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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, March 02, 1837, Image 1

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i ,- . . . 4, ;
AlO41.30, wa
4' A."~ w~1froh 9
~ ~ wapwA EiuRwr.- a -a -
Iv nifI u~f
'wil - * 9.
4~W to At ~4
. ts -PULIs'D
ti T.lt8.-Thred Dollaru plir anmium if paid
U, ace,-T* $I r* and lfy CetAts if
- puftwe theTfi konths froml
dte. fir d'Fonr Dollars if
p4within S . Subscribers outoe
-ho IAt. & ~ y J in IMdrdcen...
it rli tha meeear,
I.4~ Mwaiw
-pedt. lle ai
- respon", le r.th nanme, shaltl rue 'ire
x~~t~isk'wen EOv ~nsiuul itiCQted .nt
et.,4 per square, for the first htisettion. and
eenI fur each comnutame. Advertiaeme tnts
not ha:i.ng the ninber of ij-ert~imwt mn rked on
qhoim, will be coutinihefd untit ordered oft"t.id
chtzarud acoordlngly.
- I 'vertieemnoizt4 intunded ror publicntio min
ths y qter, wust be depositedin tie Otffco by
.taedy erenuaIg. .. . " -'.
All conuunication3 addreewPd to the F'Itors.
v(ra -e'o-) will be protnvtly apd strictly fat
toniledi to.
DEC~ BER39,1830).
IIEREAS, an Elertion was lield oil.time
2nd Monday and Tuesdny in Octobr lust
for at menabor to'fill the vacaniey occasioned 5y
the resigniatiiii of the Hon. .Jaute 1 I Itn
mond, nid to represent th' Congressioal Dis
tIect composid'of the Districts of Rtichihnd, Iont
in-lon, Orangebuirg and Da 1, in thie Con
jeaz of thd'Uuited States- sa , oura inm
ber to till the vacan.-v oce'sieonted Iv tihb death
oC. the !Ion Reha '. MaIo.sig,' repr.eet.
- he Congressioal Distric.t coaiposed of the Did
triots ot' 'Korslhnjv. umter, Lnnenster, and
Cmi-w-'elit. in the ?onress-of the U. States:
wheres,it (o couni the votes
'eguiae to the Of craturv of tte
byt1) the amanagors .. t r'ankinai 11.
Itorel t tOrraqires,'-hed
hen igtd.-tefumb I her:cr',pectiv'e
tia'ri-ts. NJow ti ~ P i-CE M.B BT
LEMt Governor o tM Sy(o:of Soath Cnroling.
do.hreby. deeipe r.tiait, flint die asnail
f* iil vhacaeny 1 1ed by the reig n4at-1 i
tie said James II T mond. a11 that the cmid
Ttidin P. ichard fsf loeen -d1v elected to
fill tie vacancy ocensioned-by the death oft'the
- tad It. J. Maunlting.
Given under imty.hinid ani the Real ofr lte
S t , thi/;'d30th day or Deceinher, 1-3fi. -
Itv ate Governor,
1. 1r S.uov, Sevretary of State.
3aniuary 12, 1837. 49f
State of South Carnoliaa.
Pweldamation by PLERCE Al. BUTLER
Es, -Goternor a d Comm nder-in-Chief
in and o'er the State of Soih Carolina.'
&7U1EIIEREAS, in puirsunnueof the Act ofthe
Legilatire of this $tate, the votes fror
n embers of the twenty-fitIh Cqnigress have been
cAutizd in the preseace ofthd Goyernor, by Conr
diusiner. nppinted fior that p vrpose; aid it ap.
jeerrs fihat W addy Thiogmn, Jr. hats been di v
' for the conugressii district coui mo-ed i;f
o1idf tueton and Grenvilie; F. W-. Picke'ns. fir
thedistrict camposed of Abbeville amid Edgrmial;
Joltk K. Gridfin, fror the district compnoed 4'oif L:i
.Newherry and Fairfield; Franklini1 I. .hanore
ditrict composed of Richlanid. Le ington,
rgh and Warnwel: im. K. Clownv,
distfrict co11mowd. of tiaan. York. ('hest'-r
andJ Spt~ti.nburtig Johnmi amt.paael for thu- dlrrtr,
'omnpisedl-of Geor:.taown. 'ai n, li*y, Ma~rl-j
haerangh :alal I)amrlintaon .Joh ~P. t itefrdsdn,.
