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Sherirs Sales.
B Y Virtue of sundry writs offierifacias,t
me directed, will be sold at Edgefield C
House, on the first Monday and Tuesday i!
October next, the following property, viz:
Metz & Hendrix, vs Abner Nelson. one tra
orland containing one hundred acres, more a
les,, adjomning Jnbn Holly and others.
ktobbins & Conner, vs William Yatboroug
th! iefendant's interest in four hundred an
thirty acres of land, more or less, adjoinimig Joli
Inlow and others.
Charles Price, vs iaerwood Corley. one tra<
of land containing one hundred and fifty aere:
nomre ur lesm, adjciningJohu Ramsey & other:
A'so one other tract, containing one hut
dred acres nore or less, adjoming Samuel St<
veis and others.
Eli Milton, vs John Marsh, two hundred an,
fifty acresot land more o: less adjoining Elizz
both Carter and others.
Salmon Clark, vs Margaret Ogilvie, thre
huinmred acreb of Jaad ir.ore or less, adjoiui,
Joists While and others.
The same, vs the same, the aboveodescribei
The same, Vs the same, the above describe
L.-vi 31. Churchill, vaW. B. Hightower, on
tract ollaid coUt.Iuing--acres, more or les
adjoininit Mrs. ilightower and others.
Thlomas Mip.rms, vs Sterling Powell, on
tract of land aduiming D.J. Walker and other
Tne State vs the'samne, the above describe
p1 operty
kV ms. a ny ton.vs John Siergeneger, one hut
dred acres um' Land more or less adjoining Vad
Gioyer and oters.
Horatio Woodi. vs 11. fluffinan, Sen. thre
hnoiidred acrt s o.,f ti.ed. nore or less. also, thre
,ewroes, Llilus. liarrnet and her child John.
: stiti-, vs .he same, tile abo% e describe
t. r .o-w'd v. T. C. vs Henry Shultz, one h
its i.n e Towsi ui ilamburg No. one nundre
I.,d -x:y zar.-e. Im vimig thirty feet froit on Cot
ington street :ind one hundred and ninety fei
o: 4,ob1! .treet.
T.ie state, vs the same, the above describe
U. F. Gonedy. T. C. vs Mary Winggart
ei-ht hun :dred acres il iinnid, itoe or luss, at
jiiig Daniel QLuattlebumit aitl others.
John Lolton, vs 6auders lieardin, one Negr
Woiaman ;ate.
C.adawav Chark, vs Win. Strom and Saut
Strim, oiw Bay Mlare.
VA e John Yonboo,,
irret of iand 'v erC the1 lcletinant iives,adjon
iii lobtt Brvaint aid others.
'iohn S. Smiihey vs Me samse, the above d4
seeied propyrte.
Wmi uckalite vs de same, the above dt
scribed property
Abel .kenliml, vs Thomas B. Harvey, oi
Negro Woman.
John1i Cotte. vs William Doby, one Yoke 4
Oxen al Cart.
Libert %inndy, vs the same. the above di
scribemd property.
Loainme Giddings vs Mathew Gray, one N
grot Woman il child.
G L & L. Peani & Co. vs the same, ti
above described property.
Simith & Fiuzier, vs John M. Reynolds, on
ri::In Gun.
Cornelia Seihles, vs Abner Whatley, on
tat of lamd known as tile flat rock tract cot
taining five thousand acres, more or less, a(
-n.iu in John Bauskett and others.
hlenry Kenedy, vs Jarret Wise, one Gra
John P. King vs Margaret Clark, the tract <
I ind % le.-e the defeudant lived at the tite c
her death, adjouinilm:u lands of the Estate c
I.'tonjims, aud others
.Allen & Kinnard. vs Rtobertson Deen, thre
hun:idred acres of lund, adjoining Robert Brya
uni I others
Terms of sale-Cash.
September 14, 1640 c 33
Sherifas Sales.
Y Virtue ..f 4undry writs of Ficri Facia
B Isnail proecei tosell at Edgefield Con
hiouse, on the first Mondayin October lexttlh
Ihilowing propery viz:
llarriamttonl .v 'jryan, vs Anthony Delores
one horse landu buggiy.
HI. tmdson, vj tutu same, tihe above descrihe
bij' Jerome vs Randal Delaughter, on
I'e~ro man. Charles.
Anina Anderson, vs the same ; Penn & Brai
non. vs the same ; Lmevi M. Churchill, vs ti
s.uune i Mitchcli amid Rtasomt, vs the same, tI
ushiwe descrihed property.
Ti erms' oI sac-Cash.
S. C HRISTIE, s. E. D.
Sept -.N. 1840 b 34
il l iM%.UIW, S. C.
, 1ESubse, ber havuig Pithis WARF
il i. im turottghm repIair, and raist
it .dgoit iee leet higher thanti before, wlhc
nake1it it tmo high water. lantters amid Me
u... maIi :et assured of no danger from hmi
wc uur, in storing Cotton ini this W arehouse.
. is thantkful for tihe Imberal paitroniage of I
f.';uids heretofore, antd Ihters himnself~ that b
b..a :mandaistricta:utmntiotmtohnmsmie-s.lI
wil! .nrst a Coit utmne of the former libera
pai -m t..stuowed ont hitn.
