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By the side of sweet Alice they have laid Ben Bolt
Whre often lie longed to repose,
For there he wou'd kneel with the enrly spring
And'plint o'er his darling the rose.
His licart was as true as the star to .is gaze,
When tossed on the bi'lov s alone,
But now it is cold :.nd f'rev .r at rest,
For he calmly lies under the stone.
How often :is eyes were s(en binining with tears
To magle with others in grief;
But joy wouhl re-kindle the light of his smile,
When pouring the balm of relief:
At last he has gone to the bright sp:rit-land,
And, free from all sorrow and pain,
Ie tastes the full raptures of angels above,
For he meets with sweLt Alice again!
We'll gather the flowers from the green shady nook,
And mrss from the silent old mill,
To strew o'er the graves where obzeurely repose
The hearts that death only could chill;
An.1 oft, when lte soul has grown weary and sad,
We'll come by the twiligIt a!one,
To muse o'er thespot where together Ben Bot,
Aud Sweet Alie le iunder the stone.
- - -0- --
Thou gazest deep and car.iest
Deep and tarnest are tnine eyes:
I knoaw that in our being
There are ans--ering --ymnpathies;
I know th.re dwells upon me
End aslc. with anxious y-earning,
" Wi.1 it ever, thIus, end are."
Qt'ek changes coie upon us
Changes not in our control;
There are shadows and eclip-es,
And dark tides upon the soul.
With treitulo:1., emtion,
I accept thy bo"untemits stort,
But ask, with anxious yearning,
Wilt thou love i evermnore "
Thou knowest all my wea': neqs,
Thy knowest all my powe':n
Thou'st read-my ife, aid kno.west
Every weed and flower;
And if within my naturo
Any gracious gift there be,
I would its brightest radliance
Should transfuse itself to thee.
3n. EDITo.-You invite, I see, the contribu
tion of agricultural articles to your columns. I
am glad of it, and hope that gentlemen having
experience in this business, will '>e generous,
and embracing the opportunity thus presented,
publish it for the benefit of the needy.
After trying for several years to teach " tile
young idea how to shoot," I have finally settled
down with the intention of trying to teach the
young corn how to shoot. Buit I find myiself'
gtently ait a loss in my new business. I feel
very much like I have often imagined a mariner
would feel, finding himself away out hundreds
of miles from the land, in tihe broad, open sea,
wghgt cmpas srgrstar. I know how to
plow, plantand even to-maike good erops on
rich land; btut unfortunately the land that I
hiave to start upon, has been under cultiv'ationi
many years, without any efforts having been
made to improve it, or even keep it up. The
consequecnce is that it is very poor' indeed, and I
feel greatly tl& necessity otf doing something to
improve it ; otherwise perish I shall. But what
to do-.what course to pursue, "that's the ques
tio n."
I have noticed for several y ears past that
many' good fatrmners, or those reputed to be stuch,
arc in the habit of hauling leaves, soil, &c.,
from their forests into their horse lots, cow pensI
and hog yards, to maike mainure ; and I have
tried this plan a little myself, but it proves
"slow business" for me. May be I don't know
how to do it, btut it is nevertheless undeniably'
er xpensive in the way of time and labor,
and is "robbing Peter to paty Paul," to say the
least of it.
I have several excetedingly rich alluvial beds
oil the river, and I have tried my hanid at haul
ing~ out from them upon tihe hills-but my kind
f:-iends and advisers have praised me so much
(on the wrong side) for it, that I have given that
up with disgtust. Yet, if I had these beds out
on high-land, I wouldn't take a dol!ar per cubie
foot for them. But, like all of my good things,
thney are out of my reach.
Mtany farmers arc using Guano, but I have
ciphered this out to be-'to my saitisfacetion, at
least-any thing but a good business. Let us
see : Guano in the city of New York, sells at
2 1-4 ets per pound-in Charleston ,at 2 1-2 ets.
It would cost mue over 3 ets per plound to get it
home. At the rate of 200 pouinds per acre,
(which is the average quantity,) thle expense
would be over 86, per acre-which is a very
fair price ihr tolerably good primitive forest
land. Besides this, gtuar.o, I am told, does not
improre th~e land in tihe leaist, but like cotton
seed, is exhausted the first yeair. If. this is so,
there can't be much made by using it.
There is a gentleman in the city of Baltimore,.
who advertises at tertilising manure, at aibout the
price of guano, which he says will graduailly
improve land from year to year until it restores
it to its original productiveness. If this is so,
be ought to be pat ronised; but-oh, but, butt,
what a horrid wourd you atre !-but I doubt his
Several years ago I w~as acquainted with a
gentleman in New berry D~istrict, who wats ill the
habit of sowing peas, in the Fall. with his
wheat? These peas were a kind that would
not rot, but lie in the ground until Sprinlg, when
they would "conmc up," and after the wheat was
cut, become exceedingly rank and luxuriant.
Now, if these pens5 had been turned unider about
the mniddle of September, instead of being pus
tured upon, as was the gentleman's eustom. it
would evidently have greatly benefitted thme
land'; and this course, Mr. Eorron, in connec
tion with a proper system of rotaition, I think.j
is the cheapest and best phma " to renovate worn
out land." But I don't know-don't have auny
experience in the mnatter; and I hope that those
who have, will enlighten me.
Now, I have blazed ottt a way, Mr. EDITOR,
stuch a one as it is. Who will follow and clear
it out, so thait I can see my way clearly ? r
J. A.
Irconzs'~ Faa'n, Feb. 17, 1853. .
EXTRACTING 'AR.-Tbt5 SubStanoe, so
extensively usedi in the Southerni States for
greasing the spindles of ordinary farm ve,.
lightwood with a layer of cotton seed, three
or four inches thick, previous to covering
the kiln with earth. The oil of the cotton
seed is distilled with the tar, and it makes a
composition which does not " pitch" up the
hub or nave, and lessening the friction, is
preferable to pure tar, or any mixture of an
imal grease fir common wooden spindles.
We lhive tried it, and have practical knowl.
edge of the hact that it will add much to the
run"-at least one-third inore to every
kii.-Southern Agriculturist.
In a communication from the Society of
Shakers at Lebanon, N. Y., in the Patent
Ollice Report, we find the following:
The experience of more than thirty years
leads us to estimate ground corn at one
third higher than unground as cattle food,
and especi:lly for fattening pork ; hence it
has been the practice of our society for more
than a qu:a-ter of a century- to grind all our
The same experiment induces us to put a
higher value upon cooked than upon raw
meal; and for fattening animals, swine par
ticularly, we consider three of cooked equal
to four bushels of raw meal.
Until within the last three or four years
our society fattened annually for thirty years
from 40,000 to 50,000 pounds of. pork, ex
clusive of lard and oafil fit ; and it is the
ronstant practice to cook the meal, for which
six or seven potash kettles are used.
