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WVe will cling to the Pillars of the Temple of our Liberties, and if it must fall, we will Perisk amidst the Ruins."
VOLUME XiV $ %2224 IO. 4
P R 0 P R I E T O R.
TIol)oLLAtasand FaFTICENTs,pertinnunt
ifpaid ii advance-$3 i frot paid withinsix
months from the date of subsetiption. and
$4 if not paid before the expiration of the
year. All subscriptions will be continned,
unless otherwise ordered before the expira
tion of the year but no paper will be dis
continued until all arrearanes are paid, un
less at the option of the Publisher.
- Any person procuring five responsible Sub
scribers, qhall receive the paper for oune
year, gratis.
AivxvITIsENrTs conspicuottstyt nsertedat75
cents per square, (12 lines, or less.) for the
ifrstinsertion. and 37. for each eontinnance.
rhose published monthly or qruarterly, will
be chargei $1 per square. Advert iselients
not having the number of insertions mnarked
on them, will be cntiniied uutilotdered oit
and charged accordingly,
Comniitiocations. post paid, will be p-otnpt
ly and strictly attended to.
T H E undersigned, having associated
themselves in business under the name
and style of DUNBAR & GARMANY, for
the purpose of transacting a general GRO
CERY BUSINESS, in this p lace, respect
fully invites the attention of Planters to their
Heavy Stock of all the leading articles of
general conisumption. They may be found
at the stand recently occupied by B. S. Dun
bar, and nearly opposite the stand formerly
occupied by G. W. Garmany, where the
will be happy to receive their former friends
and patrons, together with the public at
We are determined to keep constantly on
hand a stock unsurpassed by any ever eflired
in tis market, and believing our facilities for
buying LOW, to be equal to any in the place,
we will always be prepared to sell at the
lowest prices, either for Cash or on time. to
approved customers. Having rented the
Ware-House formerly occupied by B. Elliott,
and placed it under the charge of an expe
rienced man, we are prepare-l t: offer equal
advantages in storage with any Ware-House
in the place; and liberal Cash Advances
made, at all times, on Cotton stored with us,
or on shipments made to G. W. Garmany &
Co., Savimnah. whose charges will be as
low as usually made by other Factors. The
highest prices paid at all times for Cotton
and other produce brought to mnarket.
Hamburg July 3, tf 26
.1 Card.
I BEG leave to return my thanks to the
public for the liberal patronage heretofore
bestowed on me, and solitit a continuance
of the catne for the new firm.
411 Ca'id.
BEG leave to tturn my thanks to the
public for the liberal pattronage hereto
fore bestowed on me, and solicit a contitmu
Wance of the same for the new firm.
Cheap Goods in Store.
50 lhds Prime N 0 Sugar
10 1Hhies. common N. 0. dagar,
20 " choice Porto Rticu, Sugar,
25 Barrels clar'lied
5 " crnshed
2 " powlered
5 Boxes woVolscy & Woolsey double
refined loaf suiglar,
2 Charleston double rcfined loa
20 Hlds. M 1%]iscvado Molasses.
5 " Trinidad "
50 Barrels New Orleantis
10t0 Ba;rrels No). 3 Ma;ckerel (large size,)1
20 Kits No. I"
125 hags priue Rio Cel'ee
20 " " oldl (Iba
311 " " old Java
6000 Lbs. Union braiid white Lead (No. .
extra aund pure,)
300 Galuns Liniseed Oil,
'2 Barrels TIrain "
3011 Lbs. Putty in b!ndhders.
.125 ioxes winsdow gtaso. (4tt siz~eas.)
75 Kegs Eastern tnils (assorted)'
.20,0(0 Lbs. assorted Swedes I ron,
5001 - Cateel (Sanmdersons,)
Germans aned Bli,,ter steel,
400 Pieceu heavy Dunidete baugging,
100 Coils heimp rope,
30) Bales hsomespun (A ugusta mnanufaec
5 " " (Grainiteville Comupany)
8 "Iheavy Cotton Oktnaiogs,
20 boxes sperm caindlte,
20 " Adamanriiie caiidles.
