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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, June 28, 1838, Image 1

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V : .., -% ."
I. LAMORjE, Editor. "We w ll cling lto the >ill r or the t b le f our liberties,
amld if it musM rI*l we will perish is h uu. I HED W Y
ifatnu~ iaI i . ilperish 4 idst tile ruillm.
VOLUME 3- -DEPLD C. 1- -. -- 2
The -dg....>n af. -k
- O .21e d d cr j~~ ' 0 B )
Isl 1111111.181:11
TERMS.-Three Dolirs penr aninn ir pai
in advance.-Trree i)olars and lif1v Cets'i
paid before lte expiration of Six \lintihs ti-o
the uate of S ibseription.-aid l'or Dollais ii
not paid within Six 31outhts. Subscribers out oi
the State are required to pay inl adnretur.
No subscription receivtdllor less thanlinr yurr
and not paper disAcontinued iti sill irriage,
ire pnid, except it the option, of ilth I'ditor. '
All sitbscriptim m will Ie continmed 1minuts oth.
erwis ordeme, ait the eldm or the yier.
Any,pers n proettrin- five Subscribers it
hee.oining re-tpon-4ible for the same, shall r-eceiv<
thle sixth copy gratis.
Av.:risvmET erUnSpiCn0nsly insrt ited
621 centi; per sq-uare, T1r te first isertion u
not havingthe nuttnber of* ingertiopil,iistnrol i
themr, will be contin untit 1i ordered slut, unld
mcarged accori;d.m
All Adv-ertismens inteinded for pubhliciaion ill
tisA paer, n1st Ime deposited in the Office b
Tursd!ay erenin_tj.
All cmmoiiitinications addesied to theF Elditor,
(POST PAID) Will ble prom:ptly'and strictly attelld.
ed to.
New% 'Spring and silnumner
tc71E' have just received ai baumitil as-ort
inent ol'GOODS flln Genthmmem's:mmo
nr Couts, Pantaloons and V'ests. whiich th-vSi n
prepired to havend1t i nd l the :nost FAS'il.
iONA BIE STY.F , and ofl reasonmiale ierms.
Also, a general assortnmenjt Rteady Alade Ci.m-ru
io, mited to the season.
HA.-t TS. S U0 E AtND iOT.S.
1200 Pair ofrShoesand Bool, emitetigevery
style and variety lihve just benreeivevived h ihth
Su) mhies wmisi togeh m wi:h. eriih'te
Stock. nake a nmieral and Comet fe ass4ortailnet
seldom fi m i the n ('0111ttry.
Also, a s- t-llmot oi FASll0\_
1IF II %TS.siied toIlusesn To wihi,
they i'vite- the alttnilinl l ol'their ciumin e.
It. I,.. & I. P I'N.N & (Co7.
Edgefich. Marcha i 1, om:r t t;
New Spiftm and -Kaniez
Cf 0 4 111D I.
r I S3uh,ribers respevllilly inform
i their c ti i nm ersanid t pim ublick ?mgen ir
ly,that they hmvejust received :a Im b 'r stp
ply fIehoi EnlriSh, Frenich unil A ienI'v
goods embrac.'in every varie f sla ple and
tany Aoods, suited to the Spring d mi sum
to trade. M-,,o a irgemit-13 .Irirmer,'
rocr'ml'ti $adiehs mmats;mhoes mamikBoots,
all of whiclh tiv w.ill sell n lte- most ret -
so'nable lerm-4. 11or ca,;h, or onl credit lto
puncetua-l customners.
Th'loqe whot wi,4h to get good bitrgains will
do well to ;aive thenll:I nCen1.
G. L. & '-',. PIINN.& C4.
E4dgfield, 'Mareh 1.1, 1-38 t, tI
SChool nmdiel ii.iianoustt )'i
T11 Subutcribivr- hm\v (n h1n1d ien
eral njmu' ortin ent tif m N/mol p ( Inl . l -
lunlrous alliks,iam ene: n% l'it-h arv mth.
Arilltmtic, Cmih'.Gograph'ly 1111d \kl:.
and s1r.ith's Gra:1.na:.%which a.1re hot\
tpproved of*and recem1n1i1led by lte he'l
G.(L. &t E.. P'-'N N, & Co.
Pampifiavid Cn'ounGnv
lit-:, stb -riber lvinio !t bi a -
TT l.iN GCN .\VN\..\l A T0s%1* in n'
iwmi Ar iliim 0m swrm. i r t.- i 'E' o' .- I , me n a
their G;ius time in he. Th. imi. r.ou mhew
Ginm,et bmpil if nottm'Iiiimmm. -nwim to thm' ofm.'r
lla r igh i n ia mnimm u m i n-c.ni 1:.. ...l :.w
in tir iimmmm..n i- A m- t rid.1 . - or. I. .L4 m: thai
m'is, r b i t.' .i (ribl, ther' *1.4- I-lbs. lis ,iv
hlaveadptim d thw pmla oCIlm ofIkI ain t ribs41i'it* 4r1i
G i tIir e i irm.l% and tr!, w1 vsl c havee pmro% '
ed by exp..rivince Ill[bt prief-r-lble.
lr. iBoalwriig t having dbelined fin- --ilm Isa.
