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,we will ding to tie Pillars of the Temple of
Oar Libertics, and if it must fall,ice will per
ish amidst the Ruins."
CDC nButruaer.
As money is very scarce. and the drought has
cnt off the prospect of the Planter and Farmer,
we have come to the conclusion, to reduce our
torms to suit the times. In future, we will put
the Advertiser to Clubs at the following low
For 5 copies for one year. $10 in advance.
".10 " ' " 1750
15 "4 " 4 24 00
20 " " " 30 00
- Either of onr presentstibsc-ribers will be taken
as one of the above Clubs.
We hotc our friends will esert themselves
in nur behalf, and try to get is a 'ew more sub
scribers, as we are at this time very much in
want of the needful.
Tnt. 1nGEFIELD MfctnANIc's WAs11
inglonian Society, will meet on Moaday
-evening r.ext.
The public generally are invited to at.
THE LATE ItAmss.-We perceive from our
exchanges, that thei ratus have been generally
heavy in other section, and that mtch damage
to the crops and plantations have been done
U. S. Sxasron FRom FLOnDA.-The Hon.
Dr. Levey, the recent able Delegate from the
Territory of Florida, is now elected United
States Senator, from the State of Florida.
A.'gentleman ofhbigher character or talents Ore
pelieve, could not have been selectedifrom
tha t State.
Washington. Poe, Esq , a * hig mitember of
Congress,'froni Georgia, has tendered his res
ignaticon. Mr. Poe in his letter, seems to take
it for granted.:that- another Wlhig will very
easily take his place in the Congressional Dis
trict. We will see twhether the people there
will sofreadilyllheed the suggestions.of their late
dissatisfied spirits of every hue and complex
"black.bitio and ga ey,"
recently assembled at New York. and called
themselves the "'Worldsb Convention." It
seems that the meeting jwas a very small one,
and was regarded as a failure. The celebra'
ted Robert Owen bore, a prominent part in it.
The grand object.of the'meetinlg seemedto be,
to remedy various social evils-in other words,
to reform the world. There was.very little
harmony in the views of these philanthropists,
about any; thing, and they adjourned without
accomplishing their great pturposes. Their
next meeting will .probably be held in thte
ABBEvIbL.E, Oct. 22.
On ialonday last commencedl our Court
-his Honor, Judge Frost presiding.
There is considerable business before the
Court, and it is thought all will not be dis
posed of during the week. It seems that
his Satanic Majesty lhas been unusually
busy in outr District, in instigating some of
our citizens to mischief-at least it would
appear so fromi the number of indictments
Rain.-WVe have had floods of rain re
cently, and there seems to be a priospect
for' a~continuation of it. The streams have
b een much swollen and considerable (lam
age has heen done to bridges in some pia
A UGUsTA. Oct. 24.
Distressing Rail Road Accident.-We
are pained to learu that a most dlistressing
-, accident occurred otn Tuesday nig~ht, above
Miarietta, otn the State Road, by whicht
-C. F. 51. Garnett, the State engineer, had
one of his thigh hones in two places. his
assistant, Mlr. Stockton, had both legs bro
ken and horribly mangled, nod the con
dluetor, whose name we did not learn, had
one leg ontirely cut off. This is the ac
count we have had of this dreadful affair,
and it has reached us so direct, that we
fear it is not exaggerated.
The accident occurred, we learn, itn this
way. The engine left the depot with a
-load of iron to be transported to the point
at which they were laying down the rail,
leaving a car laden with iron at the point
from which they started, the wheels of
wvhich during their absence became un
scotched, and it tieinag down grade the car
moved ofl a considerable distance up the
- road. -The engine having deposited the
iron, was returning in the night, pushing
the cars (upon which were Mlessrs. Gar
neit, Stockton and 'the conductor) ahead,
and as the engineer was unconscious of
danger, ran into the car wvhich had es
caped frotm the depot .-Chronicle.
E xltract from a teller from A. P. Gibson,
Esq., United Stales consul at St. Pe
tersburg, dated Aug. 30 1845,
e'ar direct from the United States is 6,
902,818 pounds; wyhereas the highest im
port heretofore was 3,150,680 pounds, in
1843. if this government should not
change their present policy in respect to
their- encouragement of manufacturing
etablishnients, Russta wtll become a great
consumer of raw conton, for the number
of. spinning, establishments is constantly
- nthe ijngrease and its siimated.,,I
competent judges, that, by the end oft i
year, there will he iti operation, iri the
whbole empire, from $60,000 to 1,000,000
or' spintdles."