J0 " Ul & Soins peatenlt camndles,
30) Ihds. buacon sides (western,)
4000 Lh-u. country Bar on.
3 Tirces Rice. &c. & c..
Saddles, Bridles, Blankets, Calicoes, Cotton
Yarn, Shoes. Hauts. Caps, Tiibts. Sugar cans,
Sieves, Tobacco, Pueper, Spice. Ginger. Tea,
Cane-seat Chairs, Wooeed seat ('hairs, Griiad
stones. aid niany othiet articles too tedious to
Hamuirg,iJuly 11, 1849, tf 25
SAdmilnistrator's sale.
NOTICE is hereby given, that lby virtue of
ati order frotn John H ill, Esq... OrdJinary of
'retield District. I shall proceed to sell at mny
yesidenice, ma Thursday the 27th day of Deceit
her inst. the followine property, to wvit: 1I
head of horses tad mtules, cattle, hogs. three
waggon' and ,,.ear, cora and fodder, household
and kitchen furmitiare, anud estl~er articles too te
dioiis to mention, hieingr part of the p~ersohal
property of Hugh M Quarles, deeased.
Rt. M. FU LLEIR, Admn'r. in right of his wife.
N. lB.-T1here will lie hired twenty anegroes,
at rte samue time aid place.
n..r, wo t 46r
Martha hlays. Hiorati o
Blease, and wife & others I
Vs. Partion.
Lloyd L. Mitchell, and
Caroline .litchell. )
NJOTICE is hcreby given that by vir
tue of an order from the Court of
Equity in this case, I shall sell at Edge
field Court House rn ite first Alonday in
January next, the following real estate, viz:
One House and Lot, containinz -
acres, situated in the Town of E:dgefield.
on tire Street lending to Colmbia, and
bounded on the West by Joli M. Wit.
on the North by Mri. Sarah Laborde, on
the East by DMrs Christian's lot, being
the lot whereon rs. Mary Miichell, resi
ded at her death.
Said Lot will be sold on a credit nf one
)ear, except for so much as will pay the
cost of this snit, to lie paid in cash. Pur
chasers to give bond and good personal
sure.ties, and a Mortgage of the premises
to secure tie purchine.
S. S. TOMPKINS. c. E. x. D.
Comi'rs. Office, Dec. 5, 1S49.
Dec. 5, 5t 46
Elisha G. Robertson, and
others, I
Vs. ) Partition.
Micajah Robertson, and
others. )
N OTICE is hereby given, ihnt by vir
tue of the Decree of the Court of
Equity in this case, I shall proceed to sell
at Edgefeld C. H., on the irst Muonday
in January next, the real estate of Lenis
Robertson, dee'd., viz:
One tract of land containing two hun
dred and sixty acres, more or less, lying
on :lard Labor Creek, and adjoining lands
of Eli-ha G. Rb..tertson. R. P. Qoarles.
E. Robertson. G-orze Coleman, and the
estate of lugh \I. Quarles, dee'd.
Said Lands will he sold on a credit of one
and two years. except for so utch as will
pay the cost of this suit, 14o be paid in cash.
Purchasers to give bond and approved
sureties, to securo ihe purchase money.
COnomirr'ra. Office, D~er. 4, 1d49.
Dec. 5. 5t 46
Bennett lolland, and )
Elizabeth. his wife, I
S. Parti:ion.
Benjaimi Stevens,
Maitha Kinaird, and I
William (inard. )
N OTICE is hereby given. that by vir.
tue of an 0ider front the Court of
Equity in this case, I shall sell at Edgelield
Court Houe, on the First Monday in
Junnary next, the following real estate. he
lonting to the estate oh Alexander P. Ki.
nard, dec'd., viz:
Une tract of land containing by survey
of A. R. Able, D. S., certified 30th Oct.
1849, four hundred anui eighty-two (4d2)
acres, situated in the District and taie
aforesaid. on Penn Creek. and adjoining
lands of Theophilus IIill, J0ohn C. Allen,
Luke H. Taylor. EIans Permenier und
Dr. William S. Mohley.
Said Land will be sold on a credit of
one and two years, in equal instalments,
except io so much as will phy the cost of
this soit, to lie paid in cash. Purchasers
to give bond and([ goud sureties to secure
the purchwae money.
Comnm'rs. Oflice, Dec. 5, 1S40J.
De. ,4 6
Samntel Lorwry, atnd others,
vs. Partition.
Elizabeth Lowry, & others.
