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Edgefield advertiser. (Edgefield, S.C.) 1836-current, July 22, 1841, Image 5

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List [email protected] Letters.
R EMAINING in the Post Office at Edge
field Court House, S. U., on the lot of
July 1641.
07 Persons enquiring for advertised letters
will please mention it.
Addison, Mrs. Mitilda Buslee, Juhn(
Booth, Julius Christian J. B.
Beshell, James N. Coburn, V. D.
Bowers, Miss Julina Co tan, R.
Benson. Mr. J. F. Claybrooks. E. W. e
Bird, Eldred N. Crow, Esq.. John A. 0
Brunson. William Crawford, James D. a
Bailey. Mr. Cockburnt, D. 11.
Busley, John 11
D E r h
Dunn, Wm. V. ElwelL Mr.
Don, James Farrow. Mrs. Va.shti
Deloach.Miss Sarah A. Fox, Edmund
Daniel, Win.
G 11 1
Garrett, T. L. Iludson. V, B.
Grey, J. T. Ilendrick, David
Gillkspie, Col. G. L Ilint, David
Gardner, Samuel llollingworth. D. F. 4
Hardin, W. C. Ilarvey. Thomas
Harbs. Mr. Jones, Mrs. Martha A.
Hall, 51r. Marion Johnson, Ifonl. David
Hall, Benjamin Jessnings. David
Hall, Mrs. Silithe Jones, Jhn
Huffnan. senr.. Dr. I.Jones, Dabney
Hatcher, Miss Mary
K L [
Kirkse, F. P. H. Matthews & Uodcs,
Landrim. Dr. J. Messrs-. t
Lybrad. Studield Mesore. Sn1ass11
Lspsconb, Miss A. McClendoll.3li. All1ey
Lunbearer. Charly McWhorther. Mrs. E.
Mackey, Charles
New, William 2 Richardson. JBen11jamns1s
Pew, J. W. Rotton. David ..
Patterson, Simeon Raiford. John 1).
Patton, Von C. V. 2 Rtoe. .emulsel
Rottoen, William lRoberson. 1. (.
Rabon, IVilliamo Roper. William
S T V W Y.
Smith, ThomnAs Tompkin. John
Seigler, W. D. Trapp, J10h1 V
Seurry, John 2 Verdier. 31 i.e S. F.
Seneer.Mhiss Caroline Vann. Williamts 31.
S w. Thomas L. Vanmhani. Bass-l
Sweringen, Moses IVells.. Wilev F.
Stedham, Marshal Waldrom, W illiam ,
Simkins. John White, Jefferson ..
Thorn. William U. Winn. Peter r
Tompkins. Mrs. Mary Wever. Jo.nathan
Thornton, P. Yowell. Moses
31. FR AZIEL, P. 31. r
July 8 c n:
New SUpply Of Goods.
HHDS. choice clarified Sugar,
15 do rime (10
10 do N. Orleanis & Porto Rico Sugar,
2,000 lbs. double refined Loaf d1o
,500 lbs. crushed do
1,000 lbs. white Havana do
250 hags Green Rio & Cuba Cofee,
20 do Old White do
25 caddies Gunpowder and siperial Tea,
and Black Tea in 411. papers.
25 hhds. W. I. Mola.cs, t
15 bbls. N. O. do
5 tierces Rice,
7,000 bushels Salt,
250 sacks do
6 do Table Salt.
40,000 lbs. Swede Iron. assorted,. from I I to
inches wide, and fruns. ito I sof an inch
2.500 lbs. Band & Iloop Iron. at-orted sizes,
4,000 lbs. suare and round Iran,,
800 bs. 1%ail Rod do
500 lbs. Cast SteeL
1,000 lbs. blistered do
250 lbs. German do
100 setts Wagon Boxe. assorted,
220 kegs Cut Nails and Brad%,
30 kegs Spikes 4 to G inches.
600 lbs. Bar Lead.
2,000 lbs. No- i White Lead, put up in 25
-50 and 1001b. keg,.
50 boxes 8xl0 and 0x12 Winlow Gla,
3,000 lbs. Castings,. eon.isting of Pots, Ovens,.
Spiders, Fire Dogs, &c.