- Dttnnastcr, ;umdu Chu~~aatelad ; litbert I. Sitmmi,0
for the dist rict comnposedl of Bleanformt 'o ulhatoa
Sand HufaAtSeleare, foar the distric't of l~itriz-s
ton .tbo~r fure. I do i.nuie thie' my Prmchai
~Wtia~f, ndl fgand fter' m : nam'n-rw ata"
proisinaot osaid Aet, thmat Waudd' y Thomaipson,.
jr, P. W. Pslemans,John-.K. prihin, I-' I!I Eihuoi
Wm.- K. Clowneay, Johnm 'C~ta;ill, John P . ich,
.ardsn,.it. B: Smith, and Jingle S. Legacre, haad ta
majority of the votes ini thgir respv-etive' distrhiets
aiforesud.:mud are dluIloa Re ipe'femat fves in.~
fiho C~ngr'ee of' thle J. ti.' fromn this State.
(gCenm undmer mym hnind and the. Sant of tihe Smtat,
thdLth ay of limcceamber, 1'..
~ dai -. P .M. BUTLE.
liv'the Go'ornmor.
- . ii. S.uosaa. -Seretary of .%ae.
t Jsmiary 12, l837 ' '40 *
ebl9'is $O'dersa, al'' c .
- .-I-. HAt>. Quantrn.s.
-Colnmbin, ISuh Jan. 18:r/. ~.
ahd Ge. F.'ownecs, are appoinltd Aids
de"Camnp-to -the etnniader ia Chie~f ,itt
t he tranik of' Lieutenant Colonel. They~
will eghip.s themsielves witthin .thirty daiys
- frm-thec recaiptionm of' this oerder, nnd report
- t. Renal Qarters, .for duty, naiier 'wih
thety will lie.com'miisioted'and obe'yed and
res teaeeordingly'. -I -hef
Adjuthnt and Inaptcior General.
Feb. '2, 18M7. '- .
~X.aIkinds Sept constantly roy tdie
- 7JLLStaa 'the .nsniing Sest ti
VV. y lah 6te Seson, Twvnt3
IWlars tU . n or taeFi di la
insurane hit q dhu it
ty un.. . fmie b4o Pen
.e rti fieetoge road lemf(l
g.to Au: ' Ampo: Jepurtion io
en rp In It dn., - 60 .lcae
wtl he,
rk-M the otioe,' i nieba every ant tioi
6t1l be aid to preveit them).
N'UI LIFIER. is a leint'ifi Bav, han1
sronmely marked. wii- a dilitlli 'coat -n
hair, wh~it i liews-.bi-, sipuperior stock. -lii
p ipara is (nr 11 i omanii-Ie is of tho
dretes poer.sustatinit . mi ktrength
Ile will Ibe sevea years i 'dthi4 Spring
full SiNt n.hands lhigh having sIperio
size, -lrge bones, and is na well nuiscled m
ainy oilier hnorse. .in tis or any) countury, no~
ts tsinuch dtiraiility.
N. B.-A ny person who will mnko il
n conpiany of- fEve -mares, aitl hecoine re
sponsible file the -paymient-- will Itave Il
privilege of putting itini ut 25 dollars i
seaso~n. --. -
- ic seasn will comtrnence the, 15th ol
Febriary. nid eid th6 10th of .11nnc.
Fifty cents to the yroom inl every in
Feb. 2, 1837. -52tr
.Ix 83EN .AT' . Det-, 20, -183G.
