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P POSAL for carryitshe Mails of
the United States. from the 1st of Jnly.
3843. to the 30th of June, 1847. inelnaave,
$oath Carolina. will be received at the Con
uset Office of the Post Office Department. nc
the city of Washington, until 3 o'clock P. U.
ofthe 13th day of AiY, 1843. (to be decided
by the lst da of ay.) on the routes and the
manner and time herein specifed. viz:
3101 From Culumbi by Camden, Tiller'
Ferry to Cheraw. 92 maes and back, six times
a weltin two-borseache.
- Leave Columbia osily, except Sunday, at 1
a , arrive at Cheraw same days by l Ip m.
Leave Cheraw daily, except Sunday, at I a
v, arrive at Columbiasaime days by l Ip n.
Iroposal ae invited to carry the great Nor
ther and Southern mails daily, on this route,
by the folkowing schedule, in wagons or sneh
other vehicles as tie contractor may select. so
estruted as to secure the mails and protect
hemsagainst the weather.
Leave Columbia daily at 6 p in, arrive at
Cheraw next day at 10 a mn.
Leave Cheraw daily at 1OJ a in, arrive at
Columbia next days by2 a im.
Proposals are also invited for the transpoata
ion te great mail on the direct road from
Raleigh N. C. to Columbia via Rockingham,
. C.
3102. From Columbia by Lexington c h,
Leesville, Ridge and Lott's. to Edgefield c h,
69 miles and back, three times a week in two
bote coaches.
Leave Columbia everv Monday. Thursday
and Saturday at F4 a an, arrive at Edgefield c h
owx days by2tmu.
La" Edgefield c h every Monday. Thur
day and Saturday. on arrival of Aungt:A mail.
say 10 a ia, arrive at 'nlunmbia same day by 8
p m.
3103 From Columbia hy Lexington e It.
Lesvillo and Hanmburg. to Augusta, Ga.. 75
mnile and back.daily,in wagonsor iosneh other
vehicles as the ciniraetor may select, so con
structed as to convey the great Northern and
Southern mails and secure them aainst lost
and the weather.
Leave Columbia daily at 3 a m. arrive at
Au-pusta same day by 4 p in.
Leave Augusta anizly a 4 a so. nrrive at Co.
bi"ns noe day at 5 p iu.
3103 From Columbia by G:.te-n. St. Mat
thewi and Orangemirg. o B1raichville, CS
t-;Ites and back, daily it railroad c-rs.
1,e-ve Columbia daily at :1 a m, arrive at
!3,-.,eville samed t ny by F a in.
1."4v,. Brachvil, daily at 12 in. arrive at
D,~j-a-sid same datv by 5 p in
-5, From Columbia by Tayloruville. lar.
r:- v [le. Poplar Springt. Gloidden's Grive.
Brckhamsville and Ceda Shoals, to Lewisille,
Oi miles and back, once a week
Leave Columbia eveist Fridav at G a in. ar
rive Pt Lawiaville next Jay bv 2 ps m.
Leave Lewisiville every Wedneaday at I p
in. arrive at CAoitnbia ntext day by 6 p at.
3106 Front Cotumbia by Cedaracreek.Drown's.
Jackson's creek. Bell'sl'tore. Bitekhead. 1Hal
selville, Cromsbvville, Fish Dam, Neale's creek
and Mount Ta'hor, to Pinckneyville 78 miles
and back, once a week.
Leave Columbia every Friday at 6 a in, ar
live at Pinknevvlle next day ly Ip mn.
Leave Pincknevville every Wednesday at 6
a m.arrive at Colinmbia nteal day by 5 p m.
310y From Columbia by CoAkhain, Wians.
bomro, Albion. Yugutejsville. B1lackstock. Ches
ter a b. Bramtonsvilie and Gutiriesville. tn
Yorkuille, 79 miles and back, three times a
week. ititwo-hor.e coaches.
Leave Columbia 'every Mnndav, Wednes.
day and Friday at 8 a m, arrive at Yorkville
next days at 5 p m.
Leave Vork:ille every Tuemlay, Tmnrsilay
oad 8aurday at 8 a mn. arrive at Columbia
next days by 5 P m.
Propeisalto it witkfour horse coaches will
be coauiderak
3108 From Colummmlblis by 1Haigg'pstore, May
bintown, Goshen Hill. 15rSaverdini. U'nionville,
Boganaville, Glenn Spaingi.. spartanbuss e I,
Dammes and maad Ford. N. C . tttter
fordtonu, 10 mites asia back, twice a week, m
two-btrse conches.
Leave Colomtbia every Tue'.lay :nd Sar
day at.5:a n. arrie at ftutterfoardJ:sn every
Lams Rithetordion c'--.'vylMonday and Fri
day at Sm a m. arrive at 'aia'uoi' .:.mory Wed
mesy nd.deay at 4 pam
Propsas n~ fair ar r.. er.r'h e.rice to
Spartanaburgh w'a; ' e c m..dered ; a'liu to comn
srcence the rouse .:sd .'- ata.
fn'J Fai.a Cu!::Pb. l tv aakvilte. Pomona.
Newvbetry e h.Ptg'-~. a..f'h.:tville,Hollnad's.
L'arenm e h, t;:e-v", .' Fanii,taini lan ansd
Plain. te, Gre~qville e I.. 114 msilsi and back,
tlar",- time a w .0'. ini I,., h:'rae po..t conches.
L..'mve t'okr.mbiaa every i't.--why, Thursday
ant Sraiurday at 6 a mn. a'rrive et 'ireemt ille c h
sext dag e in v, p mn.
Leave (irenvilte elh every Tre~uaav.Thaur. -
day and Saaturday a~t 4 a m, aara e a: Cobuuasbia
next day, at 4 p an.
:tii0'From Uedar creek by Thas:upsona'. Mc
Mcekin'. and Monticello. to. 1ll.;;g's utoru, 24
milesa atid back, once a week.
Late Cedar creek evemv l'rid-iv at 10 aim,
arry tat Hoagg's store amis day alt. i, i.
