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W. LAwi cln to the l)illars of
Editor;iPe of our liberties,
- d.tLA Obe ruiito..--PUBILISH E W E LY
anti ir it mus fall weo willp. - idst file riim.
-e A%, _aas
TERM 4. -Three Dollars per amntm if paid
in advance.-Three Dollars and Fifty Cents il
paid heliore the expiration of Six \t'unths ironi
the date of Snbscription.-and Four Dollars il
not paid within Six .lonths. Stuhseribers out ol
the State are required to pay in adrance.
No sibescriptioni received for less thai one year,
nd no paper discontinued i.itil all arrearagt*
are paid. except at the option of* the Editor.
All sibscriptions will lie eoitimied Itinless oth.
etwise ordore 1. at the end of' the year.
Any person procnring live Snlp.srilbers and
becoming responsible for the saue. shall receive
the sixth copy gratis.
ADV rts .iITs ConUspicinotIily inserted at
'2? cens jeer sqtnre, for the first inisertioni. and
43j cents for eaclh coitinutance. A'dvertiseents
liot savtiirthe nniher ol* insertions marked oin
them. will be continued until ordered nut, and
charired nccordingly.
All Adv..rtiseieions intended for pulietioni in
this .na:er.:'ujust lie deposited in tie 0 flice by
Tmueda!y evernag.
All comnumications addressed to the Editor.
(PoT PAID) will be promptly and strictly attend
ed to.
The following Address was delivered by the liev.
Mr. SUxuCs. of Aiken. S. C. iinre'ihe Cen
tral Temiperance Board of Edgelic!d Oistrict.
in the Baptist Meeling lionne in March lNst,
nal] was unani:anosly reglnesterl for pubilie.
tion. (Continued from our last.)
Nor are ilie elreets upon our moral conisti
ttion, less to be a;preciated.
In the economy of thise laws established
for the regulation of our coniluct, it is so or
dained. that vin ne is synonynious with hap
pincws, naid vice with misery. Reasson antd
experience teach us that this relation hiats
been so strictly, and uniformly observed.
that it is morally impossible flr a man ()
Vicious aad ititemipereate habits to lie happ)
as much so as it would he for two bodica to
fill the same space at oeti and the same
timc. From this principle; and from oi,
knowledge of iheconstitutton of nai's iir.
ril nature, we are litrstnacd, that there
could not have been a more powerlil en
gine.employad iu producing such ltnitmsh
in .disorder, as has beun so often l0m ta -
y-*ttssed in th~e! inrufi nd iiuon of every
iitenperate info. Reason, which has been
givena to man for uselitiI and importantl put
poses. and espeeally to control and eegoi
late his desires, to rectify the dleluisions (if
his setnses; io trace eftects to then- e:.uses
is 1reveted trot poerfriorming so desiraldl
anl end by the aseedil at Y. ieii he patt -
sions have acquired. Alnd sirs. whlo is te
cll'evl of this! A1.an, Isinaideld by reason, ami
a slave to his passions, is like 'he ruiptua.,
ofa olanuo,thAt hihgpiita fiatever it ituclia.
or like the itempeti, Iliit s proiots bly its elt-o
Inting power the uajestie pine, and tie
venierable ink. Reason untid conei ie.,
bot quelled amid the voetferations ol ilit
passions. can now do no more, itan sit and
weep a;t the a a ful euatstroplie, that is soton
to consummate his ulli-riiig, anid sina itt
to the lowest deiths of black despair. 'I lue
salutary restraints of law, ]nd the sa-se4l
authority of reliriont, iie alike inlsultwicien
to control the boisterous communons ol hi,
nature. To clheelk Iuim in ils mIiserable ea
reer, would be :ts dillicit t tatsk, as tolO 1,e
back the wvaters of a calaract. or stem the.
curreit With a st'iaw. Intemperance ins
-- cast a dismal aspect over the moral iiii.
verse. 1lany a star, that shone uith bril
lianicy in its firmament, has sunk beneath
the horizon. and se4t in darkness forever. Is
desitroiys all the noble uflections of the soul.
