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rrom he St. Louis ReWille.
Dear me, I'm now a joyous wife,
I've kcen my anxinus mother,
And such a mahhkyt have got
1 think there's'fie'er another.
The other day, Mhen in a fret.
I rained my coItly fan,
le 6eftly sinib'd, but nothing said,
For hes a "duck of a main!"
lie rocks the cradle, and the babe
He dandles on his knee,
And when the cherub nunghty is,
lie taughs with heartier lee.
ie never-snubs me wh I '146 6 o at0.
Ido nut ilk - 'i
Behave as some vife, cross inen'o
. ile' suci a "-duck of a man ."
The. other day be brarght nie -home
A stylish litde bonnIet.
Forgetting where he plot the hat,
'I set msyself nPoni it.
I crushed ten dollars' ftrth right fint,
When straiglht away he r a
And bought a preaUet-oh, the dear
Ain't he a "duck Ol a wan
I burnt his cloak the other Bay
Against oiu parlor stove
Instead of chiding me, he said
I was a turdle dose -
An-i then his watch to sis I gib,
Who to the-Window rin
And threw oit-he never frowned,
He's such a- duck of a maint
- 11.y sister Mary envies me
.rurus Up her little n1..
And spjiteful oys. "y sistei dear.
Tsere your heti.pet-ked husband
Sbe need'nt Wlk. th'sauey firt,
she'll have, if she only ca",
A husband half as good as ane,
Though'nut a "duck of a manl
T eeighbor? It is he whom thou
ast power to aid and Iless
Whose achin heart and burning brow
Thy soothing hand way Poress.
Thy neighbor I 'Tis the.fainting poor,
Whose eye with want is dia.
WIomil hunger sends from doot to door;
Go tho undsuccor him.
Ty n'eighbor Tis dlie Ieart betert
7 fevery earthly gem;
Widow ind orpi sin helpless left;
Gothou od helter them.
Thy neighbor? 'Tis the ?Vary aI,
sy are at the br::n,
..w 'ith sickntess, cares and pfus;
Stheo auicnO irt him.
h lob 'onder totiig ave,
VhseoS I Ughts are all beyond the grave;
- G o nhq u a tii ra n so m hIr.
O pass not, pass not heedless by;
Perhaps thou canst redeem
The breaking heprt from nisery,
Go shae thy lot with hu.
One appeal to God above,
Supplication for his love,
Daily ower. Peace of mind
Mlakes thee happy, good and kind,
Dailyi sing one cheerful song,
From the boso's fiery thronig;
Daily do one noble deena,
Daily sow one blessing's seed.
Daily make one for thy friend,
Daily from thy sruhs spend
Daily whent the, gift is thine.
Write one verse -in straims dine t.
pai' seek kind nature's fiace ;
-Dadys seek for some new grace ;
Daily oats grteved birotheir cheer.
Daily drink frosm sparkling .eye,
Sweeter riature ; sour on high!.
Th'len thy life will kntow nso maght,
Ansd thy death he robed in light.
From the Ncw York Mirror.
* r J. B. NATHEwas
Agair.,.m~y lads, our vessel carves
Iter way with easy motion.;
Again we ride the mnerry tide
To lands beyond the oceau.
We leave, perehance. a mnother dear;'
A kiter's armss, or dnu zhter's;
Perchaance .the love reveaatimg tear
Is .ningled with the waters.
We leave lhe! ind each earthly home-- 4
The friends that boyhood tud us ;
We break, the careless seas to roam,
'The denrest that bound us.
-The winds will agitate the sea;
Thba waves be wild and frantic;
Butlet us trustto God, as wes
Float on the blue Athlantic.
And as we freely dash along
Amonig the waves that katow us,
Let's rouse a cheering parting song,
And join in hearty chorus.
Do you emljoy good health ?
Yes, very synch, wheni I have it.
What ate eggs new-a-days? -
Pnrtgehickens.' -
~~gtePeahalf cup of coffee?
-ih~ e .hialf-oP5
- e, i:bas tiesan Is very wvarm to-day?
