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IV. LAIORDE, Editor. We will cling to tilae pillar, of the 0piple or our libcrties,
and if it must rail we will perish 'anidst the ruius."
VOL ME 3 anED(hFEEfD 0. UE (U. C.)RsKy 31, 1838.
1s PtJiiL1SnF.D
TERM*.-Three Dollars per annium ir paid
in advance.-Three Dol a, and Fii % Cem- if
paid before the expiration of ix mmn. lid na
the date of Subscriptioti.-and I our Dollars if
not paid within Six 3outhis. Submciiers ontof
tie State.ure reilt0red tv pay in adrance.
No subscription received lor less li i on year,
and no lpaper discontimned nstil all arieniages
are paid. except a tie option of time Eliior.
All subseriptions will bes continuted. nitiless oth
erwise orlere-1. sit the end or the vear.
Any.person proenring five S'bscribers andiu
becoming responsible for the saine. shall receive
the sixth copy gratis.
ADvuxa1r11EICSTrs smpienomsly inserted at
6m cents per sqenre. for the first imsertion and
4:3.1centsforeachcoliintinanre. Advertiements
not having tite nuber of insertiomis marke.d on
thim. will be cimtinued until ordered out. and
clhar-red accordinulv.
All Adv--rtisemems intenvted for publicationm it
this patter. imst he deposited ini the Office by
Tursday rrenintr.
All eunmntinic:tionis aldresmsed to the ''ditor.
(POsT PAti) will be promptly rtanl strictly atiend
ed to.
New Spiing and S-aiincr
G 0 0 D .
41HE Subscribeiris ho iev. to infrorn their
Cfrieids andl the public gener.lly. that they
- are now receiving their S IING A N1 .- U31.
A1 Elt Stock of ( 4 O a) -4, consistinig of
Black ani blue black Italian Luatring Silks,
Colored Gro de nap do
Bltck Since(-Iiw do
Colored Florenices.
Siper. Black Bomhrzines,
A go-td assortinient Ludit-s 11-ncy 11ankerchiec,
sio do do dlo dI* lielt liibbois.
Latdies Mak and vhite Silk and Coton Gloves,
do black and colori-sd Kid] do
do blk. white & colo'id Cotton & Silk llose,
do green, white amid bilak Gaze Vils.
Plain, Jackoiet. Altill, Swiss, & Book Mulins,
. Figuired and Clhecknd do
1uslin Worked Collars,
Plai Bobinet Footim aind Edf-ings,
A good as-ortiniit of Prints, Ginglhamns and
French sitislins,
Printed Jackonjet do
Plaid Swiss do4
Printed French Cambries,
An a4ss.rtmeit ofL tdies Bonnets,
lonnut anid Ca p fiabom:,
Fi-te Satin strips hite 3!uslins,
S " emiroideril do
5-4 and 6-4 Linen Sheelings.
.-lIso, far Gentadmen's Susmer If'car,
Birk. blue tiand browi Caniblet.
Bifick aid firoWin twilledT11inufflr'Cloti
Broin and white irilling, and briwit Litiemm,
-A few piteeg Georeia Nankemnm.
White & colisr'd r larseilles & mValencia Vesting.
Hilk Pocket landkereil -1s, .
Also, llack,blue and invisible Green Broad
Gentle tnen's color'd. white aid brown hull' imese,
do plain ind pleated Botbazine 'tocks,
do to do Satin do
-do Linen Bosomns anid Collarp,
do black and colored Hosk. Gloves,
4-4 Irish Liew; and Blenched .hirtingp.
A good supply of:-4. 7-8 and 4-4 hrown Shirt
in g and 5- Sheetiig-.
Plaid and striped Doimestis', and Bed Tickiags,
A large supply of Summnier lats,
Genth-muen's Alhnes and Fine Pumips,.
Adie an Mie Shoo-s and fine Slippers,
School rooks, Cap and T.eterr I m per.
Also. a generail orortment of
llardwanre, Hriddler%. Crnckerv and Tin Wure,
To-ethier with a siipply of
Vancluse Oarminrrs and 0';1an Yarns,
And mansy othrarticr m- tor ted is to euitmerste.
They, fee4- verY Ilhankroil fior thie liberat patron
ae hereliffoe receve. tmid o viciimiy a ite.m
tin to busimnle to msnrit a conmim'nmie oo the
W ild,far: 14 ?'d*'4 &(
NowJ .E W.E ZZL E As -.
No. 242 BROAD STaE.FT, Auuus-rA, GE0.
(Near the United States Iotl m
IFi i t1E btscriberoltirm t thelkizs
P.d eid Dsrit an'od utvcinity avitimh
fWmAT I o .S, JEWei I.RY,
Goidmid Silver Lei ers, Plain & full.l elledi,
Lonidoni Dlemmx andi Ainchor I .SCslcpemnt
.tGid ad Silve,r lepinite anid Vertical WVaIcheis,
ade'rich Golhl Niek Chamzins, mmew pa;tterin,
Genitle:enm'si Gold Guard mind Vob Ch-in s,
Ke ,Seals, Fimnger-Rimigmi, Breat-Pinms, Eair
Gdamid Silver Thmimnbles, Penicil Cases, Spec.
ta'cle,. &c. &c.
ManicCockerFlower Vmmses andi i~Musical
A (eneral Alssortmnt of
he'Ci As
S0An05No. SOUP Lum.m:s. (>Ason Asun C st;
BASKErT,.CAN DJ.ESicKs, SA:-'r dPoo)Ns,i A c.
- fine assormenomt of' Rlsoi:is', Em..ms-rr's andim
WVAnir& BIuJrenEni's flblZOlls, pE.;KXyIg-g.S
JI.V/) .'CI.SSOl.is; also ma goodi assortmemnt iof
BOWIE KNIVES andi D)11(1(.
N. IB. Cr.OCKs amid WA renEs carebimily re
pamiried. anmd llTarranted to perf'ormu well.
