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Public Notice.
, N Pursuance of an order from Oliver
Tonles, O'diinry. I will offer for sale at
public outcry, at the residence of Mrs. Eliza
beth Garrett. late of this Distrct, deceased, anl
the personal property of the estate of John C.
Grreit, deceased, except his negro slaves.
eodating chiefly of a stock of Cattle. Hogs
- atnd-ifales, and of various articles of House
holdkandKitchen Furniture.
- 'Abinr-Atthe same place, will be sold by me
as Executor of the will of Elizabeth Garrett.
deid. and atpblic outcry, one tract of land,
containing two hundred and sixty-nine acres
tore'or lessa -ituate in this District, and ad
- 'osng' lands of William Garrett and others.
e same having been purchased by the said
Testat-ix, from George A. & Thomas M'Kie.
Also-Three Negro slaves, and other person.
al property of the estate of the said Elizabeth
Garrett, consisting of a stock of Mules, two
Wagons, thirty eight bales of Cotton, and
about 27 stacks of Fodder, with various other
articles of personal property, not necessary to
- - be-more particnlarly mentioned.
The sales above mentioned will he begun on
Tuesday the 9th of January next, and will con
tinned until theaforesaid property is disposed
Terms of- sale--a credit until thiel25th Dec.
1844, purchase money to be secured by notes
with.. approved i poisonal surety. All sius
- not exceeding 65, will be required to be paid
* .in cash. . ' THOMAS GARRETT, Ex'r.
Dec. 18, 18431. 3t 47
State of South Carolina.
A.G. Teague,
vs- Domesic.A~ucnt..
Ed. Atchison.
- : Y Order of te Court of Common Pleas,
1. Ishall proceed to sell, at the residence of
defendant, in the above case, on Saturday the
15th of January next, one lot of Hogs, one lot
-of Shee p, and various other articles namned in
the ieturn to attachunent in said case.
-Terms cash.
Dec.20 alt 48
T E firm of GOODE & LYON, was this
day dissolved by .mutual consenst; all
persgps indebted to ius will please call and set
tie-with S. F. Goode, who is ne anthorized
to settle the business of the mt.
* Dec.1,1843
The Subscriber Id ta this opportunity
to return bisthan to hisf nds and the coin
mxunty.,in gen I, for ,~ libemal patronage
they have ?0 e - in for the last ten
yiears. H 's carr ng on the
.Werehant 2'allring
Business, in all its br iches, at the old stand,
and hopes by strict tntion to business, to
umerit a contionanese those favors whlich have
beenso liberally bes'towed on him.
-' --. ~JOHN LYON.
Dec.12 tf 46
- - ' Aot Ice.
..LL persons indetbted ror work done at the
ISaw Mill, are requested to come forward
and settle their accounts for the year 1842, eith-.
e r by note or otherwise ; and those having de
mands against theestate ofJesse Swearozigetn,
dec'd., are requested to band in their accounts,
* 1:roperly attested.
October 18 - tf 38
State of South Carolina,
Charles H. Dagnal& wire. A pplicants,
William Chadwick, & others Defend'ts.
UT appearing to my satisfaction, that William
RChadwick, Elias Chadwick, James Chad.
wick, John Chadwvick, Elizatbeth Chadwicg
* Nancy Chadwick, John Oden. Ehtas Oden,
George Oden, Washington Blair and his wife
Matrtba, resides without the limits of this State.
-tidivision and sale of the real estate of Thotn
* -- as Howie, dec'd., on or before the first Monday
in January next, or their consent to the same,
will be etntered of record.
Octoberl16, 1843. '3m 38
(7 Thet fr ends of George
POPE, Esqr., annonee him as a candidate
for re-election, to the Office-of Clerk of the
court of this'District.'
T HE Subscriber informs the 'ubbe, tha
he will open a Scu. at Lowndesville
Abbeville District, on the 2nd Monday of Jan
nary next, in which will be taught the usun
branches of English. Mathematics, the Greek
Latin and French Languages. His Classes
will be so arranged that those.Pupils who are
studying the Languages, can also teceive in
structioRin the English Branches.
