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. LA BORDE, Editor. "We will cling to the pillars f the temple of our liberties,
and if it must fall we wiliperish amidst the ruins."
VOLTMi E 3. EDGIRFIELD C- ff. LO. C.) May 17, Is3S.
* i~o. ii.
TERMS.-rhree ollkars per annni if pai<
in advance,-Three Dollirs and Fitiv Cents i
paid before the expiration orsix % onth- Irmn
the date of Subscription.-and Four Dolhlars i
S tot paid within Six Monti. Subsc'ribaers ontto
the Stmte are reqiuired to pay in adraner.
No subscription receivedflor less-r etan one year
and o pape'r discontinued util all arroarage;
areI ad, except at tlit option or the Editor.
A stbs'criptionas will he -orintinled unles otlh
erwise ordere-. at the end of the y'ear.
Anyv person procurimr live Sidbscribiers arnt
becOmani respisible (r the saume, shall receiv
the sixth copy g!ralis.
AnvMwTasaIts:Nirs conspicuously inserted a
621 cents per squnre, lor the first insertion. an(
lit cents fr each continua. Advertisment
tiot having the number of insertions marked or
thema, will he continued until ordered out, am
charged accordingly.
All Adve-rtisements intmided for publication ii
this paper, iust he deposited ini the Oftice bi
Tucsday errnin?.
All comnunications addressemd to the Editor
(PoST PAID) will be promptly and strictly attend.
ed to.
J E W E L L E R V.
No. 242 BRoAD STREET, AUnt.'iT.%, E
(Near the United States lot I )
IE Subscriber all'ers to the Citizens of
Edgefield District tnd its vicinity a Rich
and Falionable assortntit of
of the latest Style anImporation, consisting
in part of the foilowiig Articles:
Gold Inlependent Second Watches, with
f'ron 17 to 25 Jewels,
Gold and Silver Levers. Plaii & full Jewellemd,
Londton Duplex md Anchor Lscalpeieniat
Gold attd Silver Lepine aid Vertical Watches.
Ladies' rich Gola Neck Chains, new pattern.
-Gentlemen's Gold (ard and Fob Chains.
Keys. Seals, Finger-Rinags, Breast-Pits, Ear
Gold tiad Silvemr Thimbles, Pencil Cases, Spec
tacles. A'e. &e.
Imritte ('locks, Flower Vnmes nnd Muimnl
AGr nral Assortment of
S:.Ai Toses. SOUP LA.Es, CAsro. AND1 CA tE
UISKEs, CAi.S-rreKs, Sit.-r Sr'ooss, & c.
A .SO,
A laie assorttent of RonrERs', r.m.rrsrrr and
W AnE &. Bcrcuriu's IIA.OS, PIENKNIVEI.S
AN) SCISSORtS; also a good assortnent o
N. 11. C.ocKs aInd WArcHrs carefully re
paired. ad IWarranted to perlorm well.
Augusta, Ga. March 2, 1838 tf 9
WeilI R E.
T IE Suscriber hason hand a very Iarga
"supply of ready mnnade T IN W A I'
of all descriptions, which lte offers at w hola
-ale or retail, at as low prices as can he a
forded in this part of the country, le lha
also a large sutpply of the newest fashion at
.APAN WAR RE,together witha English ann
Block Tin Ware of excellent qutality. Als<
Copper anal Sheet Iront Ware-Setin:~
atnd Brazing Copper,-Bloc'k tin, Stovi
Spelter, anal Tin Plate-all of whieb lhe oif
f'ers for sale low for cash, at No Ill8 lBront
streer, Augusta. B. F. CIIl E W.
The suhscrihor being trutly thankful ro
the very liberal patronage heretofore he
, sowed upon him by his f'ricnmls and tlhapub
lic generally, respectfully solicits a cont it
stance of' their favors-and adletrs his saervi
'ces in either of the following brancehes a
his bnsiness-Copper Tin, Sheet Iron, an,
Rooling B. F. (..
Ataguasta, G a., M arceb 5' t 5
DRUG S, OIL S, dc.
' I1 l' Sublscribears re'spetfu'tilly inv~ite thae a
* tenationi (at Melarcants, P'lantters. P'hysiacim
and others to their Iai Stocak ad'
Oils of all kimds, lants, flqe Situfs
Window Glass, llrushes, &~c. k'e.
A-r -rtEtiR S'rORES IN
Their suapply is hteavy, themitr assortmen'at goat
anal their artic'le's fresIh.