~ 1Ihaven't been thsere.
Td yl'~t -oad of wodd for m6 last
*ek t
Noi.au w Sour wtie.
u iethodist or~aptist ?
al yoit finl yourselff -
1I hav'at beea lost.
My son,how is it that -you waste -boinuh1
-dtt iaste-Mir sister 'was~ted.
Y virtue of sundry writSof Fieri Fa
cias tojme directed, I'will proceed to
;ell at E'igefield Court House on the first
Monday .and Tuesday in March next,
he followiig property, in he fo16*ing
named cases.
John 0. Nicholson and David Strother ,
Administrators, vs. Reuben H. Reynolds;
William L. Tooke, vs. the same, a tract
>f Idud contaihing Ono unda-d aud Fif.
teen acres moe or less, adjoinitg lands of
Dr. John Lake, Jessee Timniriion and
Mrs. Berry.
Terms of sale cash.
February21846 4t- 3
BY virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Fa
cias to me directed, I will proceed to
sell -t 'Edgefield Court House, on tie frst
Monday had Tuesday in March next,
the followiig Property in the followig
named cases:
Hirnan Roberts, Trustee of Marylsob
erts, vs. Robert McCullough; Jai and
Douglas Rob'ertson, vs. the same;. John
Amaker, vs. thi bafe ; pnnett,Wallace
and Robert Wallace Eis%, -anA dtihehs.
severally, vs the same, the tract of laud
where the defendant lives, containg Se*
en Hundred and Fifty-six acres more or
leis, adjoiing lands of Washingtonf Wise.
Moses SivereiriUg, Joel Roper and
Terms of sale cash.
February 6 1846 4te 3
Y virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Fia.
cias to me directed. I vill proceed
o sell at Edgefield Court House, on the
irst hodalay and Tuesday in Mttfct
aect, the kallowitig property inthe follo;
itg nated cases.
John Hill, Ordinary, (for'the use of
Peter Smth) vs. blilledge -Ualphi and
uthers; Peter Smith and wif, vs. Milledge
Ualphin; Charles Hall sid others, sever
ally, vs. the same, a tract oF fand con
taing One Thousand acres or less, ad
oiuing lauds of Sannel Clarke, Richard
tankimon,u'and others, in Beach Island,
lbveil upon as the proery of ilie Ddfeh.
dlut, 3illege Galphin.
Ellis Gul, (for the use f John Saun
drs) vs. Rudolph Carter, and al-; Presley
&.Bryan bearers, vi. Rudolph ahhel",
he tract of land where the defeoi'aut
ives, containing Five Thousand- acres
hore Or, less, adjoining landir 6f Johh
%ise add Otbbts'
Aieu & Style; v: Bryjaiii dedi'Jolin
$. Slyley Ex'or, vs. the same, the tract
if labd where ie ~deeuidaite Jj i;-e6w
aining ,ine Htndia. i u-'siv tyfive
cres wore ori le intdAikdds ofiBoni
amtnia teens; Robert Bryan and ohers,
- oa Atuake andJothinM .
Lary an t trdr tf land where
b . re ai itsiidi: trl
he~~f deflaaa lr1piIF
loicW -i ;ii - r 1in'la b iw
) Coinei ad t ''
i. . MarioooeniesSh'eppardistid
thers, vs, Andre Ra'msay, the lot -of
and in the .village of Poterville where
he defendant lives, contationg one acre
nore or less, adjoining lands of Robeirt
Lofion and others.
Matias Ardis for John A. Nail, vs.
Lharles B. Carter, [Rudolph Carter and
Elizabeth Carter, thd tract of land where
be defendant Elizabeth Carter now lives,
ontining . acres more or less,
ujoining lands of John Wise and others.
