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. Wi thispromise, and the sentiment at the
d o(The'Sqrth Carolinian, ever.present to
r" mind, he hopesthat no neglectof his, will
tvpmj oiit thae high character, this journal
~b~'sb'loig~miiistained;.rior indicate him a
*tb sntinel-oilthe rig~hts of his State, or'
titmtiona~ltberties of the people. Ai
,wth-the courage to do ra-hh and hatzng
1~i~ adice of doing wrong, Ee throws him
sthon the indulgence-of the pubeic, and te
. '-ke~f _ pon its-generous liberality to sustain him.
Thl erespondent of the N. 0. Deota, under
t(Tamnpio, Feb. 17th, gives the rumor
battle between Santa Ania and General
if~Tals, tat tnteiey; vwhere the latter made a
it daIee retreatiding fromn Sattitto,
~ Ti detaili asgiven'bthe Mexicans, who
fridripictoi-na, are, thet in the approach
8X , A ,isaAo a ts-e tillo,.5 neral Taylor, fell
~ntiieroid to Monterey, followed by the
chjif. In h's eagerness to outank
eaond cut off his retreat, he extended
le too far, and so weakened his centre,
- . y''iattli ready eye of old Taylor immediately
qdithe adva'ntage, and wheeling his
~coi'ii~ie .right by a qnick move, cut
M TiUiedtleir .Very..centre, and made such
+?*vdo th ietodianced half, that before the rear
d nder them any essential service, they
r e cftp and. dispersed. Th~e number of
hled oath part of the enemy, is represented
Yt' 4tlii Micanis to have been greater than at
: 'GisenraI arnt is said to have been danger
1n de . The American oicers at Tare
"~ tco reat condence in the truth of the
d' eN.IO. Picayune o d ins says: Some
eo'Ii been excited in the city by the re
S rEt whsiehi vereached here ron Tampico,
aalction had beeu fought near Saltillo.
oweuer th forces' of General Taylor and
u c Anait The rdmor obtained currency
~~Aii~icredence, at-Tampico, but is no doubt
- ijfowed. We published yerterday a letter
G',~tillo, dated the 8th ultimo, which was
" ey il bot the time the action is supposed
hav taken place or a little afte .--Tha t
ya the mention. of a battle. We have
a 'oheen a letter of the16th nt., from Camar
= .m1ie AWritte by a very intelligent officer of the
wrmyo I ndakes.no mention of such an action,
- or of the miarch 'of Sa'nta Anna upon Saltillo.
p .abover it appears, is not beheved by the
wOrleansipaper, but from .the acounts
- ed, fromthat quarter, there can hadly be
._:;" xbt, hee that General Taylor and Santa
DAn h re jbis, comne in contact.
' founded. e liseam durg .Repudican.
a kindly permitted to make lhwe
b e xrac s fron a letter, written by
ne '96 Boys, on the island of Lo.
Wa ett are noon the Island
sittuated shouf midwa abet ween
- !ampico and .Vera. Cruz-being. about
r-4avrinietdistant from ach of the above
oar indfakesp'lie islnrd ~uchnatins
hiitOiac earf land hieheis thickly
)ce m haparel,ataiu .anidy b.
Aan ha,,eo iiscot e otict. uty
V i "'Iroi th 'Han6gn.Reublinli
_verbeheldd Wmaren
! n a pla -pi, letterur wrinby
, assure .gn sery lab*-i
swork, a't .ohey acmtlishd will
de sfsilto 4eautiful-t le. P.al
4setoltio ge'snil femon trees, dlecoraiing
Y onr wtreeWsan nirinog us a shade to
-O lecs uis from-the schrching rays of the
sunavlisch toady a re ayIppressive as the
.retfss.summner dnay i:n Haemburg, not
ni-siasdin'g thIe weather for a few days
ipeathas been exiremely cold.
-We have severul wells on the Island
Sugabyw ar nenirtbttie water is far from
~,eing good.-eucetbiii -like the poorest
mp wster in Au saen a-hot summer
without ie. -We reIshm it howvever,
La a drink a'grsat 4juantity of it. * *
h;.ere,are a portion -of three regiments
V othe Island, the Alississippi, Louisiana
-id Pennsylvsnia-composing in all about
.50' n.en. We are concentrated here nor
' h.: e purpose of making a desce,ot mn . ra
Cruz, w bich -we'aticipate in a ..ver'y fe w
- ..~s - .. .* . *
Xoswould no ioubi like jI kne-a dis
p r~ibt of ousr .voyage, but it is imupossible
me tos give at aiowin h$.l. I n ill just
tintestomt. We crossed the bar.
