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Arrival of the Stetmer Asia.
HALIFaX, June 20.
The Cunard steatner Asia arrived here this
morning, with Liverpool dates to the.Oth June,
The news by this arrival is again highly ex
The bombardment of Sebastopol was re-com -
menced on the 6th.
The greatest gallantry was displayed on both
sides, and the losses sustained by both the Rus
sians and French were very great, but no fig
ures are given.
This event caused a great buoyancy in public
feeling in England, and caused a slight rise in
With the exce tion of the above, there is no
other news of special importance.
On the day the steamer sailed, a despatch
was received from Lord Raglan, dated the day
previous, June 8th, at 6 o'clock p. m., announc
ing that, after a fierce bombardment, the French
attacked and carried the famous Mamelon and
White Tower batteries!
The buoyant feeling in the cotton market at
the departure of the St. Louis subsequently
- gave way, and prices underwent a partial de
cline, which however was afterwards recovered,
aud the market closed steady, at about previous
quotations. The business of the week embrac
ed about 107,000 bales, mostly taken on specn
There was no change in breadstuffs of mo
imont, except in corn, which has advanced is.
'since the departure of the Atlantic.
Provisions were generally firm, and in some
teases there has been an advance.
still easier. There has been another great in
crease in bullion in the Bank of England. Con
sols closed at 92.
Peace negotiations are not likely to be resum
ed- unless Russia requests it. Austria considers
herself released from all engagements with the
Western powers, but still proposes an alliance
with France and England. The Russian Pleni.
potentiaties were still considering the proposi
tions of Austria, but the ambassadors of the
allies had left Vienna.
The allies had not advanced beyond the Teher
The Washington Union of the 18th inst.,
occupies several columns with a very piquant
and interesting correspondence between Gov.
Reeder, and Commissioner Manypenny, Mr.
Clark, Indian Agent, Secretary Marcy, &c., in
which there is considerable sharp shooting, and
a very decided indication that the official days
of Gov. Reeder, Judges Jahnston and Elmore,
and Attorney General Isaacs, of Kansas, are
Improper speculation in Indian reserve lands
by these high officials, is the graremen of their
offence as charged. We can see no prospects
of their relieving themselves, even on the s.ate
ment of Gov. Reeder, from public rebuke and
political decapitation.
,The Charleston Standard of yesterday, con
tains a letter from its Washington correspond
ent, from which we make The following extract
on this subject:
WAsHINGTON, June 19th, 1855.
A few days since I gave you the result of a
consultation held at the President's House, in
relation to Governor Reederand'his speculations
in Indian lands. I then stated th.t it had been
determined by the President, that Governor
Reeder should not return to Kansas, and that
his associates in land speculation should also
retire from office. An interesting correspon
dence, published in the Union of yesterday
morning, confirms all your correspondent strated,
and proves his sources of information to lbe
entirely reliable. it was determined bmy the
Executive that Governor Reeder should not
return, and Secretary Marcy, finding the Gover
nor in New York, and about leaving for the
WVest, attempted to arrest his progress by writ
ing him that the Pres'dent, "consistently with
his convictions of duty, could not allow his
present otlieiail relation to the territory to con
tinue, unless the impressions which now rested
upon his mind should be removed by satisfaoc
tory explanation."' It was believed by Secreta
ry Marey that this note would act as a ne exet
upon the movements of' the Governor, but in
this lie was sadly mistuken, for the Governor
with the greatest sang froid imaginable, informs
the Secretary of State that his note was filed
away, to be answered at a mare convenient sea
son, when it could be attended to " without a
gross neglect of offieial duty." This cool dodge
of the noose aroused the lion in the old Seers
tary, and it is now understood that a successor
to Reeder will be appointed at once, with instruc
tions to puah on to Kansas with all possible dis
patch, and bearing ijn his pocket the card of dis
missal for Reeder.
Similar notes to the one addressed to Gover
nor Reeder, are also addressed, by the Att,ofney
General, to Judges Johnson and Elmore and
Mr. District Attorney Isaaes-notifying them of
an anticipated removal in the event they can
not explain away Governor Reader's positive
declarations as to their joint interest in his land
speculations in Kansas.
" THE FA3UINE" AT THE WVsT.-The receipts
of breadstuffs at the upper hake ports are tre
mendous, and in the race of the immense re
ceipts of corn, and the export demand but nom
inal, with a limited distilling business, the pies.
ent prices of this- description of grain cannot
be maintained. 103,436 bushels were received
at portsa on the Upper Lakes in one day.' At
Buffalo and Oswego the receipts reported on
Monday reached 7,824 bbls. flour, 82,897 bush.
ela of wheat, 180,027 bushels corn, and 193,275
bushels oats.
THE NEBRAsEA Kanssas BHXL..-The New
Yorlr Journal of Commerce estimates that 100
members are already elected to Congress (or to
be elected from the South,) opposed to the re
peal of the Nebraska bill, and but 18 more are
needed to make a majority against touching it.
We quote:
"It is not impossible, nor very improbable,
that this number will be fouhd, (among the 134
members not included in the above calculation,)
will oppose repeal, although some of them voted
against the bill on its passage. In other wvords,
it is by no means certain that a bill to repeal the
Nebraska law can pass the house. But if it
should, it will be defeated by a large majority
in the Senaite. And before a new Congress is
elected, Nebraska will probably be knocking for
admission into the Union as a State."
Coxrr.ME5TRY.-In the brilliant debate that
took place in the recent General Assembly, be
tween the intellectual giants of the Church, on
the subject of extra-church organizations, Dr.
