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Neto Paper.-We have receivud the three r
first numbers of a paper, published at Char
lotte C. H., Mecklenburg county., N. C.,
tinder the title of the " Mecklenburg Jef
rersoniau," by Jos. W. Hampton, Esqr.
The " Jefrersonian" is of the good old I
Democratic stamp, and wv sincerely hope
the publisher may reap a good harvest, in
" well doing."
The Hon. Samuel L. Southard, of N. J.,
has been elected President pro tem. of the
Senate of the United States, which bedy"
adjourned sine die, on the 15th ult.
The Washington Correspondent of the
N. York Commercial Advertiser, writing
u:nder date of the 15th March, says:
1 Mr. Crittenden, the Attorney General,
leaves this afternoon for Lockport, New
York. He takes with him an authenticated
copy of despatches from the British Go- c
vernment, containing the distinct and un- d
equivocal avowal of the burning of the I
Caroline. And upon this ground our go- v
vernment will request the release of Mc- b
Leod-and for this purpose has Mr. Crit- n
tenden gone. If he is not delivered up, it o
is understood Mr. Crittenden remains to be 1:
present at the trial, though he will take no
We lay before our readers the Farewell
Address of Adjutant General JoNEs, to the
Militia of South Carolina, accompanied
with the remarks of the talented Editor of c
the South Carolinian. On account of in- d
,disposition, we are forced to defer our own
remarks until a future day.
From the South Carolinian. C
Having tendered to the Commander-in
Chief my resignation of the office of Ad- I
jutant and Inspector General, I cannot look
forward to the dissolultion of those ties by
which we have been so long united
strengthened and consecrated as they are
by so many gratifying recollections-with
out being affected by ;the strongest emo
tions; nor can I permit the occasion to
pass without bidding you an affectionate
farewell, and offering to you individually
and collectively, my best wishes for your
success, in all your pursuits, whether as
citizens or soldiers. Profoundly grateful
to you for your orderly aid respectful de
portment towards me while olliciating as
your Military Instructor, and to the State, I
for the flattering proofs of its partiality and
confidence, which I have repeatedly expe
Srienced, I should do violence to my feel
ings were I to retire from the office with
which I have been honored, without a pub
lic expression of these sentiments, and 1
without explaining the motives which in- t
duced my resignation. r
I accepted this high and responsible trust, I
in the hope and belief that I could " ren- s
der the State some service," by devoting
my best efforts to the improvement of the
discipline of our Militia, so as to render it,
in fact, as it is in theory, the great bulwark t
of our civil and political institutions. I be- t
lieved that the Legislature, admonished b
by our then recent experience, had devised
SJ.04:Wj imfaithfellvexecuted, would
fulf1 all the hopes of patrfotism, by provid
ing a body of intelligent and well instructed
Officers, at all times prepared to conduct
the troops of the State, when any public
emergency might call them to the field.
This system. as you are awvare, was re
pealed by the Legislature, at its recent
session; and though I may not presume
to question the wisdom of that body, in
adopting that course, I may be permit ted,
without arrogance, to decide upon the di-a
mtinished yalue of my owvn services, pro
duced by it. Conscientiously believing I
that any services I could now render would
be purely nominal, I cannot but feel that 1
owe it to the State, not less than to my- I
self, to retire fromastation in which I cait
he no longer useful, and where my coin
pensation would he withot an equivalent
return ofhbenefit to the ptublic.C
A Board of Officers, appointed by the
Legislature, at its session in 1838, to digest
the Militia Law, submitted the result of ae
careful and laborious examination of the
subject, in the form of a Bill, embodying
what was conceived to be the whole Mili- I
hia L aw of South Carolina, dlivested of the
intricacy pro~duced by a miul:iplicity of
conflicting enactments, and intelligible to
all. I cannot otherwise regard the rejec
tion of that Bill, by two successive Legis- '
latures, than as the highest evidence of the
declining importance of the Militia, in the
estimation of the State, and believe ty
any future efforts on my part, to revivegan
efficient system, would not be apprectj itedt
or sustained.
In taking leave of you, and of-the ser-r
vice of our 1"-oved State, I beg you to lie b
assured, that the deep interest I have here.
tofore felt in your Military improvomcnt is g
id no degree diminishpd, and if a conjunc-p
ture should occur, in/which South Caroli- i
na may be constrairned to defend her fire- o
sides and altars, I shall always be prepar-n
ed to rally wi'h you under the Palmettov
banner, and devote myself to her defence,.
in any rank she may be pleased to assign
me. Again, brother officers and fellow
soldiers, I bid you an affectionatc fare- 1I
COLMBIA, March 22, 1841.
