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Burns, a grocer in Baltimore, died a horrid
death in that city on Tuesday, in consequence
of poison coinniunicated to his system, by a
horse, afflicted with glanders. During the
administration of medicine, Mr. P. thrust
into the animal's mouth, his hand, a finger of
which had been previously cut, and the flesh
laid open. Through this wound the virus
was absorbed, and mortilication having su
pervened, a surgeon was called unon to am
pitate the diseased member. Perceiving,
however, that the poison had penetrated to
every portion of the unfortunate man's sys.
tem, he declined performing the operation,
and stated that no earthly skill could save
his life. After lingering in great agony,
death closed the scene. The corpse present.
ed a blackened and hideous appearance.
PEOPLE who are blessed with health
strength and potatoes, should never re
pine at fortune, even if their pocke'
books are cramped now and then. In
stead of looking up with envy, you
should look down with gratitude. For
every dozen better off than you there
are ten thousand who are worse.
MARRIED, on the ISth inst., by Rev. D. D.
Brunson, Mr. ALr..x B. ADDISOS and Miss
MARY ELIZABET, eldest daughter of the late
James E. Gilerease, all of this District.
MARRIED, in Hamburg, on Tuesday evening
last, by the Rev. Mr. Binney, Mr. S. V. Jons
sos and Miss ELLN R., daughter of Maj. A. J.
Naigel, all of that Town.
MARRIRD, on Thursday evening, 13th inst.,
in Camden, S. C., by Rev. Mr. Parson, Wu.
LIA C. MOORE, Es I., of that Town, and Miss
MAILTnA Poser, of Edgefield District.
DreD,on the afternon of the 21st inst., at
the residence of 5lr. Felix Lake, 1rs. ELIZA
DETII A., consort of Mr. John E. Lake, aged
nineteen years.
Whilst attending the funeral of her sister in
Janutry, Mrs L., contracted a violent cosld which
affected her lungs and terminated itn Consunp
tion. Thum in the short space of four months,
she. on whose cheek the roses of health mnantled
in their brightest bloom, and gave promise of a
long life with which to crown the hopes of an
affectionate husband And to cherish with a
rnother's love the lelplc s childhood sf her in
fant boy, has slc passed away as the lilies of the
By her unobtrusive, modest deportment the
deceased endearel herself to all who knew her.
$he connected herself with the Church of
Christ whilst very young, and gave evidence in
her dying ioments that His arm supported, and
hi4 lisving kindness faltered nt, even thoughi
s!e contended with the dark and troublous
waters of Jord i, f.or with the 11tm1ost comn
posure she bade her hubanal, brother aIn] other
friends who were niear, good bye, and best.nght
them that they would be ready to meet her in
Heaven. After which she expressed her wil
lingness to die, her entire trust in her Saviour,
named the plaeo at which she wished to be buri
ed and calmly breathed out her life (on the bosom
of hinm who sido" Write blessed are the udead
wvhich die in the Lord, from henceforth, yea
stith the Spirit, that theuy maty rest fromi their
labours and their works do followv themi.
DmrED, in this District, on thme 1 2th inst., after
a lingering illness of several years, Mrs. MlanT
ant.,consort ouf Mr. Lewis Asbell, which
illness she biore with gre~at choristini fortitude.
The deceased was a amembmher of the Hatstt
Church at Bethel, and dlied as she had lived, in
peace wvith all, andI with hoer Goil. Then
"blessed are the dead who die ini the Lord, yea
saith the spirit, for they rest fromt their labors
and their works do follow thm. .A.
Subscription Receipts,
TmE following perssos have paid up to the
t:me affixed to their nanmes:
John Doby, Esq., to 8thm February, '53.
Abramt Pierce, to 13th March, '53.
Campmlbell Cooper. to 6th February, '53.
Jesse Rlambo, to 23r~d .January, '53.
Unarrisosn Stromt, to 5th D)ecenmbr, '52.
Benjamsin Stevens. to 25th J une, '52.
Caleb Owzts, to 22ndl Jansuary. '53.
James Ferguson, to 1st January, '53.
Mrs L A IHobbs. to 20.th March, '53.
Col James Tompkins, to 8th February, '53.
Capt A bner Hearnt, to 17th A pril, '52.
John K Powell, to 6th March, '53.
John Anmaker, to 5th A ugust. '52.
.A T Trayler, to 7th February, '52.
Wmn. Flinn, to 27th March, '53.
B P Tillman, to 8th February, '53.
D L Rotten, to 5th March '53.
James F Peterson, to 0th Feb '53.
John Griffith, to 8th A' pril '53.
Nark Ethecredjge, to 11Ith Feb '53.
Mi C Culbreatth, to 1st Marcho '53.
Franklin Johnson, to 28th Feb '53.
Rt M Fuller,,to 1st July '53.
Daniel Minor, to 0th Feb '52.
'Thomas Ferguson, to 13th Sept '32.
P Searles, to 12th June '52.,
Jlohn Seigler, to 15th Jnttne '52.
