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,Flot the Temperance Advacr4c.
te MEaoRY OF R. J. e. decased.
He sleps atone, lisla st long. sleep.
Fa-fsrr w krindred, friendsand home;
WVhdre Will tos 'vild and woodlands weep.
In siade.c 6'er the stranger's tomb.
In gand..lloaatrae's festive hall
Where life is seen in all its pride: "
Death's icyshft on him did fall,
He sacken'd there and ling'ring died.
No gentle'iands;with kindness fraught.
Norvriee with sweet familiar te ;
To biii teir soothing comfort brought,
He'II' neglected and alone.
Nu Nao6rnful train of friends did go.
Behind his corpse-no stifled sigh. -
No trickling tear-no sob of wo!
A bosom heaved nor dimm'd an eye.
Alone he sleeps; his lonely grave,
Myeteiu's fate assigned a place,
-V hei'rushing torrenta roaring lave,
The iisty ufountain's rugged base.
No monument doth mark the spot,
No sacred urn nor hallow'd stone;
Doth tell the hapless-stranger's lot.
WIho died unknowing and unknown..
But'Werhis grave each tender leaf
The verdant grass itself shall weep.;
Snr harged with sorrow and with grief,
In tears of dg the aurfshall steep.
Each passing zephyr hov'ring nigh,
Higsio'er-his honest head shall hunm
In. soothint strains shall sweetly sigh.
Andtehisper soft his requiem.
Long, long the French Broad's foaming surf
It snwy sheets of spray ithnll have,
Its rock bound shore-the hnllow'd turf,
Where mem'ry weeps o'er Hande's irrave.
Edgefeld, S. C.
- father, thou hest not the tale denied ;
Tlief say that, ere boon to-mnorrow.
Thou wilt bring back a radiant and smiling
To our ionely hose ofsorrow.
I should-wish thee joy of thy-coming bliss,
kB.t Mears are my worde suppressing,
I tink:on iy nother's'dvinA kiss
A nymoy ier':s.partiiig blessing.
he tohide my care,
iirl;8t1! t od~ns tatinig:.
- yn8oie by b en:fair -
".,. A 8n gd iure-ois gifeting.
- g -eill me not nthe joyous pride
Stdes beauty
Flaou g~vestbr costlygems teysay
j+> ),~j y frear lbidlf sottght her,
Dearfiitheone uupitl gin, I pray.
Bestowon..thy.wedping d-nghter.
Myeeverg.now, on-.the treasurefalls
,cvet and'ik no other;
'lt as hiig~org~e'rs on our ancient walls;i
Tislihe,portriit of my, mnother.
To-miorrow, when 'ell is in festal guise,
-And thbe guests our rooms are filling.
The tiam, mneek gnze of those hazel eyes'
GQtight thy.soul be thrilling;
und nugioom on thy marriage banquet cast,
-Satlon'ghls f their owner giving.
For a fleeting twelvenionthp scarce ha~s passed
iicesheanaingled with the living.
A th'y fie should weary or offend,
T'hat portrait might waken feelings
-Of-the love of' thy fond departed friend,
nd its sweet and kind revealings;
Of her mitnd's commanding force unichecked
*By feeble or selfish weakness.
Of her: spehwhere dazzling intellect
Wa sotndby Christian meceknes...
Then ifather. grant that at once, to ngt
'Ere the Bidah crowd'd inlrnasion.
I lremet tispourtrait from thy sight
* To'mv chamber's still seelusion.
*It will- neave me for to-morrow's dawn to bear,.
It will beam on me protection,
When I ask of-Heav'n in my faltering prayer
To hallow thy new connexion.
-Thou wilt-waken, father. in pride and glee,
To raew the ties once broken,
- Bit nunghst u-pon earth. remainsto me
Save this sad silent token.
