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asVAL O1-TE it ASA e}
We reaei eiby theitetnhoat fast nght
from Phil kephia a-cpy of'- lmer f
seiihts=Earopin. Tiles. of the 19I I al'.
from which.,,w.e,njke tp. the following
summary of news-prtacipally~Commer
cial-most-oter mtiers of imtcest.coni
tained in it having been given in ourTel
egraphicdespch. gsterdav morning.
Profesiol)ee,% ' William anid Mary
.College,oiyirginia, di'ed in Paris a few
dayspeiavjpus4l the,ailing of the steamer.
He arrivel injnaisity only the day before
The aitieipa;ed almost total .faildre of
the potato.crev in En ;land, Irelant and
Scotlandi.has-.ca& ed the price ofr indian
Corn to .risefroni 254. to 32s. a .quartet
during the last three weeks. The quan
tity in t fie 31editeranean is said to be very
small. It is expecfeil th at. merica will
be enabled.to renip a olden :harvest in the
sae of this article iii Elglaod.
IComnmnercifL.U-='lie'o'ton. market ham
been in a quiet state.;in the fmanufictur
:ing districtbUiine s is the reverse 'of sat
isfactor..'ans9A. of the nills in Black
,burn have alread ys commenced working
short ti hic arrived re
cently froTh th yUie States respectii
the t5r1fy'haitig p~tskd the Senate. w.ll
there im eve4 reason'to believe, give a net
fillip to trade.
The-Produce markets are tolerably ac
tive, both for.the home.trade and for ex
ports. The depression- which has lons
been existing in this branch of business hai
comparatively disappeared.
The. works nn''thb Holyhead line -o
railway are progressing most -rapidly.
Nearly 13.000 'men are daily employcd
Vheo finished it wil form ,one einttruou
line of railway frntt - Londonio Liveipoul
liolhead will then he established as th
great iaket station-of England,, at whiel
place Y IIrish, tle American, and mom
probably.-th West India .Mail Steau
Ships will arrive'.and depart from.
An-effTsrt.is being madle by. the salt i1
terest ofthiscountry to abolish the murop
oly which the East India -Company pn,
sessest.o supply tha' article to our Easter
subjects exclusively. -.Tie cs$ which i
salt trade make .out is a strong'one, an
they have been materially assisted -in thei
laborgbya pamphlet recently published Ih
Mr.'lylwii who is himself in the Ea
India..trade, and'knows, from pritctical ec
perience, a here'the -.shoe Pincnes.
R&qt; f th i cek nuing Agust 14.
The quotation"of' Cotton remains. a
las weekbutwe have barely maintaine
-our ground for the middiipg, qualities.
A rcli. [it-: many :instances, we knon
that bu iness has been .done at. the fu
raiprevibnsasales..but .on an.averag
ojetransactions, the dutiness of theomar
the utd.zin favor, of -th
-e a efTfee' gnd-tendec
of our currency :a been owtng cbteiyr t
dutmtas utp4ua git actr -ffom an
etiasmtW it #t*-6 C'ehn
n ney.varnts for railway plpu;scs pa
C dhli. a dpri gefA s2y.ators, a
p as _ titetmarketxpropert
wr~ as t " gj R e ."imsac
tsudfao i overdiudistdrbeds Alto
:-etbe - haV' passed rathier'adlull week
-omte i eie have a e fir
-matioo oGf Prei report, amel ,,.ia
thae':rap nowson :the .ground is likely u.
,prove a moderate one, and under any cr
;cumstances-must be late in its gatherti
The sales for the ngek amount to 33,
.830 bales.
-FOr Llc Southern Chronicle. -
La o and; Medicine.-We clip the foI
lowing alarming intelligenice fromt an ex
-change paper, indicating the precariouil
situationl of two Professors in the Uui ted
States, hitherto the resort ol a large pro
~portion of our eduented young'menl one al
wvhiich has b.een assailel from without,th
other from within. The first relates tc
the Tawyers, and is as follows:i
vr~ty Man his oicen Lwye.:T he Con
vention of' New Yourk deueled on Mlonday,
Slat ott; ity a vote of 60 to 17, that an~
>maleacitizen. of- whatever color. of~ good
-mToa~l icharacter,-andI requisite .qual/icaui
ons of learning anel abily, shalt be admit
:e'd to Nactice in'all the courts in t his St ate.