The Shakers are a close observing, caleu
lIting people, and go in for the practic~il
realities of life, and therefore, in the econo
my of flod, must be pretumed to be good
1. Thoroughly manure the ground, and
thenl thoroughly spade or plow it, (the deep
er the better,) and rake it-breaking every
2. Lay it off in rows, about the width of
cotton rows.
3. Chop out shallow holes in the rows
about the distance of a common step (from
.2 to 28 inches,) apart.
4. Drop a wholc potatoe in each chop. If
the potatoes are small, put two. And if o).
liged, from scarcity, to cut the potatoes, ai
ways place the cut side doi-n.
5. Put a good shovel full of lbng stable
manure on the potatoes at each chop, and
cover it over lightly with earth.
6. As the potatoes grow, hill up.
I had this method from the same Con.
necticut farmer, who said it was not a very
rare thing for some of the hills to produce
nearly a peck, and for an acre to produce
from 300 to 600 bushels there.- Newberry
To D[ST[NGCSI GooD EG;.s roR Sar
TI.N.-All those having setting hens would
do well to take notice of the following re
marks, and they w ill have a chicken for eve
ry egg they set. Take eggs not more than
three or four days old, and have a candle
or lamp, hold the egg in one hand with the
broad end upwards close to the candle, place
the edge of the oilier hand on the top of the
egg, aind you will immediately perceive the
incubat ion end. Some pteople can telIl a
pullet front a rooster. 'The mark for a rooster
is crosswise, and a pullet lengthwise. An
other way is to place your tongue on the
large end of the egg, aitd you will find a
strong heat if fresh and good ,zand th eless
heat of old and doubtful. Eggs put by for
hatching should never be put in a very damtp
cellar, as the dampnes destroy_this heat.
MAxIrs FOR GARDELNES.-Grow nothing
carelessly ; whatever is worth growi ing at all,
is wvorth growing w~ell.
Plants when exposed to the action of light,
transmit moisture copiously through their
leaves ; transplanted seedlings, the-refore, and
cuttings, should be shaded from thte sun un
til their roots are strong enoughi to supply
moisture as rapJidly as it is thrown o0'.
Leaves absorb and give out moisture, and
inhale and exhale ait- ; they are, consequent
ly, the most importatnt organs of a plantt,
and if they are destroyed or injured, the
whole phu~i.t suffers.
Light is necessarry to flowers, that they
mtay acquire their proper hues ; therefore,
when kept itt rooms, their places should b~e
ais near to the window as potssible.
A w~w, a few years since, procured some
eve wash of a gniack occulist iin this city to
be applied to a glass eye which heo wore.
rTne occulist not being very sharp sighted,
disc-over-ed there was some defect ini the eye
but thought it so tiiinmg that he warranted
a cure or no p~ay. The wag took the wash,
and departed. In a wveek or two after lie
returned with the empty vial, and apptarenttly
in great distr-ess.
"Oh, Doctor, Doctor," said lhe, " your
d-d s'uff has w~holly- destroyed my eye !"
at the same time opening the lids of the
empty socket with his linger, to the horror
of the gaping aud staring oc-ulist.
" Is it possible, can it lie possible !" ex
elaimted the eve-tinkerer. " I nev-er knew
my miedicinte to operate so beflore. Well,
my dear sir, I can do nothitng less thtan re
turn you your money."
"But you must do more, sit-. W'hat is five
dollars, to lbe compat-ed to the loss of an
eye? If you will give rie two hutidred dol
lars. I will sign a pledge rnever to expose
you, but if you (do not, I w'ill prosecute yo
forthwith anid you are a ruined man."
'Te quack fiorked over a check for the
amount, and the covey cut stick, pierhmaps
for Texas.
CH E. Lt'xUR Y.-As a wveary traveller
was wending his way through the mud, out
in a far west country, he discovered ahead
a younlg maiden statnding in the door of a
small log Itouse. le rode up in thie front
of the house arid asked the maiden for a
dintk ot water. He drattk it, atnd shte beinig
the first womtan lhe had seen for several
days, offered her a (litme for a kiss The
y-ounig maiden accepted bocth thme kiss and
the dimte. Th'le travel was about to resume
miis journtey, butt the mnaidenm, tnever seen a
:limo befot-e, asked
"What am I to do with the dime ?"
"Yon may use it itn anmy way you wish, it 1
s yours."
" That being the case," shte replied, " I'll
live you back the dimte for another kiss."
Tfwo aERANTS- were standing ini Wall
~treet,. discoursinmg Onl battkruptcy, wh'lerr onet
f them perceived a real live Yankee, lumn
ering down the street, with a knifeh and
tick imn his hatnd.
" Now for some sport," ejaculated, the
nerchant. " We'll ask his opintiont on the
nibject of battkruptcy, or rather his ideas."
Jo now hailed the Yankee witht, " Ilaloa,
riend, can you~ tell us the mean-ing of bank.
uptey !'
"Well, I reckon I kin, and skin me if I "'
SPnese xa." "i
"Well, you jist lend me a five for about
three minutes.
"Here it is, friend ; now proceed."
Well, now, I owe Zeke Smith fifty cents;
Sam Brown, the tailor, five dollars, for this
ere coat, and you five."
" Well," said the merchant, "now give
me my five."
"0, git out! I'm a bankrupt, and you
come in for your share with the rest," and lie
left the astonished merchants.
Urs AND DowNs oF LIF.-" Five years
ago, this day," says a writer in Frazer's
Magazine, " Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was
three vears in arrear of rent in the parish of
St. James. lie could not pay his tailor's or
his upholster's, or his wine merchant's bill,
or meet one half of his engagements in the
city or at the West end."
A religious paper says: " Watch and
fortify yourselves atg:itlst the temptation of
sending poetry to an editor."
THERE IS more fitigue in laziness, thian
in labor.
How much some people must suffer!
VE'i rTrTos is so scarce at Cape Cod,
that two mullen stalks and a huckleberry
bush is called a grove.
THERTE is a fellow in California so extra
ragant that lie kindles the fire with bank
notes, and skates on ice cream.
I.r R. JANNEY, in connection with Mr. W.
dil litinIuS andI Dr. T. .J. GooDwYN, having pur
uhased that fine and commonissdisus establibli,,ient
Iteretiofore known as the CONGAREE HOUSE,
it will hereafter be designated as "Janiney%
In announeing this to the puldic, the Prolr:elors
eel that it is nut necessary to present in detnil tihe
unetitiemlts and ad1vantages which this I lbtel pre
ents. Its loentti-onl, its commoitssldiousness, nd the
mnproventsthts contemjlolatel ty the present mana
,ers, will. they feel satisified, ut46rd to the travelling
.o tmm1unitv and, others, a ilotel in Columbislsin whici
vili in every way rank among the best in the counm
ry. Every com;1turt, convenienee, and appendage,
o the first elass hotels in the United States, will he
,Jund at JANNEY'S HOTEL, and no emhirton
he part of the Proprietiors will be wanting to ren
ler it wvorthy of the enpital of the State.
