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"We will cling tot he Pillare of she Temple of our Libertis, , we will Perish amid the lain."
VOLUME VII. E-eheld Court Rouse, 8. eptember t, iS49s. No.33.
W. F. DURIStE. PitoPitlETOR.
T E R11 S.
Three Dollars per annum, if paid in
adipance-Three Dollars & Fify Cents
if not paid before the oef iration of Sax
Monthsfrom the date of Subscription
and Four Dollars if not paid within
twelve Months. Subscribers out of the
State are required to pay in advance.
No subseription received ror loss than
ene year, and no paper discontinued until
all arrearages are paid.exee pt at the op
tion of the Publisher.
All subscriptioni will ho continued
an..sis otberwise ordered before the ex
ptration of the year.
Xay >irson procurtin five Subscri
bers tnd becoming responsible for the
same, mall receive the siathcuoj gratis.
.4doertiseenets consPicuutisI) .usert
ed at .4 coats per square, (1-2 flues, or
lese,) for the first insertion, and 431 ctis.
for each loutinuance Those published
monthly. ir quarterly will be chargcd
$1 par square for each insertion. Ad
vertisements not having the number of
insertions marked on then, will becon.
tinned until ordered out, and charged
All an aujications addressed to the
Editor,post paid, will lie promiptil aud
strictlv attended to.
For Legisalre.
,Fr SenatC.-Maj. J. S. Jeter.
For House of Representatire.e.
Col. John I.itiet,
Maj. Tiliman Watson,
Dr. J. 0. Nicholron,
Maj. George lioswell.
Col. James Tompkins,
,,Dr. .W'Gritlin.
Wileuarrison Esq.
Dawson Atkintson. L&sq.
Gaul. M. L. Bonham.
James Sheppard.
(GP The friendu of H. R.
WILLIAMS, announice him as a cansdate. for
the Oie. of Sheriff.
June 15 tf 20
(TY'The friends ofCnpt.
J. J. SENTELL, announce hina a ar-iudste
for the odice of Sheriff. march 28 to
07' The Mrends of .Mear.
-.--.-----~ SbwA-t'I.:. nnounnee
candidate for Ordinary of Edgefield Dis
trict. Jan 19 tf 51
-IThe iends of Wmn. J.
SIX NS, Esq.. anssounce him as a candidate
for the office of 0:diary, of Edgeicld Dist, ict.
September 2. tf 31
The friends of Colonel J.
HILL announce hrm as a candidate tur the of
Sce of Ordinary, of EJgeteld Di.trict.
A t 26 if 30
The frien Is of Co1. WI.
H. MOSS, aunoutice him n,'a cnannia:mte
for the office of Ordinary ol Edge field i
State or south Caroli a.
Lewis Culbreath. Declaration in As
vs. SUMP.
John Scurry. Foreign Aituraet.
Samuel It. Chappell. Dcdlaarion an .s
eS. rump.at
John Scurry. Fortign .itachnent.
I E plaintiffs havint thio day filero t.car le
Tclarations in the above case'..i:: my ollic..
and the defendant huaving no wife~ or attorny.
known to be within this ste. on nottenn ; en
y ofsaid declaration,, with a rule t.' id.ad. can
ered. It is ordered. that the said d. f,-n-.
dani do plead to te said dec:mmntion~s. n itit a
year and a day from the tpublicatins. of slas ccr
'der, or final'and absolute judgient n ill be
awarded against him.
GEO. POPE, c. c. r.
Clerk's Ofce, a
State of' Soth Calrotl;i.
Beverly Burton? Attachment,
Win. MI. Steifle. Debt.
FE'H E Plainztf having this day3 filed his
Ileclaration in my offlc,nd the D~efend
ant having nto Wife or Attorney ktnwnto. Uh
ewithin the State. on a homn n copy~ of the same.
witearule to pleadcouldlbe se-r'ed I: a. or
dered that the Defendnt pamead .'. tur -.aii ie'
laration within a year unad at day, or tatnl nad
absolute judgemenat n ill hei aga.st bnst.
GlEO. P'OfiE, c. c. p
Clerk's Office.
Dee.138, 1641. ( Ga a 7 50 47
State of South ('arolina.