Aingmus, Ga. lirchl '2, 18.t:' if 9
Not ice.
*GRAY, Ls.1. of' h!mbumrg, 8. C. wvili
eV nt ais mym atturniy in fimet. mt's wecli as at
aw, dumra.g imy a:mniem, frsni theu Stats
J.1. COV'tIvr(TO
T I!ll Sun'eriher lhns on htl n very hiru"e
'B upl of I vinde T IN W \ I
of ailI deseriatti.mii, w hieh lhe iffrs nt whsile
'.ale or rtail. at nrs Isw pites nw eno be. af
forded in i part (Sr the rosntry. Iin has
io aI17 nrer s'ilv sir tIhe newe 'i f:ion,g of
.T \ P \N W \iri.torier with En --lih end
"llllk Tinv of r-1lv'e ellent :Ili N'V%. -,
uon er indil Shieeat rvn W -otpriv ;I; e ino l,nf
nod edrnzin- Ci ppe1rt r.--tc t- k tin. ItIf.v
Speler. n Ilnr Tii Ptl-ilv f w . li of
itr *r..\unse 10 F. Cl!.W '
The Theeriber hei'v: trulye thik fuli f,
the very liberSi l t rolltte heretofore he
stwed inii2 himwr hv i i- frie ail the o
lie geieraPlly, rspe-eally fiiviti e csipo
ti oie oi tnheir fvors-nn d afer hi Serv
e in either if lie Ieillw h11V rnills of
Ii,s hmuliness-Copper ''inl, Sheet Iron. .aid
it 110fite B. F. C.
Annistaol. Gn., Mart-h 5 1 f i
'3 l l i . Sub-eribser wi,bl respa . :fnt ih ir,
T ftirm tile 3M;:rchants atid cittizens of
Edgelitld Iistrict, .auo tile pioliv in :IltietIr'l.
that I.- haRs commtttenced .bIitufactuIring Tin
Wf/fie ut DIntoiIInsville. nine ile s Noth os
E4g1--eield Court Ilise, Vh t1re he intettsk
io keep ;i w;sortmfienIIt notald full Qlllp-l% of
at X'loles.ale fir let.til, %% hicb lie %% it seli
elit as iwn anntb1 le ; :r t ; it tiser h,e
e astabl . itt Ir t it a t ila rv.
at fihe N41rth .mi 841mb1. ht. enn1 %%illh C'onti
deire asstire those who eitv ivmr int
Wili their enlstm, tht they Ilv ait ill
fifties depelnd upon havitig their \Vare we(Il
juplit factu i rel.
ile 1I el-is to o,~fiTii!&
Trrouth-s. Contmct Ilends mnd Pipes, and
pum themi uy if de,ired. All (irders; from
Towi or Couttry th.;nkfilly received and
pr1omtiJptly' IttenId1ed4 to.
N. 13. ()ld Tinl repaired, and all Linds of
.lob work. inl hi tite, exctled with net
nISR ald desputch.
II. a-. C'1:RUIL.
Dtnton-ville. March 20, 8IS ae 8
Iniproved Clotloe Gls.
9111subscribters ha .ie. stah.i., i n COT
TTo/N WIN 31-\NI'tA TO.. inl th.
Townl of I fIaihubrg. S. C., onl thie improved svs
tem of ir. Riatwri. h, beg leave it recttouvr.d
iheir Gins to sw pblic. They warlriji theia
Gin o ble e.4111d it not S rim10 .0 thew., 4. 1 . .,
ilo.t%%rigi i n (oe t e l n i a:erations. whils.
ini thii oimon,il is a1 dscidled i .'ps e'v. etU t he(
.S, i.lstvn.l of blork-1 4.f wood o:n [lhe r;1b. 11h4.
have dop4tled thw pIi or uingi te ribs tf it .'
(Gills eiitirelY.t' 4 i uid irnt, w;.ichi have io%.
.d b-Y #.\it rwvti its be pri-C-rabli-.
.W. Bloalwrihtl lhms inlg hi ee linil lon
kln isinless inl Ani -sta. 31r. L.. It. (o n1. who
vordiieted it itere r itim. hig ee el the part.
..'.rs i:t ih.- rou--r . tiv wil '1!ede3%vor N. gil 4'
n tijst Ie tio n to a ll w h o i y fa v o r ie m w il lt li ir
ji'i (is repaited4l at Ihe slrte- o.0tice.
lIambitur, S. ('.. A pril 19. m ii II
New SIaitiang anel Sentmaier
G 0 0 D '.
ElE Suhsribers re%peciltilly infirm
Iteirensiniers und Ie b plilik gener
ally,thiat thtey hasve ju recsieie stisnry e anyp
ply oerhoice Et-ilh Frenich atl A ierieii
goods embrainire everv viriet ' n1SN phl nitd
lnry pomds, sitiied to Ihe tpsiig !ite Sil
mer irade. Alse :I large stipply of Uriotries,
C 'rockery1. Sadldles. .Iot., .soes s..d * foo1.<,
all of whIichi theyv will sell oni the most rent
seonablec te'rms. Ior (shd, oir ott creedit tot
ThoIse whIo wish isi'get gsood barening, will
don wecll tos give themt ai enll.
(G. I.. & '-'. I'K NN.& Co.
Edgeldc's, Mn reh 14,. IKi ?' t f (
Ne~w spr'iang~ .auul Siuanasser
t L 0 Il T11VG,
M T . hasve julst rereiveds ai he:mtijId asisrI
mtilo -t'GOOO4 )lti or i Ges.teieet's '4mno
till 1'onts,11 I'antaoonu.s and,I 's.Ts wich' they aIre
plrepatredl to hasve inmde til in tseest lA'SII
II N.\ BI.K- ST' Y lI, anid sit rtesnh e te'rims.
jliso, a genetratl asitsortmtetiteatdy .'hlde Cio-rs
isa, sutitesd lothe seassoui.