Thornwell, of South Carolina, being taunted
by Dr. Bordman, in a reference to the political
Shistory, of South Carolina, replied:
-" He coula not conclude these remarks with
out an allusion to what he considered the high.
est compliment ever paid him, when his brother
said he occupied the same position in the Church
that was occupied by a distinguished politician
of his State, (South Carolina.) He believed if
there ever was a man upon whom every god
had set his seal to give the world assurance of
'man, that man was John C. Calhoun."
ligBLE EXAMLE.-The Presbyterian Church
othIarietta, after raising a considerable amount
of money for building their new and commodi
ous-brick church, found a debt of about $3,
600-rej4onpe At a recent meeting, we under
'stand that psmbers agreed that an assessment
should be ny.age upon them in proportion to
thuir property, referring to the tax-book if ne
essary, and that they would then pay off the
church debt. We do not remember having
ever before keown thjs principle of contributing
accor-ding to meaini and ability adopted and car
ried out by any body of Christians or others.
It is the correct principle, and the church thus
acting has set an ekample worthy to be followed
in other parts of our land, sand by all denomina
tions.-Atlanta lIntelligenser.
SotruERNi CoM.EGas.--There. 're onie hun
dred and thirty-four studentsin.Howant C'ollege,
Marion, Alabama.
There are one hundred and twelve students
- in the University of Alabama.
It Europe, people take off their hats to
gma nen; in merica, great men take off tir
To all and every Agricultural Society, Far,
mer and Planter m the State of South Carolina.
' BOTraE OF A CoMusoN CALLING: We, the
Greenwood Agricultural - Society, do now ear
nestly and respectfully call your thoughtful at
tention -to the -subject of an Agricultural Con
vention, to meet in Columbia on the second
Wednesday of August of this year, for the pur
pose of founding a State Agricultural Society,
on a liberal utilitarian and comprehensive scale,
to- meet the wants and interests of agriculture
in all its details. We think the time is past to
use any argument to prove the necessity of
some movement for the improvement of our bu
siness and the amelioration of the soil. To
look sternly and knowingly at our present con
dition, should convince the meat seeptieal, and
remove all fears and prejudice from the minds
of all who dread innovations. There is a fear
ful magnitude in the destructive tendencies of
our present system, that requires to be met and
stayed. Under this conclusion, the Greenwood
Agricultural Society do most earnestly call up
on every agricultural society, farmer and planter,
and all other professions, arts and trades, by
your delegates, to meet us in' Columbia, on the
above specified day, to there work out the base
work for future improvement of this great in
terest of the State, and the permanency of
We most respectfully ask of every newspaper
in the State, that feels an interest in the social
condition of our people and their well being, so
deeply connected with the agricultural improve
ment of the State, to copy this short address.
Let it spread the whole length and breadth of
the land, by the voice of the many-tongued
presses of the State. By order of the Green
wood Agricultural Society.
ABBEVILLE, June 17, 1855. Committee'
A MODEL Dus.-An Editor "out west" thus
talks to his non-paying subscribers and patrons.
If his appeal does not. bring the "pewter," we
think he need never try again:
"Friends, Patrons, Subscribers and Adverti
Hear us for our debts, and get ready that you
may pay; trust us, we are in need, and, have
regard for your need, for you have been long
trusted; acknowledge your indebtedness and
dive into your pockets, that you may promptly
tork over. If there be among you, one single
patron that don't own us something, then to
him we say-step aside; consider yourself a
gentleman. If the rest wish to know why we
dun them, this is our answer! Not that we
care about cash ourselves, but our creditors do.
Would you rather that we go to jail, and you
go free, than you to pay your debts, and we all
keep moving? As we agreed, we have worked
for you; as we contracted, we have furnished
our paper to you; as we promised, we have
waited upon you, but as you don't pay. we dun
you! Here are agreements for job work; con
tracts for subscription ; promises for lung cred
its; and dues for deferred payment. Who is
there so mean he don't take a paper? If any,
lie needn't speak-we don't -mean him. Who
is there so green that he don't advertise? If
any, let him slide-he ain't the chap either.
Who is there so bad that he dont pay the prin
ter? If any, let him shout-for he's the man
we're after. His name is Legion, and he's been
oaing us for one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven and eight years-long enough to make us
poor, and himself rich at our expense.
if the above appeal to his conscience doesn't
wako him to a sense of justice, we shall have to
try the law and see what virtue there is in ~vrits
and constables."
The movement in land warrants is increasing.
this being a busy time in makin~g locations on
new lands. A large quantity is now in market,
owing to the recent large issues by the govern
ment. Thompson's New York Reporter says
the buying price in the street is 61,07, and sel
ing at 61,10 per acre. The new warrants are
80, 120 and 160, acres.
-ages.-We have already briefly noticed, says
he Baltimore Sun, the outrages of a mob in
Clay and Vigo counties, hida., in cutting away
he canal in t'hese counties. They have since
ommitted various other outrages, and threaten
ed the lives of the officeers if .they undertook to
epair the damage done. A few days ago Gov.
Wright issued his proclamation warnimg the
ob of the coimsequences, as he should enforce
bedience if lie had to order Out the whole mili
ia of the State. This but exasperated them,
and they have since driven off all the workmen,
estroyed several locks; threatened to lyiich
very 'one living in the vicinity who opposed
hem, and have offered a reward for the Gover
or's head. The origin of all these outrages, is
ot clearly stated.
A DISTINGUISHED Ymsio.-Edmund Lafany
tte, grandson of the Mlarquis de Lafaiyette, so
istinguished as the brave and generous cham
pion of American Independence hius been spend.
ng a few days in Delaware with the -Du Ponts,
who were the early friends of the General.
Trhe Wilmington Journal says:
In company with a few friends, he has visited
all the places of interest in the vicinity, one of
is earliest visits being to the scene of the bat
tle at Chadd's Ford, in which hiis ancestor first
shed his blood in our cause. The very spot
upon which this General was standing when he
was wounded, wars pointed out by some of the
old residents,
Mr. Lafayette is about 28 years of age, of
ine couptenance and engaging manners. He
bears some resemblance to his grandfather,
through a much handsomer man.