C. J. Giover bearer, vs. Wade Collins,
ie tiact of land where the defendant
ives, contatfiig One Hundred and Fifty
icres mere or less, adjoining iands of Levi
HcDaiel acd others
Tho Bank ol'Hamburg, S. C. and oth
rs, severally, vs. Dawson .Atkinson, the
rat t .laud whereImi the defendant lives
S. M. & W-. Adams, Assrg' ses; vs. S.
. Boyce and Benjamin Gailman, the
:ract of land whereuln the defendant Ben
ain Gallitan lives, adjoining lands of
'ranci5 Blettis atnd others.
S. F. Goode treaerr and others, sever
ily, vs. Elbert Doby, the tract of land
~hereon tbe Defendant lives, adjoining
ands of Martha Doby and others.
William Bush, vs. James Martin aid
4ancy Marting the tract of lad vahereon
he defendants live; containing One Hun
red and Twienty acres more or lebs, ad
oinoirg lands of James Scarborough and
John Hill, Ordinary. anid othersi sever
tally. vs. -James E. IKilec~di,'t'mintof
rrd whereon the defendanut lives, contain
ug Six [lundred acres more or less, ad
ininig lands of Mary Kilcrease, Sarah
ahair and others.
C. A. Greiser, vs. Ed. t. What ley,, th
nierest of the defendamt in a tract ol lad
otaiting Sixty acres more or. less, ad
ninig lands of Samuel Clark and others.
Pesm & BraInnod, andethers-,sefealW
s. Jeh Mouchst,a tragt of l'a'oontamn
n Three Hundred and T wenty-five acres
miore or loss adjoining lands of Abner
'rrin, Hugh M. Quarles, and others.
T ers'of sale cash.
Hi. BOULW ARif, S. E. D.
F elruary 61816 4to 3
State of Sonia CarofWna,
tanford F. Mays and wife.J SufmonS
aplicnts, vs. Patsey Spikes i
aod'otheis, Defendants. Partieion.
BY virtue of an order from.-John-.Hill,
iiEs. Ordinary of Edgefild 'District,
shall roceed (o sell-' Edgefiel1tki
l-di~ fi rst Miooday aed Tasaday
, a iia.next. lands belonging to the es
se of John -Giiia ..4eesed,.hskee
District and fiste ,tladasit, near Caoi'
riddgaiso)iGiig lds; of Thomas Payas,
on Moore add'the Estate of Patuet
ightfot, and oilfei', contaitiing Gij6
-ludridasd Ffy live acrestiore~or less,
ina credit until te (si offJatiuay next.
I sedtrty. and a mnortgage of the premi
es o se Ordinary to secure the purchase
nonef. Cost to he paidJ in cash.
s earmo 61S4l& 4'e 3
HE flo llveinf e~onaiw aio m h
ReT ~ oesr: jq.o .Ha iitonl
Dollege, N.Y inaddiion pjutidrodi f oth'
nra equally respecti)1 u shoulJ. remnove the
doubts of every reasoible ;person otfi t nI
orut:and singu if J "ay e Hair
roni.e -
- -a Baaiko,; jeb. 15th,'1840.
Da. D. Jara-Diar Sir.:-I cannlomt say
my hairisrestorodbut I cauany hiat it ap
pearstpbe in as dra0Iaaprocess of.estoration
ascould reasonably be .e'pectea. I .'d ndt
fGilshed the first boule,.before a decided change
was manifest over ihe bald part of tiis ps'ad to
whieh it- was apphifillA ie& gt.$tiofiune
1odssy ltair, much like that of an intant .ap
pesed,-and has continued to increase. and I
hIavdhad it cut two or three times. I htave
ftcently'comaettd tapon -de:*lird buttle,
66 halve been a goid deal irregular in the list
of the "Toic ftoM the first, and frol tns
cause I apprehend that the effectis at present
less than it otiewiss wouldshavbeWn.
I began thed ise of the Toitiowi- little or
no faith thatit would everM- hssaesful .on
my head, though I felt entireeotinlfdedCe in
youislatetnents of whit it haddone' to-others
ariiI 1*4s as 'n'hk "rised as deighted,
when I saw theeffei ou.-ecollect-the ap
earance of my head '4 n uyour ofiice.