From Mue SoutM Carolinian. r
Our readers cannot but unite with us init
the sincere regret we feel at the iesigna
tion of so valuable and efficient a public
officer, as the late Adjutant General of this li
State, whose farewell address "To thea
Militia of South Carolina," will be founde
in our paper of to-day. But especially, wec
think should they regret with us the unifor-s
tunale cause of it-the abolishment of Bri -
gade Encampments-which, with the re
zurn tothe old system of Company Courts
Martial-(a virtual abolishment of all Com
pany fines, and consequently of Company
duty)-must soon effect so general and
thorough a derangement of the whole Mili-t
tia system anid organization of the State,
that it might as well have been abolished
altogether. In this, the resignation of Gen- gj
eral Jones leaves no dotubt that he fully
agrees with us: and while his generous, t
manly, and disinterested resignation of an h
office in wvhich he is deprived of the power t
en rendear ny efficient public servicaen ca-.
iut rail to command respect and regard. <
ve trust it will serve to awaken the peo- 4
Ie to a proper sense of-the great and latal <
rror of the Act of the last session. The
;tate had begun to acquire much credit I
Dr its military organization; and we great- 1
y mistake the signs of the times, if a re- i
urn to it will not soon he absolutely essen- I
ial to the safety of the State and the peo
le. Can any one look around him and
lot see that they are deeply portentous of
anger, both from within and without
uch danger as rendered the present mo- 1
nent the last of all, for utterly breaking
lown the military organization & strength
if the State, and throwing away, as tho'
literly worthless, the valuable knowledge
md discipline that have been attained with
a much labor and expense. We have not
vords to express our mortification at this
xtraordinary movement; and. it is the
riore surprising to us, as, so far as we have I
een, or learned from ot hers, the oppositioti
> the Encampment system seemed to be
onfined almost exclusively to those who
id not perform tho Encampment duty.
'hose who did, appeared to us generally
tell satisfied with it, and most of them
ighly pleased with it; while its most cla.
lorous opponents were men who bore none
f its burthens. and seemed actuated mere
F hy the desire of making it a political
obby, on which to ride into popular fa
What is worth doing at all, is worth do
g well; and as it is so done, or other
rise, is the labor expended on it rewarded,
r thrown away. If it be desirable to have
Militia, let it lie an ef'ective one, and
ne that will be a credit to the State, not a
isgrace to it, and a useless hurthen. If
r be not desirable, why not do it away al
gether, and not make a mere mockery of
-a thing of utter scorn and contempt,
alculated only to destroy every particle
if military pride and patriotism in those
ngaged in it, and to banish military know
edge and experience entirely from the
ly the President of the United States of America.
WHEREAs sundry important and weigh
y matters, principally growing out of the
ondition of the revenue and finances of
he country, appear to me to call for the
onsideration of Congress at an earlier day
han its next annual session, and thus forni
in extraordinary occasion, such as renders
iecessnry. in ny judgment, the conven
ion of the two Houises as soon as may be
racticable, I do, therefore, by this. my
)roclamation, convene the two Houses of
,ongress. to meet in the Capitol, at the
$ity of Washington, on the last Monday,
ieing the thirty-first (lay of May next
kid I require the respective Senators and
tepresentatives then and there to assen
ile, in order to receive such information
espectina the state of the Union, as may
ie given to them, and to devise and adopt
uch measures as the good of the country
nay seem to them, in the exercise of their
visdom and discretion, to require.
In testimony whereof, I have caused
he seal of the United States to he hereun
) affixed, and signed the same with my
Done, at the City of Washington, this
seventeenth <iay ogMarch, in the
year of our Lord, one thousand
L. s. ] eight hundred und forty-one, and
of the Independence of the Unit
ed States the sixt y-fifth.
By the President :
DANIEL~ rEBSTE R, Secretary of State.
The Offcial Circular.-We have read
his dlocumetnt with much pleasure'. It is
speedy practical fulfilment of at least
ne inautgural pledge. It forbids such of
cial interference with elections as may
ritg the patronage of the general govern
ient in conflict with their freedom; but al
wa and even couris, in federal oflicers,
'the free and proper expression and main
enance of their opinions respecting public
nen or public mecasure6," and '-the exer
ise to the futllest degree of the constitution
1 right ofsuffrage."
