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Edgefield advertiser. [volume] (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, February 18, 1836, Image 3

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r 4-R:p AL
- that Congi cm Py o pteurditder the Con.
mitution to abolih 'savery in tin Di-triet of
U;Cohnnhia, & c., beng uuder 1;mr~:lieration,
31111. PICK NS4 rose, nn obserad that
lie regreltted ceeedingly the nee-r-ity that
induced him to ay all tiin- on the interest
-n t-eeqy exciting- tpies before the
ir hen -hp o'eni6' chs
O9 .make a ey a OU this
t 101,
ht wedbsi;;1d
t tl raiso U; Irnt
Swid ldtiatng
to I risor& le whijpter
a atinerus
&tteh this pitifid
'by 1 &e pittle of nen
,that t es.0 i
- - puhiiC. Thisbel the ;nfct, I call 'ipou
every honest atnd virtnous un to brad it
- with the indignation that its trfaschood Rud
infam -iy deserve. Let no man supposb that,
beaeuse I belong to a comparatively sma!!
party, perscnted and misrereresinte,4 my
vn;p iq ever to ie sileneed upon thr floor.
_,-parti e imlpo att
bilve, o
and- povft hIlaae of
power; hol.. ther wirtigs
:--~ ~ icsiring tIreti , f~j to a -r.
tain 'extent. in their mnstirnes iuian ove:
mcnl [ There is a high gamoe plbinag fir
pol " power, nud those who -woibilt Perm:
to he weak from numbei-s beomne strom"
from pu-ition. Their strenth eontsist- in
fnnaticismi-ii painting scenes of im: -rnaev
evil-in appealintter to the passitons of the
heart, and, as the gentleman from Mathn-mu
setts (,Mr. A atmisl says. to their rcligiio.
And i hen v a fniaiticism arrested 71 Look
nt its hiitorv ill over the -.: orld. lu its irst
comiliemeemieit, it is '!(:Iln like n1;Ij)eck in the
distant horizou-ut. mark it 's it ritei-..
it tprem~is and w:teidem mul JI..Lker
-u 'flhadem. initil it -.vyrys t~if ile fury el
the rushing tornado, desohttijn the frthi:
andt thf-trood ami the wisef talni i, ifsrtriekei
With dul mln1ietss, hite the hold mnd stront
quake and tebh ike unweaned infanti
umuler the t rilmuet,. Idamit.
In its first stragle-;. i. is dihrds~i for its
wreak~ness, but et lengtth,. *ceecit ndo.'
until iit~ walks eret in its ?ianit strentgth amnd
powe'r. ande with tihe musenr actiion of a
maadmn tramtples into the- dust aind earth,
those n' ho at tirst felIt pits for its delusion. an
contempt for its impotence. The onIb ag
to cotend with it is to meet it and -nrangler
it in) its infancy.
. W hat ha:s bmeen the h'storyv of dihe last stum
mear? We ha-:et '"'en the ti hole countrv'i't
cited rnit tngitatecd to ti highbest derere.
Trhere has not bteen a State. nor c-ounty, nmor
to. n. from, one end of this I'nioni to the
othe, thaut ha~s no)t been Otrin :ly alive to
the " ene-ral welfare."' Societie4 uponl 5o.
thousand, hal~tuve bieen iriI fo:- lthe ;m cewedi
object of procint gal a chang :~e, a dliee and!
v'it i'hamte 'n thme dwaruislic ineitijil4 of
thle Southern .-'i tes. Theiire is searly a
tommonti nlewspaper, ac mnag;a'e. ior redew
thtcomies fromm the Nith!. hom wha:;t b rimae
somneihing of pr.-;nilie, miu! dtenoxialtioni
agini;u. ~ThIere is not a schioo bmook,
n'ot a ctilomon ge~ography, wthi dloe, not1
c'onta it sominutg, bcy inine-mh or iii,inna.
tion, calettedm. to tain Utp our chtildlrenm to
-b e .'-* -pit the i1ei )a c 0 ter . th r
whole non--!avuehoheine States, are directly
and 0~'ii opnl aninstt uts on the miubject of dlo.
mt.' tc s'rvit Ode. .\ ni l a t che gen
thieiman from Massit;acutes (Mr. AiIhm ,)
slec-tare- that eI ery m~iebr's Ipee--it On tis
sonhject from no; :h of Mason aind! l)i son's
ltie, wo~uhdli 'e4a intceinehiry pamtphilet. andn
- .;.
if they pu.rs.ued a certalU coure, here h
Woul.i be Swept froin thqir sea'.
