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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, September 27, 1838, Image 1

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M. LABORDE, Editor. We will cling to ti pillars o temple of our liberties,
-?LD E i . and if it must fall we *ill amidst the ruins." PU ILE IED W EE ILY.
VOLUME 3. EDGIECa.ef. (Sbr7,
The Edgelield Adveiliser,
113 P111111AHI.E
TER1S.-Th-lref- Dollnrs per unimi if paid
in advaie.-Threv )ollurs aid Fifty Comnts if
paid belere tho expiritioi of *ix M'otio Crotm
the date or Subscriptiom.-and Foir Dollars, if*
not paid within Six Momths. Subseribiers ont of
the State aire required to pair% inl adrance.
No -1tabscription received'for leoa ilutn ter yeoar,
nd no inper discointined n.-itil ll :rre;ir:;;es
are paid, except it the optim of hile itor.
All subscriptions will be contimied umic.s oth
erwise ordered, it the end of tie )eamr.
Any.person procuring five Sisbscribers ati
bcomnung responsible Itor the smie. shall I eceive
time sixth copy gratis.
ADVEltTiSVmr-Ers comispielonsly inserred nt
62.1 cemts per sqminre, for the first inmertiom. aim
43, cemts for each comitiianc. A dcrvrti<mients
not havingthe nmnmor of'i isemmios marked mi
then, will bo cotinnied until ordered out, and
charged accordingly.
.All Adv--rtiemneni- intended for bimUemion in
this paper, imst be deposited in t4v U lice by
Tuesday cruing.
All commnnimications idreswd to the F.ditor.
(POST rAiD) will be promiptly iid striuly ittemd
ed to.
ma=- --,amams-fn a1. Mo.-. ..........
State of Sou1th Car-olinia.
.HIMIEFIE1111 DUST111t felT
Frncmus Briggs. and tothers. ,
vs. Jom Brigs.
N OTICl- is Ierebly --iven. that by %irii- of
un Order fruom tle Cotiri of* C'ini urv ini
,he mab v'e statmi vase. I will fll tIhe fir-I 1 iind;
IIn October n10!X. at I:dgefitld Courl iim -. 1 ii,
for sale tit puliblic oilery, a tract t ilanil bIni'
iig ho E .state wi Almiry Brives, lmee-.edl I fii
tainin diret, hoodied -1ns,ire or les.sin:smtor
in Edgefield District. on Sweet Water andi Sio.
venk's creeks, oi the Mm iintown ro.i.l. a id f..
jiiglandaoi Ab<aMom M-111hinter, i.ewi--ur
ry and imnd owned Iby the salid i'raincs Bri.
oi a credit 'of omir t Io (eirs, except cts,Im.
Which must be Iaii in eash. imrmm'um'r to ii e
Miind and persomil secority, mn a Moriage tit'
tie premises tI secure the piulIImms inm1mi4y.
.1. TRi itY, C. E. 17, 1.
Comlmissi4oner's Olire.
E.dgefield, Sept. :1, 1N.4: 'I :1I
16State of, Sol I arolilla.
John lierry mid othi'-. vs.
Jnme Berry ai - hilliers.
OTICE, is i..ruby gi%ei. tihat oi the Ir-t
M Aondiay in ctobi'er mxt, at dE.:dgeziIld C.
11ouse. I will ofli'-r for silo at piblic onterv, it
Imids lelonging to time Estate of Iichard lierry,
deceased, hici have not been ussignled to linne
lyimig ill Fadge'fild b)ismti Im. on Mmlmmiimin Ci fik
or itlf waters. mijoinig Imidd of' .wdnim Iollo
wily, Jiicolb tlarh-ymttl 4:ime Uowles. Amd me
oilier trmet conainim g livv himi.drid a nr!s. iur
or less. lYing inl the Dieltrict uitm*r1-:-.id oni the wn
ters nt'ores.tid, mili mdjoinling, 1.in oim .Jord:m i
jlolloway..jost-ph1 irdtn, luz:ule 11Ifwe..n
Jus. RolmertsNm, oi a credit of one :md tw':7
except tie itsts, whii mmmii.] i' .paitl ill ea-ill, 1h
widow pmin:r ie third mmml the 1 mr uri- ibII Pii
tees two timirds'of 11:4! sn : te ltra':: mo i- sol
sepmrtv.ely, mil the lmr-hasf rs m gib P ive hotid amd
seetirity, anid am .Mork:i mf thei' prii* t. s.
. 1. T 9l!RV C. 1F. I'.. D_.
Conunissimn-r', Ollice,
Ed-f-field, .1ept. .Ws.d3
I[enderson Ahbn:ey mid others, vs
Chatrlolte Atmey.
4OTICE is herel given. !m-i t theilI'. f:-t
.L l ud :iy iii O4toier 114,xi, at I :d:n-'it-'1 C.
If., I will olfifr - r sal t puliw m:mmry. th !:nnim
W Wiillim 'l'. Ahn ', d'r :'ed-('-m;m th:.i p.r
lionl of,thilm1% in;.- North .,l't- ('mnbi:lrr:
-whiell lIm.. hel1 a!.-:,: e to .3lr . Cl1i.:i,u '.
Ailey vilm i i 'iii Coir lim idlted aind . liimit m' li:
teres, ni re or -s. i\ in ill ih' i -ti . 1l -1* 'I. .
ieh'll, omi fli wae'- I' Saida RIiver, nd:l .ihd : -
inl- 1im1il-< of ldward Clark. Belmminhi llim:m
poll, \ ii 1imin ('ibre1'mm:i. .\1dro-, ilmi li i. u
G. Ma%,-t anr iimh rd !' 0 mi t, mi ;; v'tiii; I
onie aiid tx% 4) m N a Qxcept w' *;. ieb i: -i h..
