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lii3 T1D~W DAW~Ir
saetion, of a
&dl'abptaaeo thmeid.abdahd.pabhlid
'JeuiPMc .ravrnesmafiy estids a-cOH ica
STOCK OF GO(),. St~iapriEr -weel e
prepared and det ' g as Goods of
'1he gme goalit be. t or t h e.
aO ftd&'edpi nblityevery stiel titnal1f
'kpt inwamsire artib. We urohsed our
Ge..8l. rd lu'iflord to sell. at VERY
tsmp in..art of
.USARR R k. a : tARSES,
CNu a rip S,,
Pickles, Prepvr, Airsp e, Bue Stone,.Cope1as,
& O4 assOrtment of- liqvs,
A tflsaW re-fatWC ek ' 'anddi ny'ro 1
and WehThn Ware &.
:1011N A. MIATS.
Iliambrg, Nov 20. - 6m 45
Another gupplyhof Nw Good.
A GUfST A, G. .
omp tatly rkeeiving EVERY WEEK by the
N :ge
t inducementa to CASU
pn as 'lie ~eals, in no ither way,
tget GosleW lt the Lowest. Cash Prices, he.
is enabled t' sell them in the -same way. ie has
a reeeived by the last Stenmier
eadrters-itislin DeLA 1I'ESivdry, cheap
ulauac4 Browin Kentucky Jeens..20 eta.'pr yard;
BaPit and Plaid Satteneth, 37J ets per yard ;
4Tj ire eqrtinent new styles Pl TS, from 6 t
"to'i2j cents;
Fjne bi3ek Bombazine and Alpacea;
aceciglish and French Black Merino;
Cf gssuortment .of Sleeves and Collars, cheap,
Brown and:,B1i ebtad Shirting, Gj to 121 eta.;
A e assortment of Cloaks and.Talmas ;
t 'DMti. Blankets, at l :
Sietcl Pi'per, lluckalinek and Towelling, and a
grei-variety of ether 'Goods cheap for Cash.
A 3t; '. - - t6
TeNt for one Year,
F-KO FIRSTJA?.'1656.
1W aanite ilt Helj 'eontaining
Twentwell furnished Room. Kitchen
. td intooi' arraagmenta are arople and
. complete. Asipacions Ji;ble -72. by 56 feet, with
toejhias, made small grain tight, together with other
ascesary ot'house.. G.eue Garden of more than
-two aeres maee ile with compost. A1 in' first
sate order.
Apply to Mr. :U'licin 4reg :President of the
Gtractvilile -Manufacturing Compan ..or to the
.Suhsoriber, Silver 11111 P. 0., St. Peter's Parish;
8.a . . . . B.McBRIDE.
..Nov . 2 4t -46
UCharlesutor Metcory aill please give theabve
.3 weekly ins ertion. and forward bi t. . Mcl.
Temale Oo~IiatJnsitute,
. - 6.. -PCORESOURY.'
T'IISo tbstitutiois will bie opn for the receptieno of
-1 P~spite on the irst Monday in .Jauuary next,
.and elose the last .dny in September, utaking oise
along Term of Nine Months.. The. Faculty will1
.eonuiwt of
.Mr. F.- A. CONNOR, A.. M., PxesoRxT .AND a
- Paorssokov NxasT.A ScIExe Axo MaTMnArA
--sca, -&c.
~Rcv. T. E. WA NNAMAKER, A. M., Pwirssa
- oF- MoRAL P'nrrosornt, Evnaes or Caits
. -r- . errA! Ant BEL.L. La-r-raza.
Als E.LEGER, PaoFctusoa or MesiC AND MoD
* aR LASGUAGfrs.
.Mms MA RY E. SN TA D, lsTRaUCmness IN PAIN
::aG, Enuson'av, &c.
The Board of Trustees heave secured tihe services
.of a Faenlty composed of worthcy laster Masons,t
emcinent for piurity of character, andl high literary I
.attaicnents, whose every effort will be to educate
young ladies so a to adorn ancy sphere in life. -
Our new Mkasonie building will -be completed by
.the opening of the Term, andii the Board intend.
finrnishcing it with every appurtenance necessary to
-the acquisition ofE an education of thce highcest order.
.As they hcavedetermined thcat this insatitution shall
bhe.ecod to nlone, so they concfidently expect the
:eaeouragemnent- and piatronaage of an enclghtned
. Fcarany informrcation nieessary, we refer to one
~Circular, ur to any member of tihe Conmmittee, or
ride~nt of the Faculty. 9
* B. Z.II1 R NIDON, Committee.
Cokebury, Oct 20, 10t 41
N o ti ce.
T IlE Subsceriber respectfully informns the eitizens a
of Edgetield.and vicinity that hce intends open-i
ing a School upon his pemisses in Edgelield Vii
-age; on the first Moanday In August next, whcereim
iwil1 be taught- the higher branches of
2nilish andi Classical Literature. ]
No painsawhl be spared to render ample satisfaction
to paretsa who may intrust their children to his care
balh.-aa to- berning and discipline. Charges the
~-mes at the Village Aesdemy, and invariably in
-g lHe will also attend to the practice of LAW
and ELQUITY, for the Distrit--and may be found
*n Saturdays andi a portion of sale days at his Offic,
oser Mr. B. C. lBryan's Store.
-July3tf 29
H[ISl popslar and well known Ilotel,. tice most
entrally sktueted in tis city is now open
for receptioe of Customers. The undersigned was
for a number of years, the proprietor of the -Globe,
and flatters himself that he. hits still the ability and
disposition to afford to his patrons the aceoommoda
tien of yore. He will take this occasioni to say that
he has secured the services of M.,J. V. CLARK,
in-his assistant, and will guarantee to the travelling
public, who may patronise hcia house, tihe best FareI
tha: can be, fnrnis'hed in the Augusta, Savannah,.