D ealing a'ntirm'ly witht ita' Manuacmtuire'rs
Iarist'fil lamporta'rs, theay can sall uh ir goat
us low as anay hsouse in dhe Sutherna Cautraaty.
Plase callI ad e'xamine.
Our Stare int HI~amburg is na'xt to II. I..:
rus & (ma's. Ins Antanstas, soppomsitse totI sk:At.:
.4or S rot A t.:.'s WOO Ir luau-a'.
WVu.t.msti K. IKrcrenEN.
U. M. RonaEntasoa', aMt. P.
Pc'embiler F. jl'b -1.5
-- eRs E== .S==== .911EEREUii
G 0 0 ID 8.
III, Snbscribems beg leave to inmorm their
1 Irieid4 anm1l tie piliblic genierally, that they
I are now receiving their Sl'ItlNf, AN) ,'i
r .\ Ilt. Steel of (.0)( . conisisting of
Bilack tind bie black Italian Lustring Silks.
Colored (;ro de nap dto
Black Sincliew do
Colored -'orences.
Smlpier. lhack liombazines,
A good assortment trilics fiv laiikerchiefs.
dto dto (o to do llelt ltilmio.
Ladies black mid whito Silk and Cotton Gloves.
do bl::ck andot colored Kid doi)
do bIli, white & color'd Cotton & Silk Ilose.
(14 glreen, white anid black (Ganze Veils.
Pin, .laci konet. Mull. Swiss. & Book Musliis.
L'igured atid Checked do
-oinmin Wor ked Collars,
Plain hlobimet Io lttin id Fdeings.
A good assortment of Prints, tiighiamos and
F'renchi .idlnls,
Printed .lackonlet dto
Plaid Swiss do0
Printed -rench Cambries,
Ai assortnient ofi .ndies liinnets,
lionnet and Cap !ilbon1s,
Finle Satini stripe white .inihms,
" "1 .1 inblroidlered dIo
5- and 6-4 iilen Sheetings.
:1.so, ;ir (ienleenr's Siummer Wl'ar,
lilack, bimeand brown ('amblet,
lBlack and brown tn" ilel Summer Cloths
Blromw ruid whie Irilliig, :tndbw I,inniw en-1.
A ti-w pieces eiirri Nanki eiis.
Whmite & iolor'd .ilar-eilbl-- Valencia Vestimi :
Silk l'oke: Ilamikerchiiet. -
Also. Bilack. bul atnd invisible (reen llroad
4emilemen's olor'd. whie ntid browm half I lose,
dlo pllai manid pleated ilombailzime. Stocks.
I to di Satinii do
d1 I inen Iosoms and ('ollars,
do black atid colored l I osk. Giloves.
-1- Irih Iimeis aiii lil chidil Shirtiigs.
A good simiply of:--1. 7-ml and.l- browni Shirt
ng andml r-1 Sheetinigs.
Plaid and striped olinestics. :an4d lel Tickin.gs.
A large supply of1 ummer I lats.
(' 4mnmiii's Shoes nmd I-inie 'mp311s.
Liies and M isses Shot s and fine Slippers.
School Biolks. Cup and Letter Paper.
Also, a general assorimben of
Ilardware, Smiddlirv. Crockery anmid Tin, Ware,
Together with a slllV of
Vancluse Osnahurgs anti Cotlon Yarns,
Ammd imniy other articles to) tehons to emimerte.
They feel very hankful for the liberal patronm
age heretofore received. and hopie by stric atten
tion to business to merit a continuncmee of the
isamie. NIClIOL.SOE' & Pl-:SLFY.
Eldgefield, March 14. 1838 ft;I
New Spring and Sumnnaer
( 00B1) 8.
rI' 1 niinsermers respetinihy iulom
their entsmers and the publiek genter-t
ally.that they have jst received a la rge si p
ply uirchihice Engli, French and A mericati i
goods emmibracing every variety of si tple nd1111
tanmey goods, su ited to tmie Spring and S1mnmii
mer t rade. Alo t large supply if (rocerios.
Crcktry. Saddles. lats, Shots and Hools,
all of which tiev will sell on ih lie most ren
sionMle terms. m'or cash4, or oi credit to
plillitmal etIsmemnrs.
'hoise who wish m1) get good bargains will
do well it) ive them a call.
( . L. & 1-. PEN. N,& Co.