I id ii nish. 'ircliser it) g.i lim"I aili per
somm ecuriy mnd Al mi:gg of ihe p mi., oI*
sec~ire the ptrelm.e iimomi"y.
.. i lY - 'j :II .1 . . 1:. 1 .
Commissionier's Oftle v.
Idl;efield.l. Se-p.;3d, 163)m. (1 31
state of' outIi S41rolin.
Naniicv, JImancock aimm otheirs. vs ?
1Mimrtii II. )mmy m:d( .lohni Damy. ~Iu,:;ma
TOT i'F.i is hieeby givm'm, that min ihmi first
. Momtidam,' ini ctoberm nu-xt. mit 'dgmeli-Ih 4:.
11., I wtill iler f'or smile ati pulicm immilr, am I mrt
ol' land blonmgimr tio Nmmne's i mmm:enm't , Shtumm
Ilanco'mmik andmm \V;;iim .1. 1 ima'mmi'ik imma 'h-inm 11.
Day asi tenanilmi ini cm'imiiimi, cnininiug fou hanm
dired mcres, mimie or I-sit. hin iiriiiin,i' m'llhI i
trict', oni the n ammiteriof inis Cmr'e'- l. adjom~iing
imands of.ohnm P. .Alavs. Hli''irt \Valke r.- ..'is
Cinr, .Jim01 Cumrry ammii .\r' Ammina Amml.-rnmin, mmi
a crerbt mf nt' aniitmd inu mm yeamr-.m'xelii e'.tu ieb
- must hi' paid iin cash. 'i'irchasi r to. giive liion
nndii per'isam sm'enrityu. adim mm 31 mrtgag u ofn ithei
lihe prnne to seeimne lthe pumrebamms imev.
J~ulgm-hid.l.TV.Hi' tV, C,.1 i 1:.'
TCounisiner'st:m'flimiim, rmm'im
. iin ini huti,.. t'1('tii rep e ll i'r imieir ipro'
fm'e'miinal serices'i, ini i.iu mii:mi I'mity, for mlihe
i)istrims of W irnweli mmmii I :m-.:mtii'l.
J. WV. W'i,isi is licaitedm t F.mihlIm Cout
lionsue, F.. ih:.ii. sum :n: .lr-.. mt i'!a:anu iii 4. ii
mmnii le'tter directedm tio ihi r oft ihme I:rs imri ti'
Aikenm (wiu'h will ibe vismid-i maetgumlar stenuih
will rem-eive pmroimpjt mmtieioni;i.
I.. H ..1 NGI it. .lr. Ihm'rmpum/! (' II.
3. WV. WV 31 hiS ii, I.'j.m ('l . II.
A7'O '7CE.
A LL~ P'ersonis iindebmm'd to Ithelat;me Chri-.
- timnm l'itithanytl,deicenisemd,ari''eq t-.'.
edm tim mak iei'imm iimi pamy menmit. And mim i
per'msonms hnmmin g de,i,mdi nmgmm'it time in'teii
mofi said de mtcease~d ar ie re<'ltilested to prescnmt
JOlI3 .BAU;SKl7TT, flur' ;-.
I'1 b. 25i. :...
J119M. 21. 1.,1I4)!NE.
R F. PL.*TFUIA.Y iniOrni thet iianlitants
fAgua an1US1I4 its viemit v, lintl Ihe Witi:er
-ist"'iu "11,1 n-r enainary w%i!l 44),oimence on the
.Ist of1 h-lober ' ' .I , llo cf hal h a slt i lies S114--e f-cedel
i in 4bt: i m' l-Iost ellicient A.4si,tan1ts,. 1141
,nale utal I.iale, it 4.1114.n . 111 14!14 41 that 'atiiA ic
tion3 wh11i'b she( soI ardently VI <h-ires'.
Th cwnl- of* I i dic.4 %% ill e44-nilt ofi tIn r% i.,
p:r nt 4444'4 . Ir. ir-.
First C -our'e --Orhography, Re:cint.,
ruiig. Ariloo.wi(7all oi i-len 'ary
1iranchesIol* liistory, GrmIzir na44
Ntol Calurst. --lislor v. unioduern :u114 ani
cimit, Geograihy. ;'r:imniar, Pasil..-,
Ur-1hoeply : i irrttin. n14ll
T/.-d Course- -CoImprisi,. everv I auhe
o* :14 I :I sh tIhwc:1if , .a! L 111 ill
tile 111(inip:tl Av.a41iv:i- o,f th! I . States I.4.
ren4h. Iinani41sh1, & I .tain Lan4guagesI!,ah .;u'i 10t
'itin in watercolor ,44i
Nlu IsiC on 'iaio Flrte, inlelliling Vocal
I . ii lh i ar, i.ehtling Vocal 31mic -I I F
lsel of, thle P'iallfs-rati-a.
If i.4 14ei"rablle thai: 11pil< S11 ni l eit r4 11
141!24v II it perio l a42 pfssiblv fll. til 11h purp11e Ql- (f
IiorunniI4 1la5 , il b it I this is itend.-,l with '100n
i1v1 nienO e I o Ii. 1 Ci pa:rfpnl'. it is th :
1is/fl rlt N illh fli. -44min1:irv I1hat1 tIie it.4ttrer
c1 mm1 ne114111WI, e41 1 in-h i. 'u potvii is i nto id.
Ni pipil will be r-cc iIed tiir a 4lo teln th1c1a
1n14 flplarktr. n1or will.any Ifl.llililn hv imm". f;-r
4h74' T rotivItmith, Mtr. 1.here wvil 14 1ut
o ' n ina' 2%vaatimn, 1)r n%hidt,. n4 livllction
will Ii oun:'te..