-tit Hbbile with the 'bright e pact:a ~in of
reaching'zhis'place in fior diffs,-jut ,we
- were destined ioa anuch lonipr.one. -We
(gieU oil Saturday and on the rollowinlg
- kestjihenwind "commenced bioiiig,
'andraugu'ibek a squall-striuck us which
as'idige'i> rigging considerably-atda a
&rEgussl4t-tom ensued which lasted
jretwenty-eight-hours unceasingly. -Tossing
aour-vessel from wave to wave, as :.if she
' wonuld go to to pieces every moment-the
- waveg agvespieg-over ourdeck, prpsenting
.sost frightifuls8cen?-. However, she rode
- ithrongbin1safety...-(ffw follo-wingTues
.radaynight wciencohtitered a regular Nor th
tre whichadome-upon us and'conticeid
t'"~jl bors. We -lost during this
rm sameo.Our friends 'who had
ueyarrived, ware in the ntt of
- edwgiourinschooner to - look for .ts, as
,5 eusred the- harbor, having been out
144daprAnYou may be sure we were glad
tobs'foe rvtn upon an enemy's soil.
B okstiiyet to be told ofour voynge
1'L W'~i t6ib sdeepest regret that I in
-P 'eisste andbrother, . together wit h
sidaend of Edward Ramsey, that lie
-u<dead-he died last Sunday at two o'clock
~ ..'1-saw him breathe 'his last, and
- losed his-eyes,'immediately after which
~jwas dettlidwi~th eight men to assist in
hfla~ieal~cheios. jfter Captain
Fre6kbad read ths (tbera.cersiony he
~ws (digned in the~bripy dep..,.
'Siealof QAqtrnmn ar~p ii'ek, but none
gqgerous.- I bave asot been sick a'day
inee I left. Th'4e prevailing 4isorder
aho~ei-the camp is-theto tap&. **
;ru~y &c., C. W. S-rxa~rs.
o eHabr Journal.'
~IThbllowing letter from a. gentleman
*tuahbia ibthe'Pahlietto Regiment, will,
~ read with interest by our
a e lle editorof this pa
- ra days later than any
a yesard :frotn' the: Palmetto
5SLAND OF Lopios, :MEXICO, ."
- February 15th, 1847.
Dear K.-I seize an opportunity to drop
you a line but as 1 am fearful that it will
be a bad chance for you ever to receive
it, I shall say but litle.
Our regiment arrived here safely from
Mobile, except Edward Ramsey, of the
'96 Boys, who died on Sunday, 7th inst.,
and was buried at sea. A new and sol
emn burial to the most of us.
The Island of Lobos is 65 miles below
or South of Tampico, and 135 west) of
Vera Cruz.
The most of the '96 Boys get along
prety wel ; several have had the mutmpt
since leaving Hamburg, and some jol
them suffered severely at sea; and I among
the rest-for three days. Thos. Tillman
was also very sick, but is now on land and
getting very heary. Padgett, of !the '96
Boys, got his feet badly -scalded ,n 'the
passage, by a pot of c6ffee accidentally
turning over, while on shipboard. but is
now doing very well. The rest of the
company are all well. aid .you-would be
very much surprised to see the manner in
which some of our tender youths handle
an axe, or spade. or middling of Bacon
and I must.here say, that,the least com
plaints are made by those who have been
unaccustomed to hardships. :-W. Bleaer,
Whit. Brooks, Dr. Ardis, Galphin, Sin
kins, David Adams,)r. Key, Wm. Cobb,
Lafayette Wever, and many other tender
youths of your acquaintance, make most
excellent soldiers-always on hand, -at
Reveille, Roast Beef. or any other duty.
Taking our company all together, they
are in ine health and spirits; an'd will
from the Captain down do their fluty in
any emergency.
There are now five regiments here, viz:
The Palmetto. Pennsylvania, Tenwessee,
Mississippi and Louisiana.. Regiments.
We have here now lying off 13 ships, and
are daily expecting 15 more with volun
teers and regulars. As soon as they -all
arrive we shall, I understadd, make an at
tack by land and sea on Vera Cruz, which
I presume will give our boys some work
to take. * * * *
It is now half past 2 o'clock, A. M.,
and the schooner leaves early,( most there.
fore close by saying that as soon as-1 get
a little leisure, I will try and give you a
full account of whatever may happen here
during our stay.
Very sincerely, your friend.
From the South-Carolinian.
Extract from a letter from the the Pal
meto Regiment, dated.
ISLAND OF Locos, Coastof
Mexico, Feb. 14, 1847.
We are now here, all safe and souud,es
pecially to officers & men of the Richland
Company, who are in fiue health. We
have 'had the hardest kind of work in
clearning up this island. We were at sea
'17.days, 15 days sailing. There are now
near 3,000 soldiers beret. and -t is said that
16,0) will rendezvous at this place.- Gen.