C bt osioness in Ai;gi-us. Mr. L. II. ('on. wvho
Collfn ted it thlrt 'r. h bt -il. m e ft I ar,
IltrI* inl th. cuncern, theyN wNI mr: lvor t41 pive
atisiietion to all who imny favor them wih th;4ir
9' Gmin.; repaired it t siorme- vtire.
C01M &. KINNE.DYs.
Am S. C., AprI W. t' i I
SM I' ri tag4 :Abll et. Um'lom ln miit \' ter,
m-ml (inmnonmim, mmmm m' ofmi Clovs,m mam
Napi~'mI imlmi. Cmiond .simha in, Slmm ap, iN .
J1usit recemied ammnd f r .ame y
.Apr-il til. ii 12
llT I' is A rimltiei:, egah an mi'w.
E tianGnnnr and aim I'mi oodtim a'ss.-tment -NI
-Smholmidtli'ssrmmtehorm mii li'ikimalmi. tier imanm,
.ut rec iety and i 'a! by mmi lmm
Num i 'tiCl~ ime LSN hir PRm ' .
5 Atlw,on the.IA.netiv Sy )e.A.
. . .A.D \D
I mmor,init cmiilecmtion..m or .1, .'marotiti.
I 1S oris nov re:mmv imir dlehmmery to .4m
sm'riber's it the' ''torm of C- :1. /)mim'd, in t
pil-ee. AN li'wm i'd am copjiesm thr same.
November l :Cm''m.l m z' mi i ! int' :11)
lI dim P n ca
-- --A-. .1 J -444, -,a%r'.
T pIoh % llo,,w Reiginients and Corps il
Iparade Ior review ualn'i drill at il respec.
t iv lies )fill plaves IlIllowing, viz
I he ilt Itegililee't of infantry at IIi
:li.nnson's. (n :SatrdhY tlie 23441 (ifiJnte inl
The 43rdi 14egini.t f lifat at ij1 'an
f'ordI's _Iiel 'e (n Ttesalny :14. -;t h .1 i f.
~ v c I I C o i t t ' t [ I o gI l l . 2 6 1 1 ' 1 4 t ' , I 4 1' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ,1
Tle rd Ite.,lie lint of Ia a - a I:
w.eil Court 11lltl, oni h rdl' ieu a
or .111ne.
TheI I t Rlegiment ol Iantry at A sh-ley's,
on4 : turdj ihi :l0th of.imn..
The lc;I it of II&IIIII.ry at lle 01,1
W 'lk, of) T -an t 3rd c 1 .1 ily ieXt,
Ihe 9ti Rv!!iII1nIt ilir I tilantry ni Love's,
I itt'ir-dily fit'..-Ail of'J IJ N.
The 2d Rti t iit it of C '-aIry at L.owe's.
m, Satraly the 71th o' .1itly.
IPhal . Will( ili vi l l fd Itl i rv a t l ic h -
"1'1I ""1,', Tn TuAlav tie! liblt . iv.
,he Hihl It'ienimelt of l ilami\ :;t I . .
row s old fiiill. oi Saturd,y the 1-11h of'
TheCi Itc.-61ief of lil'antry at L.mux',
oil Tilt'say Owl 7Nh of.1iN.
(of) T 11111-siav tlt.i l9)ill .1111) .,
Ihe A hsl l-gi.icill (11 ,1 anIlryv at4 Pari-'s
ol lield, fl4:4 llt h he L. 21Is of' J ly.
T,he 4 1 H e.. . I i1 *lai..
ilist, onl T it. e Iih oi,.Ji v.
The 1:n ite"il,ilt of fIl*.-lr% at hel
lers atil ichl, (Iln ThuIr-d-a. fli.- -26il i41.1iil%
"lhe:-011h1lNegilw-lt ofl~ 11in1ry1m1i.
til 4atilr<ly flt .: 0 of .pply ,
44 I'll (- 2-1%1 114 1 :.5lh 11"o-gjilwills of,
rV tt Wn lsoo' oil TI'emdav fihe I:St a1
ni i;ah i.e-imet t cavaryat Y '
on "Ihlitirma\ h Ilic '1 olh A l -g ;it[n f*X l -
Thoi 'lb a4lld "ili ()I' Jill*a4i, a ' lotbg)
ry at Chesterville, oil -attnlay the -lilt uf
A ii;,isf.
i 4.IllR ginfIt ol r at York'.
,(onl 'I'M (fyit- 70h ilf .Antig i .
I h . 1 . i sIln Ilf lilta v11 a :Ihe
n44 zer, ai) .'I llai.,lkly lle !ith (f' A itgutst.
T.Iw 35 t Rl--ii t ,l . F Ina i-;I I 'l* i 1, ll ivi
H- louse, (i .li d.1% lav wh 1:11h ;11 A i,-u t
Tlhe 151th Regim1en4t lit in1a'.vr at fl.t
Huriit - at-ory, on V ethlday the 151t o
A 44Lnst.
