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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, October 25, 1838, Image 1

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D. LABORDE, Editor. * woe pillars or the ) r our liberties,
and if it must fall we will perns ist urn ruin.."
VOLIV *E 3. EDGEFUELD 0. R. N. C.) r
NO. 3s.
The Edgelield advertiser,
is 'gittsity:.)
TF.'.--Three Dollars per anmuni if paid
in advance.-T;ireo Dollars and iitlv Ce'nts if
paid before thnt expiration of Six 'In th from
the date of Sibscriptin.-and -'oir IDollars if
not paid within Six Month:s4. ubscribterrs out of
the ft:mte are reptired to pay in udrnurr.
No subscription recemiv'l lir less than our nerur,
nd no paper discontinued ii oil all :arreni-ge:s
are paiid, excepit a the optioni of the I'diior.
All siibscriptionis will be otimUld unle. otih
- erwise ordered. at the etl ti the . -:mr.
\niy p:rionu proesi:;in five Sut-irilh,, . d
b i.imin.., re."pio'il: -isr the sime. shall i oi '
the sixth copy gratis.
AlvEttTis r - con(pi m o-lio i'-.r t! at
fin% enth1 fer gpta re, for the. firs: la'ertionu. and
43j (els rents fo r continu e' t. . iorrtiseim ets
tint having the inutmer ot' inertim-sm tmard oii li
them. will be continmed until ordered out, and
chargedl accordingly.
All .\de--rlisemments inten-led fir miilicntittn in
this tuaner, must be deposited in the Uiie, by
Tuesda creuing.
All conmmtnications amdlressrd 'n the Emditor.
- (roer r.ui) will be promptly tand stiictly attemd
ed to.
State of, onl b nrotii'41(fhlti )S RcI..
George I lancock, and Sar.il W. ) Iii//f sr
I lancock and ot her.. .s. P}rti
Charles l.titmir, Exenutor. tim.n.
N O' ICE is here by given. that by virine of:a
i)ecree from the Cu'mrt oifChalancerv, I shall
oiler for sale at Edgefield C. II.. tan the first tim n
day in November next the t'ollowing lands Ie
loue.n4 to the .state of villiam Tarranmcc. de
c:;isd. viz:
O)nei tict of antel situato nuon little Ilora'
Creek. in the District of t'd.:eehiml. comnitii
six hundred satd lirty (til)) nm"res mure or less
and boinded nc"ordi'mg to ti aranot thereof from
the State of Soth Carolina to the said Williaim
'T'arrance, by laids of' John Tarr:nice. 'Taolmas I
Lam nr i:ad Jio. Carter. and lhv mhr vent lii ids
One other tract contuiin.: tn o huntlredsl manl
sixt% (' .1) acres, mu e or Ites c es vevid to tlhe
sail William Tarance by a i-md of Release
froim John Cia er. and t:erein de-cribed as -it
ate in the iDistrict of Nin" v.six. or - -
---,-netr liin- ('herl,- ' .nd.
Also, one otier tract of two hundred nalm m w-in
ty-eiahi (22S) t-res. in re or less. itomnded lv
lands of Mims. itamibo. .Mortis. l.a iiir a iil
Thompson, and intersected by the liotd leadin
from tih Cherokee PoInel to .Anmsla. S:id idnds
to he: sold separately. oni a credit of one amid ti I
years. purchasers to give bonds nnd personal
secinty, and a mortgnge of the iremmises.
.. .. .. . E. D.
- e - C'o uimtimoo/ ~lloe, :t--. c. ..
Edgmefield, Oct. lt, 1s:8. o 35
it le of, Smith1 ('i'O)li al.
Benjamin T. Abney n mi othere; vs.
Tabhitha Ahney and others.
B Y virtue of an Order from Cam. Johnm-tit
min tie ibreteing rase. I n ill oit'er for sale
to the highest bidder. on Friday the smeonid day
of November nest. at tie S' or' of lihard C ti'
man, fmr tne m i land he nin to Ime I's tte
of Zacliarhn \they. incimeiase. . i :i' im in'.e
fiehtl Oisiuiet, on iohe waters of :-nhla: liver', the
traits to be sold separtlily. and the nimher of
ncres. iltings tnld ioniidin to lie imitlu L i mwi
on the day of sale; the terms of sale will hie a
credit of one, and two years. except the cost,
two thirds of which must be pail in em-i iy the
purchasers; the reminin g third tI Ie paid bI
the widow. The purlmsers to .ive- hoid ian
security to secure the lure bname mionev.
