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- "We will -eing to the pillars of the temple our liberties,
LABORDE, E tor. -5
and if-.it must fall we will perish amidst the ruins."
- VOLUM3E g.o E DG EPRE1LD C. It. (H. C.)Noveanber 23, 1837.
e - , * ,.*. 0. ..
#4 - 4
The Edgeield Advertiser
TERMS.-Three Dollars per annun I paid
in advance,-Three l)ollars and Fily Cents if
paid before the expiration of Six Months froma
the dmstt of Subscription,-and Four Dollars if
not patil within Six Months. Subscribers out of
the St it ::ro required to pay in adeance.
No -saber iption received 'or less than one year,
and io laer discontinued until all arrr,arages
ar: paid. except at the option of' the Editor.
All stewriptions will be continued unlss other
wise ordered, at the end of the year.
Any person procuring five Subscribers and
becoming responsib!e for the mine, shall ree ive
the sixth copy gratis.
Anvarrs.t:s rs eonsp icuously inserted at
62.1 cents per st qaro, for the first imsertion, andl
4:1 cents for each continuance. Advertisements
not having the number of insertions marked ott
them, will be continued until ordered out, and
charged accordingly.
All Advertiseuents intended for publication in
this paper, imist be deposited in the Ollice by
Tucsday erening.
All communications addressed to the Editor,
(PosT-.an) will be promptly and strictly at
tended to.
H AVING sold my Drug und Medicine
Store in Hamburg, S. C. to Mr. Jas.
Leverich, I solicit thepatronage o' my old
customers, in favor of-the New Establish
ment. I can reccommeind them to call witi
the confident belief that they will receive
entire satisfaction in all their dealings- pqk
the known experience of Mr. L. will' A
rant thetm from any imposition in the quality
of the articles he oflers lhr sale.
To The Public.
TIHE Subscriber having purchnsed the
-U-Drug andi Medicine Store of' Dr. Jatnes
Toole, ais above has added largely to tie
Stock ini all its branches, and will be re
ceiving altost daily through the season,
fresh supplies. le will warrant every ar
ticle wiuch ie ofil'rs for sale, to be of the
quality r'epreseted, and is filly convinced
that lie can fuirnish those who may far
him with their orders, on better terms than
nly establishment in the city
lie has now on hand in addition to the
usual btock or a Drug store,
Dye StulTh. & Hatters materials, Paints,
Oils, nnd Varnishes, Glass Ware, consis
- ine-ernaa T..zldw Lamnips .and
Lamp Glasses, Wines, pint and half pint
Flasks, togetlier with a il slupply ofshop
Furniture, Perfumery, Fancy Brutshes, Bel-.
lows, and several of the late and tamuch im
proved Beer PtImps, with Piptes &c. comn
He still continues his old stand in Augusta,
No. G16, Broad street, two doors below the
Phonix Hlotel, where, or at his establish
mInt in Ilamburg, lie will [Be happy to re
ceive orders fihr any hing itt his line.
The Pendleton Messenger, Edgefiela
Advertiser,and Greenville Mountaineer will
insert the above advertisement 6 timtes, and
frrward their accounts to Junies Leverich,
August:,, Ga.
Sept. 26 1837 f 36
rpHFl. Subscribers be- leave to return their
I sincere thanks to their frieids and te pib.
lie generally, for the very exteisive patronage
exten-led to tben. aid from a close attention to
b-uasiness, hope to Ierit a contiiacofirhe(1111 same.
They are now receiving. and will cottittne daily
to receive, a tiew nid splandid assortment of
Fiashionablo Dry Good4, Groceries, &c., aiong
which tire the folowing. viz:
Satinets, Kentucky Jeus,
Lady's Cloaks,
Red andl White Flannels, Blankets,
6-4 ald 4-4 Brown Sheeting,
3-4 Brown Shirting,
63-4 atid 4-4 Bleached Sheetings,
1-4 Bleacled Shirtings,
6-4 aiftl 4-4 Plain and Damask Mierinos
3-4 Circassianes,
64 Hernnital Shawls,
E 4 Damaisk Crape do
S1tnni Silk an1(d Faney Shawls,
4-4 anod :1-4 Irenich Calicoes,.