TJOTICE is hei'eby givea that by vir
tue of atn order from the Court of
tKinity in ihik case, I shall sell at Edge
field Court House on the first Monday in
January next, the followinig real estate of
John, Lowry, deec'd., viz:
Tract No. I. containinig two hutndred
and seven and 37 10 acres, more or less,
lyi:g on Ilalf WVay Swamtp, and adjoining
lands, now or owned lately by Mary Dean,
Thos. Puine atnd WViley Kemp.
Tract No. 2, cootaining onec huntdred
and forty five acres, monre or less, lying ott
Little Stephjen's Creek, and adjoituing
lands of Ceurge Free, Bryan De.an, anid
Tract No. 3, contaitning one humndred
and a hallf acres, moore or less, and adjoin.
ing lands of Michael Shaver, William
Strother and others.
Tratct No. 4, containing eighaty-six antd1
a half acres, moore or len, lyitng oni Little
Stephen's Creek, andl boun led by h~inds
lately ownedi by Jonatthan Wever, dlec'd.,
Robert Jones and John Lowry.
Tract No. 5, coo:aining forty and 2-3
acres, mtore or less, and boutnded by lands
of William Padgeit, Wright Adams, Jamtes
Green, and estate of Johi Thomias.
Said lands will be soild o'u a credit of I
onie and t wo years, excepit for so much as i
will- pay the cost of this suit to be paid in I
cash. Purchasers to give bond and good
personal sureties- to secure the purc-hase.
S. S. TrO.\PKINS. C. E.. D
Cormm'rs. Oflice, 'Dec. 3, 1849,
Lewis Robertson, and others,
vs. Partition,
Wim. Morris, and others.
N OTICE is hereby given, that by vir
tue of an Order from the Court of
Equity in this case. I shall sell at Edgefield
Court House on the First Monday in Jan
nary next, the following property he
longing to the estate of James Morris,
dee'd., Viz:
One Tract of land containing one hun
fred atnd forty-one and one-half acres. ac
cording to a plat certified by Isaac Bowles,
the25th Oct. 18-19-heing i part of the
tract, known as the Blocker land, situated
in the Distrlct and State aforesaid, on
branch waters of Rocky Creek, and ad
jiining hands of Jef'erson Sturky, Higdon
Atcherson, and other lands of said James
Morris. dec'd.
The Tract known as the Chappell Land.
containing by plat of Isaac Bowles, D. S..
certified the 2.5th Oct. 1849. one hundred
and ninety-five acres, situated in the Did.
trict and State aforesaid, on branch waters
nf Rocky Creek, and adjoining lands of
Higdott Atchison, Wn. Braenell, Wan. B,
Dorn, and othets.
The Persimmon Branch Tract. con
tining by sirvey of Isaac Bowleg, D. S..
certified the 25th Oct. 1849, one hundred
Rod eight acres, situnted in the District and
State aforesaid, on Rocky Creek, and ad
ioiing lands of Win. B. Dorn, and others.
The Old Field Tract, containing by
wurvey of Isaac Bowles, D. S., certified
:he 25th Oct. 1549, ninety nite acres, sitta
ed in :he District and State aforesaid. on
Rocky Creek, and adjoittin lands of Wm.
B. Dorn, and others.
Said land< will be sold on a credit of
me and two years with interest from and
1fter ote year from the day of sale, except
is to so tmuch at will pay the cost of this
tuit to be paid in cash. Purchasers to give
mond and approved sureties with a mort
zage of the premises to secure the purchase
S.s. TOMPKINS. c. E. z. 9.
Comnm'rs. Ollice. Dec. 4, 18-19.
Dec 5, 5t 46
Eq -.. . .....a at ..dgenetu
Uouri Hou-e on the frst Monday in Jattua
ry next, the followiog re..I estate of Jautes
I. Still, dec'd.. viz
The Houime Tract, containing two hun
ired and iinety-five acres, inore or less,
and adjtinintg lands of John Dorn. George
Dutz. and others.
The David Younghlood Tract, contain
ing two htundred acres, more or less, and
ajuining lands of John Landrum, James
Dr, and others.
The Old Tract, c intaining seventy-five
icres, more or less, and adjoining lands of
Geoirge Outz, George Hambleton, and
The Saunders Tract, containing one
iondred and seventy-three acres, nrtore or
ess, and adjoining lands of Win. Dean,
Elislaa Stephens and others.
