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17111.1548nD EVERY
A. SIiilliS, D. R. DURISOE, & E. KEESI~
rr.orr.t rT%)I'a.
'II".RM S 01 1 I1'' 10X.
Two ilot.t..ti:. p:r ru:,r if pai't in ndvrtnce-Tw.
DOLL t.^.::. a I 'r:ri-v t:i:s:s if tint h:ud with(: si
tn",: the -ra"l "Int:):s DI)Li..lft9 if ..tt plil urt'ul
tSt" cap:rttion if the ye:ir.
S;.beripti.tne -. lit "f the T'li-triet uu:t be j'iu
fa: n advauce.
ItA'rlE.ti OFAI)vER"I'ISIN(i.
All adrertieement:a will he inserted at 0,.-v Doi
LAR per Square (12 Minion li;tes or lees!) fnr tl
Grat iuiertion, and Fiiiy Cents for each eubeetlucl
A.1v ors isemewo note ritratigors and trousio
Ter.:.)nt pn.' rihle its aivance. All others will 1
c ..:";rra;". ato when t allel f,:r.
,iver::. s.,: r tvirtg the "itr.,ire.t nuwh
of i vr;.:.ia 11.11t'an"l ".n the nta.rgiu, will be cu'
tilt,,,,l )no',l r,,r.,i.l n;t"i it,"tr%~,.t :it'c.lraliD)"ly.
Tlioeu llei:rl(g t") U IL'VYti.1: l.y the aeiir l:till
rv., .)n liberal terms-it bei:,g uulie:"etooi that co
l:. !t9 fur yearly aiver.isinj are c.,u3ueu to :1
It 'tiata'u ."tl-iuuaa of the drui or individual cu
?r.tai;:,. C" nti.i t tiitr;it WUa l"uyalie etu'
.1Ti t: "lAa:tiLi':t::4ne f a per-nul ehrtra.t(
tT:.i:t:7.:}' utit!'+. lici.trt!. 1{VHl" UI:""i:.1 ,"r Pr
r" itll;;+ .,: :t:a ' ")t-:t:t . " : oeiu::",tl f"r t")rllnr
ttu.'. wiil',t- t":,al'._eii :::? .."t:CriicE:'IILL:-.
.i-inu'tat'iai,;.i Caaditl:t:e U"?t ineerte:l until pat
f,-.r,,) Five Dt-Num
President I; a% it. and the .11ar}"land Cuni
';' :l! l.,l , t1l"t1i;"" ! : I he i,'' ttr .1' Presi'11"11: ,Tt'I
t: st.,. a- uiii' ro that ti~" 1l to or Mal"1"lar
:'ill:rlt Ili: "'. tt isIl illy F)i tili." Its :Ilt" l" :r.t f"<
t ,t it t:ieru:;ra"ll . irniit"ta ioii of the right
;'. 1 ~U tt'UU"l!sa anti Shat the ptNoisy fit' Mar.
1"i"i.l al"e "t"tilt:+n:d with heir Whole hearts u
l " 'idle of rl"t',Ilte:it:itl")I, &a;I t acC."
I'Ue Fir'i' "' rt these Cun!,alerate State
'1'Itw'tlllas l:li iii{ t:teir .t par:itilb:I frlfn il.t:
list': latit. Ii''V& l1Ut 1:(!1rINI to ft: I it (t(",
=",ltt itule i:: 6:r welt::;(', and to ir,'litt that .
In tiiet:wt day, i State whose pe,)r-It., hithii
413d 1;15iitlAt L11:1 ;Irr. so c1'"l"I; re.htied anti it:
s:ta6lat,"11 it it it !heirs, 1. i ., e' t: Ili t:tlite
matt :i:,tl t*tr-, !!r llitil tht,.tt of tlt*s Cow01,
Jul. i li :(":"imat"nI t)' ;ill'( oteiii.:eritl" It;it4
r. tit, - 1%1 I r,-.i"t" t lilt: sll;.sgestioll of Ili
:a "u' ,t" tl,:rt'lial"d. " that th.":e ,bail I.,"
r-'ih'ral ct"...aii''fl fit, li" . ~il:lt'-: 1111tl' ltillt illil'
til th," m.-t"tiii: (,lIl;;re-s111 .1111y U,:XL, 1
t:, r IIi"tt ;ts t I.'it1 Ii):t: tf ll) Il_,lt-,ar'ia',
all :,,.;"" tutrui Of "\iLit)g trotillt:,, Is
1:1::1:i li' . i:.:'.1" ratI.. tl:.:tt :!it sword.
1, : ,.. ",,i'..' t", , ,11" tllttl~ilt rt"t'rI
"Ihe I:+t: "t:t1 ,. it it:. itt"l1 4l, every Fool:
1:t!r o,"":+= ")1t ^titll: il:+- ttet ,:nte"d it elt'J:tit
t; t" e-t:+h1:.,ltti:, it (ii iii "la'l ierdeuee.
all ,i."; re::t".. to tilt: State of Marvlan,
lili:ttcl r. 1 " a,:l +i!"i''., is isle tilu.; e1111,11)ttl
term-;, t!i.at acid t'nrrlort desire i4 ti
l.vacc. that a li i' the C 7verllilleilt wollli
re:uiilc entertain uric prollnsition from tit
l.:+sc:rrit:;tent of th. l'nit,",l Stall- tt"ttttitig t,
a 1>racei'"a =ltlution of tare ntndir,;; diliicultit"
thy: ti"t't'r.t ntteinr;"t (.'' tills (.ov('rnrnent t.
I !tier into l;..t l)tiation Willi that (If the u Ill
;,",l . ".tit:' t.t'rt" ai.tt'li'1,-"I With tl!ilill:l whici
',^ll;,; 'IV rcvi:v :,l v, jlrupis (is troth, it Is
News trout Richmnond.
Rtientoson. June 21.-The extra of the
Richmond Dispatch, reports IhJrper's Ferry
in possession of Confederate and Maryland
t troopS.
l)epatCbes report Romney in possession
of the Confedtr:ut troops. On Trbursday last,
in 1he vicinity of Iltoiney, four eompanies of
(.n:ideirate 'tro-,ps, in 'omtnand of Colonel
Ilill, attr.cked 250 Nor.herners, who f1y-d,
oiencvirng two pieces of cannon. loaded and
spiked. There was no loss oil the side o.f the
C'vsofede ato! trootps, but several NorihernerN
-verry killed.
There ha; ben Iuother .kinniish in the
icighborhood of Manas-as .l unction. The
Not tlerners rau. Lieutenant Colonel Bowen
id Lieutenant Chase, of the Penneylvaiia
tim.. -t, were taken prisoners. and are now
e in Richmond. The others outran out troops.
it An oidinance wa-: Afre ed yesterday, in the
Virginia Convention, rteealilg and anlnnuithug
all acts tirnerly passed in this State, com
m endatorv of WiuWild Scott, and ordering the
nine of Scott county to be changed to Davis
and Buclhanait county to Stephens. The Con
Svention will probaldy take a recess, after
- Monday neit. to November. An ordinance
has been passedl authorizing County Courts to
I make provision' for the support of the fann
lied of soldiers, whil, on duty.
. t the Vienna tig ht the patriot farces u:der
Grets killed ten tmen by the aidmission of the
enety. Ti'be Salaiomd dc!iyem-.er says that
2W) are uini:ing.
The Souterners captured seven err: loaded
with arms, aitnmunnition, mechanical in tru
- nments and medcinites.
i:t Lieut. (overnor 1 -vrentl-, of MIissouri, ar
rived to.rl: to -nde'avo'ar to c ttperat- whit
t he Stouthei-i Staes. Ile has been wiell re
Criived, and his m ission is succes fucl.
. Thetre has been ano'ther skirmish near Ma.
nassas. in which the Fetier-ali-ts -.ere com
pelled to run again.
News fron the deat of 1 Wtar.
GoattuNossv.tix, V'.a.. .luneO -.-We have
ust learned that in e ngagernt: to -k tice nt
vie o'cla ck on the mc rning of thi 1 1ji in-t.,
a! N-w Cr.- k lt-put. ei.hte1 mils: wi-st t,1
C:nb.rhind, Md.. on the I: nof 'the Baltitm .re
and Ohio l-ilr.>ad. Our roops Iheeton, sisItvi
o: tw-> oini antties i.f the Third Tnntes.we
t lt gimni it and two companies ot' the Tt:ir.
teetth Virgin: Regintnt. The eneme. num
b.--ring abiat 2.50, cane in sigzht if :.ir troup,
r ad f-iFred a ftv, random shots. The tire was
.ad fhed. On),e moant wasi woutnded~ on our sidlls.
the enemy's siai. 1tti:e a inuber were
,d. but their e.net, l. is not e :t.ted. Our
en captnred two guns and a I.tand! of colots.
Gn. Caiwvallader conint.(dled the North
a tro"ps whie:: rectly aivaiccd towards
-tat p. r's Ferry. H e ha. nouw ret h e-l bey~ mi
if:: ersruwn, 31tary land, to the ne-i hlio:hood
the P..anna Ivanti-a lin~e.
i troops, coti-e-!n-:i of ltt ween t!0t) .noi
0 \I)!arvlanler.-, acgai hold liar(er'.- Ferry.
n.tal Johsoi is at Wttactiester. Two
iii-tners of war were taken at Wtlliamspocrt.