J. TitiY, C E. E. D.
Commissiouer's Ofllce.
Edgelield. Oct. 1st,18s:' .. e 35I
Steel R ibs For Col tonm ( iuas.
NV"ewi rnieii onn.
T ll. suhseriher hni, int received ai sit
p yof the PATEINT H I S Air Cet
ton Ginms, whic hia rm been spoken) s.
highly of wherever they have be triedm
throughout mite Cuoimt o Grtn ings Sttes.
''hese Rihs ar so eutt rmnei-d clint one
set will last tw enty years or more, mii he
consantly in use, by having an extra set of
Cas Steel face's. The bnees tire mhtmiide
fit on the frmont of tmum itinis. n here iii Sans
pass thrommlh, and inl so simple a ontaminr
that any person en) put them on. ie
suhcriber will always keep i supply of
(Aina on had of lie .ibove d1Xemcriptin mim.
A far dloors abnsore thee ',pper Mark~et.
Aumgustai (:m July 13 :183. hm 2ti
- TmN (ilN ANi'At''TORY ill mlhe
Town~m mof I latinmrg, S. C., om the iinmiproiumve ys
ttem oft AJr. lionswmrig hibm'g h-no-. tio m mc'mtmiinimid
their (in5 to them pubiilic. Thelmy arrat thir
4 hins to be empmi if limt sitpeiriom :to ofii~ 'tm ain.
IRointwvrighti. mmn nteemmint' lii an amratmtin, wichmm
is, inmstm'ad~ mu bmlcs oft woodmm min the rite. .mv
have tadioptedl time plan-oisi itikin tihe tim' sol f ithiri
4 iins m'ntirely uifsiiel aid imron, wiicb have provr
ed bmy e'xpenrience'm to lie pire'fe'rmble.
in'. Bomnmwricimt hmavinmg mdecliemd thmi ginl imn
.c king bmusineissm inm .Augista. hi r. ,. 13. tm'iini. whoni
commnmtuctedc ii themre foirbimi b.immg onem ofith pi' rt-i
memrs ini them conigc'mrn, thim' wvilimlm ndeavr t' p.*iie
miatisfacttionmm to till whom maiy fa. mr ihmeim with themir
iBT ins~ repmairedI at thei shomrti', noi c"'.
Ilammburg, S. C., Atmril 19!. Umi I I
A LL persmne indeb'ited toi the esiatm' oin
?'. S tepi h n Tompkins, dlemc'nsed,. arme me
qtmesmiedi to imako itamminmte pay iment, mmmnd
those hanving dIeimanuds tol preseuit liem) pro
pem'ly atestedl.
WII,IAM UIitUNSON,.4ed'mr.
LA PA erns hiavinig de'mmmnds nyninmit Wm.
II Cminner andim Wadmci ii Connetimr,deimcm'nedm,
mate her hiv isted' tom aennd the'im tom them sub-i
mmcriieridily mttmstedlnnd thoisme iindebltedm toi eitmher
mif time itbove naomemd int'staete-, are' re'tywcstedt ;i
mmake imimed'. iatE jias itc't. I . 1i. .1f C N I 's.
'tas te (If' S4)11111s ( ':1scoilra.
1{~;;". : or. Ij433 alie ( 4Iaglar1 '3'
i ''141 I )i1.r1j41 I .1l:111 5!)4'3'4'l Its 'III 4311
she4 first ,. 31I41d 'I% ill Nov:'gai i.:: 3ex'a I", t -
IjltlI 1.31I I1 " f i1 Iaui' I'.13'n3"33g"II 14o
tS'4111 :3.11't o.I ijig I. uIg.'r . .Iut'"t:,s'i ;I it'
in0 '.a l I )i'.11:cI 4f1ill Iii, ?;t.r. ofI Irv Cret;'
;id 1,141 343433lj.. 33 lutiuI 4,' V. i.Sia. I~5 1 iititu1.,
5C4'er(~r ! t3 ('. ".i;. I: it4I,4'r, aifit h,1
,' - .4ai~ '1.,l~il r 'i13C I.44.4h'i" 41 .4.1.1 Ihl;
114r'" 11aorr or Its. loll a (rl'31 1 .2 I'3 e;'u
'344413:I: I u rl,,i..e in 1.1334 hu)ed4 ailu 3r.401
2.95 "I 441311t 344'i .1 111141 4 :' (.,, ! Ii, Ili
t) fliti ( 15i;mi' . (-'fish to) Lt. 13044 ill r:.'ia.