It demoralics the whole miai, and makes
a fitter subject for the compOnihnship or
brutes, thatn an associate of intelligenit be
ings. It destiroys all sensc of honor, iteg
rity and mnoraul obligation. It caists its suab
jects tuponu wild and muniltnouis seas, with
no othier pirosectts thain the hinuckntess oh
darkness foriever. If they are liiuhams,
they n ill nibuse their wiies. If fatheris,
they will 'oniaiinate thle moarals of t heir
ehildren. If chi ldrena, they w ill disobley
their paaremsi. hlew often do we see whole
families drunkards, and furies. Sotmetimtes
ihubands miurderin wivesy~; wiv"es hits
bands t parents.-childr-ent anti children
patents. .Sirs thils is but1 a tmitnitu re of
the exitnt to which intempieranlce aikeets
thte moral condition ofmnatn. "'i no miark
ofeffeinar~i~ y to wee-p over thle the tmral
decsolattionf which has so hit l al marked the
progress of intemplheran(e. Af Xerxe-s neapt
(when lie surveyedl his innumerabale armiy
nt the Strats of Thertmops Ime) at thte reflec
tion. ithat tnot one of that extenmsive armui
woutldl suirvive the Ilapse of a htutndredl vnare
what iaccasion is here for tears? If (or',j
sihed a flood tf teairs nt the sight of Pom-i~
pey's heaid, whaut occas-ioni is hore for tears!~
Intreperanice has for centuries, heena seat.
terjing moral deimhI in every direcction.Th
scene of its operation is not conufiied te
Pilic'- ranik coandlition or sex. Thie pa-nson
and the purinuce art alike sidre .c * its liowert
Necil I tell votu that Aleender the Great
tent "r th' wo ILI. Ill a it irtn ito itelrper
ice! Need I tlil you thait Xerxes puar
chased his own &.10hII. bl is illns i
iutunjperate bai'irs? Tlxe.'e ins'i tnces ii.
len) greatness, & miany othiers tha nmight he
eonnicnratdii, 'humnail exeile in our iisinis a
jll-it Indtlignaiion mainiso nit evil so inlig
Innt Ili 0-s iatuire, and desiructive in its con
seq ielnecs.
ilnupon tile iage or rninnce anll fiction,
we read of lite lisiresses of a % iitiou laiii
ly. oIc-asiolled by nlie l a t.'es, iniv.InIer.Ii
'trong- n auld Ile )Iur S% 131in lules- Imr Oitu
haIppy suaicrers; an hmnii iier wvouild hie
totar* exeeruti in 1pon1 the oilicie'r ; ald yet,
i 1li, g --Xei gl feb u exli'tted to p ir
tilleL', they ci arcel_, excite 01ne U 101011 ofr e
pit%, one emo llo A l di -il iai re. it e, i cni
gi'se upo tei blIroti ol o e1 i i sii,' ; i.(. hIft ) ed
Illbtile s, mid ntuitti ring i telLpi ce of soin'e
once flourlundg n ;IIIhl tll.".aIl :,Irange
Jalnd a knilfingI' le~ tl~~e~lingthnrc t iat .
forr i bac ianlt), all n.d Sirr1, ire n% ce r Il
,,ensitit) wie suoris sublime, as, noct it) leel
tit at ( it the slht of* roral ie s alat i ! \\ he.ret.
nill you lindt aI rujin ho mnturanl .,i cums
ph-e, as ht n.11 h 111In exilbit.
fin t il a ociworld! Sir.-, ),tt nitiv search
Creation r-outlta lor* :Ali 9.Itslnce, ;Mail i vell.
t lre ti preti t, thiltl i\ otu I%1 seaetsli Ill vitin .
The a iva lig ) (3t lenv10 11 ire LItn hidnlul.
i-le tiesolalion il l wtar ire ualt a lhtrittitig.
But i.,%w weak insd Alli)utst s...
col nfilh Late onight) engI6itse ot i a erac
-11hat exten-ilve and1( perening al ngreitci
rer 1llI istLr). pluter 3, aim deilath.
Notr is our %uLei conoln exelptiled ron
Its evils.
Alan is the 1nastcr piece ol'heant tj'st pro
duetion. Ini hima are entrer' thle li ;A ILI L-e11
of the divine indiiid. 11- s1uei- C'aai 11 I'S
ar e hu'e:ub. le of enI Joy1#:iI OIIIIt .I ine t I: I; In
(to fihe clignitly 01 tils wntilme. .Di, i..-Il 11:,
Z0ta11n1(.d Ile iag e tupon thw kItu 1l o-Il his
Lonsitulo:J; unti to lelI ae it IS ta tS per
%C1rto of. tlje. 1nd allud Ohject of his bein".
See tis aIlost 'aitlily exclliplncd aI fie el
thcts o' 1icfstperaine. 1an 4 ni r it.-.
inliuenclce, aud borne Ili bIN Ine ::1q.4-1non.,
e oricl Ill o in"ipt.ionil, I. si~lil: jI noenon~k it
Mie 1:a0urail. 11811ras, :nici etl l ano sor41;lli - iif
.3I rac iclsn. ( th tll il ',i.'vir . Nit tire lla
i se.ad hcr-eli i b ieh hill ill ai her I i
rs; tdi l t lins; ha t i ish ni ll e teit) ril.