(Ifaruestoc and Northern -markets. The United
States is now open under .his mcanagemnent ad am
pervision, and all he asks of new or old customers
cs a eall, if they are not satisfied hce will not corn
i~tsrd $1,50 pel day.
4. - .F..M. JENNINGS.
*Nov.,.5545 - 4
-F~E suabseribers-have received their Full Stock
oft FIREWORIKS, comprising one of the
largest assortment.fever brought t'o this city ; which I
*i11 be sold sti.OW PRICES, li'*sh. Country
6esrhants would do well to forward their orders in' ti
fase wiseb will be put up with the greatest wae.
issagad~'es, varying from- $25 a $50, always
TICEIR STOCK couratss: -
.MqE 41tKR5, Gold Chop A No. I.
Roma Candles, J, 2, 5,-4, 5 up to 15 bals, white
Emca Candles, I ,', 3, 4, 5 up to 15 halls, colored a
tetyroekets fom I o'&. I Ii S
Serpents, Pinwh1ei' ea. Flowerpots. - .
(fnsrst S, Wille.)
o- - .:4I' 45 . .-3
* .tIlE Undersigned wishing to buy I~a ar.
Irants, will at all . . ~.ive within a few eeg~l
.of the New York9 *e. We only ask that War
..hgut holer. -wil gie. asa eibtre- e~g se.
whbrej~I Ttiarsiet, get the highcest bid,~a
-thies iivr afc lowla;o AMd if .we do slot 1:t4
.o the highest wesednnt.-espeet. to bay.. Call at th~e
'rgtrw f' .- e. A iG.AT.-J.TBAGUE,
.mghgegld C. 4., where you w4t-aIwsys i i e ol''I
-the Firm ready to payr the :ask for-y' r~nn
A _ '| ' OW SALE.
WItLL be sol to the highest bidder, at public
~ o ,.at the-late residence or N. L. Griffin,
'sq.. deo .,situate e-the Plank Road to Hamburg,
bar miles below Edgefield C. IT., on the 20th
December next and days following, the per
enal Estate of said deeeased, not heretofore dis
oqedf> viz:
Forty-Three Negroes,
kmong whoni are Cooks, Seamiesses, Washers
md Ironers, IHowe Servants, a Miller, a Black
nith and valuable field hands. They re generally
young and likely; asd-purchaserdesfig Negroes
if the above iescription.can doubtless be'suited.
L or 12 Taluable30rses and Mules,
A Stock of Cattle of exoelleintlareed, some Stock
800 Bushels of Cortt
Tottou Seed, Household and Kitchen Furniture,ge.
In continuation of the above sale, and immediately
fiter, will be sold at Edgefleld Court House,..she
And Office Furniture of said deceesed. The Li-'
,rary is a well selected and most valuable collection
if Kooks on Law and Equity, comprising all the
3ooks usually found in a Lawyer's Office.
Ai a ng dei:Twenty ($20 Dollars Cash. Of
ad 9bcia; si _Twelve (12) .oeths credit; 'with
ntrest Tom date. Purchasers giving Note~ with'
w or more approved sureties to secure the par
&ae money. . M. L. : HONIIAM, Adm'or.
Nov 27, 1855. 41; 46.
Sale of Valuable Property.'
D R.JOSEPII E. LE having made a convey
ance of his property to his children, they ri'l
ell,'nt Public Asnetiod, at his residence-in Abbeville
islriet, near Cilhoun's Mills; on the
13th of December next,
[he Tract known as ".Elmwood," lying on waters
( Little River, near the proposed route' of the Sa
'annah Valley Rail Road. The Tract contains about
)f which more than 200 acres is wood-land; the
est in a high state of cultivation, and well suited
sr GraIn and.Cottoni. Upon the place is a very
emmodious I WELLING, and all necessary build
gags iqtgood:repair. They rill Laoau sell
ery likely, and comprising some valuable- fellows.
*-~- Ase
1,000- Sichk~ Cores
?odderand-Oats, Hlousehold and Kitchen "Farni
tare, Plantation and Blacksmith Tools, Carriage
and .Buggy, I Road Wagon and Cart, &c.
I7 Terms made known on day of sale.
W.- A. LEE.
Nov 26 St - 46
Yan ,order from II. T. Wright, Ordinary o.
Edgefield District,.l will proceed to sell at my
esidence on Tuesday the 11th day of December
ext, the following property. belonging to the Estate
f James Bean, deceased, viz:
Eight Likely Negroes,
.And perhaps some small articles not necessary to
Tsaua.-On a credid of Twelve Moths, pur
hasers giving notes.with ample security. All sums
oder Ive dollars will~be required in cash.
JA MES BEAN, A dm'r. with will annexed
Nov. 9, 1855.- ' 3 45 .
Administrator's Sale.
B Y an Order from II. T. Wright, Ordinary of
Edgelield District, I will proeceed- to sell at
lie late residence oft George Getzen, dec'd., oin
'eday the 4th day of Deccember next. the fol
uwing property belonging to the Esta.te of the maid
eesed, viz:
Eijkhteen Likely Negroes,
26 or 30 Bales of Coito.a,
tok of all kinds, Plantation Tools, Household
ad Kitchen Furniture, with numerous other arti
le not eondidered necessary to mention.
The above praperty-will be sold on a credit of
.v-.We months from day of sate, except sums under
10 whiech will be required in cash.
17 Sale to conmmenee at 10 o'clock, A . M.
-S. P. GETZElN, Adm'or.
Oet 31 6t 42
I'A T BEA UTIFA L Farma or Plansta
lion of OAK and HICKORY LAND
rianging to Win. A. Harris, adjoining-the Village
I Edgefleld and the Lande-of Col. F. W. Pickenis,
ames Sheppard and othe'rs, will be sold at Edge
eld C. I1., cin the Ist Monday in January next.