Nor MUcur LIKE FAMINE -The receipts of
breadtuffs at the upper lake port. are tremen
dous, and in the face of the immense receipts
of corn, and the export demand but nominal,
with a limited distilling business, the present
price of this description of grain cannot be
maintained. 103,436 bushels were received at
ports on the upper lakes in one day. At Buffat
lo anid Oswego the receipts reported on Monday
reached 7.824 bbls, of .fiour, 82;897 bushels of
wheat, 180,027 bushels corn, andh 103, 275 bush
els oats.
IN consequence of the removal of the News
paper Stamp Duty in England, new jouriials and
weekly papers are spriinging up in every direc
tion in that country. in Manchester, where a
ear ago there were no daily papers, and only
three of any kind, there are now going to be
ive daily papers, in addition to several weekly
ad semi-weekly one.
IN WANT OF MEN.-Both England and Rus
sia appear to be hard pushed to find human food
for powder in the present sanguinary war they
are waging, fur while England is enlisting for
igtrs in America and Germany, Russia has
brought into Europe the barbarous hordes of
Asiatic Tartary, and are forcibly incorporating
nto their army the Bayazid, the Armenians and
Kurds. With such immense armnies in the field,
ad the continual loss of thousands by disease
ad battle, the ease cannot be otherwise.
EXCELLENT CoUNCIL.-Two things to be kept
-your word and your temper. Thie former
when dealing with a printyr, and the latter when
isputing with a woman. This may be difficult
ut can be done by gettting a couple of chap.
ers of Job by heart.
-Thie people of Jacksonville having some time
since voted a subscription of $50,000 to the
Florida Central Railroad, a motion was last
week made and argued before the Chancery
ourt of Duval county, for an injunction to
revent the corporation of Jacksonville from
axing the property of the town, to meet the
ayments of the bonds. A friend from Jack
onville informs us that the Chancellor, Judge
orwood, after a prolonged argument, refuses
the injunction, thu~s affirming the legality of the
sbscription and the liability of the corporation.
-Savh. Cour.
Gnoss SUESTITlozN.-Haninah Banks admit
ted recently at the Hull (England) Assizee, that
se had roasted a toad a live, pounded it, and
mixed it with the food of her follow servant,
whom she hoped by that -means to induce to
love her.
For the Advertiser.
Ma. Erroa:-It becomes our painful duty.as a
friend, to record the death of OweN CLART, second
son of Col. M. W. and Dempsey Clary. He de
parted this life on the 7th instant, at his father's re
sidence, Edgefield District, in the 19th year of his
age. While in a state of health, and enjoying the
bright prospect of a long and useful life, he fell a
victim to that awful disease (Dysentery,) which has
so' long baffled the skill of the Medical Faculty, and
in a few days was taken from time to eternity. .We
seldom notice the death of a young man of such an
exemplary character. He was a dutiful and obedi
ent son, a kind and affectionate brother, and was
never known to utter a profane word in his life. The
awful solemnity that pervaded the assembly of friends
and relatives who accompanied his remains to their
resting place, and the many tears that were shed
over his tomb, clearly evinced their love, and show
ed too plainly their loss was irreparable. Could the
sighs and groans, and prayers and tears of an affee
tionate father and a loving mother have raised him,
or the kind and unceasing attention of riends and
relatives have lengthened out his days the hand of
death would have been stayed. But alas! the Di
vine Maker had ordered it otherwise. The subject
of this tribute of respect was a student of Mount
Euon Academy, where, by exercising that kind and
amiable disposition which characterized his life, he
won the universal esteem of both teachers and stu
dents. His rare talent, udespairing application.
and the diffusion of knowledge, which must natural
ly flow from so pure a fountain, makes his loss irre
parable. In his death the school has lost one of its
brightest ornaments, Edgefield one of her most
promising sons. While we deeply sympathise with
the bereaved family, we trust their los is his eter
nal gain. Let us submit to the will of Him who has
power to give life, and power to take it away, know
ing that- -
Death is the common lot of all,
Both young and old nmost die;
And, like the leaves of autum, fall,
And there forgotten lie.
Duzo, at her residence in Edgefield District, on
the morning of the 13th inst., of dysentery, Mrs.
NANCY WnATLEY, in the 84th year of her age.
The subject of this notice attached herself to the
Republican Church some forty-five years ago, and
notwithstanding the affliction which it was her lot
to suffer during the latter part of her life, she mani
fested a meekness and resignation worthy of the
deepest admiration. She has left behind sons and
daughters, with numerous relatives and friends to
mourn their irreparable loss. But those who mourn,
should not mourn in vain, as their loss is her eternal
gain. B.
To the Farmers of Edgefeld:
We are requested to say that a meeting will be
held in the Court House at this place on Monday
next (Sale-day) for the purpose of forming an " Ag
ricultural Society for Edgefield District." It is
earnestly requested that as many of our farmers as
hear of this call will be and appear at .the time and
place appointed, as it is very desirable to make a
respectable beginning in this matter.
It is proposed to organize and elect Officers at
It is also considered desirable that Delegates be
appointed to attend the August meeting in Colum
bia for associating the several. District Societies into
a common State Society, according to the suggestion
of Capt. BrD of Greenwood, first made through
the Edgefield Advertiser. LET ALL ATTEND I
Fair at Bethany Church!
THE Ladies' Benevolent Soeiety of Bethany
Church, will hold their FAIR at their Church, on
Thursday the 28th June.