Leave llo g's ator' e'very Thuiraday at 5 a
uf, arrive at (,edar creek uiaime d.sy lhy pi in.
3111 From Auiguista. Ga. 1.y Sidverton, a. c.
9.ttr Mile Brancht Spei.edwell1. Lower Thee
1lanus. Erwintam. King creek. Pape creek, and
stotbertsviile. to Gillisouville,% hI amales sa hack:
twice a week.
Leare AMgstaevery Monday anti Thuuaday
at 6 a m, arrive at G illia.inville every Wednes
d and Saturday by P.e im.
Leave Gillisounville evesry Mlonday' and Thnr..
day at 11 a ma, arive at Augusta every Wed.
tn.-uday and Satuiday lby 5 p u..a
311-1, From Auagusta. Gai. bay Hamaburg, s. c.
F..igehield a h. Duntonasvie, t1smtnire's store,
WatnterSeaa, Frazieravill,-,Abbectlle.ec h.Tem
pih or'lealth, Siorevill... Vareanness. Aniderson
c Ii. Steele's, Peiletoni. Desaible branches, anal
ueckenauvtlle, to Greenville e hi, 140 auniles anid
back. three timne a -week, in four-borse post
Leave Augustaeverv &edy, Thursday and
Satudayma 4u a ,-rnve at Greemiuidle c bnext
ev.Greeuville c hs overy Monday, Thuirs
day and Saturday at 41 er s, arrive at Augusta
311 Fr ns~ ugu taC a.lsy Q isaker Springs,
Woodlawn, a. e. Parka Cairo, Mapletoan. Bor
deaux. and Willingonm. to Calhoun's Mills, 58
miles and-back, twiace a week.
Leave Augusta every' Mondamyand Thursday
at.6 ama arrive atU(;liuu's Maismness days by
21 ami.
Leave Calboun'a Mil. every Tuesday and
Friday at 3 p mn. arrive at Augusta neat days
3114Fie~iamurgby Poverty 11111. Cot
liar's, Cold Spring, and Reoot, to Long
uikas store, 37 miles' and back, once a week.
Leave Uamtarg every. Saturday at 6 a mn.
arrive at Lantgitei stove same day by 5 p mn.
Eavs Linoguatre's.store every'Priday 4t 6 a
ni arrive at Hambturg sae day by 5 p m.
3115 From H~amburgstq.Adgusta, Ga, mile
ad beck, twine's dsy.. :
Leave lfambug #iyatan mand'74 p m,
arsseat Augusta sae day byf*4a mantdS pam
arrive at H amburgsame day by 34 a maasd9
3116 Front Aiken by Edge6eki e h. Elton,
SPbmai.L wir, New MaktWoodville,
fl~dS~ckesaurg. Mnne fill, Breworton,
Line eidilk, Liekville, and t~terling Grove, to
Greohviled'b, H3 miles rnd-back, three times
Leave Aien every Tuesday, Thursday and s
laturday at 4 a Mn, arrive at Woodville sane i
lays by d p m.
Leave Woodville every Wednenday. Friday t
mad Sunday at 3 a m, arrive at Greenville same k
laysby5pma. n
Leave Greenville every Tuesday. Thursday
mnd Saturday at 4 a m. arrive at Woodville '
ame days by 6 p m. b
Leave Wood ille every Wednesday. Friday
mnd Sunday at 4 a m, arrive at Aiken same
lays by 1 p m.
Proposals to carry on horse *n themble or d
a part of this route will be considered.
-1 17 From Williston by Davis' Mbill, to Jor
fan's Mills, 16 miles and back, once a week.
Leave Williston every Saturday at 2 p m,
arrive at Jordan's ills same day by 6 p a. p
Leave Jordan's Mills every Saturday at 7 a
m, arrive at Williston same day by 11 a m.
3118 Front Blackville to Barnawell cis, 10
rniles and back, six times a week. a
Leave Blackville daily, except Sunday, on
arrival of the Charleston mail. say 2 p m,'ar- a
ive at Barnwell e h same day by 41 p m.
Leave Barnwell c h daily, except Sunday. at I
3 am, arrive at Blackvillesame day by 11a m. c
3119 from St. Georges by Red Bank and
Waterloo to BIno House, 33 miles and back, 1
bree times a n% eck. in Sulkies; the mail to be
aken from and delivered to the railroad cars.
Leave St. Georges every Tuesday, Thurs
Jay. and Saturday, at 12 m, arrives at Blue I
Uonuse same days by 7 p t. v
Leave Blue House every Monday. Wednes
Inv, and Friday, at 3 a m, arrive at St. Gorges
mmae days by 16 a m.
Proposals for two horse coach service will
e considered. .
3120 From Barnwell c h,J by Ifuncansville.
Lsufurd's bridge.Angley's branch,Duck bra neh,
Beach bratech, Lawtoiville. and Robertsville. C
oGillisonville, e2 miles and back, once a week,
in sulkies.
Leave Barnwell c h everv Thursdny at 4 a
ru. arrive at Gillisonville next day by 4 p im.
Leave Gillisonviile every Tueday at .9 a m.
arrive at Barawoll c h neit day by a p &I.
:1121 From Pocotalago. by Hickory [ill.
Whipopy Swanp, to Duck branch, 35 miles
and back. once a week.
Leave l'actaligo every Thuraday at 6 a in.
irrive a lickh branch arned~av fly 4 an.
Leave Duck branch every Priday at 6 a m,
irmivn at Poenataligia same day by 5 p n.
31'"1d Fwan Piacotaligo to Biaulort. 2 miles
nd black. thine times a week, in sulkies.
Lea'se Pontuaigo eve-ry Monday. Wednes
lav. and Friday. at 4 a ma, 'arrive at Bcaufort
.aiue dlaya fly 10 a tn. a
l.e:ave Beauifort everv londay. Wedneslay. C
inad Friday. at 11 '.arrive at 1'cotaligo saue
2:1 From " Paoataligo to Gillisonvii!e. I I
Iniles and back, six times a % eck., oaa horse, or
i a one horoe carriage.
Leave Pcoraligo daily, except Siaday. at 7
I a, arrive at Gilliseunville same day 10 a m.