Mr. JAxNxiv nn.1 Mr. IanIs, so well known by
lie visitors at the A merican Ilotel, will always be
oni at tle:r posts, rnd if unremitting attention to
lie duties they have assnumed. be any guarantee (of
atisfaetion, they have no hesitation in proimising it
o their guests.
Mr. Ilimthessek's splendid line of Oniibusses nna
acks, having the naie of the Hotel painted oM
hemn, are attached to Janney's I lotel, and will be
,rompt and faithful in the conveyance of passen.
ers to and fron the various depots.
Coluisbin, .1an 31 2il
N o t i ce,
T OLN 19. WITT having purchased the
exclusive interest of the MACHINE SlOP
if .lessrs. BUSI .LL & W rrT, will keep constantly
in liand the following artietes, in coniplete and ex
elent order, and at the A ugusta prices, viz:
Sash filled with Glass and Primed,
made of all szes nnd according to order.
Pannuel Doors, WVindowv Blinds,
3ed Stends, Tables, Wash Stands, Chairs, Ilenu
renus, Writing Desks, Work Stands, Book
Cases and all other Cabinet and
Joiners Work, &c., & e.
lepairing and Job Work of every kind appertaining
o the abo've articles, and Furniture of every dies
Sription, done proimptly and upon the miost iberal
Edltefield C. U.. Dee 1. 1852. tf 46
State of South Carolina,
William D. Jennings,
es l Decl. in Attachnt
Richard Bailey.
'*3 Plaintiti in the aboive ease having this
[day file.d his declaration in toy Office, nitil the
)efendsaint having neither wife nor A ttsriney known
o reside within the limits of this State on whoni
"lpy of said D~eelarntion with a rule to pleadi can be
ervedi, On mo'tio~n of Mr. To~tritss, Attorney for
laititfs, OJrderedl that said Diefendant appear and
lead to, said declarastion within a year and a day
roms the date hereosf, or judgment will be awarded
gainst thems by decfilt.
TI 105. G. B.\CON, C. E. D.
ierk's Oflee, any 17, 1852. ly 18
State of South Carolina,
Lucius Ihatch,
es Aulachmrent.
Taleferrs & Tosrbet, i
111l3 PlaintiY in the above case. having this
.. day filed his dlecharation in miy Oflice, and the
)efen~dant ha~vintg neither wife nor Attorney known
u reside within the limsits f this State on whirm a
opy of said declaration with rule to plendi can be
erved O Onmotiona of Mir. A1AGnIATn. Attorney for
'mnintitr: Ordered, That said D efendant appe-ar and
lead to saidt declaratison within as year andt a day
romt the dlate hereof. or judgment will be rendered
guninst hinm by default.
TriIOs. G. BA CON, c. 3. n.
Clerk's Of1ice, Oct 13, 1852. ly 40
State of South Carolina,
e-nj. L. Gill, Satrah, his wife, and
Busanm Morris, Bill for
vs JPartition.
Sarah Msorris, et asl.
IT atppeatring to nmy satisfaction, tha~t the De
Pfetidatnts, .Joshuta Morris, Doeirine Morris,
Villiarn hlendsiek Norris, Johno Morris ntid
lentsatnt Morris, jr., reside beyond thme limits of
his State, On Motion of Mr. AnsEY, Solicitor
or Comnplainants, IL is ordered, thatt they do
ppar withtin three months from the (late hereof,
nd atnswer, pleasd or demumr to this Bill, or
udgmtent and Order pro confesso will be taken
ginst them.
Dec 29 3m 50
James Blackwell
vs Decl. in Attach'ant
Richard Basiley.
Ahner Bushnmell,
es Decl. in Attach'nt
Richard Uniley. 3
IL E Plaintilrs in the above stated eases havinig
Itis day filed their declarations ini my Office,
nds the D~efendsant htavintg neither wife nor Attor
ey, known tso reside withtin the limnits of this State
ni whsom a copy of saidl dleeatntons, with a rule
r, pleadl can lie served :.On motion of Mir. KEY,
ittornmey for Plaintiffs, Ordleredl, thatt said Defen
antt aptpear atnd pleadlto saisd declaratins, wvithin a
ar and a dayv fromi the dntte hieresof, or judgtments
'ill be awarsded againtst htiim by defait.
Clerk'sOfike. May 6th 1853. ly 18
BOOT. Shmoe anid Ilnrntess Maikcrs. Also, fstr sale,
:dl kindstof Upper andI Sole Leather, North-.
*t ands Freneir Calf Skinis, Lin'mec and Eind'mg
kins, llarnesis atnd Hatnd Rlenther, Shoemaker's
indings, liosts ands Shoes nnd Planttationi Brogans
wa.ys sin htans-nude of best mat<-rial~s.
Also, Lamtp, Traini, Neetsfoost ansd Tasnners Oils,
r sale byR. T. MIMS.
Dec 15 tf 48
SLTL Persons indebted to the estate of Ellington
Clark, dee'di., are hereby notified to manke im
ediate payment, ands those having demansagaminst
Id estate will present them properly attested. -
Ttly "7 tf n5
Mil NE1W..
J M. NEWBY & CO., arc now receiving it
1e Re.:dy Made Clothing ever ofiered in 0ti e
improved styles of manufacture.
E Country Merchants,and all persons vi.
and examine our Stock for themselves.
Augusta, Sept. 23.
are now receiving 1t. LARGb n.diti WELL
SELECT ED Stock of Fal Iand! Winter
Of the LATEST' STYLES-direct fron New
York-together with a; fine masortt ent of
Hosiery, Shirts, Collars, Cravats,
Suspenders, DrWers
Silk and Linen IIandkerchies,
Hats and Caps of all kinds,
Carpet Bags, &c., &c.
All of whih will eompare favorably with any to be
found in other markets. An exanat is solicited
from their friends and eustomers before purchasing
r Nex- door to G. Robinson's Hardware Stere,
Hamlliburg tS. C.
Oct 20 3m 40
That we behold many feanles, searce in the menidan a tiie
broken in hsaihh and spirits with R complieatin of diseases
and ailmentu. depriving teemof thie power inr the enjoyment
o lite at an age when physical health, but tyaney o spaats,
and hasir st renity ofmid, arising fromt a coadition of health.
slhnuld be riedommanRat. .