T IE' Sfieciii Covitdtiiee to- whoi wm
refeirried the Claints for lossts in tih
itle .ilorida C ai.pinign report fin- .adittior
the lidilowitig Resoluii'tn:
Re.edleed; Thit ltis Exnflenev tile Cov
enor ie requested to eaise die i'oi;1tiCe to .In
given for nlf' Citizens ofthi nate .wli-hnv
stiirred .loss or injury in. contieliience il
leirc'iinpiueie With tie requisitini of ill(
U. Staties Ihr trIoops dtring fte lte rain.
pnign in Floritda, to preent tlir respee.
live clhiims,<luly nutbititiented, ut thel Exe
cutive Ofiren at Col'imbin, in order hint thev
may. be. Initd before Congtress for remuner
ntion, or he contmitted to 'II( proper fill
thries at Widiington, should Congress al.
rendy have passed an Act for the indem.ni'
leaiton of such iosses..
Resobed, That th -enato.1o agree.,
By 6rdr .of the Snnte..
In tA, If. of Iepresefntatirps, Der. -11, ls'U.
Re-solved, Thait he Ilis' do Concur.
Ordeied to-bo ri urIiled to the Senate.
Ilyorler of' tid H ouie.
'T.. W. I.jOVE R, C.-11. It.
CojUmutA, S. C. .lns. 10, 183 - * -
In obedianice to lie alove Resltti ioni, all
persons hinving claim-, fhr losses imured
in the Campaiii ilf i3i inl Florida*, are dii
reeled to prtfer theim. proiperly nuthiteniae
ted, to the Captains of I heir si'veral Com
panies or, in case of the decense or absen*e
of the C.aptainl,'o the seior oflicer of the
-Coimpniiy present. 'The olficers are re
-quested to. lorwitril titese claims wi: t lie
itast delay -possible to the Exective .t
C3olumbia. . -
Feb. .,1:. -- -. 42 e.
The Saturlay News,
- FAMIY Paplo, co4ining itimrE rend.
.&:. ingmatter- t:nii y oither in tie United
tate, ptiblishd it $-1)t 00pr anoin. pnyr
ble. in advance. EUied by rim.1 .McMji el
tnd Jor-eph C.' Neal; the ih-rpr,; late ediitor Of
the atitirdar Ctourrier, aiel the latter, of the
Gentluieme'n'; Ynde Me.-is.
The Lady'si Book,
D l( '1t)01). tlie imet lppnhar wtork 4l
. . the elns in this Cinty--coa1inini'g (Ori
fi .h t ies-. !i Er- t I-. n. ti rI n.i
Ilf a ~ t e d 1m : ,.,r a . .m ii b u.. . l ,.. .i.. v t-n . ., v
Ii M a - : .i n. ' e s - - - - - m ib e i, h a~ti n ' .4liti - a ri s r '/
l'ue iisu it -'. P" ' rai:--' .Ar. " c 'Pi iec p. r
Celebra'ted '~Trin Is ii'n15i counxtr'ies
hugtainigm.'- o athes Twimn.e Iobr.Ih
Sleia M ainy. .\ordf \Vtea.mat,' ,g
Pirnev,'jF'r.;ery.I e.4uc & c.\rut'.,
Pubiii-.ed in I",ie Numbetrs. -'oiituing 601
bary p-OmeDo-la for the copletec n ok.
lketch El tok of C arater
rtuou un Atentuir .i rater
.ig dina N ii:ni trieadi ' in
Puiled ini Fiiie -i Numb'r, ef' hin atingi60
Tage-:-n Dolfla forthecmte work~ililfh.
farryntr's Noves. '
- ..(Gity's Fane 'Ediio) -
.Consiting of P'efeiampltsed, corithx.
Kins ("fOn, Neto rater, Paht Df'any
Taia, and Jbnp'hti Sarch of igis otito
fTtiree* Doltasfrh andFt coente.
A41 .I 'iifoi Iguge eham astn~ Davs of
ed. to aniy pefrson, onn ttpplicttion to L:A.doDF.V,
publeiber,.nt -Philadeslpia, hr to
-IPdgefibidC-IL Jntttn~ 167 -
It - ii. , ;&..& . A %k'
V.il to ''recos
Morgau ihibiri .: Mortgage.