Robsert W. Mathis, Asms!
ilyMilon Foreign Alttcnt.
T E Plaintif'hasin- theas day filed his des.
elarution in my n 'ce, and the defendlant
having 00 wife or attorney , known to be with
ini the State, on whom a copy of the same, with
a rule toplead~couldbhe nserved. It inmorde'red,
that the defendant plead to the said declarationa
within a year and a day. or finat amid absolute
judgment will be given against him.
G Et). POPE. c. c. r
Clark's OJ'.. Dec. 15. 1841. c. age 47
O F Every 'lesera pt ion excuted with
neatnessand dlespa tc h.at the Oftice.
* A
-s X
CLARLN DOM. June2. 1un42 .
(Orders No. -.]
11- Commissieoned Officers of fle follow- I A
miag Brigades are ordered to encamp for
live days. at the times herein specified. % iz:
Tie 1-st llbigade o Infiitry, oa Tuesday,
The 9Lth Uri;ude of lifantry. at the Litle
stone Spin.e on Monday. we 5thday of Srep
rember next.
The 5th Brigade of Itfititry. near Camden.
on 51eumla% the I9hb day of September next.
The 7ith lirigaie of infanatry. near Societv
I Il, on Tuaesday. the 27th day of Septeube.'r f
next. C
The 'otiminsoiotned Oficers of tie 1,t and I
5th lriga.tes o ( uvalr' %%ill encamep by lRegi- I
mints. . oth the Drigaee% -- ltthatry it which
theV are located. or y huigade', with either :1
flig.ade oil' linfanitry of their Dii:son. as the
Drag.diers may de-em n.-, cen Att. L
The( Major Genaeral. f the Ist .iud '.th ii I
Oions, on-i the lirixiadier tienerals Aof the ."tht.
6th and 7th lirigade, are required ti ext-end ro
umuch of thns orer as relates to their respectt e L
The (au-arter Master General will e'nnc tihe F
arm and avents to be at carh eicampmpeut it s
due time.
The '.flow:ng Aidels Cainp to tie Con.
mander-I CII1. are ''1lered to atte d the' en-I
campmesa.t. a. uz--( 'o. ne'e' \V e::. I)kmon. e~
Tho~-on 1:0t~h 31. on u .1:ce. M1ar
?-hall. h: 11tonj and Tal h. r.' C
Ik orer of ite l:e:anerinCh:ef.
J \'. CANTrilY.
A jutant and Ins;.aiar Gm ral.
Juily 7 6t L4
State of South Carolina.
I N THlE Co.110lA. LEA1'.lS. 3
Stew a 4t% Ccnt. Deriration
v. on A.-ltarhu'.cnt.
John Sctrry. .-tssumpsi t.
k1tuI'& Jo.hnsteton. DIerluration
vp6en Attachnert.
John .-ell Ty. iIMl..
I 1I ll. pli.iutitls hsak. g thisdu filed theirde
chs-tauutiee in moy efice and the delfensdata
la, ing nos .ifre or attornevy known to be % itis C
the state, on whomia a copy ..r tee %ame. with a
Iule to plead, could e- lerved. it a ordered.
that the defenlant plead to tie -aid declaration. i
within a year atol a day, or inal and absolute
judgment wil be given tint him.
A; M . PO PE. . C P.
St"It arot ii0lilla
B. J. Ryana.
V,1. Debt. Foreign Atadiment. I
L B. Pixie'v.
T 11E Plaitti la% Ing this dlay filed hit de
claration in miy otfice. anid the defretdam .
liaviing to wife or attorie'y.ka'wn to be n itli
itn the State. oan whmt a copy of tle samce. with
a rule to lkad. could be' served: It its ordered.
that the defendolant plead to the snid declar.ition
within a year and a day. or linal atad absolt.
tdgment will be pren a:ainst him. I
(ati.. rO'i.. c c. r. I
Cir!.'s O5cer. D5ec. W. I-Al c. iqe 47
IN 'I'll I Ci.l.M\i.N 'L.-AS. I
\'m c. -urry. ) I.
r. O(Clar.tion it: A.sumipza I
Jeh e!tc~earry[
\Vm. 11. lireiman.
for the n-c o
\ emn. terry. Dclar.:ten In D)4t
Jeihn Scoirv.