Avory Bland, to 8th Feb '53.
James Holland, to 13th Jan '53.
Jesse Smith, to 6th Marcht '53.
Capt J1 M Golenman, to 1st Jan '53.
M. Dinkins, to 1st Jan '5".
Wesley Burkhalter, to 13th Feb '53.
Smith Hoyt, to 15th A pril '53.
Lee Holstein, to 5th Jan '53.
Maj B F Strom, to 31st Jan '53.
M E Walker, to 22d A pril '53.
A Delorea, to 22d A pril '53.
Jlohn B Mough, to 22d A pril '53.
Milton Palmer, to 22d A pril '53.
M A Moseley, to 25th March '53.
Levi R Wilson, to 6th June '53.
T Burnham, to 22d A pril '52.
James HI A dams, to 22d A pril '53.
Giles Martin, to 30fl March '53.
E P Holloway, to 5th Feb '53.
John F Burns, to 2d Jan '53.
Mrs Mildred Eiton, to 22d April '53..
C B Cross, to 29th A pril '53.
100 Cords Tan Bark
YTA NTED, for which $5,00 per Cord will
be paid, delivered qt the Tan Yar d.
Maroh 4 tf
Tan Yard.
NO MORE Hides can be received at the
.Tan Yard, until further notice.
A pril 8 . f 12
Rags Wanted.
A FAIR price will be given for RAGS, (all
Cotton) by S. E. O W ERS.
Samburn, Apnril #1 i 1.t
Oorrespondence of the Advertiser.
Since our last report our Cotton Market haj
been quite animated-extensive sales have beer
made at prices ranging from 7j to 10 cents:
principle sales 9 a 9j eta. A choice article wil
,command 10 to 10.. We are almost hourly ex
pecting later accounts which causes our Alarkel
to close to day rather dull at the above quota.
We have no change to note in the Grocery
and Provision Alarket.
Our River is still very low.-Freight per Ri.
ver on Cotton to Savannah, 37 to 50 per bale
to Charleston per Rail Road 75 ets pr bale.
Corro.-A very brisk and animated de.
mand sprung up in our market for this article al
an early hour this morning, and in the course c
the day several large store lots were put on the
market, all of which were freely taken at very
full prices. 937 bales were sold at 6 to 84 ctsj
- Religious Notice.
TH ERE will be a Uniion Meeting of three days
continuance at A NTIOC, commencing on Friday
before the 5th Lord's day in Mlay. Rev. S. P.
GFTZEN, to preach the introductory Sermon, at
114 o'clock, A. M.
Brethren are cordially invited to attend, and
especially linistering Brethren.
Butler Lodge, No. 17,1. 0. 0. F.
A Regular M eeting of this Lodge
will be held on Monday evening
next 7 W'choek.
A full attendance of all the Members is very
much desired, on Sale-day night next, 7th of
June. as important business will be brought be
fore the Lodge. And the lecting will also be
interesting and instructive.
A. G. TEAGUE, Scc'y.
May 27 it 19
Butler Lodge, 1. 0. 0. F.
SPECIAL Meeting of this Todge. will be
1.1 held at their 1lall, on Saturday the 26th
June, at 2 o'clock, P. M., to confer the Degree
of RiEnKKAn1 on all Odd Fellow's Wives who
may make applicition.
The 'Members are requested to nttend, and
particularly the Ladies uipon whom the Degree
(if RZEDEKAJi has been contered.
lay 27 5t 19
Masonic Notice.
AN EXTRA Communication of
N... 50, A. F 31., will be held it
their H al!ll on Saturday evenine,
the 7tlh Juine, at 74 o'clock P. Il.
11y order of the W. 31.
Dr N. U.-It is expi.eted that every Member
seeing the notice, will eitleavor to attend, as
business relating to the celebrating the Festival
of St. .Johnt, the Baptist, will be brought before
the Lodg1e.
May 2(1 tf . 18
Soda Water!
rpnHis healtnv and delicious ~BEVER AGE
,may nowv b'e o.btained in its purity, put up'
in Bottles, at thme-Drug store o.f
May 27 tf 19
,LOT of superior Fresh Ground Country
I FL URjust received anid tr sale by
3Mav 27 It 19
S B. MAY'S, T. C., vs. Abisa bel Williams,
. ea free woman of color; thme Sanme vs.
thc Sante; thme Same vs. thme Samne. I wili
sell the services of the above Free Person
on thet firaL M..ndayi in Junme next, for a ternm
of months sufliciemnt to pay the Tax and Cost
ngainist her. Termis Cash.
3May 20 3te 18.
r 'U[E attention of each Chairman of the Bat
..talion iloards, of Conmmissioners of Roads
and Bridges in Edgefield District, is called to
thme A ct of the Genersl Assembly of 1851, Page
83, Section 16, which requires them to perform
certain duties which perhaps they arc not aweare
of. A. JION ES, Secretary,
Gen'l Board C. R. & B.
MTay20 2t 18
\gage o.f Real Estate. Apply to the Ad
vertiser Office. 1B. C.