, assureyou my hair biibeen neadly if tot
quite, an inch longer6tha time4lIhave had- it
Qut,tith'se parts winihwereinearly.dsftitute
afany, when you saw -e It .was, however,
ve ne, though quite-thick. -i: aml . iushed
with * sanguine hope of final sudheas in theAiil
igena use ofyour on which.PaUWat ail the
hair humb i wliich?bave .been adlrertised
inlthe papers,) I Am strined to beli'eVeis
what itclaipa to and that itiU make their
hair kmw ad- no. l Efsatk. - u. least on some
heads. . O.- EATON,
Professr the Hamilton Literary aid Theo
0.' ' by - *'R S. ROBERTS.
Firdrlkaty 4 .A
Fsat 2 matih 4 f12
Wholesale a&RetaifGrooers
coaysa ca-ra i-ifstKTii STRiET,
I AVE jadst received, and will continte to
I.U.--gceivefesihd lel :ahi: fullowengi
Articles. which they: o r towtheir friends and
he tradeat the lowest.aarket prices:
30 6Ms. nii~stjOgg.?Ci.oiri Clnkrfirfld
Porto Rico anAMuscovado.
Double Refined LA hpd and Powderted
SQ 6# gOld oyerfii 4 0. ,offee,
11) do.. A fustii- 40.
12A cboicpRo - do.
1 kle Mocpo do
is bags Cuba.v
100 pieces Heavy -Dtndee 44 to 45 inch.
260 do. Kentutcky,teavyj 44 to45 in.
40 do. Towv, 45 i
125 &di - ."n ; M. aerd,45to47in
U, d rgm &- erg oo lina, 44 to 45 in.
3W0-011i Is' !ntick pE
50 do Man il i'.
50 do. Jule,
20 hhds.Triuind
.l :Nein.
50,00.po - -
S do~ Tablie
BoxesTab Sal
25 do in
10 do CapSa
-9- ao Chilrens)
2 do By, p.
2 do O .es do
2.. do: Rockin d
I do Nurse. .. o
B&d A KE TS.
2 bales 9-4.Blankets
3 do 10-4 do (weighing 7 lbs. to the
pair). .
A good assortmnent .of B~ed Blankets from
10.4 to 124.>.
1,00i ydas.'Washington Jeans (henvy,]
1000 do. Coventry Plains.
100 Kegs, (assorted sizes)
pH OT.
150 Bugs, assorted Sizeis
- ReUgs 1F Dupont's Powder
10 do Blasting do -
2J do Eagie~dpoting, -do
560t$ fe. 17 N. Y. Union Mills
5Boxes 'teas. Consistinl of gn pow.
der, Hyson and Imperial
6 as:s attees,"
- LJJfE,
0O Bis. ftslhi*th Lin 4.
- SiaO
~fvrpejer.SiceCinnaitmon, Nutmeags,
Ind.o I altpetres Blue 'Stone. Coppieras.
S~tiadSnuff, Cutton-& Wool Lards.
~u~ -nn Buickets; Pnznted Du~ckets.
:Tabs.hurnts; Keelers, Willow Wagonts
and Cradles; Weishboazds; C'oeoa lDippers,
Clothes Pins' t4tdotiis, Wooden Biswls,
ih Stas;Bllows, Rakes, Scythe
reedls, Coffce Mills,SospTalk(Iw& Setnn
Candles. WagonBges, MIeasures,6 .Sdle
kons,/Windorr Glass,-Starch, Pistols, .
bacco; (3rindstota~ Onaburgs; Twine, Ca-a
- ige Boots -~e ool Hats,Ric,Clothes
- ; - - Aaietd, Bearsktini, Mackerel,
Mtrd,FifliChains, Latij >Oil; a choice
atil of Chetfrng Tobacco; b'inegar, Bex's,
C Cider, Baridelnvers, Cud Fish,. Plough
Mould, Sole' LIsatber, Nankeenls, Choco
laie.:, &c. -
WAN'TED-0.000 lbg. BEES W AX, for
pkh dsh wh~e paid.
