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[From ti Ohio Statesman.]
We are of a mouruitl ciew,
Poor old feds!
We are of a mournful crew;
For vy I because our lights ar blue ;
Crying ah, alas! what shall I do?
Poor old feds!
Once we took up.Johnny Q.,
Poor old feds!
But we round it would not do;
For vy ? the demnocrats were true,
Aid wouldnot vote for Johnny Q.;
Poor old feds?
Then we took up Henry Clay.
Poor old feds!
Butsoon upon his back he lay,
For vy? he turned his coat, they say,
Andj'oined the Briih Bank one day;
Poor old feds!
Then we tried old Tip'c:noe;
Poor old feds?
Along with White and Webster too;
But that sly game would never do.
VAN BUREN the whole three o'erthrew;
Poor old feds!
Now old Tip once more we-ll t
Poor ol feds!
We'll drink our cider barrels dry.
E'en though we should be blown sky high
It's been our fate in times gone by :
Poor old'feds!
Extracts from O'Connell's Speech before
the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery
Society, delivered in the Exeter H ull,
June 24th, 1840.
"Amongst the descendants of English
men, even amongst such was to lie found
a horrible populution, whose thirst fior
gold could only he gratified at the expense
of such scenes of bnman sutFering. A pop1
ulation that were insensible to the wrath
of God,.who were insensible to the cries
. and screams of mothers and children torn
from each other forever; hut there was one
thing they would not he insensible to
they dare not, they would not hei insensi
ble to the contempt of Europe. [Laud
Cheers.] While they embraced the A
snericnn abolitionists as frien'ds and breth
ren-let none of the slave owners, dealer
in human flesh, dare to set a foot upon
our free soil. [Cheerina.] Let them call
upon the Government to protest to Aner
ice that they would not receive any s!.ive.
holding Ambassador. [Loud Cheering.]
Let them declare that no slave-owner can
bc admitted into European Society, and
then Calhou n and Clay, and men like
them, who stanl up putting forth their
clims to lie Prrident (f the great Repub
lie, must Yid tto :h!! ublic.,uie-n
Opinion. lie h:il maiin lowouzt a two'.
meu,-he would wily say thn'.Th
should be brawled with tie blooal is.'ias;:
fron the stripes of the slave, ;and Chy
drowned in tears of the mothers ntaid Ii,
children. [Chieeis Let'the people of Ea
rope say toslave-on nere, '..lurderers, you
helong not ta US. aw-iy to the desert, and
herd with the kindred ".,.avages." [Ch'ers]
11e baegge:l pardlanofi ht h ,vagc<. [ Lawebd
ter.] Sometimeis in anger hw commtliee
heiiouis t rime is, h u: hew nc cipable of
coolly calculating hav in tar how hard
he coul worK a humaui- n ah a prohit.
sometimes erntting hitn a 'anoon for the
-pairpose of obtaauing a year or t wo's more
labor out of him.
* Iftan American address you find out at
once if he is a slave-hnlder. [ilear himr.)
He may have business with you, atnd the
less you do with him the better,-[A la.ugb]
-but the moment that is over, turn fromt
him as if he had the cholera or the plague,
[Cheers] -for there is a moral cholera andI
a polical plagte u pen him. [Cheers.]
He belongs not to your country or your
clime-he is not withim the pale of civili
zation or Christianity.'.
AMgentlemanWhoiresides in Baltimore
county, anti who is one o'f the niost suc
cessful farmers in our vicinity, informed
us a few days since, that he saved at least
one third of hisj corn by the manner in
whieh lhe fed it outto his hoarses: lie has
twohogsheads placed in his cellar, w~here
they are secure f'romn freezing. Tfhese lhe
first fills with corn in the ear, then pours in
a sufficient quantity of water to cover the
corn. A fter the ears have been thorough
ly soaked he commences feeding, gives to
his horses two thirds of the uisuail qtiuitty
allowed. As one of these hogshteads be
comes empty, he refills it; and tov the time
the other is empty the one last fille~d is suf
ficiently soaked for use. In this way the
cobs become so softened that the horses
consume the whole of them, and they are
thus made to add fully one third more to
his stock of food. He assures us that the
horses eat the cobs with avidity, keep in
good order, and are just as competent to
perform plantation labor as when they
consumed the grain alone. The success
of our informant should stimulate his ag
rienitural brethren to followv his example,
s the labor of preparation is nothimg, com
pared with the great saving ef'ected.
Baltimore American.
.A Picture.-A fair yon'g gitI is lean
lng pensively on the casement, gazing
with thoughtful brow, upon the scene be
-low. The bloom of fifteen summers tinat
her soft cheeks, the sweet, of a thousandi
flowers are gathered anon her round lips.
the curls cling to ihe spotless brow, and
fall upon a neck of perfect grace, the sort
swimming eyes seem lighted by the ten
derest fire of poetry, and beauty hovers
oyer her as 'ier 'own most favored - child.
What are her thoughts? Love cannot stir
-ahosom so youing, sorrow cannot yet have
* lIa~uisham siri o gur. $aanogOent itself
seems to have chosen her for Its own.
Alas, has disappointment touched that
vonthful heart ? Yes, it must be so; l4t
hist!-she starts-her bosom heaves-her
eye brightens-her lips part-she speaks
--listent--"Jim, you nasty fool! quit
scratching that pig's back, or i'll tell mar."
