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money. Their menus would bo-l ited to
their salary, whia'
ho felt In the co1n eryret
wonlil be the caf wit a4i olfleers. and
stockholders of te banks. " They, 'ofr -al
persons, are by fia- the most influential in
the comnmunity. A greater number depend
on them for accommnodation and favor, and
the success of iheir business n'hd prospects
in lift-, than any other elass in society; and
this would be especially true of the'banks
connceced with the Government.
It .only remnins now to compare the ex.
Snjof thej control that may be exercised by
tle.Government over the two,. On order to
conilplete tie comparison ; and'.here again
the preponderance will be found to be strik
ingly on the saine side. The whole amount
of*-ependittre under thefhill wouki not ex
'eeed $30.00) Sr $10,000 annuilly at the
very fatohest; od tis constitutes the whole
amout of control which the Government
can exercise. There would lie no perquis'.
iies, no contracts, jobs or incidental gains.
The oifices and salaries Would be all. To
that extent, those who mny hout tlem,
would be dependent otn the Government,
and thus far they inay he controlled. low
sinds the-account on the other side I What
value shall he put on the public deposites
in the banks? What ont the receivability
of their it*t*s, as cash, by the Government?
What otn their connection with the Govern
tmtetit, as their -iscal agent, which would
give so gront a control over the exchanges
and bitsiness of the country? [ow Inanty
nmillions shall these be estimated at, alid
how insignifientit must the -paltry stim of
.Q,30,000 or .540,000 appenr to those conn
less iniUions held under the provisions of
the substitute at the pleasure of the G'ov
lIlIaving now finished the comparison as tn
the relative patioiage of the two menasutres,
I hiatll next compare them as fiscal agetntsol
the Government; atnd here let me say, at the
outet, that the disetissinn has corrected nti
error, which I once entertained. I hadt
supiosedli that the hazard of keepin2 thr
plit e to montey under the custody of ollicer
4tf flte Governttment, would be greater, than
in hank. The Senators frot N. lilamp
at;re and ConItecticut, (Messrs. Hubblyd
atd Nilev) bave proved fi'om the record,
that tlie hazard-is ott the other side; and
thatwe have lost more by the banks, than
by the collecting and disbursing oflicers
comibilited. Whtat can be done to incroase
the security by judicious selection of officers,
and toper or;anization, is strongly illus
traed by the fnet slated by the ehairman
(Mr. Wriglt.) in hisopening speceb;-tthat
in the \Var Department, there has been no
loss for 15 years,'-fromn '211 to '3i,-on ati
expenditure certainly not less than $100,.
000,000. 1 take somie pffle in this restlt of
an orgaization, w. hich I originnted and eq
tablished whet Se rerary of Waa aginst the
imost ihrnmidable opposition.
As to the.relative expense of the two a
gcncics, that of the bill, as small as it is, if
we are to judg v the appearances, is the
greatest; but if by fIcts, the substitute would
ie ntch the miost so, provided we charge
it with all the advantages, which the lianks
would derive from the connection with the
Coverntnent, as ought in fairness to be done,
ndvantage as fiscal agents. They would be
lhe more convenient. To this they are en
titled, and I wish to withihold from thei no
credit Which they ttmay justly Claim.
TI*e Senator from Virginia (Mr. Rives)
apinred to have great apprehension, that
the collection of tho public duc itt specie
mti'~lht leatd to htoarditng. lie nity dismniss
htis fears on that head. It is not thte gentius
ofC muodernt and civilized Goverinmetnts to
honrdl; atnd if it we re, thte banks. wilr' take
care, that itere shatll be no extraordinary
neeunmulation of cash itn the Tlreasmry. P'ass
the bill, and I. under-wr'ite, that wse shalh
never hav'e agaitt to complain of' a surpltts.
It woul rarely, it' ever int peace untd settled
titmes, exceed three or fouru titillions att the
outside. .Nor is his apprehecltnsiona that that
btoardihag aifspiecie wsoul comie to wvar, less
grountdless. The dhanger is in atnother qutar
tetr. War is the harveqt of biatnks, w'hen
they are cotnnected with Goveranent.
Th'le vnst intctreae of reCvemttc and expendi
tuores, anid thle etnormotns putbl ie lintns,whicht
niec'ssarily entire mainly to their' advantage,
swell thieitr prtonfts in watr to thle ttumst lim-)
its. Untt separate themi ftrom Govrntment,
andI war wotuhl then lie to them, a state of
fannute, for r'easonis wh'li 1 must he~ nppatrent
tafter wshtat hats beent saidl,which wotld tharows
teir wveighat ott the side of peace against
war: jtust as crtaintly, as I htave shownt,
that the separationn would throw it on the
side of tax pnyers, atnd againtst the tax con
I cotme now to the cotmparisoni of the ef
feets of' the two measu.res gin the curtreney
of' t he coutiry. Int this respect, the Senator
front '*irgitiia (Mtr. flives) seemed to thtinkc,
thtat hiissttbstittute wsonhl hlure a greatt supe
nionity over the bill; but his reaisotns wrae to
me .wholly untattisfacetory. If we are to
jutdi,; frotm experience, it onght to be prm
nouncttted as the worst possibile measure.