SThe husband's teare may be few and brief',
lie mnay woo and win another,
But the. daughter cling4 in tunchanginig grief
Tro the itmage of her mothier,
. Four Lawyers practised in the same Court
ini NOlrth Carolina-their names were idmnan,
Swoain, Dewes and Dodge. Whlile thelast named
vas resiking aspeech,in a cause, the three first
wrote-on a strip of' paper an Epitaph, and ca~'t
.it dtrectly before ,Mr. Dodge, where lie must
necessarily see it, n follows m:
kere lies a Dodge who nodg'd all good,
And dodg'd a deal of evil ;
Butalter dodging all he could,
H .le could not dodge the Devil
He raised the paper-read it, and immrdi
ately composed the fellowing bone clatter:
" Here lies a Hillmnan and. a Strain,
Whiose lot let mao man choose ;
Theyliv'd in sin and died in pain,
-. And thle-devil got his Dewes (dues-.")
Greusbroo' Patrito.
- rask'k a mant as I passedJ by.
Why he did Bratndy drink
"Tii vater's bad," wats the reply.
:-Apoor excuse I think.
And bad to bad,,'tis sure to make
-It wvorse no on.will doubt:
Sueh-watefr.~rspell'd to take,.
4TZust.leave the p~oisona ouk
~m Eal puffs Ned,
~~ their Wits are both ptnf-red;.
fk~.ot by' their Wits, for here we find
'1~bI~ nt wits live by each other's wind.
A r~ooil t::for evil,
- n For better ori~Worse,
Man a* hiar a ife,
~ ~bays hiep:.wn.
- -~etkthetb d'trus -
will'niaterially affect the body if thi
blood is pure. Every individual, even the most
diseased, has .Yithin him a germ or root of that
original pure blood of our common mother
Eve; which germ of pure Idond is the supper.
ter of'his life, and is in constant struggle to
throw off the hoterogenons, corrupt humors,
whicharethe canses of disease in the individ
al. By purging the body of this diseased in
dividual of its bad. humors, you allow the
germ of pure blood to gain groumi and to
ruakelblood of a betternquality, and so on pro
gressively till the whole mass is regenerated ;
for the good principle or good pure blood, is
always striving to be predominant over the
bad or diseased Jumnors. Let all wie wish
to be of a fine healthy habit ; who wish io have
asound mind in a sound body; who desire to
be able to stand without injury the continual
changes of this climate; who desire to have
healthy childr.-n, use the Brandreth Pills.
which will efli'cttally cgleans( the blood of all
bad-or corrupt ruinors, and restore the human
body in the state of health enjoyed before the
introduction of mdueral nedicimes. tensm
ber BrandsethPills place within.the reach of
all health and long lifi..
TThe genuine only for sale in Edgefield
District, by 'R. S. toBanrs. Edgefield C. H.,
Kenrick Thaytr Hoamburg. J. b. I D. C.
Smgley Meeting Street. Also, by J. M. Will
iams Aiken, and by at (cast one agent in every
District in the State -
Every Agent having the genuine has -a cer
tificate.of Agency, signed by the Doctor him
self. Edgefiek C. II . March I1 3t 7
The tate of South Carolina,
Y JOHN ll.rLL, Esq., Ordinary of
Edgefield District -
Whereas Joseph Etheredge bath np
plied to me for Letters of Administration,
on all and singtlar the goods and chartels,
rights, and credits of R. A. Price, late of
the District aforesaid, deceased.
These are, therefore. to cite and ad
monish all and singular, the kindred and
creditors of the said deceased, to be and
appear before t?, at our next Ordinary's
Court to be holden at Edgefiel'd Court
Hlouse on the 23d day of March instatit.
to show eau-e, if any. why the said ad
ministration should not he granted.
Given under my hand and seal, this 4th
day of March, in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and forty six
and in the Seventieth year of American
March 6 2t 7
State of South Carolina.