Mirs. M('- I: temi:! nvi-mmo:1-1 , a li,mitt,4 ,I....2.
her elf' Ntiln. Inifi s il in :l*- Y %%i.Ii: a iroies.,
n i fig 1. . whvi. hiwmu m iditr hir 1 n111u11edial~.
eblI-. rrivt atI4,11nimn w ill l- a164 1 to tiv-ir n111r.-al,
al': 4 l'portmem14. 2444 1.ard 'j'in am i sert;:n. per:
4aarler p.e.
A iugmsht, Gsa. Ali,- 1-. 4.se ,
Te. 10,11,g4vi!h- .1tan 'hin U iol, . 4: 24a .
W:hill gin ane d : tih A%v%t-er i'll
11b4i nll o vo wevky, 1n1til Ist 4-lctober, 4l1
Corward014-lil :wcont . a s.
T1111folbciber is fol Nairghl 1i R'1er
dreci and vigy;1 nere s of h-11141, tnile iall, R i
VIh boilo:n1 A vensi Ieva412r 144iIon of, ihe
b1(ttmill is clitircly free fvoill I-veshvis.;'111 is
the( very litsis Cwtton hnind in fihe midhdle
comntry-the balanee is fine Corm hmid, ns.
sa -is any onl Ihe River. The tiylatill is
high and hecalihy, aund t large portion of' it
oxcellent Ginil landl. Thie kI'lid will he
shown to pierisons ibhing it) see it. by A1r.
julormaiion 11y hie had by applicationl to
the Subscriber livinig ;4t Idgefiel Corl
( ione. A hargaiin will b0 'givet in fihe
lanm, fi>r prompt payinent.
I. i. 2..\Y3,
.Meel Rib. For Colt on GAinl.
o 1.subscarii.r h:ijui-t reveived aI stilp
p 'y o lift P A ' -N T RNBll S for l 4 -
1n ( 1i4s, whli have bien SpO1, S
ih:1. of w1herover Ibv v: e bt 1 1 .i I
4ho11n', t 4 !he (ii State .
TInve IN;; :iib r so coniirti'-ed th-a (tile
.t. will Ia:l-mvvwn% \ears or nmore, mnid it
4ntnti,,11ly inl list-, by haviij. 44 ttxlrn i . vI of1
C-I 'tSwc. fi-vs. 'l liees are nnile ,
lit filn lite femit (of 4th 1 1 b . l wlire the"an
paS til.row-h, andi in so simple a manneri
t1at any nl-'SO e41C.1 If) nt the-r1 ( n. '4I'be
subcrber wil sna :,kevit i s-,-ply of*
G111 onl hand ol, 'iwv 14ve i-- riptin
1oVI 1, 1 \M P1.t)NES:.,
:44 4)4 .- Il a ::rsi i i./ !:' 4h pr I4r Aladia.
.r.::prared Collon Gin..
rpIf1 '11.abrie-:w%Inl.,-:4:b0.114-f.0 CT:-p.
21TON M;N A\NITAC'TOHV in thet
T,iwn 44Il ..b r . . '.. 4444 Ilhe imprml -1 . .
l--m II'M r. 144l' o "I.-P, i ' : -14 to 4-o m11 l14
1!.vir (ii iis it,h4 hi. Th p4 ' I'.- y na;trr;i:l4 Iti -ir
1I4 4 to(be es( i n 11 4 !41 ,...-- t 4 )* 4 ir.
(li -tw illt.al Ill ll (i f an b11!4-rali 4.1 \ hi
4l4 I1 4if ojl illifIl. I i" le i 4ei iIdii'vid ln - fla
- n4.! i. of bh' 46C won. on i. (rib. fl 4e
Ihao,v atiot( 11i 1111th 4. 11*11hakinig.g 1i. ob! r i 1 11o444 i
tili-Ih enft .k.l (,I,S1 t l i r11 :1 i l , wh,:,.!' i.;-\ . r \ -- .
114n414busine., in :. A ;ars . 4!. 4.41. 444 , in
Sati 1facti t allwh may44 11n2 th' w114ith th14eir
44.444'414 4'4 't lt' tl(4 II. KFnlIi. '. 1 222.
-"atend41: to4 al cll 2s ii Chr4ome44' )isra :se A
341 214nmae,L ( I 'bronie SlIre I,.41'. &4'. A ilre44!,.
I:. ba ( lTI1:);l
Par's2 P. ()., Il.:ge'('e1ld);x., S. C.
E by 11; i4n 24: 44444. 44. 1. pI~h. ih11h- 44phi
(grar: iala rr . ) .\Ill enh-i' hvi l 41 r 4 lin.r
4c42n4r 114. II l 4;Igy ,I:ms
h>r. 3'1. I.A14;4111); ,
jI I E Noe andS4144 A cconu4tI4s 44f 1),-. Jame414s
i. 1I. 1a..Jefliers, in Iamuitrg. All peri
to c('tll 4and( pay)~ M r. .ieilers, wh1o4 i'i244 anthrized
4It'receiv the 10l mone! and those442. ha;vin4g
4emand 1 a 4ai1st14h' Estate4 wvili pIlse ren4
der hem toi him t1.:. PANN
" Oh! that I h,id Me wings of a doare, that I
might/Ire atray UI(j be at rest."
SO) 11rnyedl tie Psanist to be 1'ren
F:rmu mort:al bondsanid.parthly thriffl;i
Aml sqch,. or soon or late. p hall he
I 'ill oft the ieat' breathed prayer or all;
A mw we, wevii li''s lat saids, we rove,
With Cillerii-0ng well ano ching breast
Sh:all Sigh iwr wingas thmt waft the dove,
To fiev away G:l be at ri::t.