Levoe Gillisonville daily. except'Stnnday. at a'
I p mn, arrive at PWotaligo same day by 8 p m.
3124 From hoabnets. by floadville., Va a'o
Perry. Friendship. Privateer, Siuampterville.
ind Bradford Spriti. to Camdea. 106 tiles
and beck. twice a week, in two horse coachea.
Leave lnabnaets every Monday ad Thorm
iay at I iL its, arrive at Camden next days by
Leave Camden every Monday and Thur- a
iny at I a m. arrive at Inabnets next days by
I a .it.
31-- Fron Charleiton. by Simnerville. fin
abniets. Branichville, Aledway. Turinut. Gra
tame, Blackville. Wilriston. and Aiken, to
li.tmbairg. 13S miles and back, daily in rail
road cars.
Leave Charleston daily at 8 a tn. arrive at
Fifambur; same day by 7 1, m. , 6
Leave Ilasbuarg daily at 4 a n. arrive at
:harle4son sanse daat hv 2 p rm.
Proposals to extend this to Augusta are in
T2 Fr01 Charlastarr by WinyaW Bay to
Wilminitn, n. e., 200 miles and back daily.in is
..laaven toWinyaw Bay.thenceto Wiilig- a
tn in coaches, wvagons. or othea vehicles so
-anstra:ted.as to carry thegreat Northern and a
tinaiern mails, and to protect them againis'a
he weather.
For invitation for propoasals (or this service.
ce No 2422 in North Carolina.
3196 From Chsarleston to Savantah, Ga.. ~
J10mites aad back, three time-s a week, in It
Leave Charleston every Mionday. Wednes- a'
lay. and Friday. at R a us, aruive at Savannah
a.. same day ay 9 ,a ta. "
Leave Savaraiah ba..e avery Tiaesdasy. Thurs
.tr. and Saturdnays. ai i a mn. arrive at Charles- ~
, aime daya by 2 p na.
Proponwuls hirr daily service will be coansidered. 8
3ls7 Faret Chaarteston. by Adamas' Ruin,
'ueanhnean. Ashetpon Ferry. Blue [House. 4
allina'.i Roads. Pocotaligo. anal ('mala.
ille, to Sacvanahal. Ga., 98 miles and hack dai- a
y. in two horse coaches. froan thes 15th Octo
ecr to ther 15th Jianr. atal in sulkies or covered
vagone (fom the 15thaiJune to the 15th October.
Lavem Chariessta daily at 8 a m, arrive at
avaamaah r.ext days lay iR a an.
Leave Sabana'h lily nt I p m, arrive at
shha',-ton next days h7y2 p m. a
Propiasals to runi twiee a wveck. on hose or,
a sulkies, will lie ennsiideread
Proposals to supply W~alterboro tharee times
.ieok . froin thae taearest pohiun on the route n
ill alsohbe coaiaidered.
31128 From Charleston,. bv iank', Corneta nl
iad Black Oak. to Pitneville,52 mile's and back.
wire a week. n
Lenve Charleston every Tuesday and Fri-.E
ay at 4 :a m, arrive at Paseville naext days by
a mnt
luavaea Pineville every Wednesfay and Sa- am
aurday at I p mt. arriv.eat Charleston Thursdaye
nd Maonday by 2 p am.
.3129 l-rnaa Charleston to Georgetown. 60 at
alea and bac-k. civ times a week, n two berse d
iaaaichea. rrna the ltlh (.k-taberlta than 15th June
aid i:a sulkies-fem 15th Jutie to 15th (ictoaber. a.
Leave Charleston daily except Sunday at 5 ~
Sm, arrive at G-eorgetown ntext days by 7 a nm.
Leave Georgetown daily except Sundays a 5 e~i
>m. arrive at Charleston next days by 7 a mn. ci
31310 Fromn Geiargetown by Buacksville and at
:onwayboao, to L.ittle River, 69 mailes and back at
nce a week. 01
Leave Georgetowns every Saturday at 8. a
a, arrive at Little River next day by 4 p in. ri
Leave Little River every Monda at 6 a i,,
irrive at Georgetown next day by 4pm. 'at
3131 From Georgetown by Land's Ferry
ed Murray's Ferry. to Kingstree, 45mniles and
ack, once a week. .e
Leave Georpgetown every Wednesday at 1 p c.
a. arrive at Kiagstee next day by5 p m a
Leave Kingstree every Tuesayat 6 a as, ar
ive at Georgetown next day by 1 a m' -a
3l32 From eorgetown- by China Grove.
.,ch's creek. Flintville, Jeffrey's creek. Mar's a
unI, Darlington e h, and Soety Hill to Cbe
aW, 111 mile-a and back, thrkee tin..s a. week ci
n two horse coaches.
Leave Georgetown every Mfonday, W~ednes- 0'
lay and F'rdy at 8 a an, arrive at Juffrey's
eek next day by 5 am, and at Cheraw same ra
lays by 6 p ma '
Leave Cheraw every Monday, 'Wednesday 6
ad Friday at~a in, arrive at Je'rey's ceek .
sie day by 7 p in, and a Georgetown next a
layby 4 p p.
1'~posasto run witih sulkies are invited, a1
3133 Frets JLitle Riverhby shallotte, . e., to
mthills,Xi0 mile. and bank,.eones a week, at
Leave Litte'Rivereav yMonday atO 6am,
rrive at Smithaville next'a by l10 at' . 5
Lesve Smithsville every 8surday at 2 pm,
rrive at Little River' next day by 8Op ... B
314m P i,,, t....m b.. a...,s....e.r.-.. c
.r* Lr..ve Uthi,,nviila cvery Tucaday at G an
. arrive at Sparlanhurg c It sane day by 4 p in.
a- Leave Spartnnburg c i every Monday at6 a
r- m.arrive at Unionville sne day by 4 p n.
h 3157 From Unionville by Meanville, Snitli's
store, and McDanielsville. to cedar prinugs,
id 29 miles and back, once a week.
ys. Leave Unionville every Tuesday at 6 a m,
arrive at cedar Sprngs same day by 12 t.
a. Leave cedar Springx every Mornday ati I a
a m. nairive at Unionville same day by 5 p m.