A ny tmot mon that lie imy haem im i store, or th:
omay hbe .1 -w tito he ship: cd to Chatrlesto
ug.',:.;aiianii, will be strictly atumnded to.
W. P. DELl.
II unhiarg, Aug 20, 1810 tf 31
E P. Noble, v.,'
Johun Cumanuiami, anod wife,
lPatic Nobie. Bill fmor
Edlward Noble,
Alexaind.'ru Noble. Partition.
Ehzabaem .\obie. J
;-T appearmig to toy saitisfactionl that Patric
~I. Noble, onett of the det'endatnts in this casi
roule without ime hmiiits of this State: U
ia-mtionm, it is orde'red that the said defendanltd
:.:,uar, atnd pileaid, answer or deinur to ml
muapluaian's 15il. withuin three months fro:
I:... d.mte of this putbhcutioni, or the said bill wi
be taken pro runfesso algainist him.
DEN.J. Y. MAtT1N, C. E. A. D.
('ommuissinr's JUfice,
D)WARD H. EDWARDS, Esq. havir
.It. heeni duly elected anid commnissioned Ml
jvr-tiencraL of the 2d Division of South Car
iuna Militia, .vilI take ratmk as Major-Gener
fromi the 22Jd daiy of Junie. 1d40, and will I
ra.pected anid obeyedl accordingly.
1iv order of the Comnmander-in-.Chief
J'A MES JONES, Adjt. and Inspr. Gen.
se'pt. 8 (C) f 32
- OCTOR A. M McCAINE havinag r
moved to Edgefleld Court House, offe
Iii< 5ervices to the citizenis of the Village am
uaghborhood, in the practice of~ Medicine ai
He may be found at all times, unless profe
dlonally engag--d. at his residence, in front
nev. Dr. Johmnsona's Academy.
s.......- mund 27
State ot' South Carolina.
William H. Yeldell, Billfor
tand wife, vs Partition.
r Margaret J. Shibley, and others.
OTICE is hereby given that by virtue of
an order frotm the Court of Chancery,
I sniall offer for sale to the highest bidder, at
Edgefield Court House on the first Monday in
t October next, the real estate of James Shibley,
deceased, consisting of two tracts of' land as
fullows: One tract, called and known as the
Shinbiurg Tract lying on Cuffetown creek in
the District of l4gefield, containing five hun
died and thirty-four acres, more or less, adjoin
ing lands of Beverly Burton, other land of the
said James Shibley, lands ot the estate of Jacob
Lasseter, Burrell E. Ilobbs, the estate of James
e E. Dawson. Leroy 11. Al uody, and A. T Tray
, lor; and one other tract lying in the District
: aforesaid containing three hundred and sixty
.l acres, more or les:. adoining the Shinbiurg
tract, lands otJacob Shibley, the estate of Jacolb
j Lasseter, and A. T. Traylor. Said tracts of
land to be sold separately. onl a credit of one,
e two, and three years, except for so unch mon
ey as will pay the costs, which tuilst be paid in
cash. Purchasers to give Bonds and personal
e security, and a moRtgage of the premises to se
cure the putchase mEoney.
J. T ERRY, C. E. E. D.
Commissioner's Office.
Edgefield, Sept. 8, 1840. $5 75 d 32
StaIte of South Carolilla.
d Samuel Williams, Jr., Bill for
atnd others, vs. Parition.
t John C. Davett. and wife.
d N OTICE is hereby given, that by virtue of
an order from the Conrt of Chancery, I
t shall oflier forsale to the highest bidder. at Edge
field Cotrt House. on the first Monday in Oc
d toher niext, the real estate of Samuel Villiamns,
deceased, consisting of the two following tracts
, of land, viz: One tract on which the deceased
| resided, lying in Edgefield District, onl Coodvs
Creek, waters of Horns Creek, &c., contain
o ing one thousand (1000) acres more or less, and
adjoining lands of Win. I. Moss. John Mnndy,
l Henry Waldrum Benj. Addisoti, and Anna
Jones: the othertract containing three hitndred
e and thirty-six (36) acres more or less, lying in
- the District afbresaid. and adjoining lands of
John Mundy, James F. Adams. Hetumy Wal
drum and Daniel Prescott. Said tracts to be
sold separately, on a credit of* onme and two
years, except for so much noney as mlay be
necessary to pay costs, which must he paid in
e cash. The purchasers to give Bonds and per
sotnal security, and a mortgage of tte preutses
f to secure the purchase money.
J. TERRY, C. E. E. D.
. Commissioner's Office,
Edgefied, Sept. 8, 1840. $5 75 d 32
e State of South ('arolina.
John Wilson Adn'r of
e IlNgh Wilson, vs Jennet Bill for Relref
' Wilson, William Wilson, and
and others. Injunction.
URSUANT to the order of Chancellor
y Dunkin. made ii this case, all the credit
. ore of hngh Wilson, at the tine of' his death.
a wnose demands shall itot have been I'lly ait4i
t. 1properly paid by hia administrator. nre b.reby
notified to present and prove their demands be
e ore tue ot or before the first day of Jauimary
e next. A. 1). 1841: and the creditors of the sai-d
1 High Wilson, deceased, are hereby notified,
that the Decree of Chancellor Donkin orders
that the Commissioner cause two months no.
tice to be inserted in such public paper or pi.
