Nsille aosevera Courts for the D tricts of
.eea,- Anderson, tUreenville, -' irtan
burgh and Laurens, shall fori the- estern
Circuit;- the several Courts for tlelisicts
of -Union, York, Cheterz oancasa'en
FAirfield, stall forin the iddle Circuiti
th'several Courts for the Ditricts orces,
tAffield, Corthaw, Huter, Darlinn and
t'arbo , shall form the Nort rn Cir
tri; and e several Courts for the District
onteWen odo nioe nd iite
Chreston, Williamsburg, aerin Hor
yand Georgetown, shal form the Eastern
SAgec. 5. That the several Cours of Com
n Plwa and Sessitns. hall.ohereaer b
d:at the foi priods,that is to fjlse
forU~mbia for District on he ti 6 at A
ivyle-Court House for Abboeville or ici
*o DtPicktns Court Houee for Piokenv: Di
. ".10W.Urin Court'se for Ocatniontri
ndt, 'tndit Ceauerteid. oun Hofuar g
'Vestetfield District, on the fir t Motaf
beOtober, and the second Mondaay in
March, In every year; at Orangeburgh
hourtouse for Orangeburgh District, at
Anerson Court House for Anderson Dis
trict, at York Court House for York Dis
trict, and at Camrden for Kershaw Disitrict,
:m. thethr -second. Monday in. October and the
hrdMonday in Ma~, in every year; at
Barn*8eCourt Hough for Barnwell Dis
l110;:Gt pville CourtHouse fo~r Groan
siKt a- Chester tqFt Homs- p
h Distriet, and at Sumfier C.
br) Sumter District, on.the third.*(ndayin
Mdtober'and the fourth Mondqy h)i xarch,
in every year; at Walterborough for Colfe
ton District, at Newberry Court Housa for'
Newberry.Diitrt, at Spairtanrburgh Couri
.loue fr Sartnbugh istict.atLan
ad at rlin'gr..... ...r. Hu... o.Dr.ng
Ad Di t, o the Monuy l
>erand Gre bondy aterth
ourf U da
weednd Monday a
Marje in cve
at Cob
the li
aite- th
ber; at
- opda
Iday .iu c
C ona D
ner despatehed.
. cc.6. That theseveralCb6'rtqgEqii
In the State shall hereafter be hoIIn ice
annually at the following periodi, that is to
; at Edgefield 4.ourt House for Edge
1.d District, and at k:partanburgh Court
iDuse for Spartanburgh District, on the
fourth Monday in January and the first
Monday in June ; at Columbia for Richland
District, on the fourth Mouday in January
and the second Monday afier the fourth
. #Lu,.,e of
Courts, respectivelyihal be sooner
patched: at Anderson Court House .A
doaruan Pi-trict, and at Williamsb t, C.
Hout for Williamsbur'gh District, on the
second Monday after the fourth Monday iii
January, and the third Monday in June, in
every year. for two days ar each term ; -A
P ickeus CoUrt House for tiaont--District,
and at Marion Co i I ouse for Marion Dis
trict, on the Thursday next after the second
Monday after the fourth Monday in Janu
and the Thursday next aufic. the third
day, in every year, for three days a
term, unless te bpsiness of sgd C
PdialI, re ivqIyb sooner despidhed; at
Ureenil CourtHoue for Gree
trio-t, at C ) Cu rt House fi:,U
District, &
heraw - da
urt u An ulk o
7t :* an4 f~ww~
ev -
ly', I be rdue
Uou ous' , at Winns
bomuz Qnd at Stum
ter ct.,:ifthe
usiness o said
be sooner despatc.
Rouse fbr Neit~bio
Court Hotse for L td t
Caimen for Kezha
M on af e r thefo
eveywek at
less t business of said Courts
y shall - be sootner despat
Charleston f9r Ohairlston tbp
first Monday in January,
and the first oday te
dla in A r'for fiv'e "Wee
u infos" tha u~siness
dei eahedn
celp h - .
bi. pa4ched,
b- a
bsApate he e yer;
andat Cr
byaw to be ake t Mon
W~O sud Law
rettagabte th
a'er-ae et
ties, b.eentite tW ane eges and
receive the samfe salary and Aq itee a
by law allowed to the otheer Sohors. y
Sec. 12. That all Acts and part of Acts
repugliantthereto are hereby repealed.
In the Senate House, the eighteenth day of
Denraier ein jqyear oJ' our Lord one
gotath CarollW4
- N1jb&r Rdief.
l arrison, e't al.
T V'Pl .RfG T m
. th' *$heerd pneer,
uwhl Mry .. . W. brown,
et e, reside without-th ,
0:011n3tiorhy W -
itrs ror copnplainant
Ored that e sai
vear ir this horable.Co rrer
ir degur to the said- B A three
nonth froin tke publication of this order,
he-aid ball be taken: pro '-onfesso
,T.. TEJIY, c xir a.
Comm. QCe,t - n
Feb. 18, Iri.
Gentlermna% Vade M-eeun,
O N Tdt of Januay, 1V9i, was commeAnc
ed in ladelphias, a new periodical, bear
ig the abovammpsehensive title. The contents
gecarfidly apted to the wants of trt portion
dItthe publiho patronise Dramatic Literature,
the Turf, sping and the Fashions.
