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"We will cling to the pillars or urertis,
and if it must fall we will amidst the ruins."'
VOLIUME 3. EDGEFIELD V. as. (m. oer 18. jm:S.
IN. 1
The Edgelleld Advertiser,
1s PUt1,1S18u.
TERM -.-Three Dollars per announ if paid
sn ndvanice.-Three Dollari and Filly Cent-4 fi*
, paid before the expiration of Six Ilonths from
the date of 4ubscription.-and Fonr Dolinrs if
not Iaid withiil Six Iouths. Subscribers out of
the State are required to pay in adrunre.
No submcriptionl received"for less than one year,
nd no paper discontinued n.itil nil -irrenrnges
are paid, except it the option of lithe -ditor.
All subscriptioti will bieontinned nuless oth
erwise ordere-, at the end of tie year.
. Any person proenrin-a five Sunscrilers aid
becomhing responsible for the sate. shall receive
the sixth copy gratis.
AtvYRTISVNKVTs Conlspictioutsly inserted at
62.1 conts per square. for the first insertion. and
43j cents or- lah contiiiianiice. Adve-riiseients
not havingthe number of iin'rtions iimarked on
them, will be continued until ordered out. and
charged accordingly.
All Adv"rtisenments intenwed for punblicatiotn in
- this paper, must be deposited. in the 01ive by
Tuesday evening.
All communications addressed to tie ditor.
(PosT PAID) will be promptly and strictly attend
ed to.
State 4f soil bt aroli n.
E1E11-G1WillC1.11 DISTHItCT.
Georgei.-Hantock.andtISarahl W. ? ito
Sicnnck andl o; .iers. vs. Parti.
Charles Lamaur, -xeentor. lian.
N i11 .E is hereby given, hint by virtue ora
teerees. fronm the. Court onf Chai ncery, I shaill
offer lbr 4ale at Id:2efichl C. Ii.. ton tie fi, sf \loi
day inl Novebner niext tine flollowinu landf. be
longing to tine Lstate of William Tarranice. te
ceased. viz:
One tinct of land situnte upon liltle Iorse
Creek, in ti! 0istrict of Idtfield. cntiiit.iing
six hundred and forty (i4t) neres iore or less.
and bonnded neording to it grant tinereof t'rom
the State of Sonth Carolina to the said Willinmn
Trarrance, by lindis of John Tarrance. Tnomas
Lamartu an no. Carter. anid by other vcnmi lw ds
One other tract conitainint two hundred nuil
. sixty (*14l1) acres, more or less. coennvtyed to Ilie
said Williamn Tarrance by in Deud nil' Release
from Joint Car'er, anid therein described as situ
ute in the District of Ninety.six, oni
near the Cherokee P-,nds.
Also, oine othertractoftwo hundred and twens
ty-eight (228) arre-4. more or less. hotuideol hv
ands of miims. ntambm. .\ornis. i.nnar mnd
Thompsoim. and inters-cied by tie Road leadii
. fromt tIe Cierokee Ponds no Anuenstrn. Snid lait e
to be Hold se0parartely. toln In crPedil of ne andt two
years, ptaunhist-rs to give btond- ant pairsonmil
security, and a nortgaure of'the preminses.
j. -tEIltY, C. E. ,D.
Edgi'fied,ce 35
tale ~ 'I IliO t G o u.
Benjamin T. Aeny antil others, vs.
Tabitlin .hIney In others.
Y virtue of in rd4er-flom Chmii.. John:stm.
, in e foregoing case, I n%ill otler fir :-nie
to tine highest bidder. on Frida tie se-cond qnl I
of November unt. at 1:.e Sore of' ititiard Cli'.
mann, flnor tancts of land h.ongin. to tie I'st::.
of Zaclheriah Abney. iecea,seil. sil ine inn 1'::
fiel.I Di'ricl. onn nie waters of -ain d it iver. tL.e
tracts itn be sold sepir itely. ni le inuntimler o'
ncres, buttings and bounidmr to bi! imndt- ki:twn
on tine day of* sulo: hlie tertmis of' stle w ill lie a
credit of one ami two yenr- n-xep Ii lite- coi<t;,
two thirds of which uin st heI pi ir e:wh bly tie
- puitasels; tihe- remininiig thinl to be paid b *y
tine wiow. rie purchasers to ive hoini and .
security to secnre the pnr- he mnioiny.
i Tv,titY, C E. E. D.
Commissioner's Ofilee.
Edgelield. Oc . Ist,1834. e 3~
Steel Ribs For Cotton Gins.
leYew In ention.
TI H suh.,eriber ln.. liest received .1 n
pty of ithe PATENTi li ItS for( Ciii
ton Gins. whill itte bn spol,til sip
highly of wilerever Ilhev Iae breein irii
throughout ine Cotiton ntmi n. States.