7 i ll E pfaittf" ' aing thaa day (. d their
dic'lar.i'tn, ala thie,me a ' estated c':?es int I.
may etic''. anid the. elec'.inta hi:a' aug alco n t'feaor
at:orer' hmuow to. hai' n ?hain thai e st-te. n:i
whom~ 'a copy. 'f' -:.il d.ellnaetaeas. wetfh a r-'h- '
o. pleade. s'halil le' 'e'raced. It ia' reiredi t:ar the
-'aid d',ehudait dho pr'adl tao lie aid ee'ilra'i-n '"
wiathinia y ear atnd diy fromia thec 'anhht'eain ofl
thai' sa de'r. aor finial an'ad abtsolute jnadgmaenat n' ml
be an ade'd :agait' hinm.
Gs:0. POPc. . r
Clerk's~ 05'. wc'e'
' .ifta slati .ae $.-[2 ly c --. aln
ai:1)r i.: fl.' :1.,a ti i cat iai tcma: ,eT c
J & V. Ad amsi.ia 5elea '':iaaemaa
es.'~ab'cama~l. 4la C'aer .fa. "a
f' tl311i"avr: defendati'y du .A oe s :ie t. who iam
nowm inr the tctet of -ancon u'Ceuhuta'e.
an h t' r e' hd..-'tild amtrict.aieil te a n~a~ rii
f.a paa-- :i. atia n wni , the'I'iat a' etammi Pf '.c.
c& \I'..\d '. the,*if g~ ifi it.- e':No w)aitah a
tce h or cit hcaotars of t enare eatate w i a
viewys olftidai hein:-daiantied m ahe ie. l it of c
ofthe tieerat. Aomb . knownatta tac the "st In
sb enfebt..r.\ . t rdrd htalan p
::n teyrk e herbc. -1 Juy. e to ho4 en2 i
. Bt hr can, h thelot t'he mo Ja les
fo' 'dyIaimite. mame'r ama dgetich o sa Ii e'
n ueday the -Jeli aday tfits fa elontor
term. Iriot'e --och oth eciy f e sfaaterm as. o
hte ontay rdar. arby ther fraid eydne to:
Thye oulde' nt reqadmtd to come bftoar
proc~ro)Ctypa catGes0. POt.kc. ca. .
ugusta Insurance and Banking Co. par.
anik ti Augusta.
sranch .State of Georgia at Augusta, "
gency Bank oi Brunswick.
ranch Georgia Raii Road,
lechantic's Batik. "
ank of St. Alary's,
ank of .illedgeville par a disc.
atak of tihe St. ot' Go. at Sav. par a "
ranches of ditto par a j "
gency of ditto, at Greensboro' par a j "
amnk elf Brunswick, par a
ommercial Batik, at lacon. iar a
co. Rt. It. & 1kg. Co. Athena, par a
larine & Fire Isi*. Batik, Sav. par a
rauch .r diito. at Macon. par z "
lantern lank. Savannah, par a
sckernille Banking Comp'y. par a
lhenix BMink of Columbus. 5 a 10
lenmigee Hank. 3 a 5 "
zchange llank. Bruntiwick, 30 a 15 "
entral Batik of Georgia. - a 33
a ntral H. Rt. & M1kg. Co. Sav. 30 a 20
is.. Ilk. of Columnbus, at M1acon, 2 a 5
liamas Notes-. - a 33
:ak of llawkisivilie. "0 a 33
harletot Darks,. par.
aak elf Candtan.
4ank of Georlgtown,
..iinierrial. Co::ntbia. " I
lorchait.'. at Cheraw, "
ank of Ilaninhurg. " I
No Sale or Uncertain. t
aitk of Darien and kHanches. I
.tk of Cinuhsous.
shattahsoochee 1 It oad & Banking Company.
1onroei It. Ioad & Ulanking Coinpany.
i:1aters' an.al lrhanics' Bank, Colunabus.
Vestern Lank of tieur;;a, at Rlte.
n New York. I a 0 prem.
s.arlestoin. a A ."
Savani:sh. par a j di!e.
Phait:sd'lhia. I a i3 prem.
