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"'We will cling to. the' pillars 0 temple o our liberties,
and if it must fall we wI amidst the ruins." PUBLSISED WEEKLY.
VOLUME 32 EDGEFUmbLD U r. (6. taabce6, 235.g
iTO. 31.
The Edgerueld Adveritser,
'fett.M.-Three Dollars per annum if paid
in advance,-Three Dollars and Fifty Cents if
paid before the expiration of Six ionths froma
-he date of Subscri ption.-and Four Dollars if
Lso said within Six Months. Subscribers outof
the State are required to pay in advance.
No subscription received for less than one year,
ad no paper discontinued u.stil all irrearages
- paid. except at the option of the Editor.
.Il subscriptions will be continited unless oth
erwise orderef, at the end of the year.
Any.person procuring five Subscribers and
becoiming responsible for the same. shall receive
-the sixth copy gratis.
AnvEnTIS1asTs conspicuously inserted at
'a cents per q unre, for the first ii--ertion. and
43.j cents or each continuance. Aiviertisenemnts
not havingthe number of* insertions marked on
them, will be continued until ordered out, and
charged accordingly.
All Advertisements intensded for publication in
this paper, must be deposited in the Office by
Tuesday evening.
All communicationis addressed to the Editor.
(PoST PAID) will be promptly and strictly attend
ed to.
For publishing, in the Town of Columbia,.(S.C.) a
new &mi- Weekly and It cekly Nctcryaper,
E NCOURAG ED and stinmlated by the kind
and flatering so.icitntions of poltical
frienus and anl all-absoirbing interest in the gre..t
'question of the day. the undersigned (ortnmerly
editor of ite Augusta Chronicte.) prjose., :o
pubash a new paper, in Colmimlan, aid respect
Pfully -submits to the coniderattaui of the abije,
the' principles and 4pio.ions by w hich it %% iol be
goverued. Firmly conas inced that the ltature
liberty. happiness, independence and prospeliN
'o'thte Southern States, and indeed of the w hole
Contederacy, are vitall involved in the imnemen
tons qulestion now pend g, between a gagaitat:
National Bank, and the constitutional cli en vc
of the coutty, the maini object et the CAROLINIAN
witI be to dia-ussthat qtuestion freely & thoae olgt
ly; throw all its lights fiinry and fully beli e tise
people; and shew tihereforn, tha a Nutionm
-Mank is utterly uncoustitu.ion and inexpeoint
-anai violent y inio.icat to free trade- and industr
the libertiesof the coutitry, and especiall i.'
trade, commerce, and prospe-rity olithe Sopiiet nt
States-that theirdirec imiport and export trade
once so flourisehing, and conducive to their gen.
eral wealth and prosperity, was destroyed by tihe
overwheimint power and influeice ol its Mi lt
taal, ala. ci by ie irfTeltfbcredit und reoiscei. of
the Governme'nt, and a kindred system of pau
tial and unconstitutional legishaeion-thaet n e
ployment of the State Banks, as li-cal agents of
the tiovermnent, in any shaps', must be evei
more dangerous and corrupting than a Nationati
one, andl necessarily prodictive of the satne ef
fects on our Sonthern conierce. since- the great
credit and resotreestf the goveriment wouit
necessaril. be absorbed and monopolized b% t,.e
Northern Abanks. and defy all chanice eI iiir
competititn onl the part of the Southei in ones. o
Southern nierchants-- and that the onl effcintm
and permaiieit reniedy fbr these evils, ama:the
coanmerciml embarrastwents and diseiesses o'ti...
counury. is an entire I livonca of the Govagns.u-wr
from all BANKS, State or fideral, & a return iothe
true cotnstitution4 currency & systein now e-r
tned "die Sub-Treasury Systeti." as evide sily
designed by the framers of the Constitut-on. eund
'irst in operation after its adoptioni, till the cota
bined power of the Federal party, anl Batik
wealth and aristocracy of the country, tritmphied
over the wise and saltary provisiois of thant sn
-cred instrument, and the great rights and inter
eat- of the people it was traied to protect-that
this system as not an "experiment." but an old and
safe method successfully practised for ceituries,
by the most enlightened and civilized nations o'
the earth, till the rapidly growing power of the
Banks, (then an "experiimient ") einabled hen
to :raw within their control. and wie-ld to their
own individuul protits, the itmmnense credit a nd
finances ofGoveriment-thtat, so far front in
dareasing the power and patronage of the l'resi.
aent, it cannot tinder any rational or r,-linla e
organization of'the details. but decrease them, ton
very great extent; and while the future interest
and cnaracterof its advocates ins Congress are
deepiy involved iii rendering theose details as e r
feet as practicable, and the wholesysten as safe.
efficient, and salutary as huniman wisdom aned
foresight can devise, mite cottinual and entire
power over it on the part of Congress, and the
people, (so wholly unlkke an arbitrarily inepen
dent Nattional Band,) would always aflord the
opportumaty of rectmfying whatever ndtght be
fotitd erroneomas, and itmiproving mpomn all that
should be baeneficia-yeni even, of'abolishaing thle
whaole, il'i. shaould diseappoinit time expectations of
the country; thi. hapay and preoperly keepinig
the great money-; oweri of'the Govermneuit in the
hands of'the people .-nid their repire'sentaitives.