ThI'e. :,(;Ilh R i me1--f ivill of' fllf*m at Tim-.
The 3~th legimnent or Iami trv, at \\ il
kill'. o i livid,a Tiu <in h a i 1 it Alin .
T i , owin of, C avalrl. .in (li4-y'
Tifi - of 1r. at .
Tb( :,rd i4.:iultM4 . a 1 nfal 'tr, a Tome\
villo. onl Tilir 1 .1lr thC. CIlh l ' - b .
Th 5Ih li44in. rn4at 111i n
t1r', 0!n .tcra -I h I.h li S'eplernbewr.
The. '2,1% R...:_, fl f ni tli ii
'I.4 a': 114ic; .0*144' , 14 44 "it444
i h i . ' l, r. I Ilh h l uf:4r i
4o44, 1) :4citemil: th l ush of1 al -p ieaher.
'I lie -11 Iler.w flim .1 1 O 1:1 y1111 aI 4 r F
ITllives, Ol4 4'- urthly th' 15:h of '4]pteinh r.
'I'le I Miier. ant 'erge;4:n Ilf the 71b
ji; ade. wil :a-.e4Ib Ee i ir En; liny i,in:
near eg ;i I liJi, 4a4 A :4lry lh l I, om
I4ll1: lse1 . A l,4 4 '1 I t
T , *)'.,*.4 1. a t B -11
4'h' ~2.: i b 4's 4;:;hneur of In '.nr ill put
-d\ ilor Imr . i11 1. 4 1 p ): 4 Ie l 4.
114.s, fin; a1nd1y 4 - ''Ih of (v r' b r.
'T 4. 4 . i i'.-. ora.r. 114. 4:)44..[..
Colil\ li ' s li.a,lthc9 ( he ICN .\ th lb6th i ..;
Tidull, ol la i w' in t ry( h . 'ha,
Terf Id ( l. itrt i t' 1, 4 * h trI:t N ha lIh
o. 44 i: v il.l, *_mh I ' ( w.
T e114 _11,-ili ihn int (f l'Antrv at i t,n
'Ster ('rijl l ,, n Tusday the 2Nr olh
The~ 2ii 4-ei4net o a .tr a t!I4144% Ca4in-4
den, on 4444'. h a iai 44h4 lihL' f (let.~imr. a
T1hae 5tliI(gi:aent4 aol I4' iv :41 t:an44
4aT'iI!' athh i4-l ; 4v 4'u of infiir a( 4,the
An i4g44 44 in:. l' ns,'on Tei. b:yl t~ he 2;r
The l4.'- l44' :e: f nanrvn4.n
4444 U"441I:y ili lil of ad .\;at44 r4 14' 1 illekt4
aT he tI ri (41e14i'inetit of jinfan'try al (:0,41
44% 4144 4',' '~4'44,4'I l'ani 41414aIgiv 14 (444
way or lt.' , 44r4- . 444it 4144 ' I di ..I 444
I h :1t f .'vnd41' le iu t4 i f:nrva ta
The4) (, [l.er Can Nc-'onunoe 1 )f
lerflIhe3 ;;& ileDimeTTwilanmO
in trucion : h'er 4I4ilivrs nd1(I Non('4 -ConI,ani
assein4e1co the~ Ilike purpo,I I'', 44n the' (.h
(4r! t4t the ir 4(E' 414 Ae 0%'iv rettew'4l ",
,o P D L T O A. I.
i -'.irn i:rsj i i rno:n -r :- S i.:U l or -r E -
10.'. WA.,I)y TiIm.si).N ov sc
(oin . Bill IIriwidin-for the isitsuing of te
incii. of nOet.-,; d1ifrre(I i
tht 1/1"I-Ar of Mljrataie.Aay JL3,
Alr cutiitw.N.: AlbblrauLh. ,ir, I re-nari
11he preseI ;1- an ocsio wheln, if ever il
he -&,oryv oftiffis orcautitrv," it n%ould he.ini
lihiile lip remirt toilie gr IM cosiervulive 41
--ilivihh-ry. it) withiflod Slipplies 11111i
Mere a;I.s ;a cli;ige ofitie stire, tid I re
'If'- oI ',riev. iCve, I LIln. f:evel Ilh le.,S wil
,fit; its vo te Ilhe ijecen-lpry miipplivs it) Ill
"I .,-u I e"' . I nIc ust. fit,n ever, lie I Illo wet
14) dihouwtsti ile Itlode of r;isirag the fuiids.
(aI.,Iln 1i ,;4 'v r li ine:tstire likv t hat pro
pis.w ielb is, ill lly delillerm.te jildoseitai
ata da ;.p ot emti-Irley. l1msipvvvr ;t
b % hi omone 4r imiiiC t'min Ire , I ut.inot fl'r
' i;il 1i -l -,iill tile 11toverifinmenli Ill 1IN
Collirl' N d e11 ililel to :IIl jilI :falls 1.im
mile i minev, ;an iif every Iiiig else. Bl
I will 1noi aillow mly eie.,nry, h,weve,
greatan.sprv-iuru, hitn ever severt-lt
1Ilce lae, is I l i hi test Iml ieidar, I ca vio.
