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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, November 23, 1837, Image 2

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I - k
-, ;Wo give the fullowing .tractu flom the Spdeh
of r. P'E.ro.(I olj thli Uivorce aiina rgrt
that our limits lrga it~soiiragybt a
- My Coller4dte statiis s a
to any coinlectiliJi or
the bank-, the.0amst1a dter-s r 1cdub iittbe
.-urreticy by the action of Govcrient.
A Be slays ,
- 'It followvs.asj a 1e,s~Afry eousqqtpyo.
that to lhe exdeat ofilifs'iiietact$Le thle latbes
of the baniks expailInyd (tttral%'ith the
xpansion ais conrtitoufft.thedise tao
- tion of the G ov as, 1t4 v'ithilie hicrAW
of itsittlies, tai nIayWtindepetlttfred
with tihe delfniostif s '.t-itingrl-s
- ad1ditionail capitatlje1. iti~e kusofni
iotes, n ithdraWn its Conlequen'ce, froti a!
enlation;all of wh ich i-n.st directly' n'et
the aiounit of their butsiqpss and issitet,
ld bank enrreucy muttst bOcourC, Lortake
of all those Vibrati ons tthiclh the fiscal
action oi* thei Gternmi-nt is niecessrily
expiosed, and whien 'grent andl sudtiefn mist
.expose the systeitm to entustrop~bes such as
we now witnev. Ini fact a m'ore 'niitable
instance enunoI e.lected to illusYtrte tlie
truth of w% hat I un sert thtan the present, Is
Shall proceed to show."' ~
-Now if this be true, when the Govern
ment i operaiing upont hanki-tratling en a
Ape-r h~i.i anld enttionaLs of ticir awn inl
leret, how muiiitch m111-ore trite is it wheni the
Govermnent divestAd of all 'sneh crmnec
-1tion, and b1a Iin-g fall cont-mul or the eirren
cy, will -xpand or contract it, nCecorling to
its necesiti, whis, or p1arty purposCs. I
understand the protpositmnaa to bt!, that the
banks are it) be dicoantinneat-lca*nuse their
paper partalkes of the vihrations to wlich
tle 6seal ( atiaon of the Govet ttime'!nt is Ox
rosed. Uit it is coblviotus that Government
paperahra is.an-enrrency erciated bay the tiseil
action of the Goirnment ill be still more
inmnediatly al intimately a(Teeted by tle
vilbrations of thIan I fiseal ntioln ihint hank
paper. Tle banks are somee check ipoi
tli-se ilnaetuations. which witiant that chek1;
will necessarilly he greaer. I cnn easily
conceive, that if this Giovernment nder
takes to decide oan a he linantity of imoney,
or to retalate its issues by l:aw, nothing ean
he more nalaeeraii than its quanttity, nadal
- herefire value, from ve:ar to venr.' If it
be regulaaed on a ratio witi tle -revenue-of
the Govi-m.rnent, we amay estimiate the flue
Ittations by lte receiplas ;.r i, compaired
to those of 137 Or if it he suabmlaitted en
tirely to the discretion of this Governmeit,
let the various optinionis of the present m
menr,-riu regard hoilt it) the iquantity of
moaey m cirenitation, natl to the quantiity
which is necessary fihr icilation, teach ts
a jessonl of Caution. The miniaistration
parly t this monenit stiiuse hat tle con
try nhor-s under a reduat..cirenlrtion,
and if it coitrotnlel the cnrcey, w-ould ian
mediately Caa-nail it: IwIhile perhaps' fle
better opinion is. that the naoney in tir at
lation is hardly equal to the wants of the'
.J "ennot lbut think. Mr. Presidenit, tl'nt
my colleaguae lhabitually overates the in
fiuenace of lhe fis-al nction of the (ov'ern
mient uipoan the Curr-ecv, in regard to the
exiansion or contratI in'of it, ai especal
lv, if he he-correet i.---- g t hat th't
tifn of thiR Gove 'riiin t is niow4 redured
to au ecanontncal standard, and.tihia the
Execative will sustain itself, only by Iise.
pat riotie and moderate mcasures. Ife sip
pioses that the governmecnt hitas power to
make an inconvertible paper motley cirdu
-ate, which I coive -e to be 1teyon(l ta,
power of any- government, dndai- this iden
seems in part to r suilt trom, whalit I c'omt.ider
- t -amisconacepttion lie has fallen into ras to the
credit wthich sutstnins baniik notes. [Je rgta
-poses that this credlit is contferared to a g-re'a t
extent by a he G overnmatent mnakin.' the-n ra
ceilvable in pubilic. dtes. which he iiilnstratec
*by' stating thiat if the Goverhmtaeti vuntid
say that it noi tal take in paymient of its
dues, the noles of anly beggar in the streets,
*sueh notes wvontal lI enrrent. J do not thinkh
they wouldl he etarrent,, sinless the dues oaf
* he Gbovernmtxent ne re unlimni atc, or the
notes of the begar limited. If as I haeit,
endeavreda to showii. a goY~vefnment enutat
make its ownia notes circ.ttlate at pat-, it can
tnt miake a baeg.gar'. The calse of .he1 h<-g
gar wonhll bec aniaaoins to thtat of the bainks,
if the Goaver-nent said thmt it wm-otd take
hi., notes as long a lhe < ontinue to-a ha)
specie, wihiebl ik thea langtnge f t he. resola..