Scott is expected here. daily, -and wil1
> jjbly krn'e. in all tha ex : f
d~sat bn- beliv~e5vwil ta t-~be~ lo
in warcsing .against ;:erai Cru. We
hi e just heard..frowTatupico 'ofthe sife
ty ot Cul. Deiussy and Louisiana Voun
toers. Sp;eaking of clearnig the parade
grourid-l have often heard ofratak growth
but never saw it bofo, It is eqlual ad thbe
thtckets of1 -l''urida. The Bahan 'tres
grow absmnt five 'feet high-thte branches
ten turn d.,wu, and ihpetrlock each othier
dsqve-tailed fashaion,and t.y~grow into the
ground ag aitn and take rout. WVeyae'any
numsber of lemotn trees. Tihis island-is
s~sid'to have been onte of~ the retreat, .f
Lafiace. After cutting away the bushes
and vines, we fitnd the names of persons
from dill'erent countries cut on the trees,
and louk ats if dune years since. One tree
has. the American flag cut Ott ixt~and abov~e
it is the linglish-ours appears the oldest.
Our Regimeant..the glor~os Palmetto. is
the only one which is full, of t hose on the
Island-there are seven comnpanics of the
Pennsylvania, 6 or the Lousisiana, 6 of the
Mississippi, 450 regulars, and some at sea
tot lauded yet. There are more rats,
lizzurds, lataL ::rabs, sea ticks and other
insects on this little snot than can i'e round
on any spot uf the sumre size ch~ewfhere.
February 15, 1847.
The Ca.lonel of lbe Peiausylvania Regi
metnt took three Meridap priadnePs, whio
camne here yesterday in a boat loaded:witht
.Oranges, StrawaUats, and M1exican Blana.
ktets to sell to the soldiers. They are fine
lookintg sod iteljigent eed, but were
poorly. clad. Th~ey, are npow confined un
der a strong guard as they are -suspected
of being spies.. .Before thIeys ere.,arrested
they could sppatt broken. English very
well,' but as soon as their strrest .they were
not able to speak Etiglish -at ' a4.- They
saiW they had perissiotn to Lradle with thet
tro'ps frain an officer at Tratmpico, but
cauld not produce it; The - thermnometet
stands from 85 to 90 to-day. Some s
or seven vessels have arrived since yester
day and our numbers have been swelled
to some .6,000 troops.
February 15, 1847.
To ehe Editors of the Chars. CQurier :
The Charlestou Volunteers are now en
camped areund tpe .upoo .this romant~ic
little isle' of a bout'a mile in circumrference,
in the wide ocean. .With thtyee cornpa.
ntes of the Palmnettb Regimenr, they sailed
from Mobile on the 30th'ult., on board the
Alhambra, under comnmand of Col. But
.Upon crossinsg the bar,ottr sealed orders
were opened,'and Gen. Scott briefly in
formed us that if we redelied the Ric
Grande by the 1st of Feb., our ship musi
report to him, if not, the'n r'epair to this
island and await further orders. T-he
former was out of our power.for want ol
time, so we proceeded on our asearch..ol
this small -speck- on the..bosom of -these
beautiful blue waters.' After being batf
fested about -by -two or three 'Northets'
for Iwo weeks, our sight was gratified by
the Stars and Stripes flying from the petlt
of. the sloep of war St. Marg's. She ta
agnebored to' protect us and htow tus out
harbor. We found* hete'' the rest 'of At6a
Regiment, togethe'r with seven compa
nies of the.firs: Pansylvania Regiment,
nallnahnrsej icamp, two or thren compa.
hies of Mississippians, and six of Louis'
anians, in all a force.of about 2000 meud'
Our snall piece of land was a welcome
sight, but upon landing we were much
interested at findiug ourselves surrounded
by the limne and lemon tr es, the Crouis-;
bouc or india ribber tree, and the ..vega
tation in all tio variety of the season.
Ripe fruit and green fruit, and thesweet
blossoms, wave side by side'.- -- -
The Island lies about 10 1piles from the
main land, in sight of the. Mlexicans,.but
they have not venrured us a visit and will
not do so. .Upqon referring to the meap.
you will find it near Cape Boxo,,about 50
miles from Tampico and 130 from Vera
Cruz. .
Murder of Maj. SumueL D. Reid, of Greene
County, Geo.-Maj., Reid was shot about 12
o'clock, at night, on the 24th uIt. by a negro
boy belonging to himself, aged about 17 yests
The Marion News, states by authority,, that
the boy who perpetrated the murder of his ia
ter, was a'hoksi sei-ant, and had been indul
ged with iany privileges not usually, alfo'we;
by the most indulgent masters; howaver,te
was dissatisfied with his home, and with a view.
of procuring a change, resoted to : thi oes
diency of killing his cged master. laj. Reid
was Postmaster, and whilst busied is Qpenitg
the mail at night, the villian silently and slyly,
took his young master's gun, which was.heavi=
ly loaded with back shot, and'discharged the
entire contetIts,whe'n within a few feet.through.
the head of-his unconsacious victim., Maj. R.
died instantly, The boy, after making the fatal.
shot, threw the gun under-.the -house. and Iran
around it to there his r.iaitor had fallen, cry
ing ,bittely,..and vocierating "somebody has
ikilled my poor old iwister." The murderer,
-with three -others, one woman and two men,
who are suspected to .have had 'some agqncy
in the de'ath of Maj. Reid, are,confned in..pri
Major Reid was aged about 65, and said to
have been greatly respected fur all the moral
and social ties of life.