Thisis rather sweepiygA but if-the 'qual
'ifieations' alltidis t4 were st ren ounsly in
sisted upon, it tiighit'cobsiderabl~y dirni
islk the n.jmber inistead' ofimereaittg it, as
* bighly polished brass is often mnade to pas'
.-crrent 1d courts of justice for -the genn-.
ine legal coitn ; hut viewed .in s eviden1
intent, it is preposterOUSly -sily, and wili
defeat instead of expedite the just enforce.
medt of legal claims. dIt-s a common fal
-lacy to suppose that more justice can be
done betweeni men by the mere commni
-sense of-honest men, thian by ain artificial
*aet~ipf ledifng ;:for long experience hat
shown that-in -an- artilicial systemt of so
-cietgi cotnflictiisg t ights will arisc-requiring
a'f kno'wledge of precedence and a diseip
lin'ed inirid to-master and adut rhe
-profession is cert ainily beocominig over crow
fe--ld amoiig us, but this is an evil which
*mst-~tand will correct atself. A law-yer
oasn no more sustain hi., legal existence
~i~ithout fat fees. than a frog cau live in an
e ~ibainisted recei'.er.
- :Tti& otier paragraph relates to the med
ia rteintyj who, like the Egy ptian Lo.
ciStS, -ill hc1finally comnpelled to devour
---enchother. 1Triejr increase is -truly alarm
ing, ihotigl. ot to us, the- sentiment of
Nclieth being ours: :.
nThrow physic to the dogs, we'll have none of
---11 is stated.-.that- in twenty-six of--the
pricipal Medical Colleges in the United
Stles;:. four thousand t wo hundred and
,ixtf .five studets aittented, thge lectures
during rhe:course. of 1845-46 and that- of
this-number one thosandii tw~o hundred
"4adfifty six -graduatedl this year .The
-A' Y&aof the professioni are certaluly filling.
2idftr it will be difficult for any mag
-. th*S-UouL the absistance of a doctor,'
tbo wa stautSeient- to that et ect
icirange~ ya ehliinoher day.
Snake 6iten.~i js-paid-'hgt charcoal,
* nade'in-9-a piaa egy~ving's lard, is a
.grand aaidotefors.oa .. biie. 1n bad
cases itshouSld be chiang,ed::otien. 1 I wil
-problly pr'ovo elicetiulfur ih. sliug of
e a a aohe a.i., ..ar es nfpison
From thre,haesloa Patriot.
Mr N.. Colburo, the coirespund1eu of
.the St LoutsR,epublicanarrived a.:l'.n8lefd
pende'ce;AMo.) on the-27th uit., in24
I ra frniSauta eF; -which plabe he let
on. thi3d of' August. He brought inte
resing intelligetice, of whice we give "the
folluwing summary. .
On the 3rd of August there were only
,.450 Mexican-soldieas stationed. in Santa
Fe, buf the 'authorities statedithat they had
17000nen ready to mrcth. at a -moment's
warning to meet Geu Kearney, and~ 2000
were expected from the lower country,
that Mr. Kennedy, however, diho had.
.just. arrived from Sonora, reported that
they had there only 300.soldiers; 200 at'
Chihuahua, and 40 at El Psbso.
-When Mr. C.. Left Santa Fe, nothing
had.been'heard;of Gen. .Kearney's move
ments for--6fteen days .previous. 4t was!
then known-that Gen'al Wool was novitin
against Chihuahua. About.2000 mites
on his route home,, ho.met with eight.
Mexican dragoonrswho had been watching
the 'movements of tte.Anericuan forces
under General-Kearney, but had not seen
the troops.. althuagh they had been in
sight of ent's:fort and to the Sinarone.
At the crossing of the Arkansas, Mr.
C- met Capt. Wurcester of the U. S. Ar
tillery, T. Caldwell and Charles Beta'.
only ten- days from Independence, and
.sent by -them to Geat. Kearney all -the
'news of which le wasin pos5essin.
ontho 18th. he met Mr. ..Torly's e6m
pany ofthree waggous for Taos, and tlso
:forty-ahree Government wog ons and 54
men, lying by for repairs. They had lost
fifteen yoke of oxen; many -of the men
were sick, and they had only two rounds
of ammunition. Noguard could be placed
at night and they had nothing with which
- t protct thetnselves when hunting their
9 oxen.
The Indians were attacking some of
the companies alamost.very 'night. This
detachment. of wagons was then sixteen
t days behind the 'army, which M r.- C.
1 learned wassubsistitg on half a -ration ol
bread and meat, with neither sugar nor
cofle! One hundred Mexican soldier.