. H duscrberwill open on the Second
Mnda- in Januazy. nex.:, a 8S1hool at
Potudrabe, near &l~~ .Cur H ouse. He
sill teh the:foll*brbanches. viz:'Orthog
-1 ~ ~ AstronloSy, Natural
- -haI..? and .amranachesucoimecd with
J ' ghsiEgliggdupation.
AAfew yong pentena cnn receive nstruc
ion niheQiames
: ates of tuitienil be moderatn.
'Good. 6oard emisbe obutined iiivery res
p ctableanptiu familjes on reasonable
SNExcellentrtief WLTaER STRAINED
AMP OIL. For ate by
cus l ifn 46
To Physicians, Platers, .ner
I HE Subscril-' has received, qnd is re
ceivinlg la. supplies of
Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
&C., &c..
from one of the largest Importing Houses in
the city of Augusta, and selling 'thei
at the Augustaretailor wholesale
piices for Cash, or on a
short credit.
To which he would m1ot respectlfully call the
attention of the Physiicians, Pianter Ii-'ani
les, and all other: who wish 1# purch ae
any article in t I hi anich of lsines.
I Persons rioi diktance. ordeiing Goaods. mnay
rely upon receiving thei of ie bcst quality.
and lit the lowest narkit t prices.
A flull supply o .A MIL Y MEDICINES
will be kept on retii!, and the most f-lilill at
tention givei to Physician aid Family pre
Among the many arlacles of which his stock
is composed. are the Jolloicing
Calomel, and Pililae Hydiarg.of the brand
of Mander, Weaver, and Alander. Stilphate,
Acetate, and Hydrochlorate of Morphiie,
Piperine, Srychnine, a.end Iodime Optitnus, snl
plate de Quinia, IHydiiodato of Ptuassa. Kre
osot. Ipicac,Jlap. Super. Carbonate of o
da, Ciean of Tariar. Imetic Tartar, &c.
Di'u s.
Giut GulbanizedCamphtir, Aloes. Myrrh.
Opium, Denarcoinm. do.. lialsan Copavi.
Cubebs. Sarsaparilla extract, aid root, Spts.
Nitre, &c. &e.
Lampoil. Linied. 'rrmi. Sweet, and cold
xpressed Ca0t1r Oil.
Paints. Varnishes. 4-c.
* White Lead, of diffieet brain aind quai.
ties, ground iII oil, ai in kegs. )ry White
Lead. Critne Green, Crome Yellow. Yellow
Orcre. Stone Orcre, Red Lead. Uilnurge.
Lamp Ulack, Verdigris, Spits Turpeitine,
Copal VariiiA. Japati. and Black oi Leather
Dye Stufis
Among which are Pussiate -. I on
Sipanish Float ldigo, Carolina Indigo. 3lad
der, Copperas, attuo. Brazil Wood. Log
Wood, Cant Wood. and Nic W ood.
Paint Brushes of all a..a. Cloth do., Tooth
Furnature. Fesh, Nil. White Wash, Bliack
ig, Hiaise. l'ainers, Dusting Broom, Hearili,
Shaving, Cob. Sweeing, Scrubbing. anl
Painters' Disting Brushes, together with a
variety oh othpr Hushes. iusd by Painters, and
othe ro, noi ereii mnuiuiioned.
Patent Medicines.
Among the many of which are. ihe folt'v
ng, viz: Swain's Panirea, F tniack's Ver -
11mifuge, Thompson's Eye Waer Henry's
Calcined. Alagnesia, Jaynes' Expectorant. Pe.
ters" Pills. Rtowan' Tonic Mixture, f Iair Ton
ic, Moffit's Pills, Tonic Bittots and Compo
sition. &c.. together with a general assort
ient'of the most popular nostrums of the day
1-Window Glass of various sizes frrn 6-8,
-,haabov estailisimernt will lie ondtucted
by Dr. C akia6i.d*hd Mai-iid .considerable
_ rice ir he apothar busiress, a for
Fe m a Ie Ac d e my
r-.liTrustees have eigaged the services of
T bMiss SARAH RICHAtDSON, to take
charge of this Institution, f lu the elsuing year.