Many of the catues of her sufferings at first-perhaps years
before. il, tis during girlbood,. r the first ea ar rieafe
weae in ther origin so glt as to pass annotsced, and of course
aeglected. IN AFTER YEARS,
When ton late tat be benefaittel e our ktowledge. -s e lnok
hatck and rr ourn. and te;ret lite full enaequence sat our
Whatwola we na niten give to pnsess, in early lire, the
kunwaie -e re aataain in 4iter >ears! .Ani what days antal
nigits af argui,h "e mtight not ise been sparea, if ha
knossledge was timely trnnessed. It in
To ':ehlda the siackness nad tsafferinag enaduredl bys mnny a wite
faar msany ye a, fraom causes ninaie aand eaaatrollable, easily
rmedied-or better still,-not inenrred,. itevety
a'nasessed the inftariattinna ennttaineda iaa a little vanlutme, (with
in thte reach oflall) whstich waanad spare to iherself
Aa:l in her huanda the enastsant tasil anal antietr or amma1,
necesnarily deroleing aapon tainm iaaam sickanessi tiae wife
withaast geiig iaimsa lth spprtaaaty ot acatannlag tiaat eaa
petenaca whicha lain esartions are eaaiiiled, aanal the laosefn
.3 - a.:. t ..mta sa..-a.ppaaiess oft linelf, mite, and
liy becotmiaag iaa time itssessead ol the kns ledge. thne wanot
atlsawhichla c~ eanatw thle sicknesa aed poaaerly at ihaaaasaanas.
laa siewe aaf *aaeh ennaseecs, to wsite or mathaler is elaen
nabale ii shte aclect to avail hterself of ihat kantaslealge ini
reapect to haeaself, ishicha wtanda stare let tanuch satlleriang, be
ther namnn af lasiaiaaesn aaaal tarotrity iaa her hutshandl anal
eanafer tapaon a ar ehaadarena tia blesiaag sane all price-halthy
bodies. wvitha aealthys miaads. Tat kntoledge is contaitced in
a little wourk --ntitledl
Printeil Medical C'ompaion.
Paorr.naao or tass:a sits or wonnr..
Oine lwundrefth Ediin. 19an., pap.250O. Pricea 58 eta.
[oan nittarartLn, Erraa Dinatte, SIit.]3
lirst paabiished ina 11817. atal it insat
Costasierln thiat EYV E NY FKEM A LB,
WIIETI? lR MARRiIEDI 0R NOT, eant shere
acqmlre a full ksowicedge of the natre,
chtaracter ande eauses of lher tonspIlolatat,
wIth thne varIous symnptoms., and thnat
shaunld haire Lae snaiad
It in imrtaticable taornn'ey fuilly the nsrins snhijerts
treatead ot. am thtey ae oft a naatuaae stricty inatendead faor tIa
marred, or tIanee coantempilatinag marriages, bitarano temtale
adesirna aaf enj..yinag health. anal thast besats tasequnat uptann
healtha. whlicha is an enandaaeise an tact owna laiie.wt an hast
at hter tausbaana, but eithert las or ss ill tabaatian at, an hasn or all
every labanad what has ithe lose atal aflaretian at hi.s wife at
heart, or that etlhis awn paeniary imprltaaemaenat.
Have beent SENT BY MIA10. witaii thae last few motahe.
taiBase and Shiamefuil Fraud!!
Flearsat anad b retaseal, h-is hseen nnrrepatitisnal y issned. with
thme sanae aarm .and nile, exactly ther nsam: TtLE Paar., aand
esetly thec eante
Bint aunsther name inhestituated taar aa Dr. A. ta. .\lauricean,.'
anad "litston" lfsr " New b Ork," aand theC waard,
Egar.ara according to Arct n or ayess. in thec year itlT., hi
JOSNIrn trtW.a
In the Clerk's 3dice afathe Ditrict tnart or thme Sontheras
Distriet ot New Yaark,
The conatenta, tie asubjectnmattera adreaiag are
Printeal fat poor, broswniolh, dirty paler, with a papser eniser.
It en be kn-wa also fram thec manetabale andma itetale waa
cata acatteredl tharunghaaut its pages. The copyright calmist
sonaus none.
It thmere are ay in thne traade no Rant to shtame and common
baanaenty as to be willinag puatien
No less than tlre legal nwsner of the property itt enpyrigha,
thecy will be prosecuted, andR stepas wall ite taken tao ettaaae
ilaea to ithnpublic.
A enr~y will la- nent to etach bonkseller or firm. (switha iae
terms aupaos whaitl h st ill tae turniahed,) upaon receitat of
hia aar thenir bnsians caanofadraless.
11ny nn lankth nanless Dr. A. ?a1. ?alaarieeana 1to t.ihseriy at..
N. Y.. in aaa the title page, anal the entry ina alerk's ttare nan a
the hacek of thme ti Ie lge carresianals asn hereiaa, aaaai huatyanly
of restaeerabale and Inahanoabe leakn, nr sntraa by mail, and al
dress to Dr. A. W. Ilsanricean
Faull title tage, witha eannients,. ogethaer witha a tews atges
treating nt impanramat sujts in t every marriead temale. weil
be sent, free. tfat ae, tn any ne inclosimg a letter stampl as
a parepad letter, aladressedl is herrea.
?"On receIpt of Ptfly Cents. (or Otoe
Dollar foir the fitse Edltloen etra bilndcIsan.
MIEDICAIs COMPANION" s senti (iailert
fre.) to any tart of t he Usnitedl States. Alt
letter. autat beo pn-alil and arteenet to
DR. A. RI. IA UIIICE AU, hiox 1224. New
Yorke City. P' mistl.hingOfmceeNo.329 Llberty
Utrect, Newv 1ork.
gmF'oursale ena ihis pltace at the Drug Store of Mr
. G. TSAGVIu.. Price only Fifty Cents.
.itly 21, l852. 6m 27
&LLPesou inldeblted tsn the Estate of Stan
a.more (l. I aletein. dee'd., wtill make immaeadi
te pnymen~t, anla thoste htaving demti~tls tnenintht satid
,sttet wlill re~ner themta itn forthawitbt. propferly att
Nov 23 Notice. i
ALL, Persons indeebtedl to te esate of H~enry F.
.I Frecnan. deoe'd., wtill comne faorwartd inaite
diintely anal makee paymeu~nt, antd Itose hasvin.; ale
mands will rendar themzr in protperly attestedl.
J. H-. .i -NNINGS, Ex'or.
F.eO ly 51e
BY & Co,
ity. Their Stock consists of the latesi. and most
, 01 -
iing our city, are respectfully solicited to cal
dk 36
Ware-House and Commission
. VA LKEIR & CO.. bog leave to inforin the
. . publi gen.:ra.'y. tinit they cointinue tle
Warehouse & Commission Business,
at the .stan I ncnpied by them for the two pwnt
se:l. :sn,' n pireviouisly by W~ai.KxKi & linanIFrup.
The \Ware- l hlLse is in gaol order, and bwinf lo
ented in the hi h -st part of Towin, is safe* from high
water. The lite rseblet barely reaelimsz the hmwer
tlnoor-not IIe Inst damnage wa dlne ton Ctton.
A. W KI~Still w .devote his I.ersotntal nentnbion.
exelsively to tIhe biiness, nnd hopeR from long ex
po-riene -,'nl a dlesire to p!vtase, timt none will leave
tie estah'llishient dissat:nisfied.