tioni of 181G to the banks. i,; endorse
mnat oaf the (.over-nmn ouin1 thbank notes
was not 'receaivale ini pubic dueas,' butt "'re
ceivabtle in puii dhaes;-as long nts speccie
can bea got tor it." TIhe effienev of stuchl an
endoarsemen-it to confeyredt i otvr
pe-rceptibleh. The certibaility of th<; nte
aes it goaod withotth endorsementnr
dostewithdhrawt ai of thle enadorsemenit in
jutre its credit. TIhe pet ban aks were tnot in
heatter credlit thtanthe rest of tha btaniks, nior
did the withdr-awalI of the Gove~-rnmnht froma
Govrnmntwitntew tscounai~tanace, anad
3 et the anotes mtiaiantained iiand still mainatain
-- their credlit: anid this toot. wheni the Govern
men tt has lnt nly withidrawu a its credit, hat
- ~ is waging a war of extermiaiai- nati
* ~~. the banks. The commui~tnity believes in the
* ~~itiate coanvertibaitity oif the baank noaes,
* s~and therdore~t trust toa hthem, and believ-ing,
mioreover, that tha prospect of tim-t conver
tibility was impi Iroved lay the net wh Iich made
the governamenut withdlraw its credit fraom
themi, thae genieral credit wvas ethanciaed lay
it. Siar, let thio:e ni hoat aonatcive thtat there
is mflagie itn tihe Governiinenat tauacha, toa aon
fer or to taike away credlit. loaok to the re'.
eent haistory of tho'U1. S. Blank, ni hose hills
haavea beeni "ever-y where tat homtle." whaile
- thie Governmaenat han'beaen wngiang .war n
jaist thema t all oaver tile wvorld, atidcst nal
the ruain whiichthatt wasr htas oaccasionedr,
.amtidst thae parostrationt of sao'Vmuch wenhhtt,
.anda the laoss of so mauebrereadit, wiith a adis
r-eaed peopl~ae anal a bankrupt Govertntnent.
- - ue eredht of :nat hank is yet untninted, tana
its suacce-soart neae the wise iaml honiat
maan'aemen t a-i .' Jr. Biddl!a, is by g' nerr,l
- conisett, ru-ady now tei o redeemcay you fromis
* - 3-~~ouar dliiliensitiga, ana:d wanid be1- ap1peailed to,
.,. * * but for that pridec af (opition whlichi prefmus
to sutl'er rathlesr I::b s cn n ledeet ana error,
especially wihena the san(Va ini. -; thant ot iia
public, tanda the e;rar that cif thIae indi viduia .
"Mr. Preosid ent, 1 delr- -een te this ms::al m al
ferocious wa'trfare againtst tay ef the itsi
rautions of the contar'aay, ;agniast the U2. 3lat e
3B~aak fotrmierly iagat,.t ther f a lhi.uk nocw.
ti idoes not appecar to mle that this root and
-n5 ocy thto higs eatab"
lishe to supply tII ) uceswth )ew tho
jrie, h-owevbine .const r e60, or care
fully jinharated,- I tiid part-' ridquee
qnd wisdotmi. My tthtroaud habits of I
tijought, .cofirmedl hy< tihjeferilIf'o cperi.
eue:of jtyejast fouryears, linkO Wae acoUN
ser vatwya.a I bestk9ita t every propositiont
to aideroy'that yO' janty Iiild, agai.,i
aioy f Otoljilelttutions hlaov stll.red dama
agg'let uit refiibt i.if tny'. i ortiol) or
.the sast edfin:. of' outnprosperity has.beeti,
ityre,1Ict is "i0li, n ag iittin und leveren
hiad rcsot.- wtat his bqeti lt, st retigIltIt
what redingsi adj-ust ito 'rm(ioiousi if
ytou choose,,ppTioceeditg, 1i,91d, a sedntic
andl insdv puse..ofrini twenoketan the
tie~p ouinhtuf Let us'tnot Sir,"vith 'n
rnsittatsie en'rie tebi- do'n tie solid, -untd
let ne' sayp gloriouts -fabrie-,' oir prosperi
tytlthat we iity tr'ns ftail a d(vtee as the
lamp of Aladjn to buihl up OijOiher in one
night.-of iairy I nirhel,. and gold and .ems.
It is ihe- part of sigtneri todeal wiIiti the
circuimsmncs around tll( ert. IIt the closet
of a P1hiosophder, in the desk' f ' Proies
or, speculationI may -discus 'vhat - is hesl
affd genius indulgei its :spirations for the
'chief good'-huit t4e psractie* politiciai is
fi-ned .trominyl i n ::ornble. aiecesitici'.
I Ie has to d1eal wit Ih things no t M it hI ideas.
lie must controul not create, lie tunaast
govert himse l y :h circuiqa-stunes amid.
whieb le finds lhiiselt'. use te it rumoua.1
lia are prevenited to hitii mid 'be con ent
with such results a- Le ca atnin, widhout
attemptingj such as he enn imaIaginae. T.e
geinitis and temoper 0f ANnpo o11 Inight as
;pire toa ditciem. dti.Gny, but cur.a, fhnnk
God, is himblr nud s:nie. We uiulinis
itter ai limited (overnment for lee and self
willed ,whee biddiig atl whose hu
sieswe sire 10o do. They have incied uis
their servanits in th-e id.; !'4)*.. great'banlk-7
ing syschu; a system-n oh' ecl'Ait 'nrrotind
in . prvtading and. penetrenltiltZ lihe whole
iody politic.' ur' P.ie-in'rt we in wut con
form to our conlitini, We mut work upon
the ilatibri preiared for u. we m111s1t lise
lie materialt furni-ii-il toot ur hands.. It is
in vain for its to ry to-extricate oirs'ives
from the conditio) ar'ouir existence. WVe.
have not tle sfreiauih. (Gi frhihrhd itat we
should have it) to diseon tieet oursch es firmu
fle circtmstancesin whi!i ie Sian:s iae
us. And if* vc attenpt to tear outse'lves
from item ilicre may be mnch suffiring, a
strsg-le and aigony ;- buit yon -will. hinve at
length to con-e back to your.at'giannle
Mud bonltent vurtelf' with ,reflorm instead
of revolttion. Let us 'e:i, u4 wielv and at
once, biegin !o correct,' contrauil, iegul'I'e,
nmodify, ujust. do niting b't destroy.
* - o a. * S -'e
" I shiall, Miir. President, as soon as it i-A
in orter. move an amendnvot to the bill
beflre ms, pro% iding 1'4;)r lie' srciaul depos
ifts ofi' th amonev int tIe -State nnksh: i."