instead of madly anil untnecessa rily aeurreiidering
it in the hands of a few irresponshh-t pn vntme ia
dividuals, toa be directed, wvholly heyontd alii mop.
uihar or legislative conitral, accordinig to thmeir lawn
selfish mnoney-mnaking and paowe'r-se'ekinig inteo,
t% eats-that instead of deranging the emirreancy,
will of all things renmder it settled ated s taih'e.'and
secure from f'utiire "exlpe'rimtent,'' since it will
separate it amid its commie'rcial relatioii~ns u 1m oli
tic., antd deprive future Preseidets oa'all power oif
intelerence with it; while, fromt that deeply-root.
od hostility to a National Bank, which is eo ox
tensive with the Re -imblicatn party of the Co
federaecy and,coiinmencing witha the existence oh'
the present Governmnent, mnust continmue in iii
probability tea its end. there can hie no hope ofnaiv
orguamzatio~n oi'thie cuirremncy. lby sutch a finnk.
but wvhat mtust be' gi eiatly derugied anl braikeni
up, as at present, whenever tihe periaod oh it-i di,
solution arr~ves, to say a oting of its being always
necessarily .depenadent on whe liortuntes aimi el aeen
tatieons ofprivate i,.dividuals-tha t tbe Stab.- lria
ury system does not aim at the establislaing of''" a
exclusive metadhe enrrency," bht cne of o ly
about ten millionis of gold and silver, to ambrast
fourhundred milhot a of Hank paper, sincee the
receipts amid disbutrsements oh' the Governmxent
will require only about the former aum, while the
Bank paper in circenlationa amounts funlly to thte
latter, and probtably near omne-feourth miore-hamt
it will effectmually restrain the alarminag amid ruimi.
ous tendency of the Bantk tea over issuie: constrain
them to keep thteir pnpe~r nup to the standatrd value
-of time specie currenicyt mintte their immoense in.
fluenco every where, in behalfof low Tacriff'duties
y a limited revennie, and ec'onomy in the ox pemnses
of the Government: and therehby comple'tely settle
the Tariff and other distracting setiomal ~tc.
tions, and promnote tie harin,. and perpetuty
of' the Union-that the principles of this svstem
have ormed sn essential portion of those of the
RIeptiblican or tate Itigits party. frosne the atdop
tionl ol'the Costitution, to the' presceit time-antod
that t.e present \ortheri - Whit,", party. whieb
is now laboring lor the estubliimnent of' a gigan
trc and overshadowing ' tiienal Baik. is iothin
more tihon the old Federal pitty.- under a new
nate: that part% which liam iways stroeggled
nvninst the righits. welfare, and pr'tcipes o tie
South, and is now a plain atn odions ci mbinn
tion of Iankites, Tarifites. National Intei nti [im
provetent imci, Consolidat ionists, Collonizatil
ists, and Aholitionistse-e verv thing mnst ohnoxi
slus to the feetiings. interests, and saflty of .he
Sothe-r peop'e.
Considering this measure of an Independent
Treasury. or Divorce ir inaik and State. ia d -
- eetly it tc qe'stion the CAnO.IsAN Will ceor
dialily act, in its support, w ith all who aivoc-ate it,
aid opposea ll who opi-ore it-wholly foirgethe
of7 al least difireoe son se tileid <piestii. and
reindv to extend the warm right hi el of' fi'low
ship to all who nccord with it-conscientionely
b'iieviiig ''this girat meenretire i dl!rivermece atnd
'ih-rty." in amll its inmiensely wide nnd vitally
important political and socinl relations. to he fit.
commenicemenit of'ine of the greatest stimd nmblest
andf ultimately nsa trmsittiphant. pencefid strmr
gles for the great principles fihmant liberty nd
happiness timtt fite world ims ever known11 -
Carolina. with he nce'nestomed chivairois devo
tein to liberty. 'ats irowt hierrepi intio the front
rak of the c~nate-t: a.d limir'. poi ii ipal V. inmtst
it first be wneed. The e'es of al- ier sister
States will he fixed uipon he'r with the deepest its
terest. Mice very inucli-almostm evetrylhin.
-nnst epeld tuponm the iiflexible coirnge a I
virtMe. disintetresteht-ess atd patriotism. of tier
gallant people: for no eft'rlts or me.ms are spired.
or will be, to distinet andi divide 'hmm e i: nm.
them from their i ne and ried iith. INh re
-ceritly a resident of this State. tidme unifortely
a zealors rnd enthtisiasti, coad.i tor. in hersiriug
glee for Southein interests tnd principles. thme
tinidersigiedi brings with him the iee' e.st regard
for and coitidence its her chivalric e ople. hui
noneo of the persoial fee:int"'se r hostilities whieb
:ve mniappily marked time pre'sent -ilerene'.