While heart,; are voing amu hope , are high,
A 1i1irY .,cviw dotlh lifb illar;
11, si..hlsar.. braulty tl lite eye,
It soinn :34 m111.,ic o tIhe ear;
lut sooll it gilide-s fiomil yothl a14 e
A:mi I'ils.:oys o llire pos ,we d,
We, lii. the etpltive Ilio .lh-va,
I'onlild away and be at rest.
Is onrs tiir womlinll's I-gel smile,
All brilgt anl eaniill a- dav?
io o lI'r livek and y eth le %% ilh.,
Timni 'tenis tin, rse ad dits tihe ray;
ilhe wanhers :(o ite spiriCt :id,
Anid we,- wvidh spoech lc.- grief* (pp1)reno.
\s W'r the fitcded 1;rm we stand.
WVfmI;ld ghtilly wsre ter place of rest.
B4y%Ond14 lite ililks-b-hyoid the sea.
Ohl! ior1 tiel pintimln4 of'a 11 sim .:
)i6' ilr tIe m41 14i' %wings to l1e
Aw.:ay. anIdi he with tieI we lllve.
Wiein all i., fled iamt's bright aind[ flEir,
And flth Is mtt aI wintry Vate,
l'his-thli. at a.--t mu. t I c r plr:i ver,
To t!ee awa and blie at rest!-J. Malcoln.
Im eelc Ian Colls.
Frmw thr ,V;,tn Vork .Awi rirap.
hp i fI e(III
ot4. to the Legislature of New York, he ie
marked that with a proper sy.temll of clit
:ation, and correct mode-s i)f teaching fill
r1'r children inight iecome limi!i:t. wiii
te physical Suiecellcs, botany., m3il'nr1ogy,
lh va-nolnis classes of anim* 1-, eint
al enomy , anld ihmml-h in hi-,o- .v 1t1di
4io.graph, withsollr any :ddbliiollls
-ll*.Iiitl.ne :1 311 ol lfny I'rthetir it ut- (.,in.- I
W hSOnnin s ::Inl m n iirw:h o ' thi remark has
,iml e Iet fuidi provvie by th.. sv-11.1m1 ol
-dnealion Ii P'rosia :alid oih,r ' wrmnain
-Ite,s it I! by thook For deaminmes
an1 1ihe bliid in ibis comiltry.
hlle fOml il:n- C:n-ls ;1' ,bow thai t fit
i"111W re11111r% miay be riuly Sustainied ah a1
plain deductionl #df rva-mling .
I. :4pe inig Il ol bo I!, it) collilliotlt l %!, eon.
n:Iill from tell Io filieun rltio:tiw word;.
VO t:11tn the orlhograpthy o e:4th word bly
l int ail uownwry C-iinded oni fli h arrane
ce t r I vl:Iive po i ll IfIIh lefner-;111J,
r 1f munir.h1 tiie and141 e1,t .n, to leartn
he 1nMIle, propvrtie, 1111 Inf,. of, lel pamts,
Iiiiierals. alninw:l, (or shkl;: or wn princi-i
14S ill chlii, a. philos>ph, a
ronom.y, gintr,o olitiva:d oimv
> the Sanlic mnhtt1ner of, fas inl hist'lrv, or!
4i'l,by. Cuseellf-ntly whille a hild
S (111n1tilig t) imemorY thile wordS inl ;I
.111ilili:t haol,, hev mni-ht learii ;a hividred
lniintil ohe the b ijects, irinci ple%, or Ilhets
1. ' lI-ilme, paper ink toid ItiMls, ordi..
nt nised by childreo i schooi lr, iro
e/ingljl!. wo3nbi4 he' ~1 ni'i4int ior wvrilting 11h
mmanes', w'ithn briEfl deip'.Itio.ns 431 the same11
Ithject, p~ rinci'jple i. ( ea .
3. The44 time44 '53lpen ) li3t inpnin l) es'ons
romt4 r'<-admg book41.s, it devood34~4 1( ttn re:nI
3lg am~ti.sid of3'm the' fishle. works'~' 432 sci
xlntnie n'ii h somell care', and14 11or 1(ome4
rtilealI r(em/I,u.' (It. at l'ni.t 431 n bns'he, (it
och'l ,1f I he sub2cts~ ~: above Inletti44e4Ii
4I. tInhe time1 lIsul lx spe3n Iil ; lns,':i4
rac14tical . .ml4('i citia ex(erlise5 in1 descrip-'
m1443 :nod lnarrai3nns. retlting 24) 110(lnet
i ntiurt44 agnd Ia1rt, with 13ee.nier' -operaItion24
.ly is raei4'al11, rationn2 .4ti,ia con33'e
inen'ttly mttere'C'tml. 'ouirse oft Ie'trei'se in
pelhui31, wrl4itin., rea:dinig :lnn grammatI,r, It
igs he. eI'4viden-tl 243 e'.erv. 1n3e. thant ch1ibiren4
)nghly acepmintedt~. In I1b these mechanicafl
partts 33ednnt44'3Iin 11ban thev~ coiI p0'-il
14e iby4 a mere!i''I4~ reperill4n4f I(tem for 3d ays,
2I prooft of thle corr'3ee' f'nsiCo the above
stteme'Ints , I hva t'4 .4 lenv t(mentilon that I
'iiein' whi hav13I :e ienror thtte n'amties, am4i1
.4on ,2Ihin3!' 3 otho~ prop3ier'ties, of' iotm 2 wenty
o thnirty objt11''' im (one hour2, manyhi ofC whIomn,
had11 'spentt, not only~ dayis" ai 'e'eks, buit'
mont3)1hs, if not yearsl", in3 t(eri ng the tw..e.ity
s4ix tt terns of tIhe an laet ;11 nnaf'ier all,thaey
p3robly:I3~ did( not) 33b3ain on, iinct1IW ration)
tti idenS, from12 whatt was contsidecredI Iheir in
stine'tion3, 2thouIgh, ii is3 true, they mutst have
received1 manlly from33 thir3 spoErts, and( f'rom
the14'ir.walks to3 and) from,I schools~.|
T1o scureh Ii,men,,,z .ai-.c... SC
the distiguished si 11esan 1 ud phi
her above named, and tow realizd b,
t. ects ofsome absoltite moiareboN, tle
l Ong provisions are desiralule,' perhaps
.Encouragement. and4 aid to cliidre,,
ing the volume 41f,naiilre, will, which
al -delighted, anl whichil ley0 comm111fiece
ro 'g.when3 they fir:,t opeii their eYes ilp
on l.ight of ienvell.