11. ATS. S110 1S A NI)11 iOTS.
1200 IPair oif Mlhoes:unni Iitits embil acintg everv
style aold vasriety hiuve' jtust bteen reeivedi lhv th'e~
Stock(. makel%t aI tenral mit t comple'te asortenit
rtsham leiund int the counttry.
Also. si hiselse alsrortmh'nm ol FA: S I IN A
thery invite, tIe attfento of their e'nsioimis.
U. I.. & F. l:N N & Cso.
S4cIaooI :un E .?iMcellanIeous
T jIIE Subscibeisrs have Vt n htanud n zen
. erl asortentof School andi~ Miser/
luaneous liooks, amontE,tt n hieh atre Smtith's
Arnithmentire, SmithI's Gseographily uand M Iis
stud Si'.ith's Grhammarii, whtich aire hiighly
atppro.vedl sf Ound r'ec"ommiended by the hest
G. L & E. PENN, & Co.
E tde ld ac 141, i m f ti
MlisseH anonus.
Comm i.,unicalt d hyi a -rest d, it it Gev,.
All the worin kil'mw, ths-i Orphf-is, in hils
limle laid tigers, undl puntihers, amld lilmus,
nd 111de ltl obedient Ii thle melody of1
li, a.ttlg. of hi!t Ivr.-. This it not ; .
very sniri-sing; f1or n'ho Co withsarnd the
mlgic of sweet -;otos ! Imst suaamer I
in:tl opern,ion it) admir, here ;t ciremeuioce
Whtich pro%t- il:it there mtil! exi,t-A a i,iner
%n hllb buldes %vild hen , a1 .dIes lthemll
gtrleli, M ,ln.. ev1e to-nrder. Adviient,
tho I-; w! lni m :i 1 over the coltineti,
Cal3.(' to thikis viiv n% ith his mekingerie :ant
we 4in.l thth had maditle areater advnn
ev r i ill 4e :etdomion of those anitmals than
thet- cele-hraied Mnatil, n% h1o. inl r'el, d1id1 no
ching more thanl In.3 1d141 11111111 with anl old
lionl ;nl a sonIl byrn- 1i. tiaer he left
ill (uioet, nsod ttlwa-4 m-serted that nothing
was iol be efi-eted with those beasts, and
ihat they %%ere elossef,plile of any train
.IS-4011sn tenebhers% ill only take pains
%w;iii yoni h asse-igextrordiiary capne
it. arid nt-lect othersf by whom they are
sot lilkely to gain any eclat.
Thi!, s l.i. from hiVing the3 case with Ad
Vinl111, thet! Plestillozzi and Fellenhurg 415
%% ild hensts. t7mi shinial (snlly ep when
he enmered the cage oW the grenat s.vage lv
4-im. with whtil commaninm! asmrlire lie'
took all si4 is of libverfies n,% it hthle formil itidaible
brue., how lie snti-ieI j%ay tile menit
11r13 11 4n 1 hun1, .1n wu W1111 1111 illow him so
1111eh as. to lonehl it. But this was nool aill;
lte ferocious nonnml was obli--cd to open
I ji-;jw., to ileir fi!l uxtewr ; Advinenw then
ilasedl its len ic bet eenl them, FnnI41 ill this
position lired a pistol clm-e to the e-tr of
oh e% nn. Th 5 ligSe t, eV1en involfnt nry
trt ofi be anisoi , thle Ih-,t movemem of
11he jaw1, i:i;!111 have C1s341 him 11 woound at
I;tI. So fiir was ay lhinz of this kind
t'osit houlppeninig, ihat Ilh sp'5ectaorscould
,4t le3 I lipiltinl What pai5314 thel uio11 4o
to kee 53 it .eeth aparI 1" les t!h shoulil ., .I -
hi, imisier. The samste triek Advimn per
linil I., with the tiger, a powerful 3133d hlepa
llts ereiltuire. lie di not indied tnke tie
3ental firoill hin. buw vo"Id nicit let htiim e-11
it, andll! laid hold of his ire Iteg-4 and it ti414
In33 mt p andi duance 4)1 13the hinder jost as he
'1'i ui--er was extremely grieeful in niP
lirnttutitds, position3, andt1i4nttrjneer
a3 young aidy took a ftaicy it make draw
mtgs olhi ifrom nature. Accordingly,in the
n11ring, h. viien there are hot few visilor-.
s,he plnvee her-4ell' helore the (na!e of the fi
g.74-r. fixed her lovely e% vs tipson his fince.an
%%imt umtad he 1--simed at fin(- allitude or
po-inmm. IaIIy, Wien- 53he hwd lain kwn glos nd
viar.41 3imschl (3y3 343 Sleep. he alliwed him
till rett, bill m1M.Ve tle k 1epe W ruse 1n
Ie4 h11am. It the fir-t 4hays he was ex
tremely mngry at this fisarbawe., but he
m6)n beenm-v3le 33or. gelil s-', a35 n hie Alad
mos' lie M. placed li-rself' with her Portit
hto ' elore 35he e,1ge. he woUhd riE, w;lk nt
4111. raife 111i11 op, th1rs .is paws lhe.
It ten11 the ir3on mr--, aI% it' il re h 5h m 43. m
t4. e lie woold Ib1:11 1 bron% hitalsel,f don is.