Ions tl' piitleaaiinre. 'i c ral 310un i e re I*. yllill
1111h, oti morlti wo ansi A sexcellence;S l i
i he 'i sllc ti lall (r'iti ls it a g Ll(
Itre suc hres; but no sij ',ir are rt'i r t he ii ir
enijoyinin. The soetta iverse wor %%hil it
le is 1at.1u ali ly fill id, l' t lliIoses her ge i
.411; 1an' te tau.inphes n iin her iia: ir, rm ,,
it, uanmoily (it Ins reg el \ Las oil* III'
Ilile el ples s vLie, a11' )iln t i l Fa t A-;Il ill
thebr Ii riti rics S u tto ilwtia a.,ripuecs.
IiIS IS Tlt . WA Y i I Is Is j
T11 E'i % A V f IFAa I 1 111 h S AS . Ait ls is
Ta1k e*.A% TO llh nn. a A\ 1;.Nts,
i alls IS Tii. %%AV TO 1-.Tr .dl . lat :.-3
\-%C- er Caellin.el1 tit IN nh ia, a nu I cij
Ior- el bly the Iali l cup 11 11 11 ti t I II(.
lp; by the Will nianl obll ilet Ali. i.age Illat
is ue ti; b) [ie s ni tieIll; tun ii ; 1I1 ie IlltoAr
fl 1.i C g IiIe us liciiI il the throw of'
ihe( dice; ihlie 1I1r of the. aelmI aln li11d tile
tioll of' th hai ll. 1' mll tiI Waa ' , '1 il
derial-ge nent,jUi it) ' thl tIjItl I tre-side.
anas' tiriee fll lires artel li.Icd poiit llrcans
andti alrepee, see haoLa the'a lirac
t'IfnW~ ii ther, 'a, hea veneable ii t':' \11 Ieti
her tr iltg knees, nll un nir dii conv iaed,
heav' enur li'ine s.tlli'leure aure sle~In:)l 1
ennvfls, giv- life to Ite eye, expression ti
he coultetnacile, 8and11 inntlenlage ti fit lip
where will yol find colors fliieivntly dieepi
nt black, it paint the goie- of tier mind
Nor do Ihe evils, lerminate here: :a seem
remaiiis it) ite exhibited, filled with imor<
5ilrron% lt petration. The soni Sir whom
that 1m1her isl prayed. is yet worshipit
at tIle teliple o4 dissipation. She wavitche
at tihe minnighi latp lir his retnri. Sct
tle deiep-dlan n sigl tht contv ulses hei
hosto it! the solicitude anid aiixiety, thal
settle uponi her brow; ani as i she sit it1
slit-lit musiig", ;:-- to the priiableit. rate fit Iliii
tard son; sec how .she slarts ;it ivery
ioln that disttnrbs tile iittni hiilil simher!
.las Ino liger ireeivel Iy false abarms,
,be liats a laiiit anl Im voice like to her
soll she itIstIlns to ite door.; oputnts it, ani
lo! it her feet lie inlis its all tile floaiisomie
ness of haestly intoxietion. lie n as atn
only sin, tie hope of htr declininig Verlts,
amd te pritle ilt ier lile. Ibtt I is is not all.
' Ie hUhalnfl l 4f that %olli, and te a ther
o3f Itose chiire1n, of' Illl % we were jtist
peakin ;t at miduiht returts, kiamcks at
[lhe door-'tis oppened. hil enters, and tag
:evrs under the nuoixicatin- <lrink,. No) ;if
I'evtionlate 'aluitaltoo is h.-ari: h1i.4 chlildrenl
Frightened at hi- approach, eek to contCtid'i
thlelnselves, as lltonth, hie werev a denonl.
\las ! how changed Is tIer olditioni of this
laionily. Once iaip pines, (m41111pet'lecy ntlt
s:ocial enljoyenentl dwelIt aroundlli its pleacelui
firesidle; no~w llt cabibiit 41ne svenle oft desola
1ion. (lt ntilike n\ here the lil..ting toriaIt
passed. Col and finnine piress hard nponm
him; tnuable lon:--r Ito endu(hre these di-itrv.ss
ig inctnvetiem es. tie naitIry p-ilns t
hils izari kindlidt to I flane. And as hw
rai-v-s tile eeis steel; see how his brtaml
hain-tds ihreec it tI that heart where his best
aih-crions, cince entlered ! ithin mark the
iAgoiiies of1 iter e-xpiritng nature; and as- Ie
lilineks mnay thlta~l steel, see gilhm%
he ineet ~ it it) the theari-i id tho ehbilt ,it,
t:at once gitd4lencti at :Ite soild of a ati
ready awful iragedy, tie tmin-le r hear het's
liotid with hi.; owi. : ir,- h.i, is o 6ietim,
Itis t olu-r rinlt ef itt t.m rate lilt
Wonhit) hea Ven, ,ne inre More sn,ihly
auvilt:ve ti;acmi), and wouldeni
;alt. fihe urb precepmt
ilitgh as a ,-rosinctribed in Natur-'s shtrine.