-Rich. Eng.
From the Connecticut Columbian Register.
Slavery.-Whilu the A boliiiun's-s of thle
north are troubling themselves about slave
ry in the south. it would be as well if they
would pluck the beam out of their own
eve, before they attempt to meddle with
tic affairsof others. The"Workingman's
Friend," published in ltston, says:
"The males antd femalcs enployed in
the factories at Lowell, in the suimner go
to work as soon as they cansee-say from
half past four to five-and work till break
fast time, from fifteen to twenty minutes.
and threequarter.; ofan hour to diner.
One hour out ofsixteen to eat their meals
and refreslt thenselves-andi fifteen hours
constant labor out of the twenty-four ! If
this is not slavery wrat is' it? Shame
shame !!"
Doctor Hines.-The Baton Rou:e Ga
zette of the 5th inst. speaking of the Dce
tor, says-"When he entered the walls of
his gloomy abode, he gave vent to a burst
of feeling, lameuting his fate and declar
ing that he was the victim of perjury.
On taking off his elegant apparel to as
sutne the convict's uniforn he Laid down
a high crowned Int, which on being ex
aminel, was foutidl lined with springs
similar tothose of a watch. By striking
this baton the crown, it was immediately
transformed into a cap. The doctor
could thusat any nioment charge his head
gear, and if put in jail, was ready with
instruments to effect his eicape. The hat
was accidentally torn to pieces, bit the
springs may be seen at the penitentiry.
We have been told by one of the officers
of the instittution that the doctor has declar
ed that he will not remain long at Baton
Rouge. lie says that he h:s many pow
erlul and influe:tial frietnds who will in
tercede for him, and shold their interces
sion fail, he has given notice that he will
leave on his own responsibility, and ,hiad
foremost' ifho cannot anly other way.
The guards have been ordered to keep a
rigid watch nod fire otn him should lie
cnake auy denonstration of an attempt to
Absalom's Pillar.-Tht lnt umber of
the;'Missioniarv Herald contatin stime in
eresting extract., fromti the Joternal of Rev.
Mr. Rigs, a Missionary in Smyrna, du
ring ajonreyin Syria, for the benefit of
his health, in the course of which hei visi
ted Bevroot, Jerusalem. and otlier cele
brated places. On the third dlay after his
arrival at Jerusalem. in company with
*ome friends, h.: rode around the city. and
visited siots ofpectnlinr interest in the en
virons. He t;ys tltt cotiilinii his way
aloig the hed of the Kedron, he came to
some ancient tomhsor monuments, sitia
t. d on its left batik, the most interesting
01 which, as it was douhtless the most an
eient, a< the pillar of A hsaliom, the con
.rucoti of whieb is mentionteel 2 Stm- -
el, 18cb. I8v. No donhi is entertai .I t
this is the niimnmie theirei des. ril-e I -
Its architecture is dul'erent from iny
thing vliel he had before seenu. Th.
bot t')tn is cut from t Ice solid rock. Tlii.
pmL P4 perohaps niteen feet in height, and
,s ,.nrirtetimmd by an anwtiqie cornice.
l'h., second ,.;':-y. ?4 ii isay Ice calleel. is
soe11,wttbat l's's i" wei._ht, buithl of henvy
.locks of hard lime-toete, an-d ,cr:no::. '
by anoth.: .:- e. Abeove thi is!,!
n co' ther sim , V.emitig of a sintle boc-'
of i:ceestone int te sanpii of atn ineetrvated,
cotna.the ttoper i'..2, cf whlichc is quit'
slemtier.'it T ~heh..l' is .:lt'rether unti'1ie'.
anud ever. 'x ent:' ih,- ci-| uf tr-idiitin,
ivcs one impo~ '5nts'fe ' very remote nn
tiqtuiry. Taits i-..;-at *e;.eposite Mcount Mo
rcabI. tOn whose lev" h s,*mtit the temsple~
a neienitly sto<.d.--jlost. . ier. Jour.
Tiere is no lonager anty dotubt that Snutheiy,
the ptoet, heas suncc imio a state ot mce:.tad imble
ihty, if' not of detangemneit. A letter of Ne is.
Southey, (late M~iss IBowles) annuttnees the"
T HE Subsceriber hakes tis% metod ofin
formuine hm~i, fiendtcs and the puoblic gener
illy, that Ihe will cotitnee a
Genea Commnission and Vactorage Buseiess.
in thtis place. lie will attendc to tte secllintg, re
:eivingz, forwardinig attd storinig oef Cototn, or
oilier Produce acid Melcrebaanize. and to the
bnin tg any article or bill of nirticleis ecntrustcel
tee his charcge, to alt of which hce wilt griv his
personail attetitnc atnt wilt clso cmake liberal
advances otn Cotton shcippted throngh him, to
Charlestonc or Savannah. Whtil1st soliciting the
prc~itronge of his frieiids lie begs leave to retuern
hem his sicero thanks for past faivors.
Hamburg, S. C. July "4.1I840 3m 2G
IN Store, and for sale., to ordter or otherwise,
a large assortmnict of
Hemp and i'ow LI'agging, Bale Rope
and Ti'wine.