The Patterson Tract, containing two
tundred and ninety-one acres, more or
ess, atd adjoining lands of John Stead.
iarn, and others.
The Richardson Tract, containing nne
tundred and one acres, aMore or less, an-d
adaoining the above tract, described ias the
Ptterson Tract, Wn. Dean, and others.
Said Lanads will lie sold (an a credit of
tne year. except for so mutcht as will pay
he cost ofahtbis bait to lbe paiad in cash. Pirr
thasers to give bond atnd good ptersonal
uretics to secure the porchtase money.
S. S. TJOM1PKINS. c. F. ?. D.
Comtm'rs. Ollice, Dec. 3, 1849.
Dec. 5, 5t 46
B Y virtute of sundary writs of Fieri Fa
cias,- to tme dlirected, I will proceed
o sell at Edgefaeld Cort H-ouse, tin the
irst Mtaltnay and Tuesay following in
[anuary next, the following property, in
he follotwitng cases, viz:
WV. A. lsarris, Aaltt'r. of John S. Jeter,
lec'dI. vs. Johna I1. Berry, the tract of land
*here the defenamn lives, tadjointing lands
f WVm. A. Turner and others.
L. 11. MuIanay vs. WVash Freeman, oane
ot at Libert y HI ill, cotaininag asbott eleven
cres, adljoitning lands of Andy Reynolds
mad others.
W~hit. Braooks, Ex'or. vs John Scham
ert, the tract of latad where the defendant
ive-s, containing five hundred anal foray
ares, more or less, and adjoinin; lands of
ampson Pope, and thers.
S. B. lMays, T. C. vs Mrs. R. Oneal,
he tract of land where the dlefendanat lives,
adjoining liads taf G. D. lluiert, atnd others.
Terms of Sale, Casha.
Dcc. 10, ' te 46
jLL Personis indlebted to the Estate of
Aaron Hinwarad, Deceased, are requested
o tmake immaeadmtte paymnear, and all thaose lavt
tg chamna ap~iaast the estate, to render thema ini
troperly attested.
R. P. D3RUNSON, Adin'r.
Nov. 7 1849: '2m, 42
EGRO KE RSEY8, Shoes and Dianakets.
LA superior assort'tnent at
Oct. 'l i 37
MedicinesPaints, Glass, &c,
Drqgs a'pid Medicines,
Dow-GTAtis, FANcY SoAPs,
PARIs, &c.
(0- Raving a very extensive Stock, which
is kept full and fresh by weekly additions,
we are prepared to supply Planters, Phisi
ciana, and the Trade, at very low prices.
0 Orders Proniptly attended to.
DRUGGISTS, near th0 Mansion House.
Globe and U. S. Hotels, Augusta, Ga.
Nov. 52, 3m
Constantly on Hand.
W E have to y received per Steame,
SOUTHERNER, from New-York, ex
tensive additions to our already large and
superior STOCK of GOOI)S.
Among our recent arrivals are
Plain and Fignred Black Silk!,
Striped and Watered do.
Plain and -I'd do.
1-2 doz, J idbes, for evening
Some No i Styles of Ging
Mourning e, &c.
Superior icy Cassimers.
A beatifu f Office and Over
2 or 3 pi 1, and three Ply
Fresh E and Pine Apple
quest lnose itndebited toimako patymeit by CGash
or Note, prior to that date. His services as a
ncusullting phyvsicizin. culn he obtatined on all @ic
casionas, uinle'ss when prnfessionally eiigaged.
Wil. D. JENNINGS, A]. D.
Oct. 10, 1849. if 38
D R. U. M. TOMKI'NS. respectfiully of.
fers his prolessional sei vices after the ex
piration of the year, in the practice of Medi
Ine. Snrgery, and Oibsteirics, to the Gitizens
of Dark Corner and its vicinity. Olflice at Dr
W. D. Jenings.
Oct. 10, 1849. tf 33
N O T I C E.
A L persons indebted to the estate Willinm
RIaboro, dec'd., are required to made im
iiediate piryment, and those having deniatids
agaiist the Estate, to present them properly
attested on or before the fifteenth day ofJnnun
ry tiest in the Court of Orelinary, as I desire on
that day to settle up !he Estate.