.ew.,;:toi.Ky. par aI
Agriculture, &c.
The District and neighblorhood Agricul.
Iral Societies art, requested to notice the
dllswin2 Iteolution. idopted by the State
i: sety li N..vetber last:
- Thal fromin ntud after this meeting. fire
ele;;utes shall be received front each So.
ietv "
'Tbe Societies are also requested, in their.
elections. to send delegate
.sitg theStanding Commi
pettive duties.
TLe Committees are all
iih, on sheep; 6th. on C
orin ; 8th,-on Small Grais
ti hl, oi Rice.
The l.ians ing are the a
'ir the best Stallion fur Agricultural
purposes. $20
'or the best a-ire for ngricultural
purposes, A Silver Cup, 20
'or the second best blare, 15
'or the best Coll, " 10 I
'04, the bst Filly,. 10
'.h th bs-t Hlull. " 20 I
.'or the second hest Bull, 15
'or tie best IWo year old Bull 12
'.or tie btest yearliug Bull. ' 10 I
'or ite bitst Cow. 15 I
'i6. the ferrimat belt Cow, 12 1
a.or - hea lleiftr utdelrr 3 v'rs.
dld, "o 15
'or the. 21 best leifer """ 10
'or Ohe brw yearlinti leifer, ' 10
'or the bestbull Calf. " 10
'or he iet t i'heifer Cal%, " 10 I
,or ilte bae't Hoar. 10
'or the blest Soi , 4 10
I'or the sec'ond let loar, S
'or tie serfioid leist Sow, " 8
'or the test pair pigs under I
year, u" 5&
,.ar ihe hmet lpair of pigs undler
6 maonthi. " 5
ar thme bst lla, " 15'
our thev secondit best 11am, '' 10 i
'.r the best Ewre, " 10 I
oir thme best pair of La'mbss. " 10
ora the be~t 3 yeare old Mlule, " 10 I
osr the besit 2 year old Mlule, " 10
6or the lest 3asul tinder 2 yr's a 10
-It nas re~lved, that nao animal of ma
jre age. hav'inga takena a premimi could
gain be' ehiiteid." atnd the following a
es s cre decided tapou ns naature c
I hmz-, 2 years of age.
Castle. 4 '- "4
llor'e4 andl Mules, 5 '" 4. I
Shecep, 3 66 "
J. B. Dl.was, lice'g. Sec'ry.
Trom the Temp'rance Aldcocate.
R E Pl'()tTi
lj th' om:mittee of thae Neeberry~ Agri
culturaal Societyj. on Raistng *Mules,.
hr. I'rrsidrnt :-Agreeahly to your p
',intmen'tt. we', youar Cotmmiatee, snake this
rltepori n ste be-'t method of raising 4
luab-s. In them first place, always select ar
ma~ .Jack. nnd1 if you have good mares. c
aumyraoal expect good colbs. 4
.k, it i.' best snot to let them run with
heri horses until t eitcson ins out, which I
ill snake haem imore certaini to prove with
sil. It de not injure a mare to work
ssderately during the time she is with
t. I' is best to let liar rest a mtonthi be
ire nt after she femnls. A fled the colt is c
aled, ishe should tiot have any grain for I
ht or tent days. I have known maresc
irned oin grain lots from the day the colt I
'as feinted produce scours in the colt, and c
>tetimses kill at. Tho colt should suck j
a or sevenf month., and when yost are
rady toa wean it, shut the colt up in the i
able~, and let the mare remain in the lot I
reund the stable : by that mas, the colt I
loss ifpoor before weaned. Aft
er hei stable for eight or ten days
t wiil without sucking: then
urn into a corn field out r. hearic
if the Ais always best to have two
ne a time ; one being company
or are not so apt to lean
o jam Let them remain in IQ
:orn. you are compelled to guth
as long after as thepas
ur them in good order. Then
grini ,and give them a few cars of
:orn, only of cut oats, night and
norpi tinue this until your lots
to ~ 'tg on, which ;bould be
owed t, et at farthest, by the
niddle ber. It is best to have
hiee al lots of thren or four a
rTo one is nearly eaten down,
hot of that into another. nnd hy
[email protected] L one is eaten down the first
soe for them again. It is best
a Mi4 in you sow-have equal
saitso wheat : they prefer wheat
o ay in that is sown, but by mix
ag r they will eat both. nnd the
last longer. And while they
ire in have troughs in each aond
ive w earv of corn. and a plen
y of night and morning. In l'eb
uary arge oats field pahture. ant
when of rye andl wheat give out.
n .the ones, feeding then once
iday , and giving them salt once
or twi k: continue this until the
>ats b .ead, and after that, they
Ailtn more feeding until fall, unil-s'
ho u dry and the grass not good,
n that ey will have to be fed two or
bree.ft k on cut oats.