'I d.. ad are: t ow , n route fur Rih iiond.
Mt. of them is l.ieut. Colne! Iowtinti, f
ht- lith Pennslvania I iment. t they
ire in charge of Col. Thumas. 'ftbe 3f.tryiland
Volunteers. who carries the ot!icial report of
h,! \ew Creek akiriich.
(,-ner. IJohnson's position at Winchester.
Iow cotumands the whi->! Valley Region. Hlis
mo~vene-u"t ~f' a port ion of his force towards
Mal tinsburg. -to meet the enemy, instead of
'eing a retre:at, was, in fact, an advance upon
.he eonmy, who were approaching by way of
Williamport and 31artiisburg. .l.hnlson'
iarch was north west, as you wiil see by look
'ng at the map. 1i1" has nlow cimpltely
,cteck-mate-d the.- advantce i-f the I1- ssians' in
thact dtrection. The Vallev m-cv ,.oa- be cion
-"ired safte.
Imiportant Reports fronm Washtintton.
W aAatsrros, June 21.-A gyimlemnan from
tr'mraton Ik-ights c-ay-s that Gen-t. Beauregard
advacicng, and i-vet-hinig luoks like Lot
- - rk before to-morrow.
T he intco'itescc at-e aidvancingi on Fa'irinx
Court IIlous-e. 'Te New York Eighth I li'e,.i
ne-at i. I. ading thce advance. AX Iight the-re
Th'e Northern forces are near Vi't:na. TI e
iRegulair- fromt (Cainnbirburg htav-e crosse-d the
Naviti aton ft-om Ahlexandriat hs~ been re
tewed. The Seec-iioniists at that p ice t- n
cia tiy expect soon to be iliiveredi by it visit
* -mi iuellan- an:1 he paitriot forces.
Th New \-i York Jb'rrM say,-- that a large
gnun~t -er of regimuens 1:ave bceei :icc rut
.iin i a fewi we-teksc pacst, on thicer cnditioni oir
ir- i-g ready- ia muore at a spiilled~ timeg.. hey
iaving hailedi to ful!fil liat conlt ioi. thbere
c- *.,t'i for tewi oni-s. .\o new te~c inenk
*..wl i ithin the te-xt tetn tiays are liely to
Cnm*er'n teli-graphs toI ' Governorar Cuttini,
.if Pensylvaniia, andl Morgani, of New York.
Itis notat ienied here that Beaniri-l:ard is|
,p-ic -pr-oaching Wa-hinigton. IIlis pricke's|
- . r.- adun ii-cd severtal inilesi to-day , andl hi
- I pcuil frwarud henei y icohna :insc east nid l
n..rthc' of~ tna<~~ doncieti nwith b:Iirie hiie~., i
unwe inpostionto ae.for:'ge. andci I
IThe i tnre-n .aclas etrencgth here thati
u - Ctonfeder.-.ti, trooic re- - reingthiening. their
vaeI He pre-paro il ir .t ir:bt tines.
"-I a i,-t-:crutnett has i-ctivecreda tiat
Inl 1 -eces- .i titaie engaged~Ct nl 'nur\ gic
ea. icar cM;i--un ;inie. vtI tic 1~a
-C- -ci 1 -.-11.1 .c .... ,
.rsiithern G ratnd Idetrs to ct-et in .'1lc,:
.:mr .i.baa ontefrs en s.ayi
:A -ughnit, for the purcpotse. at iiis-.liiniig thte icon
ea-.d :i tecGorcl I.icye. of t'tc Li'- dI .Iti
the j--im.- .iurc.dictiion 'if I Irhi Fl-Xl owsh~ip.
W.- tch:r-candc a smulttcr moitiin w
brI~. -h I: -ini in ~ the Sotht t'ari-lcia iiand
I r di e I -:. January . bcut it u- as lien dei me
iexa'dienit to I it- he act. '.r-t have
chaunged'. aind we? hi::cin that the t rai.dl I 'n-a
will probably- ii a1ut.--e mt the- dec-i-i-. - iiit Li
IiJI r a raietimyu.
It is :ea. t habjle ini this connlle'tion te.:at thIe
Cht ief of the I .- dge of id F-!tawc.l.ipa, the
t~inal d Sire, ts a ei izen ocf South (Car-ilina.
*w - a,1-t ti, woniiit beci: ir armc Jir~ th- de-.
fe.nce of 'Soj~icier crihti- ual Soulha: rn hollor*
an the scired .-' I of Virginiac. ll citri~e. we
eali 'nly all:udei to tie llion. It It. llilttan, cit
ire.giccnt ct.
t ichi 1-elcc-wshtip tcl'gaiises it C'hit-I it a i-iti
- - en -f Sou Care inla. I bei b- carued :andi ipri
.und ' Dr. Albenc i. N:a -kay. 1.. ('. L , the
G oi.endci tirawi l i:: l'nec-t, ccnd, he-ie:r.
t'e Arch Masnc iif ccw comoiin ri. 1- . ccr;< u?i
tioo, thait thce.- organiz t its. w-hich, baced tup.
0u pcoilred of e atri' yanid tir..t hecry loive,
.have as yect outiasted t hie rupture o th t'le.niont,
*andlC~s cete. in. South Carolin iwhosIi 'e poliitcal
a ;ctioo caused its dic-soahrni-,.--ha. Coier~~ti.
- r --(.i - - -4 -..-+- ------ct --Iiic~ct~
P ~. -a - Y. r --Wi intcidenitally r-an: ioc.
-ed, ye-ti-rday,: the captuare. byi ihe- U'citedi ~ iate-s
tbiockcaning steameir Broo. k lynt, oft th h..cat i ful
'ach t Gip.,y. at Pai-s ar l'Out ri-. Comnncodre
tobainsotn (w-cho. bay-I te-by, is axu -liih .sub
ee-' ) wasc enintg one of his tsvucl .-utniner
Si-hug exccur.'-i.ins, aund wats sailing thuc G lpsy
uncrde r rti-li color..
Th ' lboiiLit and vailiancit ct-mmnandehr -of (lie
Tro'oklyn,' withI a most ntide obediattIienace ta
thIe Ib tci-r of hisi rdcers, ceiz:ed thIe pirietty
plieasurec botat, ietacininig it ac ai piriz.-, ad. a'
-we- learni f rim ci despaictch fromh (2 iConiod re
,l'obhinson, putt hint aind his servat tin .shri,
. nt'ln the ir way to I hbe c-ity as IhIetv mar.
t 'fh Th'. -e will priob~ably dho in the- l'ours'e. of
the day. -
- g~ Gertiny a mos-.t brtillianot :thcventurei this
ofii the brav'ie lhhn:kaiders!---New I rlIean-i l'ic.
much ttclsold at the pire-sint co ndit ion i-fl Frt
Pickeon-. In it-s isse, of thoe f0thI it samv:
"Fort P i--s inayi be regairdedl as pratIh:al
ybeoddanger frmn the enemtiy. It is
st ron:! enough at prescenit to te-ist anyi forc-e
whieb Gen. l'r-age etin laring cagatinst it, aind
withina few days it will he~ alli. with thet ad
ditio.nah strength supplied by -vsels no0W tin
their way tothe- Gul, to :lefy~ the whole pow
Imuportant rron Missouri.
Locuru.L:, (l v..) J ne 1.-A gentleman
who has just arrived froin St. Louis, informs
us that the fillowing report is current and
The Missourians, by a feint, decoyed (en.
Lyon from his boas, which tua.-ked laueitries'
sicceded in sinking, and after a terrifie fi.;ht
(ten. Lyon and his entire force had surren
Gentlemen from St. Louis say that no rei
ance can be placed in despat ches en.tnatung
from .i. Louis on any p'int in relitioni to rf
fairs in 3issouri. the telegraph eiing utterly
suborned. 'The JAnnerrta/ ( : ho .!litiotn news.
paper) contrt.Is the western line and the olli
cials dictate what shall be sent. The last re
port of Lyon's capture was believed there and
is thought probable here. Not a word, how
ever, ha; been tele.rap!ed since the dispatch
of last night, from the Ikmocurat, giving d.
tails of how Governor Jackson viewed the
tight on a instant hill and lied to parts un.
known, and how G.en. Price was seized with a
violent dliarrhet on the commencement of
the Gght.:nil taken to his home on a bon.
The editors of the in'leptendent truth telling
paper. have been itulrisonecl for treaton.
JEi: sO)N TY, Jute 21.-The steaner
,Sunshine, from L oonviile. co ntIirums the deteat
of the State troops, with twenly killed. The
Hlessians loss is two killed and nine wounded
and missing. It is thotiuht the Mis~ourians
made another sthami at Lexitigton uider Col.
Weight tan. fternt':l y of' the L'. S. Army.
Sit L. June :!l.-l',lir, with two regi
miti". lias gone ap the river. as it was expec
tel the Sotherners woui-l ri-e on the night
of the 1'Ih. and drive the Ihutch into the
.lisiss.ipit river.
Gen. L;o ocet'cnpites luonville. Four Mis
surians wetre killed and twenty woniled.
Fu,ir Fedterali.sts were ki'led and tine wountled.
PEa coO-r x x.