:t-4 .\ riana do. fromn 124 to 23 ets. good,
4-4 lirdiituire Chteeks,
4-4 antd :-4 striped anda plad D~omestics,
:-4 hFuirniiture 1)itmity,
Irish Linien, Diaipera,
1la~ck Silks, 4-4 Gro de Swiss,
F'igutredt atnd colontred Grto do Nap,
Ponigec anid lliadanna Silk HIatndkcrciecfs,
White andt Black Silk Gloves,
White Silk i ose, plaiun and clockead,
White Cottoat do. do0. do.
F'taey andl coalronead (10.
La.:die's tad Misses lashionable Blonnets,
tiooks of' all kitnts.
1Late, Shoes, andi reathy made Clothinig,
A 1.so,
A-r FAc-Orny PuicE.
And nmeronis ether articles, too tedlionts to
mntiont, tall of whlich theay ofier whole sale or re
tail oat termts tao stit purchasers. All orders ihr
any ofr the above articles, will bo ptromiptly att
tentded to by
f lamtburg, S. C. October, 18:37 al :I7
10OX ES lIalsey's superiorobacco0,
just re'ceived anud for sale b~y
C. & L. M. ChlURClHLL.
HIambhurg, S. C. Oct 16, 1837 tf 37i
P. S. Mertchtants wishing to piure'hase
wouald dlo w~ell to eull, as ittis superior to any
article ever' ollered im dais market.
For Male
A NEAT' Ihutr wvheel CARTlAGEr.
A wh tm~ib h as bteen use-l only 3 muonthts
-F'.tainire2 at thtis ofi'ce.
In the Court of Ordina'y
Willam Walker and wife Eliza, ap
liennts, vs.
Mary Kirkland & others, defendants.
T 1appeuring to my sntisfaction, that Mar
Kirkland, Joseph Kirkland, the heirs '
Sarah Johnson, Philemon Kirklanid, th
heirs of Jesse Kirkland. the heirs of lEliza
heth liuggings, Isaac Kirkland and Sophi
Kirkland, defendants in the above case, re
side without the limits of this State. It i
therefore ordered. that they do appear an
object to the division or sale of the iet
ldLfte of Jsaae Kirkland, deceased, o
Monday t he eleventh (lay of December niex
or their consent to the same will he cntere
of record. Given under my hand at in
oflice, this 17t1 Oct. 1837.
0. TOW LES, o. r. D.
Oct. 17, 1837 hj 37
In the Court of Ordinaary
Abraham Turner & Wife .Indith, Appli
eants, vs. Mary Bodie. et al. I)eIiidants.
T appearing to my satistiet ion, that Sit
IDay am] wifle Sophia, Thomas Cohnri
anld wife Elenider, an.l Jamn -s, Smith an,
wife Mary, defenldants in the ahovet statei
case, reside without the limits of' this state
it is therefore ordered that they do appen
ind object to the division or sale of the rea
Estate of' Jobhtina Bodie, deceased, on or le
fore she fourth day of' December next (1837
8W their consent to the same will be entere<
of record-this 3rd Ociober 1837.
0. TOWLES, o. E. 1.
Oct. 5. h
Il thle Court of Ordinary
Richard Garrett and wife Martha,
applicants, vs.
Nanny Picket & others, defendnts.
T appearing 1o my slatisIaction, that I)a
vid li. (ehorge andl Milly hi' Vifi
knd .lmn 11a ws -n1 ElizatlIi his wife
df'endtts in tle above. stated ease, resid<
without t he litnits of thik State. It is there.
fhre ordered, tal tliey do appear and ohije
to the division or sale of' tle real estate 0
IJames Picket, deeased, onl Monday the
eleventh day of Decemner next, or their con
sent to the samne will be entered of record
Given tnder m\ hand at mv ollice, this 170
Oct, 1837. 0. TO\\ LES, 0. .:. n.
Oct. 1-7, 19.7 It :7
I the Court of Ordinary.