Fow the )wig wealth and increasing pop
of th. States, and the near asinnilation
t ppetite with whatever promotes
re'auons of life, it in presumed that
aloseing, as the projector of it
as to dwersify its [email protected], and a
i render thews subservient to the i
Irect ta i! ail uatters relating
fil to tOet with a libertil
pport froe anwenlightened con
t suelt a plan amight be.I
hwed wth uy of the charms or
eMes It popularity and encumrage
emnt the least mrass obsa
W i th rojetors of this" ork to sur
non iiti iticmeption. Coinfidently assured,
iowever,thottu success is certain,wheu its charac.
er becomes roperly known, they have incurred
papderable mpenso in forninz correspondents
ivier the Uniei; and have ordered reular supplies
if the Englilh periodicals to assist m procuring
Materi is forts columns.
It is not abogether feasible, when a new publi
ation is cosenplated, to present in detailto the
"uctsp ve attractionsa. tis zwceSq
veol-eles its principal f&atilaionld '
rawn out,ts h is by them that its if it has
ny,shalhijudged. Thisdaemore readilyse
mplisbed, the. publishers being satimftt
ib rinniaast anldawatchfulsal can etiin
umpleing de filn im, will be done. and that,
iey nurwil be ouddeficient.or eglsctfual in
i nstrivin to pyodue ne
cial amuelyis and to
b' e enn; ##P0U to
teriS alone; a pysference, however, wIB'be
mdel, in all cases, to native prodsetkauis, ame
mey can be obtained. ndepeinentsiw
bvity, saua yb.
and Bamme
Ipresent "nd Past a rawo and
hausible compilats as
no liry fact reae th
ment, keepi1g, and hediana
abllennal, tup se~ji i
RTJNG.-Under tIca
~W k
- 1. -1wor
t , a by
"- r i
May ap ao.
W11kha1 0four
Au bfbauted-we deerd
th is r add to thee; s,
h sl~iraer~ M~icellaneon m,
Pory-an V iosme or New.
-Uit or I itilu yIt and aU others in the
to, id theCandra, that patronize this
paper--Agrienture- -1 dma* Sogstr be.
ing itselection ofthe most popular ira,metto munih
--and aU other matus 4earding which an in
!q !szaaUd to qm* =u orabroad.
se~ Acadesny.
of this Institution were
o Moiday the 4thof Jan
itiWpng, Arith
.... per qr. $5 00
She rammar and
Geogra a . ........ 650
* 'story, Philosalphy,
Nat - oral ;L
Che . ..a..80
Q% -teI0... .
Virwoo inter .. . 0 50
Use ofM a nb,.... ..0 50
UE of Ap paratu, -.. .... 0 50
Mue.-........-.............15 00
he I iano, . .... ...
The above charges are quartwliy- 1.
Good oloarding can be obtaied from25
o 35 dolars per quarter.
February 11, 1836. 1,1
Goodwis & Aarringten.
Merchant- Tailors. b
ESPECTFULLY inform thAr cus
tomera and friends. that they havc
amoved to their new Sture, north side of
he Court House, where they have opened
i large assortnat of ,
("as simeres..Vest
ings, Stocks,
11oalls, Suspenders, Glove4,
Pocket-Hankerchiefs, 4c. ec.
Together with a general assortment of
and every tlin& else in their line.
KIItas'y TAiunnpings,
of all deseriptions.
0"Uniforms both for Infantry and Cav.
aliry made up in the beat style.
( All ordera prmptly executed.
I old Iqb ns Jo a olnee
re(uemtol Iualt o him,:Elther
by note or qotwr o-make iufmsdiate
payment, asICge idldulgence cannot be
Febuar 11 188 1
Frythree Ca
. ogburn. T
of Eleven Do1I '
warn all persont
Note, a it is mO
been traded by
dticre udrx
& C
Gra'erul for p10i
- ?~
C ton,,
Elam, Geo,.'
Gould, mr.W.
Gillbs, Thoe. 2
rahlen, Wi W
Elael, nao -
mbakr,Sna. ha tLeari, Chares.
fayhb, Willia 2 aria Mrta
lcvin, Ja McT a
loor, Hfenry Moore1a, JLucmT
4illetr, Geo M t
e'D Hey g.2 cDneMr
imbae, Sonatha Lqnar, Chialie
iayl, R niam Martil Martha 2
'in, Joshua M-tchel, '1homau
[oore, Heary oe, Lucy T.
rothcr, George arv, Phuip
ilcer, 3. Ei. &. 2 Martin, glizabeth P
i'Dufiiaeo m v-2 Mciuniel, Mary
IeDaue, LeFr 'ay.on, Carolin.
lays, Rhydon G. MRy, Edward .
Icholson, J. 0.
Svcrby, Adam S
Sirth, Eh A. aer, rudy
Tubb, Enozat C. ty nkr 02
kIanibo. K-' Frt -Robrtn Wmn,-'
UarRodger Gaeway
Wikins, Judy Stringers, El
Swaim, 3. T. 2 Shaby, Jacob
Surlos, Pleasans Shruggiirv%, Thoe,
SWith, E. A. Sprat, Mary
Thomas, Aloxander Terry, Levier.
Tu-bs. Fno R C.
Urquhar, Al1exander
Weaver, Joshua Warren, Cars=u
Williams, Laura mrs. Williams, Samueaj
Fite, F. W. t
noteson isccoun Letrs o hi
mi to mo are reqired to ~ p etg
hem ammondiatey . ,n~nu

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