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P E O 0 R
Tr Cossto Eas o1 THE PooR FOn,
- . TER2ITl845:
From the 30th September 1844, including the
e xpenses of Musioners, boarding, w ith their
friends, and'poir house expenses, the dif
ferent quarters of the-year hereimstated, up
to the 30th September. 184.
Ocdlo 7,1844.-1st Quartcr.
Aamcs. Am't. paid.
Attaway. Sarah 3; Almon, Mary 5 8
Adkins Martia and Oliver ' 5
-Benton. nIS
Brightwell, Sarah 50
Bryant, Catharine 3 50
Bryant, Nancy
Baker Joicy and children 7
Bartlet, Sr., Thos. 5
Bledsoe, Catharine 4
Corley. Winney and children 7
Clark. Barbara 5; Cotton, Jonathan 7, 12
Claxton, Mary 5; Couch, Sarah 5, 10
- Clegg Elizabeth 4
Clark John's children
iConch Tabitha And Baily 1170
Devore, Sarah 5; Duncan, Phoebe 5, 10
Dye, Elizabeth 3; Evans, Daniel 6, 9
Evans, Mary and children 5
Frazier, Mary 10; Free, Margaret 5, 15
- Fountain, David and Jane 5
Fountain, Jane (a child) 3
Franklin, 51artha 5
Fountain, Mary (a small child) 5
Fountain, Sarah 5; Glenn William 4 9
Gunnels, Sally 5; Gentry, liezekiah 5 10
Gollman, .1assey
Gardner, Elizaboeth 8
Coodwin, rabitlha 8
Gardner, Nancy
Glover, N inney 3
Gofi', Mary Jane 5
Hathcock, Alry
flester. L'heuley 10
Havley, Jacob 5; Howard. Cyntha 5 10
Hlavly, Sarah 5, Harris, John 3 8
Johnson, George and wile 10
Jordan, Henry and Martha 4
Jobson, Mlary 3
Johnson, Phoebe and children 5
Lowe, Eleanor 10
Logan, Lucy
Lybrand, Reuben 5
MtcDaniel. William and wifo 3
loris. Sidney 6
Marlow, Elizabeth 5
lattl.ews, Luke 5
Martin, Soloinon5; Murphy, Elijah10 15
May, Nancy and sun 6
Miles, Catharine 4 50
McCullough. Satiah 5
McDaniel, E 7 l orris C 5 12
Matthews, Viney 5; Napier' Nathan 10 15
Nichol3on, Elizabeth 7
Nettles, William and wife 6
Napper. Catharine 10
Outz. Sophia and Michael 5
Orander, Lydia5; Pond, Elizabeib 5 10
Patterson, Alexande: 5
Pollatly, Sarah 5
Pollatly. Barbara
Pardue, Mlargaret -
Price. Elizabeth and children
Penny, Llizabeth 5; Price, Mlarv 5, 3t
Rmniley, .Mary 3
iRumley, Lljah and daughter 5
Rutton, Jon1 8; Ruse, .liartiiz 5, 13
BAdlord, Matilda d
Ho______________ 4
Raburn. Sr., Hannah
Rotten, Mary.s child 3
Radlead .ile-. 5, Riddle, Eliza 5 10
RnbirnJr. Hannah 6
Stetfe. Ae rs. and enildre n 10
Saniiders, Elizabeth 5
Sunmerall, L-,dred 12 5
8nipes, Jane 5; Smith:, Sarah' 3, t)
Sheppard, Malrtsn 3
Stone kiebecca .3
Sadler, Elizabeth J0
Stephens, Matilda 4
Snth:, Jacob:3; Stevens, liester 4. 6
T1eiinple, Thlos. and wile
Tiamnage, Malrgarewb; Tisick. tharris 4. 9
Temples, Raeniel7; 10miphins, .31ay 5 , 12
Vangimn, Ann 4
WVood, Sauel C. and wife 5
WVilliamii, liannan 3
Walls, Marthai and chlilreni8
Weatlherhord, tjizabeth.5
Wooilenhob, Mary 5: Yung, 8. 2. 7
J. C. Scott for do~lweymg J. 1iolmies
and famnily tu Poor House, It)
649 70
January GthL. 1845.-2ml Quarter.
Panpers A'ames. Amn'L paul.
Almnon, M1.5: Adkins, 31 and U.5, it0
liryant. N 3350; iaker,J & canId'n 2, 10? 50
la'rtlet, Sr. T1 5; Uleus..e. C 4, II
Corley, W and children, 7
Clark, B 6; Cottonm, J 7, 12
CIlaxton, M1 5; Ceiuch, 5 5. 10
Clegg, E 2; Clark. J's children 7, 9)
Deivore, 5 5; LDuneau, P 5, i10
Dye, I) 3; Evias, 1) 6,
Evans, M1 and chilrire, 5
Frazier, 31 5; Free, M 5 1
fountain, D anid J 5
Fountamn, J (a child) 3
Franklin, M5
Fountain, 31 (a small childJ)5
Glenn, W 4; Gunnels, S 5,.