Mat. Mlitus aud Beenj. Frazier. A pli- 2i
calits, vs. 51airth.im Slims et al. lef'ts. ,
T Appearinig to myv satistiletionl. 1ha1.11a
. tha limls. lln rvl ifi-, '. osiIe'p Tei .1rry am1
wifi- iMartha, A%. K.'Ayre andt %%if~e Hilivbet
deifendaiits in the abve i'i e, rid.e wit:o1
lie limitits of this Staw: 1t i., lierifore 4ordereid
that they do ajpearai ohjeri to the ldi isinii ii
sale ol he Rea l's:iate of' Livin,-to.i Mis, d
ceased. in a certain: tiact c' and on saihda lRi
ver, on or le'fore te- firth day ot )eeemi
ber mi -xt, on their ciseiit to the same will hi
eitered o'record. Given iiuler yiv haid at 1n
Od1ice, the 9ith day of Octoelr, fr37.
0 TOW IF.S, 0. ::. i.
Oct 9 h 36
En fle Court of Ordinary.
Jane O'Gilvie, Ajpplicant, vs
Chesley Cochran et al., Defendants
IT ippearinug to my sattiihae'tioi that Rohler
ItCocl an. one ofI the defotdiaits inl this eas
resides without tlia! limits of' this stute: It is there
fire Ordered, that he appear eid object tip lii
division or sale ot'thie Real tIstate of Jas. ('Gilvie
sen., deceased, on or before the 1st day of Jaima
ry iiext, or his conseit to the same will lie eliter
ed ofrecord. Given under my ind at my Od1ice
.this 7th day of November, 1-*17.
0. TOWLES, o. :. D.
Nov 7 140
Johnte Logan, vs.
Jamenis Ml. Landrumn. A-r-raensterr
Eg If lfitF.AS the Plainetti'f hath this daty ile
V his declaration aga;inist the, letiindani
who resides beyoiid the Iiiniits of this State, ant
having neither wit'h or atto rey n ithini the sami
upon wlhomn a copy oft saeid declaration, with
rnle to plead thereto, mtay he served. ft is I r
dered, t. at the said li etiiaiht df' plead to the
said doeaeratin within a year aned a dav, iroi,
this date, otherwise fiunal u .d ab..ohgte jiflyneni
will be awarde'd agahist himi,.
Sl3)ll POPF, c. c. r'.
Clierk", Odicie, Ot't 34), 1 r:.7 d4q 40
Arthur WVest ,vs.
rg II E Plaintiaf hacving this day tiled his deela
raItioni in tny (Odtice, aiid the D~ehiidn
'mvmng noi Wif'e ur Ateornecy knowii to hie in thi
State, upon whtom :i copy' of the dclairaioin i:i
Ih' servei, O rderoid, that the saiid deli-ndanit di
appea and tmke his dhefenice wvithiii y'ear and
da f11'troii this dat', or linal and :asilnte jutd
ttentt will he aw~iarded'i against lhim.
GEltG: P'OP'E,.e. ..
Clerk's Odfice, Edgeftel, A pril 2f, -1;t7 clh je
WX'illianmsiok. 5 Assorcr
TIfl'lPlintil' iwthis case latving on thme 7t1
. da of' Aprtil, 18:137, filied his dec'lr'atieon ii
heClei'k's Odlice, inud the4 D ef'itdant hmavingt na
ifet or Attornev, kniowni to lie ini this Staut', upm10
whomnt a copy of1 the saidc ideclrtiomnimay ho serv
ed: Thieref'ore ordlered, thait the said deui-nitnt i
a ppeair ani maike his dif'eie wvithuin a yiari aind
day f'romt the filing of t he saiid declaraitioni, or tinia
aini aibsolute indwtemnt willh lii jrthiwith awardei
to the said P'laintiff.