"S9ir-, it is r-aid'ilbn1 this governar 'ent sliiuld
not iltrust *ts monfataey It) insitiiiltions over
which -it lais no contil.' 'I he liropoiiion
1iaountis to this, Ihat the Gaovc t'itelrnet his
-not power ' eniongh mer theI banks to proleat
its own iiere'st, awvl vet in the same breahi
it is-contended that to nilow this ' Govern
ment. to use thost: banks, will endoW.it with
n poar errt thaen d~aertous tot the country
'TI propitions neialize eaclh oather.
Bit, Sir, I amt not .,iumented to Sea' this
ef-nvernmenmain , -~m-e...
they are fat ixr it, iirposes. I mit nor n
vearse to some - lilt je co ntal ea the part of'
file Stles, over fle moNied power of thit
Government. It is one ofilm' i'e-otnnda
tionls to m s.VNstCem, Ilhat the Gaveint i
-has in t so itmuch controul over the bankl1't n,
over it-; su-hreamies. The policy I po
pse(, 3.. r: Pretsidenit, is simlaue. dbviouta, and
aticined hv'otir netuial contiioui; it is tat a-i.
c'oirnge the I' a to rtesume sp eie pay
mlent'. to receive in di'chtarec of Ga,.rtrn
intent duies, tolrs (af'sp cia' banks, iad to
mt ake' specinfl denlt'astes in the State banksi
of' youur rev-enue, when tcollecated."
*"lins.. we'coniform ougrseh-es to ci- con
ditionu. 'Thtis we necquieta ittthe buim-tiiss
htabits of the coauttv. :'Thuswe tuse the in
ttitutiorns pirovidted (int onr hands. Thu-, wet
paresearve~nli cbat expernience' f n a roed to hbe
g'ooxhal t' -trm w..h'at expetarie'nce hans shown,
to reqire it. * iThus Sir, wev( avoi'd the ja'o
patrty oif retolion, we esenpe-3ithe lterrors of:
e.r.iamcnt. a wordt~ ' lah iin the cotal oh
this admlnilistation s'hul 0 pp:;h he hteart
oaf cy~t-ry lover oi his3 coutarv. Let tue~-a
amine ihr a .tonient, alra. ~President, tihis
fans aohjeted to thet namie oi sub,-treasurv...
Sir', it is a. mi nom.~er, .as I .tualeumtly" be
hie'.ve it is ia'nalera 'd 16r be, t rena'-ry bnun k,
a iorouaghly a'quit pcd an'd r'uleutilinIrIhr gov-.
ernmenut anda' part y- puarpo'ses,' and devised
as aho.0 ontly. mg antspreservingi the n'seen
datncy of' the lmrftiltas so hlon;;nbulsed
our pat~ie e I t'oe 6t'ru bh piocedig ja
obiougs ndta has been uavo'.'ed. For disb)irse
mentus in onte part of' the counitry whellro--thae
Go-v ermntet has no tmone'y, its subh-ircasurer
taha ws ai hillI on atnot her v..h're I here is mtonxey
TIhiis billI is patid tot he Go1verrumitnr credlitor
or sold for I'unds to isny him with, and'is
thuIs fmt ito a.ircltion. Tlhe suab-itreant
rer at Orka-nns is titus a Casiir of' ha h ranchl
tat Oraleans who is-utes a bill fpat able nt the
mother bank a New'. Yoark. Th'uis the eir-a
capon thxe fiiui i' 6f liea'c or (Governnient pa.
p'er in lie hanitds of t h~ snh-'treasturerp. Or
if'we are c toconider the -aaheme as n w.'hola',
iritboia ref'ereatce 1o lie patrte, a hen the case
is tis; the itrenst.ry dlraws~ a hailI up~ont itself;
andl puts it in to circuac atiton, - payabhle ont dle
mamfot. Now itt whatt dhaes this' dilliar f'rom:
n bnutk bill1? It is Olyvious~ thatt this parocess
imnkes tie stab-i renstuty a hank of issue and
circualaion,butt is it aliso nl halk of' disc-ounts?
Th'ie (Governiient has f'tmds in New York,
and dae'sire's to have thiemit ransf'erredl to
Chtiengo, by whvlat prcs is it tao be doniet.?
Vu lby. it discounts a hill ofeoxchinrt n ci stomet
mnerebanit whio hasn lima at Chaieat., no i
pays hint for' it, either ia New Yorka or lhv
an ttrensiry diraft on lBa.ton. . lit this doansis-t
the whole mtystery cf baniking. Th'le Gov
ernmttent exa'hrmtge-s its credtit for t he credit
of ant inadividt.l. na m or'ditnar'y enaSe5 !he
kantk dloes. A tna, sir, it is e:n'iotis to rea irk,
how muchaI mtore' comt phi- athis Asstem i s hati
the. first aelert a of te Li:ina sy.'s'tm. T[he
oriin of bankinag wns thia; spaecie was de.
posited anad certirent' iste' d hoh doalte,
wh''Iiebj werb fhoniocruainsl'aup.
diIpeenaion wer~a p cibl. Tihie keept rsof'
the spceae soon acertijna thIat these eer
titietetrs retuarned int sai nad at periol I
whiiebi mtig.ht be e~n ljaed w..it h gr.-at pre'
cisioun, anda that onl!y a smiall poraltion ofttuattt
wer prsened or~nymnt.Uwlr te
hiids of the ujoney confided to them and
vere- ot detbellmfbr eighty years. This
.as the begineii of bankl g.- The sub
renirv system is far more advanced. aind
ielstub-treasurers ioidloubt will be equally
Al4il l dwith the Datch directors."
As our inoientn'ry system is now and'
as .nhnyis ree orgatzed, there have been
utlrgo ionied aniid cotb lereinl j:isitgitions
-o-qperating with p'iv nldividuals, in
conductrigthe exeanges e country.
1TIe rezliatipn ~and coindtle"ing oi'eghan
ges, is ai matter ofinitiie cn7 t Ctence in n
comnereiti coinumnity, and of fearful in
fluenice itconfided to direet-,poltient conu rOul.