Ltif theii. ConlstitutiOll. The siiion fromI
n% Iirie lI Cote. is Il, weak rintre ink i t
Ic Illederi y; thi e C mio iiiiiiiiii i..; i ivretri I. it
i e alt he "iri of-1. v one cal M *1 s-1* m -11. -mil
"114114id hei I :1 - salredly l'-v . E-,% -r Coll
%onirtion oil imnterst is silpirwIfded1, Ica llc
-i.st %anctiou mader whiei mwn v;m ac
to tit wiilch over wiln prol eti it. Alie allm.1.
iur iie v coni-i wn e land caf* Sworn unoji i (mti t
nb lit :)% tie Il* pr.ltlie lc aind I)I Ii ev I
wo hll i l i, ii old, ill I I L'11-1h1tv-4 p'itie
ulir, vmiio tlhifi t JI ti-reld ivsitritmnen.
Iliil ~.i butci rrnarroly 14ini thisi menliur
L li itr o i, b i:l I, rIM % :ip Illin of r i
IL!i( ) i rilLt l Idi .iIlL. ul I -:Iiu :
m- y flitil tor ai pr94'nil. 1u11 iriley. No.
ir ry I (J m 0* on1ion of lii v i lid i ig l.
I11i I'dfiell Ici I ll . hilch it i llint.11 efItd
to ervec tipm Ilte ruinS (?f till fie Auuir
ua.es t141n hIiell we hu;-e been cVnI,%tIMld
nl*lhe Cmo.,inmiim ii-wI. mitol ohe prosper
y. ILo. ,1i4- rly .111i1 haIppilless, (if' tile peopl.
. Iri p se. "il .L lot Iow l-r !olibifil l, it
pr- ik ruikii :tii a errimoea. \\- havv
b e todi r m a1)1. Iihi'l ll mi-4-r1, one ait LI 1led
liil i derait~4 i l Ih I - - lml1 vii ii
I aN ni wevml lrll huk p:Ip-r -ila
11111I-4 L ~iaaIii1411 WLiMli .. auI
ma llk i ( tu g iiiirte y ard- I lili'm iv, :11111
(plitil il tat' m isouh nta to iueij- their
Iper :iLar ii ofi ilentlrAre!y e ill 11 1Iia ,
ar 1. d is li iw Iih: mnd I iru t Ih. t it wiI ll
i -i e hie OhI- li4id h 11 he I r se 1111 (i
1d1n1- 11(bilhln-Ily maid patril:iv:1lIy 4enver
..iikt' 11 11 11 \t a(y larp in Ie" sall,
I1tttjlI*C1;LI iii -'Irii i SL i t 1:1~ I t
linw i b: itisn tI lonarn pl da tll' . brir th
t1i -41141 vii'li ld Mi'i(it (iIe Ili E ; 1 flae.
papr.l ii i in niev en lte h
I h v i ir v 'ilt i itii Ie 11 lirt iWI -Ife!!\ iti
e unt 1 e tli i vlit. was a m ill !i,t rhiL
;i il t i l . a111 \1 i wvl :' t l yst..m
%%n vinlidi r(J.Ivfe Its 'et, I ill i reelt i ' 11- I
t- r -f r it w it ll ll n lat" I 11 t.; t1,, 1 4.fv
rIl tiat! il ots fi' lil ib it vst t%%f eil \ 31 tllt
- to this h -mrdmen eirrenentib ns come
proos til gs,.&:
5. ler n e i tu kte if*, morseh :,1
11 d iots :94 n n.1. y11 it, col ve
-wil -.- e to e e n . theili l (rea atl
%\I"f , v \;Vu i a,) mlili, there mt'r
. 11 i t. or ivf. u i e
il. 44< vrvllecs w l u s l:n e
wardfs- 84ekei oot oni mo.tiol dl aI e.
By an4 oite r111 oWcom lruetion i kmame
, I) l k 1 i1hat pon-er it is. Hi n t is note e
Ires I "hbi1 11hat maIy now be arroua
It-ll! ? llfll It fition ali .il a Ili Ias
beenl -V ,p11.,bilnd"nI o nd nin.
4 less siri , ;14 1 will prol1'ed ts sho. ','ll(!
iroposit n 10 give Colgress pwer 1o ,_rain
c-arter. I' ilcop oratoin nierailly, was re
f ierred tot.i and never allierwiari
I acted tJ, The power if)::rain a eblartel orf
6a aik ,s never propos.el.
I '- t l not f goodl a enrrency a; lank
I inp .er. Is the enrrev of' revilutionary
goverallis Its, and rsever has Inlaintaian-.(
a fiat 111e, aofI never will, except ill p(
reils of reat pressuire; ;II'N ill s.,iia a
ii Vnns % . eVen flow Ik-h>w p-r, n-el
[ every evi . W Hiv foflilt.ioll o', "
C0i '. C) l ly. 11o'l ;I1'. pirfhil's to if: n1111 w il
,('e t It:,< lali1y (d vim--relne'y it hlas th-Iti
l umstoeg heariig iner emt. IS'ut ii is swib
I t i t F OU gillfre lf fi'll-' Iwo; kfil t .e
.favl 1 I 1, 1", We. h14 ll%p la. ti!i. Cihavir
luan; r*e arll we. -:ij lin wii fimlis hm-iei
we Calfc ? I-- it ins llis. I-ellll .ia lal4
whero - le Govermiuln is the are rst.