All who wish to invest their surplus funds Be
nevolently, Profitably and Pleasantly, are respect
fully invited to attend. Those who have only smiles
of, encouragement to offer, are also ccrdially invited
to be in attendance.
(T Refreshments of every variety will be pro
SJune13 St 22
TnE next Miites and Deacons' Conference o
the SecondpJivision of the Edgefield Baptist Asso
ition will be held with the Chesnut lill Church
on the Friday before the fifth sabbath in July next,
to meet at 1I o'clock, A. M..
Elder B. F. COatsEY to preach the introductory
sermon. J. W. COL.EMN, Alternate.
Elder JouN Taarr to write an essay on the im
portance of Churcs eniforcing .the discipline of the
New Testament.
First subject of discussion on the importance of
Churches meeting every SaLbath at their regular
places of worship.
Second subject on the importance of holding
prayer nmeetings in Churches.
RoaT. BRAN, Sr., Clerk.
Religious Notice,
THE next Union Meeting of the 4th division of
the Edgefield Baptist Association,will meet with the
Big Stephen's Creek Church on Friday before thec
5th Sunday in July next. The Rev. D. D. BaUx
se to preach the introductory sermon,-the Rev.
S. P. GE-rzzN, alternate.
Query lst.-ls family prayer a duty obligatory
upon the head of families who are members of thu
Church? I
2d.-What are the best means to be preserved so
as to fulfil the Divine command, " Train up a child in
the way he should go, and when he is old he will
not depart from it..P.GTEMnao.
Geo. W. NIXon, Clerk.
Just Received,.
A GOOD assortment of WHITE, MUSLINS,
Lviz: Jaeonet, Checked, Plain and Checked
Mull. For sale by R. HI. SUL LIVAN.
June22 tf 27
Swiss Nuslins,
D OTTED, Striped, Embroidered and Plain Mus
lin, Edgings and lnsertings, just received by
June2 7 tf 24
A Good Selection
O F Colored and Black Bareges, Bombazines and
Shallies, at . 11. SU LLiVAN'S.
June 27 tf 24
In Store,
A Splendid piece of Italian Cloth for Gents and
..Boys Clothing, at R. H. SUL LIVAN'S.
June 27 tf * 24
Fine Parasols and Umbrellas,
J UST received and fur sale at
June 27 - f 24
A Large Stock
OFOsnaburgs, Georgia Stripes and Cotton Yarn,
June27 tf 24
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes !
J UST opened this day a fin'e selection of Ladies'
tBlack and Colored Gaiters, Kid Slippers and
Walking Shoes-also, Misses' Colored Sippers, by
June27 tf 24
A FTER Sale-day in August next, all persons
iLlndebted to mec by Note or Account, will please
nall on W. W. Adams, Esq., and settle.
June 27 it '24
Splendid Land for Sale,
T'HE~ Subsertbcr offers for sale the Tract of Land
.uponuwhiecl he now resides, situated about two
miles below the Pine House, and immediately on the
Plank Road. The Tract contains
Two Hundred Acres,
About eighty of whioh are cleared and in a high
state of cultivation, while the rest is heavily tim
bered. There are on the, premises an excellent
Dwelling House,.good Negro Houses, &e., &O.
Persons desirous of-purchasing can apply to the
Undersigned on the place.
Edgefleld Flying Artillery,
YOU are hereby summoned tc
be and appear at your- parade
ground (Edgefield C. H.,) fo:
Drill and Instruction, on Saturday the 30th inst.
Business of importance will also be brought be
fore the Company, and it is earnestly requested tha
every member, together. with as many as are desi
rous of joining the Companyt will be in prompt at
By order of W. C. MORAGNE, Capt.
E. H. Cova, Clerk.
June 27 It 24
Edgefield & Aiken Rail Road.
N OTICE is hereby given that applieation will be
made at the next Session of our Legislature
for a Charter incorporating a Company to build's
Rail Road from Aiken to Edgefield C. H.
June 27 3m 24
TENRY H. MAYSON, who is in the cuntody
Li of the Sheriff df Edgefield District, by virtue
of a Writ of Capias ad Satiafaciendum, at the suit
of R. L. Wash, having filed in my Office, together
with a schedule onoath of his estate and effeets, his
petition to the Court of Common Pleas, praying that
he may be admitted to the beneit of the Acts of the
General Assembly, made for the relief of insolvent
debtors, It is ordered, That the said R. L Wash
and all other creditors to whom the said Henry H.
Mayson, is in anywise indebted, and they are hereby
summoned and have notice to appear before the
said Court at Edgefield C. II., on the first Monday
in October next, or on some- other convenient day
to be set apart and appointed during the sitting of
the said Court, to show cause, if any they can, why
the prayer of the petitioner aforesaid should not be
granted. THOS. G. BA CON, c. c. a. D.
Clerk's Office, June 23, 1855. 15t 9 4
JOHN H. TERRY, who is now in the custody
of the Sheriff of Edgefield District, by virtue
of a Writ of Capias ad Satisfaciendum, at the suit
of R. M. Fuller, having filed in my Office, together
with a Schedule on oath of his estate and effects,
his petition to the Court-of Common Pleas, praying
that he may be admitted to the benefit of the Acts
of the General Assembly made for the relie of
insolvent debtors, It is ordered, that the said R.
M. Fuller and all other ereditors to whom the said
John H. Terry is in anywise indebted, and they are
hereby summoned and have notice to appear before
the said Court at Edgefield C. H., on the first Mon.
day in October next, or on some other convenient
day to- be set apart and appointed, during the setting
of the said Court, to show cause, if any they can,
why the prayer of the petitioner aforesaid should
not be granted.
THOS. G. BACON, c. c. E. D.