BYJOHN HILL. Esq., Ordinary of
- -Edgefield District.:
Whereas Markis.Upson hata.applied to
me for, Letters of Administration. 'on 'all
and' singular the goods, and, chattels, rights
and credits of.3ary.:Upsou:late of the
Distdct.aforesid iteceased.
rTLies are herefore. to cite,.ad adii6n
ish a iiind jagnar. the kindred aifi cied
itors of-the tsid deceased, toi lie adi'pir'
before me, saour' next Ordinary's Court
forithe'said'Distric, to be. holden at Edge
field Court House. o the sixjs4th day of
March instant, to show cause, if pay-hy'
th- idaministratiotn should nt:'~ be
Given under my hand and seal, thisf thie
second day of March. in the' year of oar
Lord 'one thousatnd eight hundred and
forty-sixth, atnd itn the 70th year of Amer
icau Independence.
March 6 et2 7
Juer Rt~eityu'r.
Eatch- papier hears the lahe:..nh warranty of
For sale att Edgefield Court ilouse, by
IEOrders received by Rt. S. ROBERTS,
for Fruit and other Trees and Shrubs of the
best kitid, and most healthy condition.
Fromo whom catalogues tmay be obtaitted,
March 4 3t 0
L \W and Magistrate's Blanks, Mortga;;es
anid Deeds,on good paper. atS0 cents
per qmtre.
Barnecs' Notes on the Gospeis and Epistles
Bltue Ink in Stands.
Lemons. Rlaisitns. Figs. Grapes.. Citron atnd
Indhia Rubber Rinigs for cliireni cutting
Teeth. - -
Bone Rings, l'orsatue purpose.
Ptut'y in Bladdters, 3 pounds for 25 cenits
Sticking Bottles.
With marny new Books, also Paper, Quills,
For sle by R. S. ROBERTS.
Edgefield C. H.. March 11 St 7
Sttate~ 91 SOu t~ Calrolinla
Susannah Dotn, A pplican.t, Summons
vs. Moves Fiskistud aind >in
others, Defendants. Partition.
Y virtue ofan orderfrmonHl.q,
B Ordinary of Edgeil -Dsrct ill
poedto clatEdgefeld Court House. on
thes First Mo, day.nnd 'Tiesday in April next.
atract of' land belonging to the Estate of'James
Don, deceased, stittate in the District aforesaid,
and known as the Sand Hill Tract, contain
ing ninety-.etght-and a fonrth atcues, ad joining
lands of Derrick H olsombake, Lewis Iolmes,
B. Meltot , Motses Fiskland and others, on a
credit until the 1st day of January next.
Puarehasers will be required to give bond and,
two approved scenrities. .and a- mortgage on
"te'premises'to the Ordinary to-secure, thme
purchase money. Costs to be paid in cash.
March 4 5t ' 6
01 . LrgeSpanish (W. 4. H.
10 . Bpansh (L. Valedos)
30 M, do , (R. P. M.)
5 M.;Impenral Regalias,;(6.1 tus~~)
Just received, atid for sale by
?tate 'of Souiaro li a
James Eidson Aieplicfat, s Sinsi
James Rudgers .& wife Sarah, i -
Sam'l Eidson and others Def's. Paruit -
T appearingtomy-satifaction that Gid&'.:
T Salter, AWillian- SiiteY. Boycee Eideem..
"Willia* Eidson; kowadd; ; Eidson., Laikin
Norwood and..wife. Elizabetli, Humpiiteys
Eidson. Wiley Eidson and Allen Eiden lives
beyond the Imits-ofthis'Stateit- is therefore
ordered, that they do appear and object to
the sale or division of the Real Estate of Jas.
Eidson, Senr., deceased-, on or - before th(
first Monday in June next, or their conse tt
to the s:ne will be eniered of .record.
Given under my. hand, at my office,.28th
rFebruaty,1846. -'-. " L.E
- - :JOHN HILL, o. E. D.