U%- inl brighb: ebhara< ters ith words dwmei~.
-11l, itt!' s e anliet se-it 's. to (It:,- u-, ( t
W ifnyt Vit % Oud v. is.. byliber dl.. ito)- onl.'
v in.ot whh o'er kenarhi this -ac thedlaw cilve;.
Yue.inton he1111 , ar it. ati he t G, ohe y. t
NIrare lil civil f lsnr of ni ottaie~ aif ci.
Exiperience oracs N. ,-or . tha w er is no
rni''oll lit he. inlt, hl ih a m11 t an t lint
phetdso lttorable 11 tile prodtletion of
Irimi, as When in-r the ininence of1ar
1wei pirit. The esltioy (d criminall ;s
weil as ntisi ttial aeritti fli remaurla
tle cilirmatin in pri tli" this as--erin.
T4 lite recital i* ;a few in-oc eired
ufOst ihr i-initi, tt tite A merican Tem
M re. l'i i-r beffore lthe 1tn- tlin l Par
Ibenent~l. 111.11ha he is inlf'-rmed boym m
ifl lt e tu l lira . 'i li -t er11 1i1knni
iny very llrdcioti, decd, miicles i y had
previously laken) freely (if artlent spirit.
"11 voll'ati 114)1, "a aitlt ofthem-li --et1teryou r
house Inl thle th-wl of mgh lt. nald I thfie
ell'ittee of voi:r sililwillig, inle ill i1, 4', of .,61j;
hunl., whenl I go0tot io it, limless I \.ns nell
Tn !SATI.LIT:-.-1. A person f ordi
nar lins,% whi on ia fine Imionligtl
igh OS 1111 4atellite lporin. her lii
rad s eon flehlt ),, Iow, I l nol Iioj-.
"wil lno''oly edisosed ik0 '-bles
Ihseui fuIlliht," h,1T aIlso III beheIVe! 11ha1 it
w itdained'' for ilint piirpo_:---I-Int 'le
lessl IV ht Was made to rule the ighf t as
certa y 1, the greaier light % as made to
rule teiy.
P.WI', ho ds nt now dio iwlwi
behe ie oberves ih~a " le panais~w
ofaln ijenmees have inlmuined that the moon
Was4 en too the ".1r11 bl :o aird lihdri
t nght.-" il he remark I 1 h:n liis - I
het %.for shut We nre often1 deprived, nIf Ohe
90"'. Ifne of -.1he lihto ..sn o he
ln'.mk- -.ndl het gioinits ont h1ow thle mo11-n
lifig 1ave beens placed so) ;1,, bfle alwav~ys
i h ighti of IIhe mloolln -irds to a
ci rtu'~ extent- t s11Ppleliet tIl t lih of
ha n, 'will ha:-dly he deiijj Ifw take
ian 30 C iii ltigon in % hieb lie ise-s artili
eili lilt sca iuiily only, or- not it :ll. there
can allno doubit djhar the amontiligh-lt nighit,
are . him ;a very- imporinoi addition all IIhe
t'tle ick1 ayight. An d as ;a smiil Ipior
Wuni ly assie heiti nenle ft' ighit.s are
w ilati lome porioi oil* im'li'ii, ie fluie
fill- , ry little dlinlilli'in-s Ih-.- vai.-I Il i,
nd4vul age. \Vh wi-"e have 114) eln. moo>l
light,: ither in duanion) or it) (1-un1it-, is
;ein In i ry whiei :I phil-:pli r cu al i h:r
ly le I.ipitel to eiler on. hy ii --m
ess i ich his alutieid fro i i .,pi.l i .
110us ii a imilr mninlru. \\ hy sliitildi not
the 1. on lie ten tes an., lar" as she i!