It hats been itt operationt but twice (each for'
bta few year.< sitnce the comcrnnttotett
of thme Governmtaent; atnd it hams so htappentedl
that thte otly two explo~iions of the curren
cy. occutrred dutrinig those periodls. Utt
wnithout rely ing on these d isastriotus occrt
tectes, we htave seen enugh to satisfy the
miost incredulous t hat therte are greatt antd
radical det'ects in our biatnk cirenlattiont,whtiech
nio retmiedy hieretolore applied. hans beetn
abile to retmove. it origitntes in thte exess
of patper, compared to specie, and the only
eleetive cttre is to mierease the hatter ant'h
rcetuec the ftarmrer; and this the stthstitto
itselfipiehdly ackntowledges, by proposing
a retmedy that woutld prove wvholly inopera
tire. It. proposes that, afte~r a certain pe
riod, mentionied, tiotne of the batnks to be se.
lected, to) inuernotes tinder 10 dlollarm. The
eeets would cleatrhy be, ttotat dimnintutioni
ot ttt ciretationa of stmalh notes, but a tnew
division of the~ batnking buiness,~q itt wh ich
the isstue of large notes wsould full to the lot
of the selected bank. atnd the statll to the
oithers, withotut restrieting', itt thte least, the
aggregatc samounat of paper circulation.
Butt whiat thec suibstitute would foil to do,
thte hl would effectually remedy. Nonte
dlonht, bt time separation frotm the bantks
wvould gteatly itncreaqo thte proportiott of
spei('i to p~aper; buat the Senaitor' from Va.
(Mtr. Itivos) apprehendls, Itat its opmerationI
wonil hn too powerful; soe much . itn hmte,
that specio would always be at a premium,
i that.it would be impossible for the
-bpnks t?,o bplpessongavithut was
the.cpe." His r4arrerounad loss. What'
he- drads voulkt, be but-4 temporary evil.
Ther-very fact, that specie wiould boar a pre
imium would have the double effect, to di
minish paper ciretation, and increase the
importation of specie, till an equilibrium
between the two will be restored, when they
would be at par. At what poiat this would
be effected. is a little uncertain; but the
fear is that with our decreasing revenue, in
stead of the speeie being incrensed to excess,
it would not be increased snficiently to give
the desired stability to the currency.
In this.connection, the Senator urged an
objection against the bill, which I regarn as
wholly grouillcss. ilesaid, that the pay
mn'mt of the dues of the Governmenr.t in spe
cie, woutl cremie a double detnand; a do
me-tic, as well as foreign; the eli-cts of
which would he to increase greatly. its flue
ttingio; atid so deeply was ie impressed
with the iden. that lie drew a vivid picture
of its alternate flow from tihe coast to the in.
terior, and from North itn Smth anid alinck
ngain- All this is the work of imaguinnion.
The efTeet woull he directly the reverse.
The more nunerois the deimonda , the less
the fluctuation ; so much so, tlat tie great
est stability woul be. where it exclimvelv
performed the ftmetion of- circulatim, nn'd
whwro each individual musi keep a portion
to mcet his dlaily demlaitnls. This is so ob
vious. that I shall not nudertake to illus.
trate it.
But the superiority of the hill over the
glibstituto would not be limited only to n
more favourite proportion betweei'i scpcic
and paper. It would lanve namtlier imnor
tant advantage ttit Clot he well ive'-es.
timated; it woutld unke a practieal dis
tinction between eurrency mid eirentation.
-between the cnriency of country. nml
private and local ebenlationt. noltler- " lir I
head hank paper would he ncotpreheoled,
The effect would be, to render a general
explosionl of the circulation alhost imttpos.
sible. Wliatever derangemet might oc.
eur, would be lonal and confiined to some
one particnlar commercial sphere ; 1nml
even, wiitin its limits, there would lIe .n
sound currency to fall haek oni, tint partak.
ing of the shock, anad which wontl greatly
diminish the intensitv and duration (of the
distress. In the uneai time, the genieral
business and finnuees of thie country .wontthl
proceed, alost without feeling the deracc
With a few remarks on the comparativc
eliects of the two meaures on the iidustry
and business of the country, I shall con
ide their comparison. Wh lat has been
said of their relative efi-ets on the eurrency
goes far to decide thie question of their reln
live efflects on btnsiniess and inlustry.
I hold a sound and stable currency to hc
.among the greatest encouragements to in
dustry and husiness generally. atid an tn
sound and fluctuatingy one, now expanding
nand now contracting, so tint no honest 1an
enn tell what to do, ns among the greatesi
discourngemcnts. The dollar and the en
gle are the merisure of value, as the vard
and tle bushel ire of guantity ; and what.Iaa
would we think or the incorporation 01
companies to regulate the latter-to ex
- - - anmwrgf TO seli
by tle conmtractcd or shortened, atI li y b,
tho ex panded or lengthened? Is it not seen
a at it w-oild plIce thie whole indlstry and
husiness of lie cotuitry tuider the control
of such comipanies! 11tt it would not more
certainly ellect it. thian a similar control
possessed by the moeoy-ed institutions of
the country, over the value of meaure.
-But 1. go furalher, and neert confideantly,
thait the excess of paper einrrency, as w.ellf
as its untstendiness, is un tfav.outrable to the
idust ry and business olt lie countr-y. It
raises the price of every thling, andl conse'
,gently iinerens~es thae price (of piroductionu
and constump~tion; atnd is, in the end, hostile
to every brainch of inaduistry.