12,000 lbs. Bacon.
Macketel, in whole and half bbls.
No.. 2 & 3.
Shad, in half barreLs,
1,000 lbs. Sole Leather.
30 bblss. Canal Flossr.
20 boxes Sperm Canles,
20 do Tallowv do
20i kegs Dsspont's Powdcr,
20 boxes Bar Soaip,
50 bbIs. Rock L~ime,
475 pieces tow andI hemp Bag:-insg of prime
quality. mneasutring 12, 41, 45, & 4t; is.
ches wide,
35 pieces cotton lagging, .
200 coils best Kenstuscky 4 & 2 isnchs le l
100 do 4 inch tow ad bark Rope,
5100 lbs. stransded Twist-.n
10 pieces prmsi,: Sack ing.
50 nests Me~asusres.
A general assortmsenst of othser ar ticles. cots
aisting of
Cotton, Osnabiurg<. Calicoes,. bleachecd andI
unbleachecd, ]
loimesliusn, Negro Clothl. Negro Shoes Bla. J
Cotton Yarn, Segasrs. 31sstard. Pepper. b
Spice. Ginsger, Starch, Spansi,]h lolat and i
Carolina lnditgo. t
Madder, Cotton & Wosol Cairs.,s
Coflee Mhills. Simnss,ns' Asee. ..
Mill asnd Ilasnd Saw File.. Ra..pei
Stock Loacks. laulloks. llstt I inges. h
Anvils,. Vices. Traro~s Chains.. Stretchere., e
Siflers. Cuttin:: Kives, Tea~ Kettles,
Gun Locks. led C'.rsd, lbnsghs lines. Is
Coffee T,,nnters. W~ige s. l).nsr Ks...ckser.
Pklssgh 'f uisds,. iLemon .Syrsap. Chocola.te.,
Cisder Vinsegar, Grindslstatues, .&c. &e-.
A large assotrtmen'st sof Chairs ansd WoodeCSSn
Ware. consictinsg of
Cane seat Chairs, Rock ing do., Childlren's do, G
Willow Wagons and Cradshs, Chursns, p
Tubs, Buckets. Brooms. Matts, & c.
Together with nu~merous othser atsticles ususal- i
lys wanted by the planter.
The usndersignecd isstestd keeping a full sutp-.
ply thsroughosut the seaso.
Hambusrg. July 5. a 2a
Valuable Land forI Sale. c
T HE Sssbscriber offer,.s rs.:ml bIi< valusale i2
pLisntation whereosn Ihe nowv re'sid.sin- i
ated in Edgefieldl district, atlt~ umi. sssile. of fri
Meeting Street, contiing fsssr hunstdred and Nt,
thirty-three acres.; aboutt two husndredl of wich hs
is under good fenes.. and its a bigls sta.te of csul
stivation. .On the piremises are a good slwelliung
house, kitchen, barns, stalsies. and all nce'ssary bes
out buildings. Also an excellont fIorse Mlill, tos
capable osf grinding 30I bushels. per day. Any tis
person desirous of purchasisng, are regnsested to 'th
call ansd examine for thsemsselves. Termts made al
easy. ari
Also, to sell, rent, or lease, one liosne and th
Lot, in the village of Edlgehieldh, adjoissing Str. "o
Mat. Minis, cosntaininsg -11 acres. ths
Iuly 8. sf 23 l
10 00 LLIB. good Middlings :t
ACON. for sale low.
for Cash by M1. FR.AZIF.R.
FORMER. Y KXOIl' :l.N GL.,f'1-'S.) r
IN E.DGM:1L1) VILL\( 1.
HESUllSCittiAl.i havin innea.ed
thabove..talisusentnmdbein ;. musch r
xpense fit ittin: it tip for IIhe nroisinadtion .
f Fainilie<'. mail Irisient Liparder-: would i
ow call pnblic attettnull t1) it.