Theise Itib4 are so oisirineed that otin
. set will last i wenty years or mitore, nid it
consiontly in uose, by haviin- ;nin extra ,e of'
Cist Sti-el fnees. '. oce,; ire innid n.n
fit on the firnt of' h itins. where tihl San ,
pn-,s throni. nmi inn so simple a mnier
that any person enn hu tlenm ott. 'Ile
sbncrib.er will ni.wy.. ke p n sippl ... y nIo'
G inns on hndn of the. tabov'e den.scriptionn.
A fewn doors ahoire thne Upper Marl.rt.
Angmin Gn .inly' C3 1838. ih 20
- Imeproved lott fdi.ts.
T Hi E snubscribers hnavinia e-stalnishedn in Ct T
TON GIN M \Ntfi-'A(''TORtY in the.
T1ow.iinif Haitmhlnrg, S. (., ont tIne impijrovnnd sy
temi of Mnr. lnatwvrighti, hnng li-nvn' to recon.nnndin
their Giins to the' pnulic. Theniy wanirrnui then.ir
G.ius. to,b?equnai if noti supnerior to thonsi nil Mtr.
Bonttwrigin nnitecnun oi nit ahera-itionn. whlicnh.
inteir 6-pianon, is in ndecidedi improinvemennsti: ihti
is; iunste'ad nnf blocks nil wiood on tIne ribs, hiv
iave atdoptmed ithne plan o1' ma:kiing tihe ribs nif theni'n
Ujiis enitir-ely iifstnnel mind iroin, whnichn haive pirov
cdi by experience in lie pnre'fnralei.
Mnr. Btbwrighnt hnav'ing denclined tine gin mna
ing b.iiti'ess in Angusta,. Mr. L. Bi. Conn. whlo
condmnetedn ii ther'ne foir himin. h'iung tone oft ih parr -ii
nonrs in tine conincn,i they wvill enndein vir tno givne
stntisuinetin to all wIno many favnr lihem wvithn thirn
[ IL7 Gins repairen theiii shnoirtesi i,in'e.
Colinl & KlINNi' IY).
IIamiltirg, S. C., A' pii 19. im I i
A LL~ persons iindebltedi to nIne estat ofi'n
A . Stephenn 'Toinmpkin=, deensed, are' in'
questend tin maikn inmedlintneli; pa mni, indi
those.. htnvint dlemanuds in prenmiut t mpri
perly atestend.
Sept. 61, 18 tr 32
A .A, Persons hanvinig dlemnnids neininst Wmn.
10. Conner andn Wode Ii Cominer,dIectns- ..
are' h.er"lby sen eeted to haond thems itn the. -:ub.
nc ribir dulny a'ttested.-'min those iindebuted to either'n
of' fin anbinv niamned intest:n'ir-. 'n' regun.snn'n -o
mal.1-e innumneiiati' pnymeicnt ID. HI. J(ON N,
IeNU.n16 --Uth bi-pt. lo-,lot ijejure aw%crnsed.
A% 0." Ls
Arnoi, Iritatnit Alis .%inulm. isev. klT
i,u) Ii, olitert bi-%% ia, %t%amt C
L.)UMIlig, Ikisauvei:%-i Avg
".u. it, . licy, cnre buj.tis. tlilii, 3 cure
if 1lealier it tr,ia
Cioijuir, 4 iio-, Li%e~r- Cliorisiali,Levi 51
apol, Lisu e oia ,
("611ill Joilas ('11111clis-1, z-alittel G
ullemlid, H(e% Al Al 4 Loanui, II %V
('0111), Allm Ajlmy Look, IOulliel
k'allrltill, J011i1
Dason. Ts w.evidl, Nor B
Mssrs J I Alaysr, %V t'r, jou. ial ,
1 Alir rs l Clulil S.
Greenea. Mrs N.ti,c%, liolmaes, Thoms E
"re..er, I LIr-.Cm, ev I M
ur,3' cawe, Ue(d~Ogissat Aiiouias. 1,ieiceC Jas
. %, ma--i Ilm.i, I.s.avd
*opeand,, Jliei a. A i4 .ote.n i1
Ilallilluild, Alls C F lt 141, i 1n-1
J & o C
Jfnwsuo, Thu Lasei a.r B
.ie rsJi, nle Lliarm, Iao 1o.