GEOiRGE POP'E. c. c. in,
B Y PI Et RCE M. IUTLER, Governor
atid Coinnander in chier in) and over
the State albresmod.
iWhereas infortiation has been received
by this department that an atrocions nur
V der was coinitiittedl in the District of York,
on the 14lth itnst. onl the body of Wi. Nate
by a negro inan slave, mited Jaik, !h
property ofCeorge Mc'Alliely, and that the
said negro Jack has fled from jinsuce,
Now Know Ye, to the imient that the said
Jack may be broight to trial for the said
crime; I do hereby ofiier a rewnrd of two
litnndred dollars ibr the apprehension of
satid Jack and lodging hii in any jail oI' this
State. Jack is about 45 years old, 5 feLet
1 9 or 10 inches high, weigh's about one hun
I dred ani fifty or sixty iounds, complexion
. yellow blaek. loves a d im, talks mnttch,
r and brags greatly of his knowledge of Far
I riery and Wagoning, of wiiicl it is said that
he has been driver in almost every State
south and west of New York. lie was
I sonetime ago pirehaed by his present OW
ner fron a Mr. Wandih of North Caroltinn.
Give n under mii hand mndt sen
L.S. of the State at- Colmitini, this
(241 lay of October 1S37.
fly the Governor.
B. 1-1. Snxon, Seereta rv of St ne
To be copied 31 ht the Joutirnal, Messetn
ger, Advertiser, Conirier, Mereury, Cuamden
Conrier, and Times.
Al ivI LVlLE 1P] IJ (J'i' .
IA '1 E C).11.310 Pfl.1s.
A dain Parmle. & Co. vs..Johin A. Yoin;;, -
S. Kluelaid & .Co. vs tihe Saine,
Stodldard lVirch &k Co. vs'!tit! Saue.
-lummes C k. Itozetmean, vs the 8:oane,
iEi I' laimtili- in the a bove stated eases
. t tbis i d)" Iay filed ttheir d*eclarations
iml mv ollioc, at Aheville Courit lionse
Ordlered tha the r.,.iam do plead thereto
wmtuarin a Via- and :1 day, tin,,, ro tik 8-4oe, or
itdgment 4 by deltnilt 'will be rendered a
nintt him.
- AS W .ArDI. V-.'. c. . p.
Clerks Ofiice. -lay 9, 137. 1:2m
AFlI;h.VIl.! luiSTiIC'.
.1. R. W ilson,. & Co. vs.
Jailnes D)avis.
T 1E Pii in tlhis ene havinz filed
ilir ieelnration in my oflice, nt Abe
ville Court lionsei, n tlie21 i day of .Alnri
837 : Ordered, that the deli-iiail dio plead
thereto within a Year and a dav, from that
date, or.idlgient by defnitilt wil lie rendered
agaitst hun1.
.IAS. W'ARDLA W, c. c. p.
Clerks Ollice, 'May 9, 1837 12m1
MtOIE'1, Simmos & Co.
W OUL) inlori the ltiblic that in ntl
Vition to the FiREiC litOOF WARE
101USE, which they have for vears oe
upied, th1mev have taken tilt Fi t: Pnit..)0 F
Wanti: lloust:, receitily in the onctiiancy of
.es-rs. J. W. & .1. ''. leard, but a short
- istance albve, oi llroad st reet, and respect.
fiuly i.vite an increase-of pruonae, as
theyare now prerare-I to store with safety
aid cotivetnience a large amoiut of cotii.
They pledge their elnstomid'l devotion to
the interest of their firietnds ill all busiiess
confided to them.
Augusta Oct. Gth 18:37. C .36
il R i El) or stolen from the Subscri
IK herl, onl Sundiay the 1~>tht inist, a birownt.
-imonsoeolored iAlnare All:L.E, with a irope
rotundl her neck whent shet wenut nway. Any
- piersion tikitng Ill said M tle and deoliverin'
her to the Suibscribetr hinig niear I avi'
' lridge. ' ratngebtorg l)istrict, S. (; shall
receive the above re'ward'. Anym' iniormaa
tin reCspectinig her' will lie t hank fi receivedo.
JOllN W. thROWN.
Oc t 17. 1837 hi 37
A lL persons inidebted to the' estate of Samutel
Calhws'll lE.iq. Iute' ofiAlbilt ~~le I istric't de'do.
.those) hanving demand~iios ti pre'sent thiem didv~ at
tEteste wvithuin the timte pres~cribed by) lamw, to eier
,of the subsc.iribiers.