1n11.3i.- 111141 roihlim- tinl his bac-k. a-i ents 3re
.'VOLISAMed( 10 do, vespe.,vially wvhenl slit
'.n3e4 lt him. 11.0ch al i33 naey 53:h4 1N4,03
pnl.en pince hetneen lo tit ihat Adviem
dv(ec.:44d ha Al iali,leliv M. might Vets
itirt :tlon3e into he cage, for hie is smre h3e
03 16 lol h11 h r.I
In it-in day s mhe4 had drawn five diffieren
1.l4oolb. iving liilhed hit r nork. she
volle4 tel( her dranmn i33s, tied t35l her xtri
I4334, pt 4)in hotr gloves, waved aI friendly
litrev"el'' it) 3he amni. Adieu, adieu, nin
cht-r 11mun, je te remirreh hienl, sidt shie,
nid nway shte n e. liassisa tooked.altt i
h41' hlet till (hev reacbed the door, ald 3ih.n
lay 443n i lee5p, n% hibch lie n3i333 3t1t) be
lore- have- done onl tily atcinlim; liltr lie was
really -all.itmloard, his iNir visitor.
",e111 1,n-rmn11 30h33out tihe tlime wilen M114',11t.
M. had beven t4sed to Come , anin rotised
tiyl lickted Iimiiiself. valked good hummored11%
'4011141 1n1 alodlti, pretrttly (ood still, then
tt% ii i i nariou at iin 3d5em, got (5) agaiti,
3u333 .364 w3o5und133( ha3nna-if1 r4ound( like n3(
nuo 36 spok35(6 enres'.4.m3.y 36) him. 1 imani
on333)3er, gun,bed4'4 h3i1 teeth353 fonously'. 333 his
keS..1.3' , ando when(3 heI was31 inl I he 3144'43d A.~~
vment33 dl 4343 6deem33 ii pirlen.3 1t3 $. inito
h331 ent:e m1 thl 154 venin'31g 33nd34 to eriOrInl Sie
n.,nni3 33,333envre1s w13ih biien. lIassan44f even
13(4 13'~ 31ha31 n4anni3. 34334 cotetC333(uusy
elit 33in hon53e33 4.411onebed'q.
(On tIlihe follo og3 mo34rning, abou3(3 1) o'
< 5434k, there.4 were3~4 the slamle pr3epa3ratioIs,
1t0on, 353 h--333am joyoust1 ag~itatio 2433 lng 5 as;;11
he6 conce.4ived1( 35313 14Se w' as1 like.l) 343 c'(341e,
win13.'e sweeI .,aisile. '6hose.4 543' ely 113ee, andi
whose344 melod14i43n., voice'4 h)ad( (i a deIep ill)'
pre3'1,1on 03n hi'. tiger* heart. lin UIan hou(r
344 53her ni'.i (he 3534 e of3,4 4 he e5n'se34, 13nd4 re4
<p5eted344 he4r 34) visit3 lIassan1., 34 se4e3 if het
would3354 354en3 het pne44iSied. Whal temni
-:pplieti43n. She~3(4(33 neceenpaie'.. 53im3. 33334
333 sooner4'3 h-14d '1he 4eeed the menauer3.''3'e.
.:3 nn Hassn was 1t otally ch(.ug.4d-the j4oy,
the. 13r .nsporr', oif the 51rute, aifer his p)re'.i
333ns ramge, n' a3.s nosi14 e'xlrrd'Eiinary; he4 threw
3 ca-.543 15n 4 the4fl3r, keep'jing hlis 0eyes1 1.3end
513,3ly fixed'4 43n 11 Ithylady, he lhen wea1(3 thro3'
.ilI h3is form'ner fvoi -132 pmb1ious433, 13334 iId
eve('ry thsing 141 deserve".4 her fa.vorab131' le ntice.,
and4514 to(InIIl iner nie longi 5.31 possible3. At'
ier sin32o:.. 13 rjlneer n533 n ou,, .hc tel
him I in: it wits not without ngitntim
hie ma her depart, but h.- after.r
mafin,quoiet. If in the meeltd ald'il1 i\l
sta.ved w'vny for day ogetrli, his ragl
wias ai'ways rene-wed. Ine ibis mainer~
once sa%- fliasz-Aan iulf pass fromi ilt- u1o
savageho% litj ,nd nge to the guatlenies
of * peaet when Mul'lle entered; and I veri
ly hiciilve wvith Advinenw ilht she mich
II~ taI-d him throni:: the streets with i
ra:- sQ . sond n itCourt Jour.
Frim the Mobi I:. am-imtoti.r.
I leu mu. is beim1i1ing to pinct- right i
estinitiVe upni it- ch -riter of~silwer'
%v itl. Alimiatin tit f etr eiticiive Ii il
Saucy onts hitlhertm wiihheld expresi
of aborreise., w hidh they must certiiiilh
promipi. in all well regulaied minds. Thil
uppareit toliertion lis evidently indince
their huttjor to surpass even its former f
forts i6 profligacy. Ifis las works arc in
finitely mure objemimtWionbl thain ilo,e ol *i
earleer-date; niid from almost ever.y parlPr
cond-tsinunn, the sn-t lmpres,,ive is pa
sed upon 1hi., The fidlomiig f orviulb
paragraph ln relation to E-rness Alaltrave-rs
at:x1raeged Iron. a hate mnnt-r of lite Atocr
iean Qpar-ri% :Mangazine.: - llo%evervcre,
out opimons ol Mr. Blnwei's book,. ;-:evt
heena ktisllrm ati consi..ment. \\ e 11t-lit(
h11m 14 hie aI blist. phillo-,opier; a1 sophi-iva
1th11O it puet wmlopm lif-ither gods niir vol
""'l bblo"; itnd n%ha i, mnore, mnuch mor(
a li;1: fill, a bud muan. All is books provi
it. 1:o wdvoca.e., inlidelity i niler- tle 7a:14
of lildraisns. ail alleges ilat prcj:sitntin i
Juslitde, %w hen [ti vietinle cballineqs1 lite v
child 's;f at profigate faither. I is -Philios-.