- could capture. all .the supplies of "Govern
ment stores froma he Coaton wood to Bent's
It Fort, if :hey onlyv kntew their exposed
e situation. The Dragoons had only-fifteen
d rounds of ammunition with them-,
r The -Indians were it Sata Fe, offering
Y their services to Gen. Artmijo. but he had
refused to accept theo.
-On the 15th. he mt.u twenty two Gov
ernment. wagons, in charge'f 'llr..Camp
bell and.Mr. Goonq, of St. Louis. Their
. camp, had 'seen attacked on ihe night
previous, ant hat they hadt killed one
.Indaan And wond locu another. - '
V 'From the 16th o, the 27th, he met
l' parties every day, all 'of whom 'had sulif.
e red more or less by tie Indiains. -
Trade was extremely (lull an Santa Fe.
The corn crop wao very poor, ai;d it was
feared that the mounted men would-suler
very severely from the want -of grain in
'the stter.. -
The Navdije. Tliaiane were eonmnintiug
y predaiio's on the Me.xicatis. -
- ' Jvies, Aericau ponanl'a' Sata
a.. e'ble t ! e ,.eal
-g.ron the .Mobitc Herald, (E.arc,) Scpi. G
-:AT. AND iMPitTanT Ttoat ixc9.
.S. Brig oJ War Truxton' Burnt.
By the arrivaltof the U. 6. Revenue
steamer Legare, at New Orleans fromu
Vera Urcz, we are in receipt of letters
from.our correspondents as late as thi
29ih ao. WVe have but time pre-viouts t.
thie-losing'of the tail to puhsh the foil
osinj letter:
Point Antonio de Liardo,
Augu-a 26.h, 1d..
T'he ouly e'veutoof impoetuance wtinen oas
transpired of late, is the loss of thei U. S.
Trtxtotn. on at.e bar of the T1uxpatua rava r,
about 130 mriles no.rthw ard! of Vera truz.
--The intelligenace was brougtm to the
Squadron on the 17th 'y the St. Mary's,
that shaip hivinag ptcked up one of the
Truxtoan's boats, with Lieut. JBerryman on
It appecars that Captaian Larpenter of
the Truxtan, wishing to. get his vessel near
shore to protect his ooats while obtamai.ng
provisions, etmployed a Scotchman be
had taken out of a Mexican prize to pilot
him itn, but who, wheaiaer'~'romn designa or
acideut, run haim aground -on ti.6 15l.
Ont the 17th with thei exaception 'of Lieut.
Lunter and a boat's-crew, she was atban
doted by the officers and men, who weut
asbore to the numrber~ of~ about 60 an all,
and surrendered thetmselves to the Mexi
ca commaandant. Tiacy were h..spirably
received, comp1limnented with a ball' and
let next day nih a guide of four men for
2'ampicao, about .100 miles further north.
Liut. iluualer and hiis boat's crew put ta
Isea,captured a stall' Mexican schooner
and catme d.,wn to our'present-auchorage,
makiung in all two oflice (Lieuts. Berry
man anad Hluter) atiad about twenty amen
men saved. As soon'as the ntews-was re
ceived. the Princeton iminaediaaely got on
der .weigh aaad .proceeded to the scene of
. The Trruxton was founid beatinag on .tbe
ba-, bailged and comapletely'filled with wa
ter, haaviuga 4 feet over the birth deck. Thte,
surf was so violent on the bar that it was
nte uutil tane 22d, tirat .the- bloats of the
Princeton could honiad her, whent inding
it imapossible to get her ~fl or save taer she
was liredi and1, comtplettely aburned. A few
of the best e~pars were brocught oif, but osa
er wiso she is a total loss. She had been
-completely plundered and stript by the
-Mexicans tbeford' the arrival of-the France
tot. H- er gains were fonuhd to have been
thrown overboard. 'The Proncetont ran in:
-5 fathoms w ater, (she dlr.awi194~ leet,) and
was then about 14 miles distant, -the a well.
was so heavy thaot a nearer approach ton
shallow 'eater was'deemed -tangerous.
.Afleriainag the btii; the Princeton re
uinetd immediately -on the 23d to'tbis
epr't anch'ordg~e, about ten miles- south
ward of Vera Cruz. At- the motrh-of
Tuxpan kiver. -the Alexicanus have a
mal faorce'tenuted in-sheds. Several comat
mucatioi 1iashe between the Pr'incptfi
and shore by flags of truce, ande by them
the ate of the captaveseiyas learnt.