By thod, a mule can be rrii-cil to
e of p with but little trouble or e%
enase. fall after they are ino %eara
ild, t be worked a little in the wa
o, a pring following, ploughed a
title, ground is br'on up. II is
>ad pa rork them hard until they
Ire a ~,ears old, ft if thev are
ork ung, they soon bt'come
low much value.
E. isazur. Chairman.
1n S and Preserving Bacnn.
usi rry, S. C,, Agriculta
be sho14% in this way, the blood will
PC completely drained out. Scalding i
serformed either in hogsheads, or in boxes
gnk in t iround. The water is heated
vith hot rocks The rocks should be re
noved befoi the scalding begins.
As w6sAnume almost every person
%ows hw dissect a hog, we doem it
tneceuhary to much upon that point, b-it
would merely recommend that a bharp
cnife lee.used, in (order that the meat
nay be rut smooth; for should it le haa.
:led, it hbe more exposed to flies. tet
he tal aslarge a. the hso- will per.
nit, as " cut, lay nil the pieces of the
ame ki together, for conventence.
We are now ready to commence sahiing
and packing-away. A large table shtMH
e placed~rbsalting upon. and one bushel
ind a hal~of salt to the thousand ipounIh
s sufici ct. Rub lhe salt on well with
he hai 'be careful to full all the ere
riecs, a -ver the ends of the hunes.
ritere c xsome difference ofnpinimn in
-egard tbe mode of packing away.
ome pifer packing on plank, whcers
vack itn hgsheadu, therefore your Comge
nittee will give both plans. Whenu planek
sused, they should be placed near thte
oor or ground, ott pieces ot ti~inber, "icks
ef wood, or something at te kind. Paeck
he middlings down, eo as to torm a circle,
ith a hljw in the mtddlec .tutlientIy
arte to ldthe joints. 1'aekh the joinut
a this l~W! after which, tprinukluethe
ibs andU ~ese with saht, and lay them
n top Ifp immediate use. Thue whedh
hould the be covered with hacging, wa.
o-sulgr something of the kinud, tm em
er toeP out the flies. The hea.l and
-cet shoti be maide into souise, or tused
mnwed' #.~t~Whenu we pack iiinugs
eds aesU we place thec medlings at
hie bottlt and-thec joints on top, that they
nayhufonvenient to be examined. In
he coursof siZ or eight days, the eneat
hould be examined to see if the --alt has
aken ceee Io every part, and *f there is
mongh of it on.
Four weeks is a sufficient time for meat
o lay in salt, tnless the weather has b~etn
,tremelpcold. in which case the salt will
tot take dt o fat as in moderate wecath
:r; tiit had better remain ini
al a' elonger.
It is preferabib to lhang up meat in cold
reather, jpossible,and the joints should
>e hunug Wth the big end up. As soont as
t is hung J, the process of smoking should
segin. Tits should be done with green
iekory wood, or chips from the pile. A
-onstant swoke shuotld be kept up. hut
are shnold he taken Dot to-have the fire
argo eogh to heat the meat. Six 0r
ight weeks ts sufficient time to cure it,
sat we genoerally smoke it until the middle
sir end of February, at which time the
anits sboild be taken down, rubbed well
with ashes, and than packed away either
ohuoxones in bulk. The hams are some
imes sase ed, which conducesvr u
ca very mesetaton
All of which is re-pret fully submitted, by
D)AVID REID, y Committee.