J..' s ito ar.% s :ss , co L, mamie . .ar d
Lmniaer, Ar.- A u r a 1l is. 0--cur 0
e.goe, m'tuik micii. t. %
enry, -S gr omyro i Nany
Mall.raw, it i , : MarsrII,j C
Al -Frsoa, J,.ill Aiccor's. 64411u1 It
*.ao.g.m. Arv itld joaul bI
anun..ey, Air
N, .0 & 1
NOI I is, 1 PnnJalis te. G ior- i
Nemw man, Jom Joe& ~ ii%C ( harmlas S 2
jzil)os it. joi.egll a zre Pes hms. l.m,es
G vzarru, Peati.rce, ji-Sepla
Qt It
(narles, irs Nancy Rtr. Joil r
J ice, Air Iillilley., Aa iss Aiartl
nangh;er, Ismare J Realis, Airs Alia
utjomenr, or 'Mr reetz
S & Tr
Sello, Eli wV Sminraarll, Carolinme
Straeter. C 1) Spm)arry. Aluircm
me.-ers, 01 1111til Spuaim, Airs Llizalids
Spami. Dr Jaknes Tullle , Is
St'.rgess, A 1 Lsol raylr, Al argaret
W ilicsspowi,hi iss Al A WitheLrsponoa, 16"is
W11 hiliice. jem t. W %%oi. 1,11l 1,
Wirl,imis, 0. A %% saiatoer. Cot Btij F
%I oilker, Johiat 1Miker, Ifemnj %V LP(I
Waits--n. Alary A rigist, Limelhtry ard
. Lis Ol i.dUers.
ftEINAi.Nti tit Hit! l'o%t Oilievm at E~dge
irr.. e.-, III-r1J flarri-nm . rAl rs.
1;m01r11;111r, il. 'Ainj. lim% ju m . se
isnmrizier. %%1 rrr Or Bvaileirmer & %% iiriihishr
'Le idwelr1 Joh 11141m lilam )m, 11.116eiy
Nhi k. Anron A lasar. , Lier, tia
Ceia 9 jos,.lir 'la l zMair -olrr
( 'iaxtonr, Ze ch arim Co' , S.1,rnar,e11
%4m u'ot, iarim y p rJ .
1ee Ir LA n e
O era,e &n JShaw am, A J Rev
mi*,I% idl..; n. jotiari (ia m i IIt A] Ni
ilatorl, Alta . e, tAizs Gilis, Just 8-1. 2
or,rim. S elel umr lioi. aro l i-s 2
F.v..er, U4 uins Grim, Arry Alibs
I p1anw. rioses I ,ard. Greti%ill,fl
itmi'er. Alxnaisr l ariva, Mpro Sam
l:ips re1lirri, I obli . A,imial % 2
W airco J. --lt-11m1 11e11. Jam oeas
laitr. Atlamri I Ira i, Li r y a n I d
Ilirck:-mit. fimaild1irv%~ fIalorti. Ja mnies Vr
1 l:r 3ma JIfliai F 31O.-S i rris.Joli. C,
J \Vmar ng, A ,vs -ill , ,ll
Hadsti, J A
J& K
J4.1anysol, Willia .11ais. a 1. Ire I'lills
JC.rIJIS. CIIIilbaJarm,liar If
ia'ren, l jargar t3 ir
Iir Jawr1 P r Liiinstair Litei 3hr
Loiwg. i liiawtih Lmmitt-iox. Ameltlra .. 3
C.ila'3 , rari, aron A I .n. m , IAuer tinmali
Chitty,10(h .%%p Un.e Mlaiss
Caxt:on,. 'Wlri cingil , izabaietl G
irnetl, ran. - . Alr,L 2lr,
,>rn.mks.S & hawraen Aimr i l ev
AIient.ln, Ma- :r aaliras Gla ibbs Jas A .
AlrterI m areien Gon: 11 - Araa Ais.
F.mai.tr, Lenm is Giaranmn, Ma rym\lia
.Nx iamrrn.a I'xl'oLuhmeasn
ilanteriai. N ahail u ahoaa lm mm Ar
lliwk.r, lin mhrael!hla )ar a*ri
liacrrimrn. Jlnn ilsF Mrar (Iarri
S Aiar.Greiile
Sraia'aia' Ar S inrden,' MrJarah
'I''iarmar-an,,Jnn m., il
ll.strI . Jmes D
liarn) Eizmmim'lr lam I iri. .b. C,
NI.leath, J:1, )*Al
Johnson ,Willim Jeu. Te hin
Jenks ahaa' .alvada J n lieurrrs Ilil
rannyi aram'tr raa'r eat nh alsi.-l.siur.m m
'laa Io n mal a'ri i ingston,i LJa n v. Ar
I.ile ri.r m r (aa' l.eigi n ~mm, l I )i a'th 'a
Mihl, alaa, b. irrialeSmra.Ihhen. aren l'ev
.ari.F.iareh P.s M-..vC, amnh I)s..
Weaks IHe inntM'rr1. .