Assisiance i., collecting.. arrangig
an exclunging aeirh others. specimens (if
S rals, planits.shew!ls, dra wi:, meehal
ists'peedle-n%ork, &c. &c. for lie contemlis
o I.LY CA .IN trs.'
Phe r firmatinil of "SeInooll. Ca.m3s
9V rn aill thel %ceventy Ilholntad -,ehooks inl
q oinnry, maild excianges with eachi otler
in rks of Nature and ArI.
ie early i.d tai yi use of slaes for
di-a -inl- oects of'Nuture ;-fal A, sch a3
imple Itgures of geometry, Viz: trian
gl. sttares; hexagoos, :wi cir'l.e- hjor-e,
(10 dirds, fishes, and ilinsccs hatches,
ku es. pitchers, shovek. ploiigis, &c.
r riting words, or namm" of things, as
do cat, lat, OIlk, rose, fimlea, lim-e, -ale.
& -ill colilneclion nitlh lie Ihinl-"s theII
s, or pictures of elimil drmanl by tile
el reln.
1nn the pict!res andll Inames of I)h
j briel and 1anmliar do-,eription ofi itm .
on slates, and then an) pller by lead i
p k, 6cllowed hvy pells.
Siml i n illstrulinlns !hr vi:,ihle illuN
ns, boih in famies ald sIools vi.: ,I
g ,geomewrical solldh, it-vers,. pillies,
d -, maps ind oiher drawitig., or priw.,
reflient walks in lte fiebds and -:ir
do over ledges or monniins. hv ive
or ooks. throigh markets,. on nharve,, in
tics'shopi marble an)d --rallile vards
al .a (m encoulraed by the pre.--to.. am
it :tioll of a t .lreml, ulder broili
e iister, or some tiher protec lor.
.11ma11, simpic mnd 171mil:ar hioo!-. f:(
e g tilic ol'weti, principIe. or oe ion,
S iive 'witics.'ed by their lte'sii ill tlf
of N ature. Withl tihe" soeic of 1 4.
6il niad ilntere-tin'-g passa:-,es from :he
selected from thlie (G'ospels. the
e, P'roverbs, or the limica sIi ikriel,h.
0 :Old Tust:l enlill, are ietliarly alp
late anld deli,fiid to (hibi,iren.
'4r-ger anl Mnore ' Iv-imi,- works on
#MlC!., arl" 1,1i-t'ry bi-N p Ahv l. f
I Slt imio! fitll, w%-ilh ab,rc-.retiet
'It r4c
draij'I- orh iny and .rs;h. int.
. e1. eleasing children. pIni a,IY or
clireiv. 1r111 the inconarIoNs., ilne'hiliml"
IInd(irkistme mlilt, 11.4.. ll inlp;m:lh
readng boks:nld ,r-anmmrs, niow . s.num-.
ing itie greatest p:itrif the precioll.; 1i1c of
childred allotitd iu tivir cetialion
As a cotirse tfjuvenile iinieliwi, 'iilar
it) ihat tie pointud ot t. C;,- i 1114.,
iiiself to lite etimnm vti,e ill eve ;;w,
and as it i..; filly iried winl vorrobor:t.. 4 h
experimils,t i iEttrope :indl .\mcrie.
it is, 'it leat. worihv Wf iri:il by very p -
rent adal learbelr in falmI lpu!lid :ini iia:oi.
I re mn a il , a s- e ver 'ui: e \ 4! 0 ,o,
.1. H)I N1> 1.(u ""-.
F'ripm thvt p:1 G:::tiHe.
Tr-: Nit.u.-Pritbaly nits river in the
world deservets !" 1iclh tle attentioll 1f
lianlkiIld as llt Nii..
It uksits rike inl .J\hbsini:I a111mi -s
Sing- thilonkb a .::dy die-ert - ) mih., ill
extent, place., at thei dis-il1 of mn. wrr.
tories which otherw ise- v. cmid -emainla h3 b-In
ret waste. [It W:i; r is de'n,ralt' b Irm
ellers as pese!iari. picusamii 1 <h-i- - it
turks find it o c\'inii;lv eblari i_g, ih:
they excite 3l:elthmlvs odrikll ' tit 61 .\
ilig salt :i he 'a!imi.e1i p1 roii .,i tjr;im,e,
in their etimtionimi Ohat (if' sein;g ilivir I.la
Iives andI 111111 s algain. W ici a p )-,I"Oll
drin ;ks ol it lite fir,t 6ie. it sev! diw-lti
to believe i:t it is not a W.fler pri-pared vIf
a n t. h a s nsim e th ii v in it -' f in ie x o rI ! . ; h i v
a-reeable at i p1h-n t I hi t :sn-, It It
dieserVeD4 lite rmik :inonu- w:tcrs. flhal ch;ail
pnrie hns Wmon , ines. The 1uk of
thei enmele (or deeur i- no3t molre dl i..