I ;,,ir ---,"$C, "'*Abet z ta
lilt it i not in our try onl at' wi
have tW encounter prejtldice. Engla.d hm
entanip-rted her W. India 131tlmda. Franc
it i.SO movinog inl the smke direction-hei
)re.3s ton, is cralline- up the preju-ice: of the
nat~finar ' , in-. . ltitutlifon. A11.1 ill y m
i *nmi there lnuo Review. from th pah.he
al: trlented 12mflner 1h. 4. or. n to the lJere.
My Ucti 3 l,1eviing WeSdiister, ilha
doe,;n opeta it. hattery and deitinCitlior
upon u1 . U n. too. thart prince of moderri
nzaoues. jMr. O'Cobwne. in the p'eni.
t , e flis arrog-tnce an- *t.mty, must think1
-mr~ke tho ilas --and b-msest u-tes, toI
Sto reindices of thyc
"FlwhIc pienn& forba
i i r and, awid agaits a galiaut:
geo Atmo virtuem- fis naturatl vulgaritj
couj,, eryc appreciate. le .t1k nhootsi
lua and '.ueleic trou l
Oid income
that n .... Ite oh rue a...
r tIo- i gge by publii
Jentim. 'ud i tissiue of vissionary
ination, catac. sted to have no other effect
d1n to ecCite eelings, u, mpathios. and
peejudices at war' itlh the harmon of the
'1-nion, and the forber-ring, priniciples of thet
Coutittio, hich hic ats wvell ats every
utimr good citizen, has tacitly sworni to s$VD
port. I all-ide to Dr. 14ain, and I al
ide to him with paiui and rexret. 1nstetad
nita foae4 j." *T)U&r .
--edLipits$erot~I declatrinig it
Ii.stitutna! for Congrt4 toi touch this
iat-r here, and met the rbole s--,Ajet as
4ec- .iie 1-e:md 1wr interesta, [tnler these
c(*iretletm.Me~e, I w;&antolsMhed to hear th
gentlemen from Georgia (31r. iltley) iti
nttt thathe~ n.m willing for the present to
::iv this iteolution the go-hy. [Here''Mr.
iIahgey explainedI that Ie wsas willing to
lieet the ltqustioi when -it enmte ul p at the
proper rinse, in a distinet and independent
i:esointio,. &c.] 1M. P. then proceeled
aid ;aid that he would not press those rir
eC.111t1 pres
\ y'r Wt ,libut t ""pa.ed a
rr :tton to thes ame p.rpo . She, ;Jive
to the deepe stake she 6:,s in the que.,tron,
has approache-l near to unanimity on it.
'l re tution & env:en. - eo can'erres." nov
,f.tutional pmetcr- ( tlas pn2wed bcy .xu
of 115 to . in her lluso of l)elegaite.
Th rt is one sildeet at least upon n l h ti
prirl es can nnite. I wvas leeply Kr:i:ified I(
1ee that noble State speaking f.- herau
h er etneieent character. Thact peroudt Stiat..
jrtsl preoud from~ haiving~ enrolledJ on thc
vereell I' fame he-r he'tndIred patrotr,, has~i Ne
her vita: intere'st ande hsaor concernedl, aens
moeeved alb, an un:mimity andi spiri thut
heeramse taw lan of Richardl fIenry Lee
G;eorre Masone. and Patrick Ileutry. I e rnal
noe seen of hers haere wvill fal leow ,the pomi.
tiou she han. choeein toe ernpey. liefo~re ah,
tcn v tavee or I~slter *.n this sulec~t.deirect
ly r ndrcur.so mstfir~t bereak ny te
fouietttionso cf asi'.her ine itmIiens: youn mnn
whec mucst forget thle iglory of thje patst;
whoecse htearts mitust bea wiith impnht~.eest andi.
emtctionsl uf nt new ch .renerate~ natuore ;
wh lose mthern mst ciptrke'n wsith a newi
ande utnal o Itllspring.