phy f life,- is tinho rlaill)1'.1e cotipend of v
1nwd.. .othin la b lu i kinprinviplled atijhi
tion, ihe anuots-,. cr avinc,. ini-aliabbieidi-;i4
of no0torieiy, conil infnce Lim it) C4)1)op-,4
sneh -a no.-k as lik. Whmi .amm vir,
se- [email protected], inil flliviwer talks il morali, h. li
the god reile. \\ ' are -t-sei*el by hb
sanly,anl di Iu)e v his iLf"moon,
slatgi it the perti-a of* l hi looap-.. 41M
wouli believe that lalf of hi4 it- ladl ie,
p-oassmi ainaii, ite repthaesd:*.' o: Ai. ;i,
istid ihe nighl-m alkv- itkes tfic gfaillu1i.i : fb
%11e.I ihcentl,'lls opinifilns ;1. i. devello
couldhie acquired in no uther place of ahamo
Li*g-vilyoj a (olin tedl Bro ust.-li tie
yentjt dlL, i lite ittmii il 3t-a-l. -I- NI I
All(Lmi,ii Logil, tal 11111ylu'ea n%as l evellitu"
'ou autee ftek "I- o"D-old flitth,
a robine re-(t lireasi nar'e tilt his acqiaiIkntae
n ith bim, it seeoeod, for tlie stake of levin.
privileged to pick ui a s-mill wnite worn
which was miumeie iurned toal %mil with fn
hade. As Mr Lopin ro.ittlhvil his In ot
Irom sany to day durin I monih, mort tit
healthy ex ceem thinm it y ti her benefit. r- biu
attended him clotely. As. soosn a, Mr Lo
gun sippe;rei wili the -pade. rilbin w%,- '11
chirping ait i ns elbjow, an11*d ,41411 hi-ea.i .
oild thal lie woifl taak-- tile %vi.lls 11im11 tnht
hatd of lilhbeneletr Whenii the bibmii
' . t ver. an,l tie . o;-1m1-exilateimd Mr.
Login cotimed to feed him wiloh grgs, .ot
'4 an.h e remiil p,-rehled 11f11ill Ili.. 1iiefo
L%.cry water and spini --im.c- thm ;im
Mr. iAj-ai piid hi. morn11in*11 vs;1 %% ith ll,
geut - or 1 Uililbs, tt tihe sail piae @If ineel
811g. where, Iv a pet ealir n% himle, whiich
vws the signmal fur roben, he iearend, ,itm
%Vnt) inusid16tal f ilie- halled 11f his hli bl I1ene
ficor. This ha-,been lite pavtice- Ilia 2
years, bui the a u f robhin at lihe heyiliin .
tif their scquamtnice cannoI)(e a,riaietio-l
lie seen s in be Im goel henhh, and I.e onlI
cliane that .\lr. lo2mi 11iiiiii- libink e s ill
im i-, ifhat he is nat so large a-s formeriv.
'rhe hird. reco-gi-Ig,a tle % hi-4te. pt-..e,
talbill out of 1. eilqs,11411 a3s 1) fhi- bei*ing il,
saille Ctek ro il. ;1-; n111 oitlr W41u1ld4 .11( Otl
III ithe call, especially mll ftie open ield
BrIJ4st Ne-ws L-r1 r.
GovrxoR OF C:USIA. -t TeM Ti-e0n fIS
left uba, carr%iian %%ith hin the blesing.,
11n1d regrel- of the hail11 -sc , nie d lhe etire-adil
tle mlfdeldicit o f iall the idiers, gnmoler,,
aml robberf,f tile 1.4i.land. CUlh. ie--r
can pay the- debt .bi ec liim. I lthe
courhe of ihree shi y ..es. Id "s if h
inaegic, 5 le mo10t IInsabat, de, pe-n 3 I n,Il 1*11e
der-injg pincee nyfnn 4 ;orth was mole hv~ h*m
tihe um14st sale :-m41 hes-t regu alall c-it Vapin lhe
wo.,rld , noe his inlinenoce wa21s not3 -oniedi Ii
HI::van.*ia, but wat- lfet and1. reached-r -o the
renste-,tc't pa3rrs ofl ihe lisland . Ot* his sue ces.
stir. Gun. Esplein5, w4e know. eif him thii
much, that lie is at ntiv4e biorei; li. hisat-r
havig boeen Gzovernoir ofl the I--lained some
for-ty yeasau. lhe has1 fieeni secoeind in eeomi
mnd*e for oei~. Year, po05sse,,e I lie frieishii
of1 Gen.s TIneon), and1, ihr4ioy b lhe wishe- e,I
hitter was madeee Goviernore Iby lie Quieeni.
Ile proiT seis to trea*d intho *'steps o1 hi., i
Itisirions fpreg'e(essor -4h3? hion far Ihe ha-,
the w4ill, * he abdni y, andut firmnOess tol doe s,
renhtol yes to fbe kno 114 ---.-le.r. (irml/e.
U NK NowN 'I Li-..r.-- \\'hent we' re'ckoni
uip low~ lnany mZifentede childr en''~ w ie lii m
coilmtry towvns and*4 s.choo,la. aintd 20h -e-,
atlor see how.. few.'. of thiemi hee-romeis h39-*. el
c-lle-ges. 'e-ne-raul ollit e-r. aind lhe lke, weV
shii he astoni.hed. Thei~re is na'one if Geitl
eeneas so slightlth e-site. : Is- uhm Ian
gemiue. Ilenten son a3 e 'very yder. 1h4eeeds
ot a* rich harvsi hai?s- eaare neil 5o w'.4l
eir i-'nnslmii them. -- 4tl .\ ii ury- Itov .if ii alie.
to himself, rcieods us oif a liende 4of iroen,
w.hi-h in its rough states is worth ne .ou ,
hiii whien, madute itry inoto wa,tchl --prinsg-. f-ich
est 16,00(ti.000 oif sons. llow many,~ spring'
might lie ma;de out of those uneglected guen
A Co/tier's End.--A gr-ea.t croewd being
gmihe-redl abiout a imodr -ohs-r whot land in-s
die-d in) the street; a ma5)n asked siuther n4'hi
w n.< to be secu? *ily a cob(er's <nd,' re
turned he.
