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Byorder of the Commander-in-Chie.f
Adjutant-and Inspector Gen.
Jan. 29, 1838 c 52
Tne Columbia Telescope, Chnrlest,
Mercury and-Courier will copy once a wcut
for three weeks.
Florida Claims.
COL. WM. E. MARTIN having beet
appointed Agent to colleet account,
for Losses incurred in the F160da .Cant
paigus, will be at Lancaster C.'H. '0
Monday, Feb. 12i to receive the claans' o
Capt. Uibson's company, and 'will reman
three days; at Camden, on Friday.16th,f9
Capt. Chestinuts, two days; at Sutnterv,
on Monday, 18th, for Capt.'Dubose's, 'Xi
days; and at Orangeburgh on T4fsday
21st, ror Capt. Whitmore's, two days.
Claimants are expected to attend at eaci
place at nine o'clock on the mprning of ih
first day designated. P. M. BUTLER
Jan.27 b 52
Brought to the Jail
O F this District, a negro man by the nam
0 of GEORGE FLEMING, about five fec
six inches high, between 30 and :5 years of a$t
He says that he belongs to Mr. Skinner, livmi
within five miles of New Orleans.
The owner is requested to come forward
prove property, pay charges, and take him away
C. J. GLOVER, J. E. D.
Feb21 1837 3 Itf
- II E above Negro, George Flmn
U.having been confined in the Jail a
Edgetield upwards of a year, and legal no
lice having been given in the public.pa perk
I shall in pursuance of law, offbr him foi
sale an public auction on Saleday in March
at the usual hour.
Jailor Edgejield District.
Jan 22,1838 . f51
A L L persons are hereby forewvarnea
from trading for a certain Note o
Hand, given to me by William Doby, foi
oevny ~efve Donllars, payable to me or bear.
hesb on tensto January, 1839. Said Not<
hasbee taenfrom mny possession withou
mny consent, I .therefore caution said WV
D)oby from paying said note without my
Jan 1, 1838 c 48 mark.
I WILLS pay a liberal price for a gnuanhi
1.ty of Seasouedl Watggont Trimber, of al
descriptions, except spokes and fellows.
Thmoso wvho have timber for sole are reques
ted to inform me wtutdelay.
Jun. 151838 . b 50
Nankeen Cotton Seed, For Sale,
F ROM four to five hundred butshecls o
genuine Nankeen Cotton Seed cai
lhe had tat one D)ollar pe bushlac by tapply
ing to the subscriber at Mr. James B ones
Jan. 137 * 48
hd A toit
.011v ii t*VF he_ .. i#
ehd lintits
and heingpelber wit
run the iami* o*n :w' a "cO f
witha-rule to"pleid jtie.. Otighttou-,
tI ore orderedi thathe'deRbdait".ae
hn.j to. the said diclarations within a ye
ifd. oieIwisefil judgment will be g ven
and awa against him.
qEORGE.PO3E, o ekr
kce, De6A .-i
REAS -ie z tiff hath this day fled
his;deiWrati ' 'nst the, Dfbngient
resic ~ ~ 0 a0 dA6'Vbthis' 4.$it#etaa
i 'thqr *i or: attrheyswithih th# esme
losa,copy 'of saiW deelaration, with a
1 ehd-.thereto, may' be''rved, It is Op.
OWON iDetidant do plead to th
t *thin a:yearand ad ' rot.
d thetwse final afid absolute ju*
~K~~~JLOE OPE, c. e.r
Win. B, -PY~MO L
Johvi M.u .
T HE'ffdhy fdhdecliz
Doal o: a nd a)Bdl fr icreryda
the' hoasid
ohith A pi ad
d ohnd MCard et a ) con
.asie s Ma
fereOrd , tha the 9a-Jieiio"ad,toha
thidte d b willa
IN EQurTy.
John A. Donald and Bill fior dis ccry,
- others, vs partition atndtac
John 'f Cord et al. count
IT appearing to my atisfaction, hit Jame
.Donald, one of the delendats in this case,
rewdes without the limits of this State-It is there
fre Oridered, that the said James Donald, do ap
pear plead, answer or de ur t he bill of con
delara this case, within three months fromo the
d othis. notice,, br the sid bill will be taken
r6gonfthe said aAJamne Donald.