H. U. RABORN, Adnior.
Nov. 19.18-19. tf 44
Adminitrator's Sale.
B Y ani order fromt the Ordinary of Edgefield
District, I shall proceed to sell on FRIDAY
the 21st day of December next, all the personal
property of Jacob Peow, dee'd1., eunnsitin of
abhout Ti'lRTY NEGROES. a large anhuer
of Hoyig. Caottle, Horses, Corno nd Fodder,
and Kitlhen Furniture, &c.,&c
All of the above property will be' ,old on a
credit of~ twelve months.. TIhe ptrrehinscrs will
be required to give notes with twob or mnore sp
piroved sureties. Siots m,,der $5 dollars cash.
. R. SPA NN. A dmioisrator,
JOE L LLL, itn right of his wife.
Nov.21, 51 44
Cham~paigne Wfine,
Liqjuors, Ac.
It0 Barrels choice New York Cider.
2(0 Barrels Bostont Rum,
5 do Northern Gin,
1 Pipe choice Hlollanad Gin,
30 Barrels Whiskey. vttri.ns qualities,
35 Qr. amid eighth Pipes Maideira, Trenerifl'e
Port, Shterry and Mulagat Wi-ie,
20 Hlf und Quatrter Pipes Giegniac Brandy,
yairiouas gnalities.
Now ltadiitg ad fur sile by
Hamburg, Nov 25 tf 45
Necw Boarding~ Iouse.
M RS. FORD, respectfully itiformos her
friends and the pubtic. tha:t she lhis tkeni
the secontd stoty over 31r. J. Cohnt's Store, at
Edgefield Court lionse, wvhere shte has opened
a BIOA RDI)NG IIOUSE. fur the accommoutuda..
tionu of P,-rmanient ann Tranuient Bouarders.
Her terms for teginr boarders, will bit $10
per month for hoturdtt and indgig,-$2, per
week fur boarding n~ ithotat lodcintg.
Gentlemoen visititng the Village, can be no
cotmmodated with reguar meatls, (at all htours of
the duty, and tintil 10 o'clock, P. Al..)' at the
low p~ice of 25 cents per meal.
Nov. 2 1, , f 44
Tl OL LED hefine me by Richard Berry,. an
.estry sorrel mare mnie, of ordtnary
height. light made, marks of gear about her
shonkllers; supposed to he 10 or 12 years of
age and appratised at $50.
Oct. , 184i .t.... '38
From the Sonth Carnlinina.
We are permitted to publish the follow
ing recent communicatiotn of Professor
Williams to the Governor, on the subject
of the mnantic needle:
CoLuM taA. December 6. 1819.
Mr DrAa SIa: In Mlay last I coM
municated to your Excellency the varia
tion, in this place, of the 31agentic Need
The mean of all the obervatioans sincP
made shows a declinatioan of 2 deg. 37
min. 24 see. These observations were
made with the Theodotile of the College.
This Theodotile was not purchased for a
decliiometer. It ansners very well to
explain the method of measuring the hor
izonital and vertical angles, but cannot he
relied upon for mitute accuracy in detec
ting and appreciating slight varations df
the needle. One of the practical objects
in establishing here and elsewhere in the
State true meridiane, was to furnish sar
veyors with the deliiation, %, hi-h being
entered upon their plots, might serve to
perpetuate the ounding lines of the sur
veys. These lines are always determinel
by the angles taude with the magnetic.
and not the true mieridian. The mean of
many lservatious made even witta so on
suitable an istatruinent as the College
Thendotile, will nf.proximnate the truth
sufficiently near t) secure this valuable
olbject. for surveyors rarely pretend, in
ordinary surveys, ta greater accuracy than
15 mitt. or the fourth of a degree.
Fromn the published reports of the U. S.
Observatory, at Washington city, many
curious and interesting magneticil sta
tistics may be derived. The observations
were malie with the finest in-irtnents,
adjusted with the greatest care, atnrf the
result recorded a' intervals two hsitrs
throoghout the twenty-four, for every day
in the year. The volume before nte. for
which I arm. indented ta the Hon. A. Burt,
embraces a period of three years. tunning
through 1840. 1841 and 1842. From these
reports the following facts are clearly es
1. No two consective observations sho*
the same portion of the magoet.