M1ay 201 tf 20
ALL Notes due the Subscriber, indlividually
Ior as Executo.r, arc placed in the Bank of
I lambiurg, for collection. Those indebted will
pleasie make inmmediate paymtent.
D~r. .John 'M. Galphlin, will act as my A ttcr
ney, during my absence from the State.
Dcc 23l, tf7
Lamp and Train Oil.
1OR SALE at thme Shoe atnd Leather Store
Lof Ri. T. its, a first rate article o.f L AMP
OIL, at reduced prices. Also, TRAIN and
Mirchm 18 tf 9
Candles, &c.
A FINE Stock of Pure Sperm CANDLES,
I.A damantine, Star, Ilull & Son's-a supe
rior article of Starch, blue and wvhite,--Soap oh
every description, Turpentine, Casteel, Family,
Troiette, &c.
Also, Wooden Ware, Churns, Buckets, Tubs,
Brooms, &c., of all descriptions.
IHamburg, A pril 21 tf 14
A IL pesos indebted to the Asesigned Estate
of JonLyon arc requested to make imme
dirte payment, as longer indulgence cannot be
given, anid must not be expected.
S. F. GOODE, Assignee.
Jan 21, 1852 If I
TjO HIRE, for the present year, a good
.LCook, Washer and Ironer. Wages paid
monthly if desired. Enquire at this O11ice.
Mlarch 25 tf 10
A LL those indebted to thme estate of Natham
.L.Norris, dee'd., arc requested to make pay
menat forthwith, aitd those having demandi
againmst said estate will please present them im
imediately, properly attested according to law,
N. A. NORRIS, A dm'x.
T LIE SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the
attention of Farmers and the community
generally to his
at the Planter's Hotel, where he keeps con
stantly- on hand a NEW and WELL AS
SORTED Stock of
Ready Made Clothing,
A Good Supply of Boys' Clothing.
Edgefield C. H., May 20 t 18
Spring and Sumner Goods.
I U[AVE received my usual supply of SEA
SONABLE GOODS, to which I respect
fully invite the attention of the trading commu
nity. They shall be sold LOW, and to those
who wish to buy for CAst', inducements shall be
offered. W. P. BUTLER,
First Door East of Col Frazier.
Edgeield, S. C., April 8 tf 12
Ellegant Toilet Requisits.
Each of Infallible Attributes.
JA ishling, preserving and beantifying the la
mian hair.
and complexion- an oriental Balsanic prepara
tion perfectly free front all minerval admixture.
It is distinguished for its extremely bland, puri
fying and soothing effects on the skin; effectu
ally dissipating all Redness, Tan, Pimples, Spots,
Freeles, Discolorations and other cutaneous visi
DENTRIFICE-A white Powder, Com
pounded of choistest and most recherche ingre
dients of the oriental herbal, of inestimable value
in preserving and beautifying the Teeth,strength
ening the gums and rendering the breath sweet
and pure.
The above articles have come to hand, and
arc for sale by
May 6 tf 16
State Military Academies.
1 A LL appointments of Pay and Beneficiary
t. Cadets will henceforth be made by the
Board of Visiers to the Asenal Academy in
Columbia, (unless the applicant is prepared to
enter a higher than the fourth class', it being in
tended that the whole of the fourth class shall
be entered thet e for the first year.
2. Appointments of Cadets will be made nt
the annual neeting of the Board of Visiters, to
be held in Columbia, on Friday after the fourth
Monday in November in each year, and at no
other time.
Chai.-nan of Board of Visiters.
May 13 5t 17
MAY Js-r 15I2.
H1lE LOWER BATTA LION of this Regi
.inent will assemble at Mt. Willing, on Sat
urlay, tihe 29th May inst., armed and equiped
as the law directs, for Drill and Review. Cont
mnissoined and Non Commissioned Officers will
assemble the day previous for Drill and Instrue
Thte Upper Battalion will assemble at Towles'
on Saturday, the 5ith of Junte next, armed attd
equiped as the law directs, for D)rill anid Review.
Cmnmissioned and Non-Conmmissioned Onicers
will assemble the day previotus for Drill and in
W. M. DEAN, doi. 10th Reg't.
May 6 5t* 16
EDGEFIEL.D C. H., May 3rd 1852.
IN Pursuance of Orders received from Brig.
..Gen.J J.'W. Guv-rox, an election will be held
on F'riday the 25th day of .June next, to fill the
vacancy Iccasioneld by the resignation of Col.
Each Captain or commanding Officer of the
diferent Companies of the Regiment, wd'ul put.
up at the rendezvous of their respective Compa
nies, a notice of the above election, forty days
prviu thereto, andu~ order to his assistance, two
of his subanltern Oflicers, or if there be but onue,
or none, such deficiency mnust be supplied by
any member or. members o'f the Comnpany he
t:ty app;oint :andl these persons shall at each of
their respective plneecs of parade, open anid hold
a poll. from 11 o'cl'ock, A . NI., to 3 o'clock. P.