. pers as ie may deen proper for all thte credit
ors of the said 1lu--h WiSon to presett and
prove their denaids b--iore the Cominissioner:
. and that snch of the creditors as shall not pre
.- sent and prove their demands ott or helbre a
e peremptory day to he fixed by the Commii
sioner shall be excludcd from tie benefit of this
'It is fmurther ordered thmat npron notice of this
d decree beinig givenm to any of thme creditors of'
I ingh Wilson, sneh creitior<a -hall he entjoined
fromi commenceil'~imenIt or further't pro'smcntiioni of
e:tty. suit at law against the adtminitstrator aflore
e do is further ordered that the aduministrator
e oaccuint before the Commaiissionaer concern
inig the estate of his imntestate ; atnd that thc
Comttnissionmer do report te detnanids agaitnst
the estte of I lugh Wilsom, which may he prov
ed, arranged in order of~ legal priority :nd the
- brdan~ce in the hanids of the adlministrator, afte'r
allowintg all propler pay meinnts anid ex1'enses.
*BE~NJ. Y. MAltTIN, C. E. A. D.
Comnm'r's ()feie. $12 75
- A'Iberiile C. I I.,.*Spt. 2, 1840. ( 2mu 3'2
It aia le Laun ad Stone Ware
- 11EI Subscriber offers for sale at piublic~
otntermy. on 'Thutrsday thme t5th of Octo
ber nxt, if' tot prev.ionasly sold, the Plamntatioun
o which he now resides, about eighteen mile"
tI abhove EdgeIiel C. H onse, anmd oune and a half
mtiles south west of Mr WVilliatns' dteamn Saw.
Atlso,. his Stoune urare Manufactory, wvith an
exce'llent Furtace, anmd every thing necessary
to carry otn the Stone ware business. all itt gotot
order Also. three or four Negroes, otne road
W ~agon,. one Barotaeh. one M iec otne Ox-cart
.mnd Steers. and Stock of all kiunds.snteh asihogs.
'4he'ep, and Cittle. Also, Ilousehold anid
Kitchen Fiurnitime.
TPermis- \l stums tunder $5 cash; under $20,
onm a credit unitil die 25th Decemnbet.18~40 ; atnd
all sums over $20, otn a credit of 12 mionths.
Aug 29, 1840 f :31
FROM the Subscriber, about the 19th of
kMarch last. 2 Colts, onme ta dark iron grey
l illy. three years old; whent she left, she hiad ott
Sa common size iron he.ll, atta'chmed to a leater
0 collar, fastemned on with a le'ather latch. Thle
e ouhem. a year old. bright baty horse colt, with
nt somie white haits otn th~e body, andI a blaze in
II the fliee. I will satifactorilv reward any one who
will stop said colts, or either of thetnm, and give
moe informnationt; direct to Mt. WVilllintg Post Of
Mt. Willing, Aitg. 22, 1840 Ih 30
APPLICATIOJNS will be maido to the Le.
gislature of this State, at the next session
to vest the title of thme State to any escheated
I estate of the late Col. Christiani B rithanypt. iin
s Susan Breithaupt antd Ossian Gregory, or onte
o of thetm, anud to vest the title of time Staite to nny~
l escheatted estate of the late Margaret Claurk andu
'm David Clark in the childremn or grandcildenm
of thme satid Margaret, or somte of them.
Sept 8, I840 ihn 32
THE Stubscriber ts ntow receivinig front
e-New York fisurteeni cases of
d comprising a general Assortmetnt suitable for
dthe seasont, wich will be sold low for Cash.
t-'orimer customers aind thme public generally are
-itnvited to call on
unawbur&. S C, Au 5, 19
T HE Subscriber takes this method of in
forming his friends and the public gener
ally, that he will coitine a
General Commission and factorage Business,
in this place. He will attend to the selling. re
ceiving, forwarding and storing of' Cotton, or
other Produce and lerchatidize. aced too the
buying any article or bill of articles entrusted
to his charge. to all of which lie will give his
personal auetioe, and will also make liberial
advances on Cotton shipped through him, to
Charleston or Savannah Whilst soliciting the
p-itronage of his frieids he begs leave to return
them his sincere thanks for past favors.
Hamburg, S. C. July '24, 1840 3m 26
IN S tore, and for sale, to order or otherwise,
a large assortnent of
Hemp and Tow Bagging, Bale Rope
and Twine.
H. L,. J.
I N Additon to the attention ialt I will devote
to a General Commission and Factorage btt
siness, I have in store and will continue to re
For Sale,
Prime Sugar and Collee,
Bagging and Rople,
Salt. Molasses,
Blankets, Negro cloths, Osnahurgs,
Iron and Naila.
Having determined not to retail, the above
will be sold by the Bale. Piece, or Package, at
low prices, as an induceinent to Pirchasers.
Hambiurg S. C. Sept. 12. 1840 . 3
Bagring, Rope, &c.
30 Pieces 43 and 44 inch Bairging,
3 100 Coils Kentucky J antd A Rtope,
500 lba. Weaver's best 3 struid Bagging
1,000 pairs Negro Shoes,
500 Men's atid Boy's Kip and Leather
200 " Wonen's and Misses' Bootees
and Shoes.