318 From Unionville by'hady Grove. Li
ri. berty Hall. Poplar Grvoe, Mount Bethel. New.
)y beary c h. Shop Spring, Perry's X Roads, and
Mount Willing, to Ridge, 86 miles and back,
ly once a week.
6 Leave Unionville every Sunday at 7 a m, ar
rive at Ridge next day by 7 p M.
12 Leave Ridge every Friday at 6 a m, airive a
Unionville next day by 7 p n.
3159 Front Uniunville by Haneockville and
Bowdensville, to Limestone Springs.:0) milei
n, and back, twice a week in two-hurse coache
troin the lst May to the l1t Nov., taid otice .
i. week on horse, the reinainder of the year.
Fo'r twou-horse coaches.
Leave Unionviile every Wednesday and Sun.
a day at I p s, arrive at Limestone Springs
same days by 8 p m.
a Lave Limeistonce prin-s evefry Tuesday and
Satuiday at 3 a m, arrive at Unionville sai
, days by I0 a ims.
Por Horse.
, Leave Unionville every ThursdAny at 8 a m,
arrive at Lumestone Sprigs saine day by .11, ts
a Leave Listui !prings every Friday at S
a m, arrive at Uesionvslie same da by 4 p a.
a 31i0 From Spartanburg c h by lount Zion,
Mount Lebaionl, Ne.w Praospect, cannon'i
e, store, Earlsville, Tryon and Ednyville, x. c., tr
Limestone, 71 miles anod back, once a week.
Leave Spartanbnrg every Wednesday at 6 a
m. arrJve at Litestote next day by 7 p t.
a. Leave Limestone cvery Friday at 5 a no,arrive
at Spartatibur- next diy iv ( p in.
3161 Fromi oparanbuerv ch by Wainnt Grove
Millvuvile. . rnilWoodrufT's, Motii
d Soals and Scuffleitvon, to Laurens c h. 4.1
wiles aid back. once a week.
Leave Spartanhurg e I ev crv Saturday at
p i. arrive at LAoren., e e o,-xt day by 7 p an.
eave Laurei. c h every Monday it 5 a m,
arrive at Spaitaobur: c h next day bv 12 i.
3162 Fruni 1.ineis c h by '8tu'ffletown
0. Youtig's store. centreville. Stoneavill-. cas
ville and Poolville, to Slartanburg c h 40 niles
a and bac k, once a week.
Leave Laurens c h every Tuesday at 4 a in,
arrive at Spartautinu c h same day by 12 p s.
'Leave Spartanb~urg c ht every M1onday at 4 a
0, 3163 From Lanrens c h by Laures Fac.
tory, Raibone's creek. Tumiling Shoals and
n, Tullyton to Lickvill-, return by Fairview,
Cripplc creek and Eden to Laurens c b, equal
at to '.. iiles and back, once a week.
Leave Lanrens c h every Wcdnesduy at 5 a
in, arrise at Lick% ille same day by 4 p .it.
Leave Lick vdle every Thursday at 8 a m,
arrive at Lairens c b snme day by 7 p t.
3164 Fromi Waterloo by .11ountville, Cross
pluil. Sprin; Grote, Chuppel's Fer ', Chris.
tiai's, Coleman's ;X liad, Monn Villing,
ill rmanville and Hollow creek, to Lexington
c I, 71 iiileu and back. once a week.
id Leave Waterloo every Wednesday at 4 a
rI mi, arrive at Lexington next day by 12 m.
Leave Lexington e h very Thursday at I p
a m, arrive at Waterloo next day at 9 p i.
3163 From Waterloo by Mount Gallagher,
a Gentsville Queensboro. Calhoun. Stantonville
. and Golden Gaove,to Greenville eb, 55 miles
Id and back. once a week.
to Leave Waterloo every l1unday at 6 a m, ar
n. rive atGreenuville c h next by Ii m.
to Leave Greenville c h every . onday at 2 p
m, arrive at Waterloo next day by 7 p in.
a 3166 From Sprin; Grove by M4tson. Dun.
lapeville. to liintsv:lle, 18 miles and back,
r- once a week.
Leave Spring Grove every Friday at 3 p in,
v- arrive at H untsville same day by 8 p m.
es Leave Ilmutsville every Fiiday at 6 a m, ar
rive at 8;tring Grove same day by 18 m.
n, 3167 -rom Newborry c h by Belmont. to
Milton, 20 miles and back, once a week.
n, Leave Newbierry c ih every Tuesday at 5 a
mt. arrive at Milton same day by 11 a an.
e, Leave Milton every Tuoctday at 1 p mt, ar
e. rive at Ne a berry c hi same d::y by 7 p in.
a. 3168 From csambriidge by 11 all'wav Swamp,
k. Rticharaanville anid Eruit lHill, to Elt, 241
n, tiiles and !back, once a week.
Leave Caaibdridge every Tuesday at 7 a mn,
Ip arra'e at Elton samte day by 2 p mt.
Leave Liton evety 'tlcdnesday at 7 a mn, ar
a. rive at Cabrid e same day by 2 p in.
ig 3l69i Fronm Fetield c h tby Kirksev's M
elloa~ls.'Phoenix, Cambridge. Ladi,8tony P'oint.
Mounit Gallagher, Brerwer totn, Geuntsvmle andl
! Craytoiisville, to Varennes.854 miles and back
Ionce a week.
'Leave Edgefield c hi emcety Tucsday at 6 a
mn, atniva at Vareniie, next day by 5 p mt.
a., Lc-arc Varenine. ercry, $sunday at 0 a mi, ar
e, Irive at Edgefield c hi next day by 5 p m.