As his object is to establish a permanen
School, as. he has had long experience.in teach
ing, and been signally successful in, preparing
Students for College, and as the location t
healthy and'remote from scenes of dissipatior
and vice, he flatters himself that he will receive
a due share of the patronage of the Public.
Bdard,at $7 per month. Tuition, in the Lan
guages, Mathematics and higher branches o
English, $17 per Session of 5 .uonths. Eng
lish Grammer and Geography $10. Lowe
Branches $7.
All who wish to know the competency o
the Teacher are refered to Gen. G. MeDuffie
Hon.F. W. Pickens, and Hon. A. Burt.
. - J. L. LESLY.
Dec 8, 1843 tf 46
Bethany Academy,
T HE Trustees of this institution take r
1 pleasure in announcing to ~the public
that they have again succeeded in securing the
services of the Rev. A. G. BRWER, as instruc
tor for the ensuing year; and, from the pro
gress made by the students of the present year
they feel fully justified in recommending th
Institution to the confidence of those who may
be disposed to give it their patronage.
The exercises will be resumed on the thirt
Monday in January next, and will continue foi
the term often months, to be divided into tw<
equal sessions. At the close of the first Sessiot
there will be an examination of the Students
and a public exhibition.
For Orthography, Reading, Writing,
and Arithmetic. per session, $ 6 00
The above, with Modern History, and
Geography, per session, 8 00
So much oftheaboveas may he neces.
sary, together with English Gr:un
mar, Ancient History and Geo
graphy, Natural Philnsophy,Rhe
toric, and Bookkeeping per ses
sion, 10 00
So much of the former as may he re
quired, with Mathematics. Chem
istry, Logic, and all other higher
branclhes ofan English Education,
per session, 12 00
No Student will be received for a shortei
term than the half of a session.
Good Board can he had convenient to the
School on reasonable terms.
Dec. 11 2amim 46
Water Proof, & No Mistake:
H L. JEFFERS & co,
BEG leave to inform their friends, and th
public generally, their NEW IWA fEll
PROOF W AREHOUSE, with large conve
nient close Stores attached, is now completed
and ready for the reception of
Cotton, Merchandise, &c.
It is situated on the principal street leading
into the business part of the town. four feet
above the highest water mark by actual survey,
entirely remote from all other buildings, which
tenders it fire-proof, and conveniently situated
for loading and unloading wngons.
They are now permanently located in this
place, and pledged not to speculate in Cotton
on theit own acconnt, but to give their undivi
ded attention to the interest of their customers,
and are fully prepated to attend to the Sale,
Storing and Shippang, of
Cotton, Flour, Bacon, &c.
Rceivin.; and Forwarding M ERC HIA NDISE.
Purchaising GJoods la order, &c. kc
Their charges will lbe as Cfolows :-For sel
line Cotton 25 cents per bale; Shipping do,
12.j cents per hale. Comnmisasion for buying or
selling Merchandise and Produce 24 p.er cent.
Forwarding and Storage, in accordance with
the estabilished rates. All Cotton. Flour, &c.,
received by the river free from wharfage. Lt.
Ieral advances will he moadet when requnired,
on any consignments made to then.
Hatnbturg, Septr. 9 tf 33
To Planters . %71erhanls.
I BEG leave to inform you, that I continu'
[USINESS at my 0old stand, known as thec
ed as it is from other buildings, its location ren
ers it anarly ams secure fromt lire, as if it w:iri
fire-proof. T1hae floors have been elevated nh~ove
tme high wvater mark of the great freshet of
May, lei40.
Planters will thus be secured from the poesi.
bility of loss atid damage by freshects.
I avail myself of the present occasion, to re
turn my) thaniks to my frienids and patrons, for
their liberal support during tho p.ast seasoti. I
solicit from thema and the public genmerally,.
continuance of this confidlence, and assure them
that in return for their patronuge, I will nee my
best personal efforts to piomiote and protect
their interests, committed to my charge. In
addition to this assutance, I pledge imyselflii
I will ini no case purchase a hale of cotton, di
rectly or indirectly. I will attenid personally ta
tie sale and forwarding of cottomn to Savanniuh
or Charleston ; also. to the sale of Bacon. Flour,
&c. &c., and to the receivin~g imdc forwardina
of goods to the up-country. Havinug a fine
wharf attached to my W~arehotuse, no wharfage
will be charged on cotton to my came. cithei
for sale or to be forwarded to Savannah 01
My cormmissions for selling cotton, wvill -be
25 cents per hale, and 12& cents, for forward
ing. I wall also attend to the buying of goode
per order.