A Marrellous Fish Story.-We 'sero
shown a le1eryyeiserday, s. ao the Cinacin
nartei Times of Tuesday by n gentlemena
of this city, which he received from a
friend living im Louisville. giving a ie
scription of a monster of the Snake ape
eips, captured near laiton ilo,c. vntie'
20th ult. We are rather inclned to the
belief that it was a hoax, but havinag heeni
a paper of ahe *9th, whieb ditailed it ie
o hole history ofthe expedition. hitle an d
capture, tie can see no reasona it) donht th1
authenicity of the statemenat referred to.
It is thonuhb that his majesty caie up
through oome of the bayous, or numerous
outlet4 of the .\is-kijipi, in tha;at lar of
.ouisinna. We give the contdenisel %tate
naent takena from the letter mnn:uued
"The Pilot of t.c s:camiboat Placqze
Mine , a lower country loeat, just here
4hc rechee iton ldUir, on rondiing
the point', liscovered el-,%at ai'.!. ns hi be
siuppoose I to a floaiting. sae. aud as it w.1
smein Ihat foggy at the ti toe, 7 o'clmck.
A. M., lie rung" :he hell, nad the en;:ine
% as in,tiantlv ..teaopei. ihe -t..ppiag IaI
the basat tatiracled aitentti.ama, 1and4 als utm-l.
every eye in deck wn directed firwad U)
aciertain the renson. by 1% hicn tim- th.%
hugec itannoler of the deepi. has ing prjbhblay
;ittiied his curiosit y. maved off majeoii.'i.
lV to) tiC tb1poeieite aasre. anclian.: donm n ihe
r1rt'am. eli' senaation produced i ;It
tho wi 51,c45tuc i the earftil lut m titi.:ent
undoalit oin of his body. a- he p-tw-d ra
pi.hly thronga! the waaer, to joirlge by in
oawnl ftelii-4. and the counteiaires of
those aronoil me, was in-lescribable. 'he
al.ara quickly ran through she boa ; it
thoai.!ha every person et board was oi the
loukoui, not moire than twenty persois
siw him. ns the foa immediately hid him
from our iight. Steam was instantly let
on, sand is about Ihirty-fve minutes we
reached Baton Rouge, Seame timae clap
sedl before the citizens could believe we
were in oernest, but after a while it was
remembered that several negroes, cattle
and hogs, had diisappeared withinohe last
few days. in on unaccountable and myste
rious inanner, and that the negroes had
was one orGo Almighty's Spirits, come
to free the niggers, and take them back to
their enantry. At last, however a conpa
ny was formed to go in search of this hid.
conu monster. Our two boats were sona
filled with volunteers from the steambo.at,
among whom werethe two old South Sea
whalers, % ho fixed tip harpoone, and made
the re;nr arrangt-inent for a desperate
Lieutenant Brooks, of the Uainiedh States
Navy who was on a visil to a brother :it
tachel to the command, occupyin;tII the
United States Arsonni here, volunteered
to go, 'a'l was ttnatiatialy appointeel
coan matitler of the e% peda eien-fiftcen n en
inicl uding ofaicers, also put WaT in tthe oiats,
1elaiaMill ta the garri-on, aid jo;ii.ed Ir-.
:\ft'r a row of abeuai ott htur, %% e arrived
it the 41p,)t %s here his stat!.' ship evat; le,t
seen-the stun had disipelled the l4g. ant!
Ishotic out la tnclouded Fp-mlendir. Ahto:it
tine m 11i nd a h;lf hc:ow. nI found tIhe
iaionster half upi the Lank nd dat' aher
half i the water. in a bentd where th.- w:i
ter runs ,receedm;lv wift. One of the
;arrision Lbats, in the how of s luh was :a
.all cantn or siwive'l, went ni I: 1:1
gun: had beeanaled wviisith m-ket lelle:..
ande wshens ile boa't npnro ih the adread-I
fuil leaoking eature a mani Laid him-.e'i
diwnu ini alie boat, for lie puirposae eaf tiakin,:
taima. wh lile antot her .st.aead rend v ish at
mnatcha wh~ih lie nppl ied at-intly :as t:.c
haunttd weord ws;;ivaseta andac it thae repaort. wi e
that abnoitat, if* tot a:1~ the bl!ea, 8. suk
ahe maon'ter, andt cut him tnearly ina a n.;
he Iel! wover, laowsese i toe the. i ive r. arnm
ging wsitha him a l:ir;;e calf. A, lie gase
wi ay. eane half eof the mein in eacha hon:a fire'd
tfuur routnds abecrnately uapont lets maj:iety,
n lien we we're %atisfied a ewas ihll's.