Gentry, K 5; Gollman, M1 51
Gardner, E 8; Goodwmn, T' 5 13
Gardner, N 8; Ulover, Ws 3 1
Golf, 3M J 5; d-athicock, .u 2 7
Hester, C 10; klavaey, J 5
Hioward,C 5; H aviey,85 1
Harris, J 3; Horn, A 5
Johnson, G ant wife 1
Jordan, H and 31 4; Johnson 31 3 7
Johnson P andl children 5
Lowe, E 5; Logan, L 5 1
Lybrand, R 5; Mecuaniel, WV & wife 3 8
Morris, 5 6; Mvarlow, ES51
Matthewvs, L 3; Martin, 8 5 10
Murphy, E 10; May, N and son 6 16
Miles, C 4 50, McCullough. 8 5 9 50j
McDaniel, E 7; Mattews, V 5 12
Morris, C 5; Mliner, 1) J
-Napier, N 10; Nettles, Wt and wile 6 16
Napper, C 10; Nixon, J 5 15
Olutz, S & M1 5; Orander, L 5 10
Pond, E5; Patterson, A 5 10
Pollatly, 5 5; Pullarly, B 5 30
Pardiue, M1 6; Price, E & children 5 10
PeInv, E5; Prince, M 5 1
Rniey, M1 3; Rumley, E & dagh'r 5 8
otten,.J 8; KRose, 31 5 13
Radford, M1 8; Rowe. Ml 4 12
Raburn Sr., A 6; Rotten, M's child 3 9
Rad ford, M. 10- Riddle, E 5 15
ichairdson, Tr & wife 5
Rdbur Jr.,.Hannah 6
Seefe, Mrs and childrerr 10
aunders, E 5; Summnerall, E 1'2 50 17 50
Snipes, J 5; Smith, 8 &r J0
Shesgerd,.M 5; Stone, R 3 8
Sadler, E 10; Stephens, M1 4 14
Smxith, J-5; Stevens- H1 4 9
Temple, TI and wife 3
Terry, E 5; TaylorM... 3 8
Tamge,315; is~ick; H 4 - 9
Temples, R7; Tl'ampkins;iM 5 12
Vughan. A4; Woiod, SC &.wvife 9
A m't. paid.
Williams, 115 -
Walls. N1 and children 8
W eutherlord, E 5; Walton, W 5 10
Whittle, N1 8; Woulenholi. IN 5 13
Walker, J 3; Whatley, Al & S 5 8
Young, S 3
Mr. Mobley for coffin for Daniel
A iner, 3
51r. M1obley for coffin for Han
nah Raburn, Sen. 3
Miles Radford 3
J. Covar for coffin for Sarah
Gunnels, 3
Griffin, Sen. J 7 50
McCarey. L 5
642 00
Persons names supported at the pocor house
since the last report, Ocrober term 1844, to
30th Sueptemer 1845:
litchard Taylor, Frederick Eason, John
Wite, aaney Mayp, Francis Mays, Aney
Boatsey, .scGilesengh childrei, daily Plymuale,
and choid, l'icey Lee. Margaret Frish, David
Wheeler, recently from dhe Asylum, Lydia
Garvin, 8yutha Ulover, recently dead. Pres
eal no 15.
RosET BRYAN, Treasurer, in account
with the commissioners of ik: Poor for
Edgejield iiirict, in 1644 und 1845.
Oct. 7th 1844, Paid first quarters ex
penses of 'uor House, including
Agents salary, medical services,pro
visions, cooking. clothing, in ad
vanee trom ;sn Sept. to lst Mon
dasy in Jaseary, 145, $132 00
Jan. lhi 1:44a. Paid second quarters
expenses of Psior House, 170 95
Jan. till '45, Pan W. P. Durisoe for
prMting nisces & report to Jndge, 15 00
April 7th '44, Pad tiurd quarters ex
peises of* Poor Cionse, 161 87
Jety 7th '4Z, rad 14mnth quarters ex
penises tor Pour tiouse. includmng
porovisions tor nearly 6 mnutes. 2d 59
August 4tii *4,o. Paij Capt. W ard for
bringing David Wheeler from the
Asyinm it) Court Hou-e. 14 00
Aengust4tn '45. Paid C. H Goodman
for twardinag & lodging V. V ijeeIer
four days, 3 75
iov. 19th '44, Paid to Asylum for Dat
vid Ws eeler -:;0, June do. $50, 100 00
A ov. 191h '44, Paid to Asylma for lMis.