Very respectfully,yotirs, &c.
Hamburg A ugust 2, .18431
August 9 - 6mn 28
Hs&RNE M 8 T OR E.
v3IE Subscribers respectfully informs
thir friendisand the public in general, tha1
hey have entered into co-partnership, and wil
arry on the above named husiness in all its va
ious branches, in the town of Hamburg.
They will always keep on hand a quantity o
Warranted home made Shoes, Brogans, &e
Coarse arid fine Liadies Shoes. Child'ren;'s do.,
Northern Brogans, &c.
Htarness R Wagon Geers.
In short, they will keep all articles connectei
with the trade, which they will sell cheap foi
Cash, well dried Hides, 0or'towvn acceptances
N B. Boots and Shoes made to order, in thu
iost fashionable style, and Repairing neatly
executed at the bhortest notice.
Octobe 11 - r 37
Read and reflect! then decide for yourselves I
(At the NE I CASH STORE, in HAMNBURo, in the same Builiitg of Husmas lutel.)
AS Opened, and is now rcceiving, a fresh supply of NEW GOODS, suited to this
and the approaching Season, among which may be found
Wool and piece dyed Black, Bhe, Olive and invisible Green, Brown and rmxed Cloths
great variety of Cassimeres. Vesings. and Tailors' Trimmings; of the best qualit '.
English. French and .American Calicoes, at all prices; Furniture Coiicoes: Linens of eyery
fabric Cotton and all Wool larnnels; Colored, Plain, Plaid and Striped Cambrics; Swiss Mus
ilns; a great variety of Brown and Bleeched Sheetings and Siirtings, Osnaburgs, Kerseys, Plaid
and Plain Linseya,1Blankets. &c.
A good supply of Hats, best quality and latest style; aien's Coots and Shoes, Ladies Shoes,
The above at as low prices as can be had in the State. A large assortment of Shawls, Cotton
Wool and Merino.
Shirts, Drawers. 3osiery, Handkerchiefs, &c. &c.
The above comprising by far the most extensive stock of Dry Goods ever offered in town,
having been purchased for cash in the city of New York, which will be sold correspondingly
OT The subscriber acknowledges with pleasure. the extensive patronage he has received
from the trading community of this and the adjoining Districts; and desiring togive his custo
mers, at all times, every advantage that the market affords, is still prepared to sell as low as can
be-had in this country. Pirchuiers are respectfully invited to call, examine, and satisfy them.
selves. * CHAS. SANFORD
H amburg. October 7 tf 37
&rnerican & EngIas1t GROCERIES, &C.
Hardware and Cuulery. lIE Subscribers respectfully inform their
J US' received, and on the way. di'ect fri'nds and the pubic. that they have re
from the Manufacturos at the North, and ceived a large and fresh supply of GOODS,
from England, a handsome and well assorted selected by one of the firm, in New York, Boa
stock of ton, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Charleston,
h ardware, Cutlery, &c., which in addition to their former stock, cor
unsurpassed by any establishment n the South- prises the largest and bestassortmentof Goods
ern country, which we olfer for sale Wholesale ever ofered in this market, consisting in part
or Retail, at second door (brick building) from as follows:
tihe corner of Centre and Mercer-streets. We 40 hhds. Porte Rico. New Orleans and
also have heavy invoices on the way from Eu- St Croix Sugars,
rope in the ship 'Tritmn. Among our articles 350 bags Rio, Cuba, Porto Rico, St. Do
American, English and Swedes IRON, assort- mingo. Java, and Mocha Coffee,
ed sizes, 70 hhds. West India Molasses,
Satiderson's best Cast STEEL, 10 tieres Cuba do.