III,- U er m aigenl! li- peole , flha we are
I fold th tile llo-4s of* tilie G verollient is not
I ee . losa , lit pvopl.. , o le eitte
drml tld on, InI . fir Itrasury aIa lst-, :mld
em:l'ali for n, :,fnl ii is vooo, i vi. fire.
hits 1, I sl; . ,. no llbd ih e 6>i of,
ov 1ti If, I..If , the people; flu cunecrl 1
wit.ute ' of I I s i .
- at its .Itledencvy to ext-v%, will be
greater han1 h:11:1m, e rlli --r, I 1111 dllbI;
and InUd is hW r ; ' i I )te 6Iljl
%.YsWili. -ti thetre he a itrestiin rn
f thi-; faln thle pllf" il s.ate o *IlhiIgs.
Govereut ahlne in "nwl'eeld by the uni
versal 1ussure., alld is seeps varco-m-in:along
let u e lrutp " of"rx.emod v.avugafe.
Ve,a.an amn t rafonl 'vhli( b1 camel ill
it I plow wita Ih %anth-worIs rerentch.
imiUL atul ecmiyi erlly yia IV onl fil-i Hiys'
IJ1o t,i t) expedl il ih,' pr,-e-lt v
naorel~ t) n fhrzy imillions. Thirtee mii
1:l::aIs ij Ig Ihe ilhth-st umiounlit expIlfh of
u41er . dmillifial.'I alin whI%fiv they fle
MIMnC as rmiliing the olylill v it. Px -
trava" Ce.l w aoll 'mwhv, ii all Ili- ?
Sby l,r til, simple 'reasin ib fin.
,",r 1 ha is appropriatdil. fit mietre
.Teras 'reII bd e isswfd, alm.I Ow 1V..f
ter it tiit'relief to thevo c r)t , No n-blsi1
Co P ever im bfei ren-orltl Il. whieh
1114,111 tX 312, i V' 3161 tfr r i I
all sir )
evt.r hee ti advalwed. Thi-, ('overniatl
etare'ncy vo,tIs ifirevily ;ix r et. Upon
hei wihole anliil ill e elco t-oill.
5th. As top it, pitibli al itnliden -. I Sif,
il : reptibliv:1a1 of ' !1-1t a*,l * e(ev
1 a"oeli(! 1an or' I n eh- % Y(.;v ' ' -1, 4lin.g. I
hlave alway, iw-n l . I wa bornl fon . I
.i as brn ill e midlt of tvw bhiek volk:lh.
contest,!1.1 ()nd haWn r fbood tha:!
fl,ovs fiili :IIy fln1t - wi ort- fo : and
iii':1 co,es . 1 1 a. l l wZ4d. I amf i : i1
ci po--ed toaL. donht inv l pnie.;I v. w l .-ll I.
fe r li le menoi f th Ie - rita f.j i. . if .vlar
Sin l thatal4 ti* pon e lar ll-a,U. 111 V ln .
lit)o u po n a If4metr to) 1n1-1o1 po
'ra h fl hefir Il l l, . Cr m Ohe States. re
t-ui\bIll: 1-li a w16 ii6l~s ui~ i l a
ale l ii sl--oh i k - :lied iln thoir -i-' ii,
Ju1h ih .I# . ,. :1 1 i :vil -_ - - a -r pol"
vr, b: hU . m W h 0611 i, 11 l"-ROWtl sake Ik
ali tiN Iower, .great a. it oilo1.-iiv i..
t6he % ,A ".W -, 4t l o., -1e . l'a. -, -;a .:
loodl6ybonels acennollll n~ of6 p6ower6v' inl fill
l-delal C o ri. n1.11 which we hav1. e 1'if. b..,a-' II
1ii los l ill, l %m , ir ii ig a i iI 'Iw vvwh t-',
aid t i% lo daIlima us a pimver I" Ir",I fl
seat(! eorporai wio i.; .hich f v n ith I, IIer I
live, cour e,nor aiii , liry .f aa s it. .\nd.
r ha*, it c m4111 Io ' 1hi %Is h' iw a sted
St'ep a i i ollill I thl ie from 1 ill.
monuley pivwer! A mi-,' iitlablh-e -p ri o
A seintaison b falihrvt anid entirv oin
I sepain ion by grano in--h,Ill.- Ilii:iedl
ptower li) ma l ul nn' 1 mofliv; a pmWn-1r
61)h 6 GIvI rn:lhenii; 1.n pf4'illithal l afill to r It
161 Iell' It w illI opetrt unerg'11 1(iall. 'a' .
note, by1 lawi' Cof~ 6.nl ;md' emnlf16infe Inl
var(1'. ilaalr'I Inhnee illlfl d aeon ha61'S!