100 Casks Prime Rock 1I.E,
10,000 lbs. assorted BACON,
50 Bags Old White COFFEE,
Recently received aid for sale by
The Pendleton Messenger will please insert
the above four times and forward theiraccounts
to S. & C.
Haiburg, Ang 29. 1840 d 31
.Medical College ofGeorgia.
Avcus-ra, September, 1640.
T IE Ninth Course of Lecinres in this In
stitntion will coinnience on the second
31Monday. the 9th fi next No veinber, and termin
ate on the first Saturday of 3Iirch following.
Fee for 1 ull Coitse of Lectures, $11500
%lartienilationi, (paid hut once,) 5 00
Arrangentits have Ween made by which Stu
dents can betsupplieil from Europe with instru.
ients of all kinds, Skeletons. &c.
The Faculty are
G. 31. NrWTON. M1. D., Professor of Atinatomy.
L. A. DuGAs, .1. D., Professor of Phisiology
aend Pathological Ainatomy.
C. W. W:s-T. 1. U.. Professor of Chinistry
and Phrniacy.
1. P. G avis, 51. D., Professor of Theapentics
and lMateria Medica.
J. A. Evy. .\. D.. Professor of Obstetricts and
DiSeaseas 1f Women and Jifants
L. D. FOa. 1. ).. Professor ofthe Institutes
and lractice ol'M edieino.
P. F. Ev'e, 31. D.. Prollessor of the Principles
and Practice of Surgery:
G. M. NEw ros, 1. D., Demonstrators of A.
Joins 3lcLEs-rea : 1 D., natoiny, without ad.
ditional Iee.
PAUL F. EVE, 1. D.,
Sept. 1. Dean of Faenilty.
T Th'lie F.dgefield Advertiser. Greenville
\1iontaineer, S. C : otherun Recorder, Fedl
'-rid Untion. Co',mnbeus Etrpurer. Saevaneah
eorgian. Georgria. iobile Regi-ieer, Iluintsille
iemocrait, Alabaima Journal, Tn-caloos'i Flog
of Union, Ahlaamt: Floridanc, Florida: an'd Nash
vi!lc Banner, will publish the above advertise
ment weekly to the amnountt oef $5 each, anid
forward their receipts to the Dean.
State Ot Sonith Carolina.
BY OLl VER TOWLES, Esquire, Ordi
nary of Edgefield District.
Whereas, Hfenry Steene hath appulied to me
for L, tiers of Administration. on all anid
singular the goods acid chattles.- righuts acid
credits of Jesse Stuone, late of the District afore
siid, deceased.
These are, thiercfore, to cite and admonish all
ad siniguilar, theu kindred anid creditors of the
said deceased, to be andI appear before mie,. at
our ne-xt Ordirary's Court f'or thme said District,
to be holde-n at Edetield Coturt House on tue
:,th day of October next, to show cause it
any, wihy the said Admcinistration shotuld not be
SGiven utnder my hand and seal this 2lst day
ofSeptembnler. one thonasandc eught hundred antd
ierty, and in the sixty-filih ye-ir of Accierican inc
dhepedetce 0. TOWLES, 0. E. D.
Sept 21 ($2 124) h 34
Sta te of Sollti Carolina.
B1Y OLlVlI.R TOWVL ES, i-.sqmire, Ordi
nary of Edelcfield Disttict.
Where:' Jas.G(olemnisc Admmiistrator, hath
aplied *o ...e ihr Le-tte-rs of Adtoiniistration, ocn
al anid esinugiiar the goods anid chcattles, rights
ad credits of .lacob Golemian, late of the said
* .iet dec-eased.
nhese iare the-refore to cite anid adlmonish all
aid singular, the kindered acid creditors of then
said decencseel, to be acid app eair becfote mue, at
otr necxt O.rdina;ry's Court for the said District
to be holuden at Edgelield Couirt House on the
5th day of Octobher niext, to show cauise, if
any, why the said Admcinistration should not be
Given tunder tmy hand and seal this 21st day
of Septemuber, onie lhousand eight hunudred anid
lrty, anid in the sixty-filth year of Amnericant
independence. U. TOWLES. 0. ? D.
Set.2h ($1 12&) h 34I
N o ti ce.
&LL personis itu:ebted to the stubscribcer.
tI either by Note or open Accocunts, are car
n estlv reqe'sted to make paymcent before the
firstf.toerinext, or thie-ir Notes and Ac
concts wiill lie placed into the hanitds of an ofli
~er. lior colle-ctioni.
inr. Ahner Blushnrell is my anthorized Agent,
duirig tmy absence fr-omt the Distriet,
Nlankini anid Shirtinigs.