Edgaefield, March 11. 18:38 tf 4;
New Spring and Suusalaner
CL 0 T111.VG,
W' ' have jisit received a beimtilil assort
iitnt ol ();00l)S oth-1 immimueis Smm
tier (tslls. I'al1111n01)ms anld I lts. whichl timey- tIe
prepared to itve made Iy inl the mOst FASil
IONABI. S1LTVEI.. and im reasonable terms.
Aso, a giner:l assortiment iteady .Mlade C.orn
s., snited to tie se-oim.
1200 Pair of Shoes atid Boots emi1- acingm every
style aid variely Itave jst beenm re"ieil Iyl the
Snbscnribers. wfliih together with tlier irmmem
Stock. make a ieneral andi11m complete asortment
sllmi linmn inm the iomitry.
Also. a hadsmeaisortmit i FASIllONA
111. IIATS. smited to the seasone. To which
they inivite the attention of their estmers.
to. L. & F. Pl-NN & ('o.
Eidgefiele, March 1-1, 181- mt I
ischool and Miscellaneou:M
1 LCOK8.
11E Subscribershaenhndae
tra asor'tmemcnt (If Scehool an d .Miseu I
Ianeou Rooks, ammmomgst whicmh are Smithm's
Arithmetic, Smuih's Geographyv and Atlas.
andm( Simithm's Glrammari' which amre hiidhly
- appove oif anmd recommendedicu by m he hesm
G. I.. & E. PENN, & Co.
r Edlgefiebil. March 14, 18$38. tt G;
.~N oti ce.
- i Ml I TI II' S ( mimmar, ( cogramph~y animd
- A7 AtIas. ointhme IrodtmiieSstem. Aliso,
f SmihI's Praciica~l amnd Memntal Armim Ibmmemic,
wimth a variety of othlier SenmooL Blin s,
may bie foundmt at ilhe Store of'
C. A. D)OWD).
Mardi 7, 1838 mf 5
s LI. p)ersonis indei~bted tio the Estaite (If
i. . Mrs. Sarahm Wise, deceiaieu, o.. re
quei~sited to makemi nmedzimme payment, andt
hose haivimg deimanids to pre'senm thiem pro
iteriy aittested.
RtEnuo-r u-it/h I/the1 ( il nnte.d
Mamreb 7, 1838 ml.;5
3E III' No(te s ammd Aremonmms ofC Drm. J atmes
S piann. deceaisedli hve' Ibeen lefi itih
Mr. II. I,. Jell'ers, im Iiambuitrg. Ali pir
r- sops imlbteid to Dr). Spian aire ret~pmestede
Sto'ea:ll anmd paym Mr. Jedier-, ii ho is anithiirized
to) recivet thme imomiey ;amid mhmose hmavini
delmandmies a'gainmst thme Esiti e wmll pliease remi
dler themm to himi. E. SPA NN.
M~arebt 26, 1838I thf S A dm'Irir.
The eliest daughter occupies ani impor
wnnt station in the lamtily. She stands next
t) her mother. She is, in one sense,
her right hand. If properly trained, she
will be the support of ier aother, in sus
tainitig her authority in tihe family; site willI
be at hand to rentder assistance when need
ed; atil she will take the place of her mo
ither inl her ablse'gee. But, alove all if the
mother should lie removed by death, site
%%ill oceupy her place in the education of
ylunger elieidren. All these things should
lie talnit in1 consideratiotn b3 the parents,
it lin e training ofthe eldest daughter. A
imolie has iiitch more tiue to devote to
her fir-t child than she caln h'ive to any
thier; and more to ie first -laughter ihat
in the younger ones. iU she succeed inl
trauitiig lwr ariglt, she will find herself
greaIitlv relieved inl the managemenit and
eductVin of all the rest. Children are imi
tative h.-Mgs; and they will acquire habits
Irom other children, much more readily
tan by the teaching of parents; this ren
ler it tie more important that the first child
,hoold lie well established in good principle.,
md correct habits; and especially in the
ase of a daughter, so i'ar as respects her
influence upon the younger children, be- C
:atse she n% ill be fior a longer time the com
aniion and assislant of her mother, and
ave a much greater share in the direction
if family arratigements. She will also be
wt.- contpamiion of the youtiger chil(ren,
when the mothers eye cainoit lie upon them.il
td i properly traine:, she will at such
itiis. lie the representutive of the mother's
But, it parents faih in tie training of lie
irst (hiii-eepeciilly if it he a daughter,
hey will probably fiit with all the rest. If e
4he growi up til-leread, with bad habits. anl
xithlont fixed principles of action, her ex
imple aupd influenice will counteract the el*
'orts of tle parents, if they attempt to re
rieve their error in the better training(i of 0
he youngerones. IButtiattliesuijectm iav
te seen ini all its hearings, we will consider 1
otte articulurs, to which the attention .of
maleenis ought to be directed, Ill the educa
ion of their first child: but more especially A
hevir eldest daughter.