Clerk's Office, June 18, 1855. 16t 23
ABSALOM T. HODGES, who is now in the
c. ustody of the Sheriff of Edgefield District
by virtue of a Writ of Capiaa ad Satisfaciendum,
at the suit of John Colgan, having fied in my Office
together with a Schedule on oath of his estate and
effects, his petition to the Court of Common Pleas,
praying that he may be admitted to the Acts of the
General Assembly made for the relief of insolvent
debtors, It is ordered, that the said John Colgan
and all other creditors to whom the said 'Abealom
T. Hodges, is in anywise indebted, are hereby
summoned and have notice to appear before the
said Court at Edgefield Court House, on the first
Mlonday in October next, or on sonme other conve
nient day to be set apart and appointed, during the
sitting of the said Court, to show cause, if any they
can, why the prayer of the petitioner aforesaid should
not be granted.TI S..BC , . .
Cle.:k's Office, June 18,1855. I6t 23
M OSES H ARRIS, who is now in the custody
of the Sheriff of Edgefield District, by virtue
of a Writ of Capia. adl Satisfaciendum, at the
suit of Sydney S. Boyce, having filed in my office.
together with a Schedule on oath of his estate and
efects, his petition to the Court of Common Pleas,
praing that ho may. bodmiited to the benefit of
the'Acts of the General Assembly, made for the
relief of insolvent debtors, It is ordered, that the
said Sydney S. Boyce ad all other creditors te
whom the said Moses Harris is inanywise indebted,
and they are hereby summoned and have notice te
appear before the said Court at Edgefield C. I. on
the first Monday in October next, or on some other
convenient day to be set apart and appointed during
the sitting of the said Court, to show cause, if any
they can, why the prayar of the said petition afore
said should not be granted.
TIHlOS. G. BACON, c. c. E. D.
Clerk's Office, June 18, 1855. 16t 23
1,,ILL[AM I1. CR AWFORDL who is now in
the custody of the Sheriff of Edgefield D.is
triet, by virtue of a Writ of C'apiaa ad Satisfaci
endum, at the suit of John L. Doby, having filed
in my Office, together, with a Schedule on oath of
his es'tate and effects, his petition to the Court of
Common Pleas, praying that he may be admitted
to the benefit of the A cts of the General Assembly,
made for tihe relief of insolvent debtors, It is or
bred, that the said John L. Doby and all other
creditors, to whom the said William U. Crawford
is in any wise indebted, and they are hereby sum
moned and have notice to nppesr before the said
Court at Edgefleld C. H. oin the first Monday in
October next, or on some other convenient day to
be set apart and appointed during the sitting of the
Court, to show cause, if any they can, why the
prayer of the said petitioner aforesaid should not be
granted. THIOS, G. BACON, c. c. a. D.
Clek's Office, June 18, 1855. l6t 23
B ENJA MIN L. RA BORN, who is inth-u
Itody of the Sheriff of BEdgefield District by
virtue of a-Writ of CapiOa ad Satisfaciendum, at
the suit of John Hill, Administrator of Caleb Mit
ehell, having filed in my Office, together with a
Schedule on oath of his estate and effects, his peti
tion to the Court of Common Pleas, praying that he
may be admitted to the benefit of the Acts of the
General Asseumbly, made for the relief of insolvent
debtors, It is ordered, that the said John Hill,
Adm'or of Caleb Mlitehell, .and all other creditors
to whom the said Benj. L. Raborn is anywise in
debted, and they are hereby summoned and have
notice to appear before the saild Court at Edgefield
C. H., on the first Monday in October next, or some
other convenient day to be set apart and appointed
during the sitting of the said Court, to show cause,
if any they can, why the prayer of the said petition
er aforesaid should not be granted.
THOS. G. BACON, c. c. a. n.
Clerk's Office, June 18, 1855. 16t 23
State of South Carolina,
B Y H. T. WRIGHT, Esquire, Ordinary of Edge
field District:
Whereas, George McD. Davis has applied to me for
Letters of AdminIstration, on all and singular the
goods and ehattels, rights and credits of Harriet Da
via late of the District aforesaid, deceased.
These ars, therefore, to cite and admonishi all and
singular, the kindred and creditor. of the said deceas
ed, to be and appear before me, at ournest Ordinary's
Court for the said District; to be holden at Edgefield
C. H., on the 2d day of July next, to show cause, if
any, why the said Administration should not be
Given under my hand and seal, this 18th day of
Jne, in the .year of our ,Lord one tiiousand eight
hundred and fifty-five, and in thme 79th year of Ameri
can Independence. H. T. WRIGHT, 0. E. D.
Ju ne200'2 23
T0 House Carpenters.
S EA LED Proposals for the building of a Church
38 by 50 feet on the outside, (Framed) on the
lot upon which Woodville Academy stahds, will be
eceived until the 21st July ensuing, when the con
tract will bo given to the most approved bidder. A
plan of the same and specifications of the work may
he seen by app lying either personally or by letter to
M~r; Win. P. Andrews, Phoenix P. O..
.Flavoring Extracts,
A. AG & T. sal TbAUE Druggists.
ar. 23 ,r 19
- ar Clerk.
Por Ordinary.
-or Sherif. -
- , er Tax Collector
Law Notice!
have this day formed a partnership for the
practice of Law in the Districts of Edgefield and
They can be consulted either at Edgefield or
Newberry C. H., as those wishing advice may find
it most convenient.
JOS. ABNEY, Edgefield C. H.
J. A. CH4PMA N, Newberry C, H.
June 1, 1855. 3m 21
Messrs, Landrum & Gary,
- in Law Range. One or the other will always
be found in the Ofice..