UCam-e Georgia Nantkini, onie do bleached
IShtirting. Also Brown Holland, Brown
Linen. linens Drilling. Grass Linen, A3iezicaen
end York Mixtuares. Also, a variety of Colored
Cottoni Goods, for servanut's weatr. Now open
ini at the store of
IHtmbar;. Aug IS, 1840 tf 28
Receiving & Forwarding
"LeAurge & mnds bul
T HHE Subscriber respertfully takes leave
to renew to his customers, hi sincert
ackniowlt-dgiets ir the exteiisive patronage
hitherto bestowed on him; andl would be- tio a
sure them ofa continuance of that strict auien
tion to their ititervets, whiii. fron.a largely in
creased lousiness, he flatters -himielf hfas been
lie deems it innecesiry to dilate. to M En
CHtANTS. on the evident su periority of his cliis
tl tuir ytr aage a iREClIN.G Axu
FO R IFA I.DING GuNTr:-his long crperience
in that department; rigorous obscreance of in
structions, and the rates of Haling; his entire
attenttion heing restricted to l Commission Bi.
siness aloi; and the isolated and ecerted posi.
tion of his warehouie, thus lessening the risks
from tire and inund'aions; are cireinmstaices,
which. tvith all due deference, entitle him to a
To PL.ANTrTSa he woiuld again ender his ser
vices in the sale of their CUT-ro and other Pito
DUcy: to 'his departmet lie approprinles his
personal attention, anld from his praciial knowl
edge of this bisiness, hi- feels nsasured lie will
promote th- intet ests of those who many cnisiun
to him. J. F. BENSON.
hitmhnrg. S. C. July 25, 1840 f 30
( Water--Proof'.
IW f RE - I 0 USE.
0o1imiss!in BusineSs.
T H E Stubseiher is munch gratifiel that lie
is oice tmire nible tooleir his services to
his friends and old enstomers. and the public
generally in the II're-flouse and Commission
Business He flatters himself that the eligilc
location ofhis Ware-1 oise,and its cOMailt ra tiVe
inmmity f, omt the risk of fire and flood, will
procure him a liberal patronage.
lie hs rebnilt the I1'are-Ilouse foriterly
known its Adams & If'alker's, and is tilling up
ie wing of it ahove the hihesi water-mark of
the late freshet. for tile purpose ofsioring there
im the Cotton of Plantirs find Country Merchants.
This site is at least two feet higher than any
other ware-house in town; and the divisionu
that halheen elevated will store fruit 1d00 to
20,10 ba!es.
lie will sell Cotton, and atteni to snch busi
ness a-s is isily transacted by Commission
lerchan's. at aS low a rate as others eigaged
in the sate cniling.
luntgain offering his services to his friends
and the public, the siubscriber en tit refirain
rrom ackiowledging the liberil patrolage ie
onee received from thetn; and hopes by his at
teition to biisiness that it will be renewed, anl
it will be thanklfidly received.
Hanbitrg, Angust 8, P140 If 28
The Messenger at Ashville. N. C., and
Moitnineer at Geaenville, lessener at Pen
dletoo.naid Advertisvr, at Edgetield. will insert
the above six months, and send their bills to
G. W.
1 Case domest'c and Scotch Ginghamn Un
hrellas also Ladies' Silk Umbrellas and
fin addition to tle above. and just received,
new Eniglish and American Prints, Pavillian
'aize, Blond Nett. lnndania, S1itield. min
Pongee llandkerchief's, Fnticy do. led Quilts.
English and American Long Clutls. Velvet
Rllblons, Spool Tlrr-ad.Patent do, Vesings,
Suspenders, Gloves, Quilt Back. Coiommi
Sheh,. small plin. white horn., Twi.t. Victorin.
Log Cabin, Common aond Frenich Dressing,
Fine Ivory and Negro Combs, &c. &c.
[amnbiug. Ang 18, J140) tf '29
Phmoenix Stoane WVare Factory.
IN GCA-'NI:i RI ..
"j he Snth~cribers h~v'itng beten engagetd iii
Ithe maniheiiatoiring of Stuna Ware at
Pouersvil'e.. ill -:detiaeld. S. C. foar meautv vars
uad tromi long expierientce. an d formter owners
of that estalishmuuentt, hazve lociaed thtemuselves
at the Phleenuix Faciory, Shatws Creek. twelve
mtile~s frnm Edgehield 'C. hlouse on thae matit
lIonid lenditng from Newh-. rry. Uniion, lad the
tipper Distrnets to Aikenl ir the puirbpose aaf
munnlifatu trinut Stonle WVare ini atll its vatnons5
branches. 'lThey htave procutred the hest of
wor'ktmen and are canstanitly ntakinig try,and
have a large stock on hand. Their atssortmieti
is the miost 'omic dtat aver hefure nof-ered for satle
in this mtarket. to whliche they woituld enil the nat
anid alt thotset whona wish to puErca~tse any thinfg
ini their line Amaong the mnty airticles of
which their stock is comlpasead, utre the follow
:tng viz:
Jarsa ot'all sizes from 4 gallaon to 20 rallons.
Jogs of all sizes ado. 3 do. 20 do.
Chnuris ofl all sizes 2 daa. 5 dio.
Brin Is or pints of all sizaes, fromi 4 do. to 5 do.
Lintter Poats of aill sizes hu m 4 do. to 31 do. with
Pitchuersofall sizes from 3 do, to amd.
Anud leads nteatly maade for jars atnd churns il
Stew Paots of varions sizes, &c. &c.