March 4' . 12w 6
arrant's Comnpound Extract
- OF CUBEfl AND. (APAVAI, stands tnri
.valed for its eficacy. . I-performs a cure in a
few days-no confinement. or restriction in
diet is necessary. Lt.wiII be found invaluable.
being prepared with.:he rentest possible care,
upon well-tested pric es' found upon that
ianportant-lawiirs estab.ished by the celebra
ted Dr. Fordyce,.iz t'That a combination
ofsiilarsemedies'will prod'uce a more certain
speedy and considerable effect than aliqiiv
alent dose or any single.one." "A tconbitia
tion of Cubeha and .)lapatin form a 've b se
fill medicine in certntn cases "-S 'iE. ^cr,
F. i. S., 1-- MR. S..-4'c.,.c
This article -is just tece vednnd for sile by
- 'ii!: TIBBETT'S.
Dec 10. tf 4
H E Subscriber: respeetfully ii ,thin iii
friends anud the public at large ijhat he
has had his House. thoroughly repanid ;.and,
has made a large aiddition to the game.by the
purchase of the adjeinin .House, which will
enable'him to accommodate at .len'eft' or
fifty more persons'iuring Coartsiid i other
times thiian he formerly did. His* whole- aim
has been concentrated to the comfort and con
venience of all. those whd have, faytfted him
with their patronage.:and hie fntieis, himself
that a discerning and generous pubtolwdl con
tinue to bestow on him a share.of thetr anvors.
He will, as heritofore. endeavor 4ofurnish.
his Table with the best that "the cotmry can
afford. -
Having removed his B -arat thI&'ardfest
end of the Honsi adjoinic , little'grno ani.
noyanco can be ezperrenced by thosd.aho pat
up at his Hotel.
His Bar will be furnished witl be.list
Liquors, and bis Stables supplied ath good
abd wholesofieprevendIrand iattele Host
February 25 tf .
Mr. Mason. --DarSir-1 .tal ) lea
sure in informing youtiat thatbot .Ayra e
H AIR'I osic which'U-obtained rfr qit uira
October, has indveduntost'fatisfsito ,43 c.
essiul-: Foriearly-ayearVre ,:sin
tihe Tcwoar Fat 'i d f -end
liad becomee ftirindi, ilit.
'aiitar i nth ; geu'.s i' rcff
thtc:Scalrea Eear;ihe:sores .co g A oat
'the entire tead; after:using tfie J uxout
tw lnouths, my; head :was com ely .cured,
and my -hirfally retoredanid zi 1ro rowin
finely. Respectfully yor;; &.. -
Somerv itle, Janu-try 24,1844's
Parents:'- Jayne's Ezpectoraet is -withoiut ex
ceptioni the miost valuable preatration ini 4e1,
for the above-disdases. It converts'Whooping
Congh into a* mild-and tractable disease
sorteins its datation more thcaennielalf, and
produtces' a certain ind! -sisedy-reeavery.
Froma -half to one tea-spiootnfu will- certainly
coeeROUP in infaints cutid young children,
.- - e u hour or an hour The lives of
.. . of' children will be- saved rannually
wa keepiung it-on -hand, rendv for ancy
a 8.ROBET'S-is Dr::JSaynre's- only
'. .at :i I-:Refiehei Coitri House.
07?Beware of "ouhlerfeita!= --
'harch 4 tf' 6
To the Peablic. and Owners
Of Grist and saw Mills
H A VING puercibased of W. T. Moore, who
is the oiver in the 8tate of South Cacro
TIlON W HEP.L8 for $ aw and.GristsMills. anid
other Machinery-=and lhaving testedthemu fully
to our satisefactiot and~ t 'atisfa'ction of all
whor have seen themn we noaw (lier Edgefield
District. whiich-we lhave purchased to the ptub
th., with thie. followings recoimmecidations aned
1st. The siiiiplicity of the ir construction.