Ciotns. Il:irmer %iay, -i-i exceent1u I.,31 r
give(s anl we3lr,ng.lL Iengy to lii- ''\-eit
siona respieriin!z the Igvypria:. I.,llhili.
I his rive'r anniiually ove4rilin 1 ii' 1413 ,
nud lerlelize3s thei 'surrnl,iIin. distrips.
It begins to rise liih ofi .11t13-, an rearbe id
its max1imumlil aboni3 the m:ipih- f .Se;
mostp3J3e is a large --quareli wr-ff. comiIaiun3
113 (iClagonl grmmeiI piflbir nI hieb is~ dIiided
intlo dligets; t his is ca lIed thle N iislet.
103m of' the we'I;-:iol ihei rat'e aur nieh i1
rises is alscer':ltamed by :li3h ii. upon1 11he pit
Nilomneter is undeIfr waiter,
The1 inno31into is prodneerd b,y 111.1opi.
cal ralins ofi AbbiIyssinia,3*lilI w ich n'eoding' 3
hirnee fallI sii violeni i~tl: tha a1 tb I- d iel.,
il anl hlour's 31ime(
.it is h'neting to rlleet,ll 3hat1 tihe Nie r'i,ig
mi a1 Chiristinn Counlitry. 3may.'ld '3 heh--on idel
as5 an emlemhi1 of1 ihe r'eliiin wh3iV-h i'ati
proceChugO 033 its couiir.e ~i' ee l;1eing ii'o
the.vnslt mlorail deseri I broutih hi eb 313 Iim
pecei, hi3ufinss. eiv1ilaimion, lertilil v,prs -
ent! an d lioure' 'i ejoJymenta .
Lm: Tunii:Ri.ls.-Th.''le lake of' ibia,
a11 'ls eia the stin of Ga:iilee :am1iiihe I:IIke
of' Cimerthi Num33. :2-I I aw331( Gienneserm
Luiko 5. i . iS ('om11phted to3 be( heitn n 11317
and3( 18 miiles inl length and3 from .1 tois inii
breadth. A hutnesheet of waiter wieariing ai
sub1limle and31 loveluy ain asp ect as ini ni da
whenIo it re te vi,i~'314 i.t;: ois antd mercies' P .fI
theo Lordi. No enrse rests oni its sho. rcs, as
thoso5 ofI tie I)ead3 Sea; but a11: hliowedi
enlill, ai maljestic heauoty thait are irrt'-istai-.
bly delightful. .Josepliens es.c.,-a ..... s.
ft perfeeI paradise. producing every luixu~y
.ilider lieavvn, at ll seasons ol the year.
- Thl fis. whifch le lake contains have a
most deliviijus llavor, ani are mnh the
sizc and -41oh1ne of maiullet. The boats nset
loll it a0re in ome s ;sns or ite year, uich
i-xposed foimii whirwindi, ;ald 6le sldlen
fllalls and glists, which issue froin hei weeln
hv momitainis. A storm thous proiiedo. , s
dlaill referred Io in ithe gospel arriatrraive.
"Then :tite do% n a storrIl of, wilid on thei
L.ake, ar11 ItlIy were tilled witlh water, and
wIere M .t-mpar-tv. 'ltn here .and i
olnked Ifie winid. mI the i g ol the water.
ait.%he cnsei, ait there was a cai,,
aIIke,A A. --. 21. The water is perktlv
4ear, sweet intl p1lie-anltn tothe .aste.
The .lordan is seei to enter in, at tle
%orilhero ext elmiv aind its pass:lge is dis
netly visilh liv iitsSoothne s trough the
vholle Alf iti coure The range #If nindo
;fin, frmiting its eastern shore are verv
oftyt their steep aitd roIley sides are Wa -
-en, with a sprifnkldionl o ti-ces oil a Cow ofI
lie simnitz. T'h'le \\'v;Irn shorc wherv
Ilsherias 'ta1n111- i, ICevLl; 11m1 its piclurf'--ilm-,
fill.. divided by swel I valiev", :ret*@r!e
ith a rich enaltiper f verd'e, bit. destita
if tree-.
'l'e oIhhII (mit of the L.!ae ik cry
O,e:iatl whr te .Jor.m 114lowsonlt of it'.
\nvittb e mll of" whomwe roiliv-1 amld
11ly arcltes tii si:i id inl the river. a t-.
tiln-li to lie bit u iy of hie scence. fii
vith all th- ch:1rIls olt its fiilnatiin, he1 air
rontail th I,Ake, durili- the siminm
""b, is tai mid salirv, a relreat II'e
r to ;aI oh teO ver ant"hill s N obi relie-ve
str?tanger train thai' inconlveqih-nee.
i-I );'?mi m i.-:t I <;.I. . .