Mi h o rMis 'arlin a' ira al i W IA livriau
liy- ln i tt 1:n I *.a l ) Miarielapm s.
(Mrold'tri, eaon. )All ery ri lamilrnre
ix.s Ca lbehrrleiley LeaadttAera
Nob'. WDrP.cA-n. LABOiDV
iteynolds. Jos.ph . . iilAsfo ,arh r
lle:nington. Jhn lM. k Crek. areb
Dill's in' geherat.-There is cerinitily Plel
bedlod somen here in human nature, a prin
ciple u hich le'ils ilien Io turn up their
oews at l.riuters' ills. 01' all sorts of
dus, it printer's dan is the imost oiulone
dun. There is no rest neither night nor day
fi the sole of, his filot, anl a deuinl to aitmi
is a matter so nitural. iti.mt lie has become
it stanlig llullumaelt of patience. Those
who wi It to prepari themselves for eleva
tion in eternity. ought to engage to collect
lebts fier a printer. Joi's lng suIl'ering
spoirii is a 'mere circumtaniesii' to that of
a priter's duni. We are n%ell aware that
the bebi kind of' a dui. is a bore most intol
erble. He is a smani to make the hest of
him. % ho carries n itli him a nultitude ol
enlamiities, and, lke it cnmil, before a
siiensia, all sort ol people cl scent his illp
'111r. Johin Smith. here is your bill for a
sitall matter due she (iffice ofr ihe 'Luminous
Illuminator.' This is the fiftieth tine that
I have called, and you will oblige me by
Mr. Smith, puts oi his spectacles, aIp
priehIles the collector. inspects tle bill, anl
wilk., ofl' saving, -Pshaw, these printer's
hills are nuis.nICes. ren years I have
subscribeI to the Illuminator, and wihat
good hnis it dlone? I can't dee' any hent-il
hiat I have reaped from it. I only sub
se'rihel to patronize the concern. DidIn't
expeet to lie tensed e% ery dlay by a trifling
reoint. Stopl my pater!'
The reply of' Mr. John Smith contains
the very philosophy of .he thing. Mr.
tSiith cnnot see the 'benefit he has renped
fi'tom the Luminous IlIluiinator," and heiee
lie won't pay the bill. Now. when Air.
Johni Smith huv- a coat to keep tl the
cold. the letlci fie renps from it is tangi
ble. Hie- cen clm prehelend the quid pro quo,
he'tnoifer, In ieler Ili i orll
nature: and it is. therefore, nothing at all.
e helieve that schoonlisters' hills. doe
mirs' hills. liwyers' bills. ad divines' hills.
nre all more dfilienih If Collection, than]
sh1o llkers', grovers' or merelnlits' will..
The re.-soi is beeanse tile. lenefits renpel'
are slot %uceptible l: toneh or visumi te
tinstration. The rtilin principle is the
same throi,vboi ehri.tendflom.
Mlit pes-is enn Ceel the iths(nee of a
iewspaper. althitgh they esinmit compre
he1-11d1 its prestlce. It is a simple, gentle.
elaily nelviser. It comlies freighted witi
11oi-eleb lew", to every mnanl's door, and111
11imobt lier-o, take it ip as they do l'he hail
fwn louL tried friemil. whoise irg s eyed an
tore penetrates till quarters of the horizon.
Like thu friet, oo, few know it- loss tin
til it occ'ur.., and then there is a varanev in
the -.ay:-an insiipil hoiir in tIle tainrll!!.
tlat nIed to ie tilled n ith ile pleasing iti
struction which it breight.
Taking Adenage of a Circunstance.
A Pi,rs journul inihortio.. tis that in iortiev
omin hairdresser, mnew Laine, h;vinig il
:iplwearel for ,everal da%.s. WIis %ouaht fot',
IItl w%as at las.t 1*uni dield ill the l1ijis de
Boultwge % here lie had shit himself. Oai
his 1rson, a letter waS f1oti, addressed te
his oln,ter, in whIich occurs thle foillow%ian
coewl andl chaire'tweristienilly F relnciihiser
'itli:-ir, ais yout have jiist sewhl youir
hwu.smes.., I take advantage l- OJIc lium
stancec tel pt an e .ed to moy life i had
hopied that uit some liitire daty it muight re
verll to ia", be'etinse I hiad miy ambliut ioa as
n.eIll as ot haers, ande I shou1( ld nt hacve bieen
sorry to benine a imalster in myi tua'i, buit
Ptrovidence has coirerwd it othler'wise!"