Tp oppeang to ia~ntief t r
gan-Mc~orie d'erenm
Stated a eides rm a o10%
limits of (1thSti~fl I
oft. 1Dill' will b6 h't prir
con esto. 1IM C. BLACK; .. A. ,.
Tuinflissioner',s Omee,
.Abbeville, Jati 27,.1837 - 'e 1
r OricE.
E Trige.s of' the Ale nand FemaleI
-Aedemie' of tie VilIage or A ndersoni
hnvetiiployed M1essrs. i-tInt's ! .e:u
vr & Wi:sar .isI.:v-R.TT0 to-so iperinttnd
ios inisi itttions 1or Ihe succeeding -vear,
the latter of iIotn is capabe of prepirbig
.vountgmen ihr Colejge, nnd ean teachl the
1 ''trench hinguingn. lIv liaenkitiies of the
flCn'titi..tlie morality ofihie neighimrhoidl,
the cbeninss orbordin and'tuilion. (noi
ceCedoiling.tngetler one.hbundred and filtecn
or twelnty dollars) and the decided gunlift
ct ion- of these Gentlemen,-render this a
destirable situantion fbr chil4ren. -
The follovinr Gent lemen are Trustees to
nither of whon the public is referred: J. N.
I3hitnCr, D. B,wn, E. Webb, J. P. Benson,
C. -Orr.
.A. EV-ANS, Sec. Board.
Feb. 2, 1837. 5 c
H fE .Trustees *of the F.dg--tiei 'Male Acil
my ha7lnve the plentire ofr utmnnicing to
the IIblic, that they have slceeled in obtaininig
the serv'ice of' Mr.' Fickling. a gentanlnin of hiigh
character in his prof'esion, nnd .that the Sehool
will go into operaition'. itninetintel-. The'r feel
ns4trured that this Acndeiv now -o ads th'iities
-for ednention. not ainrpmassed bv av in the St::to,
naid they confidently rceceoiiunenii it tothesup
port of the.community. -
Tlwre will'-ho a vate'tion dnriiag the month of
Aligus"t. ifd two weekm in th'le tionith ofQecembar.
'Termseu of ''ttition fiir.the 'ngliih depnrt
- ment per quarter. - - -. f,40
For the Claien fiprttiment, - 1) 00
Good Bo:rding ein he obtained in the ieigh
bomit'ood at O10 per onil- W
- WHIT. D' OOKS, ;
A. P. bpiai.Lt,
J. TrIR I: Y.
Wanount E on Acadet'y.1
- I1W. le conincttced on the Ist Mon
dy il Jan. iext, undier the direction
of Mir. 1'.3I CAM Il'E l.L, it grnduate of
tie South Carolina Colleye, recommended
io he a gentlenan of high mori worth,
and a sc-holar well cnleulated to prepare
ymmt1ig mnitn for College.
December~~~ 0.1'i-re -
E TP it the Subscrlier's house in thi
A year 1893,.a. Leather Trunk of Clothes.
It also contained two lettere, one f-om ason
to his lather, dircetel it) Mr. Johtn Chmle
iD1arlingoin,.S.-C., and headed A unvan.
.luy,28 133. Thei other famou a friend
respefiting his son, diirclted to the ame, antd
headed 'Aitta, Atust 3, 163'J; %igned.
"A friend ii thd iuinfortienat.. .
- Near Edgefirld C. iouer. S. C.
.Jan,S.18:37/. -. ,I ti
LL .prsont i'ulebled to the Estte of'
.- nrtin -Everett, ud 'e-Isd, of Bikach
-dn'nd. tire regneosted io- taisue iniedimie
paymi1i-t(, and ihtost' h1n1% itm delaInids to pre
(iein thnc ithin ilui timiio hrecrjV lib v
hia~ w-.JOlN. U Lftt ..