American. German and English Steel of all 35 bbls. New Orleans do.
sizes. and sorts, Blistered and Spring Steel, 70,000 lbs. Bacon, HaisSides& Shoulders,
Band, Sheet, and Hoop Iron, assorted sizes, 80,000 " Swede Iron, assorted sizes,
Cut Nails,2to 40d, Spikes 4 to 6 in., Wrought 5,000 " English do.
Nails, all sizes, 3,00 Band and Hoop Iron,
Cast Steel and Crown Hoes. 3.000 " Nail Rods & Horse Shoe shapes,
Lead, Collins' Axes, Adzes, Chisels & Gouges, 2,000 " Cast, German, & Blistered Steel,
Mill Irons, full assortment. 200 setts Wagon Boxes.
Anvils, Vices, (improved plan) Smith Bellows, 1,700 sacks Salt, (bleached sacks,)
Horse Shoes and Horse Shoe Nails, 2,000 bushels Salt, in bulk,
Wagon Boxes, Trace Chai.is, Wood Screws 500 pieces Hemp and Tow Bagging, 43
- Pots. Bake and Frving Pars,
Table Knives andForks, Pen and Pocket 250 pieces Gua4' Bagging,
kive rost, sdadtnn as 1,000 lbs. Bagging rwinc. (Weaver's,)
Hillco ,a a t150 coils Manilla Bale Rope,
Locks and Hingcs, Carpenter's Planes and 100 do Hemp do do
hammers, 1.500 yards Osnaburgs,
Coffee Mills, Gridirons and Augurs, 5,000 bs. double refined Loaf Sugar,
Grindstones, Manilla and Cotton Rope j to 2 3,000 " " " crushed do.
inches, 3,000" powdered do.
Spades and Shovels, Ploughs, Log Chains, 1,000" single refined Loaf do.
Guns. 20 boxes Turpentine Soap,
With a general assortment of all other arti- 10 " Sperm Candles,
cles belonging in our line, which~ will be sold 20 " Hull's patent Candles,
low by 5 tierces fresh ground Rice.
HENKELL & ROBINSOM. 2,000 lbs. White Lead No. 1 Union Mills,
Hamburg, Novr.8 f 42 25 bbl. Canal Flour, (choice brand,)
rT HE Subscriber respectfully informs his cases 1ate and Caps,
friends and the public generally, that he
offers for sale, at the brick store formerly occu
pied by Messrs. Sibley & Crapon, nearly op- 20 kags Duon, FFF g Powder,
posite Mr. James Hubbard's Hotel, a large 1,0 bs Wno las
and general assortment of GROCERIES, par- 10 bogs Sho ass sizes,
ticularly adapted to the wants of families, con- 250 pais Shoes
risting in part of
New Orleans, Porto Rico, and St. Croix a, Pepper, Sic, Gin g, hoce -
SUGARS, nn o ns, S th, Banets, he
Lump, oat. ernashed & powdered Sugars, ugba, otto Cotton akds, Shoe
Cluba, Rio and Java COFFEE, , C PiotCh
Back, Hlyson, Gunpowder and Imperial Cards, i'.cks, Sieves, l Lines, Indico,
TEAS. Madder, . Stone, Copperas, Epson Saats,
West IndiaLinseed Oil, Lamp Oil, a (superior article,)
Ii''sPn andNwle n s Mol& asss Trace Chains, Filth Chains, Smoothing Irons,
Uih's Patent Candles, 4s,5Ss, & 6is.
Sperm. do. 4s, 5s, & 6s brass bound cedar Buckets, horse Buckets,
Canal Flour. in whole and half barrels, Pails, Tubs. Keelers, Willow Wagons,
6 caks pime oshe CheseMeasures, Feathers, &c. &c. &c.