'etween ld political frien; and his dearest (Ah
.ieet. text to tie suce ss of' the greI ctisei in
which he is egreeed, will be to siothe these as
perities. amid etncotrage orgetinimess of ti:i per
sonal fieling or considerationi, ii arleit devo
tWoi to the great priiciple's im olved-triustite
irret ..tr resp. ctid f'riene.-- of the pust. n ill agnii
become os.ociates nt somit early perie d of the
mture, and earnestly striviing to guaetrd at-ainst
those di,4gntsttmog and dege'nertiring pe'rsonal con.
tlis and parties, from the deep isiai'ce aril
einrse ofw hiei. this:-tate hais heeto'oie been so
peculiarly. happily. end Lonoruib exempt.
Fi.ly con'urtmg atil co'oleereting v.idh the
C.arohna people. heretofore. in diie noble., dliiiik
ri, una S'f-re'per--ln at el blothrq y -hatie tmamia
te.ted tlewnrd e:lXag-ng strnm partiztncontet
er the P1r'eid- tc%, the eiet t will spe're ni
eaims to inenle ate the pre priet% of pursnit y a
similar cou.'re hereafter i ut to hiet. prmiciples,
t.owever. willcsstrain him ti dei termintuely lem it
iicoimpretnistmp :y ol.l-se tie pretensioms of' one
si the present candidates. honi eve. he ma% ie
i1 e(swed to avoid ni a6% ocey of the other. lie
anntotlnt look ion N. (:s.A%. both is; his
I-rii cipieS aid practice, now, and rver since his
t amdonmect mf tihe lteytilehrne i.atrly in) I.
. the most deadly. danuerous. a- I sniees oil
enimtl of'the Sointh. and the true interestsl th le
n ho- confede aey, tihnat eitler ave ever kiiewn
A the head of the oid F, deral par y-aii op. me
ued avowed ainnkite, Talrible. Coloiatioiint.
:sd advocate of the Procluima:ie nt iad Fleece
hill-umd nowist) plitniuly ar'oimtel vii t i..
.rita n o-o en adtil prtmlicilee's eef' the Ai i
ltiouitsrs."-his elevation. us a stlAve-hoider. t old
firom a slave State, tie the I.xctive chuir of th.
Cmtedernecy. would lee oie sf the most deamdly
iad destretive bleena s to the Sith. atoli the
.ty of tie' '1 ndl , that coni .' possib1% lee m
lieted Upon them, from iny einarter BeIt en
him aid his present oprlno-i' o alitest a t
heivir. the CARot.s:AN couteld ntit liesttate te
00.44 for a ttemenit; iStid if tie haer, aned his
rty slall f'titlif'ully ased honestly ahere to .ie
g.rent liepiblican and Stite Iiphmis plim iph-'s
aitd neasmire to n hich they aret' ilsecily and14i
throgily pledged. ini the late e'xtr;ioritreist atnd
adminible "Aidress'' er their Coigre siot as
lRepresentutives. it will be vers fmin troet de sir
it, that lie should have tn oil.; rioppelti e eii
it the pres:t oew were to n% ithldtratt- Be mt
remiembered. however, that all tist. is quhali
ied by an uipotntt ' of," a the senly true
aid only trite course oftei Sontherm bttes asd
people-io niniter woo mast% he a camidalte-is
to deal .% ith all mei it cordimg to their smteasures
keep the coinrol of'tfmer own itieests. prir.-s:
pies im:d desties. in their iwi nds-tan.e
aloo'f'roma all persontl 'onitests, eer eehiangling
atances--.-ande bicotme roe parrt'mits of'ito meait
Isn other resprec's, it wdll ze'iaously anid unte
quiivoenlity advocate, the doectines ee the hterlnh-e
heani anid State Itig his schmool. its set forth in the
Virgintin & Kentucky hte'ssrtais--eeral Edit'
cantonm, ptinb~ie order, vties' arid siemolty- the
Umton ol'thie Staetes, ats e'staebished bcy the (Can.
stituition. Cor the strenigtheing oa seenrmg. a
di ntroeyimi or wveikm'-inug, oel ile instiltuteee ; ii
erties, trig hets. mtte~irq tied cii e'peee.e' of the
.ver/d . rentes-anitte onr' ini''ensnne doeti.tic te
stitmitionis, a- ecided'liy a blessing'. hih tci lite
miaster andte the siiav,, andit lii ny l i,. 'oneex n
with oeur pohltieni oiee. a e miatiotn the' ni 15sfs
an sb esf, f'or' time pn eemsot cirn of' pnhebie libertr or
ther, virtume, atnd tman ity, thatt time wer ll iteus e've'r
It will determinately oppose nil untrignse. dir
ceptihoe or indarectiont its 'ohtics. nmedc tsdvt'e m
andc encoturage rigid hmontesty. as aliwa. s the fee rf
poeiy-te il featrlessely ulphmol the rig/t, eveni
th~oth ms opponents. or enemies andie ojppo.e the
arronrg. touigh m peolis ictal ar pm rsonnt: frhi'e;,s
wit be goendb .rnils tnt mren"
prinecipr~is bemA alwayvsthec obje tch lit er., time
ecanee-nmtt zselously' adiveri andti scm pio rt tell
twhtosupp1Or' itsphrini'iiple's. nnmd oppoese till whoim
i. rese tht'e necl mattesttwhio-wtmi desire' rind
''si etirage thse f'ri'edy 'ti/rire of'all, bumt Sihrmil ton
tthe dic'tationi 01' noenmdc hold trseohuim.s :lt re,
epetn. free'y tindc c'orediay, to tihose whoce itl'r
from st-end. relying ten a inst appre'ciationt ef
its mtotives tand nmeentiiens, ill l'ear~essly ained ssn
hesittngly doechare' itshuen at a' inionis. hont evetr
un5popularCT dn tiliproprer tehi'cts of' cdisenasiose
andim lniirly hay befoere iss retaders time arguments
tinged uffinnsit themn-heo'ding n' pref'erence ort
regard tor its own opinions, hieyoend sthe heners
crnvietion that they are crrec't, tend hieing always
endey ten submit Itom tom the f'liheset erentinv. and
aibandan anti oppose them as freely as th'ose oh'
others twheni proved te he errotneonis, in short,
it with he, it shal fe. a Free Press, tharotughly
anid uneqnvoc:tliy, hut yet rationally arid tem
perately; and (mi all that an earmest ~nnd sh cere
desrre and eff'ort may he allnwed totrmh . e
nm:an neninee u fair resioved from licint
toun8e. on tihe one hand. as a ti id or selfist
tiolne- servis g ei~br erviency on the oilter.