e taen roawed tap rait:iiouly. n id hav~ineg
saidctorily ascer.tinit th:tt hie nas dizeCad,
madae fast to lhin, andt towedt'a hiat to tare,.
anad in a fewi mnintae's thle ste.imboiaatRosa.
had camne :alon;;a, a ni tossedal our priz' a.p to
toewn. Ota meianriaii haitt lie wi as 53 feet
8 iner Ilong.*.2 fret imae a bulf in dmme
te'r, at the thickest p'art; hist sitin resema
biles ,oiiewhlat that eat a scoung .::l;:aor.
hut with Ia les -li, hieade i; mia:e hkett an
Ialligeatoar t hatt a colmmati sntatke riln his
jasnss nere fe'arful anad hoerribele t'o bhlold:
here wvas ia dotibb. parzalle row efat te h.
as a'harrp as needles itt'the poit nil abot
twit inacheti long. G;reat wits the excite'
mtetnt whenai we startcJ. bn:a trill greater
Iwas the joy at otar retnrn; every man.
wvoman, child and naegro wvithan live mailes,
apparently, am to the anm oeethec
moanster. Prepaarations arc making tao
dress aod stuff thec alsina, andu place it ini
some of our mtuseumsa, I must now close,
but ahall write again mtore fully as soon as
I return homet."
A good Bank.-"Ws'hat sort of a hank
do you prefer?" asked a politician, upon nin
electioneer'ing tour, of a stauuch old lar
"A batak'or earth." was the reply.
*Yes-but that will furttish nofacilities.
"True-but it will furnish bread, which
; jh btter."
What a Lawcyer should be.-We are in.
debted to Mr. amnilton of Concord. N. H.
for a copy ofa "Cl.urge to ilie Graud Jury
upoc the uncertainty of the Law, and tho
duties of those concerned in the adminis
istration of it," by Chief Justice Parket-.
chiefjustice, we presume, of New Hamp
shire, though it is not so written down.
Among the inany goodl things it contains.
there is unthing better than tile foillowing,
which we find in a cote, page 11 -Bos.
ton Courier.
In the *-Char:,cter of an Honest Lar
yer." printed in 1779. it is said. among
other things, that lie is "one that practices
tihe law so as not to f0rCt the gospel, LuZ
aways wears a conscience s well as a
'Own. lie w-eighs Ohe caur mttire. than
iold; and if that iilI not hear the touch,
hs. cenerouil scorr puts tback thIe fee.
rTh -h he knain, all tie criticisms of his
facuiiy and the nice snapp-radoes f prac.
tee. ye-t he n, ver use' them, uteless in a
defaenive ny. to cnuntermine the plot of
kianery; for Ih aelTcts not the devili-sh
sk2! ol out hafflini rihti. nocr aims at the
shameful gliry if maoking a ba: cause good;
hut with ei nal coitetul pf hares the wult'
''adys and the dog'1 ti l'ence ; and dis.
dfains to grow greal by crones. ''r build
himself .: furtune on thie il of the oppres
-ed,. or tie ruin of 1:c n idow antl rgpian.
Ile has more reverence fir .is1 prof--soion
titan to lohauch it for tunrighteaos ptrpo
,ea, and had ratier lie diumb thn m ,fier
hi, t-ingue to Iimp for inkjistire. or cloth bii
parts to hi',ter up a hbeat n i'h the Iregr
deinin of lawcrafi."
Dut rrepret to a CIerrymen.-A Ten.
nw~ewe pape~r called Ihe l--inoix Pov,. tells a
capitl stor3 in the ill iiin wa:
A prealier it long since cul le at the
houL of ;i Mr.--living eamew here near
,he hen.1 of.iandy river in Virginia. to
Slny all night. F%: ery bily knowi the
character of ine ritizeus of thi4 region of
coiutlry. and tha it iihas been 1hr a onmber
of yeari glone by. and in nil probability
for a numbaher of years to enime n ill con
tilue to be. on account of its njonntait
fastnesse.. the home oif a most ignorant
populatiot. Our Parson, a tian of great
siniplicity of character. on entering, found
frotr men seated on the floor playing cards.