Edgefield C. I., May 30,1855. 3m 20
THE Subscriber has just received, at his old
Stand, (the Brick Store,) his Stock of
Spring and Summer Goods,
Comprising almost EVERY VARIETY- of Coods
for Ladies Spring and Summer wear. Among his
extensive and well assorted Stock may be found
- Black and White, Silk and Lace MANTILLAS,
Ladies' fine worked HANDKERCHIEFS, COL
LARS, Undersleeves and Chemizettes,
Kid and Silk GLOVES and fine MITTS,
A splendid assortment of PRINTS and GING
H AMS, and very cheap
LINEN DRILLS and other Goods for Gentle
men and Boys' wear.
A beautiful and extensive lot of BONNETS and
A fine lot of Moleskin, Panama, Leghorn and
Soft HATS. Also, a large Stock of
Boots and Shoes,
Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, &c.,
With many other articles too numerous to mention,
all of which will be sold on the most accommoda
ting terms.
ET A meral discount for Cash.
Edgefield C. H., Mar 27, - tf 11
Carpenter's Sheet System
O F Cutting Ladies' Dresses and Gentlemen's
Coats and Saeks,-also, Vests, Pantaloons and
Gaiters, together with Youths, Boys and Girls
Garments of all kinds and styler, will be taught to
Ladies and Gentlemen by a
Few ZPlain, Easy and Simple Rules,
So as to learn them to cut with EASE and SKILL
any. of the above mentioned Garments.
The Copyright of this State has been assigned to
Gzo. S. McNzu.L. & Co., of this place.
Persons wishing to as all themselves of this Sys
tem or wanting information will call or leave their
orders ait Mrs. McNza' Millmner Establishment.
Edgefield'C. H., May 30 ly 20
DRSA. G. & T. J. TE A GUE, respect
fully inform their friends and patron. that
they have just received their FRESH Stock of
Pure and Genuine Drugs, &c.
And will ho pleased to wait upon all who may favor
them with their patronage.
Space will not allow us to give a Catalogue in this
place of our Stock of Drugs. Medicines, &c. Suf
flee it to. say, we have the FULLE EST and
MOST COMPLETE~ stoek ever
ofered in this place.
Edgefield C. HI., May 23 tr 19
Galvanic Batteries& Magneto Electric
JUST received, and for sale by
A. G. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.
May 23 if 19
edicine Chests and Travelling Cases.
ON hand a few very flue family Medicine Chests
'and Travelling Cases. For sale by
A. G. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.
May 23 if 19
Physicians' Buggy Trunks and Pocket
M EDICINE CASES-for sale by
A. G. & T. J. TE AGUE, Druggists.
Ma y233 f 19
Gum Elastic Hot Water Bags and
A. G. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.
May 23 tf 19
A large Lot of Glass Ware.
TINCTURE and Specie Stands from one gallon
A1 to half pint, assorted ;
Vials and Bottles, all sizes. Also, a few Ther
mometrs,-for sale by
A. G. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.'
May 23 ti 19
Brushes, Brushes !
N Store a fine variety of Paint? Varnish, Grain
.ing Blenders, Tanners, Whitewash, Crumb,
Dusting and Hair Brushes and Combs-Flesh
Brushes and Hair Gloves-Nail, Tooth and Shaving
Brushes, &o. For sale by
A. G. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.
May 23* -if 19
Cupping Cases and Scarl~cators,
A LL kinds. Also, Lanecta and a great variety
..of Surgical Instruments, for sale by
A. G. & T. J. TECAGUE, Druggists.
May 23 tf 19
Nursing Bottles.
A1NEW and improved Style.--Also, Nipple
Glasses, Breast Pipes and Pumps, Nipple
Shields, Teething Rings, &o. For sale by
A. 0. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.
May 23 tf 19
Mortars, Iron and Wedgewood.
PILL TILES, Graduate Measures, Spatulars and
Putta Knivs,-for sale by
A. G. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.
May 23 if 19
W E have on band a great variety of Cologne.,
VHandkerchief Extracts, Toilet Powders and.'
an assortment of Fancy and Toilet Soaps;
Pomades, Pure Bears Oil, Hair Tonies, Restora
tives and Hair Dye;
Peston Salts and.Aromatio Vinegar;
Cream of Beauty, Carnation Range, Hair De
pilatory, &e., to all of which the attention of the
Ladies Is respectiblly invited. For sale by
A. G. & T. J. TEAGUE, Druggists.
May 23 if 19
Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs,
P UTTA in -Bladders, WINDOW GLASS, any
size out to order. For sale by
A. G. & T. J. TECAGUE, Druggists.
My3, tf 19
* Just Received,
A FINE suppl of new crop Cuba MO0LASSES,
..in Hogshea
Pure LEMON S'YRUP from the Fruit.
Superior Ginger Brandy, Clarott, &o.
/S. E. BOWERS, Auer-.
Hamburg, May 7 - i -17
For Sale,
A FEW FINE MILCHl COWs, on reasonable
terms. R. L. WASH.
Edgefield Collegiate institute
Nuxsua or PunLS IN hTraNDANCE, FurE-FoUa.
T HE winter Session closed last week. The Spring
and Summer Session will commenee on Mon
day, April 23d and continue fourteen weeks
Rates of Tuition, &e., the same as stated in pre
vious advertisement.
April 18 tf 14
Edgefield Jale Academy.
T HE Trustees of this Institution take pleasure
in announcing that they have made ample ar
rangements for its conduct during the present year.
YOUNGBLOOD, two young gentlemen of fine
Classical education, have the School now in charge.
Both Trustees and Teachers Batter themselves with
the belief that their Sehool will not have its superi
or in the State. Either Teacher is qualified to
instruct thoroughly in every branch required for en
trance into our Colleges, North or South. As it is
not probable, from the delay we have unavoidably
encountered in opening the Academy, that we shall
have at any time during the year an inconveniently
large number of Students, those who do come will
enjoy the great privilege of constant and careful su
pervision. Parents will at once see this advanta!
in its proper light.