1. Te/i should secure prompt ohedienceu. 1
-There is no point in the moral I rainini of
thildren, so import ant as tbis, because nto- d
hing else exerls so great n;t itfluence over 1.
is YN;at anrui lo everv tii'Til.0 s .
lie act of 'submitting to tle authority of* the
mirettts lears so sirong t resembtince ti
tl osub-nrikion ill God. t hat t hle on seetis
i ,tprepare i! way fo er tihle other. aid it is
tot apissible that the laitter iay ine SOmtte
ies itivolved inl the former. No pains 1
,luitlil lie sptareil,th eril or,:o secitre pl pll lit,
eldy and pierli-i tbedetiee, li tle piari of i
lie first ehilbi ? lar upon this i ide; , eitil.
n a ieaure Ole ciutest ion. wiether lie u
lority ofihe I piaet.. shal lie tmtlaittainted
It the: flmtily. If lost n itli tin l ist, it can
careliy bei sbsetjitly rigatiuned. The
fl shhubl be sti!-red to have tio will of
ts ownl. Thl. parent's will inolst he the
.nule of its (ut1ty in whatever vay this will
. tmadulhe kinowit to the Chile it mituist be im- C
Jiciity oberevd. There must het no demor
it, tilt alt. ieg aci , ito de y, li) hail
ire ofi comtiplte perfrmatnicet~. il T edisplo-.
itioni to elireit eiaiitioniii, to lin:tget andil
to vary t li:th- f i stlrtion.S. SID ftell
)itt1seed in hibirete, arines ji-t a inb
hitedill.i ai a lispotition ti htve their
win way, If this i, niot prioptly injipped
in the bitid, it will lie duliuitiit ever to Ivetr
N11me4 it . andl if permitited inl theo eldest chil.
t wxill not he ea-sy to coivitce the( yotunger I
tios thIan they oughe neot to ibe alo. ed the
me iinidlgence. A good beginning inl tlls
parficular, m1ay1 Save, parents ;a series of I(
eumuilti:it. ditii nities, perpltexitises md -ior
rows, %% hilteb may eini er their whole lives.
2. italyl emme1ICted Willh Ohw ablove,
is o/,rdiener 1)t Goid Him iipiortaint tlimt
tle eldesi daughter. %\ ho is to oeipy so I
contsicuouiets a stationi in h li niey thold
lhave her hteart early birotughitt ub-r lie itn
lnence ofi religituts pr ii ples ! As she
yiehils to the nx ill el leer piarenits, .he~ -henbi
he brtoughit alIse io ici hier hiatt tot her
Crteatror. Atmi ibiis mu gst be hev ihle bhlesint..
ofi God upon~t pazretal itnstriuction. tand in
answver to pareni! tal solniciue an-' priayer.
If t hey fatilI itt this respiect, t hey have no il so
einrityx for thie fututre ebartacter oft iiei r fai
Iy; lori the hzeart thIat is unsu-tbded byx the
slatt; atol ptarenitall ;iiuIthrity may lie lnst
nfT as the child approaeits inattuity, if it
he nit sttstaiinedl by t he fear ai love oif God!
itt the heart. PTe child shioti be eariv'
tautght to act ini all thtings fi0mo religioiti
princile; anid with thle imtpressioni that thle
all seeitng haye rests iuponi her. This sbittie
grow inte a hait,~t andu lie itnerxnov'tn with
htet ear lies! assiaitiions. Noi tongu'et it
tell the benefits whliich winhe acrnte to the
yontger iimteers ofl tihl ifitnily, by has inig
((its~titll tefor ithe sulinexm.eo
:3. Verneitv.' Strict regard to trith I is a
catrdintial v irtint. It is onet of the bonds
xxItn hit hhl society tolgether~i. I is the prinU
iple wvhichi inospireis contfidenace bet weeni
manr ;t~ anman. It ouit tihierefoure. to gie
citpy a piritinetnt p1laie, in i le educae~tion
lif the nur sery ; andil in oirtier to doe so, the
'i habtt itmust be established wxithI the chlest
dattghtter. S he muilst be ;iaught by lie pire
rett exam itpies mote t atlhority oft ihe parets.
niever tio prex ai nite. de l ive, or~ itt any oit her
imatnner n o ehviate fromtt the linit atnd sitt
pIe truthI.- Ne. Orleant~s pretalor.