I hohj that specie andim paper have each
their firoper sphecre; the latter for large
and( distatnt tranisnetionas, anid tihe fitarmer for
all oters ; mnal liat the tnarer our eirem-au
titnapproachtes gold atwl -if'.er, coinsistentt
ly w'.ithm coniv.enienice, the better fior thle in
dluttry antd busi ness aif ii:.n tatntry. Th'e
-mnore speciat thme bet ter, till thait piniit is
reachledl. When natainled, it w.mialh ombine~i
mi the greatest possile degree..e, soninfes
amid fiscilitry, anad wvuld hIIe fa vou rab le to lhe
produet i'e einlsses genierally; I mnn mien
oft buness, pilaniters, itmat t, amlr imiann
fheturer-s, ns well as opert~tive. Ii wouldf be
partuintarly favottrablle to lie Soumth. Ou)ar
great smaples :are* cnsh arieales ever-y w..here',
:nnd it wvas wevll reilimarke by lte Senator
fr-omn.Missisippi, (Mdr Walkeia.) nt the extra
sessiontat we sidhl at en.h pricies, anid
bontght at papler piCces: that is, s'mhl low
andia botight highi a.The i ma niufnetmn
commniere-ini anal naigaiting~ interests, wonma!d
atlso fir-I its benettfic-ial 'si'etsr. It would
chn eat prodnaetiont. annil hcla tnnmanufnetir
ers in lie-i, of a lotec-tivea twaill'. its ef
fietls womndl be to enale thena tie meiet for
eiren cosutioni, not by ralising Prices bay
haigh dtieis, but b'y etialingr to sell ats ebenap
or eeper tan the forc-iier-, wh' Iish w.oul
hiarmonize every interes t, anal phace our
manuafaca mres on time most solidl basis, ft is
laht only amode by whtich the fo reigni marke-t
enni ever he cotmmaamleda; atnd commnandaed
it wonld he, withI a souinl and mnoderately
(expmalet'Id enrrentev. Outtr inigeminaity, invent
tiomi, amid miniftr tyre egnmial to anmy peoptle;
tandi all our lmlaiturers wanit, ia na samil
e-nrmrency anal an evet ebmaner, to mieet co
slimptioni willh success any w..here, at home
nodia a broad., limt wvithi n bloateda a flne
atntinig patper circuilam ion, this wvill be iam- a
paosibile. Amaong~st its draawbaeks, it levies
nn enomoents tax mim thme conatatuntity.
I htave nelremtly statedl thait the comni-it
niuty is estioteditt tom havto been indebhtedl to
thme banaks $475,000,(I00 at tha suspenisioni
of specie paytmen-ts. Th~e inlterest oni this
seam, if estiiimtedl at six per a-emit, (it oughat
to hae higher,) w.oulkt give ant tanimml income
to those instiltttitin of tupwlads of thirty
maullions; and1 this is thme sum ydarly paiml
by the conmluity foi-rm an necomnodaa
tionst, to) the excess of whaich we own orr
blanted and tamstable ciretalationi. Never-i
was a cirenlbam on so worathless, furanished at
so dlear a rate. Ilow. mtchm of ti vast itt
comeia nmy ie conisiadered as initerast ona real
enpfirtl , it is dilhienit to estimate; but it
w.ommhm, I siupplose, bt aimp ,le to set doawni ten
imiliois to that head, wichmil wenahd leave
atpwarnls -of wenaty mnillionis nmunly, as
the proufits derived fromt banking pirivileges
over andi abovo a fair enmmeati.,;,.. r~ th
caplital invcsted,- which somne bodr itaIt
pay, whidh must ultimately fall on the in
dustrf Pnd'husiu qof the cuntury, But
this enormous ex asoam of the -systegma
not nstomsihing ; so great is the stinulus ap
plied to its grow th. Ingenious nen of other
Pags, devoted themselves in vain to discover
tie art of converting the baser motall4nto
gold and silver; but we have conferred on
a portion of the community, an art still
higher-of converting paper to all intents
and purposes, iuto tihe precioms metals; and
otght we to be surprised that an article so
cheap to the na actuirers. and so dear to
tihi rest of time commnunity, should be so
greatly over supplied, ad withouit any re
terence to the interebts, or to the wants of
tIe coamnnataity ?
If we are to believe the Senator fron
Virginia, and others on the same side, we
owe: almaost ail our improvements and pros
perity to our banking systemi-and if it
shmold fall, tie age of 'barbarism would
again rettrn. I hadl supposed that tihe basis
ofotir porsperity were oumr liee inmmtitutions;
ile wide spreamd and fertile regions 1e or
cupy, amid the heredimry intelligence amnd
enerlly of time stock. from whichii we are
desceemled ; but it seem 1, ht II all tse g
1;ar notihlag, and that the b1 ak1s are evei-v
thing. I make no war n themm. All I inl
Sist onl is, that the Goibernmeit sil .sep. a
raie frotm aihem, which I hlelieve to be in
dispensable, for the ecgsons I have assignlel,
both now and formerly. lint I erannnot cona
cur inl attribming to them otur improve
amcnits anad prosperity. Th~at they contri
buted to give i strong amimplIse to industry
and enterpriso in time early stages of their
operation, I doublt not. Nothing is more
stimulating than an expandinag and depre
eiatini currency. It eretes a delusive ap
pearance of' properity, which puts every
tlimng im mnotioma. Eery onea feeis as if lie
was growing ricHer, na pricesr aIld tha
he has it in his pover, by fore--ight anad ex
ertionl, to namake his fortune. But it is time
nmture of smtimlts. inoral as well as phtysi
cal, to geite nt first, and to frepress after
warde(. The drauagit whiulh at first causes
unimnatuir-al excitemalent a1nd eergy is sure t
terminate in correpondiig depression antd
weakness: inor is it less ceain that tle
stimuluamias of, a enrrency, expanading baeyomd
ia- proper imits, follolws the same law.
We have had time exhailarnion. and time dle
pession has succeeded. We laive hall time
pleasure or geming domnk, atl n1o1w expe
rience the ptain of becouming solber. Thie
good is gone and tle evil has sncceeded,
am-i on a fair ealctlation, the litter will la
round to be greatet than time former. Wiat
ever ianpulsc time banking system was cal
culated to give to our improvement and
prosperity, has alrendy been ;iven; andl time
reverse ei'ect will hereafter f-llow, unless
the system shoulti unidergo great andl radi
cal chanices; ime first stei towards wihicha,
would le the adoption of time measure pro
posed by this bill.