V1by muhl no4 the pipil l of'man's eve hug.
fte it s as nr I as i i, o Os to4 ref'i '
mo hei li'gh whihi doli' arrive! \e
di u necive int our inaii iv 4o answer
Slie it erjpsession preveils fal lsitn'winig lit
ttlie' as mgade ir s eino: or d(s Im
Iva to hnsn% er ahll fiiter ditinrh ir
1:ha ili. moon w:Is mln:je' togi i .'
ghi .the enrili.
e sugg-sts that it the mni ha
hee Ced at a certain ditance beiond the
c. 4 onhi live re'cveh- aonlilte <un
It . 41 i sn. as the enrlIh 4Iei. d 1nd
W4 Ie alwaIys prest'ntel to u- n 'utl
, . iould tiw'rerg'e o-r ihin- . e -
4Y'nfttaedl. have unlill beeno ;
Iecfu)g S bere4 i I he iv- a. - 'nr pr-'nt fh7
40o11). v shall if.of t meln l !:I ,, . g
..ifon of this sit v.; i toll. Pir file r.e .o:i jigs!
Iinamaed- utr we on..v bsreIb .; i's
.yal prove(, we b 1:i1ve, that thgf :1rr:i:O,
mtent(. wonkid he ST;.Ihle n O- -r t i i enf. fl
ioe dislitrbiig Ilirecs. .\ipl w,. nIi . ;el'd
i.s:t (ucI .n :I-:r:a:-:geme1t,1 inl It -bll ,;4.
ft IonI of* 4net holy h, m- a , (.) ~ s n. I -.
cgice to [Iu' oth rs. a 1t iiigl.: i 01l fill.
moion 411n this hylwo;hoi, wg:onid ti:-o I f
-,nl anld fihe I-arthl. n~eillherl n1)(i11n h 11
bo:iriiiite to thlie o1hgr. i, c :ir-irt ti .,
Slile known on-lg'it' 4f -uah-il l
ionena, and ther'eor. hi;- no ..laint it) 4Ism
ntonice is ia subject f di''-nos. ,a.
2. In ininiiig onir tonidr )in O wi
-telhites olte other W:me-, of* w-rsv-tem.
ilhEr4e is fon li w 'hieb iIsIei'.-j: ,.lv ::rri.+
fillr' an n on:I.li t he inmigrber 1 s ill mir.4.tam
bodii4 apipears' lo inr: . we prcotce'di
to) polanet- inrther nad Iorvhr Cromo thw .mn.
' t :If 1 .ea- i, !.g' !...wral rnlv. Abr: irv
hafive no iul l : -ter:i u: ilf. I'.r it a one.
.\lar', imdeed. %% h) i illfir'l'-r. reoiive,
has 140ne. tfll nor~f h I e ho minoir phimet-,
.1suit e, Vesia. Ceres. P ,,ll: rhilm fie nile
i. onlIy alpprojximanll-I v1-ifir1 Ibnlpi.
Ier, nhf is afi i '- l &h . ' s 4i stm.
haIs. fougr saeiitijgs: aII Saturn. wlln, is.'a
ait idisolnee n9 aywice as great. h;4 .
ven. besidles Iltat mosi.'t extr-1linar:i' y phlnil
nI'n his in . wlielh. fir plrio.ses 4, of jib
iillion is - i iivalntvoil m m inlana
satelhites. OI Irm i, i iinht pn
for his great:irnerm-a saow m
posil t ber thi 50nua Ier eirmnstan?:
ecs gil'hiOS co.niione. Ii du,i' on:e yaj.9 m1
hiii he hasi :i Ileasftj 4 fi el 14a.1li I-s whlichl ar,'
vjiile to us, :ni the' eniormo:us idiSt-:i'., 4f
giune hindred iions.:'. of- mih-. dnd ws e b
lievsha91441lc th 'ei:.noer'i n~ il um..ily gacm.s
11hat lie may pem.,ly h:ave~ thonsi.:gnJ, oft
smaller one94s (ire'nhl in;.- abuoim him4.
lie nacra in:ed ':,.es of Venn:is. I le F-.: idi.
Juite'r, amil Smar :ni wei 'im.'eis.e llmi a
511wnlgly impreswd5:'c withi lihe per'snnsion I h-i
a4 vi(w to compensa'ti.:t thle djimiini shlightiz i
ofl the sno ai gr"':i er dhisi meugs. 'Iug. 'ed.l
Ier pheni44ts. .Jnub, V4sta. C'ees. nod Ila.
glilTer iramiiII 'thr. ini so) noi!v 15:-55 :91
suig2'st so i many3 'if,' co iiue i '( re 119''; (n9.. fo,
'.neli d1ife'icnces, t hat w shohl1. imos4Lft'ex
pelti ind Items exceions to4 eh alu: ri'e.