14 111 Iotel i-1 noew. mad .,pmcion--. %igmate nleair :
le Costl 1140lo0e, ins a vety ary 3. iatimo. :id oi
it; Table eIII flatter. him,.elf, w ill Itr a coinlpar- It
'nil. with :I Isoe 1*o1uIld in an111 illand townit. -'r a'I
callh. the ' ilia Ie s isotrions: and I lh 1 u4
sadu sseh arranmentswi4 iso he el conlidet ii
vtill gi 4ati~iac~isti to l hs mailyis tt inayV py l
Itn a visit dusring IIIe Saister Iea.n... TIh' y
dllagc i4 rtroundIed by iinterous Sping of
xcIIlent water.
1lis' Stama.;tc ut.,!tr th asirrinten:.tc of a.
careful listler. mt I nu lir- t.:: fail a air-. .
-r71:rotA At:f. A% ros1.t.OWS:
lRegis:lr ljsorder.,. per smooth. I.-, N
(hildren and sr.ass halforicep P4
DInv loarler-. I -*)
I1o'rue per tuonlh. 1-? ' it 1
per day, 75a
' C. 1 (iGOD.\M.N. 1,
1 7Thev Amgnsa Charonicle. and 'harletoni n
'ourier, will pileave :'Ive th,- aboiive ci ne-(
ins, twice a weo!.. If:d tort':n d their terots
j. i . f. th
Look at This!
SNI) it vios ;re- not stttiied. 4.c:l and -we I
e. atidi n IIill n 'oui1 %%1.r too sti-fv io . :
h- thi< I wani infrii, 1nV 4it' 5:n r,. tolini ..10
'11 1 1th in1hhe . i wr:t:iy. 'that I ha. a fin.' -
ortnen t o1 ell weil 1.!1 ll'., on hil. :,,I
Iv $aw and1 4ari-t 11111 is i:1- orler - r ht-i al
2o4A. All foroior s ist v lit - i o! lor-itsl &i n i e
. ii-aly e teit. v. I.l2h''r t1 ;Iwioel tI '
-lin:: o ii l IItyI - ::. : -Or 1i11i ts
n- otsitated oIi -.ii-h ('r-,. 'w..ter, -of -outh~ i1
'.itto. .11 tnl-- tio::s thei Ii i.:--.' to'.r- 4 tooi
.tt's n n~ii I. ?io.:ni thl, i'a irs lions, jut d
pi i tho ' :.ioh ;o-t. ol th-- roritl fromti A t- I
sztas to Ck6ohs obb.: :11 : :nde ,41- 1ra ti -:e thie :
onlfi-n I-o I', to .\iken er.--.e-- the ' -: e. a
1'itah- :ni120 1:..:l.-. I w'ont!o s1 s a :19:i0 fof
oav est rlor nit . .n %% ! e. n:d i n1 o r It) ii 11 s
o'unt. previtouI s 144!h :it 'tht of Ih-cer. I 14 . n% ill n
li no.de i.ttl ne t Iort ho'. i:h. h
W. L.. COiL..A.\'- t
ji.itn :3i * (
At the Veilou- Moie. 11.;4lur-, . C. I|
SIll. sow reces ini.. (.hrerot frot i'lioiladel
Llisa.) is :l.hrioin toth:'ir,:o.k on h-tnd..- ai
plenids ad we!! sete,I:-' asatien't of .it:
It tllnzl:. inl their lh e. .
They now~ InI.I:- irotst ilr rhat 'h-I:
icial<'. and other... inI- too p-rhaw ' 4
Dri; & .iCedicinIem. a
3 call atisil evan1inmo. their 'o od, atl price:. .< 0.
hev' ittnasl to oitfr oiteh 1iittrin'-it nserantnoth
slto .tecure too theum-o I% a bhr-: Iral patronafre.
IJsmbtt g 1 4'rutry 1a. 1:1,
Fel. 1. if ::
C.11.IG AN PAA:i .RT1 !1|YIn.11K11.
INF-( MBIt S th'. eni1'11.; l ti tfur t. 11h:11
le niten4. too repairur :t:nil o.intin I'ir- t
ok ingd& . nld ga . -p ii: Said lie-. llr:
I'. aO l (al 1ot11-r 1- i d of I .arne.I
lie c:Ion I"! fi tooI a1t all tinio<. t i< re-o. nte
Par 'otteriville. ait. ni I tha kful to b
rietio. for All wor0 i li ne l14.