I have, ar. President, finished what I
inateiled to say. I have lng tanticipated
tie present crisis, himt didl not expect its ar
rival ina imy time. Whena I saw its approach,
I resolved to do0 lmiy duly, be th conse
queces mo me what they might, an-I o'ea:
my tmianks to ime Atior of my that
I ias given ile ti e tesoblninai
1 to ln twit ml uty oil tilts great stliject.
How the a<luestiona will lie dcciled, is ae
knowledged to be dolhitimi,so ienrly are tIme
td ol asms suapposed tm libe dh ided; but what
evel amiy be its flte noe. I have tie most
perlet confideece in its , fi triumph. The
iuiblic attettison a isrouscul. The subhet will
be thoroughly investi-mtcl, and I have no
fe-ars bumt timn simle I Suippora, wvili prove to be
time udme of truthi, julsticem, I lberty-, eivilizationa
ntod nommral anal intelileeluni excelcence.
, , hcrL.::nc; :vILr.:. M~iarch 13.
T he followinmg letter from Capt. Daiwsonm
tin the edlitoar, cotnveys the distressitng intaelli
gence athat our g~maiut fell- eitizena, Col.
I .ister (commadinglim thme second rcegiment
oaf Georg-ia vohmiteers, hcas been s~eerel
IIt'tnT C~td scir, 1i dlh Fe.k 1c38.
ea .co- r:-i~inm a good oppocrtuniiy
<h-emp youm ca hame.
I Sjince I wrote yom last, vae have sc am-ca
Ih W a Valkamsas-c-e, :mtai fininlg thmat time la
dlias land left that lamrt maf the eamunatry, we
rahed tom fort Clinch-, andm afte-r reting 2
days, paroceeded tom Waoo Swatmp, wichei
wem lpene-tae nat thme point wheirte teeral
Call tough~lt theam lat campaigna. It is cer
icainaly am ter-rile hmammoak- We caampedl
im it one night, anda mihe next dacy passed enm
tirel-y alhrmughm wu-ahout di scovering~ unmm comn
sidabl e sagna of time enmeamy- I caraed my
haece ofamruilier-y alontg,andim pmassedi it tharnulm
pincmes wvhere artillery certaitaly neve-r wtis
before, andm paroblably will nev-er lae againa.
Prmm thmence we amov-ed tam I'rt IDade,bmy
thae way oaf IDcade's battle groundma. Themire
hmave been so many dlescriptionas givenm of
thaat tragie spot that it woulid lbe usele-ss fair
me to iartemmnyt one nowa. It banseblangedc
fmuch smece .I saw it first, shortly after time
tmmagledi bodaies aifaour mumrderedl contirymen
hmad beena butriedi lby Genm. Gaines. It then
presentaed all athe appearanoce of a desperate
andlbloody confheat, hut at as so mno longecr.
Nowv, time great aiitamry r-oal comes wmmd
ing alonig the pimec barren, time water faiwi
sk iams blithmeiy necro's time ad lacent poamd,andl
I tart Arn.mstronag, niow mtagarrisoned, rises
to time distanmt via-aw. Thie aneatiy paled
graves of time oftheers on one sidec of time ra.n,
anmd thme privactes n Lime othaer-,ad time ain
tmerous hperiirationms of bumllets, ina theo adja
cent trees, came tall thmat re'mmainm o tmark theC
spona .wher-e rest tihe gallant Dadie andi his
ba-rvce mpimmmns.
U poni our arrival att F'ort Dade, fimimimmg
buat little provismimns or fortage, aaurm wzaons
wvere decspaticed to Tanpa, canda we set ot
on Chiuchi's trail, to scur -ime Ennataliga
andl black hanmmaock-s. (On arriv-imn anear
oled fort Cooaper, Col. Poster with is comn
maanad wais sent tam the~ lainek hamamoek,andt
thie first regimenmt anal bacttaliotn movedl ona
Scamtt's roaad to thme Enmttalimga. No Indaians
we-re founmd ma either; anda after mneeting
togethmer, ad bietmgijoinead by our vagonas.
we amarcd faor Cigystali river. Scoutts
wuerae senat Ouat on eachm e-ide, uandi evecry hami
am'ock air iinmg pulace that comul conmieeal anm
iamdian wvas trcaversedi.
Oaa the 7thm, Coh. IFoster wuas senat toa ourm
left amal durm-in time inay adiscovered! amnsidecr
alie ignms oif imbmians ; anad after fiooinag
the trail for saoam. distancee, a warrinr canda
sonic womnen wa-re- seenm ini the waoodsl. A
paursuit wuas imamtarivl commen.., l.
ed by the coloiel, who called repeatedly
to tho Iidian to stop, instead of doing
which, finding ho wonld be overtaken, he
threw himstolf bchind o tree, and gave Gol.
Foster the contents of his rifle, iniieting a
severe and I am afraid, dangerous wound
in his breast. lie then hlebi tip his hands
and cried enotigh, which lie soon receivedi,
for he land scarcely tttered the word, before
a haif dozetn bullets brought him to the
ground. The squaaws were taken, from
which we have received some important in
formation, which will probably govern our
next expedition, the reanit o!f which, I will
g9iv ol in may next. With respect. &c.
Commandant of Artillery.
P*rom the Cha.retoin Courirr, March 19.
IMontti INaIAN Ml tao.:ns.---Ve leain
from Capt. Wriien of the sehir. ilryet
ta Ityan, it rived at isii port sine Saturlay
last, from Key Hiiscaine, that, on the 5)tit
imstamt 'apt. liigginms a1tt1l the hiead en gi
neer 11f lie steamer A lhab ma, left their re
spective I ese. ls. and wenlit pt lite ri6cr in
at ia 11bnut fs lliles I -om t. I he enieaing
nent of tlme threes stationed inl that <inarter,
for tme purpose of nini , anid wer both
killed by a party ofl stragAini idiis A
niegro who accomip:mmmyed t heu, inaile his
escanpe by netling- the boat to ill( oppm~ile
side tith le river, after aivin1mg ben) wounmd.