H. L.. J.
I N Adlditont to the attentionc that I will devote
to a General Commission and Factorage btn
dneiss, I have in store and will contincte to re
For Sale
Prime Sutgar andtc Cotree,
Bagging and Rope,
Salt, Molasses,
Blankets, Negro cloths, Osnaburga,
Iron and Nails.
Having cieterinted tnt to retail, the above
will be sold Iby the ilale. P'iece. or Patckaige, at
lowv prices, as an inducement to Purchtasers.
. H amburg S. C. Sept. 12A. 1840 I. 33
T.~ IE Subscribeer havinig ptit htis W ARE
k hOUSE in thorough replair, and ramised
t about tive feet higher than before, whlich
:nakese it to high water. Planters and Mer
hants mcay rest assured of no danger from high
water, itt storinig Cotton icn this WVareheous.-l
lie is thankfcul for the hhleral patronage of htis
friends heretofore, aned flatters hiccself that by
his personal aned a strict aettetioni to buseineses,hce
will cmerit a contecnnnce of the formier liberal
parocnge bestcowed on him.
Any Cuttonthat he inpy have it store, or that
may be sent to heim to be shtippced toe Charleston
or Savannah, will be strictly attenided to.
\V. P. DI.LPH.
lismhlurr. Ana tf 21
fledleal College orGeorgia.
. AUGUSTA, September,'1840.
T HE Ninth Course of Lectures in this In
stitution will commenre on the second
Monday, the 9th of next Niovember, and termin
ate on die fi rst Saturday of March following.
Fee for hill Coise of Lectures, $115 co
%iartientaltion, (paid but tce,) 5 00
Arrangements have beet: maid'e by which Stu
dents can be supplied from Lrope with instrt.
ments tfdall kitnds, Skeletons &c.
The Faculty are
G. M. NEwroN. M. D.. Prnfessor of Anatomv.
L. A. DiUGAs. 1. D., Poioessor of Phisioingy
and Pathological Aoaitomv.
C. W. Ws-r. M. D.. Professor of Chimistry
and Phanrtiacy.
. P. GAvRYI, A1. D., Professor of Theapentics
aid Materia Medica.
J. A. Eva. M. D.. Profestor of Obstetricts and
Diseases of Women and Itnfants.
L. D. FoamD .1. D., Professor of the Institutes
and Praetice or Medicinle.
P. F. EvE, M. D.. Professo'r of the Principles
and Practice of Snrgery;
G. M. NFIVTO-, M. D., Demonstrators of A
Jons McLESTEan: l . D., nattomy, withott ad
ditinial fee.
PAUL F. EVF, M., D.,
Sept. 1. Dean of Faenlty.
rrT The Edgeflietl Advertiser. Greenville
Mountainaer. 8. C Sothertn Recorder. Fed
cral Union. Co'nmbts iqutrer. Savaat
Georgian.Georzia. Mobire Regiater, Htntsviile
Diemntcrat, Alabama' Joirnatl Tuscaloosa Flag
ofUnion..Alabama; Floridan,. Florida; and Nash.
Ville Hanner, will publish the abtove advertise
ment weekly to the amotn: of $5 each, and
forward their receipts to the Dean,
Bagging, Rope, &c.
3 O Pieces 4: antd 44 inch Baggiig,
I0Q Coils Kentecky j and a tope;
500 lb. Weaver's best 3 strand Bagging
.-.u SO,
1.000 pairs Negro Shoes,
500 " Men's and Boy's Kip and Leather
200 " Womten's and Misses' Dootees
and Shoes.
100 Casks Prime Itoek LIME,
10.000 lbs. assorted BACON,
50 Bags Old White COFFEE,
Recently received aid for stile by
The Pendleton Messenger will please insert
the above four tines and forward theiraccoumnit
to S.& C.
Hamburg, AMg 29. 1840 d 31
State of' South i ailettlina
John Wilson Adm'r of Bi for Re
H ng h Wilsoni, vs Jentiet
Wtson. Williaim Wilson, Ind
atnd otheri. I
P URSU.ANT to the order of Chaocellor
Onnkin. nmade it this ease, all the credit
ors of flingh Wilson, at the time of his death.
whose demands shall tot have been holly and
roiperly paid by his adimitnistrator, are hereby
notified to present anid prove their demands be
1ore me min or beff're the first day of Janumary
next. A. L. 1V41: and the creditors of the sai'd
lii.gh Wilson, deceased, are hereby notitied.
that the Decree of Chancellor DuNkin orders
tlat the Commissioner ansie tn o months no
ice to be insertd it sieh Iblic paper or pa
pers as lie maiiy deem prtoper for all the credit.
ors of the said lmih Wih-n to present aiid
pr:ovc their demands heifore the Comnissioner;
'md diat sech of the creditors as shall not pre.
sent and provo their demanids on or bororo a
peremptorv dny to he fixed by the Commis
siner sliall be escluded fi-nm the benefit of this
It is further ordered that upon notice of this
decree being given to any of. tihe creditors of
Hutgl Wilson, such creditors shall be enjoined
friom !ommnencement or firther prosecmmion of
any snit at law against the admintiistrator afore
Ir .i1 C'rther ordeired that the administrator
do accont Cei're them '-s nmisnioinr concern
ing the estarte~i hiD intestair'; andtam the
nComttnisionter dio report the deimnde agman.t
the esttte of Iintghi Wid.''. which maay be pim-~
td. atrrant.ted int otrdti of iegai priori: antd thme
itrdance in the hands etf the adnmiinistrator, ater
zadowitig all preoper patnten~its rintd expaenmes.