*The Cutter Legare,60 hours fromr Bra
ZO , arrived oan rhe .25.1 with despatches
roan our Comnmodore,- supposed. relati dg
to a hr.e tnthns armisicen with the Mwex.
iqans. The dstt~'rf'lp o-Cr
this place is 45O miles, audisie l 'tt e
ender -sterna.: igainat,. trou g ea.
rhe; Legarreurnl o.N ) fi
repir~s tuhier buiitrs:.a wlj1 ,
condition. and prevOatitq:~
About lt day.s .ince Sang{({
Vera: Ousfor rle cui of mexic
gwhicb, however, he se nt a poaiIif i.
{ion ;o-our " Comnmodore to meeat hm~)ii1
board tlhe Engiash frigate.Eudymsp itau
interview did nut 'aken place. At bwduy!'l
(lack *ooe of tbe ingliab 'frtgase'aboa.
cante down in" a violent raidqal it'
commufnicationl for-te "Comm dolr~ti
next dlay ufiag of truce wais re~itnltiI
no rumor of the -blusines bas .6ttpae
:The frigateJ~ - Aac
the eickeas of h iCrw [email protected]
broken 011100 board *oI cam. * e
uow414O cdscis oftheA~ ul'
the 276h. the Cutts YQ!.1
the B3alize. butt brg l
iIflpOrtUice. .s
tl'lie fc lifl^~ u -of th -
tacked. to the L'ju bib7~
Cowrnatfaelr :wf eo Y ib
Matter isaaic __ fcla
M1i.ishlpneta Johln P. Ifheti,,
I3issctl-; 'Nurses tUeorge Fia'~ i
tant Surgeon -John S. Messerlf it Mid "
Clank. ii. "Wilksorl ;ogether".+1li ban!
fifty petty otficors and seaimon.-i .
Lieuts. [lamer a nd Basrymditttae 00
htoardiii~ ar' ,,
From -the NV U" I r.'caijun ',ipq '"t.
LAt1'iSSf' INTflLfG ~ r
,r.K.encall writosUs o0*1tfj~2 ur
lron C~ainargti, that. thiernoa ruuLetic
intelligence front Molutery zrgpres 3 d
that Me'jt t hall 2000)regla
raw recruits, all without uion-.orsons
and all provided tn .-e'ry '~~c A
Uaidereyte. thirty wites thri Ale of 'Mua
tetey. itce wa~s a lotce ut tdetw eu 700
better irdtated.thau-Llhe trup jat Munterir,
but will ill provided.
Oil the niaght of t:.e 31st uli a- riot broke
out a..;ung souie voluoteery-;con'a 4eteam
but. lyiug at alt ejicauilti trUL' opl~ufte
Ii ui'tau, iii 'vhicb aecerai peratn'art.:said
tu have -been kit ed, anjd ut 'rB s hortally
wounded. Tate -part u 4rs Kae
11i1 afiair, as we-kaee rei ,e these.: Ott
board thae boat wel'e so~tnc.^r e;.or fo~ur
cueatpanaes o1 tGeorgia vole fpassofbebc
{hete wts. One Irish corltagay', betweenc
whiichn and ine oilacr.cotszaayaY.feud
haud exi uted lu~r severail dtiny:
Tute quarrel reached a'I tu'or tli
evelaang tnititiited. and 'a J~rjkle hi~b1
enuaed. abot were. fied, ;.a 4t.ord :n
Lnsyiuneatwere uised iiisc apat:y [xi
are repotied to have heed tilled or ticrt ll.
ly evitdcd, andc. prub bJyrn1' t :ltuers
we.re itnjuredl maore oir lces k Besides the
stead .dud wounde~d we. ~and a do
sbiirc, it shi ht~ ten. were
forced overhoaird, " heoe
TIdied awtheir wonwds: .
' ;W.1hilt efltw"ot R"'tcoI
ITSsonallS. and.t 4i~iekitg -;ti _iterBsztuh
sanrd ujaso l ie hw u one ittac
wouunded so vej .al othiu &s. -Fnza bnhe
cotala gao .9uc cee d at) putu''g an end to tt
di:;tt batice le called. uMjiol B3atr, oI
the~ 4thregimzetat ot!I Iliowe volutiteers, for
aSistaas.c. toti. B. urderced couipaaies
A. and (i. oal his ratineat Jto .ass an
queliia the tight. and went aan perso. aic
ider.Col. Kearney. He died, oanhe 231
Angus of congestive fever. Col :Alen
,oogd tothe regulararmy, in which hie
he fhe rank of Captain. He was de
'taebedfor this especial service'-by -Oblonel
r1'arue .