4. f any t wo different hnurs of the same
day be assumed at ple;nute. as for exam
ile, 6 A. M. and noon. and the declina.
lion at those hours careiully noted, anid
again at the same hours on the next day.
it will be foaid, if thiq prrrceeqs he eontinu
ed. that the diiTerectes of declinaion at the
htoursof6 A. 51. will sometimes hae great
er and sometimues less than the differences
at no001.
5. And hence it may he inferred that,
if but one oleervation be made in the dJay,
it matters little what hour be selected,
provided it be adhered to. The mean
ofr series of ohservationq mtade atsuch hour
will approximate the true itagnetic varia
It would not lie diffiicult to swell this
comtnoication to the size of a small pam.
phlet, but your Excelleocy might find it
an inexcusable trespass upon your time.
It is quite certain that, upon a subject of
this nature, one might utter dicata with the
authority oifsa master, in which it would
be difficult to say whetier arrogance or
ignorance prevailed.
I have the honor to be. your excelleney's.
obedient servent. l51('i..J. WttA.ins
His Excellency WV. 13. Szanoon, Gov
ernor of South Carolina.
PL~A~ Roans.-We are glad to per
ceive that itn some sections of our State,
the importance of these roads is beginnitg'
to bte felt. E xperience thtus far itn other
States has proven that such enterprises
are nt anly valuable na highaways for
traffic, but thatt they are also profimlale in.
vestmxenats. Where circumrstanaces prevent
the conastructiori of rairioads between
towns anad villages, they w'ill be foundc to
persent the most acceptable means of trans
portation that csan be htad.
As adj'uncts to rte prosperity of our rail
roads, they will especially bte ftatntd valua
ble-itt fact, wherever thaey pentetrate, it is
nearly ;ts good as the e xtetision of railroads.
nd will be a poawerful means of dleveloping
the resources of our upper districts, atnd
giving toa the farmers and planters, easy
and cheap transportation to our princimal
markets. Timb er is'nhbuntdanatly scattered
almost in every secrtion. ca' the State, arid
the experimet ontce, wre feel convienaced
that these rtadts will be founod cnanechtng
towns antI villages and intersecting our Va
riotus railways.
Wousld it tnoS be ise for the I egislature
to aiford that~ measure of aid in these pub.
lic etiterprises wvhich they have heretofiare
protrered anid extenaded t oather enterpris
oft a simibar eharaeter, upon certatin con
ditiotn being fldled. We know o'f no
surer mode of htenefitting the people of'
the whole State, thana by aiding thema to
procure much facilities oaf t'runspoartatiuon
far their products as will enabile them tee
seekt the best markets. WVe not iced in thte
proceedings of thte House somne pietitions
bor inicorporating companies far the cont
saructionj of these rotads. arnd: we would he
glad toa !see theta furthered ont, believinag
that their valise to raur country friend's can0
not be estimated unatil experiment has beena
taanle....onth C"..rnliata
PERILS OF FALsEhoon.-The 1.
Day-Book quotes the fulluwlog langiaki
of an eminent writer:
a When ntteb a "conielient r 'eceit
has been practiced, in matters iNhere all
ahould be fair and open as the day, cbnf
der.ce can never be restored, any mo
than you can restore the white bloom io
the giape nr plum which u hiae p.iied
in your hand. Hon true is this, aiid ivhat
a neglected irlith by a great portion of mani
kind. FalsehdoI is but only one 117 the
most humilating vices, but soonei o laitf
it is mottst certain to lead to ihe itiosi e~ri-J
ous crimes. With partiher., in trade, %is'th
partners in likez.wiili friiehji; wiih lover,
how itport ani is confidence! How esseii
tial that all guile and hypocrisy ilhould fie
guarded against in the intercourse b'i:6d'n
such parties. How iiuch rniiserg iilid
le avoided 16 the hitry of rhany li4es.
had tiulh and iinberity been g6iding iihd
controlling rhotives; Iuitead of peafiba
tion and deceit.