(1 twice. As son -is tIme intelligence of
iurder reachei the icampmt, a 141rio
of the troops were sent iin searel of the
liont, it retuirned witionit liltvitng s:'een aiy
thing of her. Col. Pierce arrivtedl at New
Itiver on the fifth inst. with his co mma
and would leave in a day or two for For
i)allas, oi tihe 31inmi River,
A heter from Capt. Sisson, of time selconier
lExit, dated it atmeior (i' Hlisenine, I lim
.larch, to the lditors or thi., pap1ier. gives
sonie achlitional partienlars ofthis atlir.
It ietrirrel on lie (;hi inst.. at New IRiver
abont -2 nuiles nrth of Iiscaine. William
lRedding was the natmle of time Enigineer
and the negro belonged to Win. F..1tglish
i'hc creek In in hieh the party were was
abont thirty yards wide. aul they were
fired upon by ten or twelve Indianis. Cp:il.
Ilialms was standing inl ti'e bow of the
boat, atid tell over hoard wiei lie was shot.
Itcding fieI ill the l'it. Joe, tie neiC.ro,
was wounded ill the left hip and ini the right
Ani English harque from I iavana, homid
to London, hnd been on shore near Key
\' aCUs, Imit was got ()IT ly Ile wlrechers aiil
taken to Key West. The .,hip O(emiaihgme.
Capit. James fron N. York homed to N. Or
leans, got oi time Reef, ;ind was got oil' liy
a revenue catter, Caipt. Cui, and talenl to
Key We.st for repairs.
The light hioiseoni lBiscaiie, nattally Cal
led Cap Florida, has the samlile appen'ictrn
im the day, from sea as if it had u-ver been
Copy of iI leterfropm the *eeri tar of Iar. to
.1 ,. (ien. Jun, dald *
LEPAR) 1:i'ENTi or Wn,
Ma;lrch 1, I'"8.
Sra: I have the loior to acknowil-d-vah
the receipt of yom Coimine 1unicationi of the
I th of February, which was delivered o
me by your abl-de-camI...*mnt m a,,l
ive ivefn t) it the most dlligenit aw.l re
speci tal consideration.
In tihe present stage (of our reintimis with
le Inditns residiimg within the States ill
Tlerritories east of the 314iissiil)i, iiehtulitig
tihe Senttioles, it is useless to rencur to mim
priticiplesct& motives whifi iinidneed4i thIe Go
vernment to determine their remani t.i the
West. The acts of' the I-:xacentive a'ndal h
laws of Congrcss, evince a dieiermmina~tionam
to ':arry otit the mnisare, amid mt is to lie re
gardedI as time settled policy~ of hei 41 cutryv.
InI puir~aunnee .)f tis policy, thea treaty of
Paiyne's Ladtlinig was mn'die wth time Se~imi
nobes, and the chatratcte'r of the' oileere iem
played oni time part of thme ( iovermnent, it a
gunnranimy ofi the pe-rfectly tair attanner itn
which mthat nlegomiatian wtas condnem(tedm tai
conindedtl~t. WVhethier mie (overnmalenit 4o hitt
niot to have waited unmtil thme Seanmiles were
pressedl upon4 by mhe whaime Pprmlatioi, andi~
their Ilands bieoame necesstm-v to time :eri -
cnltm-al wants of the "omm ni tiy, is not ai
qtaeston for the E~Sectij '' "iow tam cmnsidet-r.
'I'hew trenty' has been, rui.nai, anmd is thei la
of' the land, and tile c'n.,tismiiai 41tyo
thme Presient rei aires mthat iin.,,bonmi. canti'
iti to' e'xcenatedl. I annot d'mt~i,, there n- .
thotr~zo ansy arran 1n4-n with ttm..-..eainialh.'
by wichel they wi ;be:rmit tedl to remaini.
or a-sign them maay i~ potin ft thlie Te4-i-it
of Flo-inia a1. their fiturmar, idaece. -
.The .Deptm nt aii ndi megad t lie imaipe, thm at
w ithm the e'xtenisvle tnn-miti placeda at youamr
dlisposlai, the wair, by ta iaimongit.mn-1'o-hm ii
be brought toi a cloe' thmi - inp aai. I',
however, you tirie Of aap iteiom n t, frm'i tihe
nmatumre of the couentry, nanda ahe ebiar-ater oif
time enemny, sneh a re.ulit is imp)~racft nic,
and that it is ndvisabl~e toi ama mke na tempim.~
ry arranmgement wiamth lie Sei d-iia',13
whlich time .safety ofilhe settb-mieattmdai
posts5 wli lie seenred4a abirin:.bontt mu,- smat
tmer, yon tare at liiett 14 la ..,-io. int
evenit, youi Ilill estali ~h psts ait 'iTminm I
andl~ on tie luntert Shmore, ma u- herev-m
elue they aret, ill yourt oinmjin, anees,i
to preserve the peace oft time counimtrv: and'il
wsouild suggest the paroplri(ety ofleainig Cmii.
Zatdock Taylor. of tihe First Inmfantrty, itn
cromand of them. in mlevmi nio-ritvt
yotir forcs.youm ttay maiakae similair arrtange
mnents with the, ither hanmunds- I deeim it,
however, of grcat itmpourtancme tht everv -
exlertioni shotil be matmia to chastise th~e
miariimling~ Inians, Vi~ t ', wh have e tmi4' i
ulh-prendatiouas auponl them inamit ats of 3 Aid-i.
tile Florida. I bmeg youa wvii aaidss vanrit
<vlf'to Col. .fonmes Ga:mnhmten for' inmforima'tion i
on this subhject; andm youa miiay, ilf oti thiinki a
proper. yaeldl to ii4 sugtgestjoii (I a iig c~,
a battallioni for the pirotection of time peaoplie
ini that nmeighaborho.di. It is hoed-, how
ver, that yona will lie able ton put it ouit of '
the power of these inadianas toi doc anmy fartih
tr mischief. They tiughlt to, be caipturmed or i
iestroyed. As soon as iti youir oilion, it a
enna be donec with safety, you will ieduce mime
l'rc of mnointcme from Ge'orgia,. Ala..
atti, timd 'Tnnesser.