Those who patronize onnr Ware-I Iwne, will lie
kept constantly advisel of the state of the produce
Ca;ih advances maide oil prodluce in sctnre. when
desired.A. W A L.K KR,
1). L. A DAMS1.
Oct 27 11.m1 41
Southern Manufacture,
Pair Home nmnde Plantation
OF .SLL IDF.sentirtONS.
Tanners, Neats Foot and Lamp Oil.
At the Shoe Store, next door to) Sullivnn & Brother.
R. T. NllIS.
July 21 tf 27
']& .J. (GIEERT continue thne
S. CA(I.G l'Sl.'FN !* t the ablovestnmdi
Nos 35 and -m, Wentworth Sireet, where they will
he pieased to exhibit to their old friends and Ub
temners an very
Extensive Stack of Vehicles,
comiprisine thiose of their own~i mniufactutre togetheet
vario~us other styles usually lfound in thiis market.
Their long nquaintance with this mtarket as
3.-anufnettirers and I ealers will enable thenL.t.t
"olier great inueiaro15ikevjtp
and pricos. - *** - '
A us25 tr32
Great Cure for Dyspepsia!
rj '-HE TRIT U -.)lGF.~S
DR HOUGHTON'S L TimV rFoh), or
Gastric .Juiee,
Sprepaured triom Iseinet,
or thne fourth Stomachel
of tihe Ox, after dlire
tnsof llainox Ligata,.
- hen m it, by J. S.
Thns is a truly WOnNt)Eil-tT. LT:EiEDY foir Tindigestionf,
)ypeiin. .Jninmti.e .ve Ust' Complu~inL. ('ntpthn
ibiity, Curling elb-r N.\i'l:s iWN MfETttnr, by~
Ntnure's niwn .\eint. line G astrie .inice. lini an tesnninfut
f P'Et'iN. rni infue innna te iligest or dtissove. Fire
Pntdniof lb :nst lierf in ibntu two hntrs, tint of the s'.nmne.
PEt't N is line chief nelmnt, or ;irnt lint E-TING;
Prifying. Presrving ant $tinmlatniing' Agnnt ftine Stonn'het
andi in-inies. It is n~xtr:wied ifrom the- tiigesivei 4toneha
ofth ti' il:. thum larmninng a Tt:1'E titG ESTtV E Ft Lt'll.
prelselv ike thenaa tinsni~ trie .iC*inie in itsi t'eniii'n pnw
'rs. nun.l furmnihning a C031PLEE ' :ndn' P'JliFECT d'ln
rTrirT: ihr it.
Scientific E1idenuc!
Calt on the .\::eint, nni g n le-sitive Vt irnarm grantis,
giinng a iargen aunnnin$t 't ttt iNi EV~i>N<-:. fromn
L~ietbinn .\ninit ('hmnnitry: tDr. Co.ninn.4 Phynvinugr nor lIi+
'iiin : tir. Penrelrn "in Fuannd inliet: ll. .inhn W. i)rnnpeir,
nf Ne'w York t r' n y: Ptrnf. l innnglisoin's Pitniig: .Ae..
ogth.r ws th, reponris nnf enres fromn anit parts of tthe l'nnitedi
Pomembe~ntnr thnis: Dr. tloremiun's PiLtN is a grt'n
Ntiunt tennnny. iree fromi A t.Cittol..L ttiTTEi:8, At t 1
untl N.\I 'sEnit's ilt 'ti. In is exstremeln'y nnereenbinte io
tihe iutat. ain't n tie tankein by the mintst feebte. piatie*nns wino
n'nnii c':tt an wunh.r e'rnekei r wi'ihntit nenne dilstres.. Uewnnre
f drungged imnitatiions, t'epnsin is nit an itrng.
C '1: ES i N iEt EI' TOW N !
Tir. 11nnghutunn ' P:r--s hians ninw tbeen tested,.i for nipward-.
if lwiven .:rs. in everry latrge tiwn in tine 'nnlted States'.. andn
ine .\gents e':mi ret.r 'i)yspepjtics to nmunny reniurknthie (nres
in every T'n: Nnnmeirtous dtauils of' ienre,. cetrtittnente's if
Physiins andni Ptatieintu, are- given in tine Circutars fuirnnished
y .ignts,~ gratis.
Pepsin in Fluid and Powder.
TPr.ltinnghnt.tnn's P'EPI'N is pire~paredn in Pntwidir uiid in
Fiidi liinn-aindt in Presc'rinni slats tur tine use' if 'hnys!
cinns. The Po.wder witt ie'-.--ent by .\tlnit, freen'of' P'stagie, tur
nne I )enttar, stent itn ir. tin nghnto n, Phnttillhn
Privante (-ireniars foer tPhysiinns my hniuntiien editi itf 1r.
tin~i.n er tist .igennts. dtecnritbinng the whonle~n procest itt pre
.f ntbis iniew reminrge tbas'et. .is it is Ni T A sE.ti'T
th:E*M tE.l'Y. nii nhjtiini e'nii tbe raiseud neninst its uise ity Piny
si'insn in r.',-preninle standiting andn regultnr pirnetice. Prtice
ONE DOULt.\l tsr ultie.
Observe Thuis.
Eveiry Tlinitile of GlENI'iNE PtEP'5N tbenria lhe writtn
. gnin'eetf .1. 5. 1ltinngtn,l :n. ii.. sttleprnpirie.tnr, Pi't adnuet
gy/"'nitl biy altl Drungistii nintI Dlneis in tntedicines.
Ei'C'.oht, intune by t;. L. P'ENN, l'Edgeiehtl C.11t.: W.\ItD
L.W & LYON, Ahhennvitile C. Jr.: Pli.\tTT .T.\31ES, News
erry, nndi A. -1. CIIEIGIITOJN, ltlamnburg, S. C.
.nly 2t ly 2
Jaundice, nSick IHead-achte, Di::iness. L~oss ol
App1etile, Coinsliptation of the Bowcels, Files,
canndl by Costijreuness, Pain in the Bo,.eLs, or
Rite,,umatism, caused by the use of Mercury,
Syphn~ilis. Scrojfuan Boils, Ulcers, 4-..
rj liis PR EPA RATION is madte as pure ans pasnsi
. blte. Its bitiem taste, andi beneficiatl effectsn in
iseaues of the Liver, asnd udiseases arising froman im
pitre state of~ the liloind, prove it ino lie the
prii aration of Sarsnparilia thlat is mande.
1 hnosen wvho have used tine varons preparations af
Sairsaparilla will find. by thne taste andl e~liet, that
there is more Sarsaparilta in one bottle of Dr. DIN
u' preuparastioin, thnan in half a dozen bottles as it is
generally madec.
its alterative and mililty purgativ'e efli-ets upon t'he
bnwelni, make it not unlty a gioid subtutjine fur Mer
'ny,. bunt usiefult in re'movinlg all dhiseanser arisinig from
the iprdeint n.--e oft 3ere'nry.
giY' Prepared only bnyJ. DENNIS, 3L D., Atugtns
ta t;ienrgia.