:3170 From Win ter Seat hy Sandaver, Wide'
a inai's, Calhmosn's Mills. Terrysrille, Charch
ii. Ilii. I.0wnadeavilte. MoffitarillIa. Itogerweilte
,, l:eerereen, Romck 1Mlls and Andcrsonrille, to
Penidleton., m5uies antd back, once a week.
on Leave Winter deat every Tuesday at 5 a
k. m, arrive at Pendsletons next day by 7 p at.
a ILeave Pendleton every Thiursd'ay at 5 a in,
. arrive at Wiiter Seat next day Iby 7 p in.
p 3171 From Abbeville~ by Warreniton,Chutrch~
a. IHill. Lowndesville, Che~rokee Heights. lHar.
k. per's Ferry, and Rtuckersville, Ga.. to Elber
a, I on, 47 nmales and back, twice a week.
t. Leate A bbeville every Tusesday and Friday
tat 4 a in, arrive at Elbertont same days by 1C
jp m.
e~ Lcave Elberton every Wednesday and Sa.
nirday at 4 a mt, arrive at Abbeville saws dayi
my by 10 pm.
at :1172 Fromt Abbeville by Mouinan Views
and Wilsoni's creek, to Mo;tiettsville, 25 mnilea
y nd back once a week.
yLeave Abberille ev-ery Sunday at 8 a in, ar
rire at Muffetaville same day by P ma..
a-. Leave MolTettiaville every Mondlay at 8 a m,
's arrive at Abbeville same day by 5 p in.
ig 3173 Fronm Gieeniville c Ih by Traveller'.
I, Rest, Orleuna., territtaville, Flat Rock, lIen
k, dersonville, Mtudcreek andl Limnestonse~toAsh~
'villc, 613 miles and back. three times a week,
r in foor-horse pet coaches.
Leave Greenville c b every Monday. Wed.
s, nesdauy and $aturday at 4 a at, amryv as Ash
ville same days by 10 p in.
eLeave Ashville every Sandy, Wednesday
'- and Friday at 4 a ma, arrive at Greenville c lI
Ssamnedays by10 pim.
P.1roposals to carry in two-horse coaches will
be cuonsidered.
ri, 3174 From Greenvillo e- h by Pleasanit Grove
and Newv Hope, to S8partanbutrg c b, 31 miles,
a and back, twice a week, in two horse coaches.
Leave Greenville c h every Wednesday andl
e, Saturday at 9 a in, arrive at Spartanburg c h,
rn. sameodays by 5pim.
k, Leave Saranbrge'h every WVedhesday anm
Saturday at 5 a in, arrive at Greenville-e b
samte ditvs by 1 pm.
:r-17- From Greenville e h, to Mush Creek,
at 16 miles and back, once a week.
at Leave Greenville c h every Saturday at 1 p
marrive at amish: Creek same day by 6 p in
e- a~ io Ma ah Creek everys ry a 6 a m,
"3176 From Pickensvillo, 'ty Equalitly, Slab
town. Sidver Glade, White Plains, Gokie.
tt Springs, Doeathet, an~d Bushy Creek. to Pick
ti- enaville, equal to 22 miles and back, once a
at we:-k~ -.
n-. Leave Piekensville every Saturday at 5 am,
e- arrive at Pickenavihie same day by 6p~m
rgr :3-7,D-. From ,........lle, byr Dtns.,=n
.ig's Tree, CUamp idge, Effingham. to D.
ato c h. 75 'miles and back. twice 8 woe
Leave Pineville every Wednesday and -
irday after the arrival of the mail fruni Clu
sito, say at 10 a m, arrive at Darlington c
.W daya by 10 pm.
Leave barliigton c h every Monday a,
barulay at6a us, arriveat Picieville next da
r' 5p m.
3135 From Friendship by Fulton and Stat
irg, to Canaden, 49 miles and back, twice
eak, in saukies.
Leave Friendship every Tuesday and F
ty at 6 a i, arrive at Camden same days
p m,
Leave Camden every Mondayand Thurad
5 a m, arrive at Friendsbip same days by
3136 Fromi Friendehip, to Jacksonville,
iles and back, once a week.
Leave Friendship every Tuesday at 2 p I
rrive.st acksonville saine day by 5 ps m.
Leave Jacksonville every Tuesday at 10 a I
rrive at Friendship same day by 1 p in.
3137 From Sumpteryille ti Mofnt Clio. W
mw Grove and Pleasant View, to Daulinglu
h. 44 miles and back, ones a week.
Leave-Sdiptervilb every Wednesday at 5
, arrive at Dariingtal e i sake day at 8 p I
Leave Dalington.'e h every Tuesday at 5
, arrive at Sumptervlie same day by 8 p ni
3138 Fromt Sumpterville by techanis% ill
[ill Grove, Bishopsvill, Gum Branch, Har
lie, Mount Elon, Guap, to Darlington c
i miles and bacikopeea week.
Leave Sumptervile tvery Saturday at C
arrive at Darrin-ac h next day by 5 P
Leave Darlagton c h every Monday at 6
, arrive at Sumpterville next day by 5 p m.
3139 From Sumpterville by Bradleyvill
alem, Kingstree and Indian Town, to Cbii
rova 60 miles and back, once a week
Leave Sumptfrvillo every Wednesday at
in. arrive at China Grove next day by 4 p
Lnav.- China Grove every Ft:day at 6 a I
7r've at aSumpterville next day by 4 p m.
:1140 From Satmpterville by Plowdem's M
Ad Brewington. to Jacksonville. 30 miles ai
tck. once a week.
Leave Sumpterville eve-ry Monday at8 a I
rive at Jacksonvilte same day by 6 p m.
Leave Jacksonville every ruesday at 6 n r
iive at Suupterville same day b7 4 p in.
3141 From marion c b, by Catfish, liarlet
lIe, Brownsville, ParnaA.-a and Clio. to Be
!ttsville, 60 miles and back, once a1veek.
Leave Marion e h every Thursday at 8 a i
Sive at Bennettsville next day bty 11 a i.
Leave Bennettsville every Friday at 12 1
-rive at Marion c h next day by 6 p m.
3142 Fron Marion c h by Allen's Bridg
ampbell's Bridge and Harleesville, to Clh
nules and back, once a week.
Leave Marion c h every Thursday t 6 a i
ive at Clio next da bya d i.
ILave Clio =vr Friday at 3 Is i, arrive
arinn e r.ext day by 6 p m.
3143 From Bennettavilldio Cheraw, 14 mil
id back, six time, a week.