MotIcjtti: Lin t. Tr .--T1he .NoaLhern Cia ri%
ian Atrocalf. of ye%tI-d mort,in , Cotl
I-Siln-4 SeVer:tl extraels of leltri "i r IIwt Ihe.
of* ,en-% ingl t :h eite rs.o t,he
114hdis(lpi cpa(hue EfIChar0e<itn
11"It ley are tll- lJi rgoiten hv l their fri-ind,
brod- Atton,Igs tim we'*Siect the 1e
- i,ving :
RIev. N. Talley, in a letter to the Rlev.
E a1Iil or t his (.ily. ,A s .._14 .1I fivi
pre;ie:f-d iln the P1114-Sh -rai- Bta ;1i11,
.\l-1b411i,t "1h1rchle, inl I'le city ofI Aligilsla.
'ael he citiztts. have ;led with nlobl..
2ettenr#i.ity low:tril-i I.. I have receive-l
vontl-i ltinl,, too aid inI -intldilln., m-ai n ( .1311Ph
V, mJ114Iiin1rstag nearly to Seveulacenk hunlired
Another letter fruin the Iev. Cupers, to
the- Rev. R. Sinclair,say,:
Dear Withr-Lei -<not fear. but trust
in, God who wito "! ervu. .\ly recepoion in
Coiniihia has been tle nIo-t kind ;nid
tilb eriltion. arlie itle -liberally. TP r.-*
-olI Inave b-1-in a titewlil2ofi the (.11-im
hlst weeL, fir I lie iirlio,e fr-et in.' sotnt
ine 1t1r*sl' :1a ,i-tince, lil 1u11er---rtldin
i %% ouill voie 1)p. Ihev n :ii;-ul for ile-.
S -h a Inlectinli has1 j* ~ il' 'een h-.1.bl h
hour pwereap- i j:rIbe liv-v- raiii
1.li ig jsil- at that tifi.. -it 11h:a hilt f,-w
er- pri-ent i li-se, hjowever. subl-ribe.
tid. iI tu!h iny, stvy Plinv le 1*r bi a
dav or tIwo lngier. I exp-vi 'conile!lh- ;i
stib-cription fWt b1fore I leave ("flitati
li-:. W oilId it surpri. pill shoill I gut -1
third iiore. saY .3:100 -omll Coloulia
Ihere is a spiritI hel.e hi mli iIll L'i i ..(evl
I hat,t an t h ll-ism),x> fr i 11 1 110 w h hvI Ia ve- iti,t
btIw% ed thi it at-id so liberally to the suiler
eI, by the tire.'"
We cal thle :'enion of oir r:nler.; it)
thle f1*h-invio jtn rv!hokv. whi .hf wt. coqb
fromn thel Ballinillre j,"pulic0anl of \\,t!l4m-s
"-Ticre is never :; inore dletvt aale iani
festatioflthat accur-d tli,[ wofgl lw-l
-msto be:hw very mtovin-, prmeviiple of I hiv
ql\l,lt.ce( lit s-omle 11111anl 6>rrn1S. Imal ill
I-a [p t miery iFi ng.111 of olir
-llIow creatures. \\ hilf lime t ov tif if ill
Chiarlei,t are thitin open vie thvir
I riate residtnwei its ;a reira 1;hr lat- poor
fed ho ,.e , an1 while Slit- Im;tIl ;aill KI
li-g.les of lite 4b1rivilable, art. o-ipe Ied n ill
rOli- it% i lcifrlii l. 4Le VIetI0I- rr d . e
he4 44 the C nitcess,ilou,. il Sh1:1rn...I-, 10 M41g
"mived i: I i- papter-;. tt tI-.- arv- wretch
es,-ordli~n< :tai-hito wrevcnes, w%iho
art. taitv avivantage of'the direca i
Ih:,t h: hIel;Ien that II, aI,I i h I Ile
avmvee d Iiheir rentS to the enoori,i-. extei
in somgae ins.:tanti-c., (if at lt-st oni hitni,bi
1i1ir et-li! Snil nteiiicr-i %hlir h l lie h-lid Ili,
to plibh Scot n1--hey ,Iiolhl be bl-:innltl aal
e-ts lipint lit wori, t, liLe %mtering
C i,-. tliey nlay lie Imlale 11) l>e-1 te t-ep
al-horrie - of i vilizell i-itiLind. -ava,_f,N
n oild avoid their u--ociat iOir, a. Ilhat of pi
The popillation id thw 1em1pire of" China
1, 1 1.11 1,1 1n f its bV .-vril-- lh- p 11: b11 .
bjl.,. a- lltiei i of i li- w h-d iiii: l i-in-r hiIll -
11 ia race, a Sld it 1i :i i it diti livifit to
Vonlceive leow aIll 1."111try ca; 111 .llpol -hl
I oap ia- ttim. t i. I l. t I.i.n Nt- h : l
t. JaIM t. yi he it - gr-, re.,, fori t he -ny
pfort of' Ilhe 111habil:il--. JIM a foot ol*"Iil
%%hiebl i-; us e ti h so,' utln 1 l - loll i, .
Ifq-ted, lowevet li ilt f ; a--,,. amil 1i,
labor for i-nmetni-4 devi-ic i -tred t l a%
i grop- loiaii and htmntit im .-ie &
let-Slentph. ir i t priniciplo fl,o of -iet
mb: .bt- h., &i tey . e - I-ar ;:ail to pro
4e1t-1 e i iem III :!h e .*ea4--1 %ari,-tv.. al of* lthe
he,"1 kindlS. Th'ley h:-rI dbv e root. -n I
her.-, wich ar nmi4tiown in Eoriipw. ai
beagies,e ei;a ti!i g ll lal'I. Ithe\* --h
lain t evaul vrs- frii everal .ptiwiv
ti , c- which arl - 11secd w11K li ,. i, III tm
innea e ltd. ab - p.a:irtienl..rl - e l :a.-rc-.