Sihl by A. G. TRAGiUE andi G'. L. PENNi. Enigefieldi
U. 11.; P. 31. Conxix and CantY & CouTuntan,
'hrleton; 1o1-r0 aiawter & Mio-r and F. Ctearns,
Co~umbhia;: A. J1. Cas:ron'oy, ltnanmurg; Wat. F.
TUrr. D). I. P.uat n, IIAitLANO & Rit.Ey, W. F.
& J. Tuatrux, W. K. Krrets.x. HAanlETT & C('al
'va, Aungusta, Geo., and by Drmnegists generally.
Pric-Sl per bottle ; 6 biittle fo'r $5.
E97 Remember to ask for DENNIS' GEORGIA
Jneo 26. 11851 tf 23
Oraniges andl Lemons,
TUST received and for saie by.
Nov 10 Ir 43
An Excellent Teacher Enagaged!
r 1IE TRUSTEES of the Male Acaleny at thi
place take gr at pleasure in annonneing to tl.c
puldie that this lIstituti.on will he opened :;gnin tin
the 2%1 NloNDA)r IN -IAN.CnItY ex-r, itder the nuost
favorabl.- ntivces.
The T ieber they have emplovel is '%r. J. G.
LXEIrS of 'Fairf--!4, a Gr.\I)ltATE OF TliE
This gentlemn enters ur comnitlity wiit the
icost ample rceomimendatioas from the F.culty ton
der whomIt lie has lini.,bedl his studies. Of his nbility
to-prep:are young tmen for sneer ssl appliention to
the highest Semiaries (if our country. there it not
:a doubt. It may be nadded (hat his stirietly moral
ebaraeter is not less certainly establiA-ed than the
accurney of his Sclalrzsh:p.
The Trnistees, in putting futth ds noatice, only
desire with few words to asmsure those, %lto may
p:ttr.n ise the Institution uniler their ebparge. that it
.H their determinaeion to do all they can towairds en
.rcing regu'ar diael.line andl keeping qp a proper
degree (if pide and enlattion among the pupils.
The new Iuildling now in prog-ress will be one
.f the most contmodious as well as one or the miost
orntate edifices of the kind in the State.
.xcelletit boarding enn be obtained in private
faiiliel at $8 to $10 per ionth.
'le Terms will be determined upon aft. r a con
satitelion with the Prieipual. 'lley will not exceed
those of other s iilar Aendiir's.
N. L. GIF-'IN.
JOHlN 1.lP1SCOm3B,
Dee II tf 48
Co-Partnership Notice.
I HAVE ths day ssociated Nir. T1 AS E.
IllTT in, busine-.s with me, whiech will in fulture
he tran.saeteil under the firm of lIowts & Ilmi-r.
ainburg Nov 5 1852.
LL prso ;ns indelteil to S. E. 1towr.ns, will
- please ui!l and pay their notes anittd ieetinti,
:s I ant desirous of elsing my ol lutsin- ts imie
diatelv. S. E. BUWERS.
Sanmbu rg, Nov 5, 1 852.
Family Grocery!
S T I -EP onst:ntly onl htnl a inre and
T well assorteid Steel of G HOC E'.UES, viz: I
B.acon, Lard, Satgar, Coffee,
Molasses, Syrup, Mackerel,
Whole, 1alaf and Quar:er Unrrels.and Family Mess a
mahnekervl in Kits,
Fresh Lobsters, Salmon and Sardines.
C. N D I.S,
Nectar, Eagle aud Rye Whiskey.
A We-l s-e!ftedl Stock of CROCKERY an
GLASSWARE. 130WE1s & l11'TT.
I lamuritmg. Nov 5, 1852. tf 43
Wholesale & Retail Druggist
11A K ES this inetiod of returnina his tltinks to
his frinds and patronis. for the patronage ie
ha!s received in the sale if 1)ruts, edit-ines, &c.
lie is now receivitig atn addlitein tea his alreatdy
extet'sive Stock caf
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Dye Stutl's, Paits, Oils, Windowee Glass, Puttty
P'hysician's Shop Purniture, &c.
foar S led icinal pu:rpoeses,
Fine Cigars and Tobacco,
Paint, Tinir, 11at, Shoe and] Tanners r3~set e
Tinctures & Medicial Compounds,
madue under lisne snf .tpervisioni ill strict
neeor~arece with thme U. S. Disp'sy.
Tiuc m~ost Reputtabie Nost rumsu,
All of whiech he~ will seall at pries th~at will comipnr
favrably with aniy Sonthern miarket. Thoese widh
ing to, puirchase ni-tielesa in his lie:e will doi well toe
eal l a xnmitne his Stock anid prcs.
Edlgefielel C. II.. Jan 22 tf 1
Nor-tle Atlantic Wisarf, Clarlestoza.
Co.a.stoss ron. SSx:LLtNG Co-r-oN,
Fifty Cents per Bale.
T IT1 E Subcribaer htavingt feern.tl n Co-.Pntnershoip
iwithu .\r. W. A . W.\ Rl)LA W. of Cirin'te'n,
formaa riy oft A bheevilb-.. $. C.. for thte jprpse eif em
intl a (; EN ERtA L, F.\CTO:R.\ GE nal C031l1
SIt N R L'SIN ESS, an.nili himnslf' of thae preseit
opartuity, eof retturning heiS sir.e, re thnnatks teo lai
numereusa frienda faar thte libearal pattion::.re tesataawed
folr a tnmber eaf years patst,-and ina mie. itedar ri
tse services eof thle new cnicern oaf W AU lIlLA W
& WA\T.K Ell, Cltariesteen, wh er'. he loee tenaty, v
if not atll his ob1litpatons will finid it to their in:.re st I I
tat ship the ir produ~ce.
Thle recen(t nrrange'mentsor the Sth ('aroelinta
Ranil Rtoad Comipnny will ennbale them~ sooen to have
a 1 )epat in thae city eaf Augeusta. th lay save ithe
exenise eaf To.ll, anal very greatly faeilitate tle fear
wareling *f prdue of any kh:4h. . ..lens C.
Itsac. A gent eef W. & W., itn .\ netu.<n. will attendae
to) the forwarinitg oft all prouc~ae that their friends
m.y feel dispoesed to send theml free of charge,
save dlrnynge. G. WA I.Ki-'I. |i
A nigusta, .July 19, 1852. tf 29 !ar
- - - -- - - -- - -- It
Livery and Sale Stables, 1
TH 'll Snbscribe r has the pleasure
tea inaforml his f'rie'nds andl the pubalice
that. having putrchastaed the Splendlid e
t'i'.,lSO(K of FIXTURtlS of thtose I
well-knoewni and popatr ST.\ It LS, formterly
owned by O'II\NI,(ON, anad lately by W. E. All-j
Cll! ER., he is cW preparedl to furnuisht all whlo tayv
fator htitm witht th~eir patrontage, with excellent Saddle
)ltSFS, ande inetlsntom anad 'omftortatb!e C.\R
[IGES anda BUG;GIES, of thte latest styles, t;
with tents to tmatchm, and dlriverse, in whtose so- 1
briety ad expeerieince every con fidche t:enn lie la~tcd, 'a
et nttiast retasotnalhe pres l'laty imlpravemoetntsp
have beetn tmnde to thte Stables andl Losts, andu Drei-f
vers will find every ntecomnmoduation lhe~y can desire.