'he Tract contains
!'ive Hundred k Eighty-Three Acres,
One half Woodland.
The pinee has on it all of the buildings necessary
,a well arranged Plantation. Thec entire Lands
re enelosed with a good fence.
Terms, Three Thousand (83,000) Dollars cash,
ud the ballance on a credit of twelve months with
,tterest from date of sale. with approved security.
II7 Good and warranted titles will be given.
Nov 14 8t 44
portaat Sale of Land and
N egr o es!
. Geo. MeD. Watson, Bilfrcou,
J. HI. Wideman, Executor, Legacy, &.c.
and others.
DUSUANT to the order in this cause, I will sell
L at Public Outcry, on.Wednesday the 12th day
t December next, and day following if necessary,
Sthe Plantation 'of James F. Watson,. deceased,
known as the LeRoy Watson place,) the following
aets of land of the Real Estate of said James F.
Vatso, viz:
No, I. The Mt. Moriah Tract, containing about
LCRES, more or less,- and bounded by lands of
ohn McKeller, J. L Hearst, and o.thera.
No.2. The LeRoy Watson Tract, contaIning
ore or less, bounded by lands of Elizabeth Harris,
tate of J. F. Watson, and others.
No.3. The Home Tract, Containinsanbout EIGHT
es, and bounded by lands of Mi. Watson, R. R.
albert, Elizabeth IHarris, and others.
No. 4. The Gilson Tract, containing about ONE
,ore or less, and bounded by lands of J. L. Hearst,
. L. Griffin, and others
The above tracts of land will be re-surveyed and
late thereof exhibited at the time of Sale, by which
ey will be sold.
Thirty-Sevea.LIkely Negroes,
mong them an excellent Blacksmnith.
Tuas.-A credit of Twelve Months, with inter
it from date, except as to Coat to be paid in Cask.
rchaser to give Bond with at least two good sure
es to secure the purchase motey and pay for papers.
W. H.* PA RKER, C.L...
Commissionrs OSie,NoV. 21st, 1855.
-Will be sold At the time and place above specified
I Mles, 50 Nest Cattle, 100 Hogs, (including fat
og,) 2,000 bushels Corn, 20,000 pounds Fodder,
hucks, Oats, 4,000 bushels Cotton Seed, 2 Cotton
hiss,Horse- Mills, Thrasher and Fun, 3 Road
Fagons, 2 Carts, Blacksmith's Tools, Plows, Hoe.
md~othe articles not here enumerated, as the prop
rty of J. F. Watson, deceased.
Termnade kniown on the days of sale.
J. H. WIDEMAN, Exeutor..
Nov. 21. - 45 .St
OTICE is hereby given thiat an EETO
Y will be held on the SECOND MONDA Y in
pnav next, to fill the vae'ancies about to ocetir in
- f1~ of'CLERK, ORDINARY and SHiER
iF,. 'Edgeleld District.
The Polls will be opened for ONE DAY ONLY.
'fe lIange will meet at FEdgefield Court
~ieneanibe Wdnesday following, count out the
i gd/ aetlvy Ejection.
~A o a0--- TIIQS. G. BA CONe. . a.
-2.. s a r~. . - ,, . J ~ 't
SAa Stoc' rearSale'r
T 11l following Laends may be bargained for a
.3 private sale, between this time and the 26th
day of December next; and if not disposed of by
that time, they will be sold publicly on the premises
to the highest bidder, on W l )NESDAY,26T1
Tract No. 1,-The Home Place,
Containing about TWELVE HUNDRED AND
FIFTY-FIVE (1255) ACRES. This tract is
situated two and a half (22) miles above Kingston,
immediately on the W. & A. R. Road. About
three hundred acres-are in cultivation, two hundred
and sixty aores of. which are up-land, and the rest
low ground, (off Canaseena Creek,) well suited for
grazing purposes6 Allboth~ up-land'knd low-land,
is fresh and good. The plaCe.is elegantly improved,
having a large and comfortable dVelgli osce and
all out-buildings necessary on a farm, all'ndw(aiid
complete. The place is admitted by all who see it,
to be one of the most beautiful and desirable resi
dences in North Georgia. It is well watered, lav
-ieg:asnumber of the very best lime-stone springs:
there is also on the place (situated very near the
Rail Road) one of the best Lime Quarries in the
State, not more than half a mile distant from the
Cement Quarry of the Rev. C. W. Howard. There
is on the place a good water-powerfor running lills
or othbr Machinery, and orebrds.of the best apple,
-peach and pear trees. . .
Tract No. 2
Joins tract No. I on the West, and contains FOUR
woods without' .improverneitts. It is well .watered,
having a beautiful creek running thiough it.
Theland belongingioeeh of the above described
-places, can all--be cultivated, and nearly all of it is
first quality of up-lands.
About 3SJ Negroes to be Sold.!
There will be sold, also, at the same time and
place, to the highest bidder, between, thirty .and
thirty-five -Negroes. Among them, is one first rane
Blacksmaith, one tinrt rate Harness and Shoemaker,
one-Nei. I Seamstress, very likely, and a good House
servant. :. - -.
Will be sold, also, a fine lot of Males and Hlorses,
a number of fine short-liorned Darlisi Cattle, Sheep,
Stock-of Hogs, aid about ten thousand lbs. of pork ;
two or three thousand bushels of corn, a-quantity of
good fodder, two carriages and three or four wagons,
one Taylor Gin, one Tlftasher, and a numb.:r df
other articles;too tediousto neialioi: suchas House
hold and Kitchen.furniture; Plantation tools,&c.