M. The Mlanagers, or at least one of them from
each place of eletion, are required to meet at
Lotgmire's on the 26th (of Junie, (the day fol
lowinag) count the votes, declare the election atnd
certify thme samne to Brig. Gen. .J. W. GJuyton.
Maj. Martin is charged with the extension of
this order to his squadron.
Lieut. Col. Comnmatnding.
11T The Abbeville Banner will give the above
three insertions, and forward its account to this
MayO 6 t 16
Extra Fine Liquors.
{(\ DOZ..John Gibson, Son & Co. old Nec
Utar Whiskey,
40 Bbls his Old Eagle and superior Monon
SupriolPth Wie Mtadaria, Cherry, Tene
riiffand Mtalaga Wine,
Jama,.ica Rumn, Holland Gin,, Gini Cordial,
Lemon syrup, Cherry Brandy and all kinds of
Liquors, usually kept in Family Grocery Stores,
and will be warranted genuine, and (If direct itm
Hamburg, A pril 21 tf 14
VILL be let to the lowest bidder at Mt.
Wilig, on Saturday the 29th (lay of
May inst., ont the day of the Battalion Muster,
at 10 o'clock, A. Mt., the puting up of Posts and
Poiters at all the Forks atnd Cross Roads in thie
Lower Battalion of the 10tht Regitment.
By order of the Board,
A. JONES, Secretary.
May 20 t r18
Notice !
T HIE Subscriber itntending to make an altera
tion in his business, notifies all persons
indebted to him either by note or account to
settle thme satne by the first of Jutly next.
Thankful to his friends for their very liberal
patronage, he invites thte attention of the public
to his well selected Stock of FA MI LY GRO
CERIES, which lhe intends selling at the very
lowest prices, for C ASH ONLY !
Hamburg, May 10 tf 17
A.LL those indebted to the Estate of John B..
Logan, dee'd., are requested to make im
mediate payment, all those having demands to
present them properly attested.
M. WV. LILES, 's
A. NIX, A's
Feb 19 ______ 1m 5
N otice.
A LL persons indebted to thme estate of Henry
.L.F. Freeman, dee'd., will come forward
immediately and make payment and those hav
ing derhiands will render thema in properly at-.
teted. J. 11. J1ENIhNGS Ex'nr.
Bacon, Corn, Mackerel, &c,
T HE Subscriberhas now on band and rc
X eciving in Sr'r,
100,000 lbs. Primo,Baeon Sides,
12,000 lbs Choice Hams and Shoulders,
10,000 lbs Prime Lard, in barrels anil4kegs1
2,500 Bush Prime White Corn,
110 Bbls No 3 lackerel,
1,000 Kegs assorted Cut Nails and Spikes,
75 Bales G'unny Bagging,-also Dundee
Bagging and Rope,
175 Bpags Prime Rio and Old White Java
25 Illhds. Prime Porto Rico, Muscovado
and Clarified Sugars,
15 Bbls. Loaf, Crushed and Powdered
40 Bo.xes Sperm, Adamantine and Hull's
Tallow Candles,
20 Boxes low prieed.Tobacco,
300 lbs Good Feathers,
10 Bales Cotton Yarn, assorted,
25 Bales No 1 Osnaburga and Stripes,
50 Boxes Window Glass,
5,0110 lbs No 1. Extra and Pure White Lead,
10 Bble Linsed And Train Oil,
5 Bbl Cloice'Lamp Oil,
75 Ilhds Prime Cuba Molasses,
70 Bbls do New Orleans Molasses,
1,000 Sacks Salt,
5 do fine TAble Salt,
20 Boxes Jackson's Turpentine Soap No1
2,000 lbs good and damaged Sole Leather,
25 Kegs GuPowder,
2.5 Kegs Blasting Powder,
Also, Shot and Lead, Rice, Coperas, In
digo, Rock Lime, Elfster Paris, Cooking Air
Tight Stoves, Grindatones, &e,
A good Stock of Men'ts and Boys Saddles, Wag
gon Saddles, Whips, Bridles,
Gunpowder, Imperial and Black and Hyson
Teas, Mustard, Pepper, Spice, Ginger, Al
monds, Segars, &e., &c.
An assortment. of Wooden Ware, consisting of
Sewing and Sitting Chairs, Large Cane Seat,
Rocking Chairs, Large Arm Chairs, Chil
dren's Chairs, or various paterns, Patent Cy
linder and Common Churns, Iron and Brass
Bound Buckets, Iron Bound Tubs, Brooms
and Brushes, Children's Wheel-borrows, and
Toy Waggons, Half Bushel Measures, Willow
Waggons, Cradles and Clothes Baskets, at
Wholesale or Retail by
Hamburg, May 4, 1852. 3t 16
99' Erskine Miscellany, Laurensville ITerald,
Southern Patriot and Abbeville Banner, will give
four insertions and forward Bills.