Wi.. W BLACK, . . A. D.
Cthr's 00kce, Abbkille. Jan 25,183 ac 5
Jacob Chamberin, )A a ent in Assumt,
Survivor, vs. Ntes-Damagej
John -A. Yonng. W nu 50 eta.
HE Plaintiff having t day i led his dec.
laration in this case,. in the Cerk's o tfci,
and the said John A. Young having no wife o
attorey, knownwn to he in tiprovince, upor
whom a copy or -the said declaration 'With e
t speiial order of the Court endorsed thereon, cara
be served: It is therefore Ordered, that the sae
John A. Yonng'do appear and oake hi defene
with a year and a day, from the ling of the sai
.declaration, an aforeWaid, or final and absolutu
judgment will be forthwithgiven andawarded fo
the siaid plaintiff.
JA_S WARTDLAW, c. c. p.
IClerk's O.11c, Nv 17, 183 dag 43
N.r Watlker o ngo. vs&l Foegtachment,
Park &i Fowler. Asupsit.
Wl ER:PteIlaintiifiTleaid this day filto
thi declaration in thceficeao thai
-esai)adhvignihrrfte wife or attorne,kont ei h
Ste, korwned wthti thee sa, Dnwhomat dpo
t declartiou nkehsfne withi a ruetledtee,h
in,wtayerand a day, otherwise fina ful and bomt
judgmenlt?I swill be ivenmandtawagivenagainstathem.
tClrk's Office, Dec. 17, 1837 daq 45
sove by B nutr &Co.vs. Allthosendtedt
nther ife orm arnpey,known reqesei thca
not apea sendlmaen with thefencie.tiya
olveber lnnua coset Af hsidbe 41
Otad ~ ~ ~ - -11st ~ dees
i tebt10m 4 attested.
IeiAN Adir
w 6 & f 50
LU -X"M':'0Wjn4bttid d&estate killla
amm ub pa ent.- - 3. GI Y,
'Jan18, d8 d 51 -Admduistwtor.
e are ma- ke
ar uttare
paymnt; ndaUoussvndeapndeiaaiu
Y Notle.
qgei d t ielaeThos. Rain
o deeasd, re illsesed-to inake im-.
sneji&se zm~pes tad till persons having de
sa: d are e
Jun10 4J838 - 4
~ f 49.
- ~ ~ ~ ~ I "i'.ua~
n 10 P34 49 A
*o't i e.
A LL persong having demands against the Es
tate of Willinan T. Abney, deceased, are re
quested to render them to the Subscriber proper
ly attested, by the first of February next. Ani
thlose who ate indebted to said Estate are re
quested to make payment in bills of the Bank o
the State of South Carolina.
Dec 12,1837 g 45 Administrator.
LL persona indebted to the estate of Samue
Caldwell Esq. late ofAbbeville District dee'd
are requested to make payment immediately, ant
those having demands to present them duly at
tested within the time prescribed by law,to ethe
of the subscriberp.
J. L. PEARSON, Adm'rs.
August 8, 1837 f 28
LL persons indebted to the late Dani
-(!Gallmnn deceased, are requested tc
make immediate payment.-And all per
soni-having demands against said deceased
are requested to present them duly attesteif
R. J. BURTON, Adoa'r.
With the Will annexed
Sept. 5th, 1837. tf i1
A LL Persons indebted to the late Chii
Sian Breithaupt, deceased, are reqr-.st
ed to make immediate payment. And al
persons having demands against the estat
of said deceased are requested to prescri
them duly attested.
Peb. 25 3-f
ALL persons indebted to the late Jeff'er
so ichairdlson, dleceasedl, are request
ed to make immediate payment, and ai
persons having demands against the estau
of said deceased are requested to presen
them duly attested.
T$farTch8. 1836 - t.
. Nlot tCe.
A.L Persons indebted to the late Mm :
hielnd Minms, deceased, are reque.o
make immeditie payment, and all peso
ing demands against tihe estate of said dec -
are requested to p)resenlt them duly attest.