1. II. M~USS. S, F:. n3.
(;it(' of, SoiitII 4(':ss11 l
Ei~4Ii~ 13.1.1'. A I4II':3,I IC '
Witlliams %h t, i Ir. ll~i :31 11 'i~II3a
('1 43 list 4'' 1r44114 liii ( )i'e.I4iII& 441
fie(ld I i'.i'(', I 1.14111 5'r4.4'.4'3 14n .Ii
44ll 3543 fir' i 11uI.'3. inl 1"%44'4'11144'3 next1, at
1:.!23'1ti.'II (:fi,1 ! jl3'..4'," ai. fill. 143'14313''31.'
144 iI. es!$t34 ' ('etr:3 5334s. 1) h rtli.3r'4 11.
situateI4 ill said4 I)*'.tiiii the3 wateI1':3r. III* s;i
('reel... :)fill 13.ar~li (i l )a333 10141 Z1 . S.
I r44k'a. I 11115n. 2Ii( ';ri, Ze t4.hIcIudjll %% ;iI
k in., anti (31he:r'., an,)4 4 44111illii (III, h333 im3
fired4 :I('r. mor or3'4 (Its4?.. 411 n1 B'1ea Ii ;"I I2
13144311 ls. I'1'cleg-.4r to :s ye 11331141 1111 per
4)13:1 '.4'(31 Ii3 . ;14l a14 nII ;;g of the .1 ~~43 i 1 14"
933i.cs t4o Ile OinarylI~. ('o,1. to3 liei'.' 51in
()("1. 16, 183A. c;:
St tic ol' Sot: ii ( 'a,'I li ta.
A5I:I(lifl 1'1':i.t Ij'/.:I'II("
S:gag,Ier. 1111: otheI:rs, I )efie'1a4;Ig".
fill the4 firs 3''. I 4:11Iy in Noh'4411lhei ne'x 11534
154.. , 4544 9'l..(.1..4 33al3 i4 i aid%15 I ti-ti lets. en3 the3
Wae. of4''. OSii yc('3 ( 'eek, am,3~ 134Illti hng fin1
laud4. of1 (5443. 113', 113313I11 )eon .lulu41
59.I'3'wr, an11d 4) lh'rs,an 1134 (431a itlilig 4fi14e hn1111
413e','1lid fatty live atcres, morn1'I or1 less. on1 a3
credilt or twelve' Itilgi.. I5'4 1331,4er I.' Laive
li.,,.f11 11' 11;,
W. 11. MOSS. a : )
t'alawble Plus. Udtioua for
r -' 111:C Sh1I4I:4r4 % ill C0113513114 to 13ff'I'
133 p3rivate4 .:11I,, the. p)1ace4 '' 114r'41:
'.itul:iieI inl :1 I3I44vj154 D~isrict, 1'i'4934 144111
344*14'' SI43ltl) ICato 41 lu~Ilte 111311. an11131 ill).
ill 44334' f31th of :45r449li'. ;'1433'3. hi' 3''c
Iroln 111e tract' t1h4 p3Iitl4'i53.II parr~ ,.1' tlle'
I)314r Land andI fill( 44141 1131111 1I)41 hun.dred131''
:Ind4 fifty ne'l4s ('haired('4: j~5i'O'.('311411t. ve'ry
1413543311 'flt 5' ri4 wll heii 21111 41133 ;It >..3'.433 4'"
('111 ('1111 riday 4'14list-5 *-'l (ay of (' riu 43
nett, when~s. if3 n 131411 it' ill 34' litl 34(4IIlI:3I3a
bidder :illy pes i, S'ji. to313.13' ll 1'e
4431 c a l l o n l c i t 3 ' II " t h e (I S i l l (4 1 :3 r W h t l l s ( t t e p4 'it , a ti i - k I o t 'e i
144r 1140133', 11 3,34. 11 %%35l (I(.1. ;1134431 "3~.9'.('111
115 ' 11iI )1: NI'.'It3 113311 'i1I)i141'
P er !: tl l S t ", R oa)111, , a f 4'cl , *4 / 3 33'," 1113.I'4 11 II . 4 lic 'o . rd31
),patro' I4oIf333 1''i.3.5 Iln(rt Dollars41)4, 111
it Note.,13' fo1'ri al4' 13(944, 11110. I It"I:ucI
(:torfiis 1 and' th 311a134, of1434'Ii n ~'' ' :14.4
1lAt3I5I 111. a4. C.