BF N. Y. M Ait'TlN. C. E. A D1.
Conm'r's Ofice', Sid 75
Abl;I'rille C. II.. .'eptI. 2, 1840. 2m 32
El. P. Nobnle,mv
John Ctentningiamm, rind wifo,
Pn~inck Nobie. Dill for
Edward Naidt,
Alexattdter Noble. . I Partition.
J. Bannteaw Noble and
Elizabmeth Nle. J
ST aeppearinig :rm mty satiiraction that Patrick
Nobl,h one of th'e deferndants in this case,
reside withtout thme limits~ of this State: Oni
mtotiona, it is orderredI that the said dlefi'tdarnt do
apcear, andr plead. answ.er or demur to the
cmtplainnt's Birl. aw ithin three monm f'ron,
thc date of this pubalicalion, or the said bill will
be takenpjro confesso: aigmint hitm.'
BENJ. Y. MARTIN, c. E. .t. D.
Commis;simaier's Oflice,
B3srErsl'nt.c.1sit SEPTEMBER, it-j0.
ORlDEI.s No. 3. {
N. S i
E DWARD II. EDWARDS, Esrq. having
been ditly eleeted and commissioned Ma
or-Gnral of the ed Division of Soth Caro
lna Militi, .viil take ranik as MajtrGeneral
from the 22dn dhay of' June, 1840..and will bc
respected and otboeyedl ac'ordingly.
Byvorder of the Comnmander-in-.Chief
JA MES JON ES, Adjt. and tispr. Gen.
Se pt. 8 (C) - f 32
T1IE Subiscribei- is now receiving from
New York foutrteen cases of
omprising a general Assortment suitabile for
tie season., which will be sold lowv for Cas.
Formner custometrs anid the pubiic generally are
invited toi call on
hlamburg, S C, Aug 5, 1840.
AjPPLICAT10NS will be mad2 to thme Le
gislatotre of thtis State~, at te niext session
to vest the title of the State to anmy e'srh,-ated
estate of the iate Ceol Christin Breirthatpt. ini
Susarn Breithaupt~t and Ossian Giregory, or one
f them,. antd to vest te title of the State to any
escheatned estate of' the late Matrgarert Clark anid
David Cirark ini the children or grand-children
of the said Margaret, or some of thtemi.
Sept 8, 1d40 3m 32
Plain and F'igured Hoods,
ALSO D~evan Straw. Brain Cottage, Flor
enree ilrid, and French Rutlanrd ltonnrets,
nst received by JOH N 0. D. FORLD.
Hanmhurg, Aug 17, 1840
Receiving F erwarding
V AND. "
orage& 4 & tinaslul
B U S I A E S 8:
T FEr. Sab-criber respectlully tnkes leave
to renew to h-1 a nstoieLto, lIs sincere
acOkiowhl-dgmntls Ir the extenisive patroiage
hitherto bestowe df on him: ad would be-- tot as
snre them Iof a continaice of tlhat strict aten
tion to teir ilnerests.whieI. Itr: a largely in
creased business, he ilaiters himself has been
Hie deetls it unnece-sary to dlilate. to .1ER
cH.Asrs, on the- evident superiority of his eiainms
to thir patr.o.nrge as a RIi:-.IINU . :lD
FORl'A IRDIN; A-V.T:-Iis long rpfricence
inl tint department; rigorous obscrrance of in
structions, and the rates Of llal g; hi.nre
.tietion heilg rozt irted to a Comitoonim.ion litn
sinesnoalono; nmi t he isolaitui t dceraedu posi
tien of his warehouse. thIs lcsseoito: the risks
fron fire ati initd otir :s; are citciloStlinces,
which. rith all rinc deference, ettite him to a
To t'T.A.srns ie woiohl ngain tender his ser
vices in the sale o! their COTTO Ad gtier rno
DUcy.: to 'his oft nttment ljt he apProprintes I.is
personal atiention.n ind fi m h. is practieir I knowl.
edge' of this business.., hre If.s assured he viili
promote the inti-tests ofthose. who tmny cosi- t
to) him. J. F. I3.NSON.
IimobnrL. S. C Je!v T. IQ40 r 30
W al1R E - 0f U S E.
V.on1111l S ,1o 1 Pliisin1e s .
T II E Seti heosnilr is mnch g lraified that lah
is qice more b;e to ofifor his ser' ices to
hisi frietds and old oesteiners. and the phiie
.enernily in the If'are- lonse and Copmmissiun
Business Ife fin'lers imself that thle eh-ilile
locatitn ohi. Ware-I Imise. nnd its eomiarative
iotnn ity Ilotto the risk ~of fire and flood. will
proentre him a liberal patroage.