M~tra is aI more4' obious exlS 'ce'ption. Some 0
pegrson~s ighlt ('4njerim-lue from:i his ce, thatlii
the4 rn4'4ui'ment itse'lf, like 4other li-fuIll
arrnnigement'fls h:as been hr mnght b:441 hvx
smnlle wigder in-v I I u iebi i we hav no' y1) et g4.
l4eL'ted. 1ut wh i'ileth r o4r not) iS 4 ' -rtgi'n:4
luchi ai guiess, (ii enni it he44 not igire. ) w.'e
see in other' partIs ofl c're'ation. sol many~i ex
nmlpieS of a1 pparenr44lt e eins 0,ini :s.
w.vhichl ar ie ail1ute a rds f'oii Ito4 lug i'x ph :gim-d.
41r prov5ided'i hiir by pa4ri nlar com'4'4!riva'nfce.
that nio 44n4e. (amti ie lA i h sneh 4'onteph i
ijilns, wsill, lby gne': lnomea , hire. i'i vg' liri
tho persllnsion9 th 14h i' ei "-b-ih ie m-:
rangenwiinhis of thle smeiglig-s seem "iiitedj 4
answertis 'reall'y one9 of1 the ends~ of theiu
I'roma the 1i:inburg Me dical aied .urgicut Journat
fior Oi l, 1wr. I r-:7.
On Extraction of Calaruct.---r. Roe
ertoi any', thae hc, incvisioni if tie corne a
heilng conee -leted, ifpresstire ite itaiie til le,
e)e, Nor if flit riiseles cof the. eve vconract
piowerfiully. iee, whol or I part of tie %itr'eioc.;
matter may lv diclarged. If It: whole
rual: out. her sixght is ir. rrocahIi , lst.
Ino his reIlv tt ils .ilr. Netct.lv observes.
" :ree n. ith )r. Roei rti iii :i ini ;r
tim jil hic /ioeu 4il tlie vitrtieion humci *r run11-s
0t. 'iht sihtii, is irr vocably g ete. But I,.
mest freqle ly have ,ee!n :1 teciniltr-tit
nain~ie t of it vsenlp without alny had conl
-eenc~~es ensn ing?."
'(hee i f' Ihe vitrefou-s hmoar afioer
section if the corne.:i has hi.t. cop h ti ,ililit;
nii tctuce~~ct ccl ae diseirgiaizedi ,1aict-eo
te evu intaeiingc it. pes that it was
no1t a s iitah emi iew it(r :h ractitono ofenr a
rateI. It k li(, el tI ofevery s Irco, to .1
(crt:ian. prevoely Ito i brnnl.- eM:rctitl.
whl tlvi hfric vit em-i mawrhefluitt or not.
aid lhis lit tan e il d by ciparin:: ilt
clasticity ii t fmi i n ss of lhe o lie-a:.-ed with
those ot liht! lwcahghiv oye. Ii the e bal f
pretornian Illy firlm ;Im hard, t1w vitre n,
i mor may I lw rotei .ed it) b,- inl :1. flci
setI and re ore m st be :ad to anoth e
I h is hows how mneh ewpht hahnit Scienc
has tld iccedil inl .\ee rica. Dr. Fhlit,t. :n
'tciian ii' #i ilit oi .Nevw Y(orkt, pa;-,s tin ri
'arl to hi ritiqftl d Siate. if the viln-on. liml
mic4r. I it rtis oct, as it aeneic:ifv oe , a,
soin as flhe koitfe is withdran% i. :ceeii thie lie,
i estrovvi liv heilkli e eye-letili withp di-d
wa ter cin a teil .,:it!. T isi is tm. bi
wilt-tins (f, a slilall syr'inge. A id in e
li si here il het,- hihllCiv Imor lih- tI itirivoid 11
a:bl . ciriui;d. ap ireu -lto1 mn that qa SO ,
noni-, he.\ li(he controil -of flte m i . -kill.
l*,1lf.* ie b ie h ii, thle ;epid i le withe r
fieet luvces%.
c here einot therfre, hie 11 lear bed
i i m n i n p e rfo rm ii n g t h i o p e ri m in fo r c iit a
r;wt, thronygh :1pprehen1-1,ionl ill ;1 41-1y o
lite-al from, Ilhe esvnp,- )filhe vitremius
hutmour. vithe-r wheni healthv Nor vt.td
Ti injectedwater renmtin.1s in lilt- .vI
niii i retin goes ccni ;- i, wlen the foir
ve_-n 1llnid is :11 mrhed
i ts iowt ,nhIi e toiion of lr. Rohersaet
nd I)r- ennedy, that Drh e entire hess of
the vitreli.t icnor will e itse complete vc Il
lia ps, aind eh- destroy ail chaieitev- ,fvist'ion
alter euxtrn(tinv the laic: C or Dr. Middle
)IS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c l'il l ttl srei . llt
date, hiais the sa-nue opinions. h is with
, greint pride miu satisfaceion. threifre, tha
wl aimionitte i the worbci Dr. EIlliotrt gre.