State of South Carolina,
William D. Jennings, '
V8 Decl. in Attach'nt
Rielaarl Bailey. I
T11l9 Plaintiff in thfe above ease having this
day filed his declaration in mty Office, and
the Defendant having neither wife nor Attorney
kown to reside within the limits of this State
on whon a copy of said Declaration with a rule
to plead can be served, On motion of Mr. Tour
asNs, Attorney for Plaintiffs,-Ordered that said
Defenadant appear and plead to said declaration
withint a year and a 'day fron the date hereof,
r judgmaent will be :awarded against them by
lefauilt. TIIOSEG. B3A CO,-' C. E. D.
Clerk's Office, May7, 1852. ly IS
State of South Carolina,
Peter F. LaBorde,,,
vs Decl. in Attack'nt
Richaard Bailey. )
Jamaes P. Carroll, ;.
's ~ Deel.ing.Attachat
Richard Bailey. ~.
Johna M. Cliark foar J. '
M. C. Freeland, ~ .Decl. in Attack'nat
Rtichiard Bailey. '
John M. Clark,
vs .Decl. in Attach'nt
Richarad Baailey.
Jan. P. Carroll, Ex'or., DclinAac't
Rlichaard Bailey. 3
'pilE Plaintiffs in the aboave stated eases hay
..ing this daay tiled their declarations in my
ffice, anid the D~efendanats having neither wife
or Attorney known to reside withain the limaits
f this State oan whom a copy of thec szid declara
tions wit a rule tat plead em:t be served, On mo
tioni of Maesr. CARinOLL & BACON, A ttorneys
for thec Plainatitlb, Ordered that the said D~efean
ats ap~peaar anad plead to said declarations w~itht
ni a year anad a day fromt the date hiercof, or
ugmaenat will be awairded against them by de
ault. TIIOS. G. BA CON, C. E. D.
Clerk's Office, May 17th 1852. ly 18
State of South Carolina,
James Blackwell
vs Decl. in Attach'nvt
Richard Bailey.
Abner Bushanell, DclinAtk'a
Richard Bailey.
TH ~jE Plaintiffs in the above stated eases hay
I. inag thtis day tiled thear declarations ini my
ffice, and the Defendanat having neither wire
wr Attorney, known to reside within the limits
af this State ona whom a copy. of said declara
ions, witha a role to plead can be served: Ona
ntion of Mr. Kci, Attorney for PlaintifT,
rdered, thtat said Defenadant apapear anad plead
o said declarations, wvithin a year and a day
from thec date hereof, or judgmenats will be
warded againast him by default.
Clerk's Office, May 6th 1852. ly 18
7 THE Friends of Col. F. W. PICK.
NS, beg leave to present him to the people
f Edge~field, and of the Districts which may
e thrown with us by the newv apportion
ent, as an eminently suitable person to
epresent us in the Congr'ess of the United
States. Mr. BURT having positively declined
t re-election, it becomes our duty to select
his successor with care; and we respectfully
sggest that the experience and ability of
Col. PIeKENS should bc again cnlled into re
uiition gjpon the very floor where he has
hitherto served us so efficiently.
It is pe-rhaps proper to add, on our part,
that this announcement is tendered without
Col. P's knowledge or desire, and with no
feeling of opposition to any individual.
gg THEt Friends of Capt. PRESTON S.
BROOKS, announce him as a candidate to
represent this Congressional District in the
next Congress, Mr. BURT having positively
declined a re-election.
This nonmination, like another wvhich ap
pears in this paper, was made by the friends
of Capt. B. purely of theIr own accord, with
out reference to his wiehes on the subject
and without the remotest design of forestal
ling pnblic opinion in his favor against any
for sale by S. E. BOWERS.
U-a..bur... Api nono1 il 14A
New Spring Goods for '52,
A T my Store, near the Court House, I have
CL just opened a COMPLETE and general
Stock of all the -
Varieties of the Season,
which I respectfully invite the trading communt
ty to call and examine.
I would particularly invite the attention of the
Ladies to my rich selection of
Emnbroideries in Collars, Chemi.
zetts, Uundersleeves, Capes,
and Mantillas,
And to my splendid Stock in Printed
And to a very beautiful lot of
Embroidered Muslin and Silk Even
ing Dresses,
Prices (on credit until the first of January, to
responsible and punctual buyers) to suit the
times. A liberal distinction made with persons
buying for CASH !
March 25 tf 10
New Goods!
'rIIE Subscribers are receiving their usual
supply of
Spring and Summer Goods,
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods,
SHOES, &c., &c.,
which they will sell on as good terms as they
can be bought in the market.
At the Store formerly occupied by John Lyon
next to Dr. Teague's Drug Store.
March 25 tf 10
Brilliant Display of Jewelry,
I HAVE just received, in addition to my for
mer stock of JEWELRY, a handsome as
sortment of
Double -and single Cased Gold Lever Watches
Anchor Escapement and )etaelied "
Double and Single Cased Silver Lever "
Gentlemen's Guard, Fob and Vest Chains,
Ladies Chatalaines and Guard Chains,
" Gold Bands and I1air Bracelets,
Cuff Pins, Gold and Cornelian Charms,
Crosses, Lockets, Arrows. Buttons, &c.