FridaY mormng, the quiiity of wh ca
arriving at that port from::he West, was
no less than ene buidred-4td twetty thou
sand bushels;
Pensylvania Egioni-The city elec
tion in Philadelphia hasliresulted in the
choice of a whig Mayo&and Council.
For Mayor Swift (W.)-4,914; Page (D.)
3,928; ~Keyser (N. A.) 4,524. Swirt's
plurality 417. The whig Conncil ticket
is estimated to lave 1000 majori.i Nei
ther of theocandidates fer.thedl orality
having a majotity of all ihe votes, the
the two highest are ret-hkd to the City
Council for selection. and they have there
fore to choose between the Whig and Na
live American: candida:i.-and- as the
Councilis whig so will bebe'May or. In
the Legislature and Distric elections the
ihe Democrats have sucseeded in Phila
delphia county where--t6. Natives were
triumphant last year. .rhe:returns are as
yet too few to give any indication of the
complexion of the Legislature; but we
have lit tle or no doubt of the success of
the Democrats.- Courier, 20th tnst.
The Cities -United.-Th Magnetic
Telegraph, between New York and Phil
adelphia, will he completed by the 10th
ofnext month The 'iire extend up to
I Fort Wa.hington thnrocross the North
River, uuder wate'r-pa% through New
Jersey to New Hope anid frotn thence
down.the other side of the Delaware River
to Philadelphia. It is su 'osed ihr.- this
communication will Ie culeted between
I Philadelphia and Baltii by the first of
December, bit some doubts ar'4 entertain
I ed about its being finished in so short a
time. The line between jNe a- York antd
Washington will be cdipl-te when both
these lines are finished. Preparations are
in progress to carry o t the project so ;is
to unite Buffalo and iNew'York-and Bos
ton. All tnese lines of commjunientioni will
probably he completed before the year is
over. Boston will undoubtedly als. come in.
We learn from tie United States Ga
zette that the atrangetmni.4 for construct
ing the Atlantic. Lake, and Mississippi
Telegraph insure the coonexion between
Harrisburg and Philadelphia before the
close of November. .The writer says hi.
had just witnessed thoiating of the fIst
posts in Harrisburg; nd that. from what
he learnt, he hss no doubt thai the lin.
would be constructed .as far west as im.
mountain railroad portage, (if not all ti.
way to the Ohio at Pitisburg) before the
close of January. M .'Re-illy is aided
by some energetic coit r'actors, who have
been long connected vi h the Public Work,
of this State; and if Rnit delays occur in
prosecuting this impnrttin work it will
idently not bo theiri'a'Flt
The Oregon.-A l~ter froit %ashintg
ton I the N. Y. Commercial, inider
date of the 10th says:-- We have it from1
various sources anti-eircutilanes. that
the message will ujend a declarn
lion by Congress, oFlk ear.and uiqies
tioniile title in the tmerrittry or or
egon, a~d will farther announce. as the
solemn determintion of the Executive.
purpose to insist ipon our clairn to ihe
wvhole territory, even to the line of Runs
sian possessions-54 deg 40m"
Camden Journal
France.-At the meeting of itor~ Avol
emy of Sciecee, on Thur-it; lau.i, M
Laborde laid before the ac;cdemy' a des
criptiotn of a new electrical telegraph. lie
signal of which are mad.- by -.onnds. A
system of electric telegraph na< al-o
presented by M1. Garnier. which, however.
has one remiarkable feature-viz. a <duble
dial plate for letters or signal... nrrancge~d in
such a way as to pirevent sote ol the cont
fusion thtat exists in the presenit sy~ti .
Saturday Evening Post.
An electra magnetic telegr;tph is in prt.
gress of~ establish menit Ithghi Lontg
Island, for the purpose, pricncipally , ci inr.
porting ship news, acnd aitl he ti fepec .
tion by the 1st of Ntvetmber.. TIhis mug
gests a practical and huec cine uis lt fiht'
Te'letgraph. WVhere light honses and lookci
oujts arb situated on points, it will he easy
to notify cities atnd townts etC the distress
of mariners, and to minister to their utid.
Indeed we can see no e. d in the praci~tecnl
benefits of this application of electricity.
Saturday Evenmng Post.
The Mormon troubles arc ended for the
present at least; and the St. L ouis Reputb
lican publishes the cIorresponndence by
which the final arrangement was effected.