1Ay tlsproposed system.you estiblkih exceta
tie geits roughi thie ~ounitrv. Wzho, hatv
ing'comanind of Covernnm itfus, goiin
to the exchainge mttlet. wili irresiAtible
power, and control this great bratinet of'com
titere, without risk or responisibiility. To
Ihib lihge banking ppirattius. to tii 'un
cherked controul -over dfomestie exhaanges,
aMid-to tile Government ithe power f manu
iifturing paper money at its own plenoure,
aIid will any 'man say that ilig i, a co'rede
rated Government. 'No sir, it is :I coioli
dated, noiney Govermient: holding its tv
raniCal court in Wall-treet-flhr to Wili
street are all its tendencics.- It hip. beei
said Ihat the Unaited States anik,estallih
ed 'it) l'ifiladelphlin, h~as a ivendenev it) een
rji inm-i. is snid that the bail.in- system
4%4t- 'taes, with a-bank- in-everm i11te
ni isailet, ins n ienidenev'to ceitralism
but what is Ill this to that irreistible een
traliim-which will he given t1 Nvw York.
When, to h1er ire-unt palii;enml bankiii andi
commercial power, v-o ihl thfie all absor
biig iniflence o thisew marhiiery,which
operiing with the idimeil force of' sin
giene. and identIlilv, brics; veory, thiner
n% it hiin tier I!ready ii'm 'pw erful einsp I
C:mnot btt coi-ider, Mr. Presiduet i the ipoli
cy propo'ied by the M'ine, n' the Very
oppon-ite of file tiruet poliiy of- It (overn
ietnt. We sh ohti reibro ir systii. not
crush it-we should uleal with the ciremit
mitnces nroitil us. not n: empl a iuv cren
tioti. We should tint ende*Clvor to lli-e n
entire disruption of the tis whh bintid our
finnheinet (ipsi <ilVin Willi t1: cfitI' Z- tates aid
the people. but try to reenl;ie litem fir mu
Iu:il lieneit-try it) nmake t ihett anl.III
servir the just endsh of* Ih Govr-timent,
whi(6 dihey are permittid to ptrftui whait
the Sinte, ereated ihe:i lor. 14 i.; snitht:i
Ihe e-xperimlentl hb hie, nzog not it)
be aigaii aftenptid. Mr. I'resit, the
2ret:t experitrnent w hich bni k:i4. a thit
wihich ite courtrv tias iodie wiih this nil
miistrtion-hn' is the fat:al exltriient.
and thit tie distarons Fninre-th;t is tit
experiniei t whieb it is fo ll, to ex pect stue
ess frm Tu cpeek, t r conrol mid contra
di et. t. heat u t i down this ndminisIration,
oul. ei-t 'ore Pit th ie cointirv I pro-iu
ein ~ the true renedy' ol its disaster,. ihai
any thing else 1li1in enn1 be diore. The
retmedy w hieh the case requires isc ymfihuwer.
Restore conideince. and oi roinstaite prt
restore contidence. Ail its printijis of fi
n:miee have hir a wmne. violent enl propos
lerols. A il elen of propri.v tlioroil it and
its projctsL. Ih 1 r hit'ent tiltjiei't of* tie vent
tfee nd nerimiiolnv of the whniisir:,ion
-if* ite revded and denounced .lMr. Mildle
wvere today entid to ilt head ti't he rciitren-urv.
in.are <rof1ir. N" ithir . it w ilr i t"
veit ef the prortv of he i ouni rv: it would
loosen thfo-e imnmein'e de!po it(- ::jow lockej(d
up in the b.inks, aid send thm abroaid it
the en:Iotwity: ir niill dissijute like.
cloud, the glou I'fromi en:s minds. -i
wnil do all : his, leranise the cmni;,aniii\
hads conftidence in the. widn im. jiregrit .inn'd
hionor of thlat p~erseetedu rctitlean~.~ We
nieedt not ex pect the tinppiniess of such :n
ctnse as I have suipptosed, but .we' may. if we
like', rev'ive confidlence byv other-mtenns-b
our moiderat ion: hy otur enuttion of e'nterint
tin new experimienitst by avoiding wnarfare
11pon1 the miontied instituitons~i asthle counmtry;
huv showing mtha~t we. foel deep sv ni pahy livira
the sufperins of i he conniry,ni tnre willing~
~to cntribuato withtin tour sphere to their tlle
v'intiont. anti Io.take our shanre of th lb'luirtheni
Above aelI, sir, let us tdeal tenderely ai c :au
iously with t his mocthdlienate~ mattet ohfcur
engey: and wvhen we'ltit hav i maifhe-ird suich
iiiem per .ttit such purpolseis..coidenc'mie will
lie restored.'
Proncianai Redi:ivus.-TI'here i.4 no in
s'tece'of tun emntire humnan beipg anufuhi
tu'redl by art sinace the timev oh Pronthth
f h hle-hinan body wheri dlilaplidatd,
hns Iheeti rep 're'd w ih ne w hinir, ne w teeth
falsd nose uand eorIk -legs. A French-I -org
oui diptid3 hus gonol ai step tiurther. hhis
na~me is10lstein. Hie recentily act the J/otd
des Jniwelidee, mi presence 0.2 Baron Luar
arey nfte 6thers initrodluced ai lady n~ ha fnd
lost hier nose teeth Landt pailaite, by tite oh
thIose frihtful dhise~t~ss, n~ hieb eorrode the
filesh without it beitng posibule tto ste p their
-rogress. The patient h~(Jadtsffered motst
-verely itn the respuirnutory. and ditgetive or
nais antd was threatened ith a suirtlen but
i ingerinig deatth, n'hlin M'. HIol~teini eucceeL
ded in allixinig an artifihcin nose in gold.
eirnmelled, which coaldl be idjuiste with
aut internaf~ fastnin2 and~ iitit enuisi'u
of thet moutle was stopped nt ith n seaber
on:, shaped laute thiat nllowed thet p~a:ienmt
t) speak; a thaing heretofore consideedt ais
imipraicttienhd. A ndi the teeth a Vts replac
ed biy n niew set, wotked lby intcrinah webiiis
bt ininlred( tcithier the ceeks nua tij ire
maining polioni of th~ gum~s
Tho present ex-presiet Adams is fa
mo01s5 br hisi morning adblet ions, aimiind arer
by was in the unilorm habit of itakint" a
mlorning sn:imu. in the P ~omac. atnd hue had
head glisteninig in the mtoringi' stat. On)t
otie otCcaston a v'ery titnr sfieine aurtist, whot
was likewise tea i n' bmtht, took! thie hlii
for the~ large enid oft n ouaid, anid for div.
s:iIn I.wami oll'tin it ,nid didi nti iioverhi
miustake till hie hatIdI hiaihan very envali eriv
upon~ th ei'tx-piresidenht's hiend. wvhiebaLi hut
iune wvas parenyi3 cosidierni 'y erntmmedttlwithI
ie enres of th laotionsti. Thei artist stianedi
batek as ift he heil tan 'iingly cluiiced a
loud mnan.-BusIon Forl.