NIlt. 1. Ifl('lIAII)" le' leave re
. ;."i lii Ii) to iiili.:"m h "r lriell till
th31e If t II i . 11:1 s i ck l. 1 :k rt' ie'3
jliu eer I IIel I%4414 bleb5;1 She. iII~nl o4'i413434
ate)4 1.at 1 rs II.g Ui 5133l4r,, onI I lie. Is O4 )I
1 \ .e 14' 4.414 1 Ille~llI' iS3UI15'e ..its lhe' ili
.he is4V ui,.I: l il)) t,4)~ 11144 .1 she w3ill ho nel
!I' i iii.i 441"I t i .
I t. 1! ,, r, S. (;. Sept. 2U. I1S38 'C 3G
NEW Wu1OO 4.
/ i : l . u ie i .;t'. al .I lis Ii' i , 44.i 144
N. or:, a 411.idt :114144r344ez, ofl i".II
.1.V! 11 INTER1 OOD .'. Cuts-lst4iaug of
Cl f us, (i ..ner t un! V *sli i1g8
Std1eI.,4, (.CoIlarsa lit Iooums,
(3 o4I'-t' :Inid 51S;14'II(crs.
IIab, .auI E iasabre'(I .,
ill !hi4'll' ilc1. A.1 p-1-ai it 'il 3II 4.1'
. ::11)1 .%IA\uI; CD " ''111.;
14nr .i..it'l 3aI44.t1111141.t "sila' al inds.
'fl. I S I 3'll4M\(; Aide iii it ill- hest oI uaru
4tier Igat4'. 4u - *4'44u43 :he.i ti'vIi
I.44 143144 ;d3 1 . ( I )4rt. r''iji? ii 1111).1
I I ~I Sm . rg ~ n ill li, i4rmr h.rN:141 Ii'' all 444314
:ei1 i ii l us w. 'Ii'. 141 AsI 5i444 rsII1 1 143Ir 1ih.'
iu he . It 1I' \t'n .:. 11 44' Sl t:el' ad 'rial
(.;, 4454uh i 1~rl.p t), I; os. rl- i.:ittg j Iii I li tn 4
lI :ir Iiii the 4141rI. l l3'13i4'I, ham,31431 I. oIi , 1434'3
crud4 s... IIIr byi lot u.14 al I iebrsh ier lfe nenR
oife- ln iu e ti'r,,ie~n11%o ath e M.~at (ofaa S. 11
C 111 Iae c' tol'. ,t:eIr.:~no Lui
11 tires ' lld.' 444141 J4'1)lI ( ). it. I e ear
414l . ha e sa.pid& towe11of' I:v~in3 l,3a~'int l 414an
1,45 std4 iellw of Ii'l .. 11,i~ T d " 4I44: l to 4544. '..
AI iir ididuring ile tent! of4' live veal ,4p3 legl the,
lseIiiidoi. 111 di'. said JIiiO. i.Frdi t
Canl ate,a Ithe sal d (;e-i.Al^.Itl
fel the stun Z, S (. t0. 5, ii:1 HrsI1 fill 1"."W
mtsne i !r-5.' 311.4 r 11~ I.:a.*' we '.j.. heartc
- t 4'441instil4s t :! ' 5444l 53ay sit' (.)c3ube 1. id :4 t411
- - : " i . Y ig t! a n d ' I : " I ''' e e 4 4 n t h'. e , p re44 3 4 o\'. .' n 1 l
T 111'~4I Sa3Il-mille 114.' le. au I:; 1r ll-te. t
('414 :41 iIl 41'14'l 134r l. 41 or- ef ": nh;, Id nill
aolstia'! =ei Iii t.'it~; a1:4, ;4:441:i"',:o1. i' of
h~e.il:\ l ''1:1 4.' ; l4'44'--. 4 . :44 i' IIPi 114 i l
11414 h ie, 4' 14r 5 I 14' 11s 4 IIIi wee;, 4. 5r4'i(m ew Yowrl
-3441. 1::4 5' iii41' gioI, at the' 14,4-tar 1 1r141adj4in
:4444 M r 4I i v ' '. ill,) s 4'434 itI al 341 !41a14.:aie
cash (31 a lrl 4' .1wh ic he.!4' r4 :iii') it,, as'-)314'4 I,
4'.r 1314 :14a 544' 4,n ii1414. ,4 iii'I 7. 4 111, 11' a~
I5-'34 '1j4.., :334lr' I: '!... i '. 1 1 4 '11 1 ti.::ig i "!!