Dec 9.1837 tf 4
Just Received Dy
A Good assortment of Men's and L -
Saddles, Bridles, Martingales, Whip .
Fresh Cheese, Irish Potatoes, 8cc.
They now have on hand a good assortm.n
andi expect constantly to keep up a genes. -n
sortment which they will sell on reasonable t.
3erh 17, 158 nt
IN Mroa or Mas. E. H. SINKIS.
larewell, farewell, thou'rt Sed to Heav'n,
he lin that bound thee's cut in twain,
!o More to mortale ii it giv'n,
o see thee, love thee e'er again.
at mem'ry clings with fond delight
sound those virtues, bright and pure,
64ch tho' they're veiled from human sight,
'rot countless ages, shall endure.
arewell, thy life was not in vain;
was spent in acts of kindest love,
ad could yod life, live o'er again.
ou could not life much more improve.
hine ear did hear the orphan's iry,
he poor and needy found a friend,
tid oft as mis'ry heav'd its sigh,
rwas thine the kindest aid to lend.
ot kindred lone shall mourn for thee,
common tear bedews thy grave,
rom many, tho' it silent be,
he heart's best off'ring wilt thou have.
at oh! has night-eternal now
lae'd its dark mantle on thy -brow?
ill Death forever-rest on thee,
o future glory qver be?
h no; thy glory's scaree begun,
brighter Sun upon thee'll rise;
ar greater glory hast thou won,
muam" 'a th' eternal skies.
clos'd the brilliant eye,
- i e voice of harmony;
4 iall range thro' scenes on high,
ha - ' v well Seraph's melody.
siC D1llow
Brighter than snow
Owelt a maid, beloved and cherished
By high and low ;
Butwith autumn's leaf she perished,
Long time ago!
. ock and tree, and flowing water,
Long time ago!
Bird and bee, and blossom taught her
Love's spell to know
While to ny fond words she listened,
Murmuring low
I Tenderly her dove eyes glistened,
Long time ago!
Mingled were our hearts forever!
r lAng time ago!
Can I now forget her ?-Never !
No, lost one, no!
To her gravo these tears are given
For to flow !
She's the star I missed from heaven,
Long time ago!
Mr. Buckiugham, in one of his late le
fares, gave some particulars respecling the
winds of Egypt, which are two in 'number.
TI'he Eastern wind,known by various name.
but most commonly as the wind of the
North, blows steadlily for ten mnoths du
ring the year, adding greatly to the fresh
ness and puirity of the atmosphere. A per
tares in the roofs opening to-the North allow
the current of air to ventilate the buildings;
and around these wind-catchers, the in.
sates grouip, as in other countries, by the
fire-side. A nother benefit conferred by the
witnd on their navigation,seems almost prov
idential; vessels glide- rapidly downa the
Nile, borne only by' the force of the curreni
unaided by 1hail or oar, but to ascend the
river Is'more difficult. With tall masts
Iraised, however, and wide arms extended,
and broad canvass spread, they are wvafted
he shit neteral bcese i the face of the tide
I - . - Southb. I)uring the remain.
- ths of the year, navigation is
-.- ihe hot and sultry khamseen
- * m .**~ ervating influence from the
SSicily; and has become pro
- elIan of song as an excuse for
Sy enterpnIse.
..- .-a luckless author is reproached
6 n spirit inawork, or a lover with
onderness in a ditty1 or a musi
piece possessing lhttle harmo
- a~ ver may probably be-"It was
-. - time of' Birocco; what would
o great einsecurity of persont
*- ry, there is little -travellIng ex.