'l'ITeiit two icdpanies of.:Col Price's
egtment ai For t: Leavenworth in Sun
day morning, the 23d. Nothing late' has
been reaeived from General Kearney, acid
the work of forwaiding supplies was going
actively on. Great ,scarcity of wagons and
teamsters tas (eli, and the stock of pro
visions was accumulatitigly rapidly..
A cdrresbondent of the New York
nbutie,.writing;fromn Havana under date
fsth 19th Aigust,.gives the-report of an
arr-ingetnnt-said to have been enteredinta
.betwea'nSantt Anna and certain agents ol
the American' .aifif.British .governments.
'The arrange nent is reported to be se
-The Me.icgn Federal Government ol
624 to he re-established unde .he-guar
anty of the United States; so .at in case
of future pronunciamenjos. the -Udited
Staies Government shall have a riglittc
interfereit support of the -tdo.ntitutibiihl
_Governm nRt The Rio rande to be the
boundary 1 end Californias 'to be orgau.
ieais'a distinct 'erritory, inder the pro
tection of the, nited states, but not gov.
ew-ed by Amlericans until the inhabitants
shall think fit to annex themselves, in favor
which parpai,.th.-counyry willbe alloiyet
4to-carry o a free traile- .ith hbh. P,e.
'pdblics, and admit colonist.from all coun.
tries and of all religious and creeds.'"
.We give the report for what-it is Korth
the .writer stating that he Las it on re-pec
table awhority. We are not ourstlvet
ready to confide in its truthfulness.
From ehe St. Louis. Republican.
No blood 'has beenyet shed at Nauvoo
'although the anti-Mormans were gatherini
at the last accounts. at Carthage, and the
*Mornotns and new citizens at Nauvi
vere not inactive. It would seem fron
the following order that Gov. Ford ha
changed his mind-in relation to 'the pro
priety of let.ting the parties fight it out
S~pringfii'lil, Aug. 21, 1846.
To Major James R. Parker,
Of-the 32l regiment Illiaoii militia
St' :-.t. have received i iformation tha
another elfmt- is to be ndae on \londa;
next, to drive out the iuli,itants of Nau
voo, new as well as old, and to destru;
the city.
-! understand .that. it is believed in thi
surrounding country that the iew citizen
in Nauvoo are all ilorinons, and that-th
remnant of the old Mormon populstio
are determined to remain there' althoup
I atn asured inat the contrary is thetruth
You are.. theteforc, hereliy adthririse
and etpeo eyed to repair to tiauvoo, an
there remaid until you are relieved. Yo
A ill itntediately irngiire how- tmany c
the inhabitants are new citizetns and hot
titny of the old Mortion population re
rnairr, and what ilie jiospect is- of theii
removal ainin a reionatile tine. An
rcasie , ti -city should bu
authaorized id ul thecom iiJad t sul
:vola~nteele as dayIIr -their' 'ervices,
-frieof cdst to, tie' :tt, to epel it .auds
to defend Ite city.-You will also hay
full power to pursue, and in aid of a pac
allieer with a, proper warrant, arrest ti
rioters who may threareu or attempt sue
an attack, and bring them to :tial.
You w.'iH have ptower with an armnet
poeto assist any- peace tllicer in mnakinf
arresta, and w ith, a like turce will guare
the prtsonei-s to, during their trial, and a~
long as you -nay bebieve themi to be -in dan
gecr of mots vimen~tce.
Yt'u will also, from timne to time, pub
list in the Nauvoo and Quiiney .paper
thie result of your~ inivestigal' toos aud a brie
asiory of youri prucedtngs.
You are also authorized to accept the
services of tient, as voutee~irs, from F'ul'
in couty, to serve under you in perlurmn
ing the above services, who will be paiu
fot their services.
I amt, r'-spectful-ly,
Your obedient servant,
Governor and Comnmauder-in-chief.
Major Parker is at Nauvoo, with som<
two tiudred men, to enforce the orders eo
Governor Ford. He has issued a precla
miation set tiug .forth his purposes in the
usual style, and it may deter the anti
Mormons ioma the contemplated attack ot;
te town and temple. John Carlin, wbr
is a son of the former governor of the State
and has not been donspicuous as a leader
'of the Anti-Mourmaus, is said to have a
lrce at Carthage of four hundred men.
The next boat wilt probauiy bring us the
final procedings in this affarr.