6 ak ritne Goshen Cheese,
20 boxes do. do. do, SIBLEY & CRAPON.
nckwheat in 1-4 and 1.8 barrels, anr July, 11843. tf 23
Pickles in 1-2 gal. jars, qts, and pints,
Tomato Ketchup do. do. M C A E.SA .C DIH~c
Walnut do. do. do.Brsan12br.No.,2ad3
50 sake Liverpool Salt, (bleached sacks.) MAKRL
50 boxes Table do. (a fine article,) 3 isad12kt o akrl
25 brIs. Irish Potatoes, (Roan)40IbCO IS
2 tierces Onions, (red and silverskin,) 1 oe ERNS
A LSO, 3hl arl o hd o aeb
Bar soap, shaving soap. cottotn cards, woolH.AKNRI .
cards, pails, buckets, tubs, keelers. pigains, in- IabuNo.2tf 4
digo, madder, copperas. rice, lard, cho:-~olate,
Baker's cocoa, cocoa paste, i.rshiei buitcer. so-LO R
da biscuit, lemon bilscuit, piec me crackers. wa- h BS.anlFOR
trcrackers, butter crackiers, pilot bread. al- -
mtnds cnrraints, citron, cloves. nutmecsu. miace, v 10)"esnwRin,
cinmzimoni~. pepper, spice. gineger. saga, peanrl Jutrcieanfrsleb
Barley, mnaccaroni. voimicilli, cnpens, mustard, SBE RPN
starch, West India antd Anmerican preserves. Hmug o.2 f 4
P'esonis vismiig Hlambutrg. are respecrfully ______________________________
reque~sted in call and examine for thiemiselves. . B IIYO FU~YS
Uamburg.,Novr.25, I A. 44lI ~ ~ ' tfiOctiaer atmr A S
New Fall & WVinter Goods. ,I.A E IK
T3 H E Subscribers are nowv receiving and Hihog o.2 f 4
U.openiing their Stock of Fall and Winter 7i~ I H R
Goods; Comprising a complete assortment of LS ieGeeFahrjs e
Fancy & Staple Dry Goods,79 cidad rslety
Hardware, Cuttlery, Irockery, Hats, Shres, .A KNIK
and Saddlery. Blankets and Kerseys, andNo.2tf4
almo~st every article that is usually ket in this Ilnbug
market, they call the attention of' their friends ~ " '~ A i o
anud the public generally to examtine their stock. W5
Sept.2G tf 35DEIR
New Fall & Winter Goods, FNYA~ TPI
HESubscribers respiectfuilly inform their P I.V 0 0 0 S
cutmrand the public generally. SL, EGOR AD ST W
did assortnment of fall cod winter Goods. pur-CAPT, ATIG& IL LO ,
chased in Newv York, Philadelphia. and Char.- UC OTN LOH ,c ~c
leston, enmbracingz a getneral assortment of SilysCneHm rOc7,lt7
Staple and Fancy Goods,
Hlard ware, Shoes, Huts. GroceriesCrockesy, L~POL
&.c. &c- all of wh ich they will sell on terms to A CH CE RT Lfrsaeb
snit the timtes. I.A E UK
G. L. & E. PENN: Ianng o.2 f 1
_Se pt. 27. tf 35 - N W G O S
J. 0. B. FORD,
NJAS a hand constantly engaged in New U Trciemdnwpsinapen
.~.York ur Boston, to enable him to receiv'e ddsoko
at thin earliest possible dates. every
New style & fashion of Goods DYGOS
as they come out, and will be re'ceivmng by at- sial o h esu otpmigteums
most every arrival from those laceis during the vaitofriceinhsleohutesb
seasonm. Thankful for the past. he takes thisJ.0B OR
method to solicit future and increased patron- Habretr2tf 3
age. .
Hamburg, Septr.22 tf 3 hn, rccrec
Osnabur-s.COC RYanGLS WA ,co
-Bale's Cotton OSN.ABURG'S. ssigo omnadfn esPae.Bws
1000 y rds. Negro CLOT HS. PthirDse.EesadBsn;gaie
Just receivted and for sale byaidCiaTaet;Tm blrWn Gns
SIBLEY & CRAPON. se ~cnes apSls res c c
Hlamburg Oct. 25 tf 40 frsl yHA E IK
OR~ sale by H. A. KENRICK.lSTa~dtK
I.' Hamhbirg. Nov. 25 t f 44~~ ~~hLS xr n o ht
T. Thae friends of .mahfo-r0bs rinOl
T.G. BACON. annonnece hin. as a canjidate10 LnedOl
for the Office of Clerk of the Conrh, of Edge 5"SueirLm i.
field District. Frsl y SBE RPN
maf f abrisd Ocdthe pnlc.ta tf 40e e
State of South Carolina,
JAMES D. HAMMOND, who has tieen
arrested, and is'now confined within th
bounds of the Jail of Edge field District by vir-.
tue of a capias ad 5atifacienduim. at the suit of
Charles J. Clover, having filed his petition with
a schedule on oath, of his whole estate and ef tre
fects, nwith the ur ose of obtaining the benefit De
of the Acts of tie General Assembly, common
ly called the Insolvent Debtors Acts.