Sir', I deprec'ate at) poreHi tie's ei perty'
feelintgs in itis: ater'. It is too so'lemscn a
stjee~t fors Iblis. If thter. h e any iman here
whoe has :myv misgivie, or treminseig as~ io
the uetur onl t0 Ihisi anltyect, let mic ea va toe
hims, thle is noe plae for him~s If there he
:uey R epjre~isntathie here Ire. -oy pm I or
portiona of thec sltaveholinig race who'te hceart
is bo uwed dlown in subleervienc..y andt ser
vinity to patrty discipltiane neprty orgatniza
tio~n, aes to be drawn off'otn thiue etion foer.
Il'epurpocse oef patrtiza.n a'eetencsy and
oef thei day. let me~ Ssy to) him, the, , no0
place for him, unless lie is prepjaredl to cover
himselif with prostitution, if there be :myv
gentlemaen~n hore froin the same region, wheeso
aspeiratieons are to please the doeminants in
tereNt eof this consfedeeracy Iby sycophancy
andse 1ttr r, for the putrpiose of clothing him
ielf in thet livery and( tranjtinn~ of anis.,
this is no 'ace for him, ue
ed to njwAnlot thq ioheritance f I
Jtuofno't-atto etoecr-.
ing events arol its inlhis m n
Europe. Evey tlhing proei--aM la.
or later, we shall hIve to' meet tin. '
and the power-il, anid coot .':. v
- tombs of ouitr fath:s for our e,,. j
hoarth-stonc, as41.1 hoach,.A, 1,>1 -r. .
doni otr cou~ntry to becroine am bhiek e'4 *ong
an1d seek for oujr4selves a refu;e in i i , ii.
dertnae.*. of th West. It i., iaui Ptohi
the contest.
Mr. Spnaker: A.i to th,, c
power of this: t'ofht -
-*er becorne so -r~ 4
tPnt- I e natte
of t0
and th
t:~1 C'
thrbog"'i"* the-lan'knd cjIe..
ment, of a bro1Me tht-M disuiemberil e
p11ire'ti sh estr Afra tdre onily U
w h e r e t h i r e p b . . o n e-..v
While I can never ceQ'.nt to discayth
constitutional power of thi, Goverinent as
relates to the Strites, yet it becoinei is uto
t-xaminaeaai the powers un :..f. the Cotst.tution
Viien in this District.
''r. tpeaker: o ye prwrvel filn thi
trehtistridt (noteeerilm, -
as any, by ceaion-of'portintir -.
the acceptance of t;ngress,- 1'' the
seat of Governinent or the U. SA,
ito ex-rcisce like althority iver a I.: nr
chasedl by the cuisent of the L.- tre
of th. SLlte by which the nc sail be,
fur the cree-tion of fortt,~mluir-azineP, ,rne,
dock-yards, and other njit ful,1,
-" Exipsiaeegihition" here nn~ n
bee ant"I' liali
"Bte nd ulhimitedlgA kl: Thin
1ent emn'uw Iegd4y cxi,it 'n any
vlq tiution h indling nipont it. i' -re d,
b11)7144 Cestitution'. 411.n camnilot .1e1. '
sphere except unelr is, spei ar-.
Aid to contend itha it has all i;e4 itmel:
here that the -tiat4 4: . 1 jh.i- - hin
thar territorie.< i, a stiwub- iim is t , -
innaI law, for tiht' t -
fle lot, %oerp. not pr"I1jii141 by I . .
mI! ' ieit of their own eol1.tittt I.. fir- Ifi
con-.ti1.11-iln of 11hk Ilnited ... -. whih-.
this Glovernment can exercise n:-lwor not
pecifically granited by th, - to 4iaIn, or
absutely necessary toi cary " tTt
some speific grant. Ehehnm iv or'i'lastion
mneanq thaat no oilher ~overniui alih dhaive
co(l~nrrenlt leiit ion. (on c111'~'t (.h-d I~
charde( for fort., are als, &c.! e 'he' legin.
lation and11 authority e wr'1i-,er .hi 1111ilad
trict, in like mn~aner, shallIIbe erriedr over
placest pu1rch1ased* foir forts, . .If, then,
ll'gren is untliimited heare, thet hi nusmni,
tedl in those other pdles wheur.: gi.cer.
