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Edgefield advertiser. [volume] (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, February 18, 1836, Image 4

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png Wit.
-;. ... . . wen nc -tro
frod poitio a.IThV consisto i
--fanaticism-in painti 6. immgi
. . .. . .. . . . . . ..
evil-in - ' lng s of th
- earta, ent a assach~
Aetts (Mr.Adams)i sa Ib I
Ad whezi was fanaticisLo
i i nist edlover theloor
* 1 41.
- t i 4i-ena..
df~ wai~fIrwieu '-And.- o~
- Io thromtado, Aeclion
and tlie good Apdne es
vith dtum iess te the o of t
quakean tre a lie u ak
unde itshtrump1oeth blast.
weakness,~ but w..tength ''cre stid,
untii'it wahlks erdo~einis iatn an
piver duews iytthe tbelaleidifof
~ qakemand trmle ikte ust andw e~ata
- " conetemprt's blne. Teol a
to coten ith truges it i des strangle it
- uitil it~ok eracty. it iat n
W pothrs aneent thoryo thlati ofum
matdmand atampe. 4tcdstade
Thore ho tnot elt itayf ts~ depusnan
tone fo one enid of this nly 'wrqi
oherteat hash not itn re nd ativegto
- objc~~t nfit roduacing a hne'ade n
vitWat haseintedms institinsoftloatu
?4 ther hoahent h States. Thr ia ary ~o
townmrom nespaperfathigaUine, or revew
th tacomes roteNrbuwat beerrmligyaiegt
- somethn of prindiacande deencain
theas Suenste There is t. scooly aok
S not as common geography, which does got
esa~ 'idynethin , by innendp.sor insinua
aiu.'oarchildren to
~ ,~*com'#01,is4aons orgwer"
wifole nson-slaveholding Steatre d
-.~~ ,~. and openly against us en the subject f(
inostic servitudlo. And well may thme e
tleman from .Massachusetts (Mr. Adams.)
sieelare that .rymember's*speech on this
subject frort n lie f Mason andl Diston's
X line, would be an ' adiary paniphlet, and
th ierktin-1-6j
to a hes of tho
n"Mu a.& -'s iristitutiou. And in Eug
TUo Review, from the polished
nied Edinburgh, down to the Jere
tan l'elliug. WVestmiaister, that
otpnci it battery aizd denuiati
IEven, too Leo:,
1'S iW'no
~P W WU 4
nion,- da, the forbetri
.tituf which ha ry
other good citizen, has tAcitly sworn to.sup
or.I alide to. Dr. Channing, and I al
hude-to hm irith- pailk and regret. Instead
aetaauah1 x I d .i
ege n ancsI waer
nat'tlihe was w
H~alsey e-pained that he yi
mee.t the question vb mwP
proper time, in a disti
seso 0o, &c.] Mr. t
;At''that he
assled a
reso tion to h C i e, alive
to th deep) stak ine hans 1P i e..~tion,
has approached near to unahimity on it.
.id tre u n. deyund r .Conegre nv
stity~tioimf joner,'was Passed Iyivt
of'116t 'it her.s
T7- isa:a one e, uisj ect at s pon mWhich aill
partes an te itite- I.,was deeply gratified to
hseyha e ftnm spe'ahking s beam
mthe quiobren .l)ita pru Stte
.ud ht u frmhhis . e.o
reroltiof tame he afrd ,
trb dia:erest snd hnora &denda
hs ovedowche ar unanimity on5 it
-.eeru d lan of ict unry ,o
Georfe Miason, and Parc Ha~enry.I tus
no Ion of her hee ilo fall helw te ps.
ton~ he su chse t occupo Before all
cante wane or ter on ts deeygraiecto
hy r .indiet. vui muTfirt breau Sthe
fosunti~pons fo ' hrv institutons younus
whol mst frget he gnory ofotheps
emotj:ionteres ad hognrer nare
anod nnatran uffspig. -~sij~
Sirme dpee alo pary tiespdry
fensn ofhers maer.I wis tbeooh sosl
tsubje har thsenI ther oeay Benfore A
te futuro a on this subject, diree ayt
him, ori inelac fours hirst bfhreu the
aonuiRepresentative here froitus yoig mart-o
potiot oret thaeograyhoste hat
ise heartse down bit wib~th ilseand r
eiio tof a ne agneate-rgna-e
vo,.a .oter mu t hi 'ih utinfo,
nubjn orti. tee be any nhr
wh as'piatiny isgivi'ns ortreblingiato
the re o this snfecetay me say
nnd, fltteryn pc for thhp ns. Ifthg he
iseslfwe in thebliver and taof mi
% thatth ou
'Wtthe itru
odr -ontecrated.
o 1, or .
kjIR Pr6in
.Astiutloda p6t
tie:Ns 6:heBftes, y h t-itt
examine thf idi.Vnger thi. ono
t 4
Jere canu
ti hated egislation T b
ut4.llthe restraintso
indinkg upon it. it ir
tuoand cannot acta
et pt uder its specific gnns..