VoWWIr $50 ; June 11o. '4.> $50. 100 00
Nov. Jit '44. Pmd to .As.e)um for
.i1rs. .tlorgana 450t .sine'45 doa. $50. 100 00
No%. l9tte. Vaid its Asyum Ihr titar
riet Blease? $50; Jue ti'45-(.$0U. 100 00
3ep1t. din '4u. 1'aid chais carriers fer
snrvejyig iwo tracii of fInd. 4 00
aetpt. 6it 15, 'a l . V1iite, L) S.,
for am veying anid ljt .tisg two tracts
land, 10 00
Sept 310th '45, Paid i'rewn. & Gry
al.,' account for sugar, cflee and
other articles i ierciiadise fur
P1o04 fHouese, 18 63
ZepA.30ms '4,, Pnid .W- F. Durisoc
for pilshiisig noti,:es 0 36
bepit. 30:ji '45. Paid S. Sentell for
Cloihig and sewing. 8 16
$1,177 03
Add comnissions for payiig out, $20 42
$1,206 45
October 7th '44 Balance of cash on
hanl of' fts tax os 1842 and '43, $2039 99
Oct 7tw '44. ftec'd of Ui. bnuiware
in tax e'xeeitions for 1842, 10' 15
*Jani. dis '45, flec'st ei H. Iounlware
- 0o1 i.ix L'eeitios for '43, 7 50
April era '-15, tte'd of HI. IJantware
ons tax execUtionss for '43, 12 13
Aptril Stn '45,. Amn'nt of ntnexapended
huhiece ot the tax sof '4'4 and 43, $2075 77
March 1 ith 1845, lieceive~d of John
Queattlebhtnm, TI. C., in part sif the
poo taxof '44, 1200 00
Alay 1t '45, itesceivosd of'Joehn Qntat
tiehium m part of' tax at '44. 300 00i
June2ntd '45. Receis ed of John Quat
tiebumsi en pairt oi tax si '44 500 00
Jnnse 7tii 4:>. Ueceiveei of'Johnii Quat
tiebin p sart eef tax of' '44, 2300 00O
July 7th '45, fle-ceivesi ol'Jsshn Qnat
ttsim bulaee osf the tax ofl'44 in
full, 66 31
July 7th '43, Atmonnt received of J.
Queaittlebnmse.T1. C., $43760 31
JAoas by commiiiission for receivirla 2.3
per cent, 109 15
$4257 16
Thie aibove exibits the amnoun t reei-r
- ved of .J. Qunatelebsum. 'T. C.. it he
iing tne prssceeds of thee assessmnent
of 34 peer cent ie'viedi by tihe beoard
of' csmmiijssieris els the 1st .llors
any ins Janusary last, scn the genteral
taxt.h te IJistrict, for theyeai '44, $633? 9.1
Secpt 30ths J845, Cr'. b3 cash pard
personts heardinsg withs thieir fries
en ilhe lDistrme't, aend othes expteses
as beefore sted, $2591~l 55
'iet. '30ih, Cr. cash paid to
ilie A~sbsn used Poor
11eonce A genst., sallary
ptrovisins, muedicta sur
vices. e'Iothmzg, &c, 1206 4,y
$-3798 00'
ilalance on hand. 549
ROB~aTr lfRYAN. Treasurer.
Chumrnan of Board.
JeinN llutf:T, Clerk.
.s'fp: 80 It 40
ta lSouth ( aroliua.
' Y Jt'llN .dLL, Esquire, Ofdinary of
.N Edelield District.
'V nseras, Stanf'ord F. May hiath applied to me
f'or Lesters of AdI.ninistration, on all anid sintgn
tar the goods tend chttites, rights anid cre-ditseof
Juoie Gitta, late of thse Ditrict afesaiid
dleceaesede; these are, fterefosre, to cite anid
admeomcsht all antd misgiar, the kinidred aend crcd
itors eel ile staid deceensed, to lbe and appear bce.
fore sil, at esnr ne-xt Ordinary's Court f'or ihe
sad Disesrict, ts be holdens at Edge6eld Court
ilosee on5 tse teneti duy of November uiext, to
show catuse, if ansy, why te stid adnuinistration
should nest be gransted.
Given nderissy hasnd anid seal, this 22d day
of Oct., it the yur of our Lord (sie thiousansd
eight hunidred, amte feorty fiv>, and in the 70th
year esf Asmerican Intdepentdene.
JOH N H ILL. o. a. D.
Octosber29 2: 40
U'FOREsWA RN all persons from trading for
a . Noie of hand given by the subscriber to
Johsn Leuwise foer six hundred deollars ($600.') da
ted abont thte 18th or 19th of Augnaut, and duea
1st of Janntary. l847, as-tihe piroperty for which
said Neote was gtivean leaving protved umeainnd,
I a determmsed not to pay thce same unless
comspeulled by law.
Sentcmber 37 .t - .4
PreseniUent of the Grand Jury
W E the Grand Jnrors of Edgefield. present
that we have carefully examined into
thuse matters which come under our dnty. We
present that the Jil of said District is in good
order, and that all'ihe other Public Buildings
of said District are in the same condition. ex
cept the Court House. the front door of the
lowerstory of which wants* some little repair
We fnrther present, that we have e -mined
the Retail System as i t is carried on this Dis
trict,-and that M'e believe thai Tavern keep
ess and all other Retailers should be compelled
to pay the same license, which license should
be twenty-five dollars.