Atimmtt. J . C 3L7W-:00
'ES heoreby given~, thaut theu Coplatneursip lhere
&~ .1.oi ss-r's is islvedO~(. Ihisiines will heire'aflter
hei r~old nietted unditer the nameil of' zI ,''rI. II*Aj y .
I/IiI T-., ats .lihnstont bus sold his eii e interest
S Oc'tobe'r 1n. 18:t7 t f :37
For Sale,
- TU ill1 E E ind W aggons, peretly new
haignever been uisedt. A 1pl0t
Mr. WVel--h lit myi Platation, twvo miiles a
hove. Whbite l a, AbIbevi lie, or to the sub
scriber nt this laie'.
Edhgefield C. II.. Oct. 5 I'37. ol as
Froum the Columbia Temlccpe.
11Mt. Emrronl:-l had hoped. ere this, isomne
thilig better than tihe followingi would have been
koIt you, bv way oft tribute to the imeanorr of
those who perishem ed in tie nnfoIrtuiate steainer
ir yott please, uccpt this feeble attempt. Pro
fessor aid Mrs. Nott. Voong Botwick, andal Miss
tobert ire tihe( idivititials alitaed ti-the amdv
0lnes kno a to the writer, o ail the nmnuher losi.
She is gilding away, like a meteor ra'y
Like a sea-hird site's skimming the ocean
By nigL and diay, sie's aw.aV aild away,
li her lih it aud her beautitifit motion.
IHer mio you'll descry like a'cloud from the sky
Let loose as to bientf with tile hillow;
Btt 11o1 it aIscend(is. and to h1eIvenl it wend.s,
Waving graceful as wreath of the willow.
But Alto so like a think of life
So fill'd with life, aridI light, and being,
Soon. 'laid time elemental strife,
She'll he-oh, what is linu's foreseeiiig
A rin',1i hutlk, a riven wreek,
A sone of wo ai wil confusion;
The forms upn ier enllanit udek
Now writhing 'ieath its sail contusiot.
" lfome" was thie word-ohi, how it caine
Ui toos heir hearts so su% eel v thrilling!
It wais tv vry boat's sweet i:ine
"Swert Iloni-" the very bieeze was, hdzng.
It seei'd a ilemi. prophetic -nld
'hxat mii'ht have caised thetm wihd Commotion;
'fitere "I-ome" will be-that deep prooumid
Their lost. lost homne-thit storny oean.
0;h theY. the buoyant and the brave.
Mark how they rend ilh( air with sh:-ieking!
In!itlf'd beneath yon anry vave.
Gone.-..gone-the lovely all-thms lost,
The yonting, the gay, the happy hearted,
That ne'er before a cloud had crossd,
Nor sliadowv on their pathway darted.
F.ll, fil of liob d hope, and loime,
Oh, (u A .11ievs fonidly heatinge
With th ' eeting friemids-to some,
h, wdilbe no eartly meoeting
A parent's eye no moreshaill dwell
With roundiijarA :in onily daugliter!
10t1i tllil
Oh wh.3 sh-llan'd otn may tell
estori that fearlal water!
(Uia pen "The Shipwreck" once portrav'd;
"The Shipwreck"-oh, too trite a story
Poor Ienry ! thus thy gravo was made,
Cold in the deep, perchaice, and gory.)
In Vain may turn tle parent's eo
t meet their first-horn son-their cherish'd:
Th'ir joy, their pride, low, low doth lie,
Feneatl the briny wave lie perislh'd.
At long time witlow'd Wotlmers heart
9ith1 sickening hope deferr'd may languish;
114 child's retmnrn-oh, this her part,
11 hope wts turn'd to bittereat aiguish!
For she, the lovely and the votmg,
Perchance her tender frame was triven
All ronghly o'er the surgo along,
r tempest-toss'd, or rudely riven.
Sform, that 'en tie yimd of* heaven
ad mnvr v-is-ited l - ily,
V~ythus to deathi so rudtely given ?~
reasoin, were to renieon b~lindhly.