If this be .r. mising imiclh. it is not without
d iltrate and concime'iintitns deitergitiiaiion- tc
0 . rm ;t. c me %% hat itnt; nor is it imore that
. r arie per'-. Im d. is lie teels neni ed his Ji
. r r, ders Will atman; tnd as lie has lad ever)
r* tomn to be s.-tislied wi:hi thIe results ot" snteh a
C. u se. heretof,.ro, ie will Pcaecelh be likely tc
-14! atto fripi. rairenttter. l''lli consjious 01
a .minbe emneity amakindsjo pretiora
it tintsmom liternry ac(lliremeilts, ho- will spart
t.o efforts, hereatier, as heretotoire, to imke a
memis, as itr as . assible. in his owt plnin. blun
way. by untiring itiditstl y. npplieatiot-, zeal, at
p-asen' 1a1e, lend uth'tering fail in God am<
a g;ol rioete, for theu wait ifalbihties moIe en
larged -md mwertul tnd tat-nis ol' a higher nest
order. liIs inilividen nttetion A ill be demvote
to the paper. and othing will be wantinlg. tha,
h1 a imiIost C ptity, netial, physical, or pecu
mary. ny etiect, to make it all that he tma)
bittulh y hiotm. Ii om it himself. or Itat mty reasion
allv he t xpecte41 t'om it hv its friends.
TE-'. '.-Titz CARnor.%iAN will be publish
ed -SM WEI.{k Uid W'a. t.T, mn such days iL
no hie foimid eimist saitable to the Mails-wit
entire new type. aid tin paper of large Intperta
size (very ntenrly as large as the Clhtrlet ion Mer
retry ior Conrier.) and of the best quality-a
tI nEE lomt.Ans per remttin. WEEa ,, it ad
vance. or Fatar)i Doll:rs at the expiration of the
. ear-atnl 'avE DLi..ARs ier ai amii. SE.smu
wsv.:gs.v rn tdvance. or :Ix DoDt.LAns ne the end
ottlie year.
The pililtentimt will comnmence as early as the
new tnnteria s cnl lie poroenred firom the North.
P'rscmllatltsdios'e to stibscribe. A% hu do sot mee
Wi'h -nbsteription papers in their .eiploborlood.
will -letnse foirwa d iteir natnes bit maetil to Co.
Itanhin : lavd those' kind1 dispo'.s-d to aid in
piroettring sub-eribers. 'will licase write him to
thn' et'bct, aid lie will send the Stbseriptiot
COt.LUttfA. S. C. Augi-t. U-31.4.
'd~tora thromibout the Sotithern Slates will
conf er a f ,tor. tlat will Ite ditty apprecm-iated. and
cheirn ly reciprocatiel, by r.-publishing thin
Pr- eetus.. cd l'o.wading t: this place a No.
coilt:-iili it
Subscriltirons r, ceived at this Office.
PF otice.
M Y JACK wi'l stam:li the naining Fall Seam
son at the bihlwing plheets. At Dr
.At ' oi wt 211h inst. at Red Hill on the 21st
at A .Sharptoi a ont the 22nd.nt (eorpe McKie'.
tin ie * it und .Ith. att Absoh-n Iielautighter',
ont the 2: th, at Joseph Vatn's on the 2 Ilh. and
27t1h. ;nd attend tat alte resp'ctive pacesregtlar
Iv on eyery 9th day dtrinmg the Season.
W it, be let to lmres at $5 the Seasen. and .9 in
taken to preve I t i III. Any - ane putting.i n it
-itraiae anal transferring the- mitore heGbre i. incan
he asqme tamted whether site is in fotal firfeits the
Istiurame tnomey. 124 ets. to the erotm in, every
a state. J. B. ROUNDTRI'..
AugustO 4 27
Steel Ribs For Cotton Gins.
.Veev laventIion.