Cc:tverca:o.-Conversa~uti shontid bi
a flue timtion. freeo w~ itout iindecb ey, '.-truiiii
wvithfout 'oneitedn:- I, ntie l w itll .;f. ;ee
Donmestic Newrs.
Fronm (Ie St. Augustine Her~id, Nov. 7.
VC have procured ii copy of Geu. Her
nndeis Order annonneitig it.4'sliccess to
the troopis of'his comitna"d, wiic htuibeen
pronulgrated itt all the posts cast of' the St.
Had Quarters, Fores Fast oftASt. John.
ORDE.Rs. No. 1.
ST. AUMUSTrNEi Nov.2, 1837.
Part 1. Brig. Gen. Hernander Iusinuounces
to the troopls of his division the success of
tho recent exptcdition~ to Spring (ardenr,
cinmaniiitiiided by himself, under the orders of
MIjor Ge(i. Jesup, which hIts Iesltded ilL
thei capture of lifty-three Ininns1tr, 01nd1 in
the rescue of 16 nigro slaves. the pro operty
of our citizens: ni.ukinig a total (of 69 In
disms and- nes;rous, of whom 122 are litdiai
W arriors. .
Pairt 2. The Geieral returns his thanks to
M i. Ashlbv adil (;apt. 1l tuion, aid to lhe
41fiers ansi lmtent of ie several e-!Imipanfies of
their respective commatis, who comiaposed
tho trooips of this expiedtitsin, as well as to
As-itansiat Sire~on Forry, for their good eon
fildet throu::houtt the whole of it.
The Genler;al feels himoseif Called on1 i-anl
especial nmnner to notice the bravery olf
private .Jsoephi Saielloz, of' CaIpt. lais'on's
Company of E'ast Florida Vohtireers, whilo
in avance (f file troops, ieimided onl!y
by the udian guides, pursuled thII two Il
dian w-rriors. the yomvnnuest and eldest. Sols
of King Phillip iito the swamp to which
they hadl fled: ani there "captired tliei,
In imuIreiatedly threatntied wish the dib
chzarge of their riles. This codt!net, the
(Gitral thinks n iorthy of the iitOhest praise.
Thte good euundnet (if the indim guides,
ile Strike and romokai Join. is nso de
servinag of* high ren rd : for to them is due
the ilert if lthe e-1ipture* of these inudianis
without11 bloodshAedl.
Part :. O er- in conndnri of te seve
ral pots and detacliments, will Cause these
1 r ders to he pt imnll;ited Oil parIfIlv. 1!y
Order. .30lUN D111V. DA LEF.
-1. .-. G. & Irit'. Mu11j.
The contin'otd sueess if Gen. 1 I iu m
(e-.. and the trops iniler hi, rointi:tS 's
hi',ly -cherin'. und Lreditable to limll.evlf
\lav hke sinee5C et,.i mileltd him in ill li,,
II 'ir on Usc l'no te, -- .- c::n hi I .1
1e tinil ,brecl fro til h p I ,per .\ 11iinri
to the appreewiclielod di lt ati.-s i'l the 0.
age linsats oti our bcrder. These indi-ais
are seuIttled on a tract of Ilnd I hit adyjins
our- westeri state line, atid Iatelv have
mnoved down upion fle line They are rep
ret. utel as beiing in a very destitute anrid
A,%rvinl--- conldition. 1al filn everl heasions
have killed the co,, ;1---, o::if t t
tIers, 1to as.age thir hunt: I r. It Is al...I
that the, lave r1wi he list'. F.'rom
ihe.'e atlle.,atio.ss, or1tes- har:s ' ten sn 1-1edt
to drive thesis fritr11 le S.t1! hs.-, :msid oit
iniformnsttt states, thalmt V uie.olda' Ist,
the rtro5l.i tiderf en:. Li M, .
L ca :ni l Br.(*,-.-. :. lmf. J.I .l.ise4)on
)I was Iitepeoeo e. e-oinn
Could, but1 forr-1ibly :f1, ea~iy
4t)s. hl re is to be- th . .: e n'"esat ft
amht r I tti:s 1 N r. ;iw-,.;i trs~ pas
m sr. ure bh vi- at: C! with iiiit..sf rce!,:mtt
puishedil I by ch *'h its rsi-no, i.hm, :sase.
Let th' rwt be si renmrsd' thatt a n: .y* i.
wap ttunl 5 . . v tin handtc s0f vaigranst
lisdiin., mi as casve nher!e h iste smten n ont!.
he civily tied and puns lsisheds accorsdisng to
lan':-Lcin. 6G..
Nr:w Ys'na, Nov,. 9.