I a iztia ne. -Ivw idA Y v livlt%%a-I. l ide
is t wilei bI y tellv iiperi: - - ii - , h vIe
tlibivated i the l eweil-i : -ar'ile, in Il
emllpire. It evel coveri lti at- t fii.
wter. 1h e F.m pie-1ror'; r a l tiel p1(111A.,
i il Steeslii reItt er---ti -:l~iialii it-ee,-,-,
ga r Shrdi r tei is e.-m .bi ht:ita e h eets i (mit
en ltli e a-i t m a tt,, ,le a c e n ,o
inth narai hut ti.t-re ti .1 heirtm-v's
emba fy tao hia,y iath i,i teltt. i ai;t,im,-rf
ins i-n giet etn pa,,t.i . rii - Itg a. pint ofi
vtal empiregawi i SlatnlO:~ enh':in-t.- siu
Ieg a iuap 4preciie ef aji--lSr-. ti ea i jil FIl.,i
*ihn.ll itiihe tiClivi a lil at-elned lound i,
Iut-d ale chih gag gte.- nred tu e top-r ia l. f:hli
Iony pjart of ltheil preie.re -- i gf w
yardsi o- f i :it u i;.ebise -o .
men ~tto lan ho vegetiblesl tani,,h :li,
ucl:raa Th- nihtle of lt-ti ttivaiir tedt sptha
pgaredtto ethse nti ar;r the hlle mi 1are, li
lu-ikt heaatg h iat htee haII., le-riel e -,n ttt- t
a-.i eelu habittit or a~ indu ty, * hia-f~eh i il
.l vei:iattg I'the Chiise. - -Fih ler twF-t
to Lspporta till l.c TLe no e pt of:P
On :pron h'lon.--The dltor nce inf'ornied ma
liat " b he was a yon- ":n'an. 1,4- hld blm ius.
%itt"I (In:ll , i .asionm to diine inl Company wi,th
ZAtohert Ajo,I;n,. l,I. a ilint veleboratel lbr tle
ita I tm ook al In ll Amerivntit revoltii oll. it
S haplio.Jlt!] atIII till caaniylp.1 . had111 W aited t'or
iow mase f or ar. .1ifr-i., n Iao. ona his ui,uet
mance,a' tIa,t- S .ying
fit! hinmt i e sermnona
ut a ; . 'm'ma hs had l.t .i to : g!:i-.na'mi,
r ,m ai%u rm. i -ci! M.\r. i -mam." .iliid time
:meor. --im,n. d.., N ol ii , the er(ll on? hl v
1:i-la i. i ''mmmll,.,l.. ..ihh . duetoar,''said
l!. "i d a ot likiq. ia a :'1. It i-am o il-olh and
I;""" I to - ". -'\ . .iorri- replied the d,,lot,o
what ior* os,* aRi:mmn do no i b:i" "I like
sir." said A1r. .lcorris. '-acntat wra i w ik
. ma liai a'm I pll imaat lte aornir of Ihlis pew ,
,ai aaiv. Imlial tmild. ti:at th' 11% il is aller himan
I laeard hiami r I- l his a llo.fiie , l ass on
rIN ill noip- (1rb,11s bt etilres.hvmay
i a. ae-a1 nen, I lea. l ,o nagot rieoa }you happ.
" 'uapp' arei ali' up conmlteitad.-. 'i'a ga?,gi
rolm!w pa. md ia. 'a will II:t :fer leture I
t l I ;dan lor- it. 1a11 in hat "n% Iaenm ocasion
s ail' I,w01n1u1 try Ih' a - efirv f il u ol ily
I,,i -SI.'. " N .' 0 ai " 1- do r - holl.
Y t i. it i l i'ao " llia eni !t to.t miiiter
a tllai( ih i-Iel to aipr11m I! his e',1grml;atioi Ihr in
.1 i- tilila. A I, t ''t . . N.- i conigregatiolq
' a* malm a - attl'tigie.'
I)r i m i a. inrialm. an of tihe olai u lntir.
a; i o thfil -am Is; I l s mid - ii .i11 I iami Il m i ll
-a - \ -he ylie %ai .id jour Stldif-S'"
11.d i)astor abritily. a. % ou naa1 mz- t lae a
iiPry m..:a to ham,' m' o-<he-a!n 'so 'ontIs" I do ao
1 -1 i61 a h i m a 6 . hi. I di o t
I wv, lbiwe ashed bii. hilw he Lad been
-al.-: III l a' t 4. e an iama in il.14- .111m 1 .miam (mat .m'ilir.
a m :in maal C'c*- m, lli.-Z p-'dhlt-i"$:a'l i and leritres
V m .ami - --1 l--I ha l i-vi ialA to ilo it.' r" -
I.-mthe-d 11-. -lhy . 0.4c4)1o0 aa1i,m myaI- ta Il. ' l m a w, lr.
\I a1mh. I ha e lot spait mnc lamir in a
Ca -n i:tt tht l m %*%e r thi a * ea And tiaking
a a:1 malow. hoo-k iroviii Ills I ov:.e :m1im l
at Ito m-. Iao, ;ImlI. '-I Ii I -ama! I illa a% this mimine
-1 w. w (-! %\ itlh umr-m :at.oo :an thouitgh:s n hiehoc.
a * imi oiw. aml i -"iee;sc -t-I inm tihe! rootaa mfit m7
IIt ials .an t1.m'i.- are ar il lllpewerm eal and aused."
ar. i-a wa a gin' at , n,.,911 o thm atric.a
aamiaaaIn fI:. t.hl min i that ine vas oice ils
ne,.1.i%n . ',*I- a pmd.- laa -.h-or iif aeligiona
nihe wa - - 41 *aa o aih,. .liat Jhe tan:ie-ilanteod
.G Ils, IIIv.*Ji -,. he , I i,e e%cui . .Iat 1 a11.t101 t."