We respectfully ask of our friends,and the friends
of the School, that they will come forward and en
ter their boys immediately. The full Scholastic
year will be taught.
For the Classical Department, per annum,.. $36,00
". Higher Bg. " " .. 32,00
" Ordinary" " .. 28,00
Capitol board to be had in pleasant families.
Jan 24 tf 2
Aiken Sub-Collegiate Institute.
Rev. 0. II. TR[fIMMIER, " Enroxjsn LIE
00 BOYS may be accommodated with Board,
1 Lodging, Washing, Lights, Stationary and
Tuition, at $100 per Session of five months, invari
ably in advance.
Aiken, S. C., Jan. 17 ly I
Curryton Academies,
mies is under the supervision of Mr. J. L.
LESLY, Assisted by Mr. BASS.
The Female Department will be supervised by
Mlr. A. P. BUTLER, assisted by competent Mu
sical and other Instruetoress.
Rates of Tuition.
First Class, Primary I:epartment, per Sesa'on $9,00
2nd " ordinary English branches,......12,00
3nd " higher English branches........15,00
4th " Greek and Roman Literature with
higher Mathematics.........18,00
Music................ ......$20,00
Pupils are charged from the time of entering un
til the end of the Session. Tuition in advance.
The year is divided into two Session of five
months each.
Wr Good board can be had in-the neighborhood
at from $8 to $10 dollars per mouth.
Chuir'n Board of Trustees.
Feb14 tf 5
ID\%21&y f e iosfW
KE EP ALWAYS on HAND the Largest,
.)Best and CHEAPEST assortment of
Goods to be found in the City, and are nowv re
civing the most varied and splendid Stock of
Ever offered to the public, at prices that cannot fail
to be satisfactory. Among them are
BAREGES and Barege DEL AINES, all prices,
CoPd MUSLINS and LA WNS in great variety,
GRENA DINES, TISS UES, Bik and Col. Silks,
DR ESS GOODS of every style and price..
Embroideries, Collars, Handkerchiefs, &c.
Kid and Silk G LOVES and Worsted MITTS,
New Styles 31ANTILLAS and other Coverings,
PRINTS and GINGH AMS in great quantities,
White nnd Brown LINEN and Linen DRIL LS,
CO1TONADES and other Pant Stui
Mull, Swiss, Ja~ronet and Plaid M USLIN.A,
BI'eha and Bro,. SH EETINGS and SHIRTINGS,
-Together with every article for
Family and Plantation Use,
That can be enquired for, to w hich they resapectfully
nvite the attention of the people of Edgefield and
he surrounding country-being prepared to oflr
verv induccement to them wvho have hitherto pat
roized them, as well as to those whom they have
ot yet had the pleasure of serving.
gT Uniform prices and a disposition to oblige
always being the rule of the House.
Augusta, March 19 2m 10
* ..continue to build
to order, and of the
BEST M1ATERIAL that can be procured,
Carriages, Buggies, &c.,
OF Eva S-YL.E AND DasCairoN. They also keep
onstantly on hand a fine and varied assortment of
INew and Second-Hand Carriages
igREPAJRING neatly and promptlyattend
d to.
Thankful for past patronage, they hope by giving
due attention to their business and the interests of
their customers, to continue to receive a liberal share
f public favor. C. MCGREGOR,
Mar 28 tf 11
Dry Goods at very Low Prices,
WT ILLIAM~ SHEA R, Augusta, Ga., expecting
Vto make a change in his business, will sell
his present Stock of DRY GOODS
At Very Low Prices.
The assortment of Staple and Fancy D~rcss Goods,
s-one of the largest in the city. Great inducements
will be offered to Planters and Country Merchants,
who wish to purchase for cash. The public are re
ap. etfully invited to call and examine the Goods.
Agusta, Junle6 tf - 21
IS thus given to all persons indebted to Mtrs.
JEiabeth Martin, deerd., to make immediate
pament, and those having demands against said
Estate, will render them in forthwkth, properly at
tested. G. W. BURTON, Ea'or.
Nov 9 - tf 43
Lightning Conductors,
TI"IOSE of our citilsens, who desire to protect
.their houses, barns, &o., from lightning, would
to the subscriber, Agent at this place, they can pro
cure these rods and all necessary fixtures, and,
what is more, have them well put up, all~at moder
ate charges. These Conductors have been placed
over the Court House and Jail by the Commission
of Public Buildings. They are the best, deeidea
ly, yet invented.
April 4 tf '12.
Just Received,
E BBLS. and Half Barrels No. 3, MACKE
hi REL. Also,
A few Kits, quarter and half bbls No. 1, Macke
re). J. SIBLEY & SON.
Hamburg, Jan 24 . tf 2
Sheriffs Sale.
BY Virtue of Sundry writs of FE. Fa., to mo di
eteI shdil proced tot-eil on the first
Monday in July next, at E!dgefield C. H., Uie
following property, in the golowng.cases, viz;:
Bud. C. Mathews vs. John Whittle; 0. Z. Bates
s. the same ;Other Plaintiffs gs. the same, one
negro woman, Harriet, and one bay-horse.
Terms Cash. LFW18 JONES, s. E. o.
ARE now reeevingg by every Stemer large ad
Aditionato theirStoekc of all that is
-Pew, Elega'at and Usefl ,
-muoa as - - "Y
Family Nourning Attire,:.
A complete assortment of all the Variousfabries,to
all of which they respectfully ask attention. Their
prices to Cash and prompt plying buyes will be
such as cannot fail to give satisfaction.
Augusta, March. 14 tf 9
T HE Subscriber taken this opportunity of inform
ing his friends, that hp has removed "to the
NEW BRICK-STORE adjoining the Store of'B,
C. Bryan, where he has just opened a LARGE
VARIETY of new articles in his various branch's
of Trade. He intends -keeping In the - '
Drag and Medicine Department,.