Jal N OT I2 5.
nI:p 444 hi pi ne i h t ! : 4 ,u444. 4) t4
-I tithwith. d1]hv4 the -lnne ia I., j.e.lL
d. I) 'ilt the C/tr/.'s trej4a
I:f dC. Ii. XotrtmL4 r 9. IsI . t: 40
. FOU 64,
f~in ret o -spoIenIo tni, 1(I ~h4l, Lt4 de.-erh
(.-4 g 44h payin Ilar ) th. e ::d jert I-ement. :6. 1 dM ri, .
October27,,196i . tt':*3
Brought 10' the JhR .
Fi -ts District, a ne ro..an hy then name
~Fof ISAAC, about thuriy-five yesrs of n e.
5 feet 8 or 10 inches hii~ h H e'uays that hte $
longs to Mr. Borini, of ohitmbuis, Gn.
Tho -owfl.r iai reiptosted to0 come foirward,
prove property, .pnty. eliar-ei. and h'ae. him
away. . C. J. Gf.OV Elt, J.-E, D.
. Novgther25, 1)3X , 4:4 tr'
50,000fl LB.M of o BAON,
.d~efibld C. iUnhtse; Inn. 2 1041 '.a r.
I'e throv' I 10i
For. me co more sha..ll flowv
-Iddyff 4reami or farkling ide,
Iow hr-lht soe'er it-g!ow:
Its dleNI n1stntingr %'wany,
Itens.i Vield its pow cr to guide
I've east he bowl away!
o ne'er tenilt!ine agn
To drain thu cupl of-sin ;
For ruin diro,.disease nod pnin, -
T'.iitwall t~ fuamsWitlin ;
Neglected datics ri.ie -
In. fenrful,'SuId nrray,
Up to its brim. It will he wis,
I've east tie bowl away!
-I'ye seen- ti pride of all
The wise, je good, the gre-at
Like sImeileaves, all timeless.fall,
- And veil :ieir high ltie ;
I've seen faii woman give
1Her every charm away,
Etitruee tho denotvile, .nd live!
I've cast die bowj away !
My days.of revelry -
. ) glndly I giie tip;
They're hit he t masks cif misnery, -
- Which btill lurks iii the cup;
While inl6lence and want
And Pverty display
Themiseli's in ever'y dru-aikard's haunt
I'- - cst the bowl awa!
A drutinard's gloony gnre
Shlil Ie'er ie maide fur ime;
1f In l e:
!e 'uenath liensonl's ray
R'iitmiaured by) my frietids or not
'vc east the bowl away!
iMly p':th henceforti is plain,
In honesty to.live
To .1:.ln lillemperaice and its train,
By Ildustry to thrive;
No duty to forget,
And live to bless the day
When I was led withtour regret,
P enst the bowl AafV!
i is4ce11aneu13s.
SG1NA l ZmNGVE . -
Fron 1S14 to 181N, duzring the' l:i:ak ma
nia in thei* "G;reu Wt-st," wlen evtry villag e.
and honet boasteud itS litlm I n
one t Ihese pilaic acroia n it i sprnov
Ip in ,-lomit Vernon, Ohio, under the nani
of' "()Owl Creek- Bank," - taking its mine
fromli a -,mml buit beauii'ul strens p an
thron:i .ihe village, clled "Owl Crcek.!
. The apair--of the hank went on swim
minghi for n short time.onl-P, like all tie
stIig ring -! *-ist-tituitions of Inone-yrcyiresept
ution, it wus ddelatred insolvent. A mor
ting or two Itfter. this impirinnnt Ilwt had
comietI tolht, a mysternnid-w ..:-r',
j i m bi: -,:.."Ti- w e a hai- thr Obn
'ollign stir l ' 0.ir '' iahiri. von
*niid -om Ciia t- Ino irigt in~a -vot
iny~ hoen ri. A he!ii,-e ofu te -. iC at I
am ?" g "V -<.L --ir." b "I hnvy i.-rs ro
erye o te iu--osy om- -ibrtn h-~m
ihe eou Pr---,tiri- th-t lowiny bome
nr rm n--r heen.?nionk tn w.eooij ad
n i.--o Y. Lettrpass.l pmls~ch rr
Wr thn Mr. Aindubn,i arheiv liin N. Yh,.