4.444!, l 111! 1 41111 fit 1' ; ,'.. Ie' :43,o5 ! ,':ia ia. 1 -ft1'4 j
:33345 54'43'. ' i .4 314e4.4' '.',a1. 3' 4131 1 34 1 11 . 1 :Ily 111
If:.o of4335 Il4- (I4P414 h.lae I ill~oh but. si443444'
at al I3)14e g.ii t e' Ocsta .4. s I l- - 3111 ti:is
I445-3111)-.334I I,' 1111111' II .~:ii*I :' . 11 tit 1414)4
(.'.iII I-' iIi. 45a~n~ 444 .ul crue 444'44111 par44-4'' 31lIl h
dullz lease It 1,31 th14'431.134 I c ou he331' 5 .4': I be so114
14.111;1 4 a - toi 44i ' l le'5:4t 4'l t r itl ic ''tiir r a s1'41
i'' I .I4u'45 '. il I 11' '4'4'1',u4l h '4 If! 414 5 r )l
4 41. '.4133ll' 11;1 444 ~ i 454 -11 r" 1i~ o- r e-t 344' ot?, ;3 I
tli l'" '. ' 1' :ear. 144 g l o' po14 -34 ' In3 lly rts. A 1414
4Ili'41 o g ''4'114a43 ii 14434'S , flat- 44 54 '11 tu .the
Ii u in I'tljed Scrrice Journal.
11" -NAid RY sECT oF I-ANATICS t:
-x414. aer since I have been in India
hve rd if it class of MIussunans, III
ti-I " a 1et or saint, lby name 'haiki
lli ii, .. in oirdo to imlipress the unhe)1
Sliev ers the truth of the AMinWoha'it'
t iih, reed to ihas ha;ommti ers the onet
i pltan sna ords and <d1aggers, cut ing of
their to e frying it and putting it togethe
again,c g oll'thc he-adt aid lhmn us, si-o4p
tug nut eye, and in truth, doing s ill
their houies whaterer it pleased 'hea, to d(
all of "acaih (of. G- in company will
a lergyUanaa, a Mr. I--, had seen a lieu
the hlati4r grew sick and ran tout of the pire
declaria :it was the pouw ec of Satana, n hiel
to thlia y ho belheves, and the Colonel
that it i done, through the power of tile ar
ot maagi at Which 1, fof course, lain-led, d
decltare h7at so toona as a miaai of the regi
mleni ( tlhe namate oh Shailkh Kureen, omna
of these. tuliai) should return mIioa furlough
I woul tituess the exhibition.