are, and( if slatvet7 can ImN'oshc:e
in all those places. in the hnt iof' a tew
1' here there maly be. pubillie wo-lus, &se. All
the poe inltnded toi Ibe 11ives wa s to enii
ble this Governmntid1 t4 plreue'and pareserve
its public works anld imprl'"'mems. ,.m
"like iathority" wals initende;~ tol be' ieven
in thi., I )istrict, a uthuori ty th-i night he. .,
senitialh to cairry ont tihe le'gtu it ar obts''
oif the orilginalt truast ,1 nd ) no .mre. An~iy
ig and p1lain inltentions1 4f hi. g..mt olf
poIwer at the ritne it wasE,::ivP i., e ,ia
tion of' it:. spirit and~ pers ersim, of1 it-, paur
Againi -The ninth sectionl er resly e'..
chuale~s 4 ongre--, frmi pro4hiblit i: thle impor
tationi of 'dhives anutl I 8(. .- if thle ehusea.t
iving~ " ec~(lusive le-;ishti:,i e r.c
t' e )Iwer tbia'houlisii salvery. :. .,
e'reaitedl without limlittiond tat thet aI ofC
the inuent. hut if C ongre. hadl I4!efo
I18iea, aittemptedl to prohIiblit thte impljortati~im
of shives, here or eleswhere, it woouh. have
been directly againast tihe letter 4. fi th 'oni
stitutioun Thiere has been no new~ l-<itre
ument of noni er sinen the (a of tir ,b,,t....
inplt. nor cularge.'aIL of he Pr.OviSion 4 ut I
o: -6.tA %4hvv' i.r:i:r to 18W,-. it
01 Ivr ive b(Am the *isom ., -!tet nal me:ur
~to. proibit tljiir irnport;'lioai, an-li thi; It!, Y
uoiti:. I dlo imt refr iti'thus s- .iitih ;-_
I t w ;!s 11t.~ -w b t c ,I l i-.i e. ! n t hi i W 3 o I ;
hivaTo 1!-'-wer to da .i'rb thiu deivahtti andL
Ijlvfllf.u~y din't VAiiI1io il tlli !t;, or!
-~ c~t~u.~~,~t da, r o. 'm:i
L)Ui Orb 4t)iP pt it, was~ omlQ 44tw
IW4~~ki w~ir. wold -tve ccdtd a
it ~tury awl Citizv-w. -irusbe
;uii co i% -riI
lt% pri
it ie1 11,~e for pri? ZMca
.:tt awprtant t
th~g 013es-arr pi.vtwe property! And herek
let it. bta Oh-er, 4.-el. 1 hat tacre N ai leuse ideM:
siisoa, dint %-I Im aoslmr rightt to dintt
spcies ofi proptiirty undeI~r thu 'ompire asu,.mi
of the (Cm:5tI.-:i1. We hold1 themi a-1.
ther, it is, thn.. ... '
I 1t4. Collkilimiiltt nI I hit 4 ,ywi!
- % -l l i ~ n~ ~ f o t h 1 ;.
I~y e or~tmii fronti ow [d I!, v -t
p'1t I hrltgh )ilroprit~ -- wn
kl 1 lwie III ItAII ai .~ ~*,,*.
carrIy *u:'. effect. i~srw- " -6'
ed in: the (Eon-SIM 1!ell, 411, vivly''1:
i~btolutr.Iy 1:ece..4:ry uhk. varry at
someC ).CliCltiit. Tihertie s o rcf.
povwvr to uboh.4skivo~h~ery, and it hinriyiie
a high exurcivie of siO-tmintive power, cun
not lie imnpliedl ams itimmiutoly Ueccb larv 11
carry ino effect ;mly othi-r :ower. As wull
mlight %% C) -p-ma ski)]1he'4ijii touto payli the I
:'eop'e of this istrict for their Cattle at-a
homs. it) give thivii the blee~u a V I f
rurining tree itud iiirtranodi
--l .. lourif An to ,n it WI
Blid it layV e11111- I
4111it 1n4 oft wvilI*iut tiit
C, ~I uditiow . Tli.