The/c T rk .nu /i&. I'ipe.-T he fondness
ut a t.uk lor tas plipis guite al paussion:;
moidrnlitg, Itintotie tndiight,1 he scarcely guwits
ii; lie Sleeps coftetn wnht it ini hi., mtemb,i handi
oni ann ukealingi it occuplieis has fir'st lionglis.
h)iwrinig tile last of tho Rhamtaann15, w~la
1wor the live-loang day lie a.. firhidcenu by thte
pre(e'pts cf his reliiwn to eart, driik, ori utse
tiny muanneri ofi ('ejymien't, hundriedies maiy
he. sieni "with tiIheir pilpes filled iindE a hwtin
inc cool biy lheir sie. uaax i usly watilinig for
I .e dhisappwlearainte cif the ->itn; & at tha in-'
ratuii every (co-l drtops on~ thei tcihne'e, taiid
ai lietn y pria ret 'ed' dran' through thle tubhe
preiclaimtts tht' eog expiedc and e'xgjui.ite
eatcjo1.0en; not1 n~ ill i le 'Tirk bire'ik his l'ist
tilt he' ho. smolckedI hli pipe out. Addison's
Damascus and Palrmo
It is stated as ai singulIar fact, that if ai
plnt is droowpitig or dyintg in a hot heiuse'. it
is almiocst sure of rccoverly if yott place a
plant of choaomite near it.
From lhe National Gazctte.
TUD.B.-LorI Chesterfield says,
"4 addiso mitch to success in life as
an e 4ging firAt appenrancve." The itith
of t . murk must he man 1ir-st to every
flues i adverts to the impres<ions made
i onind, on his fii I meeting in C411m
. itlh a man of vidgar for unpolishel
d ient. The writer of this being de
11r1 norist in titaking gentlemen of lhose
w f,r e no friends n ho dare Sake i he, liber
tY 0 intio out tireir abberra ins from fite
true; lidard of politie life, oflers the flollow
tlCff s, which eannot lail, if duly adher
ed t. o render the pracitioner a finished
greni fail.
W e n you pay a visii at the bouse of a
[email protected] get liirly seated, Iet one of' hliet
first t ngs von do, lie to lean ba-k in your
chmji fil partiicularly if you are near a
elin all. I say -*clean." heeaise )tIher
.i fll lnight gel yoi lie-all iodel. A
wall ally papered with a light groniel. i
the - it) lean aAainst, and I w-old re
c.m od 11 little change in the positii. it
onle .t by consiantly rohhing your head
fill 1. finesp t Yo l 111 If) 11.if fl
ion : 5m spori, yw:i ma no makie the
mar i too plain. % hieh probably tile
Ind Ile hos-e, if she was over nice,
"it t admire. A to the sort of chinir
whi, best sied fAr the fee', I wotil
prof ahogany one i-artiviayirv if tih
hind were made so as to retpoire a ron
"idle erort tit fill it back. Tht- ernie
and bottom are best fter smniall man
for ener;ally have a bar in front, upon
whic can plave his feet, which will ena
Ile to wipe the dirt ofir his hoots in
cnse -f tinto the midil on his wv-. and
for ipe t.hem at lihe dooron n a mat.
The om of leaning lack on fne's chair,
is p Ainerican. and by rigidly ol-st-r
van road ais well as ni ltsmle, it spt-nk,
on nality. The peotile of no other
pol paion lean ark in their ehairs.
All ena have a silly 1n1ion aIIit is
uit -wanit of respw1eer fori those- in lao-n
re. und. thain twl - ~
was puiioelf-respect. Bit this is all am.ern
tioJ)'*'-Free and easy" is the true -dorriti
whether nIone or in socieiv. whether in
your plaee of biusiines-s, tir in fhe d-aiwiig
room: - I recoilleet once laring a for i.rner
-4iy. "* I an odl the tri or It-aleill!r back0 is
qo well underswod. hv some personis, that
thev can halsinre then -eves iuptin omi- Ivg
only of the elir.'- 133 I lo k-it upift thi,
-is a miere di,'lin v of wit. at ihe expew.e of
an Ainerican zentieman who wa- indnrl :sig
himself in the- flivrite A merica attiittd., sat
the expenme of the fireigner's satin-wtml
chair aind orance colored wall.
Ar.er yoi have snilfleie- sly indul-red in
this elegant necomplikhment. the next vit
ting attitude I woul.I recommend. i- to re,l
your rigat lout on votar 1-ft koe, or, viee
versan, and take the wrinkle, ont of your
hoots with yotir h-ands The elevation of
the foot,to a level with tihe hands i, liartieni
lariv advisable. if any lady i' get-a i<
elose by, and it shows tlt yolt have as
ineh reipet for onle limibl) as alnother, -
Whv shotlil tnt tihe fooI h# as hitllv Ioir
1d in qocielv as the hand114 ? A*1m% n it(!
loit he lbrought ill roitw- with the gtlov.-.