ROM.A.\\TICC l'Tilp
'Alo v o111crisliln- :I tt ll a-. paitli tni
Ietis Vill 1 'vd nI it it a%% f ,*1.., nes i cion'
P iv Pt lasli, are !v- 4l it) s by thsil
%ho hav snt-41 mid 1eerd n ithipersols
ht he tllat mec- Amoing, odivi-s.
ie oloowing its'N! ift a .Mr. itie 'ro:a 1,
at w ( Munns. ;:nt i a .li~ OnIm. fromIII ofin
T ' a. I 1r lt !.1a le,. 1%vo Al* i e mtIn il.-i
mtes wim ere pi!.ct tily Am thle lifilh ti*y
IunI tilly miles fiim ai.it ut
It is !Iafvd eob 1m) 11t th-I th he had
"'ell Silig Atl the duck alonu fior hallf an1
ml previon-u to te accident. Ail>thr
en tilani il nhi) wav l i , tt .ili 1
he mlo e (If* Ithe explosi:, n% ;I,th w . ,r
:111r, n hilti was pr apI aere . .-- hi
,ut> d hnhe hcard4 Sk"mle UIj0~re!!;Iwk.
gr7of h taaf3::eis fit!gdn
: t:1. . 1 aVli;:1 :lt'el n iihn solitary ltimtt dli
f 4"' Oh- b t. I :..!.-r sut'h 11Ir Mne m
ti , c I aIs :t t i to ..I t posve I % ihi,a it .el
pnasm hewn:N d el.f si:r anov
lil: el, . Is %vmw , V0II--vfyI t lY -Iolf)l 2fit!
iti.m itin toiglii wh,atiii(tie loi! hoIt tr
hriaali.t: ::- wi a, i bt ut to 'I te iini o i:
%nhe :h1vee a on hlyk, V.h:.-Im 1lo'
.1gee , Wiev-Usaparn- i
ii- a1tv!e 1101 I f",.rprtector n% a. lte :.,vt
14-man1 n% 1;1, n% as %% al.. 1 ton # .Ici-a id h n
.'erb ral i. liev r I toiard . hlkr. i
a' . hirt i into m sm bw at, il in ith
road and(" wI l co f-itn h-I- lo-- I IhI ol,n 11 ., mII.At
! :p-ed she' nv i-, wih solla-. of her- IfI.m
horn i% Trh.. %%rch w 11stnd os
I'li m;-i; i r:.i,- n i1 i.h te p- e sa d -i -t
011 I IAII- v-es .1!..l drio ur Ii. .-- i turni d
ovav ill dus ir, :!ti : ;ll lu Agv -rm.l a (.4il fl
uiti ll ri-pv. Iifiy ., dlite el,piriiin;- a 11:"k
q.i;.31itn d -1 . ILi- e -: till thle r1pl.,
I!-Iecif lo..-v'ther :I em ll'. 4f viit s. Mir(!W
hi m-l it o ;l : e 4- t .'S m old -,Il: a . -,- I
myty1 % a k a:. lham,i pe , i -14. a
ithh-11'. -nid li:n ellbe. was Ilhe I:i,t "I-a , :i
!*(;. Is e e b, ort! him if: imich hoAeneI r
h1-11 hc axe rd ndi he w\.as -.4 ,lo Ifig.
tinn e woh I N IJ (.sv:lp-, 11Mehl a-, it W ,
riiuh- 41: r %\vri- pivri hin:: -ill arnoid111bh .
i-11: io t n it i a ;:A11. ,1*1l i l l . h*I
rb-v n haij)% - t:l ile .:I hi I :v; I - -dt
Ii Alt bJect1 , a:nd Iet r e (:11-11 ly to I-, r
haiiling disianice. W 0"hifil, they were
saily boirined 'by IIe smin-sarved aid ex
ha ioed, tiougl still inl possesmsion of their
ltn'ties, stmo able 1o n)iove and wvalk. :lit
heir pai Mi and slieritogs was not without
its ple;i aure IaIalI eIjo3 Iimeiln. The roan aatic
part of ithe( sior*y of tIIir expedition is vet to
coIIm,, *anltd Ihete's n elin ellillg Io. amncli'liug
Cr they wollI lhave submsji.-ed on ite Sanic
food dialt seelnis to have aided tat least in
b ImIu"I imi mhem so nell sieh an incredible
eIlgh litt lane.
The intrepidity lie dinlyvd-the risk
lie run-the ft,ager lie incirrmd. aind nbovu
all, fie Iliaualliolity le evinced in savi'r
her life, stranlgerasas~they were to ench oth
Cr, ama the i n inIen'mat hazard oa is owni. cie
ited with hers. at once tihe warmiest uan1d
sirimgst.eliinls -ratittiale toward- him,
aniractire tile lorinr(s of' hiumer and thirst.
C1"11111cnced, 1%Iledl.l that pa,lsion -wo-it-1
liurts no %% here ts as it hutiri in womnan's
bosm. Oil time other hmild, her good sense,
"er ti"1iile 1a1't in Ilncicc f aminwld at tlhe
mo-st erilot.; ani am.nia parlitilarly ter
re:.tdme..i Imet :11111 Share w%iIIh bimmi the
C,le which awaited them, excited ol his
imrt an attacmelifaaiel whielt wias niIlier to
Ie i ll i r defirred A nd itei:c, uponl
tIhe, 1watuts wilil," amiiiiihe Ierrors which
urrmmldel, ;and4 tl:e ;e;if vIhich IIthreatenedi-I
I thiti, min presence tf an amll-seeing (G'od, dimd
they t hlae aheir mminiial love, mila declared
f iliv ir ives were spared, thIir desltiny,
wh% tmifI r 11ituneii - had tinited, shmild then im
maIne a. ilnsevparable as escape fromn it now
!_:'CnIada nimssible.