Public notice is hetebv given, that the peti ne
tion of the said James V. Hammond will be At
heard and considered in the Court of Common bet
Pleas for Edgetield District, at Edgefield Court ein
Uouse, on the second Monday of March next, r
or on such other day as the Court may order. he
during tb, term, commencing on the second tal
Monday in ;.!ire.' next, at said place; and all h
the creditors of sjd Fames D. Hammond are he
hereby summoned prsOually or by attorney, pe
then and there, in said C(Url. to shew cause, if vo
any they can, why the benet of the Acts afore
said should net be granted to thb said James D. co
Hammond upon his executing the uisigument Cl
required by the Acts aforesaid.
GEO. POPE, c. s. D. chi
Clerk's Office, I a
Novr. 24, 1843. a
Novr, 29 tf 44 ree
State of South Carolina. an
Me arrested, and is now confined within On
the bounds of the Jail of Edgefield District by
virtue of a capias ad satisfaciendum, at the suit
of 0. H. Lee, having filed his petition, with
a schedule on oath. of his whole estate and ef
feats, with the purpose of obtaining the bene.
fit of the Acts of the General Assembly, com
monly called the Insolvent Debtors Acts. _
Public notice is hereby given, that the peti
tion of the said J. M C. Freeland. will be
heard and considered in the Court of Common
Pleas for Edgefield District,at Edgefield Court
House, on the second Monday of march next, or
on such other day as the Court may order, dur...
ing theterm,commencing onthesecond Monday
in March next, at said place; and all the cre
ditors of said J. AM. C. Freeland are hereby
summoned personally or by attorney, then and an
there, in said Court, to shew cause, if any they he
can, why the benefit of the Acts aforesaid ki
should not be granted to the said J. M, C. lia
Freeland upon his executity the assignment re all
quired by the Acts aforesaid. of
GEO. POPE, c. E. D no
Clerk's Office, na
24th November, 1843. co
Nov. 29 3m 4 for
Vegetable Ague Medicine, t
A Safe and certain cure for the Chills and bh
Fever in .II its complicated forms,also an cif
effectual remedy for fevers ofevery description. TI
This Medicine has been used by the propri- ne
etor a number of years in extensive practice, tl
during which time, he has treated some thou- is
sands of cases of fevers and from the success
of this mode of practice. lie is confident it must
and will be the prevailing practice in fevers. su
It never fails to perform a cure of Chills and fin
Fever the FIaST DA:. ce
Bilious, Typhus, Nercoat, Congestive, Winter glh
and Yellow lever, all yield to the use of this ac
Medicine, yad are cured by this system of io
practice in a se.rter time and with much more
certainty than by any other system of practice tli
that has ever been recommended. rat
SHEFFIELD, Fayette Co. Ala. Jan. 10, 1842.
Dr. Champion:-Dear sir, I have been a un
great favorite of Dr. Sappington's Pills. and w<
until last fall had not heard of your piils. Your ful
agent has left some in this country, and I have 1
used them in my practice to a considerable ex- su
tent, and I can with pleasure say, that as far as for
my knowledge extends, they are much supe- tal
rior to any medicine I have used in cases of be:
Feyers. I am so forcibly and from personal cva
knowledge convinced of the salutary. and all
important effects of your pills, that I am ex ch<
tremely anxious to have you make an agent in col
this vicinity. There can he a large amount
sold here for cash. Yonrs truly, alta
H. P. LEONARD, M, D. frc
- pel
DArLT.As Co., Alo., April 4, 1843. the
Dr. Champion:-Dear sir,-Of the pills the
which I received froni you, I have found sale of
for a consideiraible' quantity. I think that it mns
wil be sickly here in consequience of the wet I
spring. Your pills give such general satisfac- sai
ion here. that I am persuaded by my neigh- sol
ors to write to you for a large supply of both St
kinds. It is now known that I keep them. sam
and people wvill conic 30 or 40 miles for thiemi..