to h1'erge 1cili'y hre th'ey. 61. needed.15'ii. un.h
I) ad I' i . alf ild n I rli6 er the inter'.ior(i-I
elardsed t no6en'ralrelv i; thatsI *phev had, Iw
.r'1lon 116, )con iiifIone 1 io ren neil (he lre
a-lnd ar foms. i'sd thewa ifnorfaifeior. (
(Aiarleston lhave inlcreased of inte, anid liecer
'lis policy is liivurable it) tIe south. So irl
at nasch:I greater de-rete 11a1 11o0! Of I'lila
d-lia. Il liidIfel lhl a southern city
W1h havt Ilhey IIcren..ed? For lie %itinp>le
re 11, at inl lihe preseti derungeieit of
fit, ctillncy, fids eallimii be placed iii
New York; itff, fron the -reater suillorin
01' NC" Y4i 1 rk lhan any other point lv tile
laIte II:iversal cra,h, one of those OrInIIiloes,
in which the tallesl frees arefi the first to hall,
when ti.ile 111st he ajIloved for those to
s raihten Whilch have beeii bent, anl IIr a
new grOwthI. The chairman of the Con
uIt'e" Of W Is 1141 lcans tells us, that it
wS a. 1111 :1111 w!iparetl thai these nOtte.S would
have SO S0411 IIturned to this Tre'SIrI v*,
li polse it n%as not. B ut it liht Iai4
b>een lorsee, l'ii %n oil have beenl, by a
1ialAcer of ordinary S.gaity, ior evel bly
Ilie Ileseit eeIr-fqary. it lie had colsulled
te lsiOry iOi lsicr ii-e s OfIl Ihe ,a in d
of layr, 'I li report of Mr. I)allas wvould
hlalv -iornlled hu, that. Wih-en tritd in
Jz iti, tie reventie had been Collected al
nii exclusavely in Trea-uatirv otites, anld
% otlid cil tiliue 11I lie so cuOlleettad, a% loli
as they are issued by the Goverinini."'
M1-. 1. r..n% ord says hi samne thiig., and in
ihe I Oiliolls 1W Ilhose atue filenul. misch IIIIt;
itl%%ay!, e tlie case. That if any r. venue
%vas collectld, it IlusI e itn these noles, anld
that Of v"oilu.(Itiencv, ifhey would return it)
ilile rv-i re in tle payIinnt of public d(les
t, rapmil aIs they were pa;idl (fill ito fil: Imhen
III cI el I toirs, ike 'eIlclope's webb, tlldoili,n
ill the Ilight ile w% ork of the day. ]lit I
,"lpplosc ilat lie lrillant genius of Mr.
I lloltibSy sor-n$ till ail fromll fhe lights of
'11'i--ee, Or the MtggCstiois II such Ipl )(
Imu, lilows as Dallas, Crawford, and al
la i:: ntill that if he loOks at all intOheli his
Lors i lie I'er.;at montreby, it is as a mt1 -:
ter Oft i rimt, reading, not foir informatioi &
pri fival m t rticti(m. litt, sir, is it rvally
I-e1-s,.1r1 Iiat tile (Govertinienit should re
%orl 14)hi dinagrou power! It is nlot,
T it re are Other, and in every way better
mttlde, ot raising money, by wideli the ne
L' *N,ary 1upplies mav lie r-aisel, and amost
bwileiViit ellces pr4d-eed up ton the pros
irat cni,n,, ;n1d mtvrv-s- f the I ll contiry.
-a\I:ke a loin in the regular and proper
f'iii of a 41i"11" 'reive it in specie, ur hills
LI 4ur ,peen' . ying batks-and in sixty
ays )oil % will f ill- prOsperitv Oftie Colis
try revive ; if powerfully enercies tow"
iralyzed lly umwise legislationl, will risc
". n likgaIu e a gianit arroused froin his
fl e of' iII, 'Icmtiry r nte4
Ioh 41:Is creatl;e aifebt-ieither creates i
imenanenllndfunded debt1: 1 or whenlever
)(ou arc mi 1,m11,s, yoll call redlevim ,uch
tock:. \uli wll --ave at leatI 1111 a #fail
inl, nIld what is (,I inliintulv !!areter Voise
(pili e. YOuI will %;vIe Itb 4.4 lill-tion. It
0 -<d1l i he Sail that fte stik tuilsereatel
%%ill not he limore vsalnalde 111111 ''re:surs
floil!s. .\lr. Crav fmrd telIs us, that exactl~v
11uch :a Sim k, Ill aril:, six per vclen . inlielr sit ,
mir-i,I,ble;uth. %%ill ofthe GOveritnint
41 I .* ''.3, ;,,, 'I -I. was ift a pr mm i jn (11
eq pt-r i'enl. Why I i, s So, I shill nOt Stop
toi sl.-. So i aivs ha, bueen. and ,tl, I
1n1 ii ri d, 4143 th lillest auihorit v. it
%i:1 oe IOwv. I willI not propose snehtI a
ii.-v hamne- I %%ill lim relieve ille G lm'overni
111-11 11eo-1 fihe jul-a (Idiumi of binilgill-, 'h1e
ciounfrN 11114 the condilil)) L.et thel,blni
fralli-1.' up"-1y ;inI-. ab'ovehloat.I go to the
114-4-VIC, Ili them dhere is no m(mney ill the
Trv;v:ty, that fthv are lorcud it) horrow,
lay 1i1 i 1ins if. 01:h t if it is no fi aill othrl val-,
'b s ib~ not I.heldehiiswerale: iI it is
their ui f, lty oilghl nJol to lie aill1OW41d1 to
('-r;fpe the re,pon-tibillity. Ask 11or aI lomi I
sAV toiwnlylk, mald fi3 ilor wvrap it uptl inl the
dib-iv-e pretlif. 4of i-inig Tlreasu.rs note14s
1 hm1 ili iidial, if* h, %%ished ti hITv 10
inin1 and14 4 b iaiind his niles il large
sui 1 ai b- individuiaculs l o raise uip-n
il i iwti hinidred lim-4ihm t:id flolhrs mnOre
11:a11 hir 1ae, wnbi chw5e li1i.e 1vilm
inl mall (-.nI,aily 1olabe 1o1a41unti
Itilde Olf creditors, awd at a l,ss ofl thre
h111,lre'd tllu wIllll dIllars; i all111, half
m1illion41. That precil' is tie dill'o'r.nel
h44w n th,te Iw ph , " 3w-l swe re bnI....i 4..