We further present, that the practico of
wearing concealed and deadly weapons. as it
is carried on in this District, and as it liis been
carried on here for several years, is a griev
ance that should. be met and- corrected by the
promptest and.sternest action or the Legisla
ture ofour State. It is our firmu conviction.
that it is this execrable prnetice from which has
entirely resulted a majority of all the cases of
homicide' aud bloody violende. which has oc
curred in our District for many yeats. We
would therefore hgain respectfully urge, that
it is'the duty of our Legislature. to mark its
disapprobation of a grieiance, which endan
gers the life of every man in our community,
and to give us that immediate relief which it is
their province, and theirs alone to grant.
\Vhich is respectfully submitted.
R. KENNEY, Forenat.
ON hearing the Presetimint of the Grand
Jury, it is ordkred, That so much as relates to
the Public Buildings, be copied, and served on
the Commironers or Public Buildings. nnd
that they be-reqnired to make the repairs indi
cated, and that so much as relates to the Re
tail System, and wearing concealed and deadly
weapons, be copied and furnished to the Sea.
ator and Representatives of Edgetield Distfict,
to be by themlaid befbre the Legislatti e at ther
approaching session
it is therefrc odered. That the presentments
and these orders be published in the Edgeltield
Presiding Judge.
OctoberS 1 40
South Carolina,
Y JOHN HILL, Esquire, Ordinary of
dgefiA Dtistrict.
n hereats, ielope Williams and Nathan
Burton hath applied to me for Letters of Ad
inimiistratibn, on all and singular the goods
and chattels, rights and credts of Gibeon J.
Williams. of late of the District aforesaid, de
ceased, these.are therefore. to cite and ad
monish all andsingular, the kiidred and cred
itors ol' saidibased, to be and appear before
nite at our next Ordinary's Comart or the
said District, to be holden at Edg.ofield Court
House, on the 10th day oA November next.
to show cause;-if any, why the said admiims
tration.should nt be granted.
Given uiderm'y hand and seal, this the 21st
dayof October,. in the year of our Lord one
thounind eight hundred and forty-five, and
im the sevenieth yeat of American Indepen
dence. ".
JOHN HILL, o. E. i.
October 2f 40-',
.1ALL TERaM. 1845.
IT is ordered that an Extra Term of the
Court of Common Pleai an: G eneral
Sessions, for thie trial of ihe Case s not dis
posed of at this Term. he held at Edge
field Court H.-ouse on the Fourtb Monday
iu Febuaty .1846, to cotntintue otne week.
J. B. O'NE AL.
Presiding Judge.
T. G. Bacon c.-c. c. r. & u. s
Oct. 18 if 39
J~dministr-atrix' Sale.
W I LL be sold at t he residenice of Tho
mats Revnold deceased in thiisfis
trict. otn the 13th November next all of the
Personal Estate of said dlecease~d, consis
timg, in part, of Seveni Negroes, 3 or 4
hoises. one yoke of Steers. Cattle, lloge,
Corn. Fodder, Seed Cotton, lHottsehol
and Kitchen Furiiitumre,lahcksmiihs, Car
pienter's and Plantation imTls, &c.
Termns.-AIllstums of and under $5 cash;
over that amn'zut twelve months credit,
with tnote and two approved secureties
The rig ht of the properiy not to charrge,
tnutless the terms are cotmpliedi with, and
if resold, at the forimer purchaser risk.
Oct. 22, 4 39.
A LL Persons itidebted to the Estate
to Naney Lowe, late of Edge
field District, are regntestedl to make im
meudiate payment, as longer indulgence
cannmot he given; atnd all those having abny
demands against t aid Estate are also re
quested to present thiem by the 1st De
ember, ats the Subscriber wishes to chose
the Estate.
R. T. Ms[MS, Adin'tor.
Oct. 22 2t 39.
A LL persons indlebted to tite estate o
.t~William Marti, late of t his District
are regniested to matke payment by the
first- of January; atnd all- having any die
mand against the estate will hand themt
in according to- law by th'e aliove time, at
which time the subscriner' desires to close
the estate
October 22 11t 39
Eagle andI Phuenii IRotei.
A Card.
T H E Suibscriber respectfully annonnees
to his frietnds and the travellin'g public.
that he is now having the above splendid
House pitt ~in complete order, and will open
it tutnder the immediate direction of hiimself
nird wife, on nor abotut the first of September
next, att which time, he solicits from its friettds
and p~atrons, a coatinnance of past favors
assuring them that their comfort will always
be his study. WM. FRAZIEIL
Augusta, Ga., August 20 tf 30
Commission Business.
r 'H E Subscriber informs'his frienads and: the
Iptublic, that he has commtenced the above
Business, at the Ware-House formerly
occupiedby- H.. W. SULLI.tv.. As lie, will-de'
v'ote his whole time' iid'astenmtion to the' iiiter
-st of hi-4 custo'mes.' hie 'hies' to thieri'tnaif re
~eive a liberal patrohngh ai sulp'fof.
nmltarg. Sent.,24 4t f/ourna) . 16
Am't paid
Wallq 5 and children 8
Weatherford, E 5; Walton, W5 10
Whittle, M 8, Woolenhob, M15 13
Walker, J 3; Young, 8 2 5
C. Rodes, coffin fur Mrs Napper's
child, 2
W. Body for coffin foi Jane Pat tan, 1'65
630 65
April 7, 1845.-3d Quarter
Pauper's Names. Amn't paid.