Please sentd thmemi soon, as I expect to sell all be
that I have written for by the time your agent an
is around in July.
Yours withi much respect,
Each box contains 24 pills, 12 of which arec
suffiient to cure any ordinary case of Chills wi
and Fever. Price $1l 25. and c
--A LSO- or
Possessing four important properties, for the dre
cure of diseases, carefuly and correetly combined, or
one article to assist the efect of another, for the Di
benefit of the health of muankind. tor
This medicine is recommended to the atten. He
tion of those ufilicted with Liver Complaint, (ne
Dsepsia, Dropsy, Blillions habits, Costive. fes
nss, Cholera morbuis. Rheumatism, Scrofiuia. the
foul Stomach ,depraved appetite, Worms, Con. otl
dialgen, [wvhich is known by a sinking sensa takl
ion at the pit of the stonmach,]Jaundice, Head- to
ce anud sick stuomachi, palpitationi of thle heart, cem
Diarea, Dysentery or tlux, Nervous affec- Pil
ion, Hecart burn, Whiite swelling, and all w'
those diseases arising from impure blood. fivy
Price 25 ets. per box, and for sale by g"
Edgefidd C. H., S. C. of
RISLEY & CO. Hamburg, S. tV. pu
Augusta, Gee. SP
Also, in nearly all of the tow~ns and villages, ha
aid by numier.'ns cuotry agents in all the
Western atnd Sothern States.
June 28 Gm 22
State of South Carolina.
ames T. Gray,- oeinAtah n. -
Ann Siilledge. Assumpsit.
T'I HE Plaintiff in the above case, having
3this day filed his declaration in my of
flcee, and the Defendait having no attorney, 01
knownu to he in this State, on whom a rule to
plea can ho ser ved; on motion, Ordered, that Mi
the said defendant do plead within a year and rg
a day from the publication of this rule or final
aid absolute judgment will be awarded against the
her -to
ORASMUS D. ALLEN, ec. P. des
Clerk's Ofrice, 5th June, 1843. 1 20 It
June 14 .1 0 t
Oce opposite Mr. Compty's Hotel, Edge.
field Court H ouse, S. C. Cl
September., 0 tr 3
CERTAIN and effectual cure for. A ue
Au and Fever ; also used successfully in the
atnent of Bilious Fever, Nausea, General'
bility, and Nervous Weakness.
rhe most flattering recommendations. of this
dicine have been received from many. emi
nt Physicians and others who have used it.
d it is presumed that no medicine has ever'
:n used whose action has been more benefi
1, pleasant and invigorating, and called forth'
m afflicted sufferers such expressions of.
irifelt gratitude and thankfulness. Persoir --
:ing the Pills, soon find themselves reliejed
Chil broken!. Fevergone lI! Stomackandi
ad free and healthful !!! Strength and ap p
ite increasing and .improvig, and all ner
as weakness fled.
When taken according to the directions ae
npanying them, they never fail to cure the.
ill and Fever the first day, and neversicken.
stomach or operate upon the bowels.
Their action upon the whole system is so'
rming, that persons are invariably surprised
: pleased with their rapid and complete.
to.'-atiun to health.
[iio ?ills are purely and solely Vegetable .
I the happy combination of. the ingredients
I their prop.' rtions are such as-to parduce a
dicine which .ever fails to relieve when
af is at all attainahl.
ach box contains 20 doses of Pills-Pricer'
a Dollar. For sale by
Agents, Augojsta, Georgia.
Edge i1d Court ouse.
Dr. W. W. GEIGER, .
Cherokee Ponds.
tug. 16 . 6m 29.
1HESE PILLS have long been kiOWt
and appreciated, for their-extraordiniiry'
I immediate powers of restoring .perfebr.
alth to persons suffering under nealy.every;.
ad of disease to which the human frame is
ble. They are particularly recominendedio
those persons who are afflicted with any kind
a chronic or lingering complaint, as' therer a
medicine before the public which has so
tural and happy effect upon the system in
rrecting the stomach and liver, and to the
mation of healthy chyle and thereby purify
r the blood. ...