- ii -vane. These frqently cow
~ "a )camels, attended by 80 or
- 'I - ns. Flying horsemen scour
6 esecd the surrounding country,
* a"-. from sudden attack: but the
- r''*~a. they have to fear is the hoi
- at .- lesert. Its alaIproach is token
may sometimes be seen In American sun
sets. It is a sign well understood by the
natiyes, and they prepare for it immediate
ly. It comes .lke the heated air from a
fire furnace suddenly opened, producing
lassitude ; and soon increasing in violence,
it raises the soft sand in clouds, penetrating
the eyes, nose and mouth, and Insinuating
itself beneath the garments. The camels
are halted by the sound of a bugle, the
note of a flute, or some other well known
signal, and arranged in lines of a hundred
or a thousand each, with their backs turned
to the quarter whence the Sinoon is expect
ed; and beneath the shelter thus aflorded,
the men prostrate themselves upon the
ground. The drifting sand, opposed in its
course, rises in a little while to the camel's
backs, and begins to pour down on the other
side. Now must they again bestir thea
selves, if they would not be buried where
they lie. Although the atmosphere is thick
with'yellow *and, producing darkness so
total, that one cannot see an external hand
-and darkness too that can be felt-a new
position is to be taken, a new line of camels
formed, and the same operation. gone thro'
with. This is often necessary to be don'
many times,'until reduced to perfect help
lessness by exhaustion, they sank and died,
and are buried beneath the sand. The
groans of women and children, and blended
cries of men and beasts, help to make the
scene awful beyond description. One of
these Simoons, to which Mr.-Buckingham
was exposed, lasted -eightein hours; and
out of a caravan of 20,000 pertons return
ing from a pilgrimoge tolMpca, '1-the
shrne of Mahomes._ hich w ovetiken
near Damaseus hyAliis des Y,
only 15 escapedlive
Iznon Saturday Mit
Singleton, aged 38 yiars.
Descended from one of the d14fst,.weal
' st, and most respeetable faimill
aiiborhood, and,. left almost thes-dX
sesor of the fa4it&mily estate, thesubj'
of this notice found. himself, o th'-d
when.the law allowed him o,itario it,
in possession of a ppop ywhi4ai
be eqtimited Car sbartfO 6f r
tinatelv.tbourb" - --
lie.-.e. %v. ,rt
-Varuictilarn I n .v w: er th roe y
race e r - . , i -;ale -
his 1:, -i* .- :nd I ..
temperance, which he had acquired by hi
associations, at the gambling table, and ii
which he now indulged to a greater exces
than ever, to drown the recollection of th
eflect of his folly~soon unfitted him for an,
other society than that which is found il
the lowest resorts of drunkenness. W
would not unnecessarily wound- any feel
ing of affinity -but the lesson he hi
left to the rising generation to warn them
against the snares and pitfalls which -bese
their paths in the pursuit of vicious plea
ures, as too useful to be thrown away. 0
Saturday he w as conveyed by private chat
-ity, in a state of insensibility, to the alm
house, and the same night his wretche
existence was terminated.-Norfolk He#
A Wedding Ride,-It is said horse
were not introduced in the Colony at Ply
mouth until twenty yeart after the landin
of the Pilgrims. The Exeter News Lei
ter relates, that when one John Alden wm
married to Miss Precilla Mullens the grem
belle of the Cape and Colony, he was de
termined to bring his bride home in a styl
that becomes a gentleman, so he put a ran
on a Bull's nose, and riounting the aniini
rode thus to the wedding. Miss Precill
might well be vain of' such a husband; a
mounting Bull on the moving home, sh
gently nabled along, her gallant spout
leading him by the nose, he walke
proudly by the side of his valuables-.
his wife atnd his bull. The gentleman wh
led and the lady who rode, says the sam
authority, weore the ancestors of somee
the first families of the country-inekdini
two P'residents of the U. States.
The Vi,lue of Palience under WVrong.
A dispute one dlay arose betwixt Omar, so
of' Khattah. and one of his friends, Thb
latter exceeding the hounds of civility a!
noyed Onfar by the termus he used. Oma
how. ever heo them with patience. Thi
Prophet w.as present and listened withoti
speaking a word, Finding that his frnend
tongue grew intolerable, Omuar began I
retort ; and whereumpon the Prophet turne
his back and withdrew. Disturbed at thi
Omar followed him, and said, "Prophe
of God, wherefore, when this man we
pouring abuse upon.. me, did you remni
qlutet. and as soon as I began to reply
him why did you go away?" The Propht
answered thus-"A s long as you listen pa
tiently to 'that nman's outrageous speec
angeh, were by you. each of whom muad
him ten replies btut the moment that yc
began to reply to him youarsehf, the angel
disappeared at once and left you alone wit
him,"~ 'Asiatic Journal.