3.1 6:rnts, .June ;1.-A relialie gen th'mnan
fitin St. Louis :a ys Lyoi w:s eilefeatel I .y the
i~n:rtot.; at lI.mns1ill;' tha:t 300 ltine hlt'lie.
tr:'' lti!h-d and11l :otI tere takti prisoners. I.y
otl included: 'iv ;::non anti .!'sttt it of tris
w..ri:- catre.Tetanwr Nah1 eil -1<:Ilk
and '.:141 linlt :it.: s killd1 amd wundedt.
In Eatias Cite, crn onday, ;:in) persor
were taken prisoters. ''lere are 400th Seces.
siuinist., hthre, who arc entravagantly joyfu',
'he Wtaeeling Traitors.
KnaIt:1.;\t, Jlune :0.--Au O rdinrancet whiuch
h:s ,. en paed.'1 in th:' bogis ('onvent on by a
vo:e oif 7t to .provides fir Oh~ enpire re or
gniz ition of ti State ( stveriitn lin , and rlpn
diate, the' 11irhinotd C'onvention. They will
ntow pro-:ed to. choose a new (:overnor . A
new Satt: St.. and other emblei'n of atthor
i t . La- b-en torth- red.
.WaryllaNii G(tting Right.
F'{::i :: itu K, .\ld., .h1ine " 1.- !b-'su;l ions1
dleclarmgli it: the deb!i now being inlcurre~d byt
the Fetderal ( ;vernmetnt is tuostiuittintif:(I
atl declarit:e it :tets of the Admnii:itration
uncot n.et. iitonal anit lyrai es:I; :Lt d dcrlaring I
Also in :mt.r oift tih'e i:ntetitihate: recogpiiiiont (I
the Souther:' Cfd;; ie'iy, have been stit ioi
by the S:ate Senate of .laryland. The vote
ntood, aye- -17, nays, -1.
Tit.:! :roi.itN Is .\litsoraIi.-We con
versedti with a gentleman, y-rtt rday, tite from
.\ issouri. Ii: giets a io't diltoraitble accounti
of the cnd'iition of things in that State. 1le
-ays that those in St. I.oui, suspected of
Southern .ymp:athies are treated in the most
toffensive and inulting manner, and that they
'ate not resent any indignity. at the peril of'
their lives lie says that an order has been
r'tc'itved in St. Louis to proenrte, by purcha'se
cr se'i.ure', fr',in twenty to thirty~ steambot.
for the initemled 'tivasi:mn o~f th'e .1 ii.issippi
valey. 1 -etlytk, thin Sec'retary of: the Piltot's
As,teiat i o of St. Lonis was si mnmoned to
the' .A rsenahl. her' I .incoh'n mercetatai-s
ho!dl sway.
WhenC~ihere. they irquired if he could pro
cure (n tn : Zt to Al goodt I.'niiona mni ats pdtilt
for thle ( ovenint:. lIe piromtised to bringl
t:.e mat er befort:t h le . -s: ciat ion, ai did so,
when only a few acceptedl the service. The.
irge mnajo.rni v(not only re:u., "."m I
to avoid bteii'g iiiturssed into serv-ict, havet
becen quietiy ".ecediig" from S?. Louis ft.r
Weeks past.
Ou r ittintant stavs t hat Govt. .13.e'o-on's
in ci;,mtimpit ut for siomte wteeks; that thIiey
have been pre'par'ing for it at least three wee-t
and thait every wheire thec pi oi.le are !!fing ui
to tile aidt of the Gote.nr. t
In a short time', Gotv. daelsont~i will hav.e a
serv con,,iderable army. whetn (lie inv;a !h-rs
.ill be driven frtim the stoil. lie say~s tae1
\! isson.rtins in the in'ter'i., :, well armie'.
'iith iitl..s, thait tih'ey shut o:.e ieye when they'
hoot, and ever. shot is gtoo d ihr a tuan:. The1i
war iii M!it uri. h,- thiinks, isi de.stined.'t to be
mite of extermiina tjin. liIe thinks the motve
nent in 31:ss nri i etired :O have' a itist
ulavorable elliet upttn (lie asrmyt at CaLirot andit
ir.'s Piomt ftr the invas.ion tof the 3lissir.ip
. It will take all their fries to "i hold. ce
upy :'it amiO os5-, a subju~gate thet galiai.t
li- pik.- who a' e n..wt rushinug t arms; ihr thie
il svtai. -All the rilh: witiks recenitly at
iIr"tr i rryu hatve been boxead up amt re
itt'ed to tih' A t\rtnorvat Iayt'.t'v i he. Nor in
Nets iib ~oiilehtey 'omalt'. ''
e.a tfr. n ln'irpe's Ferryj I. rte-..rte- ..or h
n . . ~t':t -. i. iris ii g i
N~vi teweiil tt ''innter comat. ti
Thse whoi or- t iuxi ed a thex Iat'Art cry
mp-mv t ebene'ipt t bona
hit enct ei r~i onai-ttt ,f li Nabh v
t: ploti t' ioa 1.' ti vwf'e rar. Ai itii and
(i., ,1-[ r m i l to'e hav e l'thin ces it
:txx'ax'a hx y d nie :15.' f Tc lie,r tiH's wl
hodtha6.t hi iti s. w i' th-e 'it l rtleiv itti
ginit wit- theiti. to ~ hs.'ili is u gerv at nia i
itg -feti a .a it-.tn rch .;i nn-herr ~ e
ie asptttr( heefe he vti, d. .i mt
titti' iir rweait~s o, ~yh . n wil be lit'e b1
- iir'i-m a s t: .'i i :i c tac-iie. liliese t in hi r of A
i.en''.' thltilittal. Io. :t- in' re iin t
lcn v :x ri are in yhiiiI~ed ~to in tiis lt'a
lvio ple I t h.!ti i~net't in tit t t de ' a't- tcrin' tut
ihit'' i riiaeted ato l Iinto,. the *erviic o h'
i- "iv. Itil -r e-i o , h t as li
'uix. i i[t i A ilti4:1 ii i"a:t ei.- (I
01t i r.;n acnii g 1/ /it~ tot in x- i;r al t t.''-h
fire. N'ts a~tui 't'il i'iee i
Thmes i itintittb git to oi l r i-ted to'iil n-it ;
hi' r i' iar ly a t ps-in Cie , w th lititert ofi tie
-t to 51.:i0 tn I tx-i i'It s ala) ibv'dt e-ure-'
.li't t- t ti.--'.t iI tt a~ I itft' lt
--\p1io c reaimtien of the Net eliilfrguiwhYirh
vmog~ thema.-ed herlbt-d to tpte curther
the Cataline would in all probability have
fallen into our hands.
Capt. Parri.-h anti his officers deserve much
praise for their dlaring condue. in this little
'ifair, as do also several of the Richmond
Gire's, who were on hoard the Empire as a
marine guard. It is hoped that Capt. Par
rish may soon be better prepared for offensive
operations, by having a larger and .more
tif'etive steamer placed under his control.
-Norfolk Herahl.
T'm: Co-ros . rns1cutitoo is _Intn, GA.
---A t a teeting of the lanotters of Wi:, Cutn
ty, hehl in M:con, en the 12th inst., it was
ascertainel that .5.150 halos of Cotton had
been s.ubscriaed to the Conl'adera:e loan by
the planters of the County. Among tIe sub
eribers was Major Lrroy Napier, who sub
scribed and paid fir 818.O00 more of the Con
federate bands, which raises his pe'rsonal sub
scription to .000, besides all his growing
cotto:t crop, estinated tat 500 bales.
B.AV'ICnwAnn ON CArT. BA.L.s CoMlrAN.
We have positive informal ion that (n. Beau
reL'ard has ordered the Fairfax horse cotnpany
of Capt. Ball. recetaly taken prisianers here,
t.a leave the State of Virginia, because t.l:ey
have taken the oath of allegianee to the Unit
teal States. Those of them who may be in
deti to viol at: it will, of cours, be excc.pated
from the operation (itl the order in qiunstion.
We learn that they will all, hao:ver, the
State.-Washington Star.
To those in Arrears!
Wa: tare particululy in want a f maoney at tai.
t:m.'-and tamust urge upon all in arrears, either
ror Subtstrip:ion air Adav ertisiag, the neret ity of
iaaamtedii a e a; ttipn. t. Tlo.' who have nil- the
('ash. are rpecltiltly informed that we will be
paect :.. r"'iv W hoas:, Corn. t).at . or aotla-r
produce, ut:i-r.aling market t.ricesg. in liquidation
,of their relpctiso neo'untl at thi, Ottle.
Let it be Remembered,
That fromar and after thi ( date, nrlers for lth'
.'.errtic', uales acaenapanied With the Cai.
wilt receive no attaention frotn up. We are fuateet
ta be adloptiarn of thisa ru i', aand will rigidly ad
here to' it.
Letters fronm Virginia.
Rufer to the ia'eresting letter of ".f. T. B." on
first page. 1:alutckily it reacher) as just after we
hat gone ta press last week. and this iy smae
careleaum-? in the mail uflicinls-nt a hat point
we know nat. itut this we d, kn-,w: that is is
y,raav; king to have epioalary am.:tier destined for
our readers thud= thwarted taf it< purpose by i slow
caeh. .Mtr. Ita. w As eah r nat, it should not
anni :y the pe..ple thus.