C'arriages andt Ottmnibutses freon thtis Stable will
rn front Bon'twrighe & danney's uiviersally favoe-m
rite e" Aimerienn Icotel,'' amid teaao fromt thei hemig-es
ttalihe'd andl welIl-knien Ceolumtbia hio:el. lay ?elr.
). Cnlelwe'll, tea time varioutsa imilted Depots, or anny S
point desiread.
gT Orders left at thme A mier'enn Uoetei, with Mr.
W. I). Hairris, or thme Properieteir. ant the Ceohenlmi 11
I Itel, will be promiptly atteneda to ;attd the sub
scriber is cotifientt thiait all whoma empiloy himt wiil be bi
pleasedl with his pirices andl his teatns.I
Columbia, Sept 22 6ma 36 E
Garden Seeds, Fresh & Pure. r
r ~llE Sutbscriber lhas jeust receivedi ande oflters fero
I aaale a laerge supplly aaf FRESII amid PUREh
G ARDEN SE EDS. froem the celebrated Seed Es
talicmenmt oaf Citmstock, Ferre &Co.. n ither.field,
Con. Seds fromi the above eastablaitmt have
been taesteed hy mnany of miy customers, and I lie- H
aeve have given genieral saitisfanet-on. If' you desire
tt have your erenm well supliedl witht finme vege- i
taales, dont't neglect to eall aiid tret a suipply of
these seeds. G. L. PENN, AGE.T. h
Dee 29 tf 50
Cash Business.
'V1lE Suibscriber 'aotill take thtis oipor'tunuity of
Ireturning his thmantks toc his patrouN for thleir
liberal support diuring time foiuir yearc lie has been
in business, anid respectfully slicits a cuontinuancte or
their generoues patronnfl at thme samne time it
mumst lie borne in mind waihes to ala exclu
sively a CAsil BUSI amid to carry out this P1
object mnore fully. he wi j~en no besaks for' accountta tu~'
this year. G.L. PENN, AG E.N.
-r..., t, 5,1
I Disordered Liver or Stomach, suchai -C601
stipation. Inarard Piles, Fullnies or Blo'eii
the Head. Acidity of the Stomach, Nause,
IHeart-u n, Disgust for Food, Fuilbneis-er
Weighti in tie Stomach, Sour Eruetations,
Sinking or Fluttering at the pit of the 'togach,
Smimming at the Head, Hurried and. DJ-If ilf
Breathing, Fluttering at the HIcart, Choking or
Suieesting sensations ueken in a lying poitite,
Dimness of Vision. Dots or Webs.hejiebshe
Sight, Ferer and dull pain in the Head, Defl
ciency of Perspiration, Yelleteness of. the .Skin
and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest,
Limbs, c., Burning in the Flesh, .Sunde -
Flushes of Heat, Constant Imaginiugs of Evil
and Great Depression of Spirits, can be eecct
ually cured by
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
TilEi1 power over the above dieaste- Is inot eXce. es-i
qualled-by any other preoparatisn in the United State. as
he cures attet, in many eases after skillful physielaini had
sited .
These Bitters are worthy the attention f C INalica. * N10e
esting grent virtues in the rattication of dlaeass of the
.ve-r and Iese-r glands. exercising the most ascarehing pow
ra in weakness nd iffe-ctions of l tdigestire organs, they
re witiasl. safe. certain and pleasant.
Read and be Convinced!
The editor of the "Dosros Bsl," said in his paper of tter
find if .June lot:
Iu. Ilt-nrt.Aux's CKrnnATCP GnxAN RruTrms for the
ure of Liver oniplaint. .lnoindice. Dyswpsia, Chrnnle or
cervois lebility, is deservedly one of Ise most popular
i.-ieic.ne of ist- day. Titese lilers have bern used by
Isstmsamsies, Ani a friend at our elbow pays he has himaif re -
-iveel ass eetual and permanent eure Of Liver Complaint
mm isth lsme of this remedy. We are covined that, ii the
ce s e li'- Ilitesa. tile pslient constastly gains strengtl ani
igr-n fret worthy of great consideratlkn. They are ph-sen.
tit ins tnste anssisseli. and can le used by persons withthe
ios-t delient stanne-his will safety, under any eireumstansen.
Ve aret spenking from experience, and to the sflleteId we
diviser th-ir uste.
Scon's WErKLY," one of the best I.Iterary papers put
sheL, sael.
Dl. IIoort.asn's GerrMAN .trrs. ,r.anufheiured by Dr.
ask-on. art, now resminende-t ty sonic it th mst preml
-st smeni-siiltrs set tIhe- faculty a. nt nrtit-eof muels Oiticsy In
asss sof nmaie- weakness As sues is tirease, we would ad
Iao all motlers to tvin'ain a ttUle. and tihus pave M henmaeive-S
si-tm eckne-.-. 1's-eans At et ented constitutaion will find
s-ese Isinters n.lveantngeosta to thi-ir h-elth. as we know rom
sperietce tIhe pslitary -Fesl itey have upon week sjslentis.
More Eridence *
The IMen. C. D. II m.re, Maysir of the City of Cimdea
J.. pays:
-inew.eL2SVD' Ce-wAN Ite--rra.--We have se n-anpt
ittering nottiers e. tls meseicine. and the seurce frem whi. h
ev- came induced us to make inspuiry respecting its mseris.
ruin inquiry we were persuaied to use it. and must ray
e. found it speleif in its action upon disentes of..Ahe liver
it diLgestire nrgins. andi time powerile inCuence it exerts
pon nervous prnsetraions In really strprising. It esim 2a4
reigihe-is the nerves. lbringing them into a state of repose,
akitig sleep refreshing.
- If tisis moedleine was mere generally msesl. we are sat'sfied
sese wu'ed be less sicku-risa, as frem the skmach. lver, and
e-rvous syste-m the grent niajity of real and imagilar .dt,
:esn emanate. Iae them in a healthy endition, and y
in bid defiance to ep!idemics geisrally. This extraordinary
edline we would advise our frie-nds whot are at all Indlis
oesi. t) give a trial-it will rermme itself. It aould. in
tt. it- In every family. No otier nedeinme can produce
lech evienevs of merit."