A-full supply of every article that is in. coinmos
use by the Profession, which will be constantly an
der the inspection of Drs. Bland,Abney, Mimi sand
Burt; and if an article is reported to be impure it
will not be of'ered for sale.- Dr. M. W. Abney has
taken an Offiee in the second Story of tie buding,
and will give me the beneft of- his experience in
Compounding Medicines and preparing ptescrip
tions, and having been six years-engaged in thebu
siness,I fBatter myself, with 'these ample arrange,
ments, I shall receive a liberal share of the patron
ago of Physicians, families, and the.publie.generally
In the Grocery Department
EVIRY THING will be kept that is isually Tound
in a Fancy Family Grocery Store. In the
Department of Books, Stationary, &.,
Will be found a full supply of Standard School
Books, Bibles, Hymn Books, Fools Cap, Letter-and
Note Paper, with almost every article in this line
will be kept constantly for sale.
In the Confectionary Department,
May always be found a much larger assortment of
Candies, Fruits, Pickles, Ketchups, Sauces, &c.,
than has ever been offered for sale in this place. In
truth .this is to be a Store of good things, and( it is
hoped will be considered a great convenience,;apd
therefore be largely patronized.
G. L.~PENN, Agent.
Dec 20 tf - . .49
Ladies' Summer Manti as"
WILLIAM SHEAR, Augusta, Ga., has just
received from New York, a supply of -
Ladies' Black Silk, Spring and Summer MAN
TILLAS, of new and' elegant'atyles;
Ladies' White and Colored Silk Mantillas;
Ladies' Bl'k Grenadine and Crape Mourning Man
tillas, of beadtiful styes.
The public are respectfully invited- to call and
examine the assortment.
Augusta, April 2 tf ' 12
I S carried on at the old Stand,
adjoining Dr. A. G. & T.
J. Teague's Drug Store, where
BOOTS AND SH OES of the very Best
Materil and Blest Workmnanship,
may be obtained, and most excellent fit.. warranted.
And, also, an extensive variety of
Of my own manufacture, always kept on hand.
And those in want of a good article will please call
on the Subscriber.WMd. McEVY.
Mar 28 tf 11
Clock Repairing I -
T HE Subscriber would respectfully inform the
citizens of Edgefield Village a vicinity, that
he has taken the House formerly occuipied by Mrs.
R. Gray, opposite the Planters Motel, for the pur
pose of earrying on the
All work entrusted to his care will be attended to
with neatness and despatch. lie will also give his
attention to the R EPA IRING OF FURNITURE
H e warrants satisfaction to all, and solicits a liberal
patrone..WM. LEWIS
Jan 10 tf 5
Linen Goods,
WAILLIA M SHEAR, Augusta, would ratspet
VTfully invite the attention of th'e public to his
assortment of
Rich Damask Table Cloths and Damnabk Napkins;
Extra 10-4 Damask aind Table Diapers;
Superior liuckabucks. Bird's Eye and Scotch Di
aper ;
Superior 4-4 Tris Linens and Long Lawns ;
Extra 12-4 Linen Sheetings;
Extra heavy Hue~kabacks, for Bathing Todels;
Furniture Dimsities, of extra width and quality ;
German and Domestic Cotton Fringes, a -large
assortment ;
With a great variety of other articles suitabic for
the present season.
Augusta, June 4 tf 21
. Notice -
I S hereby given to alleconcerned that a final-iiefle
ment will be made on the Estate of Warren-P.
Winn, dee'd., in the Ordinary's Office at Edge~eld
C. H., on Fridnty after the first Monday in Juty
next. All persons-indebted will make payntent byr
the timvespecified,and those having demands against
said estate will present them in due form by-the
uhive time. WM. K. SEIGLER,.
Ex'ors of Jeremiah Seigler, deo'd., who was
Ex'or of Warren F. Winni, dee'd.
Junef6 4t 21
JUST received a supply of Superior Old MOUN
S. E. BOWERS, Agent.
Hamburg, Feb 7 if 4
Admninistrater's Notice..
A LL Persons having any demands against the
Estate of Simeon Matthews, dee'd., will pleasse
present them properly attested, and all those in
debted to the Estate must mnake prompt payment as,
the distributees are anixionsto have the matter set
ied.- SIMPSON MATrHIEWS, Adm'r.'
MIayytf - - -19
A Certain Remedy ?
I AM appointed Sole Agent for Jacob's Celebra
ted Dysentery and Diarrhea Cordial. This
Medicine has a reputation unsurpassed.
S. E.' BOWERS, Agent.
Hamburg, June 11, if 2
Spring Mairtillaw.
GRAY BROTHERS, Agusta, Ga., have just
received the-most spledid Stock of SPRING
MANTILLAS that they hae ever brought to thiis
market, and to ahich they would respeetnilyinviae
the attention of the Ladies. - -
Augusta, A pril 16 -... if .- .14
$100 Rewa'rd,
ILOST on Saturday the 23d alt., nty POCKET
BOOK containing three One, Hundred Dcl
lr Bills, ani four Fity Dollar Bills with my name
written on t'i back of one of the One Baded
DolarBil. Areward of $100 will be given upon
delivery of' said Poeket -Book and contents, or ay
informatincocernig~t will be thankfully received..
-M. A. PADGK .
Jan tf . - 5
Fine Tobacco -.
TUST received ad opeed afine-euppyf ex
U elent Tobacco. Try. it.
June 13 1f
Aheltlyan aigoritingp 1o0% drAr
lg frdm reneited Fsinats, ttid~s
Pipes, at the Oonster of -
-- Dma.i -G '1bJAEAGUEi

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