Very respeclfully. yur mo.,it ob''. serv't. a
Co.na'g Arrnr r.of thme 'oth,
F'ort .Jupiter, FlIoriae.
Thie Rlight liev. Wm. Stonme, Blishopaj of si
lie P'rotestanmt lF picopial (Chumeb, ofl the. ii
riocess oaf 31 naryland n, dliedl, at hiis residetine, p
etcir Salisbhrv, Somerset countv. otn 23 t..t. e
rra. thc Correpondcnrc if Charsletn Urcary.
Was:iiiNo .os, Marel 15.
Mr. Carter, a member of the Ioiause of
Represeinativesi frum tie State of Muine,
lied last evening, after anl illness of some
weeks. MIr. (arter was a very amiable
m1:1n, abomt ihirt years of ;uge. lie aS
the personal and political frietnd of tle late
Mr. Cilley, and is fellow lodger. h'lle ef
eet which the catastroili hazId upo)n his
nervous s stein, greatly aggravatedi the die
rrder un er wihich at tihe timle lie was snuf
turing, and gave it a fattal directiorn. ''lhe
death of Mr. Carter wa% annonnieed to the
House ly his enlleagne, ir. Evalq, atl
the lloulse, after adojing the nnal Reso.
luiions in .honor of the :ienioary cof tie de
!ensel, ad.iourned to Situday noon, when
the fuineral will take place,
In the Sense, to-day, several memorinms
inl oppositim to the Sif-Treasuiry sdmchme,
w: !. other meisorial; im favor of it, were
presetead. Mr. ftielincanan presented the
Memorial and Resointioi5 of the great
Democratic Mceing lately licl in hila
dleilbhia, im fla Vor (of a separation of the GO
verimentt fiomn Ihe ihanks, atad of'ra restora -
tion, inl all transactionis of Government, of
tle coustitti 1onal etnrrenev.
Thi re is scarce a d Tol that a great
!nait'iry oi the people of Peisylv ania are
in la vorif the IndependemTreasttry scheme,
opposed to tlie biatiking system, aid anxious
to restrict, without destloying it. They
Lave always Su.1pported tejise lrinciples, hit
as soon their Representatives get togegher in
the lailIs of legislation, they (etermine to
stupport fie Banks, and to extend amid to es
tablishl their influences. The present mis
cal led pank of ta United States, has
obtaimed a complete mastery over thc State,
iunwotmmelh that the opinions of tie people go
ti"' 'othing ut all, anil are of so sort of avail.
'Io the imflinemce of that ove, shadowin,,
aMaid tcnopoizilig institlution, innst be at
rilati ted the defeat of the Sub-Trtensnrv ilill,
if it is defeated: itu1 also rhe delay an, dili
cnlty which will attend the resinmptionl and
mllamntenianee of spreie gaymetnats. The
New York aBanks will make the attempt to
resitne inl May next. The Hank of tie
UTitel States has detei'trminied to emb.arrass
ai defevat tie attempt. It will neer re
sonme itself, & it will effleetually prevent any
resimjptioi by the Northern and Westeri
lainks. The estabiisiment ofsneh a lank,
with much powers and privileges, by any
oite Sin te of the Union, with a vicw to con
trol tihe hn mess of .he country for tle an
grandizemncut of that State aid of the ill
diviial corporatioms, iand fur tle oppressiona,
embarrassment, and plunder of thc other
Sties, is a gross violation of the principles
of the Federal comp:aet; and i itishes
aderinate eause for any retaliatory measures
that tihe other States, acting either, or sepa
rately. nia2lt choose to resort to. This lank
las5 ai irrevocalle Charier for thirty years;
a capital of thirty-five naillions; and liberty
to deal inl stocks and mrercaudize. Such
anI iistittion was never befuore known ofin
time worli. lin twenaty % ears time, it will
subjnm:;te the whole comutry. It has, io
aduiitiomi to all these powers and facilities,
enmverted to its uses eli credit of the late
National Bank of tle United States, and
issues as currency, the promissorv notes and
not 'outiai to 11e14et, nd tever -ill met, i
specie. They, moireover, ill addition to tihe
powers givenm to thetm by their Charte.. as
.te maCil tlie privilege of refsing to pII.
lheir mote.s iii 'lpreie, awm1l Ii.t i-e det-riailmedi
as the mnot pirofithle. 'ourse fAr themielves.
to 4make their 5usponiin of splecit. payImeits
perpemtfil. libtwi'een sch a llnk and .a
trl. .\tioal lank, tn man nl be.itate
to eboois'. It binm ten Ihousatndlti tmes
miore evil5 m"pona the conatrv than any .\'a
itnatt bank couili d dlo, with Ia' m haltrter, thiat
Conugmris wonli granit. ...; liar fm.oim ha-in
ildtimntistreda, ats ai.:e Naioal1 llank wo'i Id lie,
liar thle publ1ie' beir'it. it is condultcted tiya,',
thme prioe ip les id ad i vidal mI selltishntess and
etipidity. It will ma/xk :noneq, tno mastter' at
whoiase exp~eise, or mi wl-a W~m.. WVtae
enyvan iam Le"kIiara: uinder lIr. Dliii
lIe's thu tamh, thme ('narter' is a cartmbanh
to do whi:at lie pleasi's.