Oh Gmod! yes, thiom oti: God art still,
God of lime ihirlind unmd then sturmt
Whlo darei gamimsay lihy sovereign will 1
XDarn i1--ohs mma.n
.N!ihety puniy voic~e I raisei.
"'is nimt 'to cavil oar repmine.
We miay ntotiderstanud thv ns avs.
l.int they mire Rmowtr, for they are rum :.
'LColumnbi, S. C., Oct. 31, i%37 3.M
'Tme editor is indbted to Dr. W. B. Pow
ell, fori mni interestinig piaper, on thle ancient
bed of the gulf' if Mlexico. It woi afh
l'ord (mnr readers mnuch pleasuire, we thinkh,
to specuilate oin the 'original anmid cuiritus
coniitnt of this pape~tr. Ani abstict only
cani be f'urniisheud, and that from miemory:
time originaiilihaving been sent to the pulic
press at Louisville previous to that of thie
Southlerner being heard fromt.
Th'iis mper was a reply toi eome of the
initerrogattories add~reised to Dr. Powell biy
the ceditor of this Giazette, respectin:g the
anient ievofof the country, amid the futurme
coutrse of thifMississippi. Some facts were
c mnyitetd (probatbly, hon ever, kntownt
to the:'Doctor biefore,) such ais the comnumon
dicoverv af tunnmiil of r e~ in .hn *...ak..
its district, west of New Orleanus, 40 feet
below the present. lev'el of the country.
This, Captain De Hart asserts. of thitt see
tion of Louisana is'a familiar fact. Again,
the beds of the bayous, passing out or the
Mississippi, are thick. . 1'et wi the stumps
of trees. 20 fect below the level of the ad
jacent country. Tie constant accretion (of
the lak'e shore was likewise mntioned.
The twension or tiae island of N. Orleans
it) its eagutern side, has reached ome hun
dreds O yards, in advance of the old sta
tiotis of -the Lake vessels.
On this imperfect presentation of the
subject, tihe Doctor enters very ntich at
large into the genological formation of our
lower country-the netherlands of the Mis
sissippi valley His viow is taken subse
qiunt to that period when according to dis
inagtishdCl geologists, the loftiest mouniain
peaks of our couttry, n common with
those of the planet generally were submer
ged] by the ocean.
That this was the ancient condition of
our globe, is satisfactorily establisded, by
the presence onl the loftiest mnounitains, all
over the world, of marine shell, whose tex
ture is too delicate to have admitted any
violent agency iln effecting their disposi
Long stbseqnc t to this remote epoch,
in the revolutions of our globe, the gllf of
.1exico must according to the hypothesis of
Dr. Powell, have assenlded high I) the pre
s'nt bed of the Mississippi. InI all proba
.hilitv. it n ashied the satid blufis at NaIchez
the sand stone rock at the town of Gr
Gulf, aId the lufs at Vicksburg, if it did
not reach still higher. Thet reason for these
apparently rash conc-ltsions are presented
itt the-d facts. . Cypress stfimnps are often
tound twenty antid fifty feet below the pres
ent level of the country in Arlusas; just
as they are found fb-ty feet below the level
of the Attakapas distriet. Forty and fifty
feet of earti have therefore been dtposited
tipon the anient strface of tile country.
In don firm a t ion of this fact. the a pear
attces of tilu preciL iLan, I hriv sn.ces
sive growth and deposite of timber with
other alluvial matters, marked by.stcees..
ave layers. Sometimes the deposite re
mains of timber are perpendicular, -at other
timei they are horizontal. Are not these
the very steps and stages of the geological
proceses, that are going ont at the present
day, whenever the lower country is in a
state of accretion? It then seems undeni
able that the bed of the river uintst have
bectn lower than at present, (supposing tle
tloods to have been near tile -sante as
now) in order to- enable it to mnake those
deposites oi former growths; Is not the
SIlae process, perioiically carried on,
throughout tle lowlands ons the Mississipp;
and its tributaries? IHence fte inereasint.
capacities for cultivation of extensive see
tions of the valley country, wlicl..-aVere
formerly tnsuseeptible of it. This -is the
teStimony of ouir old inhabitants n ithin the
last forty years. At the same time the bed
of the river has raisred it.elf with the new
ly formed cotuttry, by partaking of the gen -
eral deposites.