2nd. Their durability aidd peoof moving
3rd They reqmcre otia-thiird lesse water, and
with do dcubbe ien mchexecuition in the samte
time as an) other used in the South.
4th. Baick water, does noet effect them ee
long as thereie a had of w'cter above thein,
us the action of the .water is on the: inner side
of the wheels. :O[1A OF
P. 8. Mit. RoFF who is the owner oif one
half of the cighit for th~ District, is a praectical
Mechanic. and1,putf iug .a good manly MiJ[.
Fhis services ctan . be had at .any time, by di
rectinge ta Winter Seat, S C..
"Td- certify thatrassisted Mr Roffini put
tinig Mr. Jbb- Cothruic'ar~n w Milf-in- operation
with the Verticab Qats: Wheels. It cises much
less water than theold flutter. wheel. Much maore
durable and very-very simple. It needs cno
recomame'ndation,.as it. recommenids itse'lf, I
have just seen a test of it with back water
the wheels were:covered. amjd I did not-see
any differernce in- itsw runeding. I have been
employed as-a Mill, Wright. for a number of~
years, and it surpasses. any thingn I have ever
witnessed. . . TROS. JOiNSON.
January28 ..2m I
state ot .dt Carolina.
John' Hill, Qrd'rr 'Decarationa in.
Joshua Hatintd. . --. A ttachment.
T H EPlaiifrimii habovd case bev
ina t bisd 'arfilei hi-Declarationi ine
my otliefn dothhe &itnt having nei-.
ther-wife-ntorneigoggo .)reside
within the limnits-oC this State, on whiom
a copy of said Declaramongith a rule, to
plead can -be serFVedbn. motion, of.Grifflo~,
Plaintif's -lAtone ordered that the said
Defendant appear end plead to. the said
Deelarationtwthiaaa,-ear.and a day from
the date hereof, or jud in will be a
Cletrk's Nffic li'a 101 184. 1-y 3.
-0 ][ o to lh Jail
" F this *istric, -negrdo
man who say- her name
is MARaY,-nd that she 'belongs
to Mr Martin Edwards, Mer
chant living in Milledge 'ille, Ga.
Sati woman is aboujt ivelfcet, two
inches high, light complexion, and be
-tween tivent -five and thirty years of age.
She has(wo small scars on her forehead,
and nearly alt of her upper front teeth are
rotted off She says she ranaway abroist a
month since.
The owuer is 'requested to come for
ward, prove property; pay charges and
take. her aWay', otherwise she will: be dealt
with as the law directs.
d. H'. GOOD MAN,Jailor E. D.
Feb. 25 1846 - if -5
General Agent and Comnmission
Merchant, Hamburg, S. C.
S TILJ, off'erR h services it his Mends and
p the public, nd hie will devote his undmv
didattention to e.. .
Buying Goods fr Platers or- Mercants, or
atend to nap buisiness that may be
Commiuted to his care..
~He embraces this oppot-tunity of tendering
his- thanks to his friends for tlteirliberal patron
age heretofore bestowed. and' by industry and
close attention to business.he hopes.to merit,
and to continue to receive the same. It shall be
his aim to tnake all his charge's as light as pos.
sible. knowing that it will he to his interest to
closely observe the iterest of his friends.
"Liberal advances will be made if required on
produce sent to him for alo or store. Cotton
sent:to him by Boats, will be received free of
wharfagc. All produce setts to him for sale
will:be promptly sold on arrival, if so ordered.
Augnusi , tf 28 -
Edgefield Academy.
LL Peasonrs are hereby cautioned and
forewarned against openir.g acconnts
Nivh the Srhool Buys front abroad, without
the knowledge or -consent of their Parents,
Gnardians or.Teacher. Suich a course it must
be foreseen would deter Patents from abroad
from sending their children to an Institution
exposed to su-h practice.
Februasy 5 if 6
Pgantatio; ffor diale.