A In o lent was accordtagly pitched
anl fiit altem ps furnished, and plates full o
of arsei "p, and qu.mtuitaes of a plant of tl:t
cactus he, filled n ith a milky juiee, a drilo,
of wi l. .af it fall on your skin,. blisters it,
and a st quantity of the common ghtnas
hatgle r h'-acelets, worn by the women,
and di "rs and swords, uani things hik
thick s 5skewers, and other horrid lookings
'eoapr aike a butcher's steel, only with a
hmnadi1tered with ebains. and about ".:(I
Iaflaiu 'ea all manner of drums, anl ,o,
wiicn was ready about live of that ilii
crs 1 the mess table ailti yasetf, ,ani
along h ts about a hundrel sepianv
crowd into the ter. \\ hIn we were
sttttd a silence.ohjtail e. the work coml)
maone -y ia sort of ehat fromn the sacredi
iookl ii drum heaters joining in awl
keepi title; the clant increased at lengti
th uL. eleit~t.untd.Jtavint
litit oche instruuents, the body kelp
in a so t of sw inging motion, they plunger
the ske-wer instrument, one Itrotugh earl
cheek,.another through the tongue, a tbir,
through the throat, and then com mnaiee<
stablin Ihetm ela's n ith sword- and dag
gers, &,al 'nri- of instriments. (.)tiers 4eui
'flthnir tonedne, itaad. havin roast 41 it it
the fire, put it in thair-ia mr a :a n :tin, ns hei
it i~aimediately nuie.il they eat the arseni
and the blistcrina milk plant, e hilkt iitr
manaiaebed t'he xlas: han"g-les :a' aho..I ita 1
we'are the :'reatest 'Ie'licaaies. '[li, ia- ::l
i" ni ithiiiin it half yarl of mv oiia', lii
ahey canme up cli'.e tio e tu itha anaitinyv lamap
in order that I maight see there n is no de
-ception; and I do assure you ahat it taha
mile feel sick, anal prodncti any lhinag II
an agreeable sensation n my mind. f'or to
this moment I know not whii at to thiaak ai it
i at not stperstitious; and albaogh i 1
colonel ald iiterus m ot respI ectale tn
tives had ald'elared to inc that they did ac
iatally do these thines. and that if sns
we-re to be it any man-a'r trnsted. thev h:a
seen it all donl'., I wina ti neverthele-, 1i
believe it. I w1ax1 tohl befirehl. that i
arequired latil aind purity on thI" part oft Ib
peirfhrmer, eig tha not a drap ofl' bliat
! lwould follow, hut that otherwi-e. a I'e%
drops of blooul waiotld sometimes flhlonai. al
inasarmntica, maal 'lie paerfolrmear nonl rema
reive some slight injuray.
On takitag may dlepaarturaae lfroma athe in.l
h appeneduacu to s-ay that I shoaubl . tat tall eventI
thiaak more haonoaraly oif their piawersa' ilf
saw* rtemi exhlibai in thec opena lacec ofl <hn
tiand divested of nioise, maation,. parlapherna.1
lina, &c. Ona the Iiilluinig dlay, wvhiile rt
elinaing oatnmy couach, at abouitt two c.'cltail
reading at Eniglish newiiSpape ~r, w'ithoti
servant or a soul lnar ime.in ruisheid h'zza
-(priesh or judg.e,) hais laihad full of inastrea
mentgas, wich tehaaarowinjg on thae groundtai, h~
Neized otae, pluntgetd it traagha hais lce'
oni the left sidle, anothuer, ona ther right, ;a a hira
tharougha his tonenea uapw ard sea tat it sinea
iaatc his noista, tanithaer thiroutgh hais tharoat: hi
thtlen stabbaled haitmself withl a brighat shiam
eretese, whaieb ('atered hais baoday aboutt thart
inchecs; not ia drop oaf ha!aaid 1 Il. lI w; i
Jzoitng to ciat tail'hhi,, toguec, wbn ha em laga
him to dlesist. I was, itt arthI, perleel
ly nauseatedl at the aighgt. 'I' iiaum wv
ign a staste of Irenizy, andat reailly loaoke- I r~igha
-fual, hise face sa tck faall ofl instrumnats, an
stabbhing anad enittiing htimself' wiith tall bi
might. I saing out lfor somiea peopale iai
turned him ot
I have ntow tohal yotu wh~at I have secca
andl yet I wvill taot ask you to believe it, ii
I knowv.not myself whait aao thingk. Trho
are many persoans of very stronag mtintdsi
othecr respeels, whlo firmtay helieve', sand wi
dou not baesitateo to declare their belief, thi
nit I""azvl,'hie outO o)1f Chistendqo, 'iletio
itoilogy, "vitrl,er:,f, ltes'thnianey, antii the eni
t ire* list or Iark ii 1i foriddi~en ats iiild
21l" art' abroadi aindl ini hli ex~istetEE' inl
net' again ilii'i lily senseP if 1 ill tin SeeO
ntil ithat I hiave told %"01I. I exttillelI iit
ilst .I'liP~lts; I sit hemi dran ouit o' uthe
I al1so Batt i.11 carlt .i 1111I ,Wi!Io,% ti1e
r om eves of :i isc i j, and hi -h !l12 l ;2tid iit . y
sayi that I bliieve what Ifo e 1 cutini orl
justie I would Stem'r I ha~ve seenl.