S cts.
Alman Al 5 Adkins, A] &O 5 10
emon.F4 10
B tw , 5
Baker, J & children 7
Bledsoe, G 4; Clark, B 5 9
Cotton, J 7; Claxton, Al 5 12
Conch. S 5; Clegg, E 2 7
Clark, J's'children 3 50
Childers, E 5; Devore. S 5 10
Duncan, P 5; Dye, E 3 8
Evans, D 6; Evans, Al & child'n 5 11
Elkins. E 5; Frazier, A] 5 10
Free, Al 5; Fountain, J a child 3 8
Franklin, 51 5
Fountain, A1 a small child 5
Gunnels, S 5; Gentry, 1- 5 10
Gollman. Al 5; Goodwin, T 5 10
Gardner. N 8; Glover. W 3 1[
Goff, Al J .5; Glansier. J 4 9
Ilathcock, Ml 2; Hesier. C 10 12
Havley, J 5; lloward, C 5 10
Havley, S 5; Harris, J 3 8
Horn, A 5; Harper, M 3 8
Johnson, G and wife 10
Jordan, J & M 4; Johnson, 31 3 7
Johnon. P and children 5
Kirkland. J 5. Lowe, E 5 10
Logan, L 5; Alarlow. E 5 10
Matthews. L 5; Martin, 8,5 10
Murphy, E 10; Ma-.. N & son 3 13
Miles, C 4 50: MJD.nial. E 7 11 50
Maitheus,, V 5; %lo-ris, U 5 10
Miner, D 3: NaHper, N 10 13
Nettles. W & U or 6; Naippi C:8 14
Nixon, J 5; Nicholson, N 3 50 8 50
ttz. S & Al 5; Orander. L 5 10
Pond, E 5, Paltersn. A 5 10
Pollatly, S 5; Pollaily . B 5 10
Price, E: and children 5
Penny, E 5; Prince, Al 5 10
RUmley. Al 3
Rumttley, E and datghter 5
Rotute, J 8; Itnford. Al 8 V
Rowe, 31 4; Rahur, Sur.. H 6 10
itten, Al's child 3; Radlord, l 10 !
Riddle, L 5
Richarison, T and wvife 5
taliurn. Jr , I 6
Steelle, Mrs and children 10.
Saunders, E 5
Sunnim.-rall, E 12 50; Snipe', J 5 17 50
Sith. S 5; Sheppard, Al 5 1(
Son,, 13; Sadlter, E 10 13
Stepuens, Al 4; Smith, J 5 9
Stevensj. 11 4; Story, J 7 50 11 50
Teny, E 5; Taylor, Al 3 8
Tioamnage, Al 5; Temples, It 7 12
Tiim ermiart, J 5
Tompjkinis, M1 5; Valuga;in, A 4 9
%% .odi. S G and file 2 50
Williams, il 5
t a ll4 M aend <+ildren 8
Wcume i'rd. E 5; Walton, tv 5 1U
Whittle. Al 8; .Welet'nnaih, 3l 5 13
Walki.er. .1 3; Whutley. Al & 6S 5 8
Younitg, 6' '2
Mir. Li ikter ir colie fpr Jane
N ,e.-, :3
R K ny or colini bor D. Tiik 3
Uoe ri uIt Lne tr f. thu .. r f. I o.. e 3
' " S U. Vtooed 3
L. ,. orthuinghamt for* colhit for
collin lor l'.hzabeeh Gairdner, :3
L. Wtorthtington for winingti sheet
and luneral expenses for do. 5
Wm. Mlotnley tor collin for Sa
ran alc~uilough, . . 3
iub 71,. S4..--11r 610
July th,186.-thQuarter.
.1uu'pmis- homs. .,m'tl pai.
Anon, Ai 5; Adlkuus, Ml & 0 5 10)
maon, 1'* 10
Sakert, J and cuidren ' 7
lileutsoe, U 4; Clark, 115 9 -
Goetton,, .1 7, Glaxion,. Al 5 12
5oes5; Ulegg. E: 2 7
Glark. J'se cidren 3 50
Unn rs l 5; Dc ere. S 5 J0
iDetore, a 5; Evatis. 1) 6 11
khin., Al 5, Friazie., M1.5 11)
nel 3 ; F'ountamn, J a child 3 8
Founuutam, 31 a smnall etnlid 5
lFuiernurg, J 5; blenni, Wt 5 13
Gentry, K 5; GUdmhzan, 315 It)
Gooda wie, T 5; Gairdneur, N 8 .13
Gol, aliJ .5; Glausier, J s 1
Liarner, T' 5; Ha' tcock. Ml 2 2
H ester, U 10; Ilaviey, J 5 1.5
Howard, U 5; Hav'i', S 5 10
Uurris, J 3; Horn. A~5 8
Harer, Ml 3; Ilasunig, Al .5.