The Mormons state that they had deter.
mined upotn a removal, previous to the
outbreak; that 5.000 or more intend at
all even:s to remove in the spring:-th-t
the whole church desires to rem~ove:-that
they have some hundreds of farms, and
some thousand of houses which they wish
to sell :-that they wish to rent their temn
pe, &c.; and that they have sowed no
wheat : and finally, if all these assurances
do not satisfy the people. they will give
a sign not to lbe mistaken-they will leave
This proposition was received as satis
factory, and they are expected, in the
spring, to remove wvest of the Rocky
Mountains.-N. Y. Cousr. 8; Eng.
More Anneation.-E x Governor itey
nolds of Illinois, proposed a resoltutiont at
a late popular meeting in that State, of
which the following is a copy :.
"Resolved. That the chair appoint five
persons to make a report to adjourned
session of this meeting on the propriety of
passing an act of Congress to authorize
the President to purchase the Island of Cu
ba, with the consent of the white popiula
ion thereof."
We perceive not great harm in this pro
position. If the Spanish governmifent is
willing to dispose of the island for a (air
consierationt, with the consent af the
white population thereof, who would say
ay? Cuba is the finest island on the
face of the globe; and as healthy as any
other. What an immense market it
would afford for the sale of almost all kinds
of agricultural produce and manufactured
goods from this country ! The New
England benple, we venture to say, will
never object to the annexation of that Is
land, nor will the population of thue mid
deand western States.
Govearnno. Reynn o ns man of strongr
From the Consutionaist.
We have received the first cumber of
new paper by this title to be p'nblished it
New Orleans by Davis, Corcoran an(
McClure. It is to be neutral in politics
but not silent on that subject It is re
freshiog to see the increased number o
such paperA springing up in the country
Judging froi the first number we are in
clined to think this will be a rich and raca
sheet-perhaps a rival to the Pic. W
extract a portion of an article headed
Having this view of political parties, wi
can in good faith say that we will be per
fectly neutral- between them. No admin
ministration can inflict any permanen
evil upon the country, for the moment thi
attempt is made the maisses of the peoph
will, by assertin-g in a legitimate miane!
their rights, render it powerless for all pur
poses of injury. What then, we ask, i
this be really true, is all this political tur
moil about ? Why are the people period
ically irritated almost to mnaness in the
party contests of t he day? Why. goo
reader, simply because John Jones. Thom
as Brown or Peter Smith wants office
Jones, Brown nod Smaith know perfectll
well that you do not care a copper abou
them. That they might go to work an<
earn an honest livelihood, like the rest o
us. without any compassiotin or assistanci
from you. So in order to attain their end
they se' up a great cry that Jenkins. Per
kins and Dolittle, who now hold the of
fies, are great scamps, that they stea
your money, betray your interests, are op
posed to the welfare of the country, at
would overthrow that government whicl
you love and those institutions which yeot
venerate. Jenkins and company retor
the charge. and say that Jones and hii
friends only want to come into power it
do the same t1 ing. You divide into par
ties, Hnrrah for Jenkins! Hurrah foi
Jones! You quarrel, you fight, you art
estranged, brothers divide. father and sor
cease to speak. At last you vote. Jen
kini or Jones wins. They reap the ad.
vantages--and things go on jnst the samt
as ever!
Such contests as this we shall avoid
and while others tany labor for ephemera
party triumphs, we shall, as far as wi
discuss political stbjects at all, endeavoi
to establish general and wholesome truthi
and contribute our mite to cuhivate ant
improve genuine American feeling.
With this exposition of our neutralit3
no doubt Janet, and Jenkins, and theii
blind adherents,. will he dissatisfied. bt
the sober and reflecting part of the peoplf
will, 'ye are assured, give it their heart3
E nglish Gullibility.-The Enlish pa
pers are amusing themselves and horrify
ing their philanthropic readers with '
wonderful account of certain "slay
shackles," twenty thousand in numper
says the London Times, which -=fair
divers have trtught up from the wreck o!
the steamier Missouri. These twetH
thousand shackles amount, in all proba
bility, to nothing more than a few dozer
of handcuffs intended, as is usual in all
vessels of wvar for the especial benefit ol
refractory seamen. But John Bttll is it'
ecstacies'at having dliscovered that Brothet
Jonathan fits out his armed vessels tc
arry on the slave trade. John is deci'
redly the most aulliblc of all anmmals.