From the Southern Baptist .liissionary Journal.
On the evening of the Lord's Day, Jan..
31, an exceedingly interesting religious.
service .took place in the first Baptist
Church of this city. Brother Johnson,
who is expecting'to go out by the first op
portunity to pr6pare.himself as Theolog
ical Teacher of the Canton' mission, not
having received ordinatioti in S. C., was
ordained at the request of the''Arst church,
withi which he had connected himself.' A
large and deeply interested. congregation
was 'in attendanee. .Rey.:& Shaver
preached the sermen'from Romans xi:
13. It was -a'ehaete, beiautiful and appro
priate .discourse,.and had the virtue of be
ing -bie; - 'the ordaiiiinjipryer was of.
.fere4j by kev. .1. B.ieter. Rev. R. Ry
dand read a weighty and solemn charge
-d raught#iths wie..cudsels $nd 'suitate
admonitions%.- Rev.:.. Kingsferd preene
6teu he'iandidare 'a baidsome bible, ihe
gift ifa anarpndiearti~ti . f i ini sia '?
ianitg surrmgj~rempricogptjagdi2
:portanee afamkmg ti Bible lisgol e
guide in the' great. worfl on 'which he wasr
entering The ordlpaiion service clwtsed
by givinu the right haid of fellowshipto
-the candidate, oin behalIf of the presbytery,
by-Rev. . S. Wahthall, with a few sensi
Brot hekJohnson now, by'request'of the
p~reshytery, addressed the congregaioni.
Iteis a soan of Di. W..B. Johnson, of. 8.
U.. about'2..y~ears old. 'railler ap~ve the
ordinary stature, and of goodl'persini a
peurance. His manner of-.speaking is-.
Seasy, unaffected, andl entirely self- passess
ed. 1lis addressa was distinguished- by
great ervor of .feeling, and strikiug and
urigitial thoughts. He waos heard, not
merely with breathless attention, but with
profound and all-pervsding emot'ou. Ev
ery eye beamied wIth interest or was suf
fused with tears, every hosoir heaved in
sympathy with the speaker. We have
seeu many ordination services, aod mis
sionary meetings; but it has never been
our lot to wvitness a similar service, wvhich
fromn the beginning to the end, wvas sius
tained n'ith so much interest. There 'were
no prosing and impertinent reinarl~s,
there was no waste of time, no flaggi:ig"of
interest,-no impatience in ,thej.lagge as
sewhly,-aud .the servjices.~elosed at an
early ho.ur. All.Jeft the 'house,nt using
on the . things which they 'bad seen and
heard, and hore .deeply -that before im
pre,sed with the igpor~tance of the nmissioni
enterprise. :L ogwillthe season be re
mnenbered tirb pleasing interest.' Brati&~
,Johnson .will carry with him'io hjisdistent
fieldof labor, the warm afl'ection of his
christian frietids in this land, and they wijl
cherish the strong expectatiun of his fu
ture eminent usefulness.
-The Washington Union and the Sehe*e
A laboredl effect is making by the 'Editors'
of the Washington Unioo, to get .y p an
excitement against igr. Calhoun and others
who yoted for the resolut-ion .adepted by
the Senate..td6 esclude those Editors from
the Senate chamber. They represent the
act as an assault qpon..the liberty pf the
press. But what is the titdth in the case'?
All personis are p~cluded from' the' Sena'e
chamber, Editoi's of oewspapei-s and others,
except members',and'eimembers of Con-'
gress, fdreign ambassadori, cert ain ofErs
and such other personsasnators'shal
especially: .invite. The Edit6're of the.
ignionJap prinierh 'to the Sen'arte were
privileged, abfove' all other .editors and
citisens by admissiptd tp~the $6nate jiam
ber. But' whben 'that paper . wan ngonly
and grossly insulted that, grave.'and
yenerabfe body,.or a majori'ty of it, 'be-.
cause they'had patriotism and indepen
deuce ..nough' to vote. according to, the
diotates..o their own judgment, a measure
recommended-bp-therPreeldent, but whbich
iu-their opipion.,it awwild be cinjiiripus to
dlie .interests .of .theco'unily.' to adopt,
a'nd th'o -Sehate d' erned 1 ' r 'to-with
draw from thie editorsghe pri legep at
pleasure enterng .thetr. climr er, .whic
was a mere courtesy extended to no. ether
edit'or printer in the country. They..stil
have all the rights e'njoyed by iother editors
and citizens of frquqntiiig the gallieries, of'
publishing whatsoever they please,,without
liz'itation oh' r'estlictioni except sucd'ib al is
inmposod'upon'them, inrebinrdu-wirikll
olhers. be the laws of the lanrt Tlieir
re' " tia houb:'sm ps 'vleg
sa er porerisa ud they ai
lh cicdejiivoel 'oPany'right
gray 'opeb ivagy other edtor'
Rab er yt ey moust ;ieba'rd ru
.which to assail'tb16Senato
f "rro arolina-when they have a1
b eti r4ond none :more substanti
iazelles .