There are also five other quarter eeotiotis of land
about eight hundred acres in all, lying immediately
in the same neighborhood, but not joining each
other; nor either of the other tracts. Th'ese last de
scribed lands may be bargained for privately -on
good terms. -
Proposed Conditions of Puirchase I
The terms of sale of the two Tracts of Land first
described, will be one fourth each, the balance in
one, two and three years,:with interest from-date,
the purchaser to take a Bond for- Title intil .dte
land is paid-for.. The Negroes,- 'Stock, Corn, &e.,
will be sold on a credit of twelve months, with.in
terest from date. Each purchaser will be required
to give a note, with two' approved securities, before
the property is delivered. The pork will be sold
for -cash.
Persons desiring to lok at the lands, will find Dr.
G. W. Glenn, at Kingston, and Rev. W. B. Tel
ford,.on the prenises. Both,' or either of them,
will take, pleasure in showing:the hands.
W. Sale tobegin at elev. n o'cloek; on Wednes
day, Desenmber 26.
For Wr.IAu EDDIs.
Kingston, Nov 26, ..4t 46
Hlon. IY. I. STitLKs, Savannah, Ga.
Col. W. S. Co-KrAN, Rome,"
Maj. W. W. CLAY-rON, Kingstonh
R. B. Young. Esq., Sarannaha, "
Col.,.1. 0 Srtour., Uartersville, "
L D). LALLERSTEDT, Augusta, Georgia
econtemnplating a change in his business on
the firt of,Ianuary-,offe-rs his L ARGE and -BEAU
TIFULLY assorted Stoek of
Dry Goods, at Cost, for Cash !
-.aut received an invoice of
Moiro Antique and Striped SILKS:
Black and Colored Phaid and Brocade do.;
Lupin's Bomibazine nnd Alpacecas;
Extra Styles Muslin DeLaines ;
Linen Camabric Handkerchiefs;
Great variety of EMlBROIDEl lES;
Kid and Silk Gloves, bestsa yles;
Mloiro Antique and Velvet CLOAKS;
-A tso, A LAnos S-rOCK OF
Negro and Bed Blankets,
Georgia Plains, Osnaburgs, &c., &c.
- IIT Platert-s visiting the City will inad it to their
itnterest to enil and examaine for thaemselves, at the
Corne~r of the. Globe llotel, Augusta., Ga.
,Nov 14 t 44
C. A. P LA T T& CO.,
H AVING enlarged our Establishment to an
extent not equalled in the Southern country,
we are now prepared to furnish articles of our own
and Nprihern manufacture at prices that cannot flail
to give satisfnction. Our Ware-Rooms are always
filled with the *
Connected with our Ware-Rooms, we have a
large establishment, the machinery in which is driven
by steam power, where we can at the shortest no
tioe, amanufacture any article not usually kept on
In our Furniture Department, which embraces
three Stories, can be found
Every Article of the latest Design,
andl we particularly request all persons to look be
f.,re purchasing elsewhere, as we guarantee to du
plicate any artieo at Charleston prices.
We also have on hand ta splendid Stoek of
*Tapestry, Brussels, Ingrain, Wilton, Three-Ply,
Dutch Hemp anad- Cotton
* (all sizes and widths.)
Damask, Lace and Muslin Curtains, Ginaps, Cords,
Tassels, Cornices, Bands and Pins of the
greatest variety.
Rugs, Door Mats and Stair Rods,
(of all qualities.)
Of all widths, and of high reputation as to style
and quality, and cut to fit any size~ room or entry in
one piece.
grThe attention of buyers is- respectfully re
quested to the above, which comprise the best and
largest assortment ever offerted in this city. .
J. B. PL ATr.
Augusta, October 1, 1855.
H AVING added'to our extensive Cabinet E.
tablishament a Coffin sWareroomn, we
are now prepared toa furnish FISK'S .eelebrated
of~ every size and style of finish at the shortest
Ordlers at nighter on Sunday, will receive prompt
attention if left at Mr. J. B. PLATT'S resiilence
on.Ellis Street, in rear of the-store. ..
AugutaOct1 .C. A. PL ATT & CO.
Executors Notice.
A LLperonshaving demands against the Estate
AoL ErB.nsleher Dee'd. arc hecreby notified to
present the same properly attested for payment, and
those -ho are indebted to the-Estate are requested
to make payment to.
J-E. LEWIS, Ex'or.
nov28--4t ~46G.
Come at Last !
H. SUL IVA14,has just receiveda
e arge and very haaadsome assortment of fine.
CLOAK8.ad TA LMAS. at uanutsually low prices.
-et24 .A.r. . A t1
NancySarah Quaries, by her -
prochaiin a, Geo.',Bwril, -
tee. - il for Par.
Samuel W: Gardner,- -
Mary Abn Qdarles and others. -
B Y'virtue oftan .Ordei fran atceellor Wat d
law in this-cause, I will proceed to.Illat'.the
plantation cf the lateStrling Quarles. -nThui' sny
te- 13th dayof December next, the following Real
and Personal Estate, o ihielthesaid Quarles died,
seized and possessed, totwit:
One Tract or parcel f 'Land situated in the Diid
trict and State aforesaid, on waters or Stevens'
Creek and Savannah flyer, and containiig jfour
hundred acres, ,more or, lee, adjoining .lands of
John P. May., Samuel 1'Gairdner, Mrs.1Nlargaret
Lanhan aqd lands of the Estate of Allen Anderson,
dec'd., tnd others, This Trajt will be sold.in two
parcels, the one toconti.three-bu idredaid'tten
ty-two acres, nore.. ors le s. and - designated the
" Morris Trat,'?-ths other to.contain two hundred
and thirty-seven acres. more or less, and known as
the " Nedwood Tract." Alfo, .
A Likely Lot of. Negroes,.
Numbering abouttwenty. .Als, iStoek of Mules,
Cattle, lo.:, Sheepi, H1opsetold and Kitchen Fur
niture, Plantation Tools, impleients of husbandry,
and any supply of provisiona1ligt may bdon hand.
This property will~.besold' on. a -credit of twelve
- moaths, except as to'allsuisunder ten dollars,and
as to.so much thereof as wilL'be sufficient to. defray
the'6osts of this suit, hThibasf be paid- in iash.