T'he- crowni. in wich h 1r .\e,ty appear
.n n ie erll miny of' i - vtr-tlr. oiuc ft n-I
made bv i \le:,ro Ittitli an.ro ir lidgte. I
ic. i cii'w d leei y ec d .ele.tam; c h di e r ig *
e, meh ore tvIhlam thiat oflGeorge-,4 IV
*Mil Williamo IV. whi. h1ie- bjiln broevin
top. Tilt eo.is m mde rst cc -v ftoti
ifth iit e ' tinure' wei y .rc nt y -l i.thrcei
ihc nnd w::ii oilt- h tt1e c itr .- for :Illt h ( ehI .1 4
hlitr piri c, 1, i sv. Ihe'r!i- % c w t ron:'
lii-ic's ! 1i 1 1i tr. 'thrm :i ib . ii v r-icr
'' tdc of it oo.s of siler 1%ci 1ig .,
.'ap offdeep purple0t. Nor r:alla-r id....v:-.
dhw hoop., arel- p.;ivgee ~
p!'rnu stnen--umo~nedwithl a halt.nj
ere1i:hh1111"11hn1w, :-.fi having,- a .\l- I
t i irs, v of b ii::., a n e t he t a oft11Nl it.
T he ro,-. .m, i:1 if er-ct -v a ro i-h-ltiti -,
phir-: Cte rim ii the cro : Is ein ered n i,;b
hrilli - .z. : tt t r te t ilh I Ili- n, r . -
h-,. ;1114 11ltr-e crosses 1gn 41 ric . I
the$ f*ro' (If* Ihi- .\:1h1-on l ilt h1 i, ill
::nni f t crowti. i Ih.- - - . -m-i
tst'i I% iir
II I-iN. 1! 13
,bap'ed e-ruby, on c~rs cetr b rhe him. o
*T hn :r. lilt- l- i , ~.as e t x ilt r !,i
:totiet ado r r'ee c. tvtiiriiiQn..i . tii ..i
ei-h 1h , in thtcii rieci ar rim. ii s e im
im ;ie blin- sapphire. lire are, nt .\
"theri~ prec iu ceghems rl-. Iiit' I it bii:-s ::mt'
Suti phire , ;1ndi 1 Set vra l "11i tma llthive t ofdraop
peare 'TIllhe lo -ri t parl i.o t hv t ilerow1 i.. r,
rou tled witeiei. If i, tipon l the
t m i ti d zlr in e ilttnd l i-l e-r %Nit, a. - I
ldocsiliuctat credit t toe hru whom it ha
Of tIse detrincrnt is lde idedly stteh strnight
er rltis of the oirlil lr. On eaich side1
of the Q bee.hen she is ut table. is -a chair
" l'wo ,Ithe w;it to tilk to nnv of her
I I - 1-s. ai:- sendsl' her piage Io tI lie per-ln % it I
areelt1ae. to dfritnk winie n ilt her timah-siv.
he lrsn thus honreril niediatef( g-e
fip, .1nd11 wn. n. p 1to efl ( hile VnIc fit efhniztrsc,
drinks witli he"r iajestv. anti ier i,. .
e. --"li"- U he .11lohn1 haddutilt, il ifr jotg,
ie -oil rid, I ;ilia told. infl gnite :n intiere'st
Ig eftv a fete % ili ftle et y lih lweit.
i, t;lkd of the United Btt'ei-of h-I -
river-c-hia mnomuniins nnal hi::- prairies.
T he ryseen-1 wn, hi::blly delicine-d u% it: - om;;
J.oh-'--iIhenions of n hielb croe- h'Iter i-tir
clieii-. in ftle irtfi of smile,;. A t-r I little
whii, lir iajntg \ -ntit hier pi-.e to ;iaother
oil he'r ou --ts. ThIi. was t ri I fl .1401t)
tIo reti e to li-; friner sent nt :lie. v:iv-i
lie dfil withIt gie:it gruee. It. r lit:tle 11 i1t- v
eniti:: him froii beinth her Itit eye nl1
hlie- timtle."