Joitmson, 0 andh wile la)
Jordhan, H & .11 4; Johtnson, l :3 7
Jonitoon, P and ciildreo 5
lirklaunc, J 5; Lugun, L 5 10
Lyoianio, it 5
MlcL~amel, Vt and wilfe 8
Moerits. 8 6; Mlallow, E: 5 10)
Mluiphy. E: It; Mhaes, U 4 50 14 50
.Maen ees, V 0; .tmorts, U 5 10)
Miuner. N .5; MoAlithtun, J 5 JO
Mo~oney, U 5; Naieir. N I10 I5
Mleies, Wt antd -ife. 6
Napper, U 8; Nixon, J15 13
Nicichias, N 3 50
Uuiz, S & M5; Orander, L 5 10
Punard, E: 5; 'aiterson. A 7 50 12 50
Pollathy, a 5; Poilauy, B 5 i0
Prace, E: and cntldren 7.50
Penin,, E: 5; Paiinee, .,. 5& It
Rumley, Ml 3
itiley, E: and daughter5
Rot on, J 8; Radiord, Ml S 16
ltouwe, Ml 4; JAtitten, Ml's child 3 7
Rididle, E - 5
.Rtiiardson, T' and wife 5
14tab'arn Jr., H 6
Steefle Mirs. anid cialdreni 10
Saunders, E: 5
Summierall, E: 15
Stmpes, J 5; Smith, S 5 10
oheppard, .,h 5; Stonue, R 3 8
Sadler, E 10; Stephens, M 4 10
Snuth', J 5; Stevens, H 4 9
Story, J 7 50
Tremple, T & a ilfo 5
Terr), E 5; Tay lor, Al 3 8
Tamage, Ml 5; T1emzples, R 7 12
Timmiei-uttn, J 5
Tompkins, Mt 5; Vaughan, Ml 5 10
Wood, S C' nde wirno 2 5(
Dry Goods, Dry Goodi!
New Fall and Winter Goods!!:
S HIRTINGS and 'Sheetings, brown 'nid
bleacned from 3-4 to 3 yards, all.kinds,
CA LICO ES. French..English, and American,
3-4 to 4-4 wide' from 6. to 87hcents. - -
CASHMEn9s and l'os-aAzmNss, a large assort.
ment,atnd cheaper thaa ever, (all new styles.)
SILKS..wide .black high lustre for Mantillas,
eie black and colored, all kinds, Chlieap.
1200 SHAWLS, all kinds, from 25 cents to
$12; black and second mourning Shawls, all
FLANNELS. ted, white, green, yellow. stri
ped, and twilled, Welch and Gauze, warrao
ted not to shrink.
LINENS. Irish linens. undressed, for Shirting;
Linen Sheeting; brown and Gleached Da
mask Table Linen; Rnissia, and Sootch Dia
pers; Towielling of all kinds.
HOSIERY & GLOVES. a great variety.
SHOES. Ladies nid Children's fine Shoes.
BONNETS, Leghorn, Straiw, and Fancy Bmn
CARPETING,-'The largest assortment ever
offiered in Hamburg, at very low prices, fron
25 cents per yard, npward.
A large lot of BLANKETS and KERSEYS,
that we will make it the Planter's interest to
look at before buying.
In short. every article usually asked for in this
place, Hardwtare and Groceries only ex
cepted. . .
Hambuirg. Oct 15 6t (Repub.) 39
General Agent and Commission
Merchant, Hamburg, S. C.
STILL offers hi's services to his ftiends and
the public, and lie will devote his undivi.
ded attention to the
REcEiviNGo .M4D FoRWARDIsa Goobs.
BuYing Goods for Planters or Merchants, or
ailcend to aln!, business thait may be
committed to his care.
He embraces this opportunity of tendering
his thanks to his friends for theirliberal patron
age heretofore bestowed, and by industry and
close attention to business. lie hopes to merit.
and to contiine to receive the s-me. It shall be
his anim to make all lais charges as light ns pos.
sible. knowing that it will le to his interest to
closely observe the interest of his friends.
Liberal advances will be made if required. on
produce sent to iiim for sale or store. Cotton
sent to hii by Boats, wIll be received free of
mzharfage. All produce sent to him for sale
will be prompaly sold on arrival, ifso otdered.
August 6( it 28
Commission Business.
1 1HANKFUL to ofr friends for theliberni
patronage hitherto received, we respect
fully en!icit a contianance of the same at onr old
Water-Proof Ware-I1ouse,
Where we will continne to Receive. Store and
Sel CoTroN and other PnovucE, Recette
and Forward
Merchandise, &c.