Will our Virginia friendas please direct their
cotmluticatitons ra' Augusta. Ga.t. It may d
siomae good.
Al, ha! JuS' as we were penning the above, in
coets the mail and out slips another package
frwn ". T. D." All igt. Mr. Ri :.. aind
the pisot masters are all clever fellow,:.
Hot and Dry.
A trying apell if het and dry weather la-. teen
ton ts Iatterly. The =mull grait er ps, except
4'mInc late oatt, had nade. and have teen leauti
fully harv'csteal,-abust all the wht.t and naats
of the c'oauntray ha vinag been hiaused aar laeiekd
withiouat a adrop of rain to intj are it. The thier
naaoteter hats been staaditag faor teveral ahiays alt
4to' ta USC', anad corni htal received toa uddlaaachteak
it its graowtla. Tias will a.at itajauie it innterialy
J-awever, it' the ranin cotta's sion. Caaatttn gr.aa
dlw y but surely .helara it hais -got aff." 'The
r..misa' is nt re'uaarkable, 1.ut there is naathing
fia- far taa preent a Itarge crap. Thea iuivers~al
p'artira aif mtoan, bentat anda iegeltato is for
Another Flag.
It ha' ler r. mWr privia'ge to exaa:uine anda admi~ire
noitha'r barilh'i..nl fl.a: porepiar'.l tby atanniher nile
'agefaield talay. itnad wie itt a baeautifuatch tol a
le tne raecetty dea..rihed't to intet;'let fair thae
.i.pri.h I Iloa,,'r'. T his oane is fur the Wlarn
n.,oh, Ciapt. tb ii, andai is adreatiy furwaraded taa
bcamptal of the ltlaml'iitn Le'giont. It ie the Cuna
e~ l-r.te Fhlg 1 with aaliti.n" den;oaitil:: thte.4tta'
n-I la theoame oaf the C~iopany, tantd irnirihed with
hae barief hu:t spirited malot a, " /hcoaar moroM
aaeo'- '"-a taa:oa thaat buiitantiaciatas the loat
h.orv ''f tha:.e who Iiall htar it onllitrat where
lty andat glory baearkant. WhIena tan I whecrevar thea
:taayt.n Legiona aeh:0' ataal inii;t tatt' a: uplon
fair tiebl. we aenat rtaely pore'.Iiet tl.:tt taone of it
tatnert w ill wCave tire~a praaaualy ::lai~t itr insit~ji e'
biglaer ethe.o-ilftm ahian the-c af 1L4;efield. a
1'retent Armst !
Yourt tt o rtnidtla, 3olr.. Lrae' L~~i m.:tena.
''ar :adivice t.a ya'aar a i r a'isterhamda is timeaaly a' an
roaper. Let that piriva-e p,~istoad be tal wnys re:aahy.
taid alw1'ays fr...-h.'aondel. .It tmay' ':rvel Somte
'hiOe wtomtana : nto-'Ilaaurpose ini e.x'tlitya. Theo'
.:r :-u.;,pii.. oaf its exi.-ten~lce witll d goal.,
aaeh~ ttnaro I'its eay aa~a itt ta prngi.ed ha:ond. a
.*'h,.. laei" matst tie f.at' foar the e'nintry? hoawevar
"e war go. . Anr]ii'we know of n-, io' tno.re'
.'.ady' to otlp~l:y thi' h teand~a aas far :a, hie '-:a n.
b11at ouar o'aei.r druag-th-t. .ahr. h'aao::''-. lit la:as
it ha::d otlia ona a:.y -f tai~d a: to'le.' wiiah i.e'
.'' iuing :::tt modarate prio'a-. ii-- ha als uit. 'ay
cry'1l pai t Lw , Gi 'g. fo'r the '1 iino.
Ani :-pothec'ary'. aiohaortneu~t is ntn inqali-rtat
e~ :n every i i la-;e andl dliatrict. 11er', -- oane na
rIgH'tinau otnl'y raeedlt propeiar enoura gemra~aaett
''Ioa'op-e atot si~i'iana.- -f the !Nar~,i,' -ut i oot
ht the inducz:eet t"diej.redh by .i r. Ito i:; :-.
auta if' they' pr faer to o 'elsewhaere'. 'a a'te it 'atk
a an v'or Lbhnat they'i w:11 ary' ur ;advertising friend'ha
a t1.ati:atrg, to whaotm tew tare suplorioar.
.r. L~. at. L~oai:.Act. of the :M1t Tabor' neighor-t
ood, ade.irei It" to exipres5 hii- haeartf'elt thatakst t
i fr'enaa :aad tneighboir" w4hit ao kindoly atosi- ed
a r..ini.ti:ag hi- Ifaaranltar the waaadstzire' .a
:.tr.,y ind. It apoenooorC thaat ..'-ane iegr'oae we re'
oar in::"'.t 'al n r hi' j.ha'it Toti oh Friohty ighat
:e lire gio: aout fr'om' thua hi'n. ]X'ing very dry.
he !.otnaer s-pro:ool aaooiily tand were ntot r.topped
ni.:. aome t'oar ti:nam'tai roil, Ott .3r. L l act
a re a ontatutied 1:1r' y .\ataoday moarintg the gaoo.l
t'i;,:twr motS et : "un-." 'lays .Mr. Lova"Ft..u tn, "hy
. o'eI--k, M. uiI'y foece w ~tas oil nyj tagaain. I feat
:iaiher hla.-'tig (ooiliat iina to thl."t' rTis wats itn
he well ahio.
D~o y ou ish to Cool ott'?
lif ', .. to (;at.t.wsa~., where ttao'y lae fuaind he
a'r, auiager Paip, Poarter, Ala', Letmtu $yrupo, oAe.
-. hatve t rieda toae 'of hti. Sitna~amer beve.rtage', Itad
t.miii themat exudet.t. ai ia yr..:fre.-h in-. Saee
Good)1 Bargains Ahenod.
ta'ee l 'ti rtieni o sa'.lae of .Negroes boy aItr.
.v:a't .ao:.ras. iot .\oitnaya. nexat, tale Agetnt lair As
igaea int c'ase of .JAII. F. Caol.teu.n tat '1Tua. DrsYA
IA. 0Thlese negroes. lare to bec suhll fior ca.'la, taud
till to daubt tard or u br miotaied amen a ratre ca'lnt't
ior giod barga in:-.
Negro Quarters.
Were'ctr ta ii sublject we havei' noaticedt bafore.
at arainarty ithu. it might da, taut is neve.r pru
h-t. ft . 'atae lilke ihe poreleent, it is botth imi
raet' u tat atatnju- tto . thed nxeiughbuarh...taod li'here
itaeI farmat ar--Io*: let'd. Itlimat ter.' tntt wa' tat coon
idiem'-'' wnear- r' ti- l at. er'''' they~ thuas sel
artt. t atpubl ' aoly l'..! to the flail a, being
irjuiciaol ta g*'''d order't. It is uraiuetastiaiotbly
o.. Ana 1. iaithoott ;-.itig ott to sthow Ithe avils it i?
pt tao at igiatea, n.e tbeluie the citi?.ent wht lariat''
ialith' acaoaaaait,o a- iarilfually tblinh to it. 'Thae
aarer a taib ia ph're tare tao L Ia hga. thu worsae, it'
... ..il........atr damo no..eah the..
The College Cadets.
Two lieutenante of the College Cadets visited
Edgewond on Friluy lnst. for the purposc of oh
taining the voucent of Gov. lPiCKes-, uttording
t the stipulation t l'resident D vtis, to this e"tu
pany's 'roceedinig forthwith to Virginia fir the
eirriee of the Confetderate States diring the rut
maer vacation. The mlter is tine of very delie~ate
bearing?, and we are glad to know that (ur Ex
eeutive has regulated it n ith tueh safegunrds and
checkS n- were prtielcable under the cireem
The pertuizion h::: been ane.-erdelh i ui.Xr the
t-Jpres j-ru.i-u that the i'isilet-, each and e- cry
ite, agree t; retuo u to the College punctually the
1st of October. It i= "oupled also w th the further
re.juiretents, let, that each student thus leaving
shath htain the euisent of his parent or guardian,
and, 2nd, that a majority of the College Facilty
accede to the etq.
The propriety of granting this perini"ion is
regarded by the Governor as at lenet doubtful
nor do we belteve it would have been done except
trout it c.tivietion that thn oppucite enurse would
result in sucl injury to the ('ollege as might weak
en it in the publ.ie contidt nc. Indeed it was
given .rut that a refusal on :he part of' his Excel
leney would haave iniued it general etampedeu
fr.'tu the in-tiution. 'rit avoil this, lie ha" nei
."eded to the re'pu"st of the ('tidets. Yet, na gory
ernor of the State, he regrets the ei'ndition of
things which heas him to this corse. 'rite Sutli
';irulise Collego i< inc ."f the very few publicly
endured! itsiitutins in the cunitry. It i< pecu
liurly the pride aid honor of the Suite. The ne
eersity of its prtiarvation is. or ought to he, it
fixed prinriplie in the hearts of the people oft' South
Carolinn. For nh enin estimate itS use'F i iit
parting that blending of charneter, intelligence
ati11 harmoriy. ahieh has riven Our beloved ot
mcnwealth so fair a p.aition atong the States of
the South : And whoi doe? not feel that it is in
some sort our vestal ttitdpe. whose lira' of litern
ture nd siiernce r hiii:il he ever kept brightly
b.urninir. in w:.r ne' in 1-eace ' I t wa t in this vien'
thit the re1ue.-t of the C:ioets prtsented it pain
fll alteirnative' for the G venr',' adjudieatitn,
the mere .u a lie is, r iuio, prient if thii
hoard of tr'u-tees of the C.ih:ge tnd thus -iperi.il
ly charged with its tar.'. But the eirenoistuniei
we have indiente'i. and -trung appeals fromi sour
ces entitled to con-iicration, have decided himi to
the cour ahip:ed. lie is also enceonraget to
the step b~y the fact. that 'r".fe'-.nr 't ';A5t.x", of
the College, has been rhori to the r.tnni:ii of
the C:iae:, :0id wi.1, n'ee t ! re riiinribili th- of
that posoitiin.