Irmi4ern onthlot , ai1'ndan-! ihtro
te ukd b ahu l ionta. inbr'r;,.
way li: e etal moibed" ihsk tinrmo rb
insad i 9ther Engliny brscnown cini~ea ci
m he Iated Sotateos.t hymy-bcm
fulnoe. ~q tte 'rcnl pu'lie ~d
the m e ed: but ane iet nmbrr'
C *'lihawt S. Carolinau.
aily were animig tho-first settlers of
that part of tei, ae. AA he was raied
fill the reitiers of :t iewy ttled coum..try,
Ie wa.;s neccc1a;:irily d.pi'?veI of the advani
tio4tt I ,good Itq'.( ~'ll!~ Sliut his
yomth mt) hm41tintin :I'cuIture,- Lhe usual
Occuplations oksneh ai couintry. .Aut endow
ed as lhe was by nati V'ith lncomni
ag.nity mid grcat d1ecision' of character,
lie soon attracted tie confidence of all svh'o
knew him. lie was rather above the mid
dle height, very active, with a nislidar
frRtne, enipabl (if enitiring great fatitin ;
and thcre wa;fis no hardy eiterprise of those
dIys too <laring to eilist his Zeal aid heary
Like 1na1y of our most distinguisied
o'hcers of the Revolution. lie comnimeniced
hk mdhitary services ih the French wiar,
which terr;iintated 17 d13. * It ivas durting
this "var that he beganl to.(evelope those
quahtieR (or W hichI h. was afterwards so
Ominently distinguiihed. In the year 1762,
he rved as a voluitiecr in a bliody hut
snecesul4 expedition Il nder " Lieurtenailt
Colonel Grati, a Uriisi olflie'r- s eit by
GenelIral .ihetrst to Conmmand atgainst the
C hI oken In dian s. 5 ,
In 17t1 the settlemenIlt mnadC oi Long
Cante, in the western part oif Carolina, was
nearly esterminated by the Indiai, and
iany of the iIha;;!t:nts fled to the 'Wax
haws for Irote'-tionii, taId amiuongsq them
Was Czekiel 'al anid his faimtily. It
was.iichmeca. the danltihter of this tr'ntle
muan, with whoi youlin:; Pikents. then ho
eaiie ac<uarinted, .1:d mafterwards married.
She. was Ilie sister of John E.. Calhonn,
Who died while a senator in ongress.
E:triv in 17G 1. tlie l i:heet of this bill
ra:phsical sketch remoe-d to tile Lonl:'
Cae settlement, mw-rr where Ahhe-ite
C. II. now siirated.
mu tiu h~qllIrorr of i-if o a
:e. -.&ta ver e -ry peiod, he toill ai
!eeiied and tr~ive s-.nild a-:i te ..
lam:<I lv Great; 1ritin to 1::% lhur ncula
ici withti.;ua their cotn-:ent. the scetion of
counmtry inl whieb1 he liv was un1fori-tunae
IV mn4-h I dlivid-2d. Awl it %%-n. moregiial .
him, im the sj*'itni bietwee. 8.enSauda t:m
Uroadh 11iiveri, whee the iajo rity wre
These ci stances made the strute'le
im the tipper pmarts of t'ouhi Carolina. far
more paiinful and dhestrutctivo than it w-a
iu almost any other p-irt of the confederacey.
The bloody and midnitight contests that
:r ose between ieitzhhors ;nd acquainimtees,
eveii over their hearth striti ant in the
hosot of their flaimilies, were fhir ot-re
terrible than the. conflagrations of a foreir-n
fue : aid nothing but .tle sternost patt ::..
izmtt an1d most utidanitel courage couild
have liorne ill thie Whig cause againast a
tmturderous civ ;i war att home, and tho in
vasion. of a reletiless enemiy fron ihroad.
At the very coimencement of the Rev
Aiution, Atidrew Picken raised a militin
7omptnly, and vas appointed the ciptain.