A fter this hoax of the shackles wvho shall
set haunds to his credulity ?-Evenina
"lndependant Catholic Chzuch."-lt
appears from thte Cincinnati Ga:etle, thal
the movement in Germ any is about to be
followed in Cincinnati, by the estabtlish
met of att independent Catholic Church
The Ga:eue says: -We understtmi
there is tmovement in this city to establist
an independlent Catholic Church, in ac.
ordnce with avowed principles of the
Reformation now in progress in Germany
A city Germanty paper contains a call foi
a pastor of a new Catholic Chutrch. It ih
ttderstood that the subscribers to thi:
Church are numerous, and t he mtain objeci
of their association is t he establishment o
a Catholic Church, independent of ths
Pope and Bishops."
Mr. Calhoun in the Senae.-T he wisi
is expressedi int every quarter, by Whti1
a~ well as Democrat, by friend and foe
that Mr. Calhoun shouldi return to the
Seate of the United States. The simple
intimatiotn of his willingness to do so,
would, we are very sure, prompt both ol
the present inenrnbents cheerfull3 to make
way for him; and the State wotuld, at
heerfully anti proitly, avail itself oithit
noble generosity, to gratify the desire sc
generally felt to etmploy once more, in thue
highest office in her gift, the distinguished
indiviual, in whose integrity, genitts aml
and fore thought, all parties combine t
express such unhesitating confidence. The
Senate of the United States, we may add
erb much needs such an acquisition al
this juncture.-Palriot.
End of the Mormon War,-The St.,
Louis Republican. Ocotber 8th. publishes
acorrespondence between several citizens
af Hancock county, and "the twelve
Councillors of Nauvoo, w hich it st ates may
be considered as announcing te close ol
he Mormou difficulties, at least un'il next
.pring.-Augusta Constitutionalist.
R igious revivals in Alabama.-From
Lhe Mobile Herald we learn that there is a
powerful religious revival in Tuscaloosa
and the adjacent country, and that among
the distguished converts are numbered
the Hon. Mr. Belser, and the Hon. W.,
L. Yancy, members of the late Congress
f the U. States.
A Speed~y Process.-A young mulatto
voman, in Pittshtnrg the- other dlay cor
plained thtat the father olf her haby,
a white man, had stolen her child. The
tderan, knowing that a writ of habeas
orpus would be a slow process, issued a
;earch warrant for the child's clothes,
which the woman described. The con
table found them and returned them- to
he mother with the baby in them.
-The Bowuiful West.-T he Buffaln
narket intelligence shows the fact thin
sense, who knows that Cuba is destined
ere long to form part of ihe great A esni
cat Conference. The Engehsh wil grn-a
ble at it in unison with our own mtaleon
tents-but those 'people, opposed to the
onward march of Democratic power. are
destined to live and <ie grumbling. Lei
them, then, grumble to the end of the
chapter. The face of manking mu-t not
be changed 'merely for their pleasure.
But what will they sity when Ireland if
annexed ? This glorious event will hap
pen before they think it will-and thei
making the seuthern passage from Europ
vie port of Ravanna will be right in th<
way of the Dish members of' ongress or
their voyage to Wastiingto.-N. 0. Cour
The Governnr of Georgia has issuet
his I roclamation ordering an election It
be held in the Thiril Congressional Dis
trict of that State of the 5tc day of Jan
nary next to ill Ithe vacancy' in the 29t0
Congress, occasioned by the resignation o
Washington P se.-Ereninp News.
Villlerismt.-Joshuia V. Him s, tht
great prophet of Millerism. isnow preach
ing in Maine. Having fonnd all INh
other calculat ions of the end or the worl<
erroneous. ie has, like a good boy. rubbef
out his sum and commenced afresh. H
now declares that the true (late is 147
and in this he is sore there can be no mis
take, because tiere beiu not time beyont
this provided for tie existence of the work
in the Aponcilypse, and all preerding pe
riods having proved wrung. ohis must. o
course, as the lates' possible date. ie thic
right one-an excellent argument. ai
one vhic'h no dleubt willhbe uninsiierable
until the appearance of-the Al-teannr fi
1I48.-Evening News.