Co _ iciwof Te C Aarelon, Couri
- (WisstnGTON, March 3.
.passed the.three million bil
to4 arge:majority,, ip the ,sac
fo ihitcam.rom the.Senaie,
..I Iong contested goestion, is
Ion .Th..Wilmot'Proviso wi
pfe irelected by -a vote of 97
102 aimbers hb changed the
votep jest are entitled to credi
bu e ar*itbi'itaiperation from son
"wa' a 'mere abatractio
and subjest will come -hefo
the 'eIl he Sepate, when ti
oaidio ltztlaed :shall arise.
-' P. 1' idVent hits already -signed tI
bil~ji e uestion asked:is; whether I
t ill b eato buy a peace witl it.' T!
gene. ttion is that-he will dot.
D ecJkdonse:of hiS fathei!In "this Di
trncoi ';night oP the 13th instant, afer
h yesre illness, DuaID Taouns Bo
wrI. t Iyears and 3 months. By ti
affiicdi e nsationathasm has been mat
in'a -fiw hizeb seldom happens by the dea
of oneex fitngr The- parents and siste
havde prioed oE an only son and broth
-a wit edd infant babe are'bereft of the
earhily . Y9;1 the:midst of judmer
they.. led to tmg of merey.
Hb 0niabeth darknes his pavilion ww
meacifdpl# ples~ed to send a ray of hope in
this i risken family, and they were pi
mitied, 3I ton'tu 'the assurances of the d
cesitiseIate Ihid found fear and joy :n belie
-ing throughi aSaviour's atonement, of whic
he-gave satisfaction; and urged the solen
consid ion- on those around him, sever
diys bef're his; decease, when his mind w
yet uineij by the intensity of his suflerinl
Wltlif bereaved sorrow, it is not witho
hop/Aha lneyiwould humbly how under !
divine cliaisttment, "TIny will be done."
:Ofiends of Maj. ABSAHA
JON E8iiouime him as a candidate for t
Legislhiitr to fill the vacancy occasioned L
the deat ofJames S. Pope, Esq.
Q Tle friends of WESLEY BODIE, a
nouns hitssa. candidate for the. office
Sbetiffi at the ensuing election.
.9br 4..t t
U'Thifollowidgeitemen are aninoune
by their(riends.as candidates for the Office
Tax CoUIe .:atthe ensuing election :
Lies B. HARRiS,
er :-SCOTT.
-troiii a . t drnaesy
.t have for several.-ears p.. at .w
Giver :C a it~ faldh tiddofdse
)vhich inlit diplate. prdtration of tl
system-sa t3.5WlasW~k great 'difficul
'could.wvatki.jd't imaesl-:was confined
nny rom.. I~o'fd to nny. mnsery, a.Screfulai
atfectiu.n r pleared in my ,thiroat, with Rine
autispfin.psy*.mnsgo.thaut I .could not rai:
ny -right a ni'n.io my :bend&1 In the hotts
*ether my feci;and hiagds wonuld acheg~i
iho cold, qnid' p' piration had almost cease
[ nowbecaamnl'pted wiih a drty hoarse couj
uandLgave .uj all.hppes of o'ver getting we
.I..had.nightspeats, annd sent little or. no slec
with frightful dreens and. morbid headach
I scenmed to be bordering.on INSANtTY, an
was denmed'all; study.~or mental .exercise.
could not read a'small .patragraphn in. a new
aper without great difficult.y. I had gre
sorencss in my:.'stomnach, whinch cainised it
swell so much thnat I was unable to lie dow
o~r even to recline, but had to be propped in
chair. . . : - -
I had the advio.g of some eminent physiciani
and tried nearly all the remedies used in sut
cases, but cnntnniued to grow wprsp.~and it al
gnearenl as though a apedy dissolationx was ?
king place. <~ .-' . .