Ip Teiorl -elotm :tpphreciates. mierit; bu
payshomae toforun' favris.
1('*raq l Nenm Blo'f trip up th iig N1inc. .
AL reeet sedt tr-ip) fil th- Sabtine lti
ier,-tIh(, ouIIIary Ibw . She ni
States a -( it- .i e -b li -d th I
mriar fact that th-t river i.; nowv Iaas igaile
or seamlibioals for the distlancet ftarly .111)
mIl ce froml i's mon111h. Thn N!w% Orlean,
Bulletin derives f lit iowin intereiitting
mrieulars respecting this river, an d Jile
irst steam boat irip made upon it, from
'npt. Walker of flit' . S. Armav.
The Steamboat V Iloeiped,'. IIidr' tle
Aoaoaiid of' Capt a in. Wrigh t : id i)el hil Ir.
V*thI a length of 125 i-ea, a breibb of 32
eet and I drangbi ti 5 thIce, Ias returne01
rom her trip up fli river, having iseeamiali
i tshi as Gigh aine' l.'eFrry, a distilace of'
150 m1es. Thisik abiout '12 miles above
lit! :indiun for Camp Sabine,at which point
lie United States Tro 'ps commenced their
iperations in roval iig Ilie obtrin111 IO
be navigaion of the river. by ordicier if* th
Var Delpartiel, in Sepieaiiher lat. li
he voyage to ilhiing uand reiuriiii:.the
oat did not suist:: inl the sli-:te4st diaa 1e.
he wh~tole trip beinig iaecolipiiheld inl imr I
ly'S. ill which i nn'l t bi inehitlid detention
Ieresarily cat,eI by fle preparation of
[lei. To thosef whoa have do(ubtled the! p Ira
irabilily of rebh-rin, ihe river a
os'' tifets should bI conclusive. The- bel
fits of this laviu;aron ti the ailnh aiats on
ither,;ide ft ite river a: tt h nli, ars iof
ind in that viviniy ik inealenlabh.---rf
arding to ithe formiitr I diriet shilpiniat fi
il produce to New Orleaas-toi till. ter
hunt the means ofr tansprting froil that
lace hi;a good--while To'he emi;:rat see-k
ig a rishidtnev in eas'ern Texas or \\'eierii
.iatiania, a o u nte hiv wtetr lrom New
Orleans is openied ror hiin. furnishing a more
rmfiortable ieni:s of conv evanacC lor iimi
f' anad faniily, and are:aly rinA('Ig th
xslice that n oui be icurred by hiti
A numb r of towns are already lid 1n iii11
11 ciuhI.-r side iif tll. river. Im-am or; ' I h
ro m ise to h e ilm piiri ei a c-, c i o I b ,i ; " * ,.
61n111n' Other.; worthy o;' notice is thef tf)m. 1
f sailne ill Texas,' si-an:,eI on ilbe'irry
1iff, more iltm one h i-ld f-t in l.i::i.
early1. opposite Cam,p 1:bin lin
hich oin aconti f tht' r i rapi:l at the I.hliul
Iay ble considlered the( h:-;l fofr -ve to
laity linnilie- base alreadly oetild ihetre.
nd considerable improvenientns hav.- bieen
ande in tie( builiataii of hi ,i:-. sav. mi
rist iills. &c. '!it- w;a-:r ald t:Ath re
escried as excellent. l-r om 1his :Ain
'I eeom-e to zSt. Aewieao
a(o!:doebes, Ti- p1:1 ,im t n mbtedlyp ,
- Se' superior :niva inae over .aiy other
win ni r vi iiii . M1nehere-dit i d u
>r their labor mi d persezveiree, i l the oli
ilir ho have. iaur tha(e ordera othe See
-iry ofW ar, olpnild thi, Inavig onil.--.
'he ralt ihwa dueemi hv m anti le:I
ae arbl biarir to n v.-igatiin an the ,I -
ine, was r1m1v1d ifnr weli. Tei
lirrs of -t i, c IoImd ar \by. nI'alap
ominan1.11ding: Ca .1: n i-i. . i s i m h
rot im I:awl lton, 4f1 ie Ow 31-1 i. . uiia tr v,
iJ Aii ii' rivi'oll iil,at.