Prairie Rotel.-ni% e l-arn frin Iie St
Louis Reiipublican. that a tew%~ eiterpris
has been entiaged in. by : Mr. Gooedvear
ar-ompanied by five 'or six adveninres
lie inteiis to open a th:eif %it;t house (It
ihr Praii es, for the acciv' nodniion t
coitpalies I'ig tor. gei er CAlilor
nia. lie itietifs hcildding a hiouese. -.
rathier a kimil of fort. ant phe:tin a smand
tarin. hv *%hih-li . k% ill be able sup
fresh veneta.lI to. Ynh aize'. -. ie-.o, mid at
tother "ace<.mtidaei n,for man sn.
henst." ' We vat !'arcely dolubt shal tho
>-Ore.,n awl Cahorn . I'avere." or Ith
"Prairie Ltel." or whatever other untm
he may onifor,in lets ioise of e-nterttii
ient. will mi ,#t aId receive, , the lit phr:s
goes, --a large share of piublic piairotnage.
The N. Y. Heiald proeti that we art
sotito hao e an era elf -euli nit
-.nrpc:s.c.t by 'hit '1t 1835 11n4! 'G I sIay
ihe banks tiroighuc t ite eointry are im
creseing their eireiaitio and ecredits t at
extriardinry extent.
Home.-Th c-re ih. a wiorld where lit, s:eormw
it rude, a heaven of t0'etv wg1iist tIc
tempest of life. A liii e' - 'trill of j'e4 act
hev. ofi menceeoe-.Aind toriiqeiity. S114
picion. are nit ihere, otir jealtv'st's. ncel
fal4- hod with her d.nble iitgue. nour fih
venim ef inndter. P.ace emrt ibrace-th i
nim outead wievc. Pt soy broledeil
the're calso.-M he a m. en entiereth ie, hi
foreiethtt hi seirrow-s, and e.are'., and dis
atppiints, h~.te enetet his hear te
cofiee'te. and en pleaisur'eenot eruingles
with remvere. This nc olh is thei nelol or
deted heome of a ir ucic aned i aicl n~ U
We arie regnocxted tel cn ittn i the ibI<
igainist rt'eeivinig 5 hree ten dltl.iir hill-- ci
ice Bane k eef Sunthc(, Caroclinia. nictumbee
497.,498 eode 300, cc the ritb, (iticlhunt
tie cereespincegi tiec'aeihrs onc the' ileti.
daced 1.h IiSepe , 184.5, antd' tey.ehh tee
Wmci. . lenne , cer betr, r. suiedt hi
neither rhe President cir Cashier. tee lull
hatvineg nie-vr beeni isued h- tic Benk.
Comier. Oct 23
Fromu the Bo'ston T' sunse-riptf 19thc inst.
A RtUVAL elE TA t-, 3'rEAti-ItP in ilcucatA
T'he Royaln S'e-aitnyt Hiber'ino arric-<
at heir nc h-arfin Ect.-t B.o, at 94 eeteek
briging seven dagsj iater nie'w ifrom Enc
rope, und maiiuii tier ph-essue ine fftr
days, lie sailed tfrcc:e. Liverpooel ecn th
4th inst.
ec mcake ur extractis chieflc fro, the
Eurocpiani Ticmes:
Commcerciul.-The Cotton market
which was dull this day wceek, act ih
sailinie of thle Greait Brit ant. still conitinutes
itt an itncetive. stale. Pthe cenOtinl ens fit
maust deiscriptiones, exeps enc lIiatnds,
have r' ceded ani Ad tier ii , aced aut thc
time nie wri'e, the- maerkei is hcevy. weli
a downwitiard tendentty. *The a'bsorbcinic
feeling mn railwca) sinares maiey have pi .ri
tially conutributecic to ii, antd t te risienj
p~rice elf provisiecns. with the applrohmt 01
winer. is ailso inotie takeni ine'e atcout.
The Ceom .-itiee of Brokers have declarec
the price fir the presenlt wecek co lie
Bwcedh, 4Ad.; Mojbile, 4jed.; aind OJrleans,
'rThe Corn market cotinues firm ;n andc
the fine weather wchichi prevniledl last week
at the sailing of the steacecer, htavmnn tbeen
followed by repceated and heavy hflis
rain, the tmarket, ine the early part of tne
present week. acqeuiredt additionnal fira'.
ness and continues so, with a slight draw
back, at the present time. Large quaneti
ties ocf Flour are daily arriving trom i he
Uited States anid Cantada -ande from the
nature uf rihe advices recently sent aeross
the Atlantic, the supply 'from those
ruarters, there is every reason to bcelieve,
willicreacse. Fromt the cause, at which
we glanced in our last puiblication, the
imprt rate oii W heat has advanuce-dh to 1S
-h-result of' the inferior qualitities
thrwni on the market..