Ihie distirmgised part whieh lie acted
throuighoti the struggle for ideenenc1.
Ibs h't. in i general terms recorded by tile
historiani, atid the princIIi evetis can oldy.
)e alrlude! to inl the I scnt sketll. Iis
ncl silmd emlirag90. wer-e rewarded by
his coi.titrry. in his ieig-rapidly pro'gotel
o thle respective commands1141 of- m"'O- -
M.ioni ait. I SarIer in dii rent part of~
t'r l'"- Mn t. d-ay. of ritmen.
lit-te vh.- .. ir-:aa i'ivtr.,e a ;rurilmia
I i; n d'it . e'n*- rad,*iybe riedadtti tn.
"'. I" 'tier,tha ilt for t he thiree- veairs immei~
* ur prere::dm' thte hattle itf.the Coii.
n-ii e i m set ithii a5 succe-i of defeat5
tid <hete.irs everywvhere. th'ie three State
-trat lfnghtr, with few ior ito re-,anlree<
i-il.Piekoins haid to enriioigmter teI ud iarns
li, h a ommandri ;ayi intli the per andu w e I
2i . - n t.it of the ritate. I c ieesri-ed
skees in 1782. As amu.ttnition. was scarce
tnd rim to lbe had, he invented a new mode
of fightinag savages, lie had :.-' sabre
rnade most of themn by thje commoni black
imiths of-the country,- and mopnted .hi
non, armed with these ensses,.oni horsec
rle~k. -They~ penaetrated rthe'iteriorof the
nation w..iutuini-h irapidiry and holduess, thrat
t sruck uamversal terror amnongsi them.
W ithi fire and 'tw'ortihe destrroyed -in a few
iJays their p~rmeslhe tow.ins; and Atch wtns
ints snecetss that i hl a force of five huen
Ired mnet lie subidued..th6 sirit of that
10o'verfut- peop'e,:anud laid'thie founaation of
i..pohtce 't petiirmanet ha.t .it has not been
~A t 1: .tin-ft'nticemellt of the Novo-lutioin,
th0C tiet of stifetv thoughtprnhe ta rur...v
be plan O'pei-atiois -
Wrk by the British comand
iSaimah alen, Cof. Ga *l
vancechte gtista. Jtord,Mbo hlid jpt
returned frOsi ew York, vas to notify tWu
dlisa1Teete:ijaC fr e~ the tories in the~ west
ern pastr, rth- nud South Caroliui,
itld force li toJoin Col. (ambltse to
Augusta. 91. qmbke immsegiately nov
ed up -Savannth.river with several hiundred
nouted men, and after mitnoeuvering-in
the neighbo.irhood of* where Potershurgi
now statls, aind Kerr's Port, in order. to
ellect a junction "with Doyd, he wt eon
pelled by the whigs to return. Cen. Pick
ens,'. who was -then; a Colonel, 'I ih only
three huindted and twenty men, after driv
imlg back Gumble, pursued Boyd!, and forc
edl hin to cross the river Ciellichel Tmliles
love the jnnction of Savannah nud Brasd
r'vers. He then crossed. at their junetion,
and was joined I Col. Dooly an Lient.
Clc Clarke, with about one hundred C1.-- -
giana. Col. Dooly, with great patriotisim,
gave the command of all t110 forcOs to hins.
They then pursued Boyd rapidly, who hl
taken a cirenitous route through the Ciher
okee nation, until they .overtook him in a
few days, ori the east bank of Kettle creek
im Georgia, just as his men had shot down
some becves, an([ were preparing 'heir
)reakfas!t. Col. .Pickens had divided! hi
forces iot three divisiotis, Col. Doolv con
manding tle right, and Clarke tle left,
with directions to flansk them, while ie
commnanded the attack from the -entre
with strict orders not to fire until wiithin '5
paees of the enemy. 1:oyd was a hravv,
active man, but was shot down eaiv'
the action. After close fighting for 'a
hour, the whigs drove the enes pb.ro, 1
tle cane, over the creel.- ehoy'fangs.h
with desperation, and let a*,reat many
dead and14 willded upona the field, The -
thens rallied min a ri.,i!4 groiud og the w
.hmiok, ald r - 1im1 fight, the wh -
ents l e., "e r the victor'Viwas.co -
plete. 'lhe wn:. 'd four hundred
t wenty, :md the 'rie seven
huIndred and out of that e1isnml'er, not
moore than three hundred ever reachel Col.