I now bdnard *fyour. meeticines, and dete
jninied..to..try yonr SANA'1IVE PILLS, ain
to my surprisethe sorecess left me,. so I conl
walk about~the. house. I'.'eutinnued. to ii
parove from that time.. Shortly lifter .my wil
called at your. Store, and ptated my 9:4sa toyoi
and you sent'ine a bottle of..your: Altdrnativ
andi also word to ecime. ans spe-,oua,-and ye
woul investigate ny cagodnd cure we. Th
_ uid not* believe, as I l'elt I was beyond- ti
reach.a spaO 11l. -
,A 'g.niq..lter ative and Pills, f:
three, Aereys a decide'd change i:
the better, so tbatwr~ben I culled. upon ycu, yc
aiwoldtel,~Pnd thyour Altiti
wopifd cure .lie .2ePiotPIlqV.. Wfith so ho
~oj'ever, ofietting 'relLir still ?~opt puq I
king.yourAteraIve, untii it had~ats ,t||
fourth-bottlehrhen'there MwasIa adien chnanj
In gpmy whnole.syiteit, ps..thaaugh Ibai got ridi
some 1grSt ltrthei,/si :1' could draw a
breath aqunal5.,..Myanlryq grd.Uallybecan
-troing, and mny pppetite retitinedl.
It hashbeen about'fotrnqontbhssipce I cos
menced tatkingjfoina Medicines, and at tii
time nearly'ever vestige of disease js eredic
ted frommy syi i. Itamnas aotive,-anxalear
'a strong, asn atmany period of niy lifu. .I ha.
-now gained-nine'pounds in two. months.
.. I have goodseason .io~.elieve that the u:
of your viabubleM piiines, ky ,,te .help
God, ba.sgdne froa,a premastire grave.
:'Helhmn 1ouel jnPopular Street, betwet
Sevent idrhli Et.
Prepared.6dub Dr.-D-. Jayne,.No-.8 Sou
Third st., Piaepian
R. S. ROBERT Is Dr. D. Jague's.;on
Agent at Edpejisd Court House.
March I7 8 . .St
te. Jau
T.: rietsa .negro fellose wl
". sal niecklJw, betaen:
and 18. 3ts-of.mgenfi.ve feet ?61w inch
.high~ co e oredecomnpiegidn, ham
sei~r ova Itright.ey:sq&I two or: thri
small ecas ' directly ov
his ,np~oSe gg as ys he .ran awi
aletjw e e that he hbo
to Mgrd'ranh Gaea speculator-frne
North Caioliop, asstill County, a
that he yeagiaways fronchimu near Soce
Circle, Walton County.. Georgma~
.-Tbw neeted (c'cont orwa
proye ar- and take'n
Ma ch1 tf 8
d - -
r - ESPEOTFULLY'invite the attention of i
r .their EXTENSIVE Stock of
R YG assd S &
Comprising an assortmmeut of the ned
, a = . ;AMoN E IEADitt
ii Rich Paris Barapes,. z .,,
Plaid Linen Muslins,
Printed haconets and Cimbrics,
Rich Pdinted Lawns,
Baraze Shawle stud Mantles, .. .
Silk - do do,
-- Fancy Silk Buttons, (imps al
F& Gentiosa
t Drop de ere,
Summer Cloih,
1o Linen Coating and Drilling,
m8 flats,,Caps, Bonne
Among .which are Ladies and Gentlemen's
and Crockery Wire, Groceries, Tin Ware, Drul
apd Linseed Oils, Saddlery, Tynnka, Leather,
1School Booksg'jnd Stl
0.1 S. have also the Agency fortbesale c
s Carolina- Manufactorine Company.
All .the abdve Gools, with many other articlk
liberal terms to punctual customers. Thankful I
March 17
.. . .-OTICE.
T .HE,pndersged have formed a co-part
s. nership undpr ose ~n me of J-ux LYoN
a dL Co., for Pie purpose of drryiag en the
,.. Merchant. Tailoring Business
is and wili.lgeepat Ihqa6*e place formerly occu-,
le pied by John-Lyon. .. . -
!r and fancy.arzzclps, will alavgsbe kept an hand, I
ir which wif be sold etereasonab'le terms.
s January 1, 1847.
to -.
r We also would inform the public, that we are
. receiving froin New York and Charleston, a f
. splendid assortment of Goods suitable for Gen
h tlemen's.wear consisting in part of
n Sup. black French CLOTH,
al Do. blue do. do.
is Do. brown do.. do.
S. Do. black do. Doe skin CASSLMERES,
At Do do. fancy do. ~ .do. -
e Do. fancy check summer COATS, a large
A splendid assortment of VESTINGS,
A ne lot of white kid Gloves, black do.,
H Black satin andtfancy Cravats and Scarfs
re Suspenders, silk under Shirts and Dragves,
y Cotton and woolen Drawers, . .
Also, a variety of Goods belonging tonthe trade.
- such .as MILITA EY.TRIMMIN.GS &c., all
n of which will be sold and made up, isa style that
of will please. any thatnmay favor us with their
March 15, 1847. 3ni ' 9
ad The subscriber returiisi' sincere thnkato
of the citizens of tie District, for the liberal man
ner in which they have snpported him in his
businessiand hopes by strict attentiot, that
the public may find it to their advantage to con
tinue. hejr patronage. JOHN LYON.