From the Washington Union
George ?5am:rolt, of Massachusetts, to be
envoy extraordary and minmster plenipo
Ientiry of the United States for the United
lingdoniis of Great Britain anud [aelanud,
v~e ILouis McLaue, recalled at his own
John Y. Mason, of Virginia. te be
&creary ot the Navy of the United States,
vice. -lon. George B3.tncroft,.resigned.
The attention of our readers will be
attracted by the appointments which we
anodunced itzithis evening's Union.
Mr. MoLane havtmg returned from IEn
gland at' an iniportant period of our rela
rione with .that governmnent,' it became
necessary to select for his successor, not
only a .ann of .proved ability, but .one in
timately acquainted with the views, arid
'eroying fully the c'oufidence of the .Presia
det. .liiboth these respects, the selection
of Mlrt Baincroft.ma~y be regarded as em
itetly fortunate, wile it is also an hon.
orable recognuiton of''hii Services as a
memribar ofl the cabinet..
MrvuLancroft resigued his seat in the
caiet this day, anid &illrike, we undeh.
sandi .anearly opportuntity to embark -for
Lodon. . yJwg aowo
lie is succ d'ed A ug aowo
in taking charge'6f the Navy Department.
entrs upon familiar duties, and carries
ih.hinm thu respeet anud e'onfidence el the'
whole commnunity.
Judge Mason teilet, also, as Attorney
Genral ~ad interim, until his successor.'tn
tat omflico sha bennninteid'anrd nnnihnsl.
eve aunt.vuger.
At an election held on the 14th instantefor
Iatend.mnt and Wardens for the town of Edge.
field, tie foilowing gentlemen- were elected for
the ensuing year.
A. B. ADDISON,-7nrenitfa it.
Irardcs.-F. ii. Wardlaw, Fdihunil'Penn,
Samuel B.rooks and S. S. Tompkins.
Col. Pierce 37. Butler arrived at this place a
few days since, and joined his family -in this
Distrlct. We regret to say, that his healthis
yet feeble.
Melancholy Jccident.-On Monday the -1st
'irstanat. Mr. LEWIS GLAs-roN of this.Disirict,
on his return from this place to his lione, was
thrown with great force fron his horse, and
was so seriously iiijured that death was the
resift.. Sir. GIanton was tt old andrespee.
tabln citizen. and was much esteemed'b 'liis
friends and acquaintances.
fall in the price o)" Provisions,--We 'learn
from the.last Hamburg Jonrnal,-that Corn and
Corn Meal were selling for fifty cents per
hushel in that place, on the 9th'instant.
Nwtas by the Britannia.-in addition to the
news received by the Britannia, which arived
at Boston, with dates from Liverpool up to the
19th nltimo, we copy the following items from
an echnlige jtirnal.
House of Lordi.-Patrliametnt is espec
ted to rise rbout the 18th of August. -On
tho 17th the House of Lords passed the
Sugar Duties 1ill.
House Cif Commons.-The destitutio'n in
Ireland occupied the House of Commons.
on Monday. A sum has been appropria-.
ted for the employment of. the pour :in
Efects of I/e Anteriean 7'arif in Et/Z
land.-Several. markets harve extperietliedl
the effect, of the. liberal tariff which joe's
into opeiatioi hi the baited Statis on the
1st of Deceriber. Iron has already, ad
vanced in price, and ' the wollen tnanu
fictures of Yorkshire are firm and im
France.-The French electien4 .bu've:
terminated and great has been the succea
of the-Guizot ministry.- Tue maorry-;in.
the new. Chamwbr -is expected: to be one
1 hundred, an it. may possibly ejtcel that
number. .The. King had opened~ the
Chambers with a short speech.
We have. received the first i;umbi:e-o! the
"Palmelo.Saic Bainner," np'per P!iblishied ii
th oliep 1fI. .C..bMrgan, Colunah~ia. C.
The paper wi' be .1 -yilib.ihaii!) -ftrin
ciptes will be Democratie:and of. the -striciest
State Right school. The uvitrnber befere us
contains mtch excellent editorial matter, and
prmnises well for the future. It is very neat
in its appearance, and does credit to the press
of Mr, .lrgn..- -
Albon Cha~se, Eag., tor ajeonnsidrale mnum
ber of years editor of~ t!he Southern Banner,
pubhbhed at Athens, G t., his retired, and is
succeeded by Mr. hlopkins H-olsey.