TleInde-fatiillilt' 4eliterprike n 'plaills
V -ight a DIelmore. of'iu -,'ntm boat In
inlile, ill -ile ralitii, rI IlI t i hiiwl ivar
hiold al- o be it iiti t' il "t-rlii of ii hIc
Oinllertid on.
The nsic let'i afli at. ta C1.11. (I'a il is i
hortly Io -et ont from New !',I las o
at sabline. aIiver. iii Oh Sler nilbor \IelI -0
edele with a view to, e-n O wtr Ihe lm
rv adiacetl Owe Iwwondary tiine, '1wl4 seec
I'tiper sites iins forfifica oi l. I
laInt iE..: MI TVn.--c\ 11111ii 1n he a rticle'
fi h il i elli-eer Ifron -hml i a al r -
oant f tidli ea' th litf I i no'nan o lt isi
awl if 3mbdinstrar. nuder ciro"nstnce
wh'ich place her :i .none. hi--i int ie- ro'l (it'
'hristian marryii. It app iars fa l th ,hfill
Ion .\issionary Sociey hadl been1 -ucces
o' il estabh'hsing I i e m of rt' i ligio s li.
iruictii ill .adagascar. andtht al ;1i 1 1tim11
ter of tl altivs hall embraced chriliaiini
V. I! ISaii15 tc 11am' thIeeen Ill : edict i or
idin p bli worshii mnl i e hi iI '
-onverti were t'in-th habit of 'l i meting Ill h'
The rtre sh of tiswno onie im wa t nohitu
isavery.zi and tiipropdrry coali.,fited,
in l rditior whert euritv from I yfriendt
arotal her. iea age wts thirty-eiglt.
.\at. (/u::.
'ro te Wir Ijlmina!lan ( Id.) (a:,lc.
TI I: rVArp: o % Aual tio i:t in.-.la ny of
(filt remiettfrs will no do htill, recolleet :I tra
-ical affatir -hichi orenrcil at thev theatre ini
11 ftellofvI1, G-eorgtia, a 1i-w vvars since, in
wlicl Ihe shr %ni on ofl the "ot resptamb e
cilzenls of this stie, Caleh l0iv. Esq. of
Mare, was sh iy a in an nami A nus
ftus 11- Glover, amn hot it was; .tatll. hadl
lireviottslv murclere sevlra1 oiter i tiliviel
"r mtuney, and exerieel all his energies in
son1; U iall his efiirts have. we believe, h us
far proved etirely unavailinir. lint, Mw".
learn f rmithe it) Arkansas Tim.es of the illt
Oil mavrch last thiis monster in hminant .,bape,
has at lnithii helien overtaL:en hv ilt a mid
% is- I'rovilence. itn his satiguiiarv career:
m1ll litil by.. tite samte wvaplont with whicb
he has brought several of' his flellow mnen Io
an tuntimlIv trave. It apiats that (Glover
has site, lotel itt evaindt thei laws. anl eseta
peci fronm justice by concevalin,_ himiself inl a
'illote part lioh State of A rkanas, where
lie htl marrie.l atl hat been renitlinr.
ithe I ime ss says tbaut oil tile lit of Alart'chI
last, Gloverws aritl while -tavil
ittg the road frt m his resitleite ont thf sRet .
tortd atlle. to his f'erI 'theri-n's. Mlr. Gt.
i- Watson, sr. li was in complvanly wib
his wifim, a.y-m lmly ald t wo !"entlemlen,.
mt) all ive ie nv of fhe cimpalno
lY hi a 1im1, l ihm w noi chaiiL A's
"lt emany reached an oleni t p:tite in te
rtIwl, immlelhitel oi file hankli f ilt oivn
a g""un m wl n h ier to diy'o the oi'pt
site hank of the bayon, ad sme it of t hat
pweetrate the clothes of several of the comi
ainy. t At h fir the mun, (;lo v e.N
mtomd m.I took Ih, only -un inl ompo
:nl.! rempaire-41 behiml a tree,. an.1 ealled lorr
flin-pns and shot, sweaing hie W01nh4
iscertin wo' imie- sin i the d wasu.