O N TUESDAY- nb the9th inst.,asmall
red POCKET B OK, containingetwenty
three-dollars in morieyyt and a I(gte drawar by
Aliolsteiai dec'd , andThomas Smith for~
thirty ight' lrsdu iwo pyyra pasJas
'. Chris d. stn
.aucl7 e . yI
matrcl 1T de ,i yt ; N.8
. Y HN2 Hi. , Eq.g Ordinary of
. Wige~s GergeBnswellhqth applied
.all'eiid singular. the goods adid chattels,
.rights and credits of Davidl T.:B13oswellI
#i late of the District aforesaid, deceased.'
I. These are, therefore, to cite and admon-i
'. ish all and singular. the itin,dred endtered
it ors of ihe said d'eceas'ed, t'j be and appear
h efore me, atiouer next Ordinary's Court
,for the said District, to he 'hulden at Egige
field Court House, on the 29th day of
a March insa, to show cause, if' any, why
athe said administration shotakd not be&
a granted.
Given uander.miiy hond dtul.seasl, this the
1 5bAiday. .ol &laith, iuahe.yean of our
-Lordl oue .thousanad dight hundred and
.furry-seven; and iu the 7It year of Amner
cats Indepenldence,
r- , i JOHIN HILL, Q. E D.
d . marc.17. 2t 8
.Mw Hands at the Bel
-. l ows"
a, TIH E Puh-in general, and "Old Edge.
t* eld" and abrothcr Newberry" in parti
ti cular, are hereby iniformisd-. that the subscribers
is have still on haind, at the Sahada Mills, sitnated 4
S on Saluda river, near Higgin's Ferry, in this
District, a good supply of
r' -FLOUR,Nc~o. 1 '
rik quality, which they wvi i, elt~at $4 5o per
U barrel,~pr $2 00 pqr igudied lIbs., without
e jhebprrel.
', T'pey would fmrtherstate. that they have em
I- played aMagter Mitter for the p~assent year,
eandrjaauigthieir Milla in cenplete trim, they
e hope to merit and receive a ,hare of patronge
f fromjihe-Wheat grow~ing public.,
7 Fifty cents cash for''really good Flour Biar
* t el delivered at the Mills. ANY
E. P. & ...BN i.
- Higi~n's Ferry, March 8, 1847.
S marebI101 .4t* . 7
0 'H Eundlasigtied would
rgsupecliaify .apaqtace 'to
Travellers apjl personis tis-.
* * itin'g:Rsnburg, that he has
tuken-fnr a tere: of yett
nthe.Hotel, long~ knlown as
gIubtard's Amnerican.
;Whiehr it is his purpose to keep as suchs a o,..,
'sh'aldbekAspt, and will onlyjiromise -to allmwho
,avar him with a call, -that he will do all. in his
power to ple'ase; and where as mtach..comfort
und puiet may be expected as of.p.found int
any Public House ..p 'etpt
65 constantly in the Siablp, Jind H *eil bcet
e afteuded to in aWway.t.shal #rIvntiragtis
a factions.
e A liberal gtrgnage isr if~i
I~ppijgtarch 10 ,..if -
pe Mastodon.Cotepg
Dl pi-E ahbisoriber wonld sespeatlyinform
at :ing DstinhUtat hse ot AS
.TOD(lN:C*)TTON SEQ.A olmes
dconn t, Mis., which hewa i * .um .
hi wta niL be had at .Dr. 3 ~ii'.
~Ha jrat:$2 per Jph~-hs-'bsaskkof
~ ten 'sea) or at $3;per eas.'D. Tib
*betws at/ Edgefield Co ouse.i'
aarch 3 d.4 -6~
LLIVA11i' .1
ear customers and the public generay, to
rest and nmost fashionable ityles
English and Scotch Ginghams. l
Black and colored igured Silks
.Bombazines and Alpaccas, -
English and American Punts;
Lace and Muslin Colfars,.
- Black and white figured Laces, "
d Finges, for.Trimmang. .
mu's .Wear, - ,
Silk and Mersailles Vesting,
Striped and Plaid Conout Good,
Is, Boots, Shoes,
Gaiters, Hardware, Cutlery. Glass. Chit'
;s andsbediciues, White Lead in Oils Lamp
IionU&y, &c. &e. &e.
f NAILS and CASTINGS, .from l e Sotz
s to', numerous to mention, will be sold upon
ir past-favors a continuance is solicited. - -
.,. . .. tf . 8
erf's S ale:
BY virtue. ofsundry lgrit, ofFieri Fr
Sias, I will prudeed -9 4I.Wt "Edgefield
"ourt" Ioue4, ona dim .first Monday and
l'uesday Lin April -nest. Ilte fullo ringj
vii:a t; . I . .-' - :Y
&Arict-of land whereon the defendapt
ives. cp'nainiog one thousand acres, more
ar less, adjwiniug lands of, Joh- Marsh
ohn Wise, and others, levied 'on as the
roperty, of Eljzabeth Carter.aJamnes
A tract of land containiog six huadred
cres. moreonless, ajoining lands of Joba
Wise, James,, Powell, and others. levied
n as the- property of 'John Marsh ads.