~ I - .111avouai . liI~t~vetr, i(ccr ill rejire
bee pU.o.: .iuIsC1 The ilSir~eit ani li.iie
iettee t. Iie cli i te fiI its greateir pa~ssas
ges, their pflelei applicti oll to thle 5itlhi-i*I
iiallet~ or' debat2Ie, tli.' appioisiieliss ofl hiis
" ioldlness of the !e~ats "'liid lhe %1t trci
ti if~.l~lcd, tii.' heatrt -si irrai~L 1 Iature or his
aippea:r s. ar l 11(oil h'ssei by Ithe miiilled
testi~my oral1! his contiemploraie~s. aind ithe
fira2.tllit-lr- ii rczzlii i u~tirillt Hii a ci
-.idi4r'Hhl:, ex~telln ti i-c r re-2ilt 21Iiitin: norn
aire W," likely toi be tiiisied by t hose I'i":i,
ilnt s tlr the more' si kng" 2 passa21ges were
eertalil tile one.1' teat likely tol lie eit her
ortng the enltg powe. ho I lie ii .t in
i.nelilie 'iiltl !21 y eN II''ssii'e; all eye -ol
gla:re": 21n1d ;1 m11;tlllr t:itl1eti'er sotn..ilnriv
his infirml ities hrllitiled a111 ation; aind he is
l15('nihl l as5 stand11 ing1 in te II s iUo It ordts.
leainiig neoni1 iia cruch ani n d speaking (ori
ten1 ruIletogether lin i n undertone of
oilI' Ill is grandil hurtnss o1 iniiv oit' .r 'x
t,2lilntioiu. B ill, ill lus ealierl time, is
whol 1 manne11 114r is Ir;irt'senlled 21s hiaving been~
lluviindtlliili.'jiin an11 11imlated 2111d imoUsilg.
In1deed1, the ring-~' wi hit'li lie 2i11:'teil by it
byti th( shli111'' II.in!! ilhil lie Chargedl 2
" pi i its a01p's~tln 2111(1 t a~ll n d 1211) id
4l'l'te 11111 21111 t with hlis'l stlv4 ts, h ir slin
'li ff- alrtofll tl rl: ne IIt 6is rl~t!.r
211111 li 2421111 o Its 1114:t a s il tli.og pre
vail 'in thiei ll:I-netst liei fim'lsiEI h4\'
i i iOts ult'is2ieiz and i ii ll-i' into vlcit"
"I t k It reis -;:ril to it2 haiveliii prollt'Il
having thu )lpverse-. iiheq home, rtl i isti a E
lu'is rd gisv eey alelr"di-hi b fi t'* " Ilt o
t -og t r. i n o t 1.61,111i.1~j si ' tisi tinah ill 21y :I,-1
litt, ' orIf') will ltii:,11 atll:l 'I liu't 1" u~' W e
tla've 2:14 riti': iot nrgt ti spon e:Irrlwie
st.rnitite th Ill 11211 i4'Ii Illurs, iilt ieli t is-l
Thlargest steam bont on the Western
water,. iv the Illinois, a new anl superb ves
set of 7I5 tons hurt hen,. andI which has just
rani 'eniced runninug between Detroit anrid
H tiIl ol . She blo'ln: to (. Neilberry &
Co. Ii I)etroit, al is int.'nded for the tip.
;er Lakes. She has 110 feet length on
dfeck :Ind ") faepr beati-w:rtpr wheels 25
e li:" I,"te'-r- '.ine ktilt by .i h1nire, of
:; a Yo or'-t h sa:oon piiemlid-r lI state
room s .paeins anid lod:in: 3 perseons-for
w.ircEt hi ('.i:1 :11; persons. There is mole
tir!er in her hull tihnn in any other vess'tI
ml the baIkcs. Mr. G oodsell was t he hilder.
Capt. lil:le. n ' iteran, c a nands this
superbI veselI --Xe York Slur.:
A L.iting >:!'. ton.-n lam'ing rthrough
a viaite', I n as strnek with the sight of a
stilltand shri 'elled corpe. clohed and seat
ed in a ebnir: lai:d slaim'inrg t-gaiust the w all
so that the feet were' in the air, nod the,
he:it was lietit upon the breast. Whiile I
Stood lookinl2 at it, I Wl. startled by a jerk
inl.l ;, nion in I, r ,iht arm ;nd then sec
in-g two bliek mriri vi ii e es straining to
,earch oy attenioni . 'This was hura
iid livine bein . which had exited in this
shrivelled nrl moot ionuless st ate for 28 years;
the flesh seemCied toi have disappeared i-oml
his inte'; the skin had shrunk and was
almiost b lack: I have seen tnutt mies that
a;pe;ared ill a he'nl er state of preparation.
lThe joiIms were all fixed. with the -xce'p
tior of the right shoulder and tite jaws -
This li-eeder n of the shoulder aonctits,how
ever", only to Iliee inc!es or a see-saw
loVenttt of le fire ainm, and he keeps
.workitig it backwars nm forw ards, as hi14
say<. tllr exeircie.---Urrjuart's Traveis in.
lie LEast.