Fashionable Broches for Ladies and Gents,
" Ear and Finger Rings,
Gold and Silver Thimbles,
Gold Pencil Cases, with and without Pens,
Silver Combs, Coral Arnlets and Necklaces.
These articles I received direct from the Import
era, are all WARRANTED, and shall bt sold LoW.
April 15 tf 13
Sherifts Sale.
B Y Virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Facias,
to me directed, I shall proceed to sell
at Edgefield Court House, on the first Mlon
day and Tuesday in June next, the following
property, in the followingr cases, viz:
Seth Bultler vs Wim. lerbeit, one house
aind lot situate and being on the Corner of
Centre and Tillman Streets in the Town of
Hamburg, known in the plan of said Town,
as lot No. one hundred and thirty-three (133)
bounded on the North by Lot No 134,.East
,y Cook Street, South 'by Tillman Street,
and WVest by Centre Street, having fifty feet
front on Centre Street, and running back
one hundred and fifty feet, more-.r less.
Amon Lindsey and Stuart Harrison vs
William H. Harrison, one f ract of lund eon
tainring two hundred and- fifty acres, more
or less, adjoining lands of Benj. Bettis, Mrs.
Fra.ncis Harrison and B. P. Tillmnan.
Steepmnan & Meritt vs Edward Hampton,
ofte Sorrel Horse.
Terms Cash.
Afav8,18 5t 17
SherifIs Sale.
Abram Jones,
Elizabeth A. Derrick andI
George Derrick.
BY an order from Henry T. Wright, Ordi
,.L nary of Edgefield D)istriet, I will pro
ceed to sell at Edgefield Conrt House, on
the tirst Monday in June next, a tract of
land belonging to the estate of Eli Derrick,
deed., sitnarte in Edgefield District, contain
inig four hundred acres, more or less, adjoin
ing lands of Carrey G. Sneligrove, Jesse Der
rick and others. Terms one fourth of the
purchase money and costs to be paid in cash.
The remainder on a credit of one and two
years, of equal instalnments, with interest
from the day of sale. The purchaser giving
bond with s'uliceient sureties and a Mortgage
of the premises to the Ordinary to secure
the purchise money.
May 8 5te 17
Sherifris Sale.
B Y Virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Fa
eias, to me directed, I shall proceed to
sell at Edgefield Conrt House, on the first
Monday in Jnne next, the following proper
ty, in the following ease, viz:
David R. Strothe'r vs C. J. Glover; other
Plaint iffsi vs The Same, one tract, of hand
containing ten acres, more or less, adjoining
lands of Joseph Patterson, WV. F. Durisoe,
Wmn. P. Butler and others.
Terms Cash.
_May_ 53t 18
State of South Carolina,
B)Y Virtue of a Decree of the Court of
I)Equity, in the ease of Ellen C. Waters,
eL al, vs Benjamin F. Summers, el al, I will
sell at Newberry Court House, on the first
Monday in June next, the Roal Estate of
John W. Summers, deeeased, lying in Edge
field District, consisting of two tracts of
The first known as the "DEWALT MILL"
Tract lying on Saluda River, containing sixty
twvo acres, more' or less, upon whiech are a
Grist and Saw Mill in first rate repair ; the
buildings are all new, and the dam built
within the last year.
The second or "PINEY Woons" Tract,
containing three hundred and fifty-five acres,
more or less, lying about one mile from the
Mill, with which it will be sold.
The terms of sale are one, two and three
years credit; the first instalment to fall due
January 1st, 1853, with interest on the whole
from the day of sale.
L J. JONES, C. E. N. D.
Newberry C. H., May 12, t 18
$10 Rewvard.
L OST on Tuesday evening, the 4th inst., by
iJthe Subscriber, a small BL ACK POCKET
BOOK, with four apartments, containing two
Ten Dollar and one Five Dollar Bills,--all South
Carolina Bills. Also, one note on Ambrose
Whittle, for $7,50, with several other small
notes and accounts.
I will give thte above reward for the recovery
of said notes. JOS. PATTERSON.
May13 tf 17
Metcalf's New Iron-Front Sto
A LDRTCH & ROYAL, dealers in B 0 C
hand the largest and most splendid asso
(For Retail,) of any other House in the City.
If"" Persons visiting Augusta will alwa
fashionable nrticles to select from at our New
y- Please give us a call and see for y<
April 1, 1852.
Spring and Summer Goods!!
I HAVE now on hand and for sale a complete
and extensive assortment of
Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Drap
D'Etes, Casmerets, &c.,
For Spring and Summer use, which will be
made to order in a style of superiority and ele
gance. All who are in want of fine garments
and wish them to fit as they ought to fit will
please give me a call and satisfy themselves.
Ready Made Clothing.