I have seen people shAor- fil'when a re -tic
man hall thus introildneed his fAmt in.) emn
piny. as if they th. . theia dignity . f..i. -.
dewlt bitt I ths waght it gniHte as silly a-;s I dlid
lie condnegr of F-ihiota, andsi wias 'i,' e ir.i
vioed toi see the hiady feedl s huge l"i im-r
dog fromt the tablle, biy puatting paiesces of
breadl ad mweat in his tmonth I froma her owia
After you get tired sittinig, I adlvise- vou
twi stuitall, up,and if you wIn tim knsow wh-it is
do. with y-our handaws. I noitld rwewonaai:nn
yon to hang them lhy thew tnibs :sm thei
arm holes of ywiar vest, wir wdepolsi at themaa in
the poc-kets wfyouar pt mstawimas. An tacce-a
siwinal tIbrusting themit into youir hiair, wit Iini
gers expandled like- the' etr Ibwi af coimi'.nna
be piractisedl wiith ;advantamIge, ifyaas ,lhwul.
he- wr,lkinii utp anid dow ni the' rou-a withi a
bodwy or gemilemi:ma. y'oi shiiil,l salws-s tt.-a
ywour back to youirnwcompainliwon. ~sli pieu
lle think thairule, hiss ths:t is hle; answ ah v:
have hteardl thnt at court niiiono turnis lin,
bacek uapon the K(ing.
TFo cone-side, whent you get tiredw of w.-ik
ing, -it dlown, and lean, back in, youtr chatir:
or ifthse oafa lie vat'ia, tke- at bill auon .t.
anad lie careful toi rubh youtr headiw atgainst the
wvalh as 'ieforeo. If te soifa ho cove-il
with dlamaask. nitd ywour bouts be ele-an, voni
mighat safely pot youra fee-t oii at, .- somer ii
the mnember-s oaf Contgew- at Watingaoll
have been, knjown to dIo, at the honuse foloae
the foreign mtinisters,
'TQit dho you knoww Fr-nwcha? 'Yes very
well by 'tight-hut have ito speukii, atC
iruaintance with ir.'
lISERS.- Q1entin 51itsi. the llac-k
smith of Antwerp. painted ia picture whileb
he called "TIhe isere. ' ie was w m rong
in ihe dlesiigatlioi, and inapprelietnive of*
the topir. iii, figurs are not tih- ficure,s fi
miisers, but ofco:tilirtalde. cozv old sonl-s.
partnrs in a flipurishi ng conicern. Thev
tire excelleil accolitants, and vou see thaat
they are satisfied with the n-peei of hei,
looks. Nlisers' Why, there iq nothing
mierable aiotit tien; iand if f recollert :a
right, i door ol*iheir room is siading jllr:
bi%leh are making up their acouits.
Ioley is lying loose on the tablP. Pe'olle
Ialk ablout misers without knowing any
hinit of the matier. li i not aI miser who
volleels mueh money coutits it earfilly ,
looks ar it frequetily, and spends it rarely.
lie is a miser who n ears -ai old coat when
le h;s moneyenough to boy a new one.-P
Inan iho is worth tIenty Iltismi.I
pottids. md geisfive per cent. for li- mim
oey. and spreld, it, .njoy.s a t lhousad 1
year; but h. who keepas t elbly Ilholusatnd
lifillil. ill an us. a.,l loves the miglit of* hi.
.lId - & i-usts his eyes Wilh g;azin)-, at it, andl
hi-s fingers wi hla diling it, enjoys twenty
tholls:1ad a year- L:-t the unlearned rea
(le', ir stirli ihere bie. know that iiser iq a
L-itlI vord, 'ignilying mIls.rable; it is.
Oierefire. I <nitiradliviionl ill terinc; il call a
n-o a Ilister Wilo is not oily ntitl mserable.
ht deidedly mappy ill d;illg -dItl(Ibetlu
Ihit for whichl lie is eriled a miser. Ohl
lwtI ws wasa Ippy man. noiiwithiwlitliig
iq elomgated vis;le.,l his allentiated frame.
aol lis nn-enjoymen of revelry and ljoi
sy gaiety- [I Was not miserable when.