The detertinitation. expressed in the cir
tlar, promptly to dismniss all delinquentI
meiers ini money matters is also a praise
torthy step), and should he rigorously en
irce.-Chaarleston Curier.
Marecb 20, 1841.
'o the Hion. Thomas E wing.
Secretary of Treasury:
Sir: The President is of opinion that it
Sa great abuse to bring the patronage of
he General Government itnto conflict with
ho freedom of elections, andl that this
huse ought to be corrected wherever it
na have been permitted to exist, and to
elrevetnted for the future.
He therefore directs that information beI
iven to all offcers and agenits in your De
art menti of the public ser vice that partisan
iterference in popular election., whether
f State offcers oir offeers of this Govern
ien, and for whomsoever or against
homsoever it may he exercised, or the
ay meat of any cotribution or assessment
n salaries or omfcial compensamion for par:
y or election purposes, will be regarded by
itm as a cause of removal.
It is not intended that any officer shall
e restrained in the free and proper ax-.
ression andC maintenance of his opinions
especting public men and public measures,
r in the exercise, to the futllest degree, of
h constitutional right of suffrage. But
ersons employed unider the Government,
id paid for their services out of the pub
c Treasury, are not expected to take an
tivo or officious part in attempts to influ
ce the minds or votes of others; such
onuct being deemed inconsistent with the
piit of the Cotnstitution and the dluties of
ublic agents acting under it, and the Pro
ient is resolved, so far as depends upon
im, that while the exercise of the elective
ranchise by the People shall he free from
ndue influences of offcial station and au
tority, opinion shall also he free among
e officers and agets of the Government.
The President wishes it further to he
nnounced and distinctly utnderstood, that
-om all collecting and disbursing offcers
romptitude in rendering accouints, and en
re punctuality in paying balances, will
e rigorously exacitd. In his opinion it is
me to return, in this respect, to the early
,...tice of Governmen, andto ol ny
legree of delinquency on the part of those
utrusted with th-e public money just cause c
if immediate removal. Ile deems the se- i
Pere observance of this rule to be essential m
o the public service, as every dollar lost to i
he 'Treasury by unfaithfulness in office '
treates a necessity for a new-charge upon .
he People.
I have the honor to be, sir, your obe
lient servant. t
[Similar letters have been addressed to
other heads of Departments.
From the Charleston Mercury.
On the nomination of Judge Daniel-com
ng before the Senate, it will he remember
d. that Mr.-Clay, to prevent a quorum, 1
narched out his Senatorial followers, Mr.
?reston retiring for a while behind the
?resident's seat, and afterards, absenting
fimself, whether " accidentally and unin
entionally," is not said, but being absent
vhen the vote was taken, and by such ab- I
ence meeting I the potential" wish of Mr.
3lay, as much as if he had gone with the
egular march of the rest of the rank and.
ile. Alluding to this dignified scene, and
he opening ofMr. Clay's drivership in the
ienate, Kendall's Expositor says:
" What is our country to expect from i
Party which submits itself to such a lead
r? Already we have secession from the
:enate, violation of a contract, gross at
acks on private character, and an attempt
o silence those who would attempt to de
'end the victim b) deliberate insult and an
appeal to the Pistol !!"
From the National Jntelligencer. -
By and vith thcadvice and constnt of the Senate.
Robert C. Cornell. of New York, to be
Ileceiver General of Public Money atNew
Vork. in the place of Stephen Allen, re
Samuel Frothingham, of Boston to be
Receiver Generalof Public Money at Bos
:on. in the place of Isaac Hill, removed.
Richard K. Call, of Florida, to be Gov
>rnor in and for the Territory of Florida, t
a the place of Robert R. Reid, removed. 4
Charles B. Penrose. of Pennsylvania, to
ie Solicitor of the Treasury, in the place I
>f Matthew Burebard, removed.
Elisha Whittlesey, of Ohio, to be Au
litor of the Treasury for the Post Office I
Department, in the place of Charles K. I
Gardner, removed. t
Paul Rossignol, to be Superintendent ofr
be Branch Mint at Dahlonega, in the
State of Georgia, in the place of J. J. Sin
John Williamson, of Pennsylvania, to
)e Recorder of the General Land Office,
n the place of Hudson M. Garland, re- c
Solomon Van Rensselaer, to be Deputy
Postmaster at Albany.
George Allen. at Waldoborough Maine, 1
ice Denny McCobb, removed.
Jeremiah Brooks, at York, Maine. vice I
Foseph P. Junkins, removed. .