Leave Bennettsville daily. except Sunda
6 a in. arrive at Cheraw same days by 10a
Leave Cheraw daily, except bunday, at 2
, arrive at Benneteville.same day by 6 p ir
Propol-als to carry in two hore coaches w
3144 Froun Bennettsville by Adatnville ai
antes' Bridge. x. c., toStewartville,20miil
id back, Itone a week.
Leave Beaunettsville every Saturday at 4
r, arstre at Stewartville sime day by 9 a in
Leave Stewartsville every Saturday at 11
1, arrive at Beinettsville same day by 4 p i
:1145 From Lancasterc h by Taxabaw, Go
line. Mt. Crughan and Cheater6eld c h,
heraw, and return by usville, s. c., i
end of Goki Mine, to fainaster oh, equal
i miles and back, onoe a week.
Leave Lanastere br everyieonday at (
arrive at Cherawnetday1y JO a m.
.eave ceraw every luoiiuy at 2 p t,
ve at Lancaster c h net day by 7 p at.
314U From Lancastere h by Indsford, Le,
ville and fazlewood, to Chester c b, 41 util
id back. once a w8-e
Leave Lacassere It evey Monday at G a i
-rive at heAter e Is same day by 6 p in.
Leave Chester e Ih sery' Ttiosday at 6I at
rive at Lancaster c 6 same daty by 6 p m
3147 Frome Chester c Ii by Baton. Rlona
rtmei Hill and Tomsville, to Pinckneyv.i
turn by Tomsvtlle and Saundermalle to Ch:
r c h, egnal to?5 mtilcaand hack. oncea wou
Leave Chester e It ere:S Tuesday at 6 a:
vive at Pioekneyville samte day by I p to.
Leave Pimtkneyvlile every Tuesday at 2
, anrive at Ches~terec h samne day by 8 p It.
.148 Frotm Chester e hi by Chxeanut Grov
prinig Rock, Nation Ford, Fort Mill & Sprii
il, to Charlotte, a. c, 4 miles and back, ott
Leave Chester c h every Tuesday at 4 a:
ibe at Charlotte saume day by 9 p tm.
Leave Charlotte every Wednesday as 4 a
rive at Chtester e ixaame day by NJ p mn.
3149 Fromt Chester c It by Turbit's stor
ndansville and Hazxlewood to Yotagnesvill
, mdie and back, once a week.
Leave. Chwater c h-every Wednesday a: 6
arrive at Yongneaville, sanme day by 4 pt
leave Yongntesrtile every Tuesday at 8 a t
rive at Cheater c h samte day by 6 p mt.
3150 From Pinckneyville by Mount Joy
owdeyrvitle, 9 miles and back, once a wvee
.eave Psmekneyville eresy MTonday at a
.arrive at Gowdeywville same day by II ate
Leave (Gowdeyvville every Mond-iy at I
.arrive at Pinckneyv ille sme. day by 4 pr
3151 Front Yorkvtlle by Biairsvttle, Pine:
tyville. Mmttmt Tabor, DIeatur. Uniunvill
edar Grove. Crot' Ke -sCrosu Anchor. HI ur
gton, Laurens e h. \' aterloo, Stotney Poir
eadfali, and Smnithaville, to Abbevilie.10)8 uttili
id back.. three times a week, in tw a horn
Leave Yorkvifle every Toesday, Thutrsd;
td Saturday at8 a m, arrive at Abbeville tne
*ya by 6 p ms.
Leave A bbevillo ever'y Manday. Wednead:
id riday at 7 p m, arrive at Y orkville evel
edesday, Friday and Monday by 5 a m.
3152 From Yorkyille by IHaynesville, F~be
rville, Nation F'ord,Coats'Tav::rn. Neely
ek, Landford. Ceder Sliusals, Cptaba. Lot
ret, Dry creek, lussell Place, Liberty lii
id Redl H ill, to Cxtadent, 9 wiles and bac
tee .aek.
Leave Ynrkville every Tuesday at 8 a in,a
re at Camnden every Thutsday by 12 m.
Leave camden every Theralay at I p a
ive at York 'ille every Sazuiday by 8 p m.
3153 From Yorkviise by-Hickor Grow
uith's Ford,Wiknville, rattonvlle Lism
me Springy, Grassy Ponis, Buck $Ia l,
, and Wg 8 hoais, to Entherfordtost67,int
id back, otnce week.
Leave Yorkvide every W~edneadiay at 6 at
vive at En*Jvaofodtca nextday by 4 p mn.
Leave Rutiserfoedtut ever Monday at 6)
.arrive at Yorleville next da mi.
3154 From Yorkv.Ula by hikry Grov
erokue Iron- Works, cuopersvillaiand Ha
cny, to Limestone Springs,37 maiesandl bac
cea week. .. -
Leave Yorkvilheevery Sunday at 6 a mn,
re at Limestone Springe same d-sy by 4-p
Leave Limestone Sprmgsele'y Mil nday
a m, arrive at Yorkyille samee day by 4 p I
3155 From Yorkviiln by Meck's lull, Hop
eli, oak Grovel.Gowdeysville, Hancockvill
ud Btvingsville, tdiartanburghce h, 48 mil
sd back, once aww.
Lave YovlJd rv Thtrauday atLS aa
ive atSpartabg'eame d'y byi1lp :
Leave 8partanburg e'h eves-Wed'needay
a m, amvva-at Yorkville sense day by 8p I
3)58 From Unonville by JonesVilie, M1
ridesville and cedar Springs to S~artansbu
Pumpkiutown, Twelve biile. and Wolf Creek,
to Pickensville, equal to 19 miles and back,
once a week
Leave Pickensville every Monday at 6 a
m, arrive at lickensville same day by 6 p m
3178 From Pendleton,by Piokene I, West
Union, Horse )Shoe. Davis' Ferry. Albright.