Hatt Ardis,. and others, several1y , .
A, house ,gnd , lot.in.thg iopgto ;Ham
wrg, known in theplan..of said;town as
ot number ong 'hijndre'd and tiirty, 't rep
133) frotiugfifty feet on Centre streetaf
tnd rtending 'back oneo .hut'dred and ifty
eet,16vied on as the. property of William '
Herber', ad. William Woodberry &'Co:
tad others,-severally.. ... '.
A. tract of land whereon the defendant ,
ives.. coutniung one, hundred and,.twenty
therj, Jev~qed an est h~e property of lsaqs
i've acres, moje or less ad joining atds o VilianPadget, ,Jereriali. Morgan;. and.)te; vi o49beppryoIsa
Herring ads -Daitid Richardson, and-oth.
irs. severally. ",
-A house and lot in the town of 'Harm ? ' -.
Burg. known in the' plan of sad'iowra.lot.
nmher one .hundred and..fiftesun-I5) ,(
ronting fifty: feet on. Centre, street; .and
'unning bagk.gnphundred' and BryTeet; -
tilso, oun other house and lot in the tows
f Hamborg, li-nwp iti-the plan o "saa
own as lot nuniher one hundred ndi nrt
130) frossingllffy see .CtioCenfre sisee
tad ronniogakoefiende a1 , iy
~et eah;,ee4;beaerpe ofJ
State of' 8utli OCkrs1~Y
a uuinbus Blair, ApptK ) umaoba
Barah-Blair,& others, d'fts.) Partiion
. Yan Order. from Johe Bill, Esgr.
)rdinary of Edgeield District, 1-well pros
reed to'sell ist EdgefieldCourt House, on
he first Monday in April next, a tract.nt
and belonging :o the estate of James T1.
Ilair, deetL.;iaao in.the District afore,
aid, on Steven's creek, waters of the Sa
annah 'river, -contining four handred
eres, .more or -less, adjoining lands of
ames Tomplans, -Drury. Morgan, Abram
Cilcepse, andi others,. robe sold <.n aere
is.,ntulilbe first of-January next,. 1848,
h~e, Iorchaser .will Nio required .to glue
ond and two approved sureties, and a
nortgage of the premises Jo the Ordinary
o secure the purchase money. - *.
Costs to be paid in cash.'
March 13 -j '4
Administrator's Sale.
U NDER, an Order Irom Jolhn lIill,'Eq.g -
Ordinary for E~Tdgefield Disti-ict.
Will'be siikl oft the 25th and 26thhiyu'uff
ifarch inst., at the-late rbridence of-Aexandek
'. Kimtaard, deceased, all.die personal proper
y beoningo t de eltate of A. P. Kiunard,
eeae.cnitin o f
iS %4ety gegroes,.
I Horses. Cattle, Coats, and Shaeep,3'bales or
letton;-.Corneknd~'ddar, 26'r 30 bdihls of
Vheat,.sonte Baela a:Mi L'ard, orne road .Wag.
mis, pne IBproue~sbe..wpng . Cqrt,! oel.yoke .o -
)xen'ione. sat o( Blaclemaith Tools. Plantation
reol', Hosehold hnde~tcherrFuk-niture, and
large variety,df Books, on a cre'dih nt1 ife'
5th Deuahser aeyt, ,,-ith note. and . two 'up
roved aperteaoel~dsoe three dbly
srp undtir eihit mpount,'cpsh. '
Wh'~~.il'teak'pn the first day -
Efale,.abenttwo o.'celif -.1 -a *n -
~ .; *~Adanistrator.
State- of Soutth Qal-olina.
",i N. EJJ])tY.
Exparte-James MaJjr, -
3eorge:'W. Joneagnd wife,
Sanoy Jone.., .... -' -r
JOT40B:4s iter'aby given,' ih4n yi
.tee .a-in:urder of Chanceur Dun
iioarl shall sellat.Edgefield Cisurt Ioua
)n~tbeLirst Nontgin A pril next, on acre
fittnuil the6is, - fanuary neil. isih
iees froari1 ~,jhe three' followingW
Nertsy-ia and. her childrtga,
Phrysaier to give bond andgeheu
rity. - S. S. TOMPKINS. c.ai. v6
(.emmn'rs. Office, alarab 5, il$7.
march 10 ' As 7
MR 0FF.l eh h~lc -n y~~p
,o Hotehkiss'l1daetson4f W heels,,(Pastem
hqs njeue comnplied wjth said oondihion,:~k.
fore.Je holds to tigterest,,.an4 ha no~
rightsga, puhse 'frjm- sa
untuneangesjti.,eb Ed
power to act as gur~
NMambi, e 6oo E~

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