A 1--mi .ti~"i
C'. ;ca :ciav ir~. icg ofti im, if' Voiu w-.;cktl mp'
tips tt-s:'-I I e J!.v L .i* iil. l i~ tlt ' 't go ill
Ait -1tipjuc luc,!, i ~ , mpa 1:-' T L~
meclil.01! ilia .&1'ic .t li tk .'.
it~.-W Iillr Il it sat rtItcLets-Oenws lay. Iltrgjit il
ccn31.p jy d:y.. WIa'-ri' t;.e. i.thwr i's apleep ier
iee akl. bristuk w'cedi
J:'A O ese uonen~uctr: imncc
isi thm' bi
"ce-rearasonte who Liveani~mpty. weIn LW
ypt a .Jtt:i 11t-ats iempty crib, y '4 a I'lzl'bie,.~
Yet ihoy.are e '~l %i,' rt~ .
Lave nos putuIW
Mi. Thi aed if
hem. t little gmt,,.
'A tie, lwumr thettr a it
!t'v*-t cat iveill to die
~~I~t 9-V'A..'to tict poor
tPer i iiilessi n1td Awn-. 'I. ' r I'll-(!rsc'tives o"
murrerivy. lif 1Zivq 1,10 iuccry' it licrrows Lmud
ccrsr.',v~ ~~ a: an ji i!vskhd .
t 11Ai- v. ' yr-.. %v !I It., I cfsre-lc:.,d.
!-.t --o trittimi n'4 ..--.
ii. cct 'd ' inS a lolul tom.'
Its--~i o a-* 4-r .. ' I.! iysct.
fI 1-cI he t . ILt
all. i.""a lilt 5ic:ct
S~~c .. ~ ~ ~ #) lj i i elIsr it I'ihtcL's pro
tlit 'ccr'tii vcc : i;'to,~ .it h i. tt.. ! s'
oeti.)..ccTe M'.S Itc- L. ov-clt s:ul-'c
A14-' tcic "'ttc'c If- ve,ri c. ii i! w n ; it * t !v. fill,
Iir '-'l~ lcctg I it, il c it, 1- 111Ii .it
erw -c ti l j:
ei -'* v l t' . I:..
1.1'lcl LI. th Iii. II; Vismiiliy rlnpect--d; 1. tneir I;r
the , A3:LV. IJ111 V.W"0314 113!l;iscaiV - yiu!Iin4
lnwrTeisg Wmmul byI -vi ni'.'it. brcy. 1pull mlea
occasi on, tbk- c! d r, o f AT oqi I Lzavebeci me k i a Is
.i fi mI' the rwhot com9itided I
I k 't1, ijlihaeju 11111 iiia jprw htt~tf nip. I
j 4 'IrttoN !' P ft '4e ~ r e W41-1-1
3lung.'r O' Cava. v ig~u
"Yo ivt. wiudrt. oe rTa
"Okei& he 14i:~oi b i 0 'rl g t t
th vuu ef iniud ~ 1ruiinita
?~aw pyaw:~. M f lhwl' ir d., wt
geiz~~Me!P youh~oware at herW Sni.ut...
ilrmlt tor thatid 113161h, out,-~'la'l aah
3inte oaf aitIhi.ni isfoia'
.. . . . rdei to', niI
t1!9 iu,. As ' -5 stin9l.' t.' b z~:l~hl. wih'
.9!;.. ~ ;h .'u. ni mitep'. t '1 :'."'* atiueus tn'
gsndtiihin yont" L1m are apt 10 r jI'CLle anpcso
I 101131o, tud11cridly :tu'.'.i miru iti. I might
Inur . 5191 1 ce gpe t. nn-e, I in iirm
v.'!f' illifi of ;!ulj fit it i... herfy3
11-. iu I (ll POdiI.. ai~~i u ~
artt ' t ,''llttl out c t (ilt' P t
t iu~t titi i.:!.'19.crr tvit ; v n o r sitst
itl .'11v 1,:t9lcIf It i 1 ttil , r soI it rf~ld
r~ae o lco :1- o .~c%*tl.t W64C. 1t
1I.yltlf 11 III) all,! isie . iiC l i eu w a.
Lhoe'h~bjLu f'thoa:;-11 of' (,crotiun.
Omin '(: ".'.*t vt:.. !C (it aul1 int aIttill
te, ns at the moilk i ittloiiith giufAi
It .4'9115!, ''rl7't hilt: i. t '' a t! '9, '1e
the11 jjjt j she cou~'l tlltii -:01him. fordOlin
irois, aie r-cttut u rwi lilt'an iceutte SO I: t its

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