1i1 . suheriber2are row recen'in ther is
1 pSjrin:: .it .4:stioer .4tnc oil I soodL. it
hich they will di!;.o' ofo on55 reso-nab-ih-o* terri<. .
nd iurite their eni,tonwr, andI the ;nthhi itoi
all anid ex.uaiim: itoore puren-in: Il-wheo..
Ed'.dsfil C. 11...\pril il l -1. i 1 ti
State of' S'oth ( 'aroluinau.
1.rnyv Stonue, a3a21 oo~he:1. I iioln 2-. 1
l.:looo. W~: ahi Inu i noooeot :nd n ~i:
s'ntolli.- A0-::n.h- Mo:a-a:-o '. i.onn tob-e.o,
:oe!r. I.lo-:.- 0:n inil .:".v.-' . ! .': 52
so- la:- . d. .- 22 .\h -r t -.. i . ,-.. oo io ..t -o!
002o an tni '.ine .n. ---.I2 !2 lo t!.n ind . r or
o!!y. oo I 2020..!o*' ni s;., e~ . i -.d. br "r0!
14)2 rl o..it, of .. 9 :::, 1. t i w 00 in- oII r d
Jt!1, th i r n- ..h -:n v ll b. 1 .nn -r
dLo rec1~ojrt', -:h .hu * f.luy -1
tli'5.2 tI'lS Ai l'i lil t U. [lIl i . -
The, petir t-. -:1f2 . 0, 12.-: 2:.-.i -ne~t .-t , ,- t h
bos' tr iatn re t Oo .es t t..l en ,; ,~ of.h,--2 - ti
no i~tr r a014 usat ~r olo .ln t as2 rtf-rin- i0' t
:i-. too:rwl :2 o f oria-n t o ss~ .1 n: , l
hoeo ats'i o.\lri. .d2! 2.!nh~ h-i~e
ne hov ti- oo iv luo a l a';.ht. o~ - zo, -20: t:.
olfe o :lshen' 2e - 2w- t:..o ' r .o -. :, o f t,'o -o
do i been s.n. . .-r ae. 20 a: h0o:o hi thn
00:'i.0 . i: l: o10 : i. .:e .2pp 02 :l , a i..
mree of 02e tl : ooi ri to lt. a 1 : nni .:t, n-pirs
nav wthsrt:: o: !-no . - o v sjo : ine di.
Ti. oot' lit'. .\l i- I.t ii 2NiS oe.tI sl.i -.-t V 2:- , 0
ia' hinoor,. ando -tan.to.t:I2 'oithi :noI pursi.
g thes bhlooni. -'osr thos r0 0.-2n. itt :t-::r:n at,'-sI .r
... sof li pep-'p.is tIm. I.ife \leho-uto. wdsl
i-i reberoo itn a .shiorter -;5.0 0 o tirs-- thansi an20
hert prearoription. Ins l'vrani.r I:
numoaory t ititisns. I'ev.ioo oofer' 'i o.-.
11ption. .seki ile:tobeheo. I ioa rthutrn. I t.:ats.-- .'
thes. fioads. l'ainss inths ii 'hoe-,. I antnv n.e
jaied appjoet~t itie, ain otcory shme: ait i0..
ott ntao:toility o 10 . h-hoil. sor :o 01hiso~rrrr
51, osf 1i.-:. .t sdto r . tit s:o s o! thio.o. .tlseditiin o e
4 -dsit~~ porso'd to beo beyon00.1 dlooht :rety
peror to anyt' ootheor tiod,- of trt,n.-ot. s1
A ll that .\r. .\loftis a-!oa sotlh, p:twn2t, i. to
parstihir in, takingta thtt -trictly asroronhuo, nu22
theo direcoi~tio. It 0. un.ot hv a nespa peIo~or tno- i
~.sor by anyo tin::s that Ito hisist:s:iv ..asin an.