And-otn that it hafs all the >owers
here that the States ca-n exercise xithin
their territories is a soleeisml ins i, t
the powers not prohibited by oruciples
and- spirit of their own con.ititu us3. or the .iM
Consttution of thle United Wies, 'while'.
tfiis overnV nent can exercise wowe o :
Mr pee rn.nxlsve s
ees4 that oo other Goven sibill
consun bentlegiu oe his
erese"ikeauthorty," oresrcacetspu
10io .ad athorty xeriseI -re
trcttiulkemne, sal beent cn
Conres it unliigeer .eciig~
And inte. o4thti asalth u
theipr rrtendidd tolsej a i-uui
b th oernt oprtecytIa cpcs*
Co .ubiueo worsh nimprdmmen, ihl a
"kathi ori~ty wasnintendie towber gn't
in tisDistrict athriy that nihth or2
~sntilf~~'es to carry ottelgttate object
ofa thgia trso n n or.An
ercmse ofpoer beylond~ toviou s puea.
powseratr for.tisk it-acls,iv. is viola
ltion fd its .piriy .ervercsi'o ts ur
pgtin: Thke mniner, shecion eirsl x
ctuengores snfrom prhbtneteipr
te laviI es ni 60.oyte lue
tre, er: , e
0ia ithu tmtkio - h
tiheinstuinen Bito ie og haz
"li8, athompted to prohibit te pd ge
inths, hesrict ahorityeswhae it ov o
benit directy ogint the -letero th Con
ofthet'rttenal -Thrust ha enno nioe. Anuir
oree of power eone dtuofvo th6at s
. 1v
" :, 4lhis -they
. 4 0
tit, mp
t~elo4#1 [email protected]~pria* m JVndk'4is t
af prypn ~4~int, cn
y-wom sprn rirasfo;W;;Mwi~
the & 't01c'n. . -
-Smtul t:imkce large gm yard--nl
filth, m hy.-..
Feed Nell, a A yis will hieed wl
MsmolOh gear umkes- toamoothi plWe
thle colhr chafeo the skin, tipn phnt
Thn 61r46 *weaNtx leant when ti
Ailuk seel
he ty ellyii m
when theGt in
tilpays bit hi
ti yoni work alwvys i
(ges w t gow iehndyon. ff t -
-bhid-hand. tegrams will be bergme
116 that wVorke his crou badt' W
onl twent .' twts~u had:
ew ue Wh1.1t 1. thou)lght o i twoD
wihern hd bse r sental by me 0during t eepajt~
"'The !ady.- ith % as I e-nnvertaed."' was my replt
qunick at repartee without a particle of caustirite-1
herperson gwni: her "hape lovely in1
treme--perhap atluost too tilce ,
large, lrdllitimvpd expreseOlv - nadfc
thde vmalle,t rind mlost dr. ' hve ever behed,
a0liema, wi!tout exrton, be tervmed a very
PeStty wonM -he is not without a
itte . HE ein m compition; bUt that,
in the natural concor'nitt of nerly
r x. The gentlemiatwho sat op--.
her ikl presumec, ow. of biern xu! re~pro
yalover, and appairently not a saii iiiw
Ac. i appear% to be dnpy- e
ienemg some jealousy - hilst she wS
.qOnVersat~iop wih mneand the penmou
her l[fti. The mtiore rl eso s he ue te
mnore she seemjed to exert her tadents inridering
cirhlpleasingt*O- um lnd to tile pany.
tielod-iosp am play bult oiceav ul oeletq
tatiicahandfactios song1, emid I iibu
Jwomoh. elui Heriuu adiebge-terwe
isetinned hatI ton'ghnatrdal the company
-an~ d a trm~imo, proposedin that wesuld
ha'ain te'on r solicited her .' haud fo onl en
trel2-erpolo. aIu' as er sheud
largementslliz.nes wzr~ih s ndfa
dnie elegge and whee d hve oerbhd
nritrihio g th-'bhcisorwithu
dere E rtaulyo a eri dispjosition;bttht
gaoy h tvice.i noitrl neumed.Ippro nel
honrabe hr rex.raTerie gentlemwhan yop.
haeemrkdis thce, n of recad farqspo
ree3 retvurnemd fro~tulmigrtio a he ndali
lovegsey isalouyd haselare h.is asin kn. ~i
mShlWrfused tliv hm 'nAthe slgestencouat
ahe le'~ed tatooreiosieu'ds e 16 1, ht' e
mond tshe ould u er tenr $letal of aendei
terntednoblede ta mighsudtoh upner wuith di.
trest nperhaps, ith eeinsao horor."
re der exst towaiayu .voc gae .l creatrq
"Atmlend reed so~n, 'ni tla 'Is balreuto
relate abnttiar intereiach#alu tryne-.
*.ale. Vnhd'n bot appll wlu o he
an th ornhero spro:yc hin tw so
r4av ~tugeem od ae drigd A
thafwthenlv soliten sod abe etrd theo
dae t he wite smbrfean Anny,'ennpined b
'prugeored l~ du itheyas-dwspo
fo r a nstisro.of Io cvcaanceside
-T 4
II p t -
mid bie bu four? ile.
vabis ivwh iii t 4
fully~~distressed, ..that^4l''prevefit ac
they pullelup and resumedt
At the tiile post con'lasu
gravated into a trot,'amcl agair 0 r s
.riie waited tipoianldl
ih 6tito b.Nring him
gt ad( ofr a thing-" now. TheIf mare
.6or 9he is i loun
nAI iisi sheA Could trot %v ithim'G
trot-o a raehae is not quaitoe so fta
Itatter's i''o ian b ubt torace et
wenri b hhsif tys Aineatn
Thr sno eYona
bette lear theent nqd-ve ato
~o~~i codkpt t
na e es we t
fulwistro , tat, ino' is b't
the~ uleU aercnute: arth,~t~
tte le pstngirt irds s com n -
mrvted nts wetot ando
-aniu aid-aston gam s A ft ,sa -
us b ane~ annua nuca
from h1ei- rae ined h~trka~hit
tinto a reuoar marts no se s
Intes Th ealor 'o1Ilnld is tespesih
thaty halle horane ait ate dwe*
Th ere*Testoiceto is risint ~ ouqeu ut
aimfaiGenw~oat c-w 4-~
dk td ,jand
oattt3P~s~~tfb n wieh t

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