"Any vice. said a paieni in bur iearbag
a few days iince. any iee. k least arhtng
the fraillieq ofIa mihler chaicter-, lhb -Alse
hood. Far Helter tirt my 0hild sli6uld
commit an effor or to do a wrong, diinl bbn-.
fess it. than escape the penally, hove.ver
severe, by falieboid ada hypourisy. Let
ne kuw tfib wdi-se, dnd a reinidy liuaf
possibly be applied. hut keep mei iih the
dark-let me lie misled antd be deieieedi
and it is impossible to tell at wilit ii0re
pared hour a crushing hicw-rad ovet
whelmitg eposbie, bnay eone.".
nis pireut wB right. The hit" eii
:ition of sieb a deiestable ties it a 0hi0
iduld he met wijh ihe severest eiulging,
Lying of all kinds. whaether of malice, of
conitealment, or of vainglodioui ioasiilg; is
doit only viiidd lii cotnipptWie; tid,. if
permitted to go eiiijunished In a khld; inP
fecs the whole character with a itoral
plague 0hich will cling to the mad id hie
TiiK VANK .RoAD.-We observe jes
rthday, pas,itng our offce on the Plank
Road. a load of troenty hales of Uotioe,
averagitig frort 450 to 5Od 16s., diaih by
three "irses. This nu-nber of Vale*
would have oade Iti load, ir... -
:hot .:
ousea tin the fiver, well de-irve
public conitiendation.-Savaniali Gedr,.
2ttli, inst.
TnE FAT E ofr he Hungaildn tiifel; it
is sthateid, who are dow in Hainburghi, *as
dfecided throuigh the direct mediatidii of
the American Ambassador ii. L'orhln;
Kla'ilia lar seleeted, in Eve different parts
of the North or ihe Uitited States, d birge
space of land. where he will estab.tdtR a
Hungarian colony. The price oft a'd is
very mnolerute. The ex Govero'r ot ilte
cit9 of Comoin, Njazy, wds .ro fkes for
America mt the 15th of 1dveMbe? in
company wiih a weomoeter, who 1ill delecs
t he finest atd most advant agebus eodt'ry,
atm1i nill iritmediately proceed to it.7. divt
sion. The other M1agyars and 'lapka
himself, will sail for New York on- Ward
uf the ship Franklin.
TuNNu. .N'aER A ClTY.-;-Sdidekady
in New-York, has stated a project ib tou..
nel Broadway for an undergroudd taikay,
with opening and starway at evirf dor
ner. from Bowlintg Greits to Unoan 8quire.
This szlterranean pasiage is 6' b bril
liantly lighted up dith gas, la'd ddd# 4-itb
a dourble track, the cars to he draWN by
ho'rsets. and a "trottori" to be idard otr
either side fur foot passengers, ilie AHames
of thte streets to be placed at ofrery sltair.
way, so that thte travellers can be s'prized
of their locality-and ule et arS ? top ken
secon-ds at every openlog, t6 let th'e way
farers get out andl gel io.
I3iL'EEDtNG AT TttE Nose.--Dr.. Samuel
R. Stmitht, f Tfomtpkinsvilhe,- Staten Is
land. New York, commnunicated to the
Boston Medientl Jsnirntah d meihod of stop
ping bleedintgs at the tfose..uich be learn
ed oaf an old shipmaster. Ttte process was
to roll up a pliece of paper and place iv
tinder l'he uppler lipi. D?. Smith stopped
bleeding which had cottiued four days,
by tying a ktnot in a bandage, and apply
itng it on the upper lip. uisd tyittg the bee
rlage rou'nd th'e head. Th rasiwnale of
this treatmeut, is the pressure at the point
mentioned compresses ihe artery furnished,
the blood.
Tu'E T$Ris.--Nadir Shah, whena
encouraging the Persians to attack the
TForks, said: "Yott need not have any
utar or anxiety zespecting this nation,
o~r God has given them but tuvo-hands,
ets of' whicht is absolutely neessary to
etep on their cups, and the other to hold
ip their trouvsezs;. and it. thtey handa
btird, it wottld- be employed to holti their
>ies; thtey ht:tve,. therefore, none to
pare for a sword or a shield.."
Riar. PETF;R RnGEtuq, agesl ninety-nine
rears, four motnths antd ten days, died its
V'aterloo. II.. on the 14th ult. lIe was
ite of WVashington's Life Guard. in the
var of ltndepemtdetnce, and perhtaps the
tat oif that noble bamtd.
Weigh right, if y..u .sell .en.

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