Irom his savinceare of money, the roof of
hi hoac admilf-4 rain, bmt was exceedinlg
IY Iappy in his reply to a visiter. "Mr
Elwes, the roofof yoteri hio; is itl n Sal
c0uilition: tihe rain aisoltely rale ,poi
amy bedl. and I was forced to h)ISI it tp to
the farther eid of ie room to get out ofthe
n1%4", A yy" said the )I( gentl nan,
"that is a nice snug corner in wet weitiher,"
Who find-s alnd feIes moncy to lie a souree of*
,Mien: n% h lieels inl c':vry payment at pan.u,
that pelnetrates hit inmlist souil; % flom. mo
tie) quits his ;mrse as reineatly as I tiree
prontgel mootlnh parts rum its bony -ind au
oIised sm-ket; who 'is alwayq meiatin;
s"lle llal it' savillg ex%pellse, and is as vot
stntiiv thw marled inl his %-liie - Iho is
rv.dig nikerah!e htvatim- Ile hms n>t ill
courage it) be wh-flat thae wor:d cals a miser:
.'hlo eileavors to bie enerons. hitt Ia- tit
lie leait ito le really 4). o; Ilo at the si-lt of
aI beg-jr sickens WWIh :1 -,;1k.ail.
sym:ililby, -1an1 1pitiehs his- owii piscket mor
thanl linighbr's I,poverty: who I .vs eve
ry thing :Is cheaply '., h l a. -a 'llen, af
tr aill. has 14h1ee . o er. lat .s
that lie has pai si --m-e e a s
absoltely niee-i-ry. Your genr-ime. i-r
has oflen a ver'y good co4:at if, his back: aatnd
Iay evenfl f1well inl a Iwaier prolm, hoi,e
butt Ie .ashIagg-d witi his lailli.. till Ilas
I-- this temper. atd he fi lgels his very if,
JIM to sve te glos- delpllarinl., frmll Itd 1uall
1loth1, :an.l whela Ie pays is reovi. hte % ri!'
like a haIhI with : blis'.r o its bak.I if,..
holiglt Iibal aother host- ill te ,
street is let for five piud a year less ltia
his. Ie is a gret Iar2:lilI 1111n111er, )I I- , of
coltr,e. is oCtetn hit: h.e boyav a.!' erl i.sed wine
antatr:tk. htis lips1 tiver. C:ape). l1i 134
t""i slit'it to spiendt tanoney43, naor*tlm r 'hIgt m.
o hao:ard it. li e wil bay u i sal rs
thatt lhe nny is-. i i ee -
wiay, hut it i, itn a little wia);~~ heprmae i..
-\eaict oier4.y, andiu remils *Illttus 4)n
plmtiaion. lIe is etu n inI ly : et iiig inito
men't. lII. e:alis a4 eo:ach ont a ranv d.a y. :iaud
still het ~ si4 we troutghI. it or'der' t4) mia- a
goodu bairgtai withaIl. the'o: acman. D)trm.ag
thea wh'otle' 'x tenat :ad du trat ion mt his et,
a aa 1 whenu he has paid ii.a are, hae ni idtes lie
uttrgte his rule. II.' 'anatatt foriv'~e Inatelf
tir spendaa intg : need Iless 53 xpjenace; het re.p.'its
f1 thae e'xtra:vaigance wiith Ia s oehi coli('ntt
eora.naity; he. wouhld;t ano,t itnflict a penante
'ii himsn'elfI a.'tl scouatrge hiis n t shoulderIs-a
tfor hais holly. ie, c.nttag hear' to lbe chitfere
of! s f.erlaintg. .-:s Ihe saa i . taur a ahe'a as
th.t Ih e vern parts ith I a farthling~ huti wyalt
reln tetancm'- lie hats no4 4in ot)f busyinag
4alden opini tts. le hats somte little re
g:as.. howev.ver, to ''pinion), atid wiisaes to)
hatve it withioli bnaying; iS'. htowev'er, it miust
h.e botight, lie will endeI,'avar to hty it as
ce'ap!y atS possib)le. I le ht its anl eyet quan -1~
lity, 1)11 gntality. hit htas ani abhuorrence
a fall pub)lic amaiusemteus wvhaieb are tnot .tc
ce'ssible~ wiithoat piaymen'tt: andl if ever 'driveni
by at stronag imapu lse of enriEsity 1to visit it
Theatrer le will egecud n iiole 'day in hut t
ng after a rree adn.ission. anl if. after all
he 111.st nIV fA) admllitlan -e,the -will lave
aS mnch as lie can for his mne311y, (and sit to
I lie iawe dreg! of a drowsy farce, thotigh lie
liei as weary as a lor-e, as sick a,, a dog,
and as. sleepv as a vat. Whaever;he , line
bought i paid for, lie %will us- and con-.
sime. however inueh agaiinst fhe grain ir
he has hired it stupid novel, he will rea-d it
throughout. if lie las paid a fare in a stage
ronach he will ride in it as far as it will
e;arr%, him: ir lie has taken lodgings in a
watering-place, le will stay till the last
momient, ,et ilt weather lie as bleak as De,
cemher: if he has subscribed to a cold hath,
lie will have his quantum of dips at the risk
,of iis life!: if le be a inemlier of n-eloh, he
will reai every newspaper; and if lie sees
and latee himself in this portrait, he will
perose it to the end, because he has a right
to do so.