(6:nble in Augusta. This sce'ess was (i
far snore inporstance than .the nuimbers en
g-edl wouldi, snivute. It broke ip the
tories throtioit Norhi Carolina, who -
never afterwards assemilel except in smlailj
partie", or uider the immediuate plrotection
of a foreign force. Althotigh' they wvero
drended Ior their desperate and j'mliigintlt
outrages upon the cotolry,.yet they nted -
mnore for the plnder and murder of indi
viduals than for concerted and inanly war
farse. This hattle of Kettle crock, in 1779,
was decaiive of their fate.- Col. Pickens
with hany other whsig officers of this s
tion, hal inaV desperate rencosuteis with
detaeled parties of the disa'fiected, which,
though developih ag much bravery and her
tonal courage, are too numerous to be.menl
tioned in this. short sketch.
ie was with Gens. Lincoln at ile battlo
of Stono, and had. his horse killed tiiler
himt while lie was covering- the -retreat ur
dered Is that generni. ~lie co*1n1nandcoled
the.auiitia forces at t!ie.twaous hattle of
the Cowgens- When all the ircti staines
nre co:'adered,. itis nrst he proinounnec
ono of the msost xaillat .Indt laring batles
of the revolution. Two-thirds. of tlie
Americin fort.s were militia. undar his
commt'11:md1. Ph Votnn ir. undt
1!L coniom t!a .J. 4-11 WinA'wir',i. ansd
lldi drca d 6I ihe ii ando bravery ofI
'di';:.... 1 i at the hseadl 'or his
iii~*:sia~ i-i ( sral Morsgan hadl
biesen-pa:t td bio thIs umsa army~ uander -
(;~n :s*,,. i .sto ru it him- 's df. -
(. aroun~ta -:~ -a i'y over-mu, a ssihts
atndl sthser pslace. Corsn-s ~hsa~snd Tnrletun -
sa cer pres.smg. v. a'h superior forces, Greene
mir aam ina:o N. Ca.rolinir. Tho Ce
155n51 is mi uhe spper sdge of Spatrtanhuirghi
.1 ai m'-t, and very- nearjj the .N. Carohiint
line.- i as of v-i~:ast porttince thma: tise -
unsdear lens. Moirgani sonli not be-p event
ed, im their retreast hromt *effecting ajunictioni
wvitha (reenie. whos 'as aho pt5lressedhby the
Supror fore of (>,run allis. - Under tli-i -
carensinstasnees, fGens. NIorman',; opinion i4s
asgaist fs~hiing. 't the CoV.7enis. Col.
ben thouhst that somethinig muat he
done, or the spiritof the country would be
brtoken down, and S.Carolidia beocm a-per
manent and easy ecnust; . A fter n conn
cil of officers wis held, the light was deter
maiued on. 'lIhe enenmy were superior in
numibcrs by' two .hnnired. Coil. Pickens
fornied his line abiout two beindre'd 'ard~cs in,
ndvance of the. tecond line, cnstin~ _or
the lighi infantry an'd- a corps-'o Vira nia -
uaiflomen. The third line wais formnedifrota
the enary-withs about A ftj' moljted mnilitia
men. Col. Pickoiens isued strict order's not.
to fire until the enemv were .within forlf
yards, and -when forced totiethe'0 to foruit
on the right: of theo second line.. They were- - -
ebeyed, anid thce ewnss-na deustructiveas. - ..
it.wais uniexpecte~d. It clkol the iwpetui -
uaity~of Tuirleton for afes tnooietswliek. -

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