Tlhe Sermate, aufter thme auimmtionii oaf
Mir. C arte'r's demhi I, adljem mt,.d' to s .im'd.~
Scoturse thliee will hbe no, inmore bisitm'ss
'lonem athis wi ee'k
lr. I hentn mi vil I ('onind i hl' iis 'peecla uit
llanidt amex t, ini siipporit of thlE I )ivorme
luili. Alr. Cauulhnn will hproale follia,v
ma replyii to. .. \\'ebaster. I learim thatt it is
t. ' : iintenmtiin to retmort persomdyi~ 31i..
<t*a hister s Ititus t amd sarmca;sms a oni n.
'a lbonmi's l'oiliil can',l'iin'y aind biS
l'dgehiehl krier'.
".irS .Ti'r*v 3ieh I !l
MIr. WVia pre'senitedl i .Alemiaiiil I'mott a
.iibter (It pe'rs ams, slimng that theay nm ere
iza'is of' the Sm iles eaf lkentck ail i i T
esee, awmil purayinag dhat as t[me iteo
erimonmm haIud, rema n,tramiatedh agaiai te ata
exaStin of ii Iexas, ran time groundmi that it mm as
Slhave S t:ate, a ie:gociataiou hec olie~med withi
dlexico l.a exchangme Vermonoit for Texas.
Im l ape':ker udec'ided' thmti, undeh;r thei R e
olintuim of' 2 [ t, I iiemer, the maemoriail
unstit lie oni time table
,IDreadlim 1 Accident freon (;::np'oedr.
,etweeni 2 and :3 o'clock man Stamday tioerna
uag, a dlre'adf'ul acciet front fmtun powdher
aappenedl im .Jersey C'ity', at am house ini ler
eni Street, Crie d bIly a umlib'r of iri~sh
iunihles. At t amched'm toa ithe rea r uf' lie botmse
bitS a r'onigh maubliin. nsed Iazs a sleeping
paartumen't bay onie of uthe fmnmiliis uiuimu
*loonaey, im wicha Iiodgedi a dlautghtea' of'
IJoonecy aboutt ten y'ears nobl, wimh a yonung
Hoi~muaf 18 oar "(t. In th ie r'ooma wnitha the
eid was a ('hest cotntainaing lbed c'lthes,
ie.;m n it was a keg whniicha cotainied
bout ponndu ais of' ipowde'r; for thle purpose
f get timig umoere bed elihles, it ise siuppose'd,at
ie above hiour, the, little girl left her hedl
mai wenmt to time chest with am lighmied caindle
'iom the wick'l iof ni hiieb, it is stipponsedl, a
park i'ell imto thle lmowder tanda ignaitedu it; aii
me whlea exploiidedl. The unformtimae lit
e..athtlir of' thme easnaly wias killm'e o the
p)ot,anad time y'ounga wvoman who~ lodgeil i t i
er, wats s) ilreadufttlly btii'neid, timat hier life
mi .jeopardy. Tlm shed was balownm to
loms, all the doors amid wimmiows of i hm
wner part ofthe hou~ise wecre bliowna aant,ai
lbed m wihic'h a wvomamnandl herchilh were'
eeing, wias, wmiilh its itimiates, hd -a iii.
,etly thronaaih (lie of' its wvin ~ ai
mdge'd mi the stre'et wimhiotmt itnitm-v tio tia.
ce pers. Th~e stairs to thle tlplver p--'t oif
ae haomae wmere alIso blon maay, ami every'v
art of' thei bniblhaing. wi hich w 'itft wiooagm i's !
uatte'r',. Frtatelv, bwm ..'~~' 1'.. . .~
a malny nait, 20 weiret the tia.j: itn It, 41 '
lte house, the two girls were the onily U.18.4
who were seriously -hurt.-..Xut.
1'rmn: the sliingon Ic.
MRn.CAL t ANou D Alln. Cty --lavinsg
visited youtr city a ew dye ;,go. I us.e
otecIurse,, yll to te caititl; adil whil tiil re,
I had putit inito my hands, by diierenlit itnli
vinals, no paAliphlets; tnle cliglaitsjing 1h0
report of a speech xnade by Mr. nilhoust,
aijd tle other by5 Mr. 'Iv . put theI
miIll) mhy pocket, '.% l till iitlentioii of read
Ing thesu boti n ith attenstion, n-. hen I :-.
tsarned homet an. I bs.e done so. 1hs
firt thing, however, to) n hieb my attention
was drawn on taki ofrtlhe enve'lope m hieh
covered each, was the brier, plain, simplo
.and14 modest title page 'of IIth, olne, and-thi
great lengtii. pomp and cmblazoniry of Olo
other, alihough both were made ton tim
idlentieni same subjiect. Snenil matters like
these sometimes deserve our attention), as
serving to shfow the benlt Of Alens' mitimid'-,
thecir parlietlar objects ii view,ete. ssume
times stra ws show ms %. hich 1% av the wimnel
llows. We may frequently glean, from
litle tIhingts like these, w'hether an auihor
be realy initent onl giving correct infbrsation
to his reaiers, or % ilthier his tiru t oreet
he not to throw sand in their eyes. 'l3ut
let us to our p.gnlIel, Iy placing the title
pages oif the siecebes of tl'se two distil
gnished gettlemen in juxtaposition. Ilere
they are:
Sperieh uf Mr. Cul. '"Speech ofithe hoinir
houn o' Smtl Caroli. IIe Iltinrv Clav, ol'Ken:
n3a, ton tih susb:rrea. tucky, est'ahlisI'ig a di
-ury bill." lilberate design, on the
part or the pre'sent anri
!ate Executive of tite t'.
States to uni:.I nOWN
-r? rr '.-:w or.t: nIY . NG SYS.