Parker Shelden, at Bath, Maine, vice
roseph Sewall, removed.
Isaac P. Davis, at Boston, Mass., vice,
:saae C. Barnes,yeto.yed, .. ....
-. 1
COLUMBIA, March 24. 1
FIRE !-On Monday morning last, be
ween the hours or three and four o'clock,
sur citizens were alarmed by the cry of
ire, which w"as ascertained to be in the dry
;ood store of Mr. Benjamin Mordecni, in
herman's Building, Main street. Great (
lihiculty was at first apprehended in gain- I
ng access to it, for ;abhotugh the whble 4
ittilding and street were filled with smoke.
was some time before the firemen were
tble to determine in what part of the store
he fire existed, and they were -fearful of
petning the doors and admitting a current I
f air, lest it should cause a more rapid ig- i
it ion. T'wo enterprising individuals, how-(
ver, made an entry with a hose and pipe,
brougha a middle door in the passage,
rawling on their hands and knees, to prc
'ent suffocation, and discovering the fire
non succeeded in extinguishing it; not,
owever, until it had done considerable
lamage to the goods as wvell as the build
ng. It was truly a fortunate circumstance
bat the front doors were not broken open,
5s were desired by several individuals, for
he floor, ceiling and shelving had become
o heated that the least cttrrent of air would
ave roused a blaze whbich, very probably,
t-otuld have piroved fatal to the whole block
f buildings with which the store is con-a
tected. Tphe damage done to the goods I
if Mr. Mordecai is probably seven thou.
and dollars. The room immediately above
he store was occupied by Messrs. Sher
nan & Stratton as a furtniture ware-room,
Lnd the furniture wvas all, more or less,
lamaged by the fire, beat and smoke. We
earn that lMr. Mordecai is inasured to the
imount of $10,000 in the Charleston In
trance and Trust Company; and Mr.
hcrman, wvho owns the building, and,
,herman & Stratton are insttred in the
kugusta Insuratnce and Banking Compa
ty's office. Fourteen or fifteen hutndred
lollars, however, will probably cover the
lamages, sustained by the latter indivi
loals. The origin of the fire is enveloped
n mystery. Much praise is due to pur
l're Company : the whole of Brick Range
agether with the opposite square, proba
ly owe their preservation to the great
rudence, foresight, activity and vigilance
n anifested by its member.- Chronicle.
Look Out For Afligators.-Last Sun
lay we was informed by a man of this
lace, who was then passing by our office t
vith a small shot gun in his hands, that he
yes going to shoot a large Alligator which
te had je~st seen in 'the r'iver. H-e likewise
tated, that he had seen as many as three
n the river near to llambturg, since the
reshet. Now we will only give the news
s we received it. We howvever think,
hat if fresbets brittg alligators from down
he river, we may look for squtalls the next
mood. WVe are rather inclined to think
hat our friend endeavored to place this
unday's Gunning tupon an alligator, rath
r than tupon his own back.-Ham. Jour.
The more honesty a man has the less1
o atlfects the air of a saint. The alfiecta
ion of sanctity is a blot on the face of piety. n
The gem cannot be polished without fric
ion nor man perfected withottt .,dv...:,..
fence.-A person whose cnology ex
ttpers)icuiiy that of the gentleman
, bitiilt a house with an abutment story
ni& portosico.in front, made the follow
3g.'lea in his defence when sued for a
AlI a flue:-my it please your honor,
u ,erstand the law to'be this -suppose
go to the surgeon and get a specificate,
nid hen go to the demanding officer of
be npany, I consider it immaticular ai
rhe er the demanding officer does or 1
oe .not put his signifficant to it;-you d
an neglect a fine of me for non exis- t
Falal Afray.-An affray of a fatal,
:%h cter occurred, in Lancaster District,
C. illisland. on the Catawba river, on
5u. ay the 14th instant. The parties
weirJohn Sweat and Thomas Pickett, the
aftelef whom was killed; having been E
tabed by the former with a knife. He a
uived, after having received the wound, h
intil Wednesday last.' Sweat was, we m
ind6rstand, arrested on Monday after the C
Y and lodged in Lancaster jail to
sw. his trial. We are without the par
icuilars which led to the quarrel, but we t(
eardthat both had been drinking, adding p
'nother to the long list of crime, chargea- i
slet the prevalence of intemperauce.- ft
aniden Journal.
HAIDURG, Marcd 27.