Etienlent- uptsn evids-se ac he-en received (like the fore
(sing) from All setie-ns of the 'nien, the lest threjears,
nsl tle stricpt testimony in its ftveor, is, that tIh re ia- Moro
r it used its tle practice si the r.-gular i'hysiclans of Phils
ephia. Ibhats all sothernistfrims cotnsitted, a fictth atesbsii
re entaltliaihedi. amd fully proving hat a scit nii prepars
on %% ill meet witll their quiet approval i len presemi.ed even
ith form.
That this nedichtie will enre Lver Complaint and Dyspep
a. lit, eeti can iit after using it as directd. it acts sp -
iteilly upoern tie tsnicls und liver: it is preferable tsaales -
let ln A.L 1111.14.11's D1NEASES-the ef--et Is immedi
te. 's.-v can be- administerel te females or Infants with
ifty and relisile- be-nefit at any tine.
Look well to the marks of the Genuine.
They have the written signature of C. X. JACKPION
pon the wrapper. and his name b L-w in the bole-, without
i-hih thsey are spurinus. .
E Fsr sale Whsilesale and Retail at the GERMAN
f i-liCNE $'fOltE, No. l20 Arch atree-, one ..dme-r below
ixlh. 'iluatielphilat amid by re-spectablie dealers geni-rally
trough the cuttry.
To enalele all classes of invalids to enjoy the ali-antagii f
seir great restorative powers. Sueot.x ikmr~x,7 CsVses
E~- Aiso, for sale, in this Vllage.tiy -. 2 ! - -
Sept 19355i2. .- J n
1.Croup, AstmCntinto -
iittinug of 1lsood. Bionchitis, lleopittg Coogb,-and'
1l Puloary Affc-etnt.
A Lovely Young Lady Cured cf'
Tam following is from thse pen of War. H. Lrevt
oy. Esq., the dlistinguished editor uif -thte U. S. Msti,
nry ansd Naval Argus, undmer datae fNew Tori,
annary 20. l851. Whmat enulsd be more c-onelmeive!
"It iss seldosm wve permit onrreives to nrenpy a
paee in these colmns to speak in praice of any nr
ie its time pa teint msediinme waty tit when we see
he life of a fellow creanture savedsily tihe unec of any
nicin-te n hsatever. wye contsidier it a one- rightt. if
ot our sduty. to give a simple elate-ment eof farts,
lhat sthmers may. ins like mannoer, he hene-fitted. The
ace- ni ich has indnmeeds mis Ice pen thtis article was thnt
fa vr'nng Indly of onrne-quainta nce, wish y freget
sp-dtre ito the night air. contracted a Coil wieb
eetred on time Lnngs before its mtvnges couldi he
tyeds. (Thmis occuredm tun yenrs ngo this winter.)
~tr'arou remeslies were tnred. hut with vaey little effect
r benetfit.-The Conmglh gra e woreeI with cepimtns
spetratit-nt. nd tihe sunksten eye. and pale, :huolleow
beck. toisd plinly that puimonary dieese was slnior
a worst on hesr dlelic'ate frame. The fam-ly phsysi
mn was '-onulmted. nent althsough h wt'ould! not ade'nit
the veemindvmi that she really lhad the- Cnstump
ton. '-I le wtoul'l give no encoustrngetsmetas to a cure.
t tis criris hte-r moether was pe-rsmuneds to makte '
se nef a hnot:in of Dr. Anogers' (eempoundi Syrup esf
ivrwotrt nied Tar. andu we asre happy t. state shte
nts pserfe-ctiy turesd in ie~as tihan three mosnthts by tis
eidicinec alttne, after evetn heope was de~stroyed. -It is
s-less to commetnt .mn such a eare as this, for te
mpie truth wtill ri-ach whecre peelishted fiction never
ant. If anny dlorht time athmentic-ity- of this slateme-nt,
it tem enll at ti Oflice.--U. S.'Military and Na.
a Argnes.
Fresm thee N. Y. Conrier, Aug 13.
Dni. Rotns' Sytt- OF LIVI'nlwolt Ant) TA.-.
c have heartd ef several important, enures recenttly
Teectedi by this excellent medlicinal pre-paratiomn, ansi
r one inmtanece that came tsnder oar- observ-altin, wre
lf speak enntideenteTy. Otne of our emplepe.*wh.
adsufferedl seterely from a hmenL standing eoldl, dn
tg the past wvseek comnmenedt thse use mof this mecdi
ne, and his Cold tins entirelty disappeared.
Fyom uhe N. Y. Mirror, Sept. 2.
-Lnrawana AND TRa.-Of the rises f Dr. Reg
ma' (sengh Mediciines preparede from tI'me ishoeve arri
less. it is needtlers neew to speak ; its efficacy inspeei
coring Cmsughts, Colds tusd other lung complaints,
hih too frecqutently, if neeglected, result inm (on
mition. is too well established mn pubitec conside-ee .
Sneed eulogy now.
From the N.Y. Despateh, Ang-25.
Wr. have hteretofore inken occaesiesn to givec our teer
meny in faveer msf the curative ptmoperties osf Dr.
sgers' Csmmpoundi Syrup oef Liv-eruert and Ta r, andi
ould here repent lisae dice a lr-edy given, fur all
rons whio are afllic-teud weith Cosnsnmption, or any
the premonitory symptoms, to make a iria! of Dr.
g' The Genuitne is sigrned A Nntw ll*OGF. en
e steei plate enszeed wrapper around eacit bottje,
d is sold wholesale and retail by
113 Chartr-es street, New Orleans,
le (enerai A gents fir the Soutern States, towhos
I orleris must be adderesed. .
3ji' Sotel, alco by G. L PENN, EdgefielL C. II
A RDLA W & DENDY, Abbev-ille C. I.; PRATT
JA MES, Newvberry, A. .J. CREIGIITON, Ifam -
rg, So. Ca.
AprillI tf
amburg & Edgefield Plank R'ds
"IllS ROAID its now open for m:-ave-l from 1Ham
- burg to thu 01.1) WELl.S, onuthe Pcinetsinao
nd, and by the M~artin Town IGranelii-rom- Ham
g to near the new ilridge over Steecns Creek.
Personts travelling or sendinmg their. Wagon. or
rhck-e to llambstrg by the Martiit Town - Road,
n avail themselves of the Hrtanch P'lank Road. ta
tmurg, by tur-nineg to the left, Imaif'a temle-abovoo,
rdy's Church, by whicht thmey wcill avouid al he4
s atnd sand on thme N1nrtin- Town Rload.
The Roadts will be completed- ~in -ilamnberto
e Pinie Hlouse abotth le 1t of fmb
Rates of Toll.
Four, five and six hoe-se Wagons, 5 eta e~
Three "- " 4ts t
Two " ." 3 t'i'B
Two " Carriages 3 "t -" 4
One "i t5 54CC
Iorsehnels travellers, -C " t "4"'.
Vehicles on meeting, are each entiled ta iehal~o
.A NK TR ACK, aned Te DrIvers-arere-quiree1-to
rn tothe " RIGHT !" - -
Iaburg, fept S ti

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