'WSar an1d Poetry.
Our friend "A Private." writes to us fr. t liich
mnnd. iHlt us we had already Set up the letter
of' ".. T. L." containing the same points of in
formation, its putblliet'i.m wjoaiil be it repetition
fir whil we have not spare in the press fit ther
Iat ter. Itlpe to hear frot A. '. ag::in and ift:n.
We are glil to findl him writing of th- 7th Ilegi
o"nt arid otficers in suih terms as thee: "Our
Regiment is well eared t'or. We have as gond
uti.-ers as ever ledl warriors to the field. Take
them all through,-our Lieutenait.- and t 'aptnint,
our ever-busy Mjotr, Lieutenint Col. FAin, and
Col. UAi o ,-tin! you may rest ussurel they will
lead and we will follow to the eninuii's mui or
the enemy shall tly before us." With such it it.gi
inent and stb itlivers, is it to lie winderel at
that our friend should indulge in tie ftlliwing
bit of poetic enthrinim ?
a No fearing. no doubting the soldier shall know,
While here sand.- his enuntry, and yonuer her foe;
One look at the bright sun. one prayer to the sky,
One, tlance nit our tniner that tlaniteth on high,
rhein uin as the young litin biountds to its prey;
Lt eiurswnriis liash furth. Iing the seabhai~rdls away
It.ll on like thle thuniderholt over the piin,
e corne hack ini glory. or come nit again."
pit We cordiiilly end'orse eve-ry wisrd of Mr.
liuwil.o:'s enrd. There never was it better Ili
e in Augusta : and, hard its the titmes are, its
anager5 no1w steer smuoithily ailting i le'r the same
tdd scort. It gives us pulsur~e :n kno~w that they
re doning a flne biudness.
See what thi' Sailidai man .<ays. We niever
nwa Saludnh~ man that dit'nt think Saluda the
~rn:tect l.iec oni top o'dii t. F'aluda~ for corn,
1 for ->eiii.ility ,--zala t'.>r hareien'es.-Saltuda
ror lig meeetintgs,-Saluda~ for sour kr''ui.-Saludai~
r f'exte,-:uludai f..r paertr idlges.-Sulda fir
~very thing e'xie..pt bioekh-hiirrie-. Sttnge, thiat
bey 'hulli thitik they .a'e so iauich :ihe:id fery
.ud else. '.A iiin~c so etr..mige eitheitr went te
*ome to reethl-er. F'..r ito till the truth. we used
t hink i'xai'tly the a:nme whent we lived] tiit there.
t. thi.ei were happiy <hy---bt l-t tuuini psS.
'mu in theO jrin-riii;ty if Saluila,-:tt.d in the
iintioni. Nol:ini givtii u mre pienisure ihan
l'h:tr g..i.d t'ews frin Faludla,-ju:'t :.s " 11-r.
n"tells it.. Dii :.a agaiin. it yot dlare.
Wheatt .'ienl.
Ji-.< n .ri) j..rt it fi-ur wihenit tnken toil
o.Jl eartn ini l iand rnt: thtrngh :i, fir e'Fri oteni.
f' eursie regintaitg: the 54 tS t~so inuit st when t.
'his is nii *.uiy ::oud fir iitgri'e, hut i/ i lit-st
istei ial :.'r tih .:b t:d ti.e like en tiny inhie. We
'refer it inhilled. It t'::n I e afi in th de kite-et.
is bels'r for' , tin 1 cri tttathani ettit it'ur
rn .-h.r --. ttrdn t itr:sIe 'll hole icie iflthi
eiy ev:.;h f ti- l e-tu' i: . -fnd tui in ise if' n nr
rutierey I.::p ii r :ig 1'i .. fh-t r k
in~s t'iini b. Ca trhealthifuli ay t..heo tier
Site, i t '.e ii :~'o 'tie .ell r. ei p IL litel li whe t
ien:-..n t n d t o hate ifr:.u e y gere n nle u ttlhi .
. ijitlr y veT ' r. lie i -e ' et i .'nu t s ofe ur '
''m:i-til-l'.-tu-in fi''r hn-hc, r'!di'ttilth. iasir.
r'i'oti'i i'TeiiIt I inter. .~*Txs l 1t
Th,iii i :n leist r t1mo -y ii'ir yea . yi Ia -i tht e
)nuttn.il ..n .-Can.rd ly.ti th them ben:r 'ifndiiialed
i, ther ''. Jaeling' her:."
~Inii olia, S.~uiie~ l C.' he ~rtn nyther ie
'e,,every wa~t athi. 10 1tgree it tiel hde 'u :un-e
tu" ofThe ghitn ugrhe r'Mt.oa'
luch ite il'itoieme v.reti atribtevery a
iemt' the ititilto isei i -y wereyt'eripbli h- t
oul'r paer. oiteoeiiiston Snt-:h itiiuhh
-- A. wleer tin iereiiglu tircenty h'.iti
brough t'e ic tie ',of Puebl Nu'i.ev i-oerd
i of( j t he -\ietut Limnr. ofTx I.ht
A ein.liititiler to Nica''ragua inet. ebrno'
netien ebr-im a :ritatei mt thbelfnpo-v
'The tDaughter of .\etlt.-.a."
Whther ti'e iit thir cciitur. hep
rot hae thled ustre ittue thei nighofTx
Tun i hie ptoahuizidanu Ir tutih thee e
:w, ve'y fewr hig tttemi t itS in ate m id '
, getv hit'inig utih bcgil.g
W1e luvte the itietvnt act'te.,o vr oe
'i'lhe batiul ihtoL iis teqiui.-te'yawrlleht ljn a
arwould that out Souther on-.;.s wrier
'. a'teirt cin .itih rot' by i' lh t ' ir
ti i: hi tiuihi tu erwtt nt'gh tieng elit* W i'
You mieu..hoib thel fSuineSi'
Anlnd fin tril yourt iendenrerliht
Fo river utofst, e th i utaienurit
'Thit gh.risy oin tm gay hrtiete'
Tho dartn ipark Iini crt set,
Thee dauhter of Miedo..
Probabilities of Invasion.
Ihanaars tare afloat ti:.t additional ves.ael have
been even off the Sau:a Carolina coast: anl ap
prehenion s are felt in saa:;e qluarters that an at
tempt at inva3:o:n wil lbe cade. While it would
bae improper to di-regarl appeuruntee from which
t:is inference maight be drawn, it. is yet very iu
probable that they point to anything like an
ianed ocenpation of our soil duiring the rummer
months. Eungaged .s the Federal strentgth now
is in Virgin iii. fat Fort ie1 ken-. and ether points,
-and a.= it is likely very soaon to he in 31isslnri if
nout at!m. in Kentuc ky. it is se:recelv al ie fe:red
that -our sea-t-ard, nith it- tuiarlabes and uiamaaaa,
wilI L a tetuptaed by the foree. of t pralent enemy.
But "huulI this h:-ppn, let it not he :Iapposed
that we are by aniay lani diefenieless. lieiald
the tailitary of Charleston, the troops on Sullivan's
islanl, and a:herA which it is unnecssary to mena
tionta. the puba .li niy n",1 h.' gnaerally :apprisel
liat the twoa fine new regiamcnts of the low coun
try are now organized under able and tticient
header.,-one utter 3MANIwaAtl.r, the other unler
It:r v'.aa-, dist.inguislhed miemb ers of dis:tinguish
ed familiae. anl c e-ry way qualitied foar the duties
of their p"'-ition. Wae may rest assured that the
Stat.. i.+ in n" inimmeditate danger, rand that timely
aesa~afre- will lie taken to. aneet the war-t when.
ever it =hall coene. N-ither is it at all pronable
th:at it will cotie ain to" sa o fta r the culititot
of our defe't nci, ""a the p"a:aaor display of our re
" Old Kaintack."