Mlunicipa! Elcdon in Chareson.-After a
very animated contest between Getn. Schnierle,
late .1ayor of Charlestoni, and S. L. Heutchi'n.
son, Estq., the lutter genatlemnan was elected
onl Monday t116 7th itnstant.
From dhe Charlcston Mercury|.
Thec following letter is from a Source
enititled to implicit credit. The pi'ospects
of the plators there are indeed most gloo.
my -
E DISTO ISLAND, Sept. 18-16.
I have recetntly been informed, that the
rep~resentatinis of the -letter writers from
this place in relationi to the probable pro
duct of the Cotton crop, have, in severai
quarters, been considered as inconsistent
with the truthfulness of the planter's cha
raeier. Our neighbors, .it would seem,
apparently safe from the depredations of
the caterpillar, or having suffered but
slightly from their invasion, received the
gloomy accounts from Edisto not only
with incredulity, but with feelings of mer
riment at the aff'rightened -condition ofC
their fellow -laborers. *Co they still con
titnue to be unbelievers? Is there no evi
dence that our me'ancholy situation may
soon be theirs? Let me now assure you,
ISir, thai however wild anl extravagant
smoftho starements were atone period
Iheld to he, ocular proof is -now 'before us,
that the shortest crop ever .produced on
the Island, will be that wich we are
engaged in harvesting. I am unwilling to
risk an opinion as to the quantity per acre
that may be realized, but I feel no hesita
tion in saying, that there niever was as
lit tle gathered as at this season, and never
before was the hope of the grower so early
blasted. Our tieldsjare already in effect
in their winter's garb; not a leaf, or a part
of' one, is any where to be seen. Haed' we
been -visited withI a hoar frost, the result
in reference to Cotton could not have been
more disastrous than that which'a snmall
worm has accomplished. 'Hiavinag denuded
the shrub of its~foinge, the enemy is now
employed ,in devouring othe 'fruit-all of
which,.save the petty.portion Jahrilenesi
by age, ho will inevitably destroy. For
about ten days we have beheltd -he earth.
ieemingly in mouion,~ seen every 'thing
around and abotut us'covered 'with -loath
some creepling think~s, brea;,hed an itmos
phoere polluted with thieir bodies-alive anld
deadi ; and tunable to move on footwiihoud
crushing many of the roe, to avert.wh:Zae.
ruinous blow at our iiiterestsitheltroojp .tc
eflhrts perseveringly miide hav e e una,
vailiug. . - -
'ShntI t,o~ araaesofrhe .aepi..h..a e
mnsurat with'ie bta''e e Y
e e ifuad as fatl is'vitl bu'sf ho
noweing gathered will be the sbo ~
evreaed. T'he crop of I18 a. yea
fenarkable foth Eidient of WNW
flicted by the'worm VTas 8,7676
over that q'destitj wa'exporsielI
lowing year; tlis 1wae about eqjpl 'w
eroipof 1839'(8 y9.'tiaK.l
1840. anil 'over two millions,,f 1 i
greater. than tharof 1841, a
by the same rile; 16i,1825, e 't
grower, of 1hig Cotton; . tdlft
cause to dgliire-theTheavy4 he
tained from theh . erpiiir ro
5,972,852 lbs., or saiout . . b %
less than that of'61 81
period pf 41 years, -theaop i t -'
has only tweve timescegda
The product of -180 was..t o
least. according-togetir; r"
amnply-sufliietfuor.-heepurpoes5OI "
In .that year and 1825 coarse Gqton ih :
was planted ; the--season is a _ai
one ; by the 1st September yolor'fh
,the Cotto: had been.- oe
result showed that-the tdefictfj I
only about one-third.. In -I80.Lxw
sing the harvest of that yearw it
subsequent ones.-therasno'deficietw;.
Look now at the-scene befd "
siderable portion of-nearly ey t
the-Sea Islands cunlivated'kp ~y'
and cobsecuen'ly delicate a apr A
tive Cotton; In a late perioi .iheseaf
highly unpropitious to its devel tae~ n
onthe 3.1 instant the 6eldsCofthi :.plae
were leafless, and those of -ctN to ,
-of the same plant. ii .oiesettin teliil
State are, or will be, so ingir_' ys
-theist of September,'ini th uatdtit;p1K4
acre gathered, was,-a:judging fiini;atn.'