All of the tabove is infleriaor to ntone nmade
in the United Staites. Ottders nddlressed to its
at Edg.feflk Coutrt liouse.. C. will he promnpt
ly attended to, andl deliveredl taa the i'lerchat'~s
doorn, any distanieo iinder one hiundred and fifty
mnilets. Chaurlestn merchattts cani lhave their
ware delivered at the deteot, in Aiken,. at 124
cenuts per gallon. Tlte Price at the Factory is
124 cents per galloni.
A pril , 18410 ptui f 9
Te Charle'ston Conir. wiv ubli n times.
weekly, and forwvard acconnt to this Of11ee.
State (4 S0olti ('arloliai.
Nathaniel J IDavis. ')
Adtmnistraetor of Joseph IAttachelnt,
IDavis. tdeceased,. Assumnpsit.
Gaernishiea, vs
Williamu F. Liumtpkint. -
3I H E PlaitntilY hatviung this day filed htis dlec
lartatiton iln lmy eatice, tand the Defenldanit
huvinig tno wife or Attorney knlownt to be wvith
in the Stat' uptonu whtom a coipy with a ruti
to plecad, could lhe servedl. Ole miotton,, Ortder
ed thatt the Pelrendatnt do pleada to thae said da.
cheration withine a year end at daty or finmal nutt
absolute jtudgmnent with he ntwardedl against htitt.
Clerk's Offce.,
JIuly 1Il. 1840. n a - r $7-50 nqe 25
C IlLDE~ EDINS' Pdgreimaue te
Texnis, a Patem. As at mnemorinil a
I riendlshtip nndl~ esteem, is iniseriiheda i.
C'harles K. Johnts n.hly Giles Chnpnnu..
Je at published. and f'or sale at this Ohlca.
Jnly 25 1t40
State of South Carolina.
W ILLIAM IH. ADAMS, who is ini the
custody of the Sheriffofthe saidDistrict,
)y virtue of a writ If copias ad/ saisfariendlum
.t the suit of WilIam Cook, havinmg filed
Is pe Lmttiio. ad1 a schediule on oath. of his whole
swat, real and per-onial. with the pirpose of
.'tualim mig tie benmefit of1he Act of the General
.assemlbly of' this btate, commonly called the
"Insolvent Debtor's Act."
PUBLic No-rzR is hereby given. that the pe
,itio.. of' the said Wmi. H. Adams will lie ieardi
ard onsidered in the Court ofi Connmmoh Pleas.
lir Edgefimlil District, at Edgefick. C. House,
on Wednesday, ihe 21st day of October next, or
nn some snbsegnent day if tie Term of saii
Cort, which will be then settimg: and all the
creditors ofrthe said IN tn. H. Adams. are here.
by smniimonel personally or by attorney, then
uaiid there, in the -aid Court, to show came, if
they cam. why tie beimefit of the Act aforesaid,
lhould not he - ranlted to the said William 11.
Adams. upon his executing the assignment re
quired by the Act aforesaid.
CirI's Oicr,
July 21, 1840. ac 25
State of' South i airolinia.
EN I Y I IUFFMA'I, Sen., who is ill fie
. custofty of the Sheritfol' tie said )istrict.
hv virtue of writs of capius ad satisfaciendum,
to tie snit of Lewis Collinis and Lrrain Ged
dings, mhaving filed his petitiou. with a schedule
an oath, ofi his whole estate both real and per
sunal, with the purimos fhobinitimg the bene
fit of the Act of the General Assembly of this
State, commonly called tLe "usolvent Debtor's
Pum.c NoTicl is hereby given, that the pe
tition of the said Henry H uffman, sen , will be
heard and considered. in tie Court of Common
Pleas mor Edgefield Distrtict, otn Wednesday
the 2 .<t day of Ocmoier next, or onl so me sub
equent day during the Term of said Court,
which will then be in session: and all time crod.
itors of the said Henry Hufflman, sen.. are here
by summoned personally or by attorney, then
and there. in the said Court to shew cause, if
they can, why the benefit of the Act aforesaid.
ihould not he granted to tie said Henry Hui
nua. sem., uponm his executing the assigmmment
required by the said Act.
GEO. POPE, C. '. P.
Clerk's Ofrie.
July 21, IM40. ac 25
State of South Carolina.
EOt(E W. T HOMAS wio is in the eis
G todiy of the Sheritf of the samil District,
by virtue of certain writs of capias ad satisfaci.
endum, at the suit ofil Lawrence & Beardsly,
Ramsdell, Browmi & Co.. Smith & iluthven,
S C. & S Lynes, Warren Kimbrell for the use
of Wml. Baid, amid Waldron. Thominas & Co..
having filed his petitiom. with a schedu!e on oath.
of his whole estate, real and personal, with the
puirpose of obtaining the benefit mf the Act (if
tie General Assembly of this &ate, commonly
called the "[nsolvent Debtor's Am -."
PUaLc NoTcm is herehry givem that the pe.
tition of tie said George W. Thomns. will be
heard and comsidered ii the Court of Commmon
Pleas, for Edgefield District. at Edgefield Court
Homse, onm Wednesdaty the 21st day of Octoier
nitxt. or on sotme subsequent day ofthe Term
orsid Comrt. which will lie then setting: aid
all the creditors of the said George W. Thmmans
are hereby suimmmoned personally or by attor
nitly. then and there, in the said Conrt, toshew
cause, if they can. why the benefit of the Act a
foresaid. shuldmii nomt be granted to the said G.