\: hi.s frieml ;:AIvaieI towai-s him with
i - powhil -r. e.a rill wa-s a ired from il-t
saeplave, mnd probably frolm fihe! s.;mw
ht th 1 hiallt entrated the ireal' o(..
ali passedi on mitiile tesriit hltde. of*
whiri woti e iitr l in very rew mimo..s.
.\ Mir. lerson, whiose residence iseia r Itlo
s ane of IuInhr witf . hIati it is said ( t .
-1~i adillienhlv :1 few dlay.; previous, im-,
n ui ed fik l . "o 4inrt 4W hs.; ..,..,.....,.
plitienti i ofti - S a'rip u re saying, ha i t h.
% ht s a brother's blood, bI man siimai
his blood be sheal-ana is ullichien evihqlence
of the facet.fihat the th iurleredl th iei.
may 14inr a ltte evati tiae 1 111. of h .
hel v!annot fily te wrath (if a wise anti
SVIIntter Fivvrn .-The! lillon iNg coml-I
m11imica:iion evi o-on) .i 1 a lhy-it ianl, is
publi-hdil inl the AMexaneirit th:Izttei:
InI conversatimi aI !ew dlavysin 1 men"1
tio-ed l-ladl~ as a . o 1! 1 priv lire. 11"t a
remedy. inl crltn:11n11 if' we I.Canl place.
crelltie c e i n mea l statementils job11
lished inl Fxnrope t1 Iis effect. we c:nII senrve
ly IIl)onht it.; viliincy in protectinig the vy
to-il fr-oml 1'l- Se rIimos p isonl, it be4ing
1iottehtl Io Mr hvlseig h ervouis se
s ii yinthe in inance~w of thisea.
:I irin7,bItinli't areachi .1ournal (Bind
lerin th.- Therapeutie) publdi,bedill n ima-i
son's itelvligencver, it is oitel onlf theei
pen-1ce of' a lar::e -umber of Germani Piissi
eln.:nn1onwhom v.;~~ illh ce.cletd lInIfe
1:nni. ~ i 't heumher of ilhose (under thevir
ownohrvtin)who hw;14 tn th fi ella
jbnIduinj- thlt prevah-enee ofsevere epi
!0 erealier .1willh t he disease. Whethier
thel di,ea~ewa tuodilled inl theose 90 case's
i.; not poresented, litho gh it i i d that1;1
wher.- it 1loeS n~ot entlirely prevent it par
iaIlv proteciqts lite-se againstI Oh - dis.
e.NN1'. an1d it W011h. hsv do1ing:' mneho- .oOd iW
wvvoul evenl modifisi a dis"ase Y) I'tllto
bein s .... I.n , Ied ee . 'I nll m -el -..
Dors0Ie'tic News.
E'rmnt thr Cha rrston; Merrury, M1ay s.
A very liarge iteeting of the citizenis of
Charlesion and tile INc-k. was held at the
City lall yestrl:ay, at 12 o'clock, l. to
receive tlhe- report of the Coinitiitee of
'I'lhirty. IIs linor the l ayor i-j the Chair.
mnd A.,r . lagrath, lsq. actimg as Seere
tary. I hle mevetini havirig been organizedi,
en.- Robert Y. llayne submitted the 1.oi
loning Rteport.
1he1v- Commitlee of Thirty who were in
strieted to cionisider and report wat mneas
tres are proper to le adlopted at this tittie,
lIave beltowed upon the sud ,eet relerred to
them, all theitttention wi ch ils illportatice
demnands, and have come unanitinouly to
the coneiisiol to recotmeniid t their feilow
citizenls tihe adoption of the following reso
tioniis and a4ddress.
Ist. Iestilveil, That under the awful en
haaiitv v y liel so lar--e a portion of the
ety i Cliarb-ton hlm, been laid in ashei,
it is otir ultify to liok it our own State for
proitetnon and support; and as to render
sudiv: au d lb-tuiiil, ir i' is eessasry th-at it
"'ould be promptly allarded-that :In Ad
, dresn. he Irsited ins liihalf of' the citizens
here asi.mied, t) his Ex-eellencv tle Go
vel tior.re,pecifuilhly requesting that he would
mlieiviahmely convene he . Legislature. and
Zlllllit our caise to their Iavolrlable consider
t.ld. Iteseseil, That while we feel, from
tle great exient of the calamity we have
suallered, ani file paiiful ci rcuisiitices inl
w hirh tits c omn tounity is now phaced, flint
it Iw ill be unpossible fo.Pr us iby our own un
aidi'd eloriis to repair thie losses which have
I n-n suotinttd. and restore Charleston to
her late propert;s and happy ci oilit in:
we are ieveritheless prepared to use oir ut
itm-it cllris for the accon plishinent ifit these
ldpierts-lirmly resolved to s-tand by each
Miher i this cri-;is-aul unalterably deter
mined to do our duty to ourelves and oir
counitry, reling ilit a becoming con
liiece on tie support of' the State, and 1he
blising of the Alinightiy on tour exertions.