-own crop,cnnsideredlif myy n,
ripe-one.-6Abs.'; take thesesfa
-er, and add the Iss stilldaitl awi
from the number of pod.-~aetten * '
enemy, and you will in some .dteaspf
enabled to determine whether the -harvest
-of4846 will not be pronounced:;tthe its
meagre -in the annals of our Coti c*:t."
ture. The prospect ahead isiinifeee4'd
precedentedly gloomy.
vigorous efforts in-tho. prosecution otaP-"
labors, and the exercise' ofiatfriit'
econetny, should hereafter he the lied|!'
lights -to directs our 'fiotteps. Good I
have no .loubt, w il eventuallyf o dh
the utthnppy position , bi in tuirnyt-f1
our fllow laborers, in their g pikem4
present occupy.
Extract from a letter reciviedn Ch nafii.
"The caterpillars have dveibo'
whdle4field, and will now make' cr
work-of it. If they will be saisfied!
.thelleaves,-there wiU be somerh .
but when they will-sia or
will Ado, remains..t bjiiproihkl4..hag
pifed 10 or I2Aushelse othe iri' L,
60 bushels-in the. cjt.saliaus- eat
I think, will keep them back at lo* onet
week. Miad they come as ihey,.did fi
merivf'~on~ld hiaveidestroysith( .o
but they hiiv a'rr : n-.s k:4p pg
nuudber,, and 'attueket hie. ,-gh s
many lIac.t !tdid 14 okj-rij~
deril tO aclicuo o.Ja u i
r xr
.ther~iy los erC n -
-trract f a ktler recki v --
fun. dated Bv.Aurotr, Sept.9, j .
-Every Cunn. ieWd is..:.. eua
Parish has already been devoaitr i +s
Caterpillpr-every leaf,. and tear . all
the ietder pods have been destgyd.
Tihose planters whose crops we'rei~jly,
may oneithird of a full crop; tim 'who
arc backward,. will not make a
afidi there in ill be little room f7 igr:ke
foi he month of' Septenmber wi-O~fflce.
fur the gathering-as the pod's wvisig!re
too hard to be eaten, exposed- as they~ now
are to the sunt, will open. all'at'otic ad
be picked in.
" So great a destruction, fro~atI~ -kame
cause, has never beenL knie b ore-ad i f
it i< getneral, as wve ,believe. ir t" ke. the
deficit for the coming year must. be serious
indeed."- Courier. - -
The Savannah- Refi5dfiz uf il $t
inst. says :--The crops oa> Hilton Heat.h
are necarly destroyed. Ve saw a leter yes
terday f'rom an overseer to h.is ejaployer,
in 'which he states the caterpllar is most
dest ructive in its ravages, and Ihi* there -
isedainger nf their destroyingsthiitre crop
ont t wo places of one hundred and' thirty
acres each. This informatiodtJbliable,
and holds annd on ihreerfotinhslof the
plantations between thisplace a~d Char
leston. '.; ~
The State of to, at-4he.wpieoF g te
people of the Tctrrtory of Iowa giuing, by .
a majority of at le'ast 600e-assumed allihe
ight and raponsibiliiof a-SiteGoverd
ment, the next step,-which swillj saTen by
the Governorias redo as the oflcipa returns
are in, will be to issue: a-- proclamation
pecifying some day within he months -
rom the 1st Monday of -Angusat instant,
or the election of a Governorf-swo Re-i
resentatives to Congress,-Auditof, Tr'eas
srer. Secretary of State, and alsoimnembers
o the Legislative Assetubly of our new
State. By the ist of 'ananaty wrashatt,
~ave two "inore membets efthe Uit~.
enate, tronm'this ntew-Statw '
Emigrants.-A nobe11ene fot Augustc,
was witnessed b'y6ur citizens ysedS
fternoon. in the piissifthrfoigh 'the city -
>f a number (69 of all ages /and. sexes). of1
imigrants. prtitbipa'lfy froin. Switzerlaqd,~
mt their way. -Tenessee,sto-settle a-tract..
if land pwrchansed 'lro.niUstState by a .
:ompany a-froinerat!Ti~'were a
tardy looking 'race, uthieik 'tesque
ippearance as die9 plassed qte~ through
,iartrets exnfd mritch'esiidsi~y They
ere m .clili~ltb &0u,-ail took
lassage ohn'thie 'Meorgia~ Rail Road for
\lantat, and the - ep~ii of the State
Another VictN.iZ9K6r.-the distint
uishe rammaruiai, d iti ndlan old'.
listilli~ -on the24,a1s ; thieisi~ i es
nnit'ijt Ifer he~labea s~
iepassrs 1y -~H~ivae lie"nit Yj

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