Tlhe' Produce mnarkcts arce tm Sc) active
as they have been. Rice is ini le'ss de
mandi. Sugar has receeded a little, with
less inquiry, while the price of Foreign
Coffee has improved ac shade.
Prospects of thce Uar'est.-.The reporti
which have reached its sine ouer last. res
pectigt the proigress made wich, the bar
vest in the ntorth, are n'oi of a character io
allay the excitement "previously felt- or
the subhect. Thie heavy rain cvhich fell
tip ,to the s instnnt wns sunceded bv
dry; but unusually cold wanther. harpj
frosis were experienced *on the.ijights:f I
tte 22d and 2.3d instant, and thougli the
temperature has since -risen, the shift of
wind to the southward threatens a return
of wet. The interval of dry weather has
hitherto been of too soort duraiion to ad
'mit of much corn. being carried, and the.
extreme cold has prevented that tint before
ripe making much progress towards ma
turity. It is, therefore, feared-and not
without reason,-thot the more backward
parts of the ktngdom may fare even worse
than the south.
From Ireland the complaints in regard
to this matter are. however. becoming
general; even along the west coast, where
the crop -.as previously stated to have es
caped injury. the root has, it is stated,-been
liscoverd to have been attacked. An the
southern parts of the Island the bulk of
the grain had, we are informed, ,been got
in. andl even in the north the fields were
lfast being cleared. On the whole ne are
disposed to think that the harvest will
turn oit better in Ireland Itan on this side
of the channel. Thie rise in the England
markets had the effect of causing an ad
vatce in the value of both the wieat and
Increased value of Railways.-The im
provei-eoit itt the incomes of existing rail
n avs still continues, and durtng the last
two m'ittths amount to upwards of $200.
j 000 on comparison with the corresponding
two moni'hs of 1844. The lines whicl
have reduced their fares most liberally are
r the greatest gainers.
High Pricc of Iron in France.-Several
I of the Piris journals notice, itt connection
with the railway question, the high price
of Iron. The Siccle. in particutlar.states
that not onk is the price of iron for rails a
Vreat otistacle to enterprise. but that it
will he utterly impossible to obtain the
qnanits it Fritnce which will he required
ir ih.- next four years. without the erec
lint of aditional ironworks, demnditnim
at enrulstn' capitlt, and which probably
co.1, 1tiat he rai-ed by irdivitiuals.
Pants. Sept. 30.- Mich atetition has
iai wn paid inl this . atital. both by the press
and the public. to the recent arrivals froit
I se U,,iitd States with respect to Mexi:"'.
I The protabilit -f war or no war has
'ten disc ( sed; bit all the journals and
itl parties are numinmos in thr:,king tlna
it a ould he the very height of 'oilly for
- exico ti tteinipi hostililis.
The title of the Ttte,, of London, of
he fimhutg orslave shackles in iie wreck
of the nohl.- Ai-rieai vessal, the llis-ou
* ri, hts been received inl thiv city with va.
I ried feelin~s of contempt, disbelief, and
I indigoation. All otir jomurnals. without a
single ,-xcepwio. d,-signate it' as a false.
I liiil. inny etitfacterise it is as a most
infn-tious enaliinny, and some think it a
lie - m-instrously ,tpid as ns.. to merit
lie - -nor of a- insni er.
Wasaitgtion Irving's arrival ;it B'orde
iux. frot, M:idrid. was rnnounced some
.da s non, andtt( it wastsid that he was en
r tistetd n ith - sper ijll mission to i .e G*
ermetit ot Fr-ince Up? ti this timte.
5 hit ever, he ithas not: --rrived it Paris. Mr.
Kitih. b- Am- rictm Mittisier itt this coun
Stry. htas ri'-inrnt!d tt Paris. ad resumtied
hi< duetiest. atfter haiving srive-lled for a few
Swee-ks ini Switz.'rlandu al Italy.
The ensus fromi Algier's is atf the usuatl
ebtaract ar-colttntiual ..ttlbreaks ol' ifh
-inative's itt the provincees subfjencied to
Fnutce, venge-ance of thme Freitch author
it ic,. amti ihreteinedl at tac-k fromi A bd el
on rthe 23d 7iinse. tat tise residence im this IDistrie-t,
itn the 7dthi year aot lis ane,. who w-as bl'coveud
tatd tespe. ted by all who kniew tiim. ish ex
s emsp lary fle synake the petrity of~ his hear
othe irs as te w. l d they shouls d do utoo htimt
lie ha~s lefi an t aftia tilonate son (whit lived w ithi
htti ay yaris.) tand otte granidson,. witht osh
er rintit and5 mitl 1.1iny fr i'ends tat monrns the lust
lt his cunipanty htere, wvhile htis.pirit un iites in
the ichurah tr~hniot~t it praisa- tie Gtd i
trist for a blessed immortstality. T.