Toliaca nit .-1 ntiule to A rsenic.-The
Troy (N. V.) Whig tmentions. that lately,
im 1hat city: a ehild two years old, which
had swallowed -Dome arsenic, imprudently
left mixed with flour to destroy rats, was
saived folri r &l hv a nre sdmjuistratipu.
evienrly by some properties aside front
ihose of a oath:iitic or emetic. This is the
secol life saved in this city by the admin
istration of tolicco.
IN-TI:n:S-rNC Occtna-:t:cv.-On Tues
ulay fat, a h:iiy 105 years of age, residing
in the city of New-York. who had never
nued spectacles. and still retains in a remark
;ble o td'rce all he'r mn:1ta11il andu bodily f.ieun
lie-. t3ook it into her hed ti visir a female
frield in Newark. Site got into the stage,
and a11lnie with no atrerndiait, (amitle to iltis
city. A .eintleman learniing that sueh a
pterunage wavs in town, called on her and
renllre'ted her to accomptrany himi to the
hiose o' a frienid, which she accordingly did.
lI ore she was introilneed to a1 gentlimnii
1117 ye ar< f eze': md thiese Iwo venerable
survivors of the- century there behl a most
inte'resting contvers:itilon of by-gore days.
II.aving alwyvs lived in the city, she fhad a
perfec t recollection of the tire when ti;h
river. overed the groun:i where St, .lot's
('httrhit nowt ,mail. In the evening the
.2,l , I. tmC we rt'lderstaill is Gonigo
returned to the eity.-X. J. fj:ig/e.
I. ', rrit;t -I),."l1 lonl the .26h1: rof Jnnlre. at
iyht32r0 e !, .1-nica:t , .let. l-'1 itini 1.o. 1 She.
sh w ht crown-up ymm;huiel woma at~i thei
iun ih deisrire2'tian~. B Por i3'va byL'e irn
,ev:r. pi e.%ifutpY dclrett at ivihe~r ntvr
dran,'k :Il:ti,:; but witier ini her whiole life,
ShIe mut~ hlave been': upwa~vrce of 14;d years
oIf age Ani eel black wvomanrl, at hteollumrc
Iestite, dfied iS monitths age, tafd I 40i. Sheo
;t!a ec'Ilred 5:1he ver dfraniik anthm'iiirg hnt1
watter. II. :iii1 iS I he propterty oIf Nilliatt
'-var ~It Gladtorie'.-i'.. membiiler f'or' Newark
H iN i tan liin.. -ro mt: 1) k:r n i: o.-Th'le
I o-ieoi .leumol:ii says: "The g:radeing ot
Iane lcl'i' ill, or moreil proper~rly lireeu's Itill
hia'u(331 contetedi . \V1' e viire it yesterda~y,
mrol foimind tih' ptiieka;i\ and spadie briskly
empitledee. W'e lea;rai ithr ii is thte initen
Io lofee tie piro1riteors o'thte lots to redeo
ihe Iltl abouiti cirbiy f~eet, and of' course thie
odld r~ceromt won't!c lbe desi:r'yed, :and all tho
sutrfa'eC't'i rm edl, ex'eptnirig ai few silrer
-feet monndiie thle mainiiett! We learn
I ht t onieh fet:iIii exist5 ini relattionr to this
prcd3eded int and rie vc hiee it i" not event yet
tolat to~( setp thd)lie deseratingi woerk a nd
sav e the bIne grotinet." Stop1 the de3stroy
e'rs if poss5ible. Save'3 the desec'rationl of thiat
hliy ground. Theiire is inot a plaee ont etarrh.
ofil it Omei, so3 wiorrhiy of' iimmrorrat honor, or
w..hence'e hiave sprrirg resiulis of' sneh tma
tmenitonts imnportan12ce 1o lhO hiuitan rae.

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