Th'le t;alve-ton .V.ara ntililr a t ery pretty anl
spirited de icription~l of a 1iit.a ry Fair held in that
city for the benefit of riihliers. Among manly
uther gol things we find lne aipperitaining to
-Old Kainnaa-k." The '"chield amang them"
having made the tour of the table', -iomae at last
to the COiee Faauataita, whier': le is thus inilpirel
We confess ta have ai weaknea-ss r r i rip of coffee
after measa : alnt l""! near bay nri-4a thc delightful,
penetrating ar.iana of the Arabian 1L. rry. We
irro- over ilt tte table--it i< ~t the head of the
tatira---haded by a thick }.ine tree. A group of
ladl-ea amd gnt-iaten i gaaheiredi irinta.1, wtaited
utlan lay thre lailies and oit of Africaa:'r renday
handaatiden . areae i eviaientlit a favoiriie
bevearaage : atld thi.- tmerit nrliitinal popular.t ity
for it i- n:;tat lea -Iragg Cath-e." Several printeal
liuafards are :lpeadl t the trat-ee: and !:veral
.llai-taalat: looikinag vi-itar-. i he hdl bere list
lessly iuuntering around the rota, ,ia reading
thesis, sudden!y hiab.te cheerful and anifliteal,
n1t read alt.t over ttil over a-ne to the other.
wihl a grat ifaied lr. wha:t t nl!iariptri JaotL1li:,1-"d.
i.t ui da lik:tri'e:
-.Fo:si 'rat'e v---h t-l. T It ltA tn:=.
0/,/ K. it.-A' i-a rea t;i.; la a /linl r;/-I ., ar:l lbr a
1'"~ /ataa 1 an-i. I.l E h In-1ia.:. fit 11:1/it
b;.; .;a , R. : I .,ai.
!/1a:. a(x fline" ('lo/ -niel : "' Sh-'l!!n-,i 1: it-inlt
it ,l trit ilr e i th I 'en ,:.prIn."
ib.,,', ii.rraatd . . 'i'l a-4-, -.w rigd ik,tJ'D
r:alll '"
On- tall. pa.rtiy vi.itiar. with at country tuit on
atad aa broad bri:a hat pin-hedl far back .-n hit head,
n realijug this ^new-," repeataI it ilout several
ties. ea:nh time attre cmphatirkally. ant his (noe
erndnalty getaing rtiter id redlaer, wni he
inalilv relenabad .is i-t, .trtauak hi. thich vi-denliy,
ad e'relhimed -lui rrnih far hill tn nekyi a I
k:ew .he- i e all riht ! it ha- bone a leget- t
lit h.. ant anle swta: llowedtI ita en eu lts nt e' -ire'?
ai pid h alr two doye:n,. r.etfuing to receive any
bang:. and amarched off in exnltai.tin.
Poor Old Ranter!
It waii fin t.iaml i perhti ap alit ugly ntae for a
house.L.... Yet it attahel ta lim i n n pur,
al wea at hom -.aiai-:.ife grnaaatl'y ti think it 1nti e
upltniauea enaiotugi 1or ail aran.itiry l purpa.-a.
l'ranitory" i sy, that's th.e wa~r.l. le''' gone the
waty f airnt les brave lnl dag! True to the in
tiiet "f -:lata ring bis recogniised remaises if ,depre
lat an. h e hla alane atraiced ai herdl of iwinae,
lhnt wero feedling aon hila aatea's caran andta. hinta a.
o pnatiian lay thea octcasi..n. foall-awedta thatta atinsi
yieond hair ma:atlr'i etaeloi'ure a few famtil feet.
ingtj .tnly ia po hirnte. he kneuw alit ta anurb his
-ur oncae aaroaagad ta blood heatut ; nni theab knife
f the utrantger waas dlrtawn andi thaus aihld ItA'.Tsn
eli. IeI w.an a gina i doag. wheni e~.l-1 iaad a geu
rn adaa .t aiit dlag ntit htm, wvhent hit cate tia
ttiaw oane, lie wa# the pet oif ahe ahiren tat
--aa-.ia.. nera toiIl-minde-.. ti-;hat watlkel ..
\lu. olad fiendt !we shaltt mtis: iny anaaan-.. ~
mdti wiakefutl vigilanate. Iiat we~ haea bulrliad athee
in atrue d1o, an.i -o 1i. it b--~rc raaaara~aal.
Chec~- Probalemn.
h.,nt- if a th aa.an.
3.& heta lw - .tal.' h--v-- i'a iit. I : -aa e.i
a'o thea I --natetea: l...::i.-hat-tre by~ uair t-as
; i- iii al innearatlhu.v a haaraanati'iai ainfantae
-t. a: i.ttuaa are t.,;larg-- t!.:.t they e~t.:~t hae
aiveredl v its a tale-ethia.
t-gy licr, aret.n a re .s..t ha':a't in ia iple
rlhe p~riinterai doillatra atie~king ;3l.ta youra aa.th li
aaak at youra !aat ra-eiji
p-- ti aood.ad, whao a:rtie' aware tin~affully
anti p~ ie:ia aly,.ny : "v.\n ati.:'el witha .ua~tofntr-y
ot thaiught aii tuneah of na dayil s, m as a ev ii
tt a bag atull ati g.;ineti.'
SA ana gat upi ahe aaiber anight, anda touk,
at he .-pia edaal a caarad tit m-ltbes, attal baegtin tia
reak off anl byr *ane, aryig io li:ht a Ila. un~til
awhatae card wras nusia up, wiaaoaut ntan-ninlt -
li il.jeat :ili n i h .- he dicveredl tat haa .atail
d nyi hais wife'- e-tnhla
9p. J L ie- lant.tGovernora l'synot.1.;. nif 3:1: -
ai, tarriva-d in luiiaiu. man Taur.anay, a idea
itri-.r tan co-operlalte with the Sanuherni .tatea. lie
uai nelaal recived. tad his iiat.na wias ,tucea.a'fuh.
,rt The New York Ii ar/a,/say.a tha at the steatm.t
r rc'a tarinags lan alligencei thlat sixn3y Parunaia n
Ii ers waho huavet t woa yetas leave, witl t en-tler theirt
-rie' taa athe FedearalI Goavernmtiaa.
i-ar-a~ It itatedl itt WXasthingttn. tha~t the ''ea
,rs. fra~un 31alii ri vil! anot takle their a'enats ina t ha
pyrachitag ae.-.i-.nf if tiongri:aa. Thney ifear tat
rrmtt far atrea-.m.
$.iar The Au--tiai :"Teatd St~nte (uaa''Ii" la:as
,n lifareaed tif a ,.eraat " niien Aa.-o:-iation"
rmig ian that 5ta tea Thec matatter ia beinag in
eigatted, anid thle a tesaeiuna. pilot will lie etlceet a
ly broaket enaua.
pa-I ih Sta aate of .Nw Yaaak thaera atre. fify
nyr op*a'ujponsed tialo aaLincl's Atramy inivaing athe
atth. Ina Ohtiio theare nrae fouarteaan piaper- whtichi,
site malb liaw tanda thareaw of viuolencee havme
atme aiut in aapihatt iaim tao l.inacailit' trar poalicy,
ggi It haaa leanked ount athat the "Virginiia
tajr." whomn thne lIe-"ianas boatt of havitag eny
area at Little Uiethel, it' it vieritablo Conntctienta
ataitte iin pein, lit n 3jor Titaua a.. Ritce. of tine
ate Vi rginaia Militin, andai wh o wast itt ltarge uponil
arle of hufnor gramnl by Pienyune ihatier.
gg If a printer utwea a hundatreda donlltta. andaa
a five ritiesite ht somtt tile him bay ataubascribersa,
ao it tin bl-atti if ache i put is jail fiat debtt
nwer, ye delitnquenafl.
p ? t Tt Is proposaed to set the Yaankee.J p-i lOrt'
wor k, amakinag uthones fur our atrnaapl.3hMostiof
at are .-itil to be fit forT anthing el/ae.
gg M1r-. JMarg~tat . s,.-lyn, a re-sident if
ie laianin,31' lih., gaveiI brala a t winst laast waeek,
aingh she had ratched har tifty-ninth year. Veri
.e nemv.e rt too old to do stome good.
. I
For the Advertiser.
Tribute to the lion. F. II. Wardlaw.
On Wl .dns-.i:.y the sir-t d:i of our .in:e Ters
of the Court of leuity. hefullo viug proceedings
were belt, ut.d were thus introduced i y Jost:rn1
dun:v. ?-:>... on the death of the lion. F.ll.
.ioly it pl.iu-- yosu llanur :-I have been re
luested by the Edsgetield lIar, to announce to your
llowor a very sad eveit. which has overtaken ihi.
ctliut.i:y. aril lled :ll cur hearts with grief
and anguish. Our brethren have just adopted
the Rte. dution--, wichr I h-id in my hands, at~d
whi.:i I shall erav-e the privilege of rean-ing in
spenl t'iurr, on the death of the lion. F. H. W.tano
t..tr., formerly ione of the ChnneelIsre. and lately
o2sn of the S:ptentt Judges of Siuth C arolina,
wI. fe!! at his pest of tly in the town of Co.
- lumbuiia, on Wrdede(d , the 21tth of 11ay.
I- n thi.- visitattion: "f lItaven, We, Sf 1.d1- fceld
Sestpecially. have l-,st the m:n, who fur thirty
yea r!, ha liee t i ght is. of nr coiunsels, " sur
sytpathi .ing neighbiir, tur bounleoints friend, ans
-or geunern., Ienieft-tr. .ever was there on this!
earth, a he:irt m i.r tl-ijnterestedl :unl kind, or a
hs.tomi mr.- .pens it, the pealis of sorrow and
wnltl. Iif lis .iruniiiary menl: ht wus hhral to
fansll. an ht w:s%. jsiplly I:si-hi of ths: exhust
bi:sr" resur.- if hii: initelleet. Would to Ei,L
that the formesr l:,1 ieit a. Iitounlltdht us t: hit
sir. Wi: tedi fromi I li, l,,,si.:' if iie tallh-: :tu.l
we drank-eiermas lly irnnk fromn ithi. gr:at iisi
of his mini. There is no: '.I i lsserse t-,.day,
and there has lies n- iuiii.e if n ls:w- ls.r twlunty
years,-eertainly ntu, ciie: 1 bii: luit ib a .s:Oinhr
of the proftes ilrn, wihoi has niot us d i.ds.:kr ever
I:.-ting bliigatiins to himt fir the tis.t its'!iotut
ile ind preious gifns of his leirting tr si aluost
perfect undetrstanding. lie caus the bosok, I oswn,
from which I read my law, ail lie was the ac
kniwiseiled mastier inl oraele of ts }ill lisg he
fire: i unt: w.. e ve(r mentined floir a lse:ition
in Ile judsiciary ,sf the State, and lng before his
meri's were known and appreeiate. heymnd the
bounis isf his ratis e andi adiopte-t istrirts.
l'u.ts is TI roun W srnit..is. the Son of .T tes
i W .t::.A w and hi.; wife 11 sI.NA C.Ain I, was
born in tile listriiruif Abbeville, at Ahheville, C.
It., the Ithl day of Deris~nber 1 :1. lie entered
the S.outh C'arolina ('sIllege, A pril 1.th, 11 s:, ins
graduated with the first hinter of Iis einsat in Ie
:tetbisr ISIS. hlaving red with A.,:x. Bo-wl:.
E.-q., at Ahihesille C. II., lie was amilittel. at
C'har~iestien, to pratison the law. ansi in the Maiy
lflliniurg at ('!tumbi, to practice Equity in the
Court. of Ssil Ii Caolinn. Ii Ihliruasry 1822, he
isttieid at Edgetielsd C. ii.. and praJri-(d here.
alone. anil in iartnerrhip with il. Wni-tit.:
Sl~tiss, Wit(.i.ut .u:nt:- r. the lon. D. L.
ts i. .n, 'sV. c'. 3i..isv:, lq., ats! IIay:l 1P.
SASs. E.,. until lie . - 0. when he wn. eleva
ti to lie Chiti eiy ILaneh, i hieh 1.ist he fdiled
to the universal -tiifrts'ion of the Slitte, till t.e
S21st diy of Die. I iMi. when he wnse finally shosen
one of the three Judge; of the Court of Appeals.
In the meantime, he was the Editor of the
Ed:genield . ,,,eli.~ e fro .Iareh l"29 to the Spiring
of 1I::', wais aleited from E.lgefield to the great
Nulliitienion Coirention in Nov. 1.3, was a neW
tier of the louse of liepresentsties (if S. C.. in
I8:14, anid again in 18S50, and in 1.8%t wass sent as
a Deegtte frot this District to that illustrisns
Conventio: . h:eh severe.l its f sm the U'nitedl
S a-es of Awerien, nud inaugurated Iba- wonderful
revsolution, ih:h marching to vietory with the
steady .tep of destiny, has united all Lands l
ill hearts at the South. fur a mighty. an irrepres
sibue and a death :truggle fir liberty and lisle
I doi nut knssw how to sp.eik more iipprsiprititely
t'ie eningy) sof the faslein, thiin hy making reterene
to diie events of hsis life. As hi. intehleet was
1:arg, andI hit' eidniiat isin cim;.ee isto~ hs iis careet
was crownedi byv thle must useful : nil belnelicen:
aeiti.s int suchir-hip, andI in re:sl elegant:, elas~.
sients lea:rning, lie psrihhily had no superior in tile
State, und in hh. lsegii Iuiinnt: he :ias edl
a i Ili e ii of n-y :nequainitaunce. Ile gre pisledl
s iith the law Ii a :ueiet~ie. andts ai .such. lie heldsi
ini thle griasp ol hii- right hiandi. lie wat nmaster ot
:.. .:.. .u-s-si lawhis dir lsiisienss were as
lpromipt as tiliughtat. nos a cleatr as suni-..5 .4 n
dleducs'tion thaut jftin requ~siredl sit hhis ret hren, ithe
im- etnaifl invesigation.ii nt:ui :he repourt sam'
dles'isirans t' thec Couiris, wis with him the ework sit
ii ttomeint.-ws.t uie:np1l i.-he in thei tus.inling~ si:
sn eye. And then wile~ stn the 1hench, hie was s
eaisy' iif nueuesi. son-iia~fl! rusts :,ndl s imbdgelsnt ts
thefeeblse iinds uniiinfined~, that lie hi-..mie ih
mi:St blovediti mini ier tha ltvi r rv i nl ci an ii
:temi-le iif ju~stice,. ir reh aslseep ithu it.s m.i.-iiltii
nrin e I dided t rit s himi.
ill.\NC EL1.0u11 INs. .1:5 111-:' 1.hIED.
I s' mpa:itit e d s ith yin. c~ih-nee, ii:
lie .-enltii.int' w hie yrO in havse e~Xprie-.il inl thtis.
lIitu: i.:. liefore thet lamniitedl inhject sof thent
;;a. ensllel to die ti'hneuery. lie nueh, I hads~ igenssis
soi the slins:i; of ilie .\l.pieal Ciiurt: uiid. athhiisigh
stir interi ionee was5 not lontg ter inutionic, I ini de
rie rm ittlic imp~lressions sit the spiiniiti.:s
hiis miind and he:.rr, ns iminitied a liv. ly titerest i.
Iis siii -i. wheni he w:sa put ini n'i::iitin Iby hi
*reni f.t.r the .iuint ni hah lie hais.-inen so
msin h wiirnedi~s. The letter limalihdge isf himi ne.
..ired' ini iiy .-ussinenit reh:issn- :s a .!siim
praceti:'tng ini hi- Isurt. stny viuieintedl ihecr
ti lie said~ :uiusug i/si. thias Chiantclh.r WAlatI. n -
isuis a iieiitsry ricly sredh n ith tall Ilis leasr.nin:
which la .eculinsti'ly rsfs.ional. it moiri iihan
tis, Ihe hadl ii iintalsu-t whh-hl li.s denuir .ist!i'
isint i s~tiei ti.--rs itut, lhrough the hti.:iist prs
ireroftsstight. ieinit-siol.* b n i:h.li
mitial wnv-s. I:ures er, in::giy htstiiteed in the (nets
..l p-nIta!h kniiow'e s. ndli adolrined with thes .iee.
tul heie 1'.i tire, ile ':.-. ti ripe schoitur. as
uiell as ant al,:t an.l iinonstrtial Maigi-trtt. Thes
quich.ies. ndi: charnise ws.: th wihlt hi. lseru'eie
the tepint lSs .f die .:-es it' r~I by htim. t e l.
siw- aid nrhi.ulity w itth whsich h: li,?ten- ts
ar;;umeI:. t, I.uwevur. isebI". :hte k indunes a tid till.
tne.-s whisbl shaas'teris.:d his~ dseennsr towaurd.
all, the conistai cons:sidernt:l h'r :lv'f.slit.p s :
otteti wichl ct.'tituits thes true te.-t .f ai getl
,ii ini,---thse~ were the .tI 'e. s vhich at:-'tesd
aroiuind imu (ts' alisertios: uof the i.tire Ihir 5f thse:
S.ile, amui d1.t w. I donbiit noil, tr'sm n'1 eyes. tienrs
,.f Z!;ris h a t heS s asinii.s tnen't ''f hit' .h:ath.
Tii the tiggrep:tl it' ill thes stiguiti'. whtiuh cossuti
t:e tum.l--: -luige'. Chaiir,.sllir W.srt a s..- 's ;:unl nio
u pet isr tatil tliw es~d.gI list hi. i wn vsiuirinte'
ioldtnst exetmpt hitt. nosr rour hu~ve tsilht him
fr.s.m thle itrriw uf the hti s tny. \'altuale andi
h.nuifu tl ats ws as his~ le, lie is gonle. Int the midstd
isf his years. is hosniors nndsu his utstlfutnst, he i
tiiken aiway. Whilse, in the lnguasge oftyour Re o
losiisus, we elii the snel psrierleg of ttinglint
outr teart' withl thll 1 f th le friendls mone issmmedi
aely nudli sorely ti iletss I by i s denth, le.t us not
fail Ito reciogni'.e: anid irmlris e the le'ssotnIs wicsh the t
iid seen is so well caleniht:d to teteh us. h.ei
is all1 reuitnthler iltiat, iin the tuaidst of siur earnest
auruittt ouf th'e sibjcts sof thsis lifet, ini thes midis.t oh
te ssoi:s of cur several avocatitoss. it: the mtidst otf
tie absimrbing strifes inc'idesnt to the peril.s of our
counlitry, tiiere is' ever a' hUt a stop bietwi~ t uis andtu
des.iIhi." In a isomentii weC tunny indi, "t ur purpo
es bursken soul, es nlie tho:hiit s..f isiur hseart ."
We mayi: wisely, th~erelore,
-- Walk thutghttul sui thei ssolemn .ihent shore
t.tf thast Viist sse:fn ws.e iiIlt sil .si -oon
Ansd pu good wo rk sr n oard."
Thes preambe tandI Hsolut ions shta", h' ei teredi
ssn thle .1 sirurl, tsd lihe Cs..nrt it' ashiistnied tunt il
test ii'clock toi-imo:rrow.i
Sws:<s$ .r A t.Kx.onti.-A Manassr" !
cor'son~dent of' thi~eihmn liis:pa/ci, sas
"Fronm priv.ate letters receiv.ed here from::
rliable sources ini Alexanudria. thei m~ortality 1
among theii invadtuers at tat pl1ace frm udysetl
try anid siir disease's ave"raget very nearl
tweints. a day. As thie wieather becomeus more
sultry, andi the work of these sconudrels wax-t
es- b10tter, otur climate will be very' nearly as
'l~uc~ta as our bullets. A r'efugee. jus from I
Wsuhington. states that there tare 41)000( fedq-1
isral troonps thuers. M~anys. of themt are verv
Thle 1.ouisvilie (lKy .) C'uier says it /..-nan that.
de Federal foirces at Cairo contemplate an attack
.: M.e...,hit bef.re the 16th ofrJul.
For the A.lvertiser.
Virginin Correspondence.
C.tar Twims, :ear 3Hannsas Juncti.on, P
Jnte 17h, 1 1I.
l,ue F',a. m-:--On Thursday last at nine
o'cloek, A. M we mw. aed ordiers to pmnek ::d Ie
rea.ly to marib at one tin the sane dlay. Fu...r
boutrs notice fora lie:.;hent of nine litundrei men !
No sooner ?aid thino dne however, and at twehre
every thing was ready; tents struck, men nccot.
tred and Coumianmies forued. We marehed fron
the ieservoir to the Central 1)epomt in 1l ic.h.minor ,
:11id at =even 1'. M. were w"hiiled omi by the tr:ain
towards 31ann-sna .!unction, our de-tinationi. f'ml.
CA-mm amoved wi:b hi: Regiment at the same titur.
but tuarehedi to a ditlTerent depot ; a,: ail enzme
together aga in at .lordlmn -ile. ('t:r trip to the
.1ution lasted ta ighit wnd l:f the next drv.
\t suns-e we arrivedi at ('umlpepFer C. Ii., whe:?
dl the -humbering smhldiers awoke an.l -hook them
elvcsr: those who did'nt awake and slhke Volun
tarily had it dune fir them by kind neighbour C.
The deni.na of Culpepper C. II , asno awoke and
.;ame omu , mheer a+. We found , urselves in the
midst .l. a rich and beautiful c:ount ry; .ueh grun
.1nd melver tields never before greeted our Sotath
.aromlina eyes. Clover is to us it sealed mystery.
I never knew what it was before ! And as a baci..
-r#oud1.1 to the similin: !andscape loomed up t.e
distant bieu ridge. deep, deep bhie, 11nd. glutwing
in the golden sunrise. 'ntil noon we ran aling
rarinum a mountry blessed of heaven, and I could
not ut all realize that the wav'irg grain was suen
t", lie trodden down by the war horse, and the
rich d.irk enirth to le stained with the blood of
h.:r own sons. It seemed to me on the contrarv
thn:. we were naking a gra.ad gala excursion. .1
<ingle glance upon the scvene at Hann-as hower"
er. -urvemd to diabuse iue of this pleasant idec.
Here the nite of prel.aration i< beard morning,
noon and night i here is " all the pump and eir
eummmstance of glorious war," military drilly. re
view,:. parades, marhes, guard mountings, un:
forums and hanners, all aggravated with drum and
trumpet and full hand. Dont .uppose bon eaer
that M:mnas am is a town or even r. villige. lefore
the elnemmial uenat the laciee consisted of two diwtell
ings. The nicest of these is appropriated to (;tn.
Beuanregard and is termed plead-iuartern: tl.e
rher is a vile hettel. The enecmnpmuent is a very
exten-ive one, the soldiers almnst entirely Vir.
:;iii:ns. At Manassas Col. .rui diamounted anI
:marchel seven miles through the country to Cen
-reville, which p- rt had just been left by Col.
tGiti:cc. The Seven:h Regiment keeping their
+:nts in the erpat, were enrried two miles heyutt
the .tunction to an cr:mon clever foeld upon a creek
ealled unil's !tun. And here upon this elover
ield we are now encamnpetl. Ccl. K Kilnsitw is a
mile andt a half North of us cn the s.Awe streatr..
We arrived at four I. M., and by eight Camp
'raiggs hai rprung into full being. The scene ot
pitching the tents is a very spirited and intere t
ing tine. Nine or ten Unlieers are laying out and
staking the ground ; the mreii of the dif'erent
companies are lugging in from the road side their
tents, boxes and hags : horses are led :bout ly
lit:le boys : do.ens scotr the hollows and ravine
i i search of water; niumbers, sick and exhauster'.
.tire lying about on the grass; ned negroes are
running about ge!i i J.,ird nmothi. For a
few hours nil seems irretrievil i cunfusion, lit-i
light gri:ally .:rows out of darkness and soon a
neat littie town of white tents, with reguar -treets
and open plaeecs. stands before you.
"- The day after our arrival was Saturday, ant
the' Cl. instead of prat-eeding with the usual
hill=, advised the men to spend the day in lut
ing up bush arbors before their tents. MIr. W.
P. lltrneni nsam I wernt crecr in time momniing to
visit e'er:ain friend. in. Col. K-in:sta w's qu:rters,
mmii upion returnrting in the mfternoon, ou tiiit 'nmp
TLwiggs coveretmii nndiid imned as if foir nm aty paar
ry. Eachi street hai nimm rhor runnimng the whole
lengmri'id .stretcing fr.mn ie to mdie. 'JThe ur
hair it Ta lbert tre.et is a mmode'l, atrii trnder mlhat
.\r. C~iru.m".: pireaiches. Eaich Omicer' t'mnt hi: s
diei uni m urbtr in frittt of it E:vrry tiing is miic e
nil ciommfortale:m that is for a Cuamnp. Winter
noit v'.ery accsile butt several Coumpanites are go-.
-r o d-a i-eseleswells. .Mtesmrs. Er mnt.'
Alet tu IUNt'v.3 om cme -ren imm,,i3- n..,
-in'renday amp tom their wi ,ts in thme dami y iribi.
On the any tafter our amrriavmtt enme Li1. .1. .1.
.-i::ni.t.-, of Saiont;:onma-ry ,hAlhatuna with his Rlii:e
liegimnent nummmbrinmg thtirteca huntmdretd men : lhey'
i itt'hed theitr tarnis .aut li fly yuards to iour
:.ft. C'il. ::rni:m., is an telder b~rothe'r of thnemua-h
.srteemmead Mij-r if time Sevenith ltegimment, mnr~i
tii liner has ait ioe pila.mii tihe twii lie;;iiments
-,i rapport. Y'e-erday and' lat~ mmnight a .iinissippi
R ..giiment e.,mmn. mtdi hy m.oi. Cr...ar enmi upv a
mm-! bmarse mem:iiimii siill tum:her' ti tiur li-it S..uth
'-heerS fir ilhetm
.ir Cai. K:mm-tm r..'sm, Cam. p liramcuregardm, we. f..ur-.d
.1 i'rerfectmodel if ni enm: mp~mmenmt nitui ev'erythinag
:1 uri-haing. huririn1g a litte rem/e s aimitog the
- !Iiei alre they :rme st riing'y emntrench!ei amiti
.1ppear tobe r-emily fo'r mii:.ting. The. borens
tim'hk.,ofthe mimi uller I;unrdi, mare by) far the. stromngest
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.!reie emmr'y in .iuly. mmmnd ihe Cim:iimel andim hi, iii
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'leav'e or uide-:"'
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aot writing' to tell ymou of the wair nmews; time pmi.
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Let mec te'li you hmow. we lire in Camp 'At fimmmr
La r1. reveille i- smounded, when mill the rn''n ir.
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elves wondemtrfully :rnae kind.mle the (ir', .eome
ring wamter, aothers dio the a'miiking, while ver'
raamy phimy the par of Solnomn's lilies, toiling.n.
ior spiiinning. Mimny of thecm have negrnes to nm,
ist thaemi. mint! ini tho:se tnmssee yomu intvariably fii.,d
he w..orsct cooikin;; The sam'e pmrepmratimn gotes
arnrurd imm time Oflicri' git'rere. The malas com
ist gtenera!ly of hoie enkes of memal amnd hoe u'nk,.
f thliur. with fried hiam or ihnton, nimiasses, andi
uiflce. Evemry two mar thru.ma damys we havre frer'lh
mt eta and ftena bumter. and egg~ and milk: m .ut
haese Imatter we nmust lbuy oursaives. Sincae emir nm
-ival hmere hmowever r. wre haave hmd nathing tif the~
ini, as thme countrry pemmple hmmve notii yet fr-unr.i'
mit. Thle cooiniimg, hamih iof mmen anmi atieer's. is. in
very paowsibale respect mis horidi ain! abminnbile mis
m'mcmn be, bt nevertheile. we eati like Annueundas,
liscuiss the memrits of our dishes just as~ if we were

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