T II ESubscriber intending to more South,
offers for sale, the Plantntion on which
he iow resides, cotaining three hundred and
eight acres, lying immediately, on. the : Piney
Wood. Road, eighteen miles from Augusta any
seven from Rdeefield Conti House. 'Any
person ;wishiing to purechte will do' well to
callot:.tlie subsdriber, and examine the firemi.
36a. GEO. W. JONES.
Decc fiber 31 ' - a 1' 49
State of South 4 'arouin,..
.Robert ' . o>re, vi. Uenry Bll-for'
rborouggan4dOeorge - 'irpinctuii
41 Yarboiitiriu 2 aniidef e 2
J T ppearing to the' sntisetion of the -
Comusidner thait Gaor YW. Yarhi.
rou;fone~ of the defendnut' in:this suit,.
resides beyond the liitis of this State,
prn n .otiOi of Mr. Baniske, Plainitiff's
Aiterney, it is ordered ibat rho; said de-.
fetnditit dt auipeat tetd plead, answer or.
demur io the complainanis said bill of
comnptaint, within thacemionths from the
publication hereof, or t he said htll wilt bdeta
keu pro confessa againast hinm.
S. &, TOMPKINS, C. F.. .. D.
Con 's Of. Fib 24 1846. un .5
State ot7Souith Carolina,.
-Henry Stone nad 'tthers; vs. Bill fur Reliei
Pleasantt Seartes, Admu'r. of andl
Philip' Lightfoot, de'ceaesed. )A cconnt.
I N pursuance of-the order of' the- Comurt
.passed at the Iast termt, regniting mae "'to
ingqnire and report to the Conu t. at its nexrt termi,
who 'were the next of kin of Phailip. Lighitfatot.
dee Deft-umdants intestate, at thme tinte of hats
eatht, antd whmethier anty of thtem aire since de'adt,
and if dead, whtois or are their personial repre
sinitative or ?epresetntitives." Puibli notice is
hereby givena ton all pto ' iinimtg io lbe the.
next of' kin of said Philip-Ligah'oot, late of' thte
District atnd Stiate afore.sttid, thtat thecy appezar
heftre me in the Commiissioner's Office, at
Edgefielo Court h-Fnse, onm or before dhe first
day aof May next, atnd make proof of their
kindred and right, or ont timir failure to do so.
they wilt be exelnded freain'the beniefit of anmy
decree thiat mtay be pronounced int the amatter
S. S. TOMiPKINS, c. E. F.* D.
'Commiosioner's Office.. Nov -12 3mn 42
South tdrolinie,
Nancy M. Dillard, Encatix vs. )Dec'ni in
Enouch Bynae, Hlarmion Hust For. At
Sand Wmt. HI. Byne. ~ tachm
- PH E Paintiff in thte above stated cam's hav
ing thisday filed tier declaraetion in tmy
ofice, and the defenidamais having nteithmer wives
or at'torneys known tobe i'ilta the'lirmitsof this
8tate. on whoam a copy oft said declaration
with a rule to pleaid canm be served: It is there
(ore otdered, that the said defendatnts do plead
to the said declarations within a year anad a
dyfrom the putblicationt of thtis order or finat
aid alisotute judament wvill be awarded againis
Clerk's Office, I7tht March 1845 ly 8
*State of South Carolina.
8. T Hlug hem Dedar&Lion in
- vs. . Foreign
Pasohal Titlman. it Auachment.
T He Plaintiff in the above case tiaving this
iday filed his deenlaratto in my office, and
the.Defendant havin- neither Wife nor At
tortey known to tifde wvithin the limits ofl
this Stste, on whtom a copy oif said Deelera
tion with a rute to plead can be served, on mo
ion. Griffin, Plaintiff's Attoiney, ordered that
said Defendant appear and plead to said Dec
laration within a year and a day from the date
hereof, or judgment. wilt be awardcd against
hin by,4efault. T. G BA CON, Clerk.