Miss R. has for several years atsisud Dr. W.
B. Johnson in Teaching, and las during the
present year been ciiiiected with the Green.
wood School. Thi- high character and quil
ifications ofd Miss R. may inducae parents with
great confidence, to confide th ir daughters to
her instruction.
The year will be divided into two sessions.
allowmng the usual vacuations.
Rates of T1uiionii pea desion, payauble one
half ini advatnce for cit seassioni, and the balance
at its close.
Pecr Session
For Spelhinag, ieading. Writing,
and Arithmuetic, $ 8 00O
Geogra~phyv,Graniniar, Comnposi
tion, with the abovec, 12 00
Natul. Mewenl .-md araul Phi
losophby, Chieim.--try. Botany,
Logic. & c , wth the uitove, 16 00
Fifty Cents per se--ioni lhr lire wood.
By order of the Trstees.
N. L. tii RFFIN. Cha~irmnan.
N. 13. Mr. E. 13. isAC(UN waii give
lessons in Music to those- who'd'esire it.
Dec. 10 4t -1
Commission Business.
/ 1H IANKFU L to or friends for the liberal
I.Upatroni.Ige hithietto received, we respectI
fully stilct a e ut: .n. ne ie of the saome at or old
WVater-Proof [email protected]
Whlere we wvil cotiuei toi lcccic. .Sto.re and
SelL Corro:. ::i.I ute Piihtorut~ce. Rieccuvc
' nd -orwcard
Merchandise. &c.
A'r i oi..a'r . 4. niaiG at.s
\Ve will give uniiietnd ittenttin ito any bnt
siues ii -ur bu.i ientrusted tao our enlre. ex
cept theliiuying of o...u whicht we rei e to
go on either our oren account or 1hat of otherrs.
beeiing it dilici'ult to pieaisi in the umie4.ca
pacity of both boyer and seller.
Fro.n the long exp -rienceu. of nitr senior
parter, -ind by prompt atnd de.valeJ atteittioni
to all nmatters a1 buisiiness, conifide-d to us. we.
hope to merit a share of~ pub lie patronage.
lamhurg, S. C.. Sept 17 6mu 35
Trhec Edgefield Adlvertisi-r, Abbj. Bannern An
dersotn Gazette, Peidleton Messenuger. and
Grenvills Mountainner, each, will copy the
abve fier six tunth.-/ou'nal.
Edgefield Acdemy,
1J7IIE Exerciaes olfits Iinsuit uton wil
be resumued the first Monday in Jatn
nary, 1846. Tenrms as hiereiofore-namzel-y,
rates of tuitiont fromi 'MWELVE to EIGtITEEN
DoLLAns per session, acording 1o thte
branches of study taught; mnd. as hereto
fore, none ndmitted for less ttme than a
se-son, excepjt by a special rtipulationu be
forehand, the chtarge being mnade for ad
mission, and not for leuclhing.
Good board may be had in the vicinity.
and one or two niore ptrpils may be cc
comoraled in the famtily of the Teacher.
No 26 - I 44
Wif.1 Large Spanish (WA. A. H.
-10vi~ .:Spanish-(L.Valedds).
10OM, do (R.P. M.)
5 M.Imperial Rlegalias, (a-Veims.-')
Just.reeivd, and for sale by
ifamtb..g 1846 tf -26.
General Agent a'nd Coq.niliisio
Mercliant;Hab'urg S:P
TILL offers h. ervices to 1is fieda a
the publc, .nd he will devite'hi un'drl
ded attention to e
Buying Goods for ~Planters or Merchants, or
attend to an., businss that may be
cuindueitd to his care.
He embraces this opportunity of tendering
his thanks to his friends for theirliberal patron
age, heretofore bestowed, and by. industry and
close attention to business. he hopes to merit.
and to continne to receive the same. Itshall be
his aimi to make till his charges as light as pos.
siblh. knowing that it will he to his interest to
closely observe the iterest of his friends.