Il'. stbseriber lais imi receivel a sop
p y f the PATENT l Il hS for Cot
ltol Gils. w hich htre been sloiiken so
highly of -A herever they haI'.ve been tried
i hrottghm the Cottonl Grim in2 States -
Th.e hiibe are so cons5ruted tham oie
et will last I% enty . ears or more, anl he
cini:intly inl use. by having an extra set of
('Cst Steel faces. The ftnees are simae too
fit oni tie friont of thie Mins, where the Saws
;i's thron,_tIi. anl inl so stm Jple a mnanner
slin nt.v iersoni 4An111 poi thet oin. The
nilt-erihier will always keep a mipply of
G ins on hand if the nhiove Ilemeripionm.
A few doers aborr the Upper Market.
Atgusta (4a .1tly 13 1838. I 26
R ANA IWA Y Irsit the plantation if the
. slhe il.er. in Cohilmbin coity, fin tle
1ig lit of t li ]'Ihi iis ant. Iwo negro ment,
iim'l Hietiry amil A liek. they are brothers.
ad hern a strik.in resemlane. Ifentry
is 21 years oild. ahont 5 fi-et 8 or 10 inhes
high.. dlark complected, lie is not qluitck
atliken. and is incliinel to lisp. Aliek is
lihont 19 yea rs obl, about .5 feet 4 or 5 iich
I- high, dlark cornpleocted tnnd quiak spoken
''They were b oth well driesnedl whein theay
left. amnd it is suppmosedl they are mnaking f'or
Washmngmtn city, as they wecre bronght fromt
that pilacee. 'I hei abtove re'ward will be
givesn fo their appilrehensiont andim delivery
iii anay jail so that I tret thme't., or $10 for
either JESS''.E S. W ALTON.
Anantsta Gia- Aiigiist 14 lS;S b 2.
7E i1 I 't'nesigned,. hmaving~ tiormted acne
.E. iion im hutsmtes., respect fully nth r their pro.
iessionatl aera jcms. ini Liaw ind l1-:iity, u ihte
Di.,tricts of Blarnwe'll and) l-Idttmfieldi.
J. WV. W.nisMaH is located at E~dgegield Cogtti
hlimitse, i-t. Ih-i.:.:-%' ini Jr. mit ilantel C. 1
iad letters diarectedl to e:thter of thaese' ''Ine, or to
A ikeni (which waill hie vism d ait rep tnhar tittervals
wdil ror'ave' firnimpt atenitioni.
I.. HiELl INGa JiR.Jr. flarmarell C.II.
. J.. W IMUI S H,EdgefeiddC. .
July 2fl, 1838 0 .7
.1E EDlEte&L.
T H 1 Em subacrier, frmt thme itmportuinities
ofml his fri'nids, htas c'onehindedl m fatr tom
rc sitite thea practmtice ofC his tprmtfessiomn, as to
-ittiendt tam till calls int Citronte' Dis'ases. A
monmg thteae, hte wuild metioin patmienmaarly
Sevrmtin orm Kmtui's Evil, Canceer, Dise:tsed
Mlanttnn<, Chroinie Sore Legsm, &c'. A ddress
Park.'s 1P. 0., Edgefteld Die., S. C.
Maty lI If 14
IEnpr'oved filtrgeons' Trunsa,
:the ratdien! e'tnre of' HI RIN IA. invensted
by lirsnta Casr. M. I).. Plhladelphin.
(mrarrantedltu cure.) All ordersm by mail or other
wise will be promptly attende.dbto.Adrs
either Dr. h BIT RT.
Dr. E. J.mavIMS,
Edacfield C. II. 8. C, 1r 24
From an old Natiional Gaete.
EDITrn: The liilowing artice
Se'pen of the celebrated I)r. Adam
as et fromip the Alexandria Gazette
n yeprs since-. As the weather loth
;!b~ last land this menotth, has been singii
a ected by the changes of the imoon.
it ably will tnot be unttwtorthy of ntten
tio lie oiherver of I he weath er will rarely
fun stable to :il. Z.
iv earliest chillhcdrl 1 was bred
Iu litie flari, which I wias taught to
r and cultivate ever since I was hble
.t o the rattle. use the whip, natina
the le, or handle the spade; and its I
fou that tiuci of out suce'sq depelend
on'. tper knowledge ud management of
the bther, I was led to study it ever since
I w ight years of age. I believe mete
orol, Is a natural seente, attl one of tie
fiat't is studied; and that every child in
thb.. istry makes, untaught'. sonar proairess
I i a least s.o it was with ile. I hand ac
tual leutrned, by silent observation, to larin
goo conjectures concerning the colilng
wen ier, and to teach wislom amnuig tioe
who ere imperfect. especially amntg suhl
who ad not been obliged, like me,'to watch
eart tly that % hat was -o necessary t) the
fain support should not he spoilfedl Iy the
wea r before it was hotuseal. l;anis -a
tim even in my tenler vonth. have I
w I the heavens with auxierv, ex.am.
i.ed dif'erent appearatices of the morn
ing d evening sun, thef phI -e of the
moo the scintill'ation of the stars, the
coau and color of the clatdta, the liehr of
the - ows anal swallows. thae ;abtttaols of
the 0, the fluttering of the duacks, and the
ioud reams or the seatnew-int forgertine
the be and croaking of the froum. From
the )I tIe knowledee I hal dlerivel froiin
cii bservation, ' often vemured to direct
our riuiltural operation, in; r. ference to
the. ming dtys. and was seldom niucih
On n an my reckoning.