,ir a or tilat ho hoops to ::ait sred~ii. (t is th20
umet by theo r'-nit'so ert f~ tr2:d. I- the re:ssler 'od
tinva'lid. nrtol dos' he ni ish to kniow hee 'o~ otoo
- .aife Sled'oirmoo'4<g w isr h02 own*5 case 0 f
le'i hita ~ or~ 000end~ to, .lr. \lioo:Ut'. .getnt :n
4 plac'. :sssol inrsose :s r-oojerof thse ls'ui'e:sI fo
,una~l, de.-i::ncod :o< :s I)h0n2 ti0 I .untie to
?3a11h, pubtlli-ibedt :;rstointnsst y. I l. n ill thesrseIt
ii ertiitse.'atedo verv sts:tl extr:torohttttri e!:04ts
nre: andljs'~i i perha 5o'w ett r tinlar to -
own.1. 3lso1 3 s' dicasl tjjice ini No wi York .
, lroad wn 01.o
The Limi'stone Sprinplqv
IIF 1ub'tciribir I i::.- rented this l.:
b11,b11n14-11, will 1,pen1 thie.e11m file thle- r.
pr;in A&' Consp11atiy tier thet llntuner. Thi.
le ted w terin: lg : yield<4 to nOttc inl :1,
amthern State foir arratins, which i.h1,11h
ilsev tiea. trave-llin. 1'-r health or pleasure to
Ake it their re-airt. Th accoln:noautiotis ri
pIle r: isito z r-thisiiniilhw clin have iulitev
4 i lm ins the great l:tl. sir lius:e.4 W iti par
ii<, or singh or onhicagile riaing, all of whicl
e1 :0111 10 -iinoa en iot i iishlcl -I'
rnished. Th'll Lllbh- :ndi h or will bre sup pli
iah thie- in--t the ciitr' atiprld<. and to p1111
nHll bee sp tital to iisa -': tictio:i to tI-e ro
*Xt the Spril ,I : i:ta i ::re-eailhl- ind l1 tivat. a
riejtyV oil' irtie it Ie-nt.<. Two) mr, eTeen
:Atie,I I -,, I : I; I wa :I an i.nI43ale.n !ere viseitr. uai
1: their ahi len i 4s-1cho01l.
fit the 110'o kar-. a ir - A:l weil nrraneld" pll
r'tiia, r hadi f i n a 1011d -e :l tIait end for- th~e-s, l1hc
iAed tit dance. ITh It will lie wveil -ip
;-d, alt:t! ,liid.iic- of i.- ha liein stored cii
r lie -eaon
h Sil i:! are ..iritied 25 milet liatin
niton Cjourt liinse; '.'It iile frainl Spart ho:
ir-. u.5 .-in ct i iV1 r ile, a5 11 id t ri-m
inili Spriig- . mraill :A! ' iii lri ilsmns'4 ij lt..
dilher Span-i, being thle cen1tral fiinl N
eiil. iter 311 tThe Spinis lig fr I ll i.un
.nie hihl rbiired ,rth icarbinc fsnls 6-.
calla Ic i. asia.. th* iot cbaifzi
el ar ei. h . a- a l d b ' ;rahtital it n t
,ii - il 1r i ln ie . Tey* iaa lw t s a d it- n
iir te , ti p,-eitilly to arci- l i pi pi
U tii.4. c"11.1 .1 al. n a d ( A h v.C4 shall Ilw
T~iiil- 11) - v i~ k th low e 111019 lir & il l allii
naivilt tr lh - i 1t .4 it gn-nt,. l t Icit. I- -
The or~n'. s o.- .-f theIl ntol hbtfin
eia:chl. 'h e mtrv:11 around it The-sae
tav at ilrl n iter I il . .s :
tiil i n irc: t-e s ad r i t h ei. i l':i lre
I- a \f it atl arindit The rali tt ha st
ti.-i oa' ha rk ul e s~. tltonad Knac;
slit . i :t : r a lag p.t - .l tia di-tricti.
id-tnihr t ' ,:n:y v,i'aiofnigbli U~icareia
Sin i ;i hlt Sininer. the rada~lIg to
fl-l Synor- hsave bewn itos t : rde. wind thw
idge, repamire-d and repi--l-ed. A naw brlid::
* h ia bu rlt at ite Ne -,bit fron \ (k %--r
.! rira liiveza'r. ial ns - al .laliy Vtw a e rxit.
r ir.ia ell r- t lui jt'- ia a s i.te a* ls-k
11n11 .etratii rg bIy thel-r a .I4'u rinigs i Laticulta .