Ga, clarkuville. Nacooche. Mount Yonah. and
Pleasant Retreat, to Dahlonega, 97 miles and
back. twice a week, in two horse coaches
Leave Pendleton every ,Wednesday and
Saturday at 5 a m, arrive at Dahlonega next
days by5p
eave Dahlonega every Wednesday and
Saturday at 10 a in, arrive at Peudleton next
days by 10 p in
3179 Fromt Pendletor,, by Townuille, Fair
play. Parker's Store, Ga, Aquilla, carneaville,
Walnut Hill. Bushville, and Gillsville. to
Gainaville. 80 miles and back, once a week
Leave Pendleton every Saturday nfer die
arrival of Greenville mail at 9 a in, arrive a:
Gainsville next day by 8 p in
LAave Gainsville every Thursday at 6 a m,
arrive at Pendkton next day at 5 p
Proposals to carry once or twice a week, in
two hoise coaches will be considered
3180 From Pickens c h, by Bounty Land.
claremont, Bachelor's Retreat, and Martin's
creek, to Pickens c h, equal to 36 miles and
back, once a week
Leave Pickens c h every Tuesday at 6 a i
arrive at Pickens c h next day by 8 p in
3181 From W'est Union to clayton, Ga, 40
miles and back, once a week.
Leave West Union every Wednesday at 6 a
in. arrive at clayton same day by 5 p in
Leave clayton every Wednesday atG a m,
arrive at West Union same day by 5 p in,
SPEctAL orricts.
Proposals are invited for soipplying the follow
ing ollices in South Carolina, for the nett
proceeds of said offices respectively, limited
to a sum to be named in the proposals in each
Buckhead causcy from Waterboro, 20 miles
and back, once a week
Blutfiun from Gsalamsville, 22 miles and
back, once a week
))iu- Wts corner from Abbeville, I I mitos
and back, once a week
Liberty Hall from Pageseille. 8 miles and
back, once a week
Lynchwood from T;llor's Ferry, 7 miles and
back, onoe a week
Salubrity from Double Branches, 5 miles
and back, once a week
Samdy Rnn from St. 3latdhcws, 8 miles and
back, once a week
Simpsn's 3Mills from Mount Gallaher, 46
miles and back, once a week
Wito Hall from Frcziersville, 6 miles and
back, once a week
1. Seven minutes are allowed for opening
and closing the mails at all offire.4, where no
particular time is specified, but on railroad
and steamboat routes there i- to be no more de.
lay than is necessary to deliver and receive the
I. The mail is to be conveyed in preference
to passengers, and to their entire exclusiou, if
its weight and bulk require it.
3. A preference is to be given to passengers
brought in the connecting mail lines over those
travelling in any other.
4. Post Odice blanks, mail bags, and the
special agents of the Department, on ex
hbition of their credentials. are to be convey
ed without further charge on mail lines admit.
tingfor sueh conveyance.
. Mail agents- are to be eonreyed without
charge on the principal railroad and steambout
lines, where the sizn ofthe atmile and the anm
ber of tie ofices will require their employ.
meat by the Department. and in that ease a
separate apartment for th: assoruing and safe.
keeping of the mail, is to be provided by the
contractor under the direrion cf the Depart,
6. In aU cases. there is to be a forfeituro or
the pay of the trip, when the trip is not run ;
a forfeiture of at least one-fourth part of it,
when the running or arrival is so far behind
tiimeas tolosea the connectio with a depend
ing mail ; and a torf,:iture ol a duo piroportioni
of it, when a grade of service iS rendered inafe
rior to that in the contract. These forfeitures
miay be increaseid into penalties of higher
amount, according to the nature or frequency
of the lailuire and the importance of the imail.
7. Fines will be imposed. tinless the delin
quienev be satisfactorily explained in due time,
foar tailing to take from, or deliver at a post of.
fice, the mail, or any part of it ; for suf'ering
it to be wvet, injnred, lost, or destroyed; for con
veying it in a place or manner that exposes it
to depredation, loss, or injury ; for refuring at.
ter demnd to convey a wail by any coach, rail
re-id car. or steamboat, which the contractor
rcguularly runs on the route, beyond the spt-ci
fled niumber of trips in the c-mntaact; and for
not arrii ing at the time .set. And for setting
uip or rhunmg an express to transmit cowmmer
cial intelligence in ad vance of the mail, a pen
alty will be e xacted egnal to a quarter's ra~v.
u'. The Postmateur General may annul thme
contract for repeated failures; for violatm;;~ the
Post O00ice lawns; for disobeviung the insirrnc
lins of the Dtepartmnena; for refnsing to die.
charge a carrier when required by the Diepart
menu ; for amiurning the contract without ihe
consent of the Postimaster Geniosas, "r .'or aet.
ting up or munning an exparess as afore-,asW.
9J. The Postmaster General may alter die
contract, and alter the schedule, 'ne al lowing a
proa-rata increase of comapensation, within the
restrictions imposed by law, for the additional
seivice required, or for the increased speed,
ii the emplIoymeint of addiiional stock or car
riers is rendered necessary, but the conatractoar
mar, in such case, relinaquish the contract, on
im'ely notice, if he prefers ii to the change.
lHe may also discontinue or curtail the service,
he allowinga one month's extry pay on the
amount dispensed with.
10. The payinents will be made through
drafts on postolie or otheurwise. after the ex
piration of each guarter,.a nFeray
31lay, August and Novemhi ier.uay
1I. The distances are given according to the
best infoarmation; hut no increased pay will
he allowed. should they preve to he greater
than is advertased, if the places are correctly
12. T~ue Postmaster General is prohibited
by lawr from knowingly making a contract
for the tranusportations of the' wnai with any
persotrwho a shall have enered io any combi
nation, or proposed to enter into any combina
uiom- to prevent the umaking of any bid for a
mail conthact by any other person or persons,
who shall have maide any agreement, or shall
have given or performed.'or promised to give.
or perform. anay consider~ation to do, or not to
do, anything whatever, to induce any other
person not to bid for a wai contract.