Ilenie the Mississsippi is so freqtently
said by superieisal observers, to rat uii
a ridge- because its margin receiving the
last deposites ofthe retiring waters chargel
with illtvial matiters, are alwavs higier
thatn the remoiuter parts of thIe batik. Thte
coancnvity ofilhe bed of thte st reama is, htow
ever, uadll'eed lby this circumat~stance-, and
obviusly hias ntothting~ to do with the tibr
astiont of thte msaargitnal heattis 50) andl Gt feet
taove the stage of how wiater,
--wn- pre-j-, n {-, thete.v, itlm Doc.
tor thkinks, int wh ich thle retireatnastt of the
wate-rs of thte Gtlf itt Mex('ico itty haave
dleepenedici to ttnake rotm f er it-s miore con
fined-i waters, or thec wvateritstma hav~e di
mnishudied The'la gre-at divyersiona of lahea at
(-ienat oi(cani bedls tendi to coantirma thle liatt-a
sut ppo-;it iont.
'There is taothIer md e- nof accoutaing for
t he sallha vial formtaiioat ofithe Mississippi val
1ey. by tsuippo-.ing thec watewrs oft lhe preset
Gtlfor~lexico tot have beena dsamneaid up by
sa maountaian ebini li-en the Penintsala of
V it-nt at, tharouagh thae Isand 4)f Guba, to thett
it vorid lit. Tti he V inontt, is mintea
very elinbora tely sandt withI conside-ratble abhilI
pttblishedi ini thte Chrlant lterald of I th
sail by Chtarles Thsompsoas a vi-ion ot ~sf;,m
cy, itt the aippetadix to Jeclersons's noite-s oat
Vrgn, Bostoti ediuion, page :12. Not
ltha hater view hass aity pirethnsiona toa lhe
inute confirattion froma TIopogratphy,
whlichl is so lsaboriotuslyV :addteed by3 D r. M\Ie
netite. With Thomp 54, thid Opitgion wae
conjectutrsal haypothtesifv iihat ansly mnitttle
knowledge of thbe Mississippi valley ; with
Mozette1 it is a de.lnt ioni fromi -a rie !n .,.
ex-amination of the country. '-'revious.
says the latter gentleman, -,to this rtirin
othe waterslof tihe Gulf of Mexio femuiz
thi s region, its level must have ieen alt Ilst.
fifty feet above the Gulf: and tii- cniit nued
surrfcc upijon this great arm of it. runst hava
been aboit forty or ihrty-five i et abm-e the
prsetit'low water lark of h eII k:, iIpI,
an(d abOLIt fifteen or twenty fiet above tIl(%
surfiaco of tine lowest votnninon wat r swau1
along the valley." 'L'he intrwn:s by
which the birrir of the ('ul,.,r !.
mi.ght have been destroyed, f.nret thlm-i -
selves in carthqualies and ithil o:r. mie,
convitlsionj5, comlton to tihri: n f.
tuerien. A.& fain the sany h::r.r bet ween.
Florida and Cuba nmy I have pivn wav to
the pressure of the vwe. s, atid produced a
lowering -of them. Yolcanic ar.tiniuakets
111.y have openled, li!,wise!;, 11.4! o11det vC.
tweel *the Cape of I. .XiIoi (C11b1n )
and Yucatan, leavinnz m.ly the Florida rets
to indicate where lanid onnice hbad biOn, mAr
the current fIront thie Uh' v.; :o remains
of tle outporing of tiu1' wateri h1: 1 ::.
Gull' was assuming; the 'evl of thc ....
Theme opposite ,o nions are wel worth
parlicular inlvteatn. Thiere isb.
pirobanbilit ies ton, that thne wester u en .ry -
terdIly Contained Iwo arca iakes, One ie.
at the Fallk of Ohio and tile other at t!.e
Grand Tower inl tihe l isi.msippi, above the
tutouth1 of the Ohio. The ftormcr wins tie
belifo1 V oInev. But we haveiL acomaplr.n
ed our ojet s if the ownin tof the curiov>.
and particularly te.elgclsu-tsa
be at all attracted to tihe silj'ect so iln:ercs
ling to the physieal hm,- iory of ihe liisig..