Money~i lsn M re.- Rheode l.,lanud, ati the
O)citber ses:sin 'i st hier lsg ilaturse, p.,ssd
a lasw regulsating the lois'ti.Iiterest andss cis
.enltitioni of its Illankls. Thes l:sm tsrovidles
a sealen of rates- for lsoas, fromt~i d'er cesnt
Ie 3u), on ctapital v;.rymsu frost 50,Ot;() to
100d,fgM doll-at. 'PT rastio of1 cirenl:titiin
ja fix.ed ons iww catpit als fron 95 to 2t jier*
cnt Tlhree per centt inste-resI shllIhe pi' d
on aill dep~osites of its ons ii hills hv ass onse
inividuail o oro:.in Ts'sl'rv
itins aire s wholsomessiv ni hiesmselves, if thr
ititustionss theyt aire desisnect to segiulate
wtill- abides~ by themis. Thle ltsank Comminss
sioner5 s are to pli ujsh monithlly st isenenits
ofr snehi tigregate it ems in th le iretuirns ofI lhe
I~unnli ais may by them. lie deemted expsedi
esit. u' hsy nout comp jelasm exposit ion of a
fais! If thets pubbei mie fto kne is ant3s thiing
of' the' mioney eciiner-,. c e dt banks, they
susldh kniow aill. Thlire is not.ihinig seeret
ins thse doaigs of the minsi, miasl thsere <honts!
lie niotingi hidhden ms thst doinsgs of lHunsks
of isstt. Th'le trusth is, the times is coingl
rapidlly when 1 Ba:s- of issue tuwl IIankls of
dlisconut sms lbe sepatra ted. Th'isj is s he
kind of di vorce tequired by the inte-rests oft
the ma.
Th'le Geoirgia Banaks so far as he-ardf fromi,
preset1 lit'he lion in:;: staittement ofithi
lins: andiu mesi'is of ra eecuuin 5(g the Te
reiturns :sro inaide up to the ist ma t.
Geo. P. R[ & fB Co. tit Augsta 15, Il.ut A3: .9
M3~sehattne'k o A~ui:s ngusta,7:6.i .;32,7
I'The ptroportttn (f In 'to one05 is stie c
nousgh,. The Geo(rcia laaks dIsol o tear
to havue gonie beyon stei r dethIs. Theys~
were involvedu in their genesra I u tii con iion of
hmanyt, fromi thie tgret tliity' subsis; tin hue
t weeni tee institti onts. 'I tv conhll re
siume at once if M~lr. Biihl le n' oubl. -omes.
fosrw anrI wit: bt h idhuis hl iton ni linir adtrow
it intio the seas!v of conadtience.*
Slixteeni Haniks ands compiejt Ig' itn Philas
de'lphia, hatve' roniri vsd to mat~ks 'i videnids
fosr theu lo-'t sixt moinuthl in thes fihee of iteir
srec5ited~ usmney, fi-tm a1 to G perT ((eti.
Impt~orant.-Tiss i a mutable torbsI,
ands all thin gs ilherein witx oldi. The i ttails
h:i ve dcr'teeds, in thir great wsisdont that
strap~s shonshI nuI oniger he wrni to paiini
hztons. Th'e smitst dI refuil coseuenceisvss:e
to lbe aipphendet'ii d from this rash :nassue.sat
Th'Ie hlegs of sns' shmts dlamsl o in, let loses
wsilf tak rigs htlt, amti! runi goodsiw -s knsow.
.ttice conis~ts in doitng menr nto jiinv; (Ie
-Bnnumox, Sept. 29
On the night of the 25th inst. the-most
unplrecedented- piurder in the record of
crines took plie inl Sinpson cpunty Miss.
Sttiuel Brown of the age of US yeara and
his wife, a very ol lady were bothi murder
ed in thteir house, together with three ne
grocs. Mr. Brown Was a prudent, saving.
economical old man. and lhad tihe repulti
tion in hii ieighhonrhood-.of having en
hand a large sut of silver; and on tht
ight sime liend in liman slip approach
ed thit hlopse, and fromxt appearance wiith a
light-wood knot und htchet, broke the
skeihls of both the old persons. in a most
frightful ond hacerated nanuor-;:.ud with
the sarbe brutal barbarity killed the tiree
tiegroesand tfirew the men otn the fire, and
left the nogro woman weltering int gore onf
her bed. All Air llrownt,'s silver ti' his
neighbours say to tih' :m1taouut of $8000 was
taken ont if his chest: one litinwh-ed and
fifty doll:irs paper money in the sanie chest
nals Ieft.
One tegro woman onl the place not mnr
lered., says, at t lhate hour of' the nighit she
wasi atwiak(I from her sle-ep by a noise, that
she rn out nl saw her master and mistress
lying otn the poreh, muirdered; aid some
one with Ia tor'h in ii's hand ftorcing a tie
!Il man into the house as was th.ought, to
show the mI onev-the same' mat:'n was after
wa (is mnturderul and tlr'own on the fie.
Trih womaii afraid to stir gave io alarm
uti il mornini. when t he nei;hloetrs assem-t
bled to behold this awtl Night. No evi.
dene 1. i yet been discovured that niold
give tie dighitest eie to the murderr.
From -ilte 350 paper money beitng left
some surpicion reests on the negroes; but
the inblie eye is rather turiing to a cer
lain itdividual well known in that neigh
hourlhol. The hand of' instice will over
take him.-Noteche:: Frce Trdekr.
An-:trociot's'and cold blooled nurder was
comntedie'sl in -:llighaml CoeiNy, (in. on
nesndav cip -4h itnst. 10hou13t 2 e,'eteek in t he mnueti
ig, bwhich this Cotiv liu lweii deprivo-( of
aI sill n;1 re.-zile tbule citizen, nud his linnily
.ilo a nii:-ionuate limrti. This vicititn wa.
.inge .. arrnforitierly res idinga inl 1411
[opt and mnany years age in this Cunty'. It
apb.-ars that otInd'ridaywek pr evnts to the
per.I::in ct'the ict..Jlge 'Watrin. wheii in,
bed. was e Sht at fli-oml his, roomi dI'Sol (Ilie villaie
ilr villins bePing' a-n1-id to, appli onnh nenrer
lhere leingl? I -Oht iii the room) it eoitest of
the pislto dir gie. louiged inl his pilow acd hl-1.
!te'r e'ar his huen" .. til the night ol the itaarder.
it ape'ar ht lIthet- peretiirator took amd wal-tch
e'd his 0p)111tiuity. wihenl all W3as in atkne'ss.