18. On coaeh rontes where thme present con
tractor shall be superseded by an underbidder,
waomay not have thme stage, propety requisite
fur the performance of the contract, hse shell
purchase from the present contractor suach ef
his coaches.teams, and harniess belonggig to the
route as shall be needed, andl nia be imtable
for the berite, at a fair raluation : and make
pyment theefonr by reasonable instalments, as
his pay becomes due. nnlesa the present con
tractor smlcontinue to ruin stages on the
route. Should thiep not agree as to the suita
bleness of the pr.,perty,the terms, or the secu.
rit7, each may choose a person who pa p
point a thirl, and their decision shall be fia;
or the Postmaster Geaeral will name the um
pire. Should the underbidder fatil to -comply,
huis bid will be ol'ered to the contractor; but
derbidder will bo accepted u -l).
The underbidder should give ear noti
inention to lake or not to tk ew6
if the later, of his reasons ; and the
contractor is to determine, on the first
ion. whetherbe will sell it Ia not.
14. A bid reeived aer tie to-'
13th April next at 3 p m, or without t
ante required by law; or tha combine
ral routes in one sum of compensation
be cocsidered in com an witia r
rop* , not aj to be extrav
l. A bidder may ofer on coach, rail A
steamboat routes, where that transpor .
difficuk; ormr practica lcertain se -
substitute 1orse or ato co eno, o
itermit service, a specified num r o
weeks or mouth. r maz propose to
otfico that iinassibl. or i not on the
road, the railwag, or at a steamboat landi
the case may be, or he map ofer to su
an inferior mode of supply in such case.
way propose diflirent d and bours of
parttire and arrival, pved no more
time is asked, and it is obvious that n
connection or other public accommation
prejudiced. lie may ask for a specified
ber of dasu for more runn time to the
certain season of pecul' A bad roads.
bend these changes, a proposal for
di erent fruin the advertisement will p
Its bcing considered in competition with a
oiar bid, not to set aside for etrmagancet
where a bid contains any of the above
tions, their disadvantages will be esti
comparing it with other propaisals.
16. There should be buatoae route bid
a proposal.
17. The route, the service, the yearly pa
the bidder's name and residence, ad the name
of each member of the firm, when a company
offers, should he distinctly ptated.
18. The following isthe'form of the -.
antee which should be filled!therX blank *L.
the name of the guarantor, the second with
that of the bidder; and the third and fourth
with the beginning and terminating points of
the route; and after being date, sould be
signed by theguarantor, who must be shown by'
the written zertidcate of a postmaster, or other
equally atisf.actory teshimomaL to be a man of
propcrty, and able to make good his guaran.
his guaranty. so certifiod, should accomp
each bid.
-'The nndersigned -- guaranties that
--itf his bid for carrying the mailfum -
to - be aecepted by te Postmaster Gen
eral, - shall enter into an obligation piior
to the 1st day of July next, withgoodand suf
ficient sureties, to perform the service propo
" Dated
19. The bid 'ohould be sent under seal, ad
dressed to thn Firit Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral, with "Mail Proposls in the State of
--." written on the face of the letter; and
should be despatched in time. to be received by
o r befure the 13th April next, at3 o'clock. p m.
:0. The contracts are be executed before
the ist Jul next.
Offce Depaternit, Dec. 13, 1842.
January 11 121 50
House and Lot For Safe.
F111 If E subscriber offers for Sale or Rent,
A (and pocession given on the lot Janua
ry next.)his House and Lot in Pottesville.
Terms, 12 nonths credit. The dwelling is a
comfortable one story, with the necessary out
Oct.Pth, 1842 tf 37
isomie 6 Lot for Sale.
THE Subscribes intend
Wg to rmv hi44
atfteigb iVo 101- he,~
his House ine
Town of E=
Houe been entirely y bthe i ,SM
yOar, it has8 roms and firs plees;-6of
the rooms are.largeandcomf ible. T -Lot
has four acres, and the at-houses aie s ew
and in gond repair, e ( the stable.- Thirty
acres of wood-land in hal a'mile of thepre
see will be sold with the above, ifdes' e; and
the whole will be disposed of on aceommodat
ing terms, to an approved purchaser.
Nov.16 tf 42
of lSlessrs. Bland & Batler, as longer in ul
gence cannot be given.
jan 4 4t 49
A L L persons indebted to the estate of Dray
ton Cornett, dec'd., are regnested to
make payment immediately. and those having
demands against said estate, are requestad to
render them in by the first of May, properly
uttested. TIHOS. NICHOLS, 4dne'.
jan 4ana2m 4.9,
T~O person, from this date, has any right
lwatever, to~ receive any amount of mo
necy due me. without my oirder.
All persons who may be indebted, for work
done at the Saw Mlill last year, are reqested
nor to pay over any monuies. untill Mr. Holsen
hack and the subscriber has settled their busi
jan4 4t 49'
Fair & Positive Netice.
TI H AT those who will neglect their duly,
.1may have no excuse. we avail eoiunalves
of this early opportunity. to assure all those ia
previous to return day they will he mdsiini
nately placed in the hand. of an Aueorney for
Deer.28BAND & UTLER.
Deer.8 . .tf 48
.EPThe limited partnership beseen 1.0O
B. Fuan of Hamburg. S. C., and~aoao W.)J
Nxwtos or Augusta. Ga., would espire by tbef
articles of its formation on the 5tb of October
1843. but by mutual consent we heebdtr
mnine to humit its continuance to the Stt a of
February next.
3. 0. B. FORDO
Hlamburg, S. C., Oct.130th. tE 37
IN consequonce of the dissolution abave, it
becomes necessary I should els alt out
standing accounts and notes before the 1st er
January next. AUl persons indebted to'me by
notes or otherwise, will please ecnsider thisan
imperative and final call for settlement welhst
deay, as indulgence lieyonda reasonablenotie
can uot and wilant be given.
J.0O. B. FORD.
Hamburg, S. C., Oct. 10th, gf 37
J o. B. FORD Dwill continue as heretofore
. to offcr for sale the most entire assortment
of DRY GOODS the country aflards. Re
has now on hand the most complete stink-et
eery variety that ho has ever had the pienmuve
.to ofer for sale.
Hamburg, 8. C.. Oct. 10th. * af 87
OF~ Everyudescription xec . vi wh
nearnessand despateh ,nt the Offco
of the EnOmEFarLD Auvngn-ra .

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