.We will give nndivided attention to any bu
siness in our line, entrusted to our care, ex
cept the buying of (,ofton. which we refuse to
go on either our own account or that of others,
believing it dillicult to piense in the united ca
paciiy of bosth buyer anad seller.
Fro.na the long exsp rience of our senior
partnter,.uid by parompt and devoated attention
to all matters of busiiness, confided to us, weo
hope to mterit a share of public patronage.
Hiamburg, S. C., Sept 17 6mn'~ 35
The Edgetield Advertiser Abb. Bainner, An
dersont Gazette. Penadleton ftesseinger. and
Greenville Mianntninner, each, wilt eopy the
nbove t'er six mnonths.-.Joura.
Si v e ry S t abl e-.
T H E Suibscri6er
Sinforms his friends
i ~and the public. that
h le has commenced
the aboave taosianess at the Stable t'ormterly oc
cupied by Oliver Simpson, and iimmted'iately in
the rear ofr
Hunter's Notes,
where lie i-a prepared to keep Horses on
Livery, af reasoniable prices. Hie has also, am
pleC aind conivenienit lots foar the accommnodation
and will furoish CORXand othier PRODUc'E
at the Ilowest market prices. He hmas engawed
then services of compaetnt and experienced 1-r0s
tIers, and will etadeavor to give satisfaction to
all who may call ont him.
Hanmbaurg, Oct. 8 3z (Repaub.) 37
25D RE~Gmzsr CAI-ALRY, Oct L, 1845.
Orders N.
A N Etectioni will be held on Saturday the
15th November, for the office of Major of
the. F'irst Squadron, Secotnd Regimenat Cavalry,
at thae dif'erent comnpu parade groa:iids.
Officers commanding Companaies will extend
the above orders to their respective Coampaiaies,
takinag two subaltern oflicers- to assist av Man
(hr Monday following one Manager from'
each; Coanpany will meet at the Regimnental
Parade Ground, count the votes, atnd make a
returna to the Brigadier General.
Bly order of J, C. SMYLEY,
Colonect 2ndRegi'tnt Cavalry.
Ocnt.8 6it - 37
Sic OSD RtaoiaEN' CAvAL.RY, Oct.!. ('
Orders No.
ACOURT MAR TIAL iil .convene at
.iEdgefield Court House, on Miaunday the
Thirdl of Noveimber nexii, for the trial of De
faitlersof the Edgefield Sqimadronu of Cavalry,
fromn the Regimental Maluster at Lontgmire's on
the 19th of .July last.
Trhe Court will consist of
Capt. BilAssor, President.
Lient. Lanhiam,
Licnt. Glover, Members.
Lient. Hlarrison,
Lin.Dan, Supernumeraricsi.
Lietat. Yeldell, Recorder.
By order of J C. SMYLEY,
Colonel 2nd Regiment Cavalry.
Oct.8 4t 37
'r~ H E Truastees of this Insatitution gives notice
Ithat they have secured thte services of ML.
GEORGE GA LPH IN, os' Insarnetor for ttte
Classical Departmtent, for the ensajng yeai'
and. that they will wvant as sitable Tecachter to
take charge of the English Department--the
next year,
Application to be made to AbnerP'errin,
F~j. Chairman of the Boara'of Trustees,
ity order of the Bbard.
AB VILLE iliTiCT, . c
EINQ desirous of.doitllae Ij -
the shorttifie Iava eea
propose to en!arge SC
suffiient to employ ry danhter.1- j
andif.;practicable to form i A ..an
MALE Dei-artrent. M st is.
ina.very healthy partof the.'istrictnear
5Ir L. idem n' .
Boarding can be rirocuredin respectable fant
ilies at Thirty Dollars a year,i mahing is
riot done. - I have made the terms 'of Tiintir
to suit the times, and I expecc they will be
rind much oter than those of any othe
School.ol the kind-in the Distritt. The
Oi-thngraply, Readirw and Wrti, $14
1Tipose wit .Arithinetic and Iristory 1
Grammar inluded,
Geograupy icluded,
And with Natural Philosophy and Rhetoric, 14
7h &colastic Yar, Ten Months -
My system of teachiuk is new and altoghei -
my own. I would invite those who may thik -
of sendingto ne.. to visit my School anid -
my method. To thoke. wit may desire to in
quire of.my cpacity as a Tencher or the pr
gress of my-Scholarsn.I.wonid.refer to my pat
rons; also, to tie Hot. A. Hurt, Mj. L. Inde
pendence Peason. of Hamburg, r. Jolin
Heart, John Cdthretn. Esi,.John Wideman,
Esq.. and Mr. James Wideimanl, :ofhe Senior -
Class of the South Carolina. Coier . All of
these gentlqmen ivith the exceptio I 6fhe -
Hon. Burt. acted as judges at .an Exmination
of my School in August last.