'illhr twic- a waeilli fromil. U111n C'eai
Mn e..i t lie .a61 'il to Y rkvil t a
There ii aay-a a., andr a supp.I l' harit
.. f) t!w . h -r li ty it . L S lil
r'- The Caa ronnin. 111.'dh-t. .ha sanr.
al;- tadt I hanne'l. I . hair en 's ~ .nainl te r
.\aa a t - i 17
i:ita i then iial paubbe Jhria'sn'. wed.
E'ta tea l yw 'ss'd il aatiaaif. ait acaIili.ia h
l.itdiay the Ile Xf.' , , wxt. i t rel
'1n1ly di14p41-4d l't. war .T '.\\ l.,i
riget ~i, taa-tict. aa th :raetiaf l::ind . n airh
a ui t iat ls:: : i iall t .aa-ie at it . ri.v l.
rty.tihree: til aina1e- a- - 'f lath',ir -a Lit e
: y $ . (il a I ll i. i-al atratg (litaries,
t b Ills. e, c s' . i al. n: ' lirt eCiy la
4d I arti..
The .\Mill .i r:pa.11 . Caf ci'tinl, fr sl_ t0
lit Il-el iof unniwr lwr dty :all.] vwe v, h1:11d
dernandVil Ilir thet samne. wich we havhli~ ake
evans' to on-e~t. au-pl wI. 1;-cl coiilenita !:1v.
:. hat ruch n Ii cotinue to, - th cl.. :..4it
,a i i fht n r l; . pine wa.: -
II. Oal il 1114! ci' 11 1q. mih.- i
r .nt; tie a weahby11 section l :conty.inch,
: I-std --tili-itabl fo kn
ali I r s t I
T-ihla . 4 :1c ab;- 1. in
aThr icta .:- lie thca rnn - tu ulClac.
-'t a b . iir l : bi -hJaci. i:; '<.i
ab.l' , -- isn ei t,:-:.- n hell c-: he i, l Uhus,
sf' lba- t in r.-li na-b lee. [I el:ca. hcseacc d.
-laa l'.i . I Jania -a hepr .r: :hu theic -: a
- : v i n i i'.- a:n .n e-.-. leli'd a-la i
a rs c* . : .c11:1,. n I.1: !,.ll'i [ ' * : lti
l:i i -c.' acno n. l-a.ea. a~s
W e.aa n e :: hr:': -ra~or - i ot::--ra mceLan
. bm-I I' iI b-.t c, pr . -~ thn ucc d
a .ii hi-li . il a. .\e'r. \s a t a . Ei .-.c th
il-r who- l-ot: .:alrei.-a ~
ne a -l . - as, In.- si:. ir l- ' -: ic: . hin
-a ha''u !al :a ii il - tica i I liha : o htc
I :-- era-it ;' wo:-li n.a 'c and 'einoh c nl .icl -
I -ta':, o.- ll Jaa itaa I; t - I ... is .3.inl':s
\Vaaa ci I .l.'.\ l a'ii Fal s'iL.
eahva.jIa la'.atOi Iila
j Ill~ . :udc- i:.:hal i ila - ir:-r in alal
I ;iel~n.a ihe :'c'st ;:la i I .. iis1r
.c tallbeciiii I,:ah 'hs!. brnf me :uis
j-~nh, 'ad i aTJlra .. Il i iardii . -:: -.
. ri j I' i't i.\ iii . 4 ,i' a) ai 1 -i a r
ii 5an--cjcl i:1 ahar I it ll:: a,i' :i t ii
I'-n i l i i-Is ats- lsi' hut. -a o :11 's.. :n i to
ei : . :i in'.a- t11:::a li-tiic (ut i i a.-a an i
's' be- e.11fInl - ;.I r. . t by skiii aiid
I hstvt::1,.ea :a- hcatl l. ic taa l-Is eat::acr.
a-sit h: :, .i h l'.l :a aipls-r is lat i'- hei
Ill; 'is l:c.a b.elb: lcin'alet'y 's6..'-t ha ont 'lni
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.19I. F' L.IVINGSTON. C. C. P.
1?1o1C and Mtills.
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