- coimmi. heis; faul deed. Th net must ynve
b.en co:inmiined b-v the r-idle ow Ilie beel. ns the
e -: we-: diec'tly throigh the ody of the
ee midl. and the r:eillrod tf the pistol wits fehttmd
(Ill the' bed11. So- icions nr utiont. nas respeis
the indivian! .r i -:ivieiie If his brtttisi fi
Isirn tl II(:Aw r-UcS wVif; 1he talo 1: to feurretl cut
the mnutdri r Sarannah !e pr1.1.1. an -
Alotmui, Nov. 7.
Alesers. Edlors.-l hasten! to infrorml vonl
h:tt I11at ev'enting, i hile the sloop Allianee
was riding downl thle river ton ard1.s the bay,
v eete itmr of rnllians Itad the liaricig
it; hiearl her t, ith armts, tieh as ;txes. etill%,
'rick 1 hatQ. &f.: attackt d (':tpeah. P'st-.
tiek hi; with an :INe. 1.t11 if report he
t *''' e. ywou11,dd he'm1 i i th ;ri,.
ie.d. in a l nll in ti'. . they c0mn
men mi e I l. - h :1i and er :. (Iri v
inZ in-' the but ;i! hillilin oi shore -Il
those h we i l the least o';noxionl, to
their noi'dt' e.--no1 only t5nsin the e'. bi:c-,
het akn. in a rohst thc'h'ful ande e'rm.t'
m)1 lttner d t':i3.till'teti: the too tineunets, whot
chttsectet e. nut bardth as: latber..
Tlhiis noetie' is teeo luast ihy writtent to let
ye'n lioew all the par1tienhilirs. but as soon
as (Capt. Post ccetous, I wiill tdv yon thtemu
itt detail. It now renmitinS with the pt.lic'
to say whet her it w ill lnitger stbn.it ti ) thee'w
outratges. r' ;trtse int its str''tgth, ai at
one britng the o(iT'nderts to 'ondtignt punish
I ailltust foireet to mention, that after
hey haid delte all th chi efkthicI theyi could
334 on2 Ii-i-m"l the sletop, they.3 hanttel: pro
'eeded ini .i lbodyI' to lie uppe endC CI of St
F-ranicis ste'e't, to lhe diwellinug if Al r..l. C.
Step hensti thrte'att'e'ed him in vi':enets watys,
antd tellIintg him lhar they wer'e deterttinedl
toe hk'Iimit acced'ee teo their wiill, ot' lie wiouldl
paeyi dlear: ly if Ito atctedl in 'otra'iriety teo
thetm- cetmineting thecmselves in a miost
allusive and r'iiteens manntuter.
Na-:w Ontvrss. Nov'.5i.
Our Cit V is fatst a0ssuin the it ein-erflnress
hand antimtationt wiIhib detnote the rctlu cifour
actitve butsin'.e-s se'asont. ilandr'. I f ciouir
cit izens: whom lhe reepli rc'e'es of' buine's
thleit pursuit ofl plealstire or Uapprteh~i~en., eef
disease, hadt~ scatteredl aberoad over the land
hatve retrnn.ed withlin th le week, britnging
impihroved hte-.'thh atnd r'eewed energies Ito
the resumpljtionl of1 the labours ofl their vari
ElnS eetions011. Cr'towdls ol' strantgers lire
datily airris int: -mmie~ for trallie, others 40
take the p1 ee'- f' thle thle'andls that have
been s" ep1t iwa hvu'lv thi' psiih''n'e'. Oure
hateN and hermlg: heue ', ar' lf.-r filling~
tip. olnr '33ine.d -trew3 3 ar.etonue with
a1 bI..,y sceniCeelf comm-i'4''ee Oe'ivitv.
thee:c '4tm33, ini t:th, lhut little actutal bu-:
ne3w. dinO. I h3 c'ot'ont mtatrket is duill for'
th~ o.the -npyh3'- eel euy conmiry pro
31h1re h.tve bee 1't'o Ii "cenl. els s illte:'&'lyseeh
bcy the' lov %1ls'aeelf wa~ter in: th It'O hioe, andi
I'ter is heut little neliv ity itn th e1).'ll bnnehes'
oit tr'ae'1 thalept ndl fori -sale ont conotv ('ns
4'iv,er i tc on iina mteh o.eir ''i. I At ters ree'(i v -
eel Iby the WVes.t'ern Expr e.reort the Ohio
no4w 3.s r'eig, aitlnt1mpl setpplies, "rottn
the fa'e .r .tionu . ne its bo~rdeirs tanay be
dlaihy eoel for. Theli i-tr wie are' heapply
toset'ai'. hans ahnoutet s'ntheilv suthl, th'
5seson htta arrtivye", 'Vhenl I toe'13 l havin h
sinie.s hter~'e. :el :e'. ,-oe-le' lee apperoach
htope' so.m teo hi:eve theeprl.:=ure of' repotinlg
alat neive hlisitiu's' in ;dl It.e epar:1tintents of
trae. 'Te weathe1r int t''e'ariy pairt of the
wveek wv~s cold onti rtintv--lt iSltiw elea;r,
f'eet be'low high-water ma'urk-Lrc e's P'rice
A S-rumn::.-WVe uner~lest.nli th::t all the
Jotrnteymiett Ca3rpet et's empl~oyedl uponi shit
ne'w I i'-el. 'tunmhering abo3nlt 25., cec, ott
Satutrdhay last, ini coeinenj cOe of the~ir
(rlm the Cladreon Itti rcu iy.
-Ti ll-% CIICQR[A."
Tbc aIunei on the 15ti was 1heantiful
exceedingly.":. The inmorning wrass p-cilinr
ly fine: the- atmosph-re had been ctlenred
and cooled by the shower of the pitit niasht;
nd.n brarcimg 1r 1e l 1om 0 th 1 ntorth wept ,
dowm the Ashley, jusit briskly enon-h to
ineroase the piVturesqutte life of the kcene,
without .nnuoying by its kee-nness. The
Chicora was golt!eoreouiy atd tasternily dec
oratted wiiit flags mi in a stinboat 1n1(
several other vesscls inl similar nre:y, pinV
ed to 'and fro in the river to do the honmonmis
ait tle introdnetion of tie new daughter of
tihe ovenn. At tihe aippointed bour, samid
I Ihe. plaving of-n fine hand f inusic, the
dischasrge (of artilery and tie ch ers of the
crowd of spectators, she move graceful
ly from her cradle, and dashed into the
strearim. M5my her cae't' !,e ts frutunlate,
ns its coinuenement is been auspieioitus.