Hiie has rebtilt the l'tre-1!fouse fsorirly
known as Adams .& lalircr's, and is uilhn p u'
one wiinn of it above tle behest water-mark o1
the late freshet. 'or the piaro-se oof storme Ill, re
tn the Cotn of P!antrs and 'oinntry isrrim. ts
This site is at least two teet nicier than ;.ny
othor ware-houtse in town; and the divb- n
that Is been clevated will store fromi 1:410 to
20110 bales.
lie will sell Cotton. and attend to snrt his..
ness as is iitsilly transnrted by Conunis-ion;
Merchants, at as low a rate as others engi-dio
ill the sane calling.
Inatain olferitng his serviervi to his frielnd
ad the public. the-subscriber cnoit re:lro
fin acknowledging the liberal patroiaue he
once received froi them; ind Ipi-sI by his at
tention to htsine.-s that it will he ren wed, ald
it will bethankfitilli reeoived.
Fambtr. All gust 8, 1-40 f 28
The Me.so.tger at Ashville. N. C.. tno
Monntnioer at Greioville. Mesceoger at Pen
olmtoo.nood Advertisr, at dtefield. wi! itter:
:hc above six months, and send their hills
G. W.
U.11 1R E , L A, &c.
1 Case domiesii a. d Scoeh Giiigoin Uma.
brellas also Ladies' dilk Umbrellas and
lii addition to the ahove. aid jimt rorekce.
new Eglish anti AmnoicalnI Prins. Pavilliao
..'anze, Blood Nell. iainn. Sitiield. tnaol
Pongee Ilandkerchiels, Fatev do. lied Quilts.
Eoglish and American Loog Cltths. Velvet
lbonls. .'p1011 Thre ad.Patent do, Vestingsq,
Snspeders. Gl;oves. Qoilt R-uck, Common
Sheh, small plain. white hoin. Twi.-t. Victorin
Lor tg'abin. Common nind French Dressing,
Fi no Ivory a.d Negro Condbs. k c. &c.
llamburg. Ang 18, 140 if 29
Phoenix Stone Ware Factory.
IN Gl1.' 1 .lL.
I shte Subc-r i'.ers hii ng bieen engaguted it
the trailiie.ttring of $tu,:ie Watre :!
jPottersvilie, itt Edgzelieldi. S. C. for maini yem..
and fromn lotng' ixperienc, and liormter owiers
of thatt esti!hitshinentit. tiavi loient.-d thoim..-lu -
at the Phuo-o:ix Fac'orv. Shoiws Ci oek. twrlve
miles froomo Ldgelield C. Iltn eton the mtiaina
tonod lendit;; froum Newhetry, U t ntit nil the
uppeior Districts to Aikeni for thte purp~;tose ofl
tmamtt.e tutritit Stotne Ware in tall its vn ion,
braches.- They have por~cutredl the best ofl
workometi and tare coonsitantly mat~kintg ny, andtu
havena large stock ott hanoi. Their assortmtent
is the mnost comtpletoe ever before otTred for stile
ito this mt irke~t. to which theylo woohl end cthe aitn
tenttiotinC f )rugg ists, ol -ach:mtts atnd P'In..ter-.
anid all those whoi wish 10 purertose tiny thing
itt their inao. Among thte tmay itarticles ot
which thaeir~ stock is coimpoed, tare the follow
img vtz:
Jars ofani sizes rom 4 ga!.n to'? g2lalhitts.
Jogs of tall sizeq dot. .4 do. 21 olo.
Chtnrtos oF'nll sizes e do. 5- clio.
Bowls oir pants ofI all sizes, fromt .4 do. to 5 do.
Bantter Pots ouf all sizes friom . dio.:to 3 dIo. with
co ve'rs.
Pitchers aftall sizes fromt dou. tat3 odo.
Atnd Ileos netatly adte for jars attd chnirnus il
All of the aove is infe~oriior to none made
ini the Uniteod Sttates. Orders iaddroessedr to nas
at Edgeaeldl ContrtI lio.S. C. will b-o lprilmpt
ly attenaded to, atnd deliveredl to tihe 3!erchiant's
oor, any distanc~e titdeor one it hundredu tiatd litty
miles. Chaarlestton ameroohoants enn htave' their
ware delivered at the dlepot. int Aikent tat It:4
cetnts per gallon. CTe Price at thae Factory is
2.3 centts per yalluotn.
A pril 1, 1R-l0 tf 9
weekly, anid forward accoutnt to this Ofiir.e.
State of South Carolina,
Nathanioel J Davis, 3
Administrator of Joseph IAutachoment,
Davis, decetnsed, Assumtpsit.
Ginrnishee, vs
William 1F. Loumpkin.
7J H E Plainttiflf hiavinii this dtay fileod his dec
laration in mny oilice, aind lie Defenatiilgi
havinig no witfe or Attorney kntownt to he with
in te State uplont whom a copy withl a rn'e,
to plead. could he served!. On mnotmoi, Order.
ed that the reofentdtant do pileadi to the staid deo
ctration withtit a yoar tad tn dry or fiinal anda
absolute ju igament wi'llie n wntrded~ tognitst himt.
Clerk's Ofre,.
July, 16, N-10. a & T $750 tare 25
C iliLDl EDIiNS.' Pdtttimnee to
/ Teas a P) -emt. As nt tmemnorial tif
Friendship and esteem, is iniserihedo 10
Charles IK. Johnsont, bty Giles Chnpman.