-rrl:' [these are the :ai.
thr's own calitals) of
the UInited States, Com.ie
:u:ncing with the Baik
of the '. Statles. and ter
mlinaiting- with thle State
Illks, aail to Cn:Ar: os
r icift ViNS A Gov nN
I:F.%T Tut:.AnY BANK.,
uinder the exclisive con.
trol of the Exentie,. and
in reply to the Sieech ot'
Nthe on. John1 C. Cal.
ionn, of South Carolin-i,
SuiIorting that Treusu
ry Dank I. "
Frain the Chark son Me'crcury.
La1- CiLiv'S TITrt. & S':-es-T e
(if our readers who hanve not read M%1 r. CluN
Ion- speech munibus rebus el qauibun isii,
niay spare thomselves the Irouble. if they
desire to get only at its sslistaice. We gn.'Ie
it to then in the long litle. which ocenitel
it oolly portion of a colitmn of yesterday's
paper. There is as nmch arg.ument ini the
title as there is in the speech, and it prorcs
or -'estblilishes" )ot1 as titci. Somehing,
however, about halliioois and Clayton, illl.
aeronaut, nid other amusing matters, lwill
perhaps repay the general render for a cur
sory pertsal of the columns of verbinge into
which the title page is diluted.
Fmh Me Aeic York 1I'hig .Ma rch9.
,idi' .Trelta ;;hn'i7 etailiq
a letter dated Fort Uuioni, November, 27
J"37, gavilm ai full e1147cotIt of the ter
rible ravages whieb have beeni made amon-r
the Indians, y wa-lt the writer clls the
smal-ll p1ox. The disease, however, bears a
strong resembilince it) the black death whicl
spread deesolation over Italy a fuev years *
sim(.e. 01' l.i0 Matids, there arc bit thirty
lve left' l ahve,. lt-upplears thn:i the smasll
po was. on3 bem on ie of lhe trmiling steam..
hxoat., wvhich w.enat ny tihe M issoulri latst sums
mler, lie Ondhteioured to preven'Clt its bein.'
"Oftmminted~3i to lhe 15ml1ians ht~j inlvain.-.
W hen it br'oke ont amtiong tile M~atanlana, it
;assstnned a ditiisernt and mlo st hsorrible up..
The lin iataireet or Cress Toutfres, livina
near the Mandas i, nttmbering abont51 onsc
thosnd t, werse abomsi sine ihalfA de ad.
TVhe .\r. ick arees amlosuting to, :l,00, wern
aboultt one hlf~lt diead. It i pirobiabIle thev
h3 ae becen reneeii'd itn proplortion to the 3Man'
The, .ssnaois, a1 powe'.r fui sribe alont
9.000 stronsg, are literally nnnliilated.-.
Ilheir erioieial hradle was1, at l-'otr Union -
monthl~l of the l'ellow'. Store.
'The Crows, simnherseing 3,000 asre nearlv
asll eh-struoyed. 'The gre'at rnation, callel
lilckfeet, dliviled insto lb-sis-l'ie": u
('reis \'n enine<, liloud Insdtrans, and Ilack
teet, amllountt hg ill all to fi Iv ' or siy thoti
seI, have deep'hl% sifered-~ OneC tiOIsandle
lodge, sit limilies hav'.e bleen3 desuroived, mel1
3thei shese was rapt~idly spreadling asmonig
thes ditl'erent hanisd,. 'The av'.erage unmbsier
an Is, lode is from: six to eighlt pe'rsonts.
'Ilie Iniants throw nto blamel I upont the
wiites. On the contirarv, "'Pipe Stess.'
ii rea Illtaekfeiot chief, ''hen d inu~g, calIled
isis people abont himn, anud eba~rid them to
love thle tradlers. Thes disease is describ~ed
as [ttascktinlg tihe head nsasl loins~ with '.in'
Iient pans, iand in a few.'. hioirs the~ paltieslt
iismediately, anad swxells thre'e timelts its ord'si
naary. ssze.
horeable, u enconsvey hot at faint ideai if the
scene3 ofi de'soin whi~ichti 0siountry niow.
piresenlts. Jo ' nhaitever diretions v.on tutr,
no(thmisg buti siad na reciks of moliouhty meiet
thse eye-lodges stasnd ons every. hail. hist
53mt a streek of' ssmoke o lie seestnrisinie
Inrism them't--not a3 tsumi ennt lhe hseardl to
bireak the aswosl sstillness, save.' the omi insos
creak of' rav'en,, ands the mlou)rnful hsowl. oI'
ua'a54'ves, fatteins oni the hiumi;an caren.l'e0
that lie strs'eed a round i. It seein as if the
very')'geniuss ofe desiibions had sralk'ed 5hrosgah
lthe prasiries. sts a'. nre'aked hsis venigance eels
ev.er'y thmiig bear'ing the shape of' humnusit v.'
1' rr 1'':n S-.m.Is 11.1 -Thie Xc'-. m-i7
Jonraal of Ce'ononaeree', says:! We easrn that
ifthe I - S. 1hanis beh),15 in)11 '.nrop~i e, i s
hie pre',nt pric'e eof thse shasre, ina Liond ees
:0y1' a goiod proist onl 5 Is price liere, nms ti1
a1st Oe'esste fromi iah're wa.:rranted thep e'\
niseatuit' : fis lnehtr :savance, it is prlel abe
liat at goode port'ionl e't wa'.ttstill reins:::,s ,
1ere', will be' walis iing ofl'
TU:e IIar..--'.e have~' nos tiew.', d.s
\rmuy tIs~ week. We are' ir. firmniss' ths
e"!poirtatnt di'.piatche st ave atrrivn!, hou -
dI a.shin52to ' (or me 0. . 'd . Io~. '.o

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