Good luck ior her! stad m::ny happy returns
toi her natal shore! iay her tnterprisimg
proprfinte.rs live to i:smeh 11m1Intlymore stip
as ntime am to rejoice itt the btuce; of
'tihe Direct Trade.' The Chicora is a
heiutillid specimen of natvil arhe Iitectire,
id iu honm:;m;r to ier worthy nativc hutAlier
Mr. Adli-on. nmi is to lie com.nmmnnlded by
all excollent eitnmn, Captain Hasley..'
'Chicora' is the old idiam 3itnC fur Charles
ton.-Chars. M11er.
An Outrae.-We leari frnsm the New
Jersev Englv. that the Oflice of the New
Jersey Freeitman, I deimocratie paper, pub
lished ini F.'lizthrciown. New .lersey. was
etitered on Thutrsdany Iight, tihe 12i inst.
the night sifter the election, si the cases.
types, amd mewspaper form ready t*or press
demolished. nid alnost every t hing in the
oliire thrown into connriotn. It was sup
posed to have heen done betweent 12 and 3
o'clock itn tile morning.
Tliere cnn he tno dt, we.prestmethat
this outrae was time result bf Whig ven
gennee t hough% we have Ino idea that it
was the aet of a party. Thero are indi
viduals it tie ranks of that party whosue re
smntnpent ktnows no Imiunds- they would
starver1 nu honest andl sincere democrat
with as much grntificntion as they would
K neSpaprrs in School.--Newspnpers
lnve len itrodtuced asi n part of thise to
lar exercise of' tie scho!ar, in the neadtmv
of P'lansbuth. This ennor but have a
benelcial elleet on Ihe mirds of he schila,
nd we hive? lm woilered thatt le prat
live hais not !eenerily obtained in otr semi
nmariec of eiluention. It certninly must he
ns profimable to our voith, it) be informed of -
the day, bmoth in our own coiutry andl in
foreirn lands. :-q it i- to penil their time in
rendim neemim0 of time giarrel of the -mds
and loves of time golddesses of henthen my
F oreign.
Fiom tIhw lwlntinn. which we take frorm
the llimioret.A merienn sli pt of the 9th inast.
it will lhe seen thait there is every appear
aure of a r pt tre int Canada with the MAt her
Thie imlitienit nfimhirs of tihe Canadian
l'rovitee m-enm row rapitly nelvamemng to a
eri-is, % hiei, let ii terminate as it Ray,can
ant fil tao iravolve imch siti-ring and bli
shell. Thl party in oppoitimn to the gov
ernment havi -me on firom one degree of
1exviiletut to anmmo iter, tuntil at Iengibi the
minds of tose who costitite it, appear to
hemd pto test thet i'ssue at onmce. An
ntIres asbe publlished'a utnaer the 'nane
timon of ant Assoeiaitemd Conmfedmercey,t henavow
edl objsect of whmichI i~s to procusre "a good,
ebenpmj, andI respjonile sy stemn of' govern
tmen't for tiheir coti mmon counttr ."' In Mon
trecal antd otther cities larg~e nmiges of
people, ina tny of' ithem armed., have tamken
placte, in time de'mI of tight, by whiotm the
quiet otf time inmhtnhit.nntix lhas been dist irhed.
Itt time smmlmress abmove refe'rred to. time A meri
ennm Decinramt in of' I ndempemtlh-nee is tmen
uined inm term'a of' lraise, atnd it'i priniples
iet "Iy liar uniiver~sal doption. A pauratlei is
insxtituted betw'een tme course puarxmted by
time people mf Canadmma iad thait ofthie Amner
ionn Colonies, shmowing time exact simmilarimy
of' their ('ooitionfs. So seriomum ht woi beeii -
timi ttmenisationsx of udismaffec'tiont nt Nham.
t real, thiamt time homuse of nm Mr. M"Gininim
itn time vi -iaity hndm bamemm pualledm mdowin, be
enumse time prtoritor wuhu i nduot resign his
'ommmission its a enpmimtnm m thme tmilitin; and
Sir John (ColbIornem haud despachedmn alem er
by expmress to To'.riot, resairing thmat every
soldiear at tihmt ?arrisonm shimmnbIi hae 'omlti m't
tmdiatttly tin 'I'tttral. Th'me Casthimitie lixih
mnp of* Mntrm'ai lmd issuedm ctrircmular nad
drtessedi 'to ttmeeergyv mad time faitieml eftdIo
diotmcse,"' e'artnestly e'xhorm-tnm taemm to the
dti esof obed~riencue and Sm soinnissrimmn a' thte
contstitu0tedl atithorimtes, ats " enoi neil bv
ime scri ptires andmm by evierv consierniion tat'
brmtnatmity andmm of Chisxiti~ oligationi, nud
enfoirre Iby. the expjres' smtnnasnce of t he
Sumprme I'a:mti1T, thme amelnow ledgedl htead
amf thme Ca':th-dmiie ('huorebm thIroughoumsmt themi
wold'.'The cicua wias. appo~mimeda to be
re'nds l'amtamm sth ie pailpIits nm Siundavt~, time
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weetinag onm takinmg hsis seat, :andt im xjptnkin-,
ofC the or'igin of time mo'ive~tmems (tiheum pnia'r
of' thei opponen'tts of( time gonvermment, whmin
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. rh GovSa(;termentt."' Atersi theit nddrlioass,
whImi'h ws rectetiie wSIh emn thumsia'sm, seve.
ral recoh tn tis're mot - manye 1 nai pted,
set iing fort h thie righmt ofi prmmer'::insit thIt
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mntt onf' dlietordr~tmat thme prertsmiv of 0
rh' (Crowni imhiad been' mdietlier.rtaly prer~eted
-hnt it wvas nec~s>sry to imave c''':m'nld
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everasl was'a of'the t 'v form . th 'v "g of'

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