Tlies., who seemed scarcely to note hii
arrival, lie paused by to uwhere the wife of
the proprietor was bitting who very soon
engaged him in conversation. Among oth
er questions usually proponde h a
be, stranger?"
I ant bunting the lost sheep of the
bonse of Israel," replied the parsen.
-Old man ! ol man!" 'ried the wo.
man to her husband. '-o-i man, I say. I'll
lay anything that old rani that was here
t'other day belougs to this man."
The minister was forced to explain.
whereupon gazitig at himli with an nair of
curiosity aad aestonishment. she rose to her
feet and exclaimed. "a preacher! well you
ire the fust critter or thai sort ; us Was ev
er ttnack!v in these paris afore, as I've
scI-but mayby Vou'd like to take a dram
ftran.:er !"
No. nadi;ni I tever Ilink."
Never drinki Weli. rilv !"
'Tle tien drin111g this i:itog':e' Continued
heir g:ime at card-: bulit :is if suddenly
%track wiih the i.npropriets sof such con
luet before na iiimister toml' Ith coeel (a 4pe
rieS of anlimal if* which ile had henrd but
:yer ber" seen) Ohe n attitin aldrr'sed
I he cri plaers wi tu-e ;x r of tinle accus
o-or! I, conn1114::.0
"look here. It,# n: ::I:;,'.a a nd--I
Ir i. 1 ' lert a pre':cher *Mc here sind
-tratc .% on a lih% m. ear-1,; ! .1,11ove it, eve-.
ry onic. ofy . Eo r f ' h*1 hibi tpiut: kijot
Jt i, hard:v i.e~csryt adl !. that the
room n. as4 .jperl ch-1'are-d.-lae
C:'.i:u (2 *r;.-t'h:rk ii hi.. Irav#-l'i in
ill ther C'.ct be.u if Lub.er. is ac clock a~f
dalgull:lr conlstrueci:; antt li;; iiLltiuuily.
It is ci, cci!;ited t-' nan, er nstronomc~ical
purpoise'.. Ifeprsenti ng tihe plale oaf thet tWun
:arol moonir mi thee lt-ic. lthe m~ooin' age,
1 pecrpietutal aIlms.iiar. Sed l man', ter con
lriv'a4-es. Tu~ et A :-,' an inscription
set', forth. ws'P~ pl:ec i ini ihe churc'h upon
escan-wa d::5. in i 10I5. Ocer the face
of ci aippear, an e irng tof:g ou ar avsiouir. and
co either side of t he image, mre bilding
dooers, so cons'rne:ed as te tiv open every
dl.ev. wbheni tihe clara. -lke, itwelve. A:
this hour. mia er of (;.: res, represetintg the
twelIv e a p-,t le-,. comie~ friom Ithe door on
lte left hand of the liv r ak ing is ohie
dlianmce, bys ho wing as tt passesthat: of nur
Sa iouicr. a n" atfer a ard<s eterinlg the doors
ear the right han-I. W1hien the procession
termflinates,. the doors ci-ae.
Mr. WViiam I''eder i-s :' prorninent
ramnlidamte for iii hn oike of herih1T of hai-i
moi~re. in case cit hit election, he would,
no doublht. keep hai< affairs ina proper train
for adjustlncnt, for fear cof becing bloten up
by thte people. We~ do not know if Mr.
P'ouder is fond of literature, but he shtould
by all mneans. pat ronisue the magaies: and
it woubultnot hiarmi him to be a christian and
obey nil the ranons of tile church. Sup
pose this Shmeriff should go off!
"WFhat's in a .ums?"-CnlI & Scttle is
rhe name of a tirm oftailors in the interior
iif Pennsylvania. Ilow in-appiropriate!
Weo knew a firm in this State, that rejoi
ced in the designtitoni if Moon t Gun.
They piritecd a peaper im the western part
af the~ State, till Mtmot chcangrd his politics
and then Gun tnt off!.-L Aler- Gc:-,

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