l m. --il ymolm go 141 alme tleamre" --Ye.l m
%ai I rea 41 ..t - -.1 i i do ' il t . .a! ( II o vo thirk
i,anal' s*.11 shw. Ili*-;epliedl, .. iemer will
1111b.i.Ah to 1 4. 11r1.1at1 thil.k Jesuis Christ a
IIA. I- 1am:1 t' .i' i( m ,in l nm ,; i in. por-tiol
A:1eh n'l. ( ) m it' I i nelt a 1 to t ma1 i: i''
r ti ll . .t to. T.I.pii -.. 'lis iaul nent
was shisirl blit, mmt--i. -! ie. h'lle !amy dete l uied
uIlt lat 0'o
I ama-a hm'mad tim' 4lmmm'or ae'atml-j 1m fu'
drvaln. to ShSOW th:; thi, .r I(N I -I'V ttt s
r i tit no ~ mi pimerfil v ly i r sivm olm that,
il mir %%akoin immr' , imi . .iig til thall th:at
h ova' e a ;0 i11 :-Am - 1m "maamh-1m. ama i stw tp.
l-g iri-r ty h:al I d m d in l , mvi!j. that hi
I ll. la mine a th4m- a nl im j iti- h r, h msheodm zet
tv his tam'. Aflter his de tam. -ililtilil., tie
iwsetiumns ol his will. 1 cert1ain imnoo ri:aill I Pper
"aS ' ii' la- 1 md iIt l an mm d i .-alr ima
made lior It. bit alm viii. I'i' v. idmw at l':pth
dmr m1.d thlat Ilhe !:ad papir w.i.,; inl tie i n
-mma ibia rr i t;airt r o-%ered with aI tmiber
mii 6m0.. i w drean . m le .- m m
* ., mm ml lam lml "r. '11mm' ( siiatr ~oll111 Iimp lesbI
N1 11 i ii mind tlat i-wam amne-I to make
a n[ I ll :Ii -m lm m . m lld :m l i ver l a i iil o la i 1 l , I itm"
:uIamim mxani atmi mmn :. : iml.-r.. m ini. . ,-tammammmn I m ait
siel ;,tol d t4 m :i r. ' 'he do i t-mr's eXpianmim
tn . it v a a na tura1 ael-nh
io.ml- bm t that duirmi- ti a a41r :4 ex.
mim,l-mm eAis e. the .niilm or\ xvirled rseltwith
a.n liv!elmel-- II:tm i Could lma do i [lie wakirl e
to1::41. li , th::t her hu:-hamd had . II
tilriwl' i.-r s :1 - ., lin'li. toflthe satilatio I of a ijn4
paper. a tha it a t ha .d meal' dorl-1am 1 iat
civ to min % a.t t itil d ai i calld it ip.- Chris
'mu m e 1:,: h ad ml-mr.
I':rrjw.-The AmeriCanl p:1rrenl dov- ku
0-I", Ito ;Am ami <1. n% hic;a t, can ut, er r4 llir,
mmir n-. ii lin ii" i va' van compenlsate, wh
m li . : (m1m ma i i an 1u ecilm erimamiam
.1 ': m ll i- Ihr W hl o.' ia '-latever
he in I n givild. im f: ha >w to whal Ii.-.mol
ti Io - ildit' I lhera. S i841 64. I o lia l.- in
C A.'mm in .. w:d mm Iabli a il edl-mimm he ha' 11lam'
h.n. h I - i.n i a l w-m r a dota -, om mi
l iut. !n. :Nmmitiw-:m t mli itre turn' e or irim
mt hi tm' i -im-imt . It i- i.pIllo h 10cits imia
I t!, a ii- oIll tin e4. i llmi . a-I M nl- mI n be ill
II-. a m: i ml mhIwhth d,,ib I - .11ad mhievv -
li i '' a libl mam Id 'atio . m we er varimtz
tam la %\nd I;. m 1i hlave va ane. Th, wi l
giv m c aimlr.,i-m aiul u0 -1'.ine l. mhi
timi b -m,-i n i a nd mmml 1m h i-< ai im.ma. i-o 'se t
imm m l I. 1m-:a wan m rmam l.f am- s-e . toilab imal .
riim ;m.i i mm : ar.-. 1m.. hmmmoin i'h. im rno a d
imm . "miaoyun ii'.. unde,i l maiaama mart-. st ach maim
iam p -cr 'a m mi 1,.. 'ai'i ml.m ai m'm Cl.e----r a'
r'mmmfin-m m d iamui lt md..ii:-ri. res.lm a nd mmiihIm
mmin m.bw m i am of de.mih. andm.il .mm de arc islmiicmam,
i br;/ 0 ha"I-'osa .-.m o ag mo' atr'ative
ii iiirm i he'ai bille . aotiaiatjharagie to. imt ir
th i'.;' iih: a.- itt ;m a mtion amimi i.th it w nin then
m rin hi f ht lau--a ia han.'i toi rousem th im: umian.
entop:imenm,iSn. amilmmia m atesili beh amad llv
it ;run:mban,,ma mre il lml'e anrespectablei
nma ham stee imllm, ad dontinau he i >ot of m
it wtas lammm:mi-b maeni'liemit ta ! lown rtatam
w1a' itchmi, mtawl mnred lim lmif iy was hr
ia thela honm!. \e,',erdteon
irzml,i (imlm'hard.'h enon' iitm mhe bo.tto,g'l
narranmiyo m imimi in alva doze.v~in step
madi, mima. \\'hy,ila qiha ii ihng raclaid
linm'i heIba minIma dit,-her, mdail,- hli A no aml me
titm wasm mardmil m at bam'ttam! iilave, rpliedl
tha othe:rla, but you enot lama f 'oamy sou t
the ~ miauldI bratie gin, he0epie,'

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