A I twenty years no, a Table, pur
po. to he the work of the late Dr. I ler
sch as variously publihed, proflessing
to f prognosties of tie' weant tier, by the
tarn change, full & gnarters of t he tnoon.
I earefully consuted this table for
Rev veaer,. and was amazed at its gen
e euracy:-for though long, as yOU
. r ' .:audy: of the
weati.er, I tever thought that any rules
cOuld' hie devised, liable to so few excep
tions. I have madntl a little alteratioi in
t' e arrangements, illustrated it with ferther
observaitons, and lhave sent it th .t you Isa%
insert it, as it has hitherto been contifuel
eenerally to a few alhtinaes:
A Table for forerelling the Weather thriagh
all the Lunations of each N ear forever.
This table staid the accomi-vint remarks
tire the result of mayiv years as-tnoilbtisc .
vartions: the whole ieing e..trrte-a on a
luec ensiderantion of te atatvrat -n'.s of the
ai au-l maonir, in their seveaal po,itious re
specting the e.rth, aid will by simple in
%pections, show fthe observer wihat kind (it'
weather will moriut probably foallopw the -n.
trance of the moon into uinv of its qtuarters,
andil that so near the truth as to be beldom
or never found to fail.
If the new moon-t lie firso n:ter-- -
the full na.otn, or the last quarrer
happensa .a
_ - a. a.
- - =
b- ao
W O=
0 S
Obevtos .Te errtetm
theMo'sChnge Frs Qurtr Fu,an
3,Th are omddno ama
pIha-f- of the m",on happen. the more foul
or wet wueater tiny oe expected during ihie
next -evena days.
4. hie spntce of 1ibiselieniation oceties
rronm ten in the forenoon to two in the taf
iernoon. These liservationsi reler princti
pally to the Situ, mier, 'hough they all'ect
Sprimg and Attuimn nearly in tihe saame
5. The Moon's change,-First Quarter,
-Full -and last Q iarter.-hmappening (
rimig six of lhe afternooni hour,. i. e. froin
four to ten, may I followed h fair n eath
er;--hut this is iostlyi dependent onl i he wind,
as is inoted in the itable.
6, Thnia ihe 'weather, frorn a variety
of irregular nnses. is oitire ujnicertain in the
hitter part of Aamn. tihe- n iole of Winter.
and the begctp innitnit oi 'SpringR. yet inl ilte main
the above observatioi %ill apply to those
periods also.
7. To prognosticate correctly, especially
in he1se, Case w here time wind is coicerned,
ifthe oisterver siouml ie with Iii zitt of a
g1mod vane, whaere the for cnrdlina;tl poi mats of
the heavenis are correctly plced V. iIh
this preaition. lie will sc;atrcel v ever he de
ceived in dependinu on lit t;ble.
rrom the New 'errk Mirror.
To mmss.--, Kowin that %I'l are
shortly to emer ;I garten, enclosed a that
you are, at precet. it siriaier it) thi. g;ar
dvia, periaait atn oll frinidl to tell voni of
every part & every pahi; whi) kna'a's every
prodntetion of every kind it e.m possi iiy
yield; anmd. as mymv informationa can idl i ou
oi harm. it may do yoi %mie good.
You know ifhere is but oany 10v of il
traice. I need hardly tell you tiat it is
txtreamly uny an.1 glitterin-stre wid wiih
flon% erb of every haoe and every fragr:ace.
wit all all t1m art tar' imtanminat iani canl invent.
Yoa may tonadly hope in this scene or raptur
that yon will miot see lite end of time path
whe you enter it. To some it proves a
short one-tm ii you it may appear very
dlill'erent iu ilie retrospect.
Here. immy lear girl. let mine cation vont
not tIo dream of perfect or perpetual blisA ;
if you do, experience will show %ou that it
ne er existi'd onl earth, save in vi-sion or
visionary heads.
You will meet With many prdueions an
this garden, which are charning to the eye
and pleasant to the taste , but they are not
11* - Let me iual remark. that vo-nre
carrying into this garden one of the most
delicios and delicate lattus in nature. I
mean goni hmit iior Donm'i drop it oir lose it
its nany have donae so aaer thev eaitered.
wlio selhoimi, if e ver,'m' f il it again. It i.
a trenau-ture which taulhimag can make mnp ito
When you get to the end of the firs
walik, which la-,ts abouit thirty step-4 .Oiom
mimaly caliI loney-iamao p.itla. vo .vil
se' thev garili otaspen in a vaist variety oi
views--amid here I mnao etautioma yot Maag:ist
.,omeT prodneriion, whieb .are4 nan11Seen., nul
ioxiitas, amil even fIatalm their lendeev
iII the unwearv and iimairant
There is a low, simall plant, whieb mav
[i)I si'en in almost every pa;atl. calble -I indlit
ta-rence thiighv not per'eiveil at the em
iratmee. You will alwvay, know when near
m his plUat. ilough you Ili) ntaa tee it. Iiy a
certama coline,a. inl the air whii surroninds
it. Contrary to all olaers it thrives it, told
and dies in warimth. Wheiiever to per
ceive this, chanje your sittat ion as' soon A
you cal.