do4 Ifo' hi:aseli.
1 wou'ihI rec'iiS ve ayent ir the' sft'ck ii
('it. Ie a3 I por4ion of314 thle stick het ssohl b~
F.uroe, tad serv5e as5 a condu1ait to birin. in
to f Ihs (coun tiry (nof biy a forcin mi 134 Ii ri
cil proce.ls.) aI~14 porion of lt hseci, wvhic
31he rIf ttural coniijtiont tof (lur c t'1ry andii 4
Eu lropeI, mafl thes wvise policy ofthat t'niiliht
e'iid'ntion11, upon34 whose55 canone1(r('e w<(
hav bee wa lgifng a1 barbaIirie w.a r, is dils
poised Io 1en(d14 here.
Thlese. Tr'eiaury note S give 33( permifa
nen rlief'41i. iinli'ss resi'sualIe.
TheIny are0 1)1nd inl as fast ats theay are pahi
outi, and1 iI' reissuabile, youa conve',rf von
ha'nIk I I13i3' anfd deploslIl, and14 in lie tranls
I'o' of its I tunds nece'ssarily of' discouta ito14
Ensglandu awd TIr.ru.-A ('(nnne11reila
treatly, (says the New-OJrb-anes 111//tini) I,a
hleenl Cetere inito by3 the 'Texin 1431 ver4nl
met'i, throuighi her ministe%fr, ithdi( Gr';
lir'a :in i doles noit, for4 cert 13in '.tmid r'en
sons1, reogiii/.e' the4 iIndepi 1er1 o''fii l'exw
bult it is ill elleet tanItamounOts1 It reco;.
It is rat mo)tredl (slays the l'hiladel phin shi
comononaItalier-in.ahiefh, i's ordleredh to te noti
er4' oti er ii '. I"rom ti his, wve juidge. 411r go.
(innel i4(3 s becomin1g coni)vi nced t hat affari
on 3 le boirder,is are asutming a rat her sei
'ons aset lie psud throughz this city
I' eti42dayi5.
Affiscelinn veolms.
It nbi "oMappar that h1iinant enterprise,
not cOnfeit'd n ilth ex ploring the lieldis o
carth ind air, is eking; lbr itself'u(-enpalionj
in diving beneali tile waves of the ocean,
and reet,vering thence tresu.lres 11ha1t 1had
been couitiered las frever lo,t. The iii ven
Ition by a Cap . Taylor. of an air and waier
light diress demaniinaed " Submarine Ar
Ior, has beenl adopletd . tlle Ineans of
visiinm the foundations io th vast deep.
T his volltrivanve is so arranged as 1o elnable
the#.- explorer to w%alk ihont t will on the
bolttoi ofl tie sea, aid examine at leisure
the objects of his se-arch. hile thus oce
en pied ihe wearer of lthe arifor is foriishi;Ied
with all .1111ple si1111) of atilosphicrie I
froiml above, y Illealls of a forcilg ptiiip.
. n (0131ity ha, been l'ormed int New York
%iih a view to subilarilne intvestigaltions,
.nd Ilivr ell'orls havue ml: %% ith consi-leraile
sulccess' inanmne h a,;c:tvh persmn acts it
deplendentlly "I* ally 011w-r ill using fihe ill
ventipin, it I.."'Illy neve ;Sary II)om Iiiiplylbhe
sloils ofarmor m proporlimn to lie nmer
of itndimials whorse services arv reqirveil.