Fifteen or,twenty scholars more than I now
have, will make.miy School large enough to
piit my destin into ercnntion.
Applientth forfadmirsin to iny School nmit
be uide by the first of December.
CfHAltLlS-M. PELOT, Teacier.
Sept.24 3t (Ab. Banner) 316
Female Institute,
AT B a a 4;1'lr, ' EA R COLUM BA. S.C
HE duniies of this In-titute will be rositm
T ed oAp the 15th:October, (cornencemen
ofrl. .adenic year.)
Additional engagreernts hvne been-entered
upon with highly competeent Teichers in de
partment of Instrnmental and Vocal Music
also arrangement for additional sup ily of.ap
paratu, &c., in Phildsophical anid Chemical
departments. Books for Reading-Room. have
been selerted with- especial reference to the"
course orf education pursned -
A panmphlet exhibiting our course and method
of Instruction, as-also Terms of entrrce, will
be sent to those ' ' niore partictlar infor
maioi. ,TO 5LARKS.'M.D.-:..
Seldember I I 6t (So. Ca.) 34 Pricipal..
Fe-n ale Academy.
1 HTrustees oIt the~ hiAeville Female Ace
ariemy be.j leave- to annokwnee idjtle
pueblic, that M.. JANuils L. L'EE- lias con
sented to take charge o' the Fetmale School in"
Abbeville Village, for the year 1846.
Mr. Lesley has, for the last ten years been
engaged in the education of youth and long
and lavorably known in Abbeville District. as.
a competent and. suegessful lasmical.,teacer.
His reputation, c~ta'ely ftnd quali6eations al
an imstrutor,are io's dell known and admitted
to require firon as any.encooiinin, to recom
mend him -to*e confidence and support of the'
All the usual.hranchet of an Englisheduca.
tion will be dhrght; also, the:French, Latin and
Greek languages,, together. with. Philosophy,
Drawing, Maihearatics, AstronomyChemistry,
The Shoolwil- e n'de'r t~se exclusive dl-.
rectionr rand control of Mr Lealy. The Scho
lastic Year to conrsist of ten months, commeni
cinig the first Mfonday of Januairy next.
Good and chlealp boarding may be had with
private famtilies in the Village and. its vicinity.
isRs H ARRISON, whose iprrnan.
and qnn;lificatioxns as a Mutsic Teacher,..hste
been long known anid apt~reciated it, Abe
villa, will still contmnne ii charge of the Munsic
J.J...WAlUDLAW, -.2
T1.-..C. PERItUN,
August 27 t5
To Lumber canter.
Valuable Saw Mill Property
For Sale1
Vfl' i l E Subscribrers offer, for tsae, a ..tiract.of
E.Land containing about three thoissand,
one hundred Acres. (3100) known as the Bridge
Creek Tract, on the waters of Horse Creek,
about fonrteen miles from Hamburg, and twp
and a half miles front Ankcn. In is the onl
tract on: tire navigable waters of Horse.Ui'eek. -. .
ft-rnm which thne timrber has not been cut-. With,
a hold, constant and egnable sitream passinag
throug.'h its centre, a good Mill Seat wthin*
half a m:nie of that pupyion:, e. H orse :Creek.
whnich' lhas beenr f,,r many vats open, andansed
for ri navigation:, and 4thin one and '~
mriles Oy tilRad Roabi, this trarpt fbrisusqet'rioa4
inducemente ian titoje who deii fbbrkiin
tire lumannr business to any in .zti State.. .For
further particulars, application enay hmad,
either to William Gregg of Char on, or.,to
James Jones of Vatrcitne, the latter of iprni,
hcing near tihe land, willat any lime show-the.
tract to -persons wishing 'o piirchase.. ,Com -
nmunticiations on the ubject masy he addr-esse
- Aikesv
Oct 8 . 8 - (So.'Ca.) '4t
News Good! NeW Goods s
P 'H E Subscribers takes this opportunity~n
g ivmtg notice ti-at they are now receivulg
their Stock of Fall ad Jfinter.Goods, which
wvill etbtace a choice selection of 5..
staple and Fancy G'oodsC.
HARnWARE. CROCKEaR, Gaocmnt'as, ManE
crases, STA-rIOxARY andScUboL.Joox,
HATS,-CArs, and 5f6.s,.
And a great variety of otherarticlea,'whicha
they, will sell low for cash, or on 'a credit to
punctaal custoiners
G. L. &ESPEN1 -
October 1 tf . U6
H E.undersigned respectfully inorple
frie)dg, xd the pnsbl j -~g ,ni4
initenas establjsipg a..qe aua -ho
Store,..ithin twp mi es: of Vta ~lf~
afMr. Mtrnnicx's Hoisv~here haett
msake work to ordensuch as -~ie~oou <
Shsoes; good stronj''egro SAde IJic.er
BridLes of evey de rigtin.t a W11 l
Trinmingtfor She lake T -
~A1 his -tork ii wa e&

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