-d. lResolved, That ibis iieeting have
(-in with great satisfaction that tle City
C(titnnel hmve already (aken inasures to
prevet file crectoiiin ;itf wooden buildings.
Tait thi-' im-eting heartily approve of time
object in view, ant hope that Council will
ill ur : e!E::ir nive li: tyd
tile I We..e.ftisre for sticI itailWi imetmenaets
a1,siiinv lie deemed tiecessary, for ell'eetually
andi cpolrtl sppressin:- the evil: antd
thkat inl the imiean tiine his IMonor the Mayor
h ee to issue is liproclimation warn
Iing lim i ziIs i' teill nieasures nacteil
Mil in pogress againsbt the erection of wood
en buciiig.
4th. ite.i!vedt, That a Comnimitee of
Five he appointiel by this mleetiig to take
into inntetiate consideration the subject of
a more etlitiett organization of'oir Fire De
partment; Ihat ihe City Council lie reques
teil to ;pini)icejit a Coinittee of' their otdy
tocintr with tnem on this subject. and to
dev''ie ti' ina,itres as may be necessary
14o give the petest pohible eicieiey to all
the orati ns at fies, and that for this
puirpope. t City utitnl lie reqtested to
ert all the pwtrs ioinfrreii on them by
the chartei' of tihe City, und should these
lie l~imdI insiiient, thia In an aplication be
illaite to the Leiltre for such an extent
in, of thoi~e powir, Iiiamy be adequate to
the act'oiip-hhient iit' t lie object.
5th. lIetsolved, That the thanks of this
tilnt'thig be rettinemld to fie citizens of Wil
mi:ton antid Counnbia, who have come
forward so promptly amid so liberally 1o
itider s he'iir sympatties and aflord us re
lie, an(1 tlilt tlh MOayor lie requested in our
bel ,1 ift write letters of grateful acknow
ledgit'ent to the inhabitants of thoc chits,
and ill other place,;, fromt whence similar
ex\hion'is of syit1ihy may hereafter be
filt. Rc-izolved, Tlat the editors of all the
pa~ipet's in this 8 tate lie requnested to publish
these~i resoluioiins and t he acciomipany-in
A ddrtess, aind ihat tw o thoutsandt copies tff
dlitribuited4 ilinughout ithe Stateo, und~er the
direecin ofd thet Commiiititee oif Thirty.
I )f flu l'ii: ins of (l'mrn .slon I:> 4?c Go
r', rnor of Soul'I.' E ('roinit.
vernosr ofi Stiuth Iai'rlina:
Sir--Your lloi w -it ize'ns of' Charleston'
( deepjly impressi'd wtithi she awftih calnimity
wh lich ha., befalle ith eam, woul d lay be'fore
you11 ite satd 'initihoi to wh'ichi our eiv~ hins
aid~ ofi the Statie. in sateh tii'im and'1o sutch
diidly coni-.hh Ied,'i and ilhait whante'ver may
lie itiunds nee-arys' w'Iit'll one, to resitore
thte csioiuri aild cpitail sitihe Staie to the
psrispeirtiiusi coililin f tom which shse has
lI Itn. You~ h ue, youtrsell, sir, been an
eye"nne sof th liblaratcter andi extent of'
the' i'aliimby' which has come upion its. On
Iou rit ee only. a fe'w dayvs sine',
hiarira'.'mienis oft c ounti'411 iiry. steadiliy a'md
vaninig ihe b 111 ptio imipri'een. WVith
an ener't:5 and pilic ,.piriit whvichi foirmedt
ahlnnst a new~ tera in ours history', aill class'es
ofou ~iti zteni werei set-n aictiv'ely mid zeal
osisly engaged4 im biiblingr til Charleston,
andI secuiirin fo her iiti''hatI ranik amioug her
sister citiets ofi the Smi.ith, iin which'l hir for
. talges so jiustly eniitlte htr. A it absence of'
Ibut a few mothtfs must have served to ~e-a.

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