Pashion.-The world is ruled by fashiod
-and it most iyrannical mistress she is
r'"mpellin-, people to submit to the most in
eon V'en it.fit thinlas imaginable for'fashion's
,ake. She pinclhe. oirl reet with tight
shoe-. or chokes sit. with a tiah cravat, or
Klaneezeq the breath out ofour body hy tight
h1rin. Sit' makes people sit up by night
he they ongb to le in lied, Rad keeps
tile-i iml the Ied in the morning, when they
(M,ht to le up and doia. She inakes it
vulgar so wait upon one's own self, and
!eIleel so li% e idle and useless. Sli makes
Pe"ple visit, % lien they would rather say at
hnme, eat when they are not hungry, and
drink when they are not . thirsty. She is
a despot of the highest grade,full of intriguae
anal eulling: atd yet hushands, wives, fit
Ihers, mothers. sons and daughters voluu
tariy have become her obedient servants
and 'laves, and vie with one another to see
who shall be lit most obsequious.
Auithority of H1sb,qands.-Brctoin al.e
writer of great repute inl hisis thay. aIs fur
aiished us with -I cr
the lusarnd to correes tle wife with a law
ful weapon snelh as a /imto stir,-, 4-C. vet
iflie make use of an unlawful instriiient
such as ;In iron bar and the like, and death
esn11ie, it will le murdi-r." The ladies
liisag ian slhe sae town where resided this
Sage exponitder of conjugal riits, are said
tii have been so indig"lant and so little sat
i-fed with he distinction in th.ir favor, that
thesy dalggd the unfortunate counsellor to
I e :-iver Iad dunheked him sonudly. .1inlge
B'Oller of i xeter, inl ai oliliona l.. C-livered
ia ant aiioin against a husliand o hadi t-eat
maaent (of his %ifv, laid it down as law, "that
a hati-.hald was privileoel to belat his vife,
if it is-trument isd was wooden, asd Iao
thieker [ii;Im his thumb." Tie dames of
Exeter sent a roiuid-robin to his Lord-slip,
and requ-led to know the exact dimen.
.ianis oif hits thumbsil.
Prnsire Admirers Ieferred by flhe La
dfes. -1 have remarked, that fle generality
Of iy -ex prefer those of the other'sex who
are of I grave aid sentimerail turn provi.
4led-i :11%vays .tat tit gravity does lnOt pro
.'aed froim dsilne,-;, but fruin :a relcting
41a;, Of maind, whii-Ia incareases their respect
h ile it aids to tie ilt-rest livyx perienec.
I lhave l knoiwn a psi.e ace sanda peaasive maan
anr ls ma ipres-s-inns ns femle hecarts
thaa hada sneia-ss.filly re-istedl the sattacks of
ty.t athe poiiseisors ofi t hesea agren:rn/s, hieiat
moigre ctalheiilitealdi tamse thaan iinter-est, are
ra-irely~ reineibseredl when absent. Wlomen
schjiom forgerm thle man swho matkes them
sigh; hia iraely reaenar to haim wshjo hsas exci.
ts-d thirs i irth, even slhough1 a birillianat wit
say haave titeen i,playedca ina his 1,ons monts
anda good stot ies. lie theareforae, whois waould
capuiiivate the fai-tdoonwis taste of the sex
sasust eelchew too fre<; lesas smniles, even
iiough1 lie may lhavwe finie feethl, and must
Iikew ais- svid youIiccasi.mm i g ar p)romitlsing
he' exhiiiun of tose lietarly ornamiteints in
her who hat,le wsisheas per-mms'esitly :si pl tase.
L.ady1 l<(SSingfuo,
To Prent-ta: Oxs: hiesnl:n Pouss op
thFT(i rits A -An---'snt aoggthier
I hree ' ssnarrsaof s:al, sax onneaes of sait petre,
one sand at halif pine sif .M"hatasss anda water
sificienit tao cove~sr yoiur msttat after laidh into
lhe barrel. Sprinkle thie baoom of the
biarret wi th sailt, tawii sliglyl sprinkle be
tween-t thae l:ayers iiftlie maest ats yon pack-.
whe dsonehoa, t oaar ti ''oair picklI u n I ay on
:i ssoiae or biarid to keepi then whole downi.
lIeer saicl t ier thaa m--thod duriaing theo
Fiall an.l Wtinater may lie kept nice and ten
der: lhriugha the Sumsimer lby Iaking it up
ab-out the first of Msay; scald und ski mthp
brines, addl three quarts sfsalt, when criat.
ouar back~ iJpon the Iitdd'e

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