*Clerk's Office. Jan,..30,1846. ly 3.
BPARILLA. This praparation of Sr
saparilia possess all the active properties of
the &Rnit;.in a high Iconcentrated state.
Just received, and for enteaby .
Dec;10.. . 46 t
Foe SaleS ethis Olice.
Wholesale & RetaifGrocers
AVE just received,:and will continue to
receive fresh supplies o' the ,following'
Articles, which they offer,to'their friends and
the trade, at the lowest market prices.
30 bhds. consisting of St. Croix, Clairfield
Porto Rico and Muscovado.
Double Refined Ldaf, Crushed and Powdered
50 bags Old Government Java Coffee,
10 do. Augustura do.
125 choice Rio do.
I Bale Mocho do
15 bags Cuba.
100 pieces Heavy Dundee. 44 to 45 inch.
250 do. Kentucky, (heavy) 44 ti 45 in.
50 do. Tow, 45 inch
125 do. Gunny, 24 per yard, 45 to 47 in.
100 do Georgia & Corolina, 44 to 45 in.
300 coils Kentucky Rope
50 do Manilla, do
50 do. Jute do.
20 bads. Trinidad Molasses
25 bbls. New Orleans. do
50,000 pounds iron, of all sizes. Also,
a good assortment of Hoop and Band
Iron, Merman an Caster & Cast Steel.
30,000 Prime Country Sides.
2,000 Sacks Salt,
5 do Table Salt
Boxes Table Salt.
10 dozen I Maple Chairs
25 do Wind3or do
10 do Cane Seat,
2 do Childtens, do
2 do Boys, do
2 do Offices, (10
2 do Rocking, do .
I do Nurse. do
2 bales 9.4 Blankets
3 do 10-4 do (weighing 7 lbs. to the
A good assortment of. Bed Blankets from
10.4 to, 124.
1,0010 yds. Washington Jeans (heavy,)
1000 do. Coventry Plains.
100 Kegs, (assorted Sizes)
150 Bugs, assorted Sizes
30 Kegs hF Dupont's Powder .
10 do Blasting. do
20 do Eanle,Sporting, do
5000lbs-pure No..J, N. Y., Union Bnila
White Lead.
50 Boxes Teas. "Consisting o gfun pow
der, Hyson and. Imperial
G ses attees", ;
I hest.Black Tea,.
200- Blils. fresh Rock Lime
Aid-1iaiter Parisi - ":i
lndigo;. Salfprtttre a tor, opreta "
SWnoeTJtteinnu t ~p & Wont Cardsa
Brass Bound Ducktr , Painted Bite'kets,
Tabs; Churns, .ileis. Wilfow Wagons.
add'Crudles. Washboards, Cocoa Dippera
Cfothes. :Pii,-. Broonis,. Wooden~ Bowls,
Wash S tands, Beltws, Rakes, ..Seythe
Sneeds, OoffeeMilsSoap,i' &~S'pein
Candler. WagonBoxes, .M easures, saddle
itons, Windorr. Glass, Starch, Pistols, To.
bacco, bzrinidtones, Osnabigs, Twine; Cas
tings, Boots, Slhoes, Wool lHats,Rlice,Clothaes*
Ba3~skets, Almnonds, Bearskins, Mackerel,
Mt ustard, Fifth Chatins, Lamnp Oili a choice
article of Chewing Tobacco; Vinegatr, Bexes,
C Cider. Barre Covers, Codl Fish, Ploughi
Mlonlds. Sole Leather, Nakeens, Chuoco
late, &c.. &c.
V ANT ED--l0.000 lbs. BEES W AX, for.
rhich cnsh will be patid.
Hlamurg, 18-46 ft
lonmmi s sion 1Busi1ness.