6f0un.-The sales of the present week have 0
ieen but a shade over last week's prices. On I
rhuriday evening we received accounts front I
ie ol, twenty-two days -later, which has ri
om4vhat brightened the ideas of our buyers, s9
ltiftgh they have made little or no advance (
'syetf waiting perhaps to hear how the late
ewwill effect the lower markets. We now 81
uo as extremes, 8 to 101 ets. Carolina tmon- h1
y. Tincipal sales 94 cts.
.Thisstaple still comes in freely, for the sea
on, 4J boats and wagons, owing, perhaps. to
he sjknd currency which we have.
- AurousTA, March 25.
CsIois.-From the date of our last Ieport -Il p
D.the close of business, on Saturday afternoon.
urisarket was very calm and the transactions a
vhiei took place, were at rates a shade lower, y
ianithose quoted in our last weekly re% ie w- i
)tonday there was wore enquiry fur the a
rict and some sales were effected at full
ried holders. generally asking higher rates ; a
rhi'ek-buyers felt unwilling to comply with. .9
)bizesday and yesterday, however, buyers 0
otard more freely, and a fair business te
all ~' n done, considering te small amount 5
irtaeT, at rates J higher than those current at
beloiWest point of the week. The improve
aonAte are advised is principally on the mid- g
ti1Kto fair qalities, ordinary sorts being al- o
I dfconsidered too high. It will be observed fc
lat*e give no quotation forgood fair. as there cl
a4i1en little or none of tiis quality on the
iakt for some time past. The whole range
C.sajis, is from 10 a 11 chiefly 1OJ to 114 .
. .-South Carolina at par, except the
. of the Bank of Camden, 2 dis.
;oiret0wn, 2
,omaercial Bank in Columbia, 2 "
lerdiants Bank at Cheraw, 2 "
p Insurance and Banking Comp'y. par. n
lanlof Augusta; a
State Bank ofGa., at Augusta, "
g Bank of Brunswick,
Ira Georgia Rail Road, "
I nics Bank,
lat: Darien & Braiches, 30 a n5per ct. dis.
-'awkinsville, 14 "
-fSt;,Mary's, 6 a 7 ".
Mi eville, 6 a 7 "
- a.bu 14 5
asEof the State of Ga. at Sav. 2 "
Irfinhes of do. in Athens, Mil- g
ld'geville, Washington, Eat
tonton and Macon, 6 "
Lg~ncy ofdo. in Greensboro, 2"
Iarik-of Brunswick, 5 a 6 "
sommercial Bank-of Macon, 5 a 6 " _
Iental Bank of Georgia, 15 a 17 "
lentral R. R. & Bk'g. Co. Sav. 2"
Iranbh of do. Macon, 6 "
shatmhoochee R. R. & Bank'g
Co., Columbs, 14 " l
eorgiaR.R. & Bk'. Co Athens, 14 " d
asurance Bank of Columbus, at h
Macon, 5 a6 "
larine & Fire ins, Bank, Say. 2 "
Iranch of do. Macon. 6 "
Ionroe R. R. &Bk'g. Co. 50 a 60 " h
)emulges Banik, 6 a 8 " iC
'lanters Bank Savannah, 2"
'lanters & Mechanics Bank Co- f
lumbus, 14 I n
Vestern Bank, 14 -
Luckersville Banking Comp'y., 12 a 13 " t
)ralts otn New York, 1j a 2 prem.
Charleston, "
Savanniah, par.
Philadelphia, par. ai
Died on the 24th inst., of Dtpsyr, BIAsJ, I
IAmL, second son of Wmn. F. and Mary a
t. E. Durisne, aged eight years, seven
ionths, and 21 dlays. " The Lord gnve, a
nd the Lord hath taken away; blessed
e the name of the Lord." a
Receipts for Suubaeriptson. ~
The Publisher acknowledges the Receipt ~
om the following persons, to the time put
own to their respectiv-e names: It
Alexander Cockcroft, to Feb. 25, 1842,
Levi Patterson, to Feb. 25, 1842.
3. HI. Hollingsworth, to Feb. 8, 1842..
B. E. H obbs, to Feb. 8. 1842.
J. E. Doby, to Dec. 12, 1841.
Jeremiah Seigler, to Jani. 9, 1842,
William Mobiley, to Feb. 8, 1842.E
Benjamin Davis, Feb. 8, 1841.
Williamn R. Spann, to March 25. 1842, A
John Dorn Jr., to lone, 1841. h
William Hfowle, to Jan.-9, 184-2. 1
Batte Howard, to Feb. 8, 1842.