Liberal advances will be made if required, ot
prodnce sent to him for sale or store. - Cotton
sent to him by Boats, will be received free of
wcharfage. All produce sent to him for sale
will be promptly sold on -irrival, ifso ordered.
Augustt if 28
T arvat's Compound Extract
valed for its efficacy. It performs a cure in a
few days-no confinement or- restriction in
diet i n'ecessaiy. It will be found invaluable.
being prepared with the greatest possible care,
upot well-tested principles, fouid upon that
important law first established by the celebra
ted Dr. Fordce.viz: "That a combination
ofsinilar eemedies will produce an more certain
spetdiy and considerable effect than an equiv.
alent dose of any single sne." "A combina,
tion,, of Cubehs a nd )apavia form a very use
fil medicine in retur eases "-Sir R. Cooper,
1. R. S., ir R. S.. &c., &c.
This article is just .seceived,and for sale by
Dec.10 tf 46
The .othikern Jounifals
To be publihed in Tulahassee, Fluaida.
73 '..11 undersigted prupsei eithblish is
tue City orrallahassee, a weekly Nws
pape' . to be'- niitled 'The Sordkern Journal,"
to bie devloted Io Politics. Literature, Agsicul.
turc. lhe cause of Temperance, and Moiality
It polities the "Southern Sodual'! will at.
tach itself to the southern school. and sustrain
those irinciples which among Southern Dem
qcrats are ktnowin as the State Rights Doe
It will contend for a strict construction of
the Constitution of the United States; believing
that the federal Government was the result
of a compurt bet% een separate and ijide'pen
dent States..and that every power not eigresaiy
grunted, was reserved to the Stat&, sotversalIy
~ That the exercise of any power not expessty
granted oi the pait of the Federal Govern.
tuent is an usurpation, and should be checked.
The''Southern Journal" will cotitend for
the doctrine that 'the -Federal 'Giivemsnent
should take io money fronit th people'(fWie'
states, excepijby the eirfss"'!at undir' ib
authority of explicit terms'ofr UtiConitititii-r
It will contend lthiio Tuiiff'uiroild beini
posed, ce it fb 'tie'jiphr'i qi Re -enueiti
to defriy the hecessasy epeseidftfaec'
n1oinalidinniration *of Goyetniid
It will opp tie flh I'iatioi dfAbeto
cceds offres . eef u
state - g oli cs h
(oto&A ie of the State
the jourat l will befDeos Lerali
e policyof th'nxidr
strife.aind the' bifternest off -Y ti1id P
it will havebs iule oWdd as thesnataire of its
posit isn will perinit. Those- quiestionhs which
have in times past divlded-the iublic-'Miinid
which have been discussed aid settled"vhich
are no longsr practical questions, and which
can have no weijiht with practical statesmen or
enlighlteied people. it will permir to pass un.
.egarded, unless imperiously forced upon its
The "Southern Journal" will be puublishiod
every Tuesday. and furntished to subscribers
at threc dollars per atnnm payable invariably
un advatnce. The unsdersigned bus also made
.irrangements to eecure the -ussistance in the
ed1ito~r&Oaldepartment,. ef an highly intelligent
gentleman of Alabama ; whose connection with
the Journrl will comnmene soimetimne inr Jan
niary. WV. BARTLETT.
Tallahassee, 27th December, Jt40 if
State of South Carolina,
hlenry Stone and others. es. Bill1 for Relief
PLeJasaiit Searles, Adm'r, of and
Philip~ Lightfimt, deceased. A<.csnet.
H N punur of the order of itb'Court
Up asoed at the lost term, regnitling tile "to
isqiuire a nd report tn the Cott at its nsext term,
who were the next of kin of Philip Lightfont,
the Defenidantt intestate, at the time of his
death, and whether any of themn tre since dead,
antd if dead, who is~or are their personual repre
setntive or .representatives," Putblic notice is
hereby giveni to all persons.clainnng to be the
swxt of kitn of said Philip Light.dot, late of the
District and State afouresitid, that they appear
before mn' in the Commissioner's Office, at
Edgefield CourtHr-use, on or before the first
dy-fMy next, and make pioof of their
kirndred aud .right, or otn their failure to do so,
they will be eteludcd from the benefit of any
decree that mlay bie prorouncedi the mailer.