C1oanant reia I.
IiAlsneno, Oct. 23.
Codon.-Sintce outr last publicaition, wve
ha've receive~d aiccotants fromi Liverpo. I to the
20ttthi., by the steamier Gieat Britain. beiig
eigiti datys liater. The accoiuits sho- il notma
terialt chaaitge in the price of Cotton. the market
had been idull attd sales rathler limited, anid in
some cases were imade at rather a deaclinie us
, prices. The .fefibi of these acconuts, have
.beetn to cause a dechnte itt New York atid
jChiarli-ston mattrkets, say 1.4 a 3 8 of a centt.
Ini this itiarket very little effect has beeti pro
daced, as the receipts are very light, and oar
kniyeis are antxioins so purchatse'; they keep utp
to abuitt old rates. say ordinicry to imiddliing. 6j
I'063; mtiddling fair to fair. 7 a 76; good fait
to fine. 7( to 8 cenats. We ar'e inclined to
think tat our qiouoitns would nout be sets
faitneil if the article was freely o8'ered ott the
Grain and Bread Sufs.-The late Euro
peant ntews is imaportant, its tonchi g the price
of Grout and Provisions genterailly int this conn
try. We tnotice, that in New York,* Phtiladel
plia, aitd Bialtimsore, qntite sin exciteitent has
been tirotduced by speculators in Corn, Wheat.
Rye, Oats. Floor, &c.. all of whaicht had ad
vanced conseiderably itt price. This will, of
cettrse.caitse a corresponiding advrice int our
80thtce anid WVesternt markets, whlich is un
fotuinatte lor us at this timie, as a large g~i.
rity is wanted for- our own consutmptiotn, over
and abotve what is now ini the cotuntry. The
only beneefit that will result to thse people of~
this State, wilt be a little advance in the pirice
of Rice. Corn can be hadl here at 62 to 65
cents, although holders tire miore firm. anid
seett to antticipaite atn adlvance on these rates.
Floor is plentty, and goes from $16 to $7, ac
cording to quaility. Bacon is plenty and pri
ces rather tendiing downwards.-Republican.
TL be N otice.
T LLb si at the ltte reridenice of Mrs.
TRiuth Boting. decased, inear James GrifG
flis. ont she 13th Novembher next, all the- per.
sosnsal estate of said deceased. conssistng of
sixteen likely nietroes, stock itf horses. ciattle,
hongs. & c., a lot of corn, fodder anad hiouseholl
and kitchetn fignitture.
Oct 29 2:40
T7'he [email protected] of trsot B. MATS,
announce htin as a candidate for the Office
of-Tax Collector at te ae t'electon
To. likskicans. Planters m er
rZI H E Sui:erulier eid r eUi
.3. ceivinig large lsupI ofi
Drugs, HIe IleiE Pints,
from one of the-largest Importnni eioses a
the city of Augmstaand - selling iem
oii Cournisszos, at'the-Augtstta:1
or wholeale ptices fo eCo$r,..
on a sh'ot credit :
To which-he vould mnouTesipectfully call tid
attention of the PhvieinsPlantersFaimI
-lies, and f f-othere hdwisysh topurdlise
any article in this brancIrofb piney%
Persdna from- dist'iinord 0n f .ima
rely upon-r'eceiving then'-o
and at the -lowe'stmarket'upris
A full supply I~AM7LrfW GAVES -
will be kept on retail.and'she in'staihfilat'
tention givento2Phys~ciaiiAWJtFm1ia .pre
Among hse mian3y aricles oft Jitiock
is compogted. are Li :folloin
Calomel, and Pilldues Hy1a .i
of Mander, Weaver,:anid:-Afaqdr SlateI
Acetate, and Hydrochlorati - o p re'Morpb-n
Piperine. Srychnne. andIdine ms
phate de Q inin, Hydriodel a is
osot. lpicaeJalap Super. on
da. Cidan of Tartai Eneti
DR .U:G.8
Gntn Galbanum. Camphor,Alp6 .AY*
Opium, Denarcotized do.. Balsam sCpaiat
Cubebs, Sarsaparilla extractlandrot,-St
Nitre. &c. &c.