Henry Lowe, to Feb. 8, 1841.
James Vaughn, to Feb. 8, 1842. m
John Andherson, to Feb. 8, 1842. a
H-lihtower Davis, to March 2.5, 1842.
Had Clarke, to April 11, 1842.
Dr. W.-W. Geiger, to Feb. 1, 1842.
Dr. E. Andrews to Feb. 8, 1842. n
John Lott,'to Feb. 8. 1842.
Dr. Benjamin Waldo. Jan. 2, 1842.
Maj. William Daniel, to Feb. 8. 1842.
Eldrd N. Colemanm, (by A. L. Nieholson,)
March 25, 1842.
Beninet Perry, to March 25, 1842.
Abram Kilerease, to Feb. 8, 1841.
John L. Kilerease, to Feb. 8, 19'4l.
W. J. Wightman, to March 4, 1842.
George Gotzen, to March 28, 1842, li
Martin Biurriss, to Feb. 8, 1842. a1
Joel Curry. Jan. 2, 1842.
S. H. Weeks, Dec. 26, 1840.
SCapt. E. B. Belcher, to Feb. 8, 1842. _
State of South Carolina.
C. L. Goodwin, -
vs. . -i
tanmore B- Ran, . H
W ILL BE SOLD at Edgefield Court 13
House, on the first Monday in April 'gi
ext, the Defendant's interest in one NEGRO i
VoMAN, Louisa.
S. CHRISTIE, a. F.. D.
March25. b 8
rYR. A.McCAINE, ofAiken. is sole Agent .
YXIfor the transaction of my business, dur- -
g my absence from die State.
March 23 a 8
L ) 8 T
[N Edgefield District, on the 14th instant,
one Note on Charles Nix, for two hundred
id eighty two dollars and seventv-tfve cents;
ie Note on Talbert Cheatham, for one hun
ed dollars; one Note on Bates Wren, for thir.
dollars; and one on John Stalnaker for fifteen
>llars. Any person trading for the above Notes,
ill do it at their own risk.
March 25. i* 8
N the 14th instant, between my house and
Turkey Creek, a large RIED POCKET 1
00K, containing two Five Dollar bills on the
ank of Hamburg, one Note ofhand on Charles st
lid John Price, given to G. W. Key. lir two r
3ndred dollars, due on the 25th December last, ti
'ith a credit of $100 thereon ; one on John
heatham, Jr.. for $125, given to Washington _
ey, given sometime in Decr. last; one on
ashington Seagler an Stephen C. Terry.
ir $125, due on the 25th Decr. last, payable
the subseriber; one on Willian. Bush for $20,
iyauble to Cheathain & Wood. given sometime _
December last; one on Talbert Cheatham
r $17, payable to Cheathiam & Wood, given
>metiine in December, 18:39; one on Samuel
'artledge, Jr. for $10, given to Cheatham &
food, with interest from Ist Murch, 1840; one
li Nancy Spencer for $11, with interest from j
it March, 1840; one oi Ealoim 1uckhalter for
3 50: given to Cheatnham & Wood, time not
-collected; also, one receipt given by Ilender
in Sullivant, lamburgr, for six square bales of I
otton, given sometime in February last. d
I hereby forwari all persons from trading for -tl
kid Notes, as I shall tako immediate steps to c
aye them all renewed. d
March 25 b 8 o,
State of South Caiolina. c
Y OLIVE!' TOWLES, Esquire, Ordi. C
nary o- Edgelield District.
Whereas, F. W. Pickens, hath applied to
ie 6ir Letters ol Administration, on all and
nautar the goods and chattels, rights and cred
s of' Enua F. Samkins, late of the District
lbresaid. deceased.
These are, therefore, to cite and admonish all
rid singular, the kindred and creditors of the
tid deceased, to be and appear belore me, at
ur next Ordinary's Court for the said District,
hlbe holden at Edgefield Court Ilouse on the
h day of April, 1841, to show cause, if any,
hy the said Administration should not be
Given under ny hand and seal this 22d day
March, one thousand eight hupdred and
rty-one, and in the sixty-fi'h year of Ameri
ii Indepesidence. ' b
0. TOWLES, 0. E. D. c
March 26, 1841. ($2 12j) b 8 L
State of South Carolina. a
Y OLIVER TOWLES, Esquire, Ordi
Lu nary of Edgefield District.