W. Thoimns. mpon his exornting the asign.
mient required by tie Act aforesaid.
Clmrk s Office.
.July 21. 1 40. nc 2;
State of South Carolina.
1BNER BU~llNELL. who ms in time enmstm
S.dv ot' time .imeritl' of mime saidi Distric:, hi
irmme of a writ of capies aud satisfaecndurn. am:
tie sut of' Baier, Johnmmmmn & Co havitng filer
his pintitionm, with a scimedmicem ona. math, his whmo.
estate real anmd personaml, wvi h time pumrpose of'mmh
taimminmg time bmemefit onf them Act of thme Geniera.
*ssemblyi toft tihis .tamte, cmmmonly called mhm
"imsolvemmt IDebtor's Act."
Pvmmm.mc \m'-rce is hmerebmy given. thamt thmm pi.
titioni oft time said Ahtner lBnshnell'i will ihe heamrn
ammd cotnside'red. imm time Cmmmrt of1 Commnmn P-k-.i
fr Emdgelieldn Djistrui, onm Wednesdamy mime '2
tiay of Om'tctobmer e\t. mirt otn soit.' smmimemlm.'
ia) dumrinmg time TIermm of'said 'ommrt, which wiii
tine be ini sessioni: anda all the credito'rs ofl tin
saidi Abumer Bmmshmmeli, are hmemehiv smmnmmmnea
perona~lly or by attoriney. thena aid there, to
sotw camuse.ih'theyi'camm.whyvtime bnenetitmf time .Act
aoresaid, shomld mom lhe granmtedl to the, said Alb
ner BmirhnellI. notonlI his excutinmg time assign-.
ment reminired by time said Act.
G EO. POPE, C. C. P.
Cler's Offie. ?
.Icm/y 21, 1-4t0. i ac 25
s'tate of' South (ai olinai.
TAMES 8DIIPSON, who me in time custo
tdy of time Shmeriff of' .\bbevilie District.
iy vi'rtue of' mesnme process, at time stuit ot
Cark. McTier & Co-, havinmg fied his Peti
ion,. with a Schedule on moatim of his whole es
tate, real aimm personal, with the purpose of ob
taining time benefit of' thme General Assetmmbly,
c'onnoltiy called the "Inmsolvemm Debtor's Act."
PUtBmtic NOtTicE is hereiny givinn. that time lie
tition of' the said Janmmes Simupsoni will 'me heard
antd conmsidered inm time Coumrt of Commomn Plemms
for Abheville District, at Abmbeviile C. ilonise,
0mm Wedesdamy, time fomrteenith day of October
next. or sumch other day3 thecrenfier as tihe Comurn
may order during thme Term, commenmcinmg at
mie said plamce n3 time seconmd Mondav imi Octo
ier mext: and amil thei creditors of time said Jammes
immpsonm are hereby summmnomed personal ly.
or by atmornmey, themm ammd there in time said Coutrt
mo shewv c'anme, if thmey can, why time bemnefim of
mtm' mact aforesaidi shmomld mot lie grantedi to time
uid .ianmes Simipsoni, uponim his e'xecntinlg time
.ssignmen'mt requmired bny time Act afor'smid.
JN(J. I'. LIV1NGSTON, c. C Pn.
Clerk's Offce.
April 22. 1840. S14.50 ac 2'2
Iru a- ard & Shoe shop opened.
ON the FEdg'teh'el Road near Mt Vinitage
'7where good Cow Hides will be boumghmt,
r tammied mmm shmares-ome half for time othmer
-cnd fine Shmoes, Boots. cnd Negro Shoes wilhe
-nde oa mis good terms. amnd of' materiamls inife
rior to nione in time Stmate.
Wamggonm Harniess nmde, amnd Carrimigen H-ar.
-ess repaired. Ammy articles madoe wi li e ex
chianged fmor good Cow Hides. Fromn apphica
inm to bmusiness, anmd time best of Leather. time
.mbscriber hmopems the pumtnic i u ge~unrail wil pa,
':rtnize his new el'ort to m eenmmuoate ti
hm-trict. anmd wvill call .anmd sce his wvork cnt
* dge hor thmemmme~lves
Near Mt. Vintage, S. C.
amc-m 23, 1840 d 8
State of South Carolina.
Charles Cosntahan, and otlets, Di for
vs Thomas Cosnahian and
Lucy locsley. Distribution.
T is ordered that the Defen ant Thos. Cos.
u.mi "In, who is smid to be absenct and fiom
without ?he hemits of !his States, do plead, an
swer. or detimr. to the 3ill of the C-unplainatc
is this case, within three montis fronti the pth.
tiention of this order, or the bill will be taken
pro confesco.
A..P. ALDRCH.C.& R. E. B. D.
Coinissioner's Otiee,
Barnwell District,
July 29, 1840. ae 27
Stn te of' South ('atOlina.
J. &- L. Jones, vs Ah
H. 11 joe. Attacmen -
T H j Plaintifi in this case. having filed his
L declar:itioin in t ciabce, and the Defen
dant having no wife or Attorney known to be
within the State, upon whom a copy could be
serve.' with n rtfle to plead. It is ordered that
,he Defendant co plead to the said declarmtion
within a year and a day. from tlisdate, ot final
and absolte judgment will be awardeli against
hin. GEO. POPE, C. C.P,
Clerk's Offec, Edgc
eld. Oct j2, 1r,39. S 7 50 B aw aqe 46
State of Soiuth ( arolina.