They are acknowledged by the hundreds and
usands who are using them, to be not ol
a most mild and pleasant in their operati~n,'
t the most perfectly innocent, safe andefdi- .
mnt medicine ever offered to the public.
lose who once make a trial of these Pills,
ver afterwards feel willing to be without
ta, and call again and again for more, Which'
sufficient proof of their good qnalities.' '.
Those who have suffered and are wehrypf
llring with this distressing.complaint,will.
d Spencer's Vegetable Pills a remedy at once
rtain and immediate in its effect.. One sin
a dose of the Pills, taken soon as the head.
lie is felt coming on, will care it in one-half.
ur entirely. .
As a remedy in summer and bowoel complaints,
,y display their wonderful powers to admi
ion, and are far superior to any thing in use
these complaints.
In Dyspepsma and Liver Complaint,they stand
rivalled. Many have been cured in a few
eks, afler having suffered under the dread
complaint for years.
[n Habitual Costiveness they are decidedly
erior to any Vevetable Pill ever broughtbe- d
e the public ; and one 25 cent box wil- es
lish their surprising virtues, and place them
yond the reach of doubt in the estimation of
try individual.
Ihey are invaluable in nervous and hype.
ndriacal affections, loss of appetite, and all
uplaints to which females alone are subject.
l'hey are mild in their action, and convey
rost immnediato coanviction of their ultility
nm the first dose. They may be taken by
rsns of any age ; and the feeble. the infirm,
nervous and delicate are strengthened by
ir operaiioaa. because they clear the system
bad humor. quiet nervous irritability, and*
ariiably produaco sound health.
LIgpwards of dhrekundred and seventy lhoriw
ad bozes of these inestimable Pills have been
d withain the last twelve months in three
ates alone. and more than three times the
ne quanuty in other States.
ian anti-bilious medicine, no family should
without them. A single trial of -them is
rc satisfactory than a thousand certificates.
Tairdega Springs, Taundegaz Co. Ala.
August. 17, 1842.
'his is to certify. that I have been idfficted
th Sick Headacre, Dyspepsia and: Liver
mnplan. and Costiveness for the'last eight
nine years, duriung which time I had taken,
wellas I recollect,about sixty boxes of Beck
h's Pills, twelve boxes of Peter's Pills, and
umber of hoxes of Champion's and.Bran
th's Pills, all of which afforded me but little
no relief. At last I was recommended to try
.Spencer's Vegetable Pills, and well I did;
I never had hut one attack of the Sick
adache after 1 commenced taking the Pills,
swv about six months,) and I candidly coa
a, hat I have derived'more real benefit from
rise of Spencer's Pills, than from all. the
er Medicames and Pills diat I haye' ever*
;ei, an~d I wouild earnestly recommend them
ill, as being ini my opinion, the best medi
e in nise for all lingening complaints, The
Is have done me so munch good, that .1
uld inot feel willing to be- without them for
a dollars a box; anid I cannot but feel vgy
eful to Dr Spencer for havinig prepared
: a valuabte medicinue, and tho distribution
t is coni'erring a very great favor on the
blic. as it is a thing oralhe utmostimportance
it every family should have a supply of Dr.
ecer's truly valuable Pills constantly on
Price, 25 cents per box, with full directions.
For smale by.
Augusta. Georgia.
J1. D. TiB13BETS,
Edgefield Court House.
Cherokee Ponds,
Aug. 16 (lm 29
Sate of South CarOlina.
iver Simpson, ,
vs. Foreign AuLachment.
ddleton Belk. .)
'HE Plaintif having thIs day filed his
de::laration in this ease, in my office, and
defendanthaving no wifeorattoraey,kuown
be within this State, on whom acopy of said (
elaration, with a rule to plead can be serwed,
a ordered, that the said def'endant do plead
theO said declaration,. wiahin a year' and a
yfrom the publication of this order. or find
GEG. POPE, c. c.
arks Gfts, Edgefield C. H. April i0,4AJ

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