O 1 L S
Lnmpol. Linseed. Train, Sw eet, d'cold
expressed Castor Oil. -
While Lead, of different brand 1%. aaddqu li
tCies. ground in oil, and in kegas. Dry White
Lead. Crome' Green. Crons Yellow; Yellow
Orcre. Stote Orcre, Red tjneadLitharge,
Lamp Black. :Verdigris. litieTorpentine,
CopaM Varish, Japan. and Black or Lether
Among which - are Pusainte lion
Spanish Float Indigo. Carolina Indigo ad
der. Copperns. Anatto. Brazil Wood-Log
Wood. Cam Wood. and Nic-Wood.
8 R U 1i4 E1 C
Paint Brcbel of all sies Clth tin.,Toothr
Fnrnatnre. Fesl. Nnil. White Wish. Black
ing. Hoe se, Tanners, Dostinr. Brooi..Hearth.
Shaving. Comb. Sweeping. Scrnbbing, and
Painters' Dusinr Brusles together with a
variety ofr other Bushes. ned by Painters, and
others. nost herein menionerd.
Among the nanny of which ar the.llow
inp. viz: Swain's Pnneen. Fathnastock's Ver
miriee, Thomponn's- Eve Water.- Henry'
Calcined Mngne-sia..Jaynes' Expectorant. Pe
ters' Pillk Rownn' Tonic Mixtnre,-Hair Ton~
ic. ii..fat's Pills. Te nic Bitters' snd Compo
sirion. &c.. mogether with n gen .aralssnrt-.
ment of the most popiar nostrums of the day.
Window Glnss of varienssizes f'n 6
to 20-30, ~
The above esta-blishment will be ebnducted
by Dr U.laybrook, who has land codsiderable
esperience in tlIe apothecary husiness. andMr f :r
the last two year. a pracrtitioner of medicine.
Edgefield C. H.Oct 25th J845r if 40
Edgefield Hussars Attention!
4PPEA R on youir parade ground at Edge.
.fi.-let (snri Honse. 'en the 3d1 Saturday
ina November nexn, fully armed anad equipped '
feot drll. An elections wilj be held ni the sme
time and place, for a May-jer to command the
Edgefield Squadron ol Cavalry-all crders to ~
the coanrnry are hereby coeuntermanaded.
Lients. Lanha an md David Boawell are ap
pointe~d matneers..
Octuhcer 29 3t 40
A L Feersare occasioned.- by, the .disor
dee otiona of the blaod, produced by
the humiroral serosaity of' haardeiig the valves
of thce vessels. The blood circulates with greatly
increased speed and is still increased by dhe
t'rictionc of the globlules. oi- particlesivbich'com
paose the mass of fluids. . 'Theu it 'is: that the
excesaive heat and chills ice extierienced thro'
out the wheelsesysteam, ad accompanied. with
greatthairst. pain ina the head. back, kidnaeyh,
anud in fact a coamp.ete prostrationi of a'L. she *
faculties of the minid as well, as body.
Osn the first attack of. fever, or any disease,
isnamediately take a la' edoee of .'Brandretks
Vegetablc Universal P'l& 'and continue to kep
tip a por erful effect upon the boawehantatiae.'
fe'eer or pain has entirely cedased. Sii or eight
will in moest cases betticient'asa'first dose,
and one dose of this kind.it isrit %naprobable~
rmsy prevetut monthis of sickiness, perhays
death. -
Dr. Branctreth's Vegetable Universal -Pills
are mtdeed a universally approvea inedicine,
which by its pecniiar actionc clean'ses the blood
of all unpauritiese removes -ever. Paia and
Weakness, anti finally restosie 'Constita
tiona to perfect hseolih and vigo.<
ILThe Pills are'sold a r..IraiureL'a' fj
/1ee,:241 Biroadwaty, N Yoir Also, by Blandy
& Baider, Edgefield C. ; 8. S .)larks -Co.,w
Hamburg, J. S. 4' D. C ..Mplg eetng
Street;- If.41 .C'oleaanatNew Markt;,%
Sullivank iNauer, red'woodi . Meirri
man. Cokeabury.
Oct 29 5t 40 .
O7'W ie auihloided to annonace
NIGRAHA Esq as. a anidate ifer4
-rdinb~ o Esgeai t t ati
uetee t pSa
......b .., . .

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