My Stock of CLOTHING this season is ful
and large, comprising Cloth, Frock and
Dress Coats, Cloth, Cashmerett
and Drap D'Ete Sacks, Bi'k,
Satin D'Chene White
and Striped Silk Sacks, Grass
Linen, Ponger Silk and Brown
Linen Sacks, Black and Fancy Colored
Pants, Marseils Pants, and a largqssortm'nt
of Buf, White and Fancy Marseils Vests, &c.
A large supply of furnishing articles, such as
Cravats, Gloves, Hosiery, Suspenders, Collars,
Silk, Gauze, Cotton and Merino under Gar
mcnts, White and Colored Shirts, &e.
And a Fine Stock
All Goods in my establishment are of the
BEST QUALITY and will be sold right.
Augusta, April 1 tf II
New Spring Goods!
ceived at their old stand, corner of Globe
Hotel, Broad Street, Augusta, Ga, a splendid
assortment of
Fancy Dry Goods,
Among which are-Figured and Plain White
Crape Shawls,
Lnuis Napoleon Capes and'Collars,
Black Silk Lace for Mantillas,
Needle worked Undersleeves and Cuffp,
Jaconet and Swiss Trimings,
Linen Cambrie Handkerchiefs,
Real Paris Kid and Twisted Silk Gloves,
Dress Fabrics of the newest and most elejant
Styles and Patterns.
Printed Crape do Paris and Embroidered
Super Brocade and figured Light Silks,
Enmbroidet-ed Bereges and Challys,
Rich China Striped and plaid Silks,
Super Embroidered Labradors,
Richm Fremmeh printed Tarltoms,
French Jaeonets and Portsmouth Lawn,
Scoteh and Swiss Ginghams,
Frenlch, English and AmerIcan Prints,
And a most complete assortment of domestici
.Goods for family use. - -0
1Ilamniltonm 12-4 Sheeting, :
Tableginen and Damask,
Irish and Scotch Towellings, (great variety,)
Irish Linen and Bird's Eye Diaper,
Marlb~oro and Mlariners Stripes,
Bed Tlick Osnaburgs and Factory Stripes,
A great variety of Goods for Gentlemen and
Bova weamr, all of which they of'er on the best
possible termns. Families visiting the City are
invited to call ann examine thmeir Stock.
A pril 1 St 11
W ILLI.A M MIlLLER, who is in the custody
of the Sheritrof Edgefield District, by
virtue of two writs of Copi'a ad Saifacienm
durn, at thme suits respectively of George J.
Weaver & Co., and Wilson, Young & Co..
having filed in amy ofiec, together with a Sched
ile, oin oathl, of his state and eflreets, his petition
to the Court of Common Pleas, praying that he
may be admitted to the benefit of the Acts of
the General Assembly, mnadi for the relief of
inso~ent debtors. It is ordered that the said
George J1. Weaver & Co. and the said Wilson,
Young & Co., and all other Creditors to whonm
tne said William Miller is in any wise indebted,
he. and they are hereby summoned, and have
botice to appear before the said Court at Edge
ield Court House on the first Monmday in Octo
ber next, to show eause, if any they can, wvhy
the prayer of the petition aforesaid, should not
be granted.
T110S. G. BACON, c. E. D.
Clerk's Office, May 3, 1852.
May 6 3m 16
Administrator's Notice.
AT LLPesns indebted to the estate of Win.
G. I~ldee'd., are requested to make
payment and those having demands against the
same to present them properly attested to the
WM. J. WALKER, Adm'r
May 6 6mn 16
A LL persons indebted to the late Charles .J.
-Glover will make imamediate payment, as
the condition of thme estate absolutely demands
the speedy collection of all debts due. Those
having claims against Mr. Glover will please
present them properly attested to the subscriber.
May 5 tf 16
A LL Persons indebted to the estate of Oliver
-Towles, are requested to make immediate
payment, and those having demands against the
same wmll render them in properly attested.
R. M. SCURRY, Administrator.
Oct. 9 tf 38
ALL persons having demands against the es
Atate of J. A. Perrin, dee'd., are requested
to render them in to Capt. W. Harrison, as he is
amy Agent during my absence fronm the State.
A. PERRIN, Adm'r.
A pril 1 tf 11
Bolting Cloths !
TrIHE Subscribers have now in store a large
.and complete assortmnent of BOL TING
CLOTHS, of the most approved brands,
which will be sold at greatly reduced prices for
cash. A GNEW, FISHER & CO.
Newherry C. HI. April .1 2mn 11
'Teas ! Teas !
UST received a ch~oice lot of TEA S, from
Uthe Philadelphia Tea Company of a superior
quality, warranted or no sale. Hyson, Gun
powder, Imperial and Black of every descrip
tion, put up in small packages, for famnihy use.
For sale by S. E. BOW ERS.
re---Opposite the Masonic Hall,
ITS AND SHOES,have alwayson
rtment of
ys fine a good Stock of the finest and most
6m 11
T HE Subscriber has just received his Spring
Stock of new and
among which may be found a beautiful assert
ment of Ladies' Dress Goods, comprising al the
late styles of
Berage, Berage do Laines and Tissues,
Real French Printed Jackonets, light fabric
and very handsome.