Pi Valley.,
CONSrQUL-NC.:s or: I k--t --
But to "depict more freely," I will de : t;,
few cases ofdestruction 1 i-o:t yin: tiig, fi nm
n-,owni personal kiowleudge. ( Goinng some
w.y back, the first that occurs to Imny nihind,
at this monwet, is one of a geitlemani who
shot himself in London, I few days afier
'S4e.1 pp t ed. t 1 ha-l A
Newmarket, in the second Spring meetin.;
of .that yenr, and rode thence to-rLondon0
with this unforunatiV gen tlema with wloiu
I was slightly acqtuainted and who appear
ed greatly dejected at havin- lost se-e
hundred pounds, oil the balanice of his hook
by the week: a faer w hieb sutrprisedn me,
knowing him to he a very ieavy better, and
conseqently imlailn ilg Ill th suIn to have
ien, unider such cilrcutstalces, but a tri
Iling one to himti. I As inot, however.
an'are that he had at that tlile ont his hooLk
a bet of ten thousand to one thotusand, a
gainist Simolonsco wilnnlinlg thnee evetnts,
nid lie had already won two of then.
Ile wonl the third, whieb wvas thl Derby,
nid MIr. 11-hot Piself in his lo'<lging
ill London. on the day plece 1ding the set
t!inl dav. But, readier mark tdr se-(lLcj to
tIlis Ianentable story,whi:h noting sh,>rt
of an ardent wish that the lt-- of n ideh
it is nmy intenionl to writ' on th, d:umfg
ell'ets of guamnbling shotuld Ie impre-d
deeily on tine minlds of Iny r.--un-a en
have iinluced ni.e to have alluded to it at
all. The evening before ie comn11 t eti tehe:
fa.ta1l act, I was seated at dinnir at I b:..
soin's hotel, inn Vere-street. n% it mne of n:i;
gtentleman' slargescterednitors ,. uhnit I him,
.self wsalked uIno) tihe ronoln, snnmd, thrni itns
is eyedsiidly arounid thle cott pany nnhv,
nus iual, wats very numtieron'us at that hour
of tine daty, fnixed thetm at b~y fpth on the
perso~nnn of ns htim lie wans it ntm ,uniI. '4.~i
Ii-," said tmy fnitnd, --hows d. sen
his repliy- "Nonseince,''i~t r. ned the for
mler; sit diown attnd take : a-s (if is-nn
withn us: if y ot can let nie imen. f~ tt :r M
diredl found on1( Al ondayi t,. n.00 !>. 'fore
weO gon to Tttetrsali's .I u. i . .e yOlt i;Z(,
Dnt wh at ws t ime to an m1:m1 who had mead
up his iin Ino rush intoi eternity o-n he
tnorrowv ? H~e wvonhi drink tnoV witt,, ttett ..
er could we plersuadie hi 'I tot aiccompatny
us to thne thet-re. In an few hounnrs tnoro be
was a corpe-; atnd his inidull;ent crednitnor
fromn the samte eauwe, alithu::b at that lino
inposin of ti e'vr si n nnnr'u,,r. t
mtaket life agreeable, diied mad~n otinit mthnoni
a shiillintg, in ai few yetars aften ards.-.A ilt . f
rodl, in Fraser's Magaz4inc.
Deatuh luny TIigh/t Luicinag.--. Noningh!an..'
( i-'.n.) papepr gives a melannthnl y int.t ne
of death by tigh~ tting. A lin y \ontt,
wo-nmati of that place, dliedi-: Iu h.ly :%e: :
lotng walk. The next dayt a1 In4 t m.,iiett$1
exailitont place, whentt it was~ hemitn
that sine hand e:ttused a preure t-e a the lln
andu viseer:', from lacing~ her' :5y riit
to ptrocur a thin wi5'lst, wlhh , :.1.::...
hadn ncautsed a predisponhinu toj ;:-' --: M~ta-,

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