Miller, Ripley and Co., Declaratiotn on At
William Yarbrough. iachment in Debt.
T I E Plantitfs. in this case. having this day
filedtheir Declarationi in mv office, and the
Defentdant having nenbler Wile or Attorney
within this State, tipoti whom a copy of said
Dieclarationi can be served; ordered that the
Defendant plead thereto within a year and a
day from this publication, or the said action
will be taken proconfesso against him.
Clerk's Office, .
24th Oct., 1839. - T. r. 39 age.
State of South Carolina.
Wilson & Hodge
vs Case on AUachment.
William M. Dailey
Where-is thePlaintiffs have this day filed theit
declaration in the Clerks Office of Abbeville
District. rgaeinst the Defendant who is absent
front. and without the limits of this State, and
:as neither wife nor attornay, known within
the same. tipotn whom a copy of the said decla
ration with a rul- to plead unto, might be
served: It is therefore ordered, that the said
defeuedatnt do appearand plead to the said Dec
laraltiot. within a year and a day. from this date,
or judgement. final and absolute will be awar
ded against him
May 11. 1840 w & M $750 age
State of -outhj Carolina.
M. 0. Tulman Assu.sIT,
Ephraim Vesse's. ATTACHMENT.
T ilp' PlaintitYlhaiving filed his declaration
it. the Clerk's Office on the sixteenth
day of October last, and it appeating that the
defendant is from, and without the limits of the
Ntate,anid having neither wife nor attorney with
in the said District. otn whom a rule to plead
cart be served. it is therefolre ordered; that the
deifen.lant do plead tothe said declaration with
in a year aid a day, fron the filing of' the dec
!miratton, or fitial and absolite judgment will be
entered atgaiunst himt, bly del*tt
cfhrk's Office,
tate of s-outhi Cat-(linla.
vs C'ase on Atta lamest.
Jot:.! Bc, wi'lee,
Th'ie P'~i lai' ic avicti this daiy tiled his decla
ae 'cn int the (Clerks I ifieei Abbevihce JDistrict
-.:aie~ c.e ecf ndant, wiho is :.b ent, froct antd
-:hout thce lomts of t' State. and has nitiher
w ri:. nor ator' ey. knownc v i tint the same,
..pon whott it copy of said deelaration might
ri d: it i- therefore ordered. cleat the said
et nttltt. die alpear acnd plead to the said
lieel.,ation, withein a year anid a daty fromc the
-agtc ofIts Icelr'aration. ortfinal anid absolute
ined4menczt will be aiven and awarded againest
Msy 1i. 1840, w W&M $7 50 age
Br-ought to the Jail
F hs itrict. a ceeg o tnc bcy the name
of Nelsotn, aboiut I'Twenty five years
if age, lighct comptl!exiin five feet tea trnches
andrr a hail'ltigh. Both ofhcis eye teeth out. H~e
sat's that Ice belonigs to Mr. John Woods of
.ilorrgan Cotunty. Ga. acid says hte ranaway
..h..nt the 1st of Anguict lastr.
Thie owner is regeje'ted to come forward,
prove property, paey carges and take him
antny, C. II. GOODMAN. J. E. D
Sept 22. 1840 tf 34
Drought to the Jail.
O F theis District, a negro man by the name
of Damton, about 18 years of age, dark
comiplexion, five feet three inches and a half'
ligh. Hie has a scare over his left eye, and his
right . ve tootle ot arid the other very maclh
.ecaive'd; tee aisa has a ent one his right foot.
He says hce beloengs to Mr. Jamnes Barret, of
Houcistoe Coutyt. Gat. .and that he ranaway
abeentthte mieddle of Anigust last.
The owner is regnceste~d to come forward,
pcrove propertv. pay charges anid take hitu
away.C.I U. GOODMAN, J. E. D.
6pt 22, 18410 tf' 34
s'tate of Southi Cai olinai.
R OBERT C. RIT1C H E1Y living about four
cmiles inorth east ofl Abbeville C. House,
.0118 before mne, once browno bay Mare, about
lieurteen anid a hludf hcandse high, supposed to be
thcre'e years eld Icast spring, black mane, tail
anrd legs. No whtite, nor any other marks a
beeut her, cappcears to lie quiite gentle. anrd trots.
A ppraised at 6tt dollars.
J.\ilES CA RSON, J. Q.
Abbc.ville C. II. Autg 27. 1840 amd 31
Lumnber for Sale.
T lIE Suibscribter heavinig purchased the
Mill focrimerly owned by Wan. Ma. Bit
her. deceacsed, ol'ec's ihr sale seasoted Lmc; ber'
ocf alt descrintiones, at 75 cts. pe hunndred a: the
11ill. Thie'said Mill is sirtated on Straw's
Cr'.ek. three miil.' below thne Pine H-onse. anrd
abcoec six mrilece fromcc Mr Juohnr Lntt's. All or
ders thtankt'ully received. acnd prompnttly atnd
Attg 3, 1840 tf' 27

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