The purchase money to besecured by bonds with
ample sureties. A. S1l1KlNS, cs. s. ..
Oct~15, 9t 40
TIHE Subscriber will also hell at the same time
and.place, a negro man Rial, a negro woman
Mimee. and her child. the property of Mary A..
Quarles, dee'd. S, W. GARI)NER,A4m'or
Oct 15 .. -9t 4f
State of South Carolina,
Elrabeth Prince, : - . . - -
5uiSah Jiter and ill. for ac~ouat
NancyTurner, adle, and ..didtrsr
.es. - d fen.
Martha Turner.
Y Virtue of-tn order from Chancellor Ward
law in this cause, I will sell at Edgefield C.
II., on the first Monday In-January .meat. the- fol
lowing real estate of Jobn K Turner, deetd,.to-wit.:.
A Tract -of Land. -containing two hundred and.
twenty acres, more or kss,situate in -Edgeflield Dis
trict, lying on Big Stevens? Creek, aid adjoining
Lands of Alexander Shm'pln, William .Newsom.
and Terril Goff.
I will also sell at -the late residence of the said
John E. Turner, deo'd., bn the Thursday succeeding
the sale-day in January-1856, the personal property
of the said deceased, among-which there is one
negro woman. - - -
This property, realty and personaltv,-wiil.be sold
on a credit of twelve months from day of sale ex
cept as to so much as may be required to defray the
costs of this suit which must be paid in leash. Pur
chase money to be secured by Bonde or Notes with
adequate sureties. Titles to the land, three dollars,
to be paid for extra of the purchaso money.
A. SIMKINS, cz.s.o.'
Nov'27, 1855. 6f . 46
State of S'uth Carolina.
John J. Scott and. otIfei;
e .. - Bill for Part'n.
Samuel C. Scott and others.)
BY Virtue of an-order from..Chsancellor.Ward
J.lawvln this causeel.1*1il:sell at -Edlifieeld C.
H., on the first Mo'nday In January next, the follow
ing negro slaves,- to wit :: Polly and .her four ehil
dren Marshal, Stanfield, ,Jim and Hampton.
These negroes will be sold ou a credit of twelve
months from day of sale,with interest from day of sale
except as to costs which must be paid in ensh. Pur
chase money to be secured by Bonds with admple
personasl sureties. -A. SIAIKINS, c.E.E D.
Nov 27 . . 6t 46
Laud for Sale,
TI HE Subseriver wishing to change his location
A.ofrers for ale bis V.AAUJABLE PLAN4TA
TION, conta-ining
Three Hundred k Seventy-seven Acres
Lying on Saluda River, an'd adjoining lands of Wui.
A. Strother, A. Clark and Duaid Payne, neafr
Bozenmn's Ferry, and within two or three hundred
yards of the Greenville & Columbia Rail Road.
Th le Tract contains aibout oei hundred neres in
original forest, whilst the rest is nder fence. One
hundred and fifty is in a high itate of cultivation,
of which there is from seventy-five to one hundred
acres of fine bottom land equal to any and surpassed
by none in the State. This plantation has good out
lets and excellent ranges for stoek.
On the premises are a good Two Story Dwelling
House and all necessary plantation buildings. Also,
a Spring of never failing water.
gr Any person wishing to purchase will call on
the SuLseriber who resides on -the premises, and ho
will take pleasure in showing them the above tract.
Nov 21 If , :-45
Land for Sale,
T ~HE subscriber will offer foar sale at Edgceieldl
ICourt flouse, to the highest bidder, on the
first Monday in .January next, his Plantation, situ
ate in Edgefield District, on Little Saluda River,
Two Hundred and SeVenty-Six Acres,
More or less, andl adjoining lands of Thornton Cole
man, Josiah Etheridge, aud others..
There are 50 acres of -prime. Bottom Land, be
longing to the Tract. Also some 30) acres of land
recently cleared and fenced.
Upon the premises are good out-buildings, among
them a Barn, a -Stable, a Smoke House, a Kitchen
and sundry Negro houses. The healthfulness of
the plantatio i is unexceptionable, and among its
other recommendations is to be Included a well of
excellent water, superior to any in that vicinity.
The-property. will-be sold on a eredit-of Twelve
Monthai with interest from the day of sale.
Nov. 15, 1855. .7t 45.
Valuable Plantation for Sale!
T HIE Subscriber being desirous of ecianging his
Ilocation, offers for sale on .very moderate
terms his
Excellent and Handsome Plantation,
-On West Creek, in Edgefield District, adjoining
lands of Abram Jones, Dr. M. Folk, Mrs. Julia
INorris, Mitehell and others. Said Tract contains
seven hundred acres of the best oak and hickory
land, and is one of the best and healthiest planta
tions in tho District.
There are upon the premises a good one Story
Dwelling, Kitchen, Negro Houses, Barns, Sta
bles, drc. A Well in the yard of the purest spark
ling cold water, and good Springs' convenient to
each field.
A bout half or a little more of the above place is
in woods, one hundr-ed neres fresh clea-red, and the
remainder under fence and in good condition.
gr T~as..-Said Lund is offered at $10 per
acre, on a credit of one, two and three years with
interest from date.
Persons wishing to buy land would do woll to
give mne a call. Address
Leesiville, Lexington, S. C. Oct 17 -3m 40
gr Lexington Telegraph please copy three times
and forward account to the sbove address.
T HIE STORE HOUSE, next East of R. H. Sul
.livan's, 30 feet front and 60 deep, containing
three roomis below, one above, and a good cellar.
THE TAN YARD and Lot .adjoining, and con
taining about three acres.
ONE LOT on the branch adjoining C. L. Refo.