Color'd and Black figured Silks: rich patterns
Mull, Book, Jackonet, Swiss and Plaid Muslin
Ginghams, large assortment and cheaper
than ever.
English, French and American Prints,a great
Real Irish Linens, Linen Drilling and Cot
French Herring-bone Drilling, Drab do Ete;
Cashmaret, Black and Colored.
Union Linens,
All the styles of bleaebed and brown Shirt
ings and Sheetings, from 3-4 to 12-4 wide and
cheap as any one can desire,
Ladies' French worked Collars and Under
Veils and Veil Goods ; Bobinet Laces, figured
and Plain,
Thread, Muslin, Swiss and Linen Edging and
Ladies, Gentlemen and Misses Gloves,
" and Misses, Hosiery, a great variety.
" Parasols and Fans,
Colognes and Extracts; Toilet Powders and
Toilet Soaps.
Hooks and Eyes, in boxes and on Tape.
Combs, large assortment,
Carpet Bags. Cotton Osnaburgs and Stripe.
at Factory prices.
Ladies' and Children's Shoes,
This Stock has been selected with great ere
by an experienced buyer, and in style and quali
ty will compare favorably with any in Au
gusta. An examination is solicited before look
ing elsewhere.
Hamburg, April 21 6t 14
' HE business formerly conducted under the
style of TRENT & SMITH, for the pur
pose of conducting a Hotel in the Town of Ham
burg, known as the American Hotel, was dis
solved on the 12th instant, by mutual consent.
January 30th, 1852.
THE SubscriLer begs leave to return fit
.thanks to his boarders and the public gene
rally, for their liberal patronage at the Hotel for
merly kept bTrent & Smith, and known s
the American Hotel In the Town of Hamburg,
and would ask a further continuance of the,
same ; feeling assurcd on his part, that~he~a
antwilj give isatfationfil that inay ea5 and
examine the old'snd of Jamnes Hubbard dee'd.
The Hot'lbinsnati~e. ~t ~ s
part of Town, and. convenilent- tpo Sqhth
Carolina Rail Road and Augusta Depot; - K
Extra attention given to the ladies apartment,
and rooms kept fom the special accomodation of
Hamburg, January 30th 1852. O6m 4
Hamburg & Edgefield P1'k R'd
T1HIS ROAD is now completed and opened
.for travel from the Cherokee Ponds and
Sweet Water to Hamburg.
Rates of Toll.
Four, five and six horse Wagons, 5 ets per mile
Three " " 4 " " "
Two " " 3 " " "~
Two " Carriages 3 " " "
One " " 2 " " "~
lorseback travellers, " 1 " ""
Vehic on meeting, arc each entitled to half
the P L ANK TR ACK, and tl'e Drivers arc re
quired to turn to the "IRIGHT !"
The public arc respectfully informed that all'
persons turning on the road, and leaving it with
out paying Toll, are subject to a fine of Twenty
Ten dollars reward will be, paid by the cone
pany, in each and every t.:,e, for proof that wilr
lead to the eonviction of any one for violating!
the law, in endeavoring to avoid the paymentuof
Toll, as provided by the Charter.
Persona travelling on the Martin To-'n Read
towards Hanmburg, will find it to their ad'van
tage to turn off on any of the roads to the Ileft,
and intersect the Plank Road near Sweet Water
Church or the Cherokee Ponds.
H. A. KENRICK, Presidene.
Hamburg, March 15 tf 5
Spann Hotel Re-Opened i
Tj H E Subscriber haying purcbased this estab
Slishment, begs lewvo to announoe to t4ie
District and to the travelling public generealy,.
that he has this day taken upon himelf the
keeping of said Hotel.
All that he can do to render his customers
satisfied shall be done.
He respectfully solicits a share of public pat
Charges shall be as moderate as the times
will adnmit. JOHN HU)ET.
Feb 19 tf 5.
P ERSONS who have made appliacation for
their Bounty Land, through A. M. Pcaarn,
Esq., wifl call upon Josien Anst, Esq., who
has.earge of the papers of Mr. Psaan.
April 15 5t 13
1Yoasses and Syrups.
N OW Receiving a large Stock choice Cuba
MOLASSES, and Georgia an'? New Or
leans SYR UPS. . dI. E. BOWERS.
Hamburg, April 2 1tf 14
Sugar and Cofe.
1AM now receiving my Spring stock of
UGARand C(JFFf, eonsisting of a
superior article of Brown Sugar, Clarified,
Crushed and Loaf-Government, Java and Rio
Coffee, of a superior quality.
Hamburg. ApriL21 'tf 14
ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of Jo
ti seph Moore, dee'd., are requested to make
immediate payment, and these having demands
against the estate will presentthem in due form. *
E. PENN, Ex'or.
Feb 12 tf 4
A LL Persons indebted to thecEstate of Samp
son B. Mays, dee'd., arc requested to make'
payment, and all those having demands against
said estate will present them properly attested
according to law.
Apri 1 3 m m 11

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