Jost publiishted. and for sale at this Oflice.
.Jnly 25, 1840
State of South Carolina.
WILLIAM II. ADAMS, who is in the
custody of the Sheriffofthfie saidDastrict,
by % rtue of a writ of capias ai satisfaciendauni
A 'he snit of* Willknam Cook. having Ii-ed
105 pettinitt, n and a schledufle onl oat I. of his whole
, state, real nml per-onaal. with the purpoe of
oltaining the buetelit of the Act of the General
.\.eemll1 of i-s 'Mite, conitiautly called the
-IsOlvenut Debitor's Act."
PUni.tc NOtcF is hereby given. that the pe
latio of the said Wt. 11. Adaats wall le henrid
and eonsidered in fle Court of Comnnoh Pleas,
fbr F.dge.. i- bl Di-trecl.tm ltid:ehile,. C. Hlouase,
onl Wednaesday, thie 21,41 day of October next, fir
on some stlseqtuentt day of the Term of said
Court. which wili be th'n setting: and all tie
creditorm ,f the said Wmn. hI. Adams, are here
by ummone- personally or by attoraey. then
:antd there, itn tht .aid Couri. tt show can..e. if
they ealn. why1) tile ben'ttelit of the Art n'oreanid,
-honld nnt he' g ratated to thesaid Williaiia II.
xdamaas. tpoi hist - x'cuting the assigimient re
quired by the Act af'oremaid.
G IA. POPE, C. C. P.
Clerk's Ofie,
Jlyd21. n1f. n 5
- Sl:te of "o01(ith I ari'oliv!n.
IN TI"E Co.\Im ON Pl.t-.\S.
H EN RY H i'-'F.il -\l. Sell., who is in thae
JJXacusta v of thah Si id' te -aid I sittrict,
lay virme ail 'rit*s of c'pi's ad satisfaciendmni,
ao theEf <nait (if Lewis Colli-as and L-riain t4;ed
dings.having lila! his petitiot. with a schedult
an oth, af hi., whole estata blth real and per
-onal. with the patrpose olobmtitai le the bene
lit sfi the Art of' lite General Aseamblv of this
i-nte. comamonlv called tL.e "Insolvent iebtoir's
Ar't." .
Punt.tc NO-rtca. is hereby iven, that the pe
tition of the niid I leury aitil'ma., sen , will lie
heard atd coasidered. it fte Conrtl ol' Conmmn
Pleas litr Edgeflield District, an Wednesday
the :lt day of' 4 ctobehr next. or oan some sigb.
.pttuem d:iy dauring the Term of snid Conrt.
n% lich will then he in session: and all tie crad
irors of the said I eiary linaml'taan. sen..are here
hy stmtined eentoallY or by liatarney. the
itad there. inl the said Cotrt o show cause. if
thei can. wt y the baaeteflt aof the Act alr' -saidt
<i.!41 nta he grantl to ate said ileury Iuf til
n1-nn. s-en., nyon hi.. execnting thre avigpnment
equired by alit' said Art.
G EO. PO PE, C. r. P'.
(erk's Ojfia'a.
Ju/2. 1--,,. ne 25
(1hl teOf NOllI tI 4 al l'O4I Illi
IN Till ('O.'lON LF.AS.
4 Fl.Oh1(GF. .TilO.lIASwho: i-ian theenat
G Italvof th She:riif tha sai.I I)i.trict.
Svirta 'ar certain writs of rapiasad satis fari.
eduam. at the sait or* Lawren-e A4, Beardlal
.damdell. l1rown & Co.. Smitlh & Iitlv:
-4 C.& S v, Wnrrena Kimbrell fo t-he ta-e
-f Wmill. !atiad. and Wahldro. Thaa & V o.
.m ving ll-d his petitiona. with n seltedni fiaa otha
. his whole estate. reai and per-tonal. with tlIw
,.atrpos. of oltaiaiat #he beneaa'fit ,f theit Act !I
the Geat As!semb!dly if* this Stare, -,attnmaanlt%
ealel the I nsllvenlit Deltot ' \. ."
Puuac Norcv is hereh giVel that the11 I
-tion oaftla -atial George W. Thomas. will -c
,ward andeosiderl in the ourt ao f Camnin.a
P'!en-, fair Ediethfiild District at i :cliltl Cama ri
lions'. on Wa'dnaesdtav cte 21st dny oft ictohe
a-sr. or tin som- saglsfvqtnema day of the Trrt.
Ofsaid 'nt. n htch will be thei stting: at'
:a!l the crditors of the said George W. Thama:
-are lreby snmmoaned per'atn ,Yal bY nitor
IeI'v. theta ta1ta1 there. itn the sail C'ourt. to shew,
-'aatte. fI fltdy ean. why flae beneia f the Ac a
liaresnaid, hnac'tlal not he gr:adtted t h ite said (i.
W. homas. npota hi!, excetling thal assieg;.
ment reqaired by tltae Act :ta'ore'-aid.
GEL). 1POPE, C. C. P.
r1erk. Orirr.
. 21, !-4h0.( ac 25
State (11 Sc01'lil ( :1ulllit
4 BNEIl. BUSh NLL., whto ts itt the~ en.<at
S .dy of' the . Itrnihi of'thei staid DI sa ica . btt
vittne of a ui t of' capaius rul sli.tfaemIum,,. tat
te snait of' Baker, .lohatsont & C2o havtiatg filed
his aeaitanoewith:,sela'dlckeonaonth. af hiew!-eo'n
'satae raeal anel ptaai , wilt the putr'e. CI I:
ltamting te beetit iol thae Act aaf thae tietaa'::na
ssembtly of' this Stata', caammonut!y' enhlled thae
I-aitolve'nt I ebltor's Act."
lttac No-ri is her,-hyai givean , at thae p.
titiont af thte saiad .bAnr lunsaahiml w'itl hnbe h::
aand considhere'd. itt thte Ceatart of ('o .ait mn la.:..
liar Edhgefaald Distriea, oan We.ha-'daay te :.!
c.anr of' O ctobear anex!. air ata -aame sabseganent
-lay durianga thla n ftaa s-aid f'atara. whlicha wvi
theta be itt session': tand ail tiae editor- ..f th
tda Abnaer Buashcrell. :arc baeteha surumtane
paer~aannly3 or hy attorany, thaena I~ atheare, to
She'~ w enns3.if they' enn.whyai alhe baenceit eef'the .iea:
tafolretsnida.<houeald naot lee grntate'd am :e 'etid Ala
;.er Buaahneaall. anaaen hi's exicuatintg thae as'igna
mencat re','nired hby thae saidja 'et
GEO). i'PP, C. C. P'.
Cler!:'s OIpra. ?
.1Iny 21 , 1-4ha. ( nr 25
Tanr~f-Iir'd & SnICe sne'g -c..ipened.
O N th- Edttrefa-Id hlonda ntear .lt Vit~a.
. where ooda Cow llitdes- will lie baouaght,
ear lamt eal oat shares-mt.e half for atha other
ad hine Shoaes, Boottt. antd \egroa Maoes wi. Ihe
maatde tat tas fraoah tcrrtus. :and ot aunatea hd lt-a t'-t
riea toe noane int then tate.
WVangont lanrness tmade,. anad C'arringe in
aness rea-tatireda. Anay tarticiaes a ondae wl Ibe ax
changedata for gooad Coiw Halds. Fromt appaiilen
tionr to buasiniss, tiand the. butt of L~enthter, the
saubscribear hiopeas thes ;ttat'ir a a genaeal will pa.
taonizeya hisa naew cfl'tra tot recoammaodate this
District. tand will cal atal see haisa woark and
jaidge f'or themtse'lvee
Naear Ma. Vintaage. S. C.
RO.\l the Saubscribaer', aboam the 1tht of'
B March last. 2 Colts. otte a dairk iroat grey
fily, tharete yetars old; whten shea left, site hatd oat
o ataaon tao siza ia-ott h'lI, aattachted tat a leather
coliar. fiasteaaad oat with a leather, latch. Tlhet
othen. a yetar obhl baright bay hmoie cola. with
someta whiat h:at:s oat thae bodhy, ande ra blaza' ia
the fhe'e. I waal sti'th'tont't rdwtard anty :Eata ithc
will stopl sta id colts, car eathaer ot teat.nnud giv-e
meta inaliramationt; direct te 31 a. Willhinig Poast Ol
fica' 8. C. SIM ON CROUJC II.
t. Willintg, Aig. 22. h1840 h 31)
i ot i ce.
LIL personas inteatd tat thte Stubscriber.
? eiat haer byv N aia or' apen .\(countts, tare etar
nthal reqalesatedla taaake 1'tayea't behare the
tirsat af Oc't'laetr next, ort t, ir Ne'!t aaada Ac
ciountts wtilh bat placed intao thte handtas of tain jti
Cc'r, iar olle-ctiona.
Sir. Abater Bushelachl is mtynnathtorized Agenat,
adurinag mty aba'ence froa the' Ditrie't,
Autguast 7. 1940 af 2A~
OF Eerydescription exe'ented with
na ess and despntch, at the Ohlice
Fne he nrYn~ A DVERTISER.
State (if South Carolina.
Charles Cosniahan, and oihets, BIl for
vs Tuomas %. o.wahan and
Jucy .iMoley, Distributiott.
T is order. d that ta-i )Cfie:Maun Thus. Cos
mah:a, who is s.aid to he absent aid fron
witiom tile limits of thi.s S a-e-, do plead. an.
swer. or demour. to the dill of the Complainanta
in Itis case, within three months frotin the pib
ticntion of this order, or the bill will be taken
pro cuofessa
A. P. ALDRTCH. C.& R.E. B. D.
Commissioner's I fle,
btinwell District, 3
July :W, 1,40. ac 27
State of'South t'a!olina.
J. & L. Jonea, vs Attachmen
11. H .1o.1es.
T IlE Plaintil' in this case, having filed his -
decl'raution in my otfice. and the Liefen
damii Iaving n wife or'Attorney known to be
within the stte, upon whom a copy conid be'
sen ed with a ruie to plead. It is oriered that
the Deendant , o plead to the said declaration
withiii a venr and a dav. from tlis date. or final
ncdaboinite jiugmient will be awarde& against
him. G 1o. POPE, C. C. P.
C'lrk's OQ.ice, Edge
611d 01rt '-. 1 . 1ino saw age 46 j
State (if South 4 arolina,
Miller, Riuley and Co., Declaration on At
William Yarbrotugh tachment in Debt.
T I 1. Piantill's. in this case, having this day
iledilicir Declaration in my office. and the
iDel'endaet having nettber Wiie or Atto.n ey
within this State. tion w% hom a copy of said
Declaratioi. Cunl he served; ordered that the
D)feindat plead therelu, %% ithin a year aid a
lay fro, this I blicasion. or the said action
wil! be taken proconlesso aoaginst him.
Clerk's Office.
-44th Oct., 18:19. - r. i. P. 39 aqe
State of Soutth Carolina.
Wilson & [lodge C
vs Case on Alacismnent.
William M. Mniley -
Whcre-as thePaintin's ha ve this day fled theit
declaratioi in t:-- Clerks OJice of Abbeville
.tri-1. ngaii:-t tlhe Defendant. who is absent
amI. and without the limits of this State, and
:,as :.either wife nor attornay, known within
the same. nupon whom a copy of the said decla
ration with a rule to plend unto, might be
-erved: It is therefeore ordered, that the said
dtefeedai do appear and plead to the said Dec
:aratien, within a year at d a day. from this date,
tor judgeient. finni and absolute will be awar
:led agaiinst him
J hiN F. LIVINGSTON, c. c. P.
Mey 11.1.--40 w &% $750 - age
Sta te of mtith Com ila.
M. 0. Ttman AssuatrsIT.
Fphrain Vesse's. ATTACIMENT.
T i-: Paintid'hutving fileel his declaration
ir. the Clerk's Offiee on the sixteenth
day ofOctober last. inh it appearine that the
delendam is fronm, and without the limits of the
.tate,ai(l aving teither wife norattorney with
in the said District. tin whom n rtle to plead
can be served. It is therefore ordered; that the
defendant do plead tothe snid declaration with
i a year and a day. Iroi the filitl: of the dec
Iaration. or flial and absolute judgment will be
entered against him. by delimit
JNto. F. LIVINGSTON, c. c. r.
Cl rk's Office,
Ja 1..1-40 w 't $6 aqd 51
:- tatec of bouth Carolina.
I.Y TIlE~ CoMM(O PLf A.48
vs (Cae on Autachment.
Johit Et ownlee.
T.e Phait iff Neavi,.:t theis day filed his decla
:tion int t-.e tk-rks I llieec-i Ahheviine I is:rict
'inst ti.e d'!tei:udat. who ts..h-,entt from and
- 'htott: the.!littits of the State. and has neither
w fe "o-- atter ev. kttow n withcin the satme,
npo -1 whom tt cop'. of said dlecharation might
.-- rved: It i' the-reijee erde~red :l.at the said
tcf tnd:tnit, dIe aeppi~ar atnd plead to the said
Declatration, within a year andc a day frenm the
tih-,e orthies Declarationt, or final and absolute
.'L'et wvi1 b. tit a nt nwnrdede agpainat
Clerk's (Otlice.(
Mlay 11. 18~40. iv w at $7 50 age
.Irou~ght to the Jail
Ft- thci- District. ne neero mcatn by -the name
4 F of I anmon. abota veu~rs of age, dark
cmttpetotn, five l'eet three intches and a half
highe. lIe htas a scare over his heft eye, and his
right yve tooth ottm; atnd the othe~r v, ty mtuch
;.ec.uve'd: he also hea. a e,.t 03 his right feort.
ie says lhe belon~g to Mir. James Darret, of
iti-non Coutnty. tGa. .m:u' taeat he ranaway
:eb.nt the mtieddle of Angat last.
rThe ownter is regn~ested to come forward,
provei proplertv. pay charges aitd take himn
a wy. 'C. II. GOOD1A N, J. E..D
Sept 2'?, 1t-10 tf 34
RI OBlEl T' C. ITC ii EY iving about four
tmiles enrth east of Ahheville C. Hloute,
oll, baebre mue. onte breiwn hay Alare, about
foutrtetn awlt' a htalfhcatia high. supposed to be
three years old lastt spring, black tnane, tail
ad legs. No white. ntor any other marks a
huit her, a ppears to b'e quite gentle. and tros
A lprasd at 603 dollars..
Ahheville C. II Atng 27. 160 amd 31
Lumiuber forD Maie.
T 1l: :',tseribecr having purchased the
Mlill foirerly ownted biy '. mi A. Butt-.
Ier, dte-ease. tihers for sale seasoned Ltumber
olf all descriutionce, a 75 ets. per hundred atithe
\1 ill. The' said alill is sittnateed otn Shaw's
Creek, three tmil- s b~euie't he Pitne Hotnse, and
bouet six mtiles fromi Mir. Johnt Lott's. All or
ders thankfttlly rececived, and1 promptlyv attend
Ang t. 1940 tf 27
Mankin and shirtings.
1 Case Getrgita Ntankin. onte dI bleached
Shirtittg. Also firvien Ilidland. Brnet
.im-an. Ilinen Drilling. Grass Lcsnen, Miezican
rnd York, Mixrtures. Alsee, a vacriety of Colered
Cttten Goods, for servant's wear. Now open
iat rte storte of
Ilamburtg, Atig 18, 1540 if 2

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