R. T. MIM.S.
Oct 2 tf 38
IS Hereby given to all concerned, that a final set
tlmn ill be made on the Estate of Daniel
Smith, dee'd., in the Ordinary's Office at Edgefield
C. H., on the 4th Monday In January next. -All
persons indebted will please make payment by the
above time, and those having demands will present
them by the same time.- -
- - . samJTr.'
Oet 28, 1855. 3m 42
Flour ! Flour I! -
IP7g Barrels of superfine Flour, just recved, by
Lauid fo. L'e r ,
TTIE shkrer4ffre'-'or-Side bi-TB'AGT &P
TLAND where he now lives, situated about
ineniatfrbm Eigrefeld C.It, epantni'nang ad: -
~ ight S dredcreie
'ore or less. There is on this desirable plantation
an excellent
Two StoyDwelling House,
with ten goos rooms, .tjogethcr with all 'iticessary
out buildings -
It.is-welt watt4ed, having a large-number of good
cool, and never-failing springs of the purest'water.
The lpndD produenv 5aZd ill adapted t ie
Culthiutioni ofCto n~vy'ido ~st
The shititon l healthy -andin -a':god idighbor
hood, hnd thetraet could-be - divided so -as to make
two or three good-desirable -settlements. -
Atso, the Holites Tract
containing .one hundred - an- sixty acrea, ore or'
les, situated nejsr*.ed .HiI, and adjqjpin ilandE of
Col. Wyett Holnes and other. This.trast former
ly belonged to the Estate of.Wln. Holmes and was
purelaseeLby me at his'meuf.
The above lands jlltbsold on verynceommioda
ing'idi-rss ;'and if desired,. pegro property, at lua
prices, will be taketn in- pirt payment.'
I will lie1lased tblihov.the'lan to anyperion
esing o iurchasu.
A guis23 ' . , tf 822.'.
N 6t'ic e This ,
. 11E Subscriber offers for safe tho-TRACT OF
-LAND whereon he now resides, situated about
four miles South of Edgefield C. I., containing
* ear Six Hunared Acres,
Withall-necessary improvements. .
Come and :witness the present-crop,.;and al will
be convinced arregard the fine quality-o the laud,
and-its adaptation to the cultivation of cotton, corn
and: smad grain. I will be pleased to show the
land to.any one desiring to purchase.
Sept 5 tf . 34.
Land for Sale.
I'ESIROUS of'moving to the. West, I,.ofer for
- sale my Plaitition in Abbeville' Disrteit, con
tainiig SixHuhdred and .Fifty Acre,
One hundred andfify cres cleared, o'ri huidred-of
which is fresh and in a high :state of ultivation
the balance in woodland, lies well and" is heavily
This Tract of Land lies imqiediately on the Post
Road, one mile from Mrs. Sarah. Wideman's,' and
adjoins lands of 1essrs. Anthony Harmon, *Wm.
Williams, Josiah and George Patterson and-others ;
and forhealth' is not surpassed by any place in the
.District. The production .of the Land is equal to
any in the neighborhood,. as the present~crop: will
show. It is'/.ell 'watered. an'exceljent spring in
one hundred 'yards of.the house,-with running water
through most of the fields.
There is a comfortable Dwelling IIouse with all
necessary outbuildinga on the premises.
The above'named Tract of Land offTers many in
ducementsto a man, wishing to settle permanently;
In jaditio'n to its liir a good neighborhood, the
cmitem:plated Valley Road will run in about two
hundred yards of theamostiteavily timbered part or
the Tret,-where-timber will no doubt be in;demand;
I de'mit unnecessaiy to:give a more defalid ac
count, but invite persons wishing to buy to give ime
a call. A. MU RPIIY.
'Set'2 if :< tf:.Wf
Valuable: Property "for :Sale,
THE undersigned, intending to move to Georgia
n a short time,.ofUlirs for sale the ..following
valuable property in Hamburg-titles inaisputa6le.
The D WELLING IHOUSE and LOT on Market,
Corner of Snowden Strcet, running-through to
Mereer Street. The Dwelling and .Jitchten are of
brick, covered' with tin. On the Lot is a Carriage
Iouse~ Stable, and.all.necessary outbuildings.
The LOT On Centre Street, nearly oppoitethe
A mrien Hotel, on which is a large'TWO STORtY
BR ICK BUILDING, occupied as Two Stores and
Dwelling-tot running through to Cobb Street. On
the latter Street is a large hack Store.
The LOT din Corner Market and Leavenworth
Streets, running through to Mercer Strest: On this
Lotis a new One and a half Story HOUSE, plus
tered and painted.
Edgefild Plank Road Stook. - . - --
The above property will be sold on accommoda
ting termsa, or' exchanged for land in Southern Geor
gia. or negroes. IL A. KENRICK.
hlamburg. Oct 1 t~f 38
Excellent Land for Sale.
T HE Subscriber being desirous of making a
.change in his business, offers for sale his
On Little Turkey Creek, nine miles North East of
Edgeleld C. H., adjoining lands of Daniel Holland,
. WV. Adam~ and others. -
Said Tract uftnlins Eight Hndred and Sixty-I
live Aeres, of ibe best Oak and Ilickory Laind, of
which there is tout four hundred und eighty acres
in a high state oI cultivation, most of it fresh and
well fenced. Th~ balance is woodland, rich soil,
lies well, and is well tim~bered.
This place is healthy, well watered, has all neces
scry out buildings, negro houses enougha. to aeconm
modate forty or fity negroes, an excellent water
Gin, with sixty'Saws, which will gin from four to
six bales of Cotton per day. Also, a Grist Mill in
fine order.
The average crop of this plae. for a series of
years has equalled, it is- believed, that of any plan-I
tation in theo District.
Tasus liberal. .
lT For further information ad -ress the Subbscri
ber-at Mt. Willing, or my sea on the premises.
Oct 31 : . 2m - - 42.
Valuable Lands for Sale.
T HIE Subscriber offers for sale the TR ACT OF
LAND on which he niow lives, situated on
Savannah River, seventeen miles above Augusta,
well adapted to theocultivation of Cotton and Grain,
11'76 Acres,
ores or loiss.. Between five and six hundred acrem
of leared land, one heundred of which-is ismt quali
ty low grounds, and one hundred acres fresh, whilst
the balance of the cleared, land is in a flair state of
eulivaion. The place has several fine .prings on
it On the - premises are all necessary buildings.
It is as healthy a location, .and as moral and intelli
gent a neighborhood asecan befounda in the District.
One other T ract. containinlg FIV E HUNDR ED
AND .TW ENTY ACR ES, lying near the junc
ture of the Beaverdam and Turkey Creeks. 'On
the premeises are all necessary buildings,; with
several good springs. The plaice is healthy, located
in a fine neighborhood, and well adapted to a ental
Te above lands-will be sold on aocommodating
terms, and if desired, negro prope.rty, at fair prices,
will be taken in payment. I will take pleasure in
howing the lands to any who may wish to purchase,
or any mnformation.given-'by addressing the subscri
ber at Woodlawn; S.-C. - J. B.- HOLMES.
Oct 2 - - '8m* * 8
Georgia Bullock County Lan4
THE Subscribesr wishinq to make a change in his
business, offers hi. entire possessions for sale.
It contains about
Tenl Thousand Aores,
Of Pine Bay, Hanmmock tend Swamp Lands. The
Baylads are as good as need bc-being based
upon a bed .of marl,.as wilL show. by the ditches.
The Hammock 'is' ef good quality, producing ex
cllent crops of Corn and Cottor.' The. Plne .tim
ber is in abundance, and of the best qjuality for Mill
or ranging purpose,-all within reach .of water
transportation to market, as the Ogeeche RIver Is
the Eastern boundaryof the land.
-A STEAM MILL, running a Circular Saw, with
al its fixtures, together with the Timber Carriages
ma Mules for hauling,.is also offered with the, land..
There are two settleinenti on theireises, with
a good two Storf DwellIng on each, .ne of which
has a good framed Gin House and Screw, 'together
ith all other buildings usual on such places.
gg Persona desiring to purchase are requested.
to come and look foetheemselves or address,
Scarboro, Serieen Co. e.
Nov 24) Sie 45
LL those indebted to me a.s t o John
t.Lyon will please call and settl.etr Notes
Also, those indebted to-myself, as I n bie
toho-moneytopsyy debts.. : B..Ig N..
. ..,ov7 .~ 10t . ..
Wor' Clerk.
- THOS... G. BACOlI.
R. D.. YAN. .
:7er Prinary. - ,
-W. F. DIIRI$.OE..
...r eLtarif.
A. R. 'ABLE-,
of. B: W mtfI' E, --
a Eedica1 Notioe
TnR.,READY KENNERiLY wilt praqdiee
-.L Mbediciue together.on the. Ridge and ,neigh
boring vicinity. Office at Dr. Ready's. ]
Qet,17,-a . :- . .c .m 40
OFFICE oer Messrs. Caancua .
& Bawr's Hardwar Store, Broad S
street,Augusta, Ga.- .- .. t
All operations pertaining to Dentistry will beat
tended to.with .promptness, and. to the entire satis
faction of all who may faior bijp with their patronale.
g Gold Piate and.Wire, Clasp.Metal, Solder,
&c., furnianed to'Dentists for Cash.
AugUsta, May;1 ly 16
D R. A. PARKER, respectfully informs
the citizens of Eugelield District, that he may.
be fouad during sale'day week at the Plattir's Ho
te,.Edgefeid .'H., '~and at his residence. on the b
Anderson roid,'t1ihtein 'niles North-east of the= k
Village, on ' eey Fridayand'Satti:41ay olloing. C
specimei s of bis-work, put up on the latest and g
most improved principles, can be seen-at his OfMe.
His address, when.io. the eoun try, as heretofore, a
Sleepy Creek, P.O.
Dec 27 tf . 50
ITN a view of ilosing'ous my Steck of Goods;
I will aRt'r this date sell. the entire St ck at ft
New Ybrk Cost for Cash: ~
To the Ladiis,I wasld'say -i bae szady desirkble
Such as llack-tagtColored SILS, BAREGES
SHOES, 110SIERY, &e. '- a
1 Al.Persons indebted to me are earnestly '
requested to 'malfay ment
Edgefield C H.,.iept.26 .tf 37,.
JAMES..G. BA LIE,'.. r
(sirdyitaiz taor.a.A:as.s anst:)
-L INES G0 00D ,
Curtain lMaterials and Timnlatg,
N&C., &c~ &0 .
gg-P. S..'-Orderw promptly attended to.
3-Ang8 .-6mo ' 30
TilE SUBSCRIBER ofersifor-Fall and Winter
.lnting; (l855.-'56)~ the following desirdble
arties: :
AIPPLES.-A select-list, of early, medium and .
late varieties, including many of the, new an ti
superior Southern seedlings, heretofore 'described ]
in Southern -Cultienter--25 cents each;-2 pr
hundred. 1
PEARtS.--Dwarfs and Standards, many choice t
varIeties, 50 cents each ; $40 per hundred. Extra
large trees, $l - - -P
PE ACUrES.-A succession from June till Octo-.
ber, ineluding many niative seedlings, 25ecents each;
$20 per hundred. -
C1ERRIES, of 'the bett nrietiesi 0 cents each';
$40perhun-Ired. -
FIGS-Several choice varieties, includIng the
Celestial, Adlicant, Black Gehoa, Ao., &e., 50
cents each.
GRAPES- The geniuine Catawoba, from Axt's
Vineyards;- also,' WVeller's Scuppernong, &c. 50)
ents each; $40 per hundred.
QUINCES-The Orange variety, well rooted
and strong Plants, at 25 eents.4
STRAWBERRIS.-Mure than thirty choice
varieties., includingall the moat desirable. These
Strawberry Plants have been awarded the Jfret
Premium at the two last Fairs of-the "&Buthera I
Central Agr'icultural Societ y." .Prices, 50 cents1
per doxen; -or- from $1 to $3 per-hundred'.J
BLA CKBER'RIES.-The genuine new Rochelle
.or "" Seaeoas' Maminoth." Berries~ of extra size
and fine flavor.- Well tooted plants 50 cents each.
POMEGR ANATES-The Sub-acid, or Sweet r
variety, at 25 and 50 ebuts each, according to size.
OSAGB ORANGE PL AN'IS, for Hedging-a
large quamity of vigorous Plants, of I and. 2 years a
growth, at $5 to $8 per. thousand.-.
OSIERrOR...4SKET. WIL LOW-Cuttingsiof
thufamous Beweriafgiiat $10 per thousand, or $2 -
per single hundred. . Also, the.. Viminaiw, at $5 ]
per 'thousand, ori $1-per shundred. Theae Oiers
are also very valoable-for-hooppoles,when two y ears
old from the catting. ..
- i7 Orders will 'also ho received for choice ItO
PLANTS, &c. a
?7The various Railroads .diverging in almost
every direction from Augusta, afford ample facilities
for shipping to any part of the South. Trees will
be carefully .packed and forwarded by Express or
otherwise, with safety and despatch. . I
Cl7 From mniddle of October. until first of Febu
ar is the proper time for transplanting-the earlier A
in winter- the better. Purchasers will be furnish
.d with inch (printed) directions for the. planting ,J
ad managementrof- Trees, &c1 as will (if strictly e
followed) insure success.
Addressa- D). REDMOND, Augusta, Ga. a
-Ot31 3m2m .42 d
JRcktsa.Street Nospital.1mid'Surgical
T HE Undersigned would respectfully -call the
.attentiun of Planters and Slave-ewnere gene- e
rally, to their very complete and extensive establish.-_
meti'nAugusta, Ois., for'the accomaniti~ton of.
The~ Tiildinig is situated corner' of-Jackson-and 'J
Fenwiek Streets; between the Georgia and-tho Sa- ~
vannah RaH-Roadr Depots:; and in 'sight af both.
It is therefore convetiletbef the reception of pa
tients from a distance. -In its construction, throu-gh
out the entire plan, was -kept in view the special
purpse to which it .is applied ; being furnished with
everything whieI: can conduce to the comfort of the 1
SICK.. It is supplied with hot and cold bathurand
shower.haths-and lias water-closets in each story I
to aoid fatigue and exposure to the patients.- It is
also well ventilated and lighted- wnth gas. With
the constanl -attendance ofs experienced mule and
female nurses the patient wilfbe sved much of the
sufeing ebhieh too often is the-reialt of uniaveida
bneglect in the treatment of NEGROES is irdi,
nary puivate practice, -
TE RMS-For-Board, Lodging and Nursing, per
onth, 810. For alt wuczssaaw Medical attendance, r
Surgidal Operations, Ac., the same as. in ordinary
city practice.
IU. F. CAMPBELL, SBurgeos,
- R CAMPBELL, Attending Physicia
Augusta, qatf 3 5
..- L pesonaindebted to the.Estate of Beujaunin
Gallman, dee'd., nerequested. to make pay
txt.- Those baving demands against the Estate
will render themi in properly attested. . P
S. S? BOYCE, Ex'ors.
Nov 21 - tf . . 46
B L AGE, Blue, Indeliblp an4 Carmine, for sale
kby A.G.dbT. J. TEA(QUE, Druggists.
elve s, as c-:i a ; A
Anodsoil Mom s i6S,
.$ LKh7 iLjs to ;A
tth sa; k arip ,en~n4 ,pV of.. .
gvew enla'- 1.l ,S A.1
LI Stne!!i
rith 6 rvr %/tetgbral ke eiuar 6o
t. Thnfu or eavoswnjac ,w :op bywt
wation:w: t.~c~tmrf \nacot n1..1
I EEDS - B:dCJ O.-BT ,'3 1N
"R . A.B8 BRAYS.OAS ?rfl RC. -
11thE Publiaree resetaly inaue tha this
Ltoehak fodrgoea t ou rpir, , hoe ystitdt
i ectt lte n t hhaleet ersEoST YLnnee tegaMf.
0s A. expee atond ~a openetdone irsit '
hoII wbit c ate. rietfl norih tha his
ir tlh ndern theruh repatitio atnus
Iso ees, ad ms'oee nthe First [email protected] 3ftUit*
roiTheaoh"Proprie ares i the i pdb atoigsen
ball be spared' on the part of the 'Maliaginpt to
wanist' the Table With the best viands Ihr 'Market
f a uguitand Hamburg alwd
Families visiting ousr Town are so fito pg e as
tsri saqur beat exeq~d*.m shall. [email protected]$:t**.
sinister Co tofr entirecoin,rt.
THE TA-'E" Vel6sig'; ' e iille
nder the inanagemet #r ft. ':ei scdQtler,
ad the. best of: rata wiltbo t lien, of Uib
'e iel letIobsberg e". ; t' " S
Hab rn, Oc~e ,
Of the Tin Efinuact ,*
-EAR Az.. R.- T. D I lS'_ T A N IfLk
rut: 'Subscribqr rould .resp ectfully ins :tyre
C eitizcns orf Egee d'and the mur obbtd Via
iets, that he;has removed t.)fils residqnoe, WrIaL
e has reetlg reted!. Jorge anar rominodrons
hop; and li now prepaa'a toe"IrV-0-0' the
.q ALL. ITS-BRANC) I tS, aueh is iisnufw
--g nare__ fr Mercha..nts, ROFfl Gg '!t~

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