'N thANKFUL to onr friends lar the liberal
..patrona~ge. hitherto received, we respect
ilv soicit a confurr onacs of thie same at our old
Water-Proof Ware-House.
hrewe will conatinne to, IRecc. Store and
Sell Co-r-ros an I other Pnoouce, Recczrc
anid Forwcard
Merchandise. &c.
We ill give nndivided atttetion' to any bit j
iness in or line, entrusted to our care, ex
ept the buying of c~otton, which we refutse to li
:0 on either our owon account or that of others,
ehievinug it dihlicutlt to piensre in the united ca- 'j
ality ohf both buyer anudseller.
Fro.nt the long esp rience of our senior
artner. 'tud by prompt and devoteJ attentioni
ii all matters of business, confided to us, we
ope to merit a shire of public patronage.
Hamburg, S. C.. Sept 17 6m 35
The Edgefield Advertiser. Abb. Bantner, An
[erson Gazette. Penrdletont Messenger. nnd
ireenville Monntainner, each, will copy the
above f'cr six mnonths.-Journal.
State of South-Caro~na, r
Andrew Carson,
Guardian of Declaration ina '
Francis W. Ferth, vs. Foreign
Enioch Dyne, Elijah Attachmn. 6
Dyne. Harmon
Hunst. )
Andrew Carson, ?s. Declaration in For
the samte. ~ ergn Attachment.
'~ 1l HlElaintifl's mn the above stated cases,
1.having this day Gled their Declarations in
ty Office, attd the Defendants havini neither
towife or Attornteys knownto-reside within the
imits of the State on whom a co? of the same
with a rule to plead can be served, "Jit-is
lerefore. Ordered" that the Defendantappear
nd plead to the same within a year and a day
rom the day hereof,or final and absolute jndg
aetoiwiillbe awarded against them.
..THOMAS G. BACON, c.c. C.?
Clerk's Offi'e,5March1l7th,1845 Jy 8
LO'ST by the subseriber at Edgefield Cd.,
:n-the 5thcofianjteg 3 a -Notegiven
3y James Timmerman to Le'%TaUlbr 1h
rome timne in Jantuary. 1845, for thirty-even i
ilollars end filiy ednts; due the 25ji Deceapbe *
1845, with a credit of two dollar. miaen oalihe
All persong are,'herefore rea rom
trading foN ihot? of'the above d~~t~
- . Ei.:RCH
Jo. N "p --. -
SIHE Plaintiu
I. -day filed I Il, lg. "3fi
the :Del' ndat~j rnsing
tea-plead cais be sEite4
hereof, oi jidgieut.wiJbe j.
haim by defaulrz:,4 '
EHOS.:G G43tVQtj
Clerk lOic ei~~7'i*845.
E DGE ~El -
IN T lE -Ct7I1'AfM
Berry Rotlgers, tIT8Ludfl4Cf3
r.Efljalh d'
Cress &t'rarpau; :'1 ;
THE, Plaiotiffe havtbh' k
baving neiiaeritvives 'drat i
to be within the limits ?ofj~
whom a copy q(uaid _dectaizf
rule to-plead can be sewved:
the: the said'defendaots tioA . -,
;aid-dedlara;ions,;=sll'biu: gcyesrr
Prom the publication of .this4
wnd absoluwe judgmienCt *i1f
igeinst them...
Clerk's Office, J1 3tt
State- of S-=outh=-DEF DD
Job Grisham;
Elijah Bvne.. =) :4
H E P~aluitffsiut the abo~'e
t1 his day filedttheir'det;
ice.aind thellcfetdnaita&
icy knowiato f:esideowithl'i
State;'orthbn abmaopy Dcf et "
qit a rule to plead cuui be ec
ore ordered, that -tlh pilt : fe ."
ippeur and plead'rto theoBait::
veer anda daiy, frtom ti :daie.
mud abs Jul udgmnntwiUbh
stuby defht. '; '~ . *
State " ofofi4
ftlniee iiibn . Uni y
ao r"r 7
vs.nniMe ~ . 'fit "a

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