Af ter their rest ie, lie inl'orimed her, liat
Iy the late misfoirinne whiih hadt befaillemi
hm,illie liea llolt every Idolluar ie possessed
I li rth (:vrh0 ln4 a1ilig to mi:t .74-~-5.t)(}u), that
hae !w%as iin "p1mver1-ly to hiis very lips"-- beg
:mr ammn,i straniles, wiahout tiie ileanis
I aMing 6ar a sig I- mieal of vi,ttmiis, ant
p:nI-u a.; all th411hou1ht of st-paralion
1,,!WVaC-i~' ' Is 11 ilm Iii t " 11"Il ]Setr.mi)
Iti him, the. *iire.t tam ratre ha'1r1 liramin hemr
eam en,a if* it was lier Choice to leave
him. ! a h 1st i.lo lears qm the Very
i1houa'1t ofi sc-parationl, and asked him if li
lmi It it %%ns posible ilt file poverty of
li-i wArb1in a dmf Ori%v them to a more desper
ale I xll'e*mity thna that which they hiad suil.
erdI thu's together! Ile assured iher of his
ill~iness te milhire fOr her file saine trini
..I_am-mamt of t jO i r th:i ie comald
Cyre-. which lie felr :i fiimli:. ler so wi
h.: taitt iher enggemi. wiiel, it i;
s-id. is sn mmto be onsu'-miiated. It w%as
ptt fill then tie w IItial e acquainted with
ii-k:4.OLC.8 Lo- it:.:irr,4 t
tate worh-S20,00c.- Who would li
"Iiipwrecked! am helnerrih. hIii will Say
-'marlesm a;r nimit Ilade ii lleavell!"
I'o:c mif I dt. iapr;...... few. ays
Im v ielrat d physician, ai atilihor of ait
xc w vik toi ifmaimmlion, beinag ale
In ;i-i C. exp1rimilmaI to I his theoretical
".hiolad'. ' a applic:liom l l thIe . ili.
.-r t .islire. Ito be aaowl-oa ail'oppmmimily
m,I pr'iviav Im to a-erivd. by ai experi
mi'Ill ai I a mi " mn-i:al coitimiiedor if) demth.....
I*$':- ViWe Mloplied with hi, requnest,und
ithvered mer 1o him mm ms,.i, mI Iis
h% tIp Ij;A l ica - nbom of'diNti Igmikhi parewts.
I htic Ihy -i iaatmh ia1 hia tal feveral per
-o,m nh%\ lihl iiken mni iai'tereis in his :imi
v, i1;ml (aieiid' lea'e of the jMliicmr ot
.f.i'ice iha11 he Shhii d stil;'r. deati ill soime
w:her way th1.an fil thw 'caffold. 'Itaod thl
f!,< r:' lI * publin m I Xiilion. 'm di that the
#';I-:( A %\ Ae lie cmia lie %%oulthi lie by blood
h-in.u.:. 'Thea arimii:di agreedi to ai thirp-o.
sai.mamd cIuntled lm I I'vli' happy in it aimgl, freed
I mmmaa lilm ' 1the 6,i,1 1 '\tiitiohiliaa ibIhcI liet m -
vi. u' wmiih:lve bi' lee mI:lativ it', ina 1-jiiced
ait hk thutihi; able to spare his 11ritinds
and faly..
At tle mime appited, the physician re
Imilir'J to th 'ai,lia, and file patinIm hiavimn
bf*n'1x te h miif4 oni a lahlb , l i . eYes ii , '
;1and evr.-y lhin;z r'ady. li w -igbtly pricki
4-id mv;ir th prinvial teinof O iri a- d
arm 604 mm Ioiit of a lapi. Am tie Gour
corn r o mie i abh- weri ;mt ti mmitaitis.
id%il iih tifr whieb ic . sillIll
..imre:.m . ?dingii Oit bainsii lt(a'e- li't-e ta
re'cej'i' thmm. Th.,'mu h:uet, thining. it n-a
Ins bmmmli u'cl immio thei b-mminis, bammim
r~e:im'iso mamthei amedhin t' i' .mmal li.iin
ini refer' ma'' ta thme <pai:my' mndi mmapmar-iimc'
'a i h a loo. (inmiea wmith thai inmtenatioam.)
mera eatd tim' deh'!iian. ammi tie spoke morea
iy mataah'. Thle pirotti mammi .'ilenct.e ii bih
s i i m t heIi miaa'maemm, maal mie 'oi'ntanit
atrupi:'. mat ibm- Irtniain,m b;lam smi a.'d ma;i'
adiary mia fl'' min mth' tinm mit then lpooar pam
n'',i limhmat ll h itmal enemryims were soonum
m-,im' a!:hough~t helbiren mi stm'onmg mnm, ammd hae
adia'd ithou3(mmt himi oim~ mst mm s,ingle dropu of
.\ma mm: ''m-mre n:- ai'rmI a h nso.s ----A wietl: or
Ii m sinace. a .ia'iw alerml'i, liinga in h,mr.
I .:mei. S"imithichmi, purch'tma'edm atii aimmid mat
ora' mm tw da ,, tie iathl ilo minomthem'' r'mmeer,
t'tais imian, n1 lii poa':,m sseid confsiderabletm smag
mmmiiy imian ne a'r',o ithlie kiaad. smonm malter alis- -
im.aa'd mif ii form fiifty Immaunds. II theni oh
Iainedm a notice'm ia himmberm mmii momre resp~ieta
hi!- mamrkem, mmmd am levalleri livinig nm.a Alt.
gmmIe Paimmn.p hernimiing is' ''wnera'a, seht! ii to ::
a'alebtrmidad univeimaI(\ii'jm luarmmon hala,mm
flill. lii'or' twoihndreand mimmi i pond gaaaimam amm
i i:mhot r':mhizeda :m smimm exceed'Vmiig foulr huanm
l-'m' a I -'., s-.\ tiriamn m aih is lith bet mit
vmiaity a. m gamodm lili- ist the' best phiilmosophyt: mm
h,t iiola'. anmd teaimperanciie tile best physi'mte.
Atl thei 'oimniiem 'iimm afith l'nmiverity'm
mat Piravince.a, ( lH. I.) mtim' honamm ry~ deagrece mof
L,. I.. I). wa ms conmferredl aipmon ahe I Imin.
Ali brahaim Blaim.ug of' Cuhnmnhmim. . 4.

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