In the saie path you will liaol th a Ulv
yellow flower, calleil Jelaloni-y. hich I n% il
you never to look at. Ttr firom it as fiat
;ms possible-for it has rlie strange gmalit%
of imging ihe eye that holds it Witi a staina
which it ,elom gets ril of.
As you ao it). -uit will mn-e with maiy
litile crooket patis-hntit do otit go initi tha-111
I alvie yout, as a friemid, iever 1) ;mtmt~anei :
it: lir thioughi at mIhae entmae III eac is
wrmit ten in harge letters' "In the r-ightm,'" wv b.
you aet il. otle c i'ses ot of tell vo wiii
Iiad mlie true namie in lie Perver-ni'ess. and
lha t io tia re ina m le wron....i~ amndill iita aea
knowasledige it. Th'lisotein iiaenasiiins eadlit.,
ilhsputeCs hert- i'-s a ,.iotireea iof perpnlami lilh
l;rnceai' amid siamaet imaes of a final seaationt
in te izarden't.
Near this spont, you w ill meet wit h a stmr
idy. knmottedi liant, c'alledl (Obstiatev', hecarinag
a hardnt hitter' fr'uit, wshail ic becmeas fatail
whencm tiakemi ini large imuanmiiies. TIura ('nami
it-avoind it asyo w'ii nb"iiai the lagnec,
Jumsi oppoutsite to ithis, grows thaat lowvlv.
loavelyv shartih, Coampjlianmae; wichi lt iiahi
tnt palensamit tiao te pahite, is '-alumatary namad
sweet, andI praidner' l ithmsi diin ,' frit
ini the gtanlenm. Never lbe wvithiout a sparig ii'
it itn youmr hanmd-iw wviii oietn lie wvaatlg as
yua Ci) tlaont, if yiau dlo maoi voti wsill sturely
reipenat the wat, of ii.
All over atie gia'rdin youm amava~ (Ind a use'
ftul pinanm enlleid Ecountomv. It 'is ofb a1 thriv -
ing gniamlty: tamke a goodau stock oifit ais vonl
goi ini. It ndtitars atnd enrichea nr mime sm ii
spise it,nndu thmers ihinak they w'ant it. Em
igenerally fling-itten itn mh-- hi r : ail .zai
elt ithi whlichl p.-ople. eter i his plar'e~;u
she total anto iiit isc mionaly piaidtfo
wvith hitier retptanmce. I musi.t i;.1I yaau mimi.
lessu boith paarta' iof it. it wsill anaswe'r little
e'aind ii eiher. Vonam many if vou liease car-"
ry soimme withI yoai intoa the giardem, knmi it is ~a
hunmadred i taone if 3o daionatat lute it in) giaina
iaa. Th'lis is moare nieefuil th-m s' har lahev lma
thetre-fior it is of tanaother start. Parovidet
youtrself tand parimner wiitha plroper .un matity
of at, as siaum tas you cana whiein in the plae.
You iabsurv'e, as yu paass, tiwo tar I hirer
piths, wshiich rn mneht' inato iane another
I mean those oaf Regularity, E~xactness ami
Neatne'ss. I10 not think as many do, thai
whaen ianc'e yiou are in, yout may be enarelesa
ofC yonr person and dress. Rcenmber.yout
conupatiion will see somn tbhne aon so
this indillerence will strike his eye, ifnos
til'end it. Enter those paal ailnaost as soon
its .oui era r li(-erden; ad take my word
lor it, if )(,u do, ttlu will iever ger oUt Of
LIvti; onace fair1 ill, you ire in for life-and
the worst of it is, haat if you donot find them
sloon, 3 (ti ei ill never find themt afterward.
Near this walk, is fouttd lthat invaluat4iP
sartlb, Humiiiy. Tis, though ol no wnrita
in iaelf. 'et joined with other good quali
lies is norla themi al put together. It is
never -keen without lcing nrlnired; and it
Is msIeaSt ami iable n hen not visible. They
say "virtue is its own rewnrd.'' I am ver
tain prile is its owiin punaishm'rit. Flie
from it. n fron a I oailaieonr, whiib it strong
ly aesemibles. It infectsand <(orrupts. Cul
tiviate n% iih all ).uir eare the himiable phtim:
nowu v int-tvioned, as the best auaidote againcr.
Iihis poiso iion weed.
Aow ria. here, to drop a hint oil the stb
ject (if vuhivation, as% dhal rnst probably
will be jour et p 'ilylielul, Should you bio
entristed with lie rearing of a flower, re
maaemb'ier two things; first, alat it is tit nt
flower, however lIir-frail in its nature,and
lohnlig at every last; atd secondly that it
is a riaawer in arist, for the cultivntiona of
tif' which you are atecountable to the owucr
of Iihe tarden.
Shoual you he it witness to a lailast on it4
dawiing beaaiaies. aoh, how yonr fltitrering
hieart % ill bleedol with te'nc'dernaess. Let af
feetiot sypaathise. Your feelings imay be
conen)('ed bmt they vcannot be describted.