A Genius for Dratwing.-"What are y
drawing on your slate Tom ?" asked
schuoolanaster to a little urchin.
"A house and a pig;" wansthe reply.
"Why, I see nothing but a house, where
the pig ?" "Oh sir, the pig's Dbehind til
Among the writers of -Ameries, whose:,
pens are contributiig t h aqa
creatibn and moral Improvement dr
countrymen, we mention iith
Hofman; Esq. of Baldhore-" isdisgi
- uishaf ba.rrter,"fter a. life well spent i
h professon, and the-a1ifiunent of a hlik'
reputation by his legal ainm.m:n . 3.
published wQrk."hf redred uponen elegat
com tency. $nd duiotes his leisure to th
p uctionof aieries of moral esaysthe
irst of which appesred taider th ate
of "Miscellaneous Thoughts bY t n
Grumbler, Esq.g We -art pliaed t leara
that hea cntiu-still
of tbejm undi'l fh6 title Of "A Pkep 1110 my
Note Book." The subjects ead of a
of a domestic character, and aldhave a PT9
amraJ bearing, and are fuil of entertaining
and sprightl aned to which we muse
e rmitted7 tadd.that they. arl character.
also Y a vigorus and cor-et. style,
with thougts that evince a loge d
-rate acquaitance with-mankind..and aniex
tensive eruditUon.-We hail Mr,Hoffnn
one ourirs mofi raeayi.y
.sons are asked b the War Deparg.
l VentfV thedee othe Nonhein
t1er thi. pmnrvamih of tuwty geN
-000 topay thd 3000 mildita Calhd into ser
vi6e Oii thie0Canada, frontier for tkift month.
If-0 'rCir-,travelin ngn . and uraw ikg
to thekr're. andW 9.006for the vaan oud
ob"'' 0for accoutre
- 4urgen's .depart
Of $16,000, end
tip. she cost of feed
I,6ths. Six hundred
*taelsahd dollars tlpsople
stPay, in order ta
rmY-dura awhile as an
and Mr. Van jtens.
. ComAdv
'ln h d
adr e a of poit. ca1ta
e quared h a facwiel in&orin is onne
A I L I 4rlQ.
Sac,t at hec unot. onlyoctt mthtr
te -'t", beidhsbc,au ol o
- . 'ri bus of him i half a. miue oto
at maems xelntpfl ymk
Saris, the oumber of his portraits in circuah
Slation, wa immense. One ingeious artist
in particular, of the naeofHaber, had ac
*quired such a facility in forming his counte
. E ap he could not nly cut o t srin
O nesses of him out f paper with
Sscipsors behind hi back, but coul mould
lie bust of him i half a minute, out of
, a bitof bread; and at last made his do
*Make most excellent profiles, by makin g
i him bite of the end of a biscuit which he
ald to him l three or four different po
. tons!
fT1424gS Wd~ikg XN0w&g.--.CWna was
full of books blnre there Wae a man in
Europe who could either .ad ot write.
O ne of Mahomet s tules for tg
happiness I e the married state, w. is
TWives behave to your bus h in the
same manner that your
- od nea r, 15 ha ie and at
na Some of the b * of London are built,
Lt and some Of th rests paved, with Scotch
tlone: there Be-excellent freeutone qurries
enear but the expense of conveyance
dto becon by land, is greater than from
8 'ln sea.
C." The Atlenasalednun rid
Smneto hol anyer pbic holde tidupi
e Thne cuot, bekigackeoe h
e Thie headcen she giene er hubandexes
d houseti ormrowedsachsero;mn the wh,ea
o othr fruit s o the hesofthdrideiond
f cTare saeeks foure thneir beaf weteon
g wishd t how pounse tof ote broro sua
grAdto mhaboeigedet.ou a
A oflsprnt saker boill d rkinitunie it2i
SHards ian oguere 50 inafine anrd with
th amo e N.V amr
r of common godaltted oance of soee
d tome bee drybIlde to pr esrve i fo
bis aFo cipger. gve ebyaecl

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