Drradful Su1perstition.---Tw hev M",).h
nrl isji, the zeallois tr!cnt (it ilb, L.,
'loi Aliswiinary Sei, a t Iita einla at
Leeds I ;,i weelk, 2ivi t ti';llijfig :n-ilel
lili iiectllnut of I silfrl.fition n hiebI las
hluely lieent ikcovered it) prevnil in) ;I part ill
14!i- illrs Presileicy, Ildin. wlere tile
irtoners tre' in i hIbit titf filleniiin'. nd kil
li.! hoys, :nd citig their flesh ron thir
nlofef4, wIthe a'r yet live. nd -fIll rf
-t pil'i'l th' ir flesh t? erich of' tieir fi'ldP
or pltt;ifiitons fhat tlie blomi iii.v be "peez
ed uttal of it nlia the soil before h -child ti-:
his zieig. donte w1ith tle view oiannkin Ohe
sii mnore fertile! Twi' ty-five bv,.\ amori
11hv hulest that Could bep fintal. wv-re dlisv
erid lv the Britil soolhliery in one ph it-e,
lttell'r the care of the lipriests. fa7.ttenin:: tor '
-, inister: iad ii :notier pice ifte'i'li .
ifitil. h'liev were of1 course res'iied, anid
tot -lh-r the ere of tie l' lector: :il it
w:is le'hevedl h n Iwll t a 'e-e
' orig' of tle pofr iifants, :nd brinr tictmm
if; in tile Chrisiiaii religiton.-Lirerpool
La(te Cause.-The ltidlowinv! wnsq stniedf by
I Pirfes,or at iri- to his p;ui. A et
tielnlaelne i. i, tde his will. in wi'uihi lie
pisvide-l thiat if' his % ife. ,hortiv to be cot
filned, sholnki live - i hov. hi -'w1oilhl tike
fAtwo itird of the prope'riy, n'nd his in-lter
ie renaiditer. bit if it wns ;I girl, then the
ov afnd girl were horn. The Profi-ar
neiutred how hi prolerty wnas to lea dliviided
ni''ectordin tol tle wi-h of tle testator. lie
'I o'l "p one of hi.- pupils ::fal~e
gr iv'h ---".cr. wha ',r-> In' im-nim fi ftc.
ii', fl~e lnf~itii~i ~i i~i i ( id aiL'vi-:;.- ''
::: r!'' -- ri:-4 ci rI th- W i ld l-.
;"-' , :bt e o!Jet -I -r te-r
f'-' Ii t borderile'g the mlollll of the
.Ii: e La'riviir, tor e-rly ne Indinn race
reodtar,e, and pli-etilv firy. is nllow 'I mir-Ih,
s''aa''-ied ini yhltee' teo the dleith of' three to
i i- l tifli' i tp : i't-. 'Iite.-1 ti I fit 0t
dr. .1inil, wh.Io hais re,id -d oi the Spot
I er,. o eto f ip,-- ih opi'niiln Ill* seil
lthcorisi,. rim thlr-- ik : periodienl riv e and
I ln. anti :11 aiii lowif.g tih'. il :il the
l'-I grn-i L Iltis. gale. . tiii ti'ati 4.'i\
alrieint l. :ihk ever- since hie firsi t oca
biig ti i- %% ifers. otller ith mit i ,.a, a
wheiever li(- wiafl blows t ycihei
i goot f i 'f i lth le hinv.
'11-111.1ha11 lilv itg#,, g ed g
inn ti of 'iocks, direct'd his fte-der in the
fiaiiry. ni li s n f/ h:od, i pick out
I a t' 1 e he -f, :1iti b'ili, I 'fista f to I it.
t Id-v riie i . itis ;e Iaiie liot itll l [) I 'Irl
Pa l nifi ' un-l i e aigais s e e -rl t;thti
two cocks I ll-oflfher 'i'n : to nond br o hilit
litili ilh h;is i'tn the crcnil cn ei h. - F , lIII
flil \. it i ys ieir y railk Ilitm lian
jr irunn, it Ahuh p elre w~n--n riik o( toi
I'h. ut, si hey I ere gotini to iht skit
rol jaen-, Ie'slias one of~gt the gzenof t e
' teus Ibt fone ~t isil rl nequir ia lnte
Arei lxe. t, is lnt' ineiornhiv tyrant. rhiati
iif t-4llft prei~itach~er bin- ret'qited
pei in i' thelllistli. olce. f> a y t
wrna nsa the po-titr f heah res--ed li heri55I
to i beievr No-, rle,-h td bl-od cronhtl Ir! Ie ,.
jt" erte.kmdmo lae ce
5(h' lll she, ior t I' la''tja noting i~ hat skuin
Ie-,p'rted Inleri enan p buIn[' th aesn ofth
At anre ose ain another p reeig but

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