'ahesyounag shoot will naaturallv and insen
sibly wiue around aiae fibres of your frati'e.
SlIOUl it live' taid thrive, spare no p;tin.s tos
re;ich the votang produection iow te) rise.
Weed it, itwaier it, priue it-it will naeed
athemt. all. Wit hoatar abik, anV weeds will
grow up iand poison the very soil oil ihick
Re nbiier thi< is a trust fAr whiebi vott
are acotabahle to i .- wih.t g-itv. i,. [ha,
yon -anay I)- W!eit -vit'i the -wee est .a.o lac
aiaons ea this gardin-r hat they alaay he the
delight ol youra eyes, and tht von anlda tler,
whein ahe suiaimer of this life is over. ualay
Ie- tranispiaaanted to some happier soil, and
flouri mi imaiortal vigor, in periect and
perimianem feici *v. is the sincere wish of
your ailectionate'friend.
A Friend to Fema!c Merit.
From the Charldeon Mercury.
Mr. F.ditor,-Elaving :arefulfy. 'xmtnined
the records in tle Charlesaoit Library,likely
to aflrd any criterion to jatdge of the tern
peraitare of Charleston, in past years, I take
the flibcrry of hanIdiina you it statement of
the restailt and of the Thermoneter for Jaiy.
ISJs6, which evide'tatly has been the hottest
sesan i lce iflie 1738.
A Sa :anV of your refaders may iot own Dr.
R-1aata y' I itary tf S. 8(sirielina, (whicl
lass liecoimi .a searce wtork) or have limo
tea exaamine ia. I have adnie the following
'xIata't-, UpJi wlicl I foudn iiv Opainlion,
;1aid n% laela musay ntll1 lie unacepitable to thern.
baervsaa ioianaiae by the ledical So.
e3ly sie 1791. compared vith a ho,e nade
y Dctitor -Liaiin between 173t anl '4-.
aad ti 11t ths,- Miale by Doctor Chaltners
Iletwa'en 1750 an '59--"aeaem to prove that
the clitnate of Chlarlesaon for the last 70
yeal's h is elbisaiged flor the better, & lhe haeat
of tIe Summleters has iaaea."'
"Te readear is desired to judge for him.
sell wihether ie has experienced anv tiling
comapara ble to tht necotiti .ivenj hay Daaetors
L ia ande Ctihahners. Observations of the
oiImer re beo-e alhe Roy al Society. lion
dn. 1718, saIy-iI Summer the hea of the
shialed -air abotur 2 aIfr 3 'elock. P. M., as
frti 3ent ly ramn 90 dec. to 95 deg. and on
tile 14h, 15th ;and itih Juno 1738, at 3 P.
Al. -at 9d-two mien inl the - treers dropped
suadealy d.ad, and several silaves inl the
lield1 sharia'e'd the ;:amle rate."
Duor Chahne'n stays-"I ennno con.
vey a hviter idea of the hea, its yiln pas
alig tie sareets :a1 aleoon in St nier, that
05% omariniia it t ls-t gIow which strikes
wian woio loaks iito a prerly i'.rm oven."
"'Sondoieei's mourae psar'tienahary ametal,
sasorta so ratuech heat nt a aimes, that onae ceta
""at liv lans hla~al tpon thiemi wah imptuanity
ismy , I llavye seena sa hieel stea k of' the coi
al iieaa a.knaaess, so depriivedl of' its julices
ni laea laid onra icannona teor 20) amin aeas, as to
bacea uerdonae, sae'amding toea a~usai wayi of
spaeeaig." Fora this very iinta'raesting sae
coauwn mt deail, see R~llmsay's S. UCar'elat
ed voaisee, pa'.4-e66.
liaaraag ahe. paeriodl of 23 years, I hiave
noted the extremek haeat lay the Th'fermnoame
ier iaa the Library lloomi. I hatve never
kineaw nti a to rean"aa" in s-ucc'esson sabove 9U,
iar imore ahanai 3 diays wvitheut rsain and ai
cantge, eande nev'er saboeve 1l3-las~tyearfm
Jh rdl tea ahe 1tht: Jly, a saccese~ a pefraid
of6 ran io - 'eeaao 91) tea 9-,-his year
wvital iln. e'xepjtioni ol' "nii dlay, it ha eaag
ed tior 10 d ay f'romaa ltoi U~J'a, 5a l.apear
bay the f lowi aig stai' etae'nts:
I Saann.ny I 12-9id | 23-92
2-il j 14-hit rain i24t--88'* rain
i 15--2G-94
>-66 |.7-88 28-94
7-6/ 8-49 29-.
d-- 19'.-9100-05
il-8 21-94 -9
10a-0 21-94
I l-89 22...-.
See. & Libr'ana C. L. S.
The Philadelpaha Pnablic Lodger of the
18th mlst. says, "It's sill a hoax tabouat rhe
Unaited Siate's lsaank of Paennsylvania taking
lthe' 'lexana loan of awo mnillionas."
The woi'ld seldom apprecisatet merit-.tit
jays homano to fortune's favor'Ift.

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