S. 3.TOMPKNS,0, E. ED.
Comnmiosioner's Office, Nov- 12 3ui 42
Lost or Stolen!
ONTuesday, the 9th tnst., a small
SikPuree, conttaiin) Forty Del
hirs, (viz: fimur Ten Dollair'rills on othe
.ino~sburg IBnnk,) otne small~InotO on P.
Golly, for $2 50cts., payable to S. B.
Ry an; ono acconut on N. Raimy, in Ca
vor of Jas. Lovel, and several other pa
pers not recollected. A libieral eeaad
will be given for the recovery of-thet satne.
Dcc. 17 tf 47.
South Caroline,
Nancy M. Dillard, Exec-utix. vs. )Dec'n in
Enoch Byne, larmons Hust . For. At
anl Wm. H. By~ue. )tachin
-lI 1E Plaintif' in the above stated cases .bat
i ing this day .iled her declaration -in my
oalice, anid the defendants bavinig neither wives
or attorneys known tube within the limnitsofthis
State, ott whom a copy of said declaration.
-with a rule to plead can be served: It isthiere
fore ordered, thtat the said defenidsnts do plead
to the said de.clararions;'witin a -year and-a
dny from thegpublication of this oideir-fina~l
and absoluteJudaea wgB~e [email protected]
themi. .
Clerk' Of0iced- 711! March845-,&
Elijalh 0
th al,
lice, anlld 0
ney knnhtor red -
state, on wfioin
with a riiU t d ca Vol
fore ord&'& 4 r ltlh
appear and ped i6. isld
veur and a day fro~mje4
jand ahiolute j4 agiezzzivltb e
hin bly'defult
Clerk's Oyig ga
State.f odt
John B. Gorden' ,
JUI]1. aid,1t
Joseph M. Perry
Alex. J. Lazon 't
Joseph 31. Per
T E-Plaidti v -
casei rmyloffide. rihe -
ila the 4DefedditdPP
the said Deglaruti " n' waii .
day f1ronfi100io dAt G,:~o Wt
thereof final and i
be given --and at O -:a a
Defendant imrbth ib. abol
Clerk's Ofiei, 28th AP1ti '
April 30;
state 0yf til"U ia
DavisBi Niadley.
J osebh .V er V
ThomasDavish, '
Joseph . te $V
HE Pilaiti1pa:.
fice, aj d th fei OtaPew6T
or AltoneySrknoirs t
of the State, on whorn
lions, with areo 0N...
therefore ordfim
app~ear and-plead tdlth
a y e a r a n d -m 1 0
defitalt teit
be awuid4
StA -.
aijy O f # - . --
iiwipdl o. w
therefurkt flia
and pled to I'ti ea W60
rom t ~here4 -r
Clerk 01ffice.
Archibald lSoggs 4r
Harmon Husta' Iva
Ruhert LintJo.; - ar m
Enocha Dynes 44- . - .-keu
and Harmadllst MM nlM$i*
A. Blogy, - . : n'?
a. )Dedaratioa iwn'4
H armon Hnat.
Gideon Dowse.
L armon Uuet. .
Wm.; Uaunes.1) T 7
Enouch Byne.. -r
Benjamin E.'Gifrtup~ '
vs.' Deca
- ne:Byne and -. e
Andrew 'annF ' 'b4: N ,M
John Kerr, I iM
.EnochnJ -~
Enochi Byhe'ne
Hiarmon Hiist
-- D. IB; Mai~ex,
Keers di Hope, u
vs. ,n
Enoch Byn -
,.va. p,'~cto
.Enocha Byne
Enoch By nii
Thomas G~ira,
- oichn- :i
De --~of
larte.s * - J

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