-sneeenssial:trempts haive been dnle to re
cover or;iees fronm it wretk of tlie ship
iri.,ttl, lust somne,time sinve iot far from
Nei York. in which nearly sutilicient pro
perty hIt baln fioulnil to i,ihelinify file pro
jeclors of the e:iterprize fir the expenses
im nnrd in plrovlg lit the sehiouner used on,
tie occasion and other nevessar-y tii
Ilents. Mich is beein said of*'tei.
lost ill ves'els that have bIileen wrecked oil
vario;s ov-casion, we shall naw hlave an11
opporinity of iuseertainig the trullh of the
CMTwr.1mI.: A..-NOW I had alway
prided 'lyself, o Illy ebaritifs to tot poor
lihe dtscre-in loor--an a e.tie .l
ns un%houme was consied with tire, anid all
her prieriy and her litie oingmiter with it
I Iieided a subsierption paper for lher belle
lit with tile! exceedingly generons sum of5.5
dollars, which I paid in presence of more
than hail'the towti, who lad assembled nt
tile bar room il' the village inn to talk over
lie catastrophe, ailer illv lad stood to see
the b Ic o we tion tme, antd i l laborfd w iti
great zeal to 1ch1 tilmW oh ChiminIeV
aier the roofan .1 walls hald Cilien in. Whenl
Philip i3rmwn lo,t Ii- cow by a stroke of
ightming, I coribOluted 50 cs. to assist him
I tho purchase of anotfher, although in this
been reft of ins proIle ' 771 . .Ihfil
a oft -tlve I '"thrked out'" -1 fo'-pence'- ha'
-punny lor tile relief oh'sulTring merit, and
11.141 Ilits cole to the co fio,6priable conaIn.
sit)n tha:t I wvas a partictilarly chairila'llu
111:an, in which pinion siundrv >f my t neigh
hor'. lul iry- candidly tohl 'e tIey fuially
volliieilledl; bti here was .1 en'ev'ase. e( idei
y ilL'rm rnll any 'e I load ever re
brei. had ailwa.s fehi for the still'ering,
butl it w.I; tor thle s;lil'esinlg'of-the mwriltri
ons. I was ever reai o relieve poverty,
h,It it %as tie poverliy o lhe virtuous.
Elceitro-Magrtnill in 1ilois.-Ii 9i- -a
it bl t titon ihleral, that r. 31'lhe
oets o1*111 ha pa e,I- now Crectimlg a 11.111-ing
Rlili: aI castor #%if prv-, and a m11chlinle Coi
,.Jn in, It""htr, all to be propmlked hy that
.ilaurti . Ti, , o.ifto be the( firmt nt
eivIllplit of hile kluil inl the .-iat f Illinois,
and we Rdd, fihe first attemlpt west ofilhe
n:onain-perapsin the volln*r.--We
g raillied to h-arn l t1i e 'prising
Qrt in our niiaeldiate vicillity. il'ii-ia l;
ty pwer isleied td m.uievt I ie nov.ef-se
% hiib , no0w icial) t'd. thiiere i-; not a see
1ot*f coii ry i the Union %% liell %% I re
alh.e its illfillenlee Ilorle xell'ively thanl tle
b Iro jIa m beauiful prairie lands of Ihe Far
It is eX1re1CMIl cheap in apicatin is
a:ipt.e n i% hh nOne of Ish d;mwq "I the
Stealniboilue, ruquiretis not) th-I, .1141 verv little
siwe Air ma114,nlertY; i4 indilinile in Its Ifp
p,esilioni or poWer, otWil .o simplh in opera
Iih Ii;i'; l iliii' i the poer ,.ldyciniaed wat~lieri
tIle, is inctidenit to eveiry greait iundeertahking;
it 'hhiiiir a lways lhe aniticipiated,i and1 shiotihl
hiave l ilo ter efi'eel! hnt1 to raleise thle potters
to incrieaised exertiona.-SI. Louis C'om.Bult.
Singular C,hllen'e.--WVe cut die follow
inr f'rom: at linbilin paper:
C.tu N - propoeses, thalt lie til his
piart shonhiIl 5.41oin anyv imarket town; ot'
.\lea1thl til a lair day, wiithon011 till noitce'4 he
foraehand;t, andii thlere selectt tone hundede
hirisli;aen. tInatives ii that ctryli', and14 that.
somlge l-ingl'h;sma shasll go into a~nx market
town in ill-h tglandie, aliso withoueit no'tice1, and14
c'hose in It hundl 1,1rede lIn;glishimen;-that site
1 p:Irtie's shl m11 leel otn tilt (Ctnrrangh of lil
,ldare. til aI day to lit fir ed in Antgust niext,
- of skill. Thlat theit two pairties sharll bo
, dran i nyl in lne olppoisite to) each' their, at a
- distanc;e ofi 2h vardis--tha.t thiev cs at a
signl,l that no0 blow shatI litbe give'tn, andh
u rpwvarni, th:rt thec one hutauired Irnis.hmni
willI throw t he two hundieredl l.nglishtment on1
the' grotund e'achi man11 once1 lthrw to be ne
moilvedi, and not tIe lie al lowted Iio take far;
V~ther' part in the conrtet.
nDo not flthter youlrac'if with the htope of1cpef.
haireins: there is vn mech thiing in theo we-&

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