Whereas, Hightower Davis, hath applied to
ie for Letters of Administration, with the will
mexed, on all and singular die goods and J
iattels, rights and credits of Marv Dalton, late f'
the District aforesaid, deceased.
These are, therefore, to cite and adnionish all ti
'id singular, the kindred and creditors of the .
tid deceased, to be and appear before me, at
ir next Ordinary's Court for the said District,
i be holden at Edgefield Court House on the
1h day of April next, to show cause if any,
'by the said Administration should not be
Given under my hand and seal this 22d day
r Matrch, one thiousand eigh t hudred andJ
rty-one, and in the sixty.finh year of Attierican
idependence 0. TOWLES, 0. E. D.
March 25, 1841. .($2 12aj) b 8
Sheriff's Sales.
SY Virtue of sundry writs of Fieri- hi
Facias. I shall proceed to sell at '1
dgefield Court [House, on the first Mon- 0
my and Tuesday in April next, the tol- t<
wing property viz: tI
Joseph Woods, (beater,) vs William B.
[ightower and Mary- Hightower, nine
undred acres of land, more or less, ad
ining Mary Highmowver and others.
Wade Gilover vs Dyonycius Z. Wright,
sur hundred and fifly acres oPland, more
less, adjoining John Coker and others.
Win. F~oster 'vs Rudolph Carter, five "a
tousandl acres of land, more or less, ad- ti
'itning John Wise and others. S
W~hitfieltd Brooks, vs Rudolph Carter 01
ad Elizabeth Carter, the above described 'I
roperty..- a,
Darling .1. Walker vs Sterling Powell, "
vo hundred acres of land, more or less
njoining D. J. Walker, and others. -
Wmi. HI. McLain vs the same, the
hove descerihed properly. J
Johnt Bautskett, assignee, vs John Logttej
uid T. G. Bacon, one hotuse and lot inT
ie v'illage of Edgefield, adjoiring E. B. di
resley, anti others; levied on as Ihe 0
mperty of J. Logue.E
Goodwin, H-arrinigton. & Co. vs Lewel- fc
n Deloach, two Horses.A
Martin Posey vs John Biridwell, one al
Vagon andh yoke of Oxen. .s
B. E. Hobbs, for the use of Beverly TBur
>w, vs Macklen Brown, one cream Mare._
Abner IFerrin vs Macklon Brown, one
A. M. Wade vs A. Whatlev, Dauson
tkitnson and Lewis ElIzey, one tract of .2
rnd, known as Bridge Creeke. Tract sl
vied on as the property of A. Whatley. c
Steedman & Merritt vs John Barton, S
ie Defendant's interest in four hundred
nd forty-four acres of land, adjoining land
the es:ates of R. Hampton, WV. W' td
Villiams. and others-.f
John Bausket vs NathanIel Ramey, one
egro woman Barbary, co be resold on trc
unt of former purchaser.
The Survivors of Forts Townsend and
[endenhall vs David M. Waters, oiie ne
ro woman, Betty, to.be resold on accountJ
former purchaser.
Samuel Quarles vs John A. Rearden, ~
Lephen Terry, sen., and Stephen C. Ter- th
, the tract of land where S. C. Terry ot
r'ed the year 1840, adjoining N. Lowe,
rid others. e
March 15, 1841. e 7 C
State of South Carolina. ~
ILL BE SOLD, at public outcry, with- -
in the legal hours of sale, on the firs.
unday of April next, at Edgefield Court1
onse, a Negro man slave, named SA M, (a
ricklayer by trasle,) to satisf a Mortgage, of
yen by Wilfiam Morris, to John Bautskett, of wv
e said Sam Terms of sale cas h H
S. CHRISTIE, s. z. D, qi
Sheriff's Offce, 15t Ma rch, 1841.
March 1. e -7
H E1 Friends of Capt. E. W. Perty,
announce him as n Candidate for
ax Collector for this District.
March 4. tf 5
State of South Carolina.
Anson Mobley,
to Forclosure of Mortgage.
kllen Y. Burton.
W ILL BE 80 D, at Edgefield Court
House, on the first Alonday in April
xt, one NEGRO GIRL, Caroline, to satrsfy
e above stated case.
Terns cash.
March 16. c 7
The Subscriber
ISH ING to change the order of his busi
ness, is desirous of disposing of his pre
mt Stock, and will sell it entire, at a suitable
dnctiot fromt cnst. and onl accommodating
rins ofcredit, or at Retail very low for Cash.
March 18. if 7
Fresh Gardei Seed.
UST R ECEIVED and for sale by
Feb. 10. if 2
State of South Carolina.
John Rainsford, vs.
uines Rairtsford mad
wife, aid others.
[T appearing to my satisfaction, that Julin
Rainslord, of Etngland, son of Joseph, and
ouis C. Cantelow and Mary his wife, Defe'n.
ints in this case. reside without the limits of
Lis Slate; on motiont, by Wardlaw & Carroll,
mnsel for PlainitilT, ordered, that the Defen
Ints above named, do appear in this honorable
ourt, and plead, answer or demur, to ile Bill
r Plaintil, within three months fron the publi
ition of this order, or that a decree pro confes
0 be taken against them.
J. TERRY. c. F. E. D.
ommissioners Offiec, Mfarch 16, 1,41.
Mlarch 1: m7
head Quarters.
CHanLF.sTOs, March 1, 1841.
-en appoiuted Aids-de-Camp to his Excellen
; Governor Richardson, with the rank of
ieut. Colonel, will be obeyed and respected
By order of the Governor,
M c ~ Aid-de-Camp.
Mlarch I I f6
LLpersons indebted to me, are requested
to call and settle their accounts, on, or be
re the first day ofApril next, or their accounts
ill be put in the hands of an officer for collec
)n. H. A. GRAY.
March 11 d 6
State of South Carolina.
Hathew Graf
vs Mortgage.
Fohnson Sales.
r wILL proceed to sell in theabovecase,
at Edgefield Court House, on the first
londay in April next:
One house & lot in the town of Hamburg,
nowna in the plan of said town, as lot No..
2, bounded North by Mercer-street, South
Mlarket street, and East by lot No. 11.
be above property having or.ce been sold
a credit, and the purchaser having failed
comply, it will now be sold for C'ash, at
e risk of the formner purchaser.
S. CHRISTIE, s. z. D.
Mareht 11,. 1841. ($3 87d) d 6
otice to Guardians and
HO0S Fyo who have not marde returns
forthto year, are hereby notified to do
oni, or before rte first Monday in A pril neixt,
proceedinigs will be had against yotu, ninder.
e Act of the Legislature, passed Decr. 1840,
id .actrequiyres a retnrni, on oath, of each item
property, belonging to the ward, or cestui
te trust, with thte valute thereof, as well as an
count of the annmmit receipts and disburse
ents, as heretofore.
J. TERRY, c. E. D.
Mlarch 1,1841- d 5
Lost or Stolen.1
ROM thte subscriber ont the 20th of Janma
Lry last, a POCKET BOOK, containing
en Dollars in mtoniey, and eleven hundred
illars in notes. Among the r~otes thters was
te ont Brnnm & Mutnd'ay, for $300; one on
benezer Chtamberlin1 for $200; one on Charles
ix, for $1J5t and one on Abram Kilcrease,
P $55~0. All ofthtem given one day qfter date.
Il ptersons are warned not to trade for the
tove notes. I will liberally rewvard any 'per
tn finiding thte book atnd pape. NCS
March 4. '5 tf
Garvin & Raines,
41 the Yellowo House, Hamburg, S
RE now receiving, (direct frm Phniladel'.
Rphia,)-in addition to their stock on hand, a
lendid and well selected asortment of.MRa.
uAxntz.E, in their line.
They now invite country Merchants, Phy.
:ianis, and others, wvishing to pnrclhase
Drugs & Ifedicines,
call and exitaminte their Goods atnd-prces; aa
ey itend to offer such indhuements as cannot
il to seentre to themselves a liberal patronage,
Hamburg, February 16, 1841,
Fe b. 18. tf 3
Augusta Seed Store.
haker Garden Seeds.-Crop of 1840.
RESHJ GARDEN SEED, jttst received'
from the Shakers. These Seeds have
ven universal satisfaction ever since they
ye been sold at this store, which has been fbr'
ree years past, and the proprietor deals in na .
The us~ual allowance made to Country- Deal~
Bird Seed, Potato Onions. Lucerae. Red
[over, White do.. Mangold Wurtzel, Rye
rass, Blue Grass, Turmip Seed, &., &.
A few Brushes, Seives, Sutgar boxes, Swifis
Feb,1la1841. t
Cash Wanted.
[ WOULD respectfually remind those per'
sains indebted to me, that the usual tiweo
credit has now closed, and-regnest that they
attld come forward and settle their accounts.
avinig large drrmands to meet, I am ~